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                                  Great Bible Stories

Here is a list of some of the most famous and greatest Old and New Testament Bible stories.

                                         Old Testament

Creation universal                       Genesis 1:1‑25

Creation of mankind                   Genesis 1:26‑31

Adam formed                             Genesis 2:7‑8

Eve made                                  Genesis 2:20‑25

Garden of Eden              Genesis 3

Eve has sex with Satan              Genesis 3:15

Cain and Abel                            Genesis 4

Noah's flood                               Genesis 6 to 8

God's blessings

and covenant with Noah        Genesis 9:1‑17

Tower of Babel               Genesis 11:1‑9

Abraham's call                           Genesis 12:1‑3

God's covenant

with Abraham                      Genesis 15

Destruction of Sodom

and Gomorrah                      Genesis 18:16 to 19:29

Isaac's birth                               Genesis 21:1‑8

Sacrifice of Isaac

(Abraham being tested)        Genesis 22:1‑19

Marriage of Isaac                       Genesis 24

Birth of Jacob and Esau  Genesis 25:19‑26

Esau sells his birthright

to Jacob for food                  Genesis 25:27‑34

Jacob and Rebekah's

deception of Isaac and

Esau for Isaac's

blessing            Genesis 27:1‑40

Jacob's ladder vision                   Genesis 28:10‑22

Jacob's wrestle with the

angel and has his named

changed to Israel           Genesis 32:24‑32

Israel's (Jacob)

trouble in the land                Genesis 34, 35 and 37

Three burials: Deborah,

Rachel and Isaac                 Genesis 35

Joseph's coat, dreams and

sold by his brothers for

twenty pieces of silver    Genesis 37

Israel (Jacob) blesses

his twelve sons

and then dies                 Genesis 49

Birth of Moses and found

by Pharaoh's daughter          Exodus 2:1‑10

Moses kills an Egyptian,

goes to Midian and

gets a wife                     Exodus 2:11‑25

Burning bush:

God speaks to Moses          Exodus 3:1 to 4:17

Egypt's nine plagues                  Exodus 7:14 to 10:29

Tenth plague against

Egypt threatened                 Exodus 11

The Passover instituted  Exodus 12:1‑20

The Passover

communicated                     Exodus 12:21‑28

Tenth plague

against Egypt inflicted          Exodus 12:29‑30

The Exodus:

God's deliverance of Israel     Exodus 12:31‑51

Crossing the Red sea                 Exodus 14

The Ten Commandments            Exodus 20:1‑17

Golden calf made by Aaron         Exodus 32

Spies sent to Canaan                 Numbers 13:1 to 14:45

City of Jericho                            Joshua 6

Deborah and Barak                    Judges 4

Gideon                          Judges 6:1 to 8:35

Samson                                    Judges 13:1 to 16:31

Samson and Delilah                   Judges 16:4‑20

Ruth                                         Ruth 1:1 to 4:22

Samuel's birth                            I Samuel 1

Hannah's (Samuel's mom)

prayer to the Lord                 I Samuel 2:1‑10

David chosen by God                 I Samuel 16:1‑13

David and Goliath                       I Samuel 17

David anointed

king of Judah                       II Samuel 2:1‑11

David anointed

king of Israel                        II Samuel 5:1‑12

David and Bathsheba                  II Samuel 11

God is displeased

with David                            II Samuel 12:1‑14

Solomon anointed king   I Kings 1:28‑40

God's first appearance

to Solomon              I Kings 3:2‑15

God's second appearance

to Solomon              I Kings 9:1‑9

Queen of Sheba             I Kings 10:1‑13

God is angry with Solomon         I Kings 11

Elijah and the

prophets of Baal                   I Kings 18:17‑40

Elijah taken away                       II Kings 2:1‑11

Job afflicted by Satan                 Job 1:1 to 2:13

God speaks to Job                     Job 38:1 to 42:9

God blesses Job                        Job 42:10‑13

Ezekiel's vision of dry bones       Ezekiel 37:1‑14

Daniel and the kings food            Daniel 1:1‑16

Shadrach, Meshach and

Abed‑nego put in the

fiery furnace                   Daniel 3

Daniel put in the lions den           Daniel 6

Jonah in the

belly of the fish                    Jonah 1:1 to 2:10

Here is a list of some of the greatest New Testament Bible stories.

                                 New Testament Bible stories

Birth of John the BaptistLuke 1

Birth of Jesus Christ                   Matthew 1:1 to 2:23 Luke 1:26‑56 and 2:1‑52

Temptation of Jesus

Christ in the wilderness        Matthew 4:1‑11 Luke 4:1‑13

Sermon on the mount                 Matthew 5:1 to 7:29

Jesus Christ calming

the storm                            Matthew 8:23‑27 Mark 4:35‑41 Luke 8:22‑25

Jesus Christ feeding

five thousand                       Matthew 14:15‑21 Luke 9:12‑17

Transfiguration of

Jesus Christ                        Mark 9:2‑10 Luke 9:28‑36

Jesus Christ's entry

into Jerusalem                     Matthew 21:1‑11 Mark 11:1‑11 Luke 19:29‑44

Cleansing the temple

of money changers               Matthew 21:12‑16 Luke 19:45‑46

Last supper                               Matthew 26:14‑29 Mark 14:12‑25 Luke 22:8‑38

John 13:1 to 17:26

Lord before Pilate

and crucifixion                     Matthew 27:11‑54 Mark 15:1‑39 Luke 23:1‑47

John 18:28 to 19:30

Empty tomb and

appearances                        Matthew 28 Mark 16 Luke 24 John 20:1 to 21:15

Ascension                                 Luke 24:51‑53 Acts 1:1‑11

Paul's conversion                       Acts 9:1‑30

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