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Greenspan Hoodwinks Stock And Commodity Markets

From: "Bob Jones" <[email protected]>

                      Greenspan Hoodwinks Stock

                         And Commodity Markets

                          By Sherman H. Skolnick

                          [email protected]



Federal Reserve Commissar Alan Greenspan and his news faker wife are reportedly busy deceiving the stock and commodity suckers. Acting together with the Chief of the New York District Federal Reserve Bank, Greenspan is manipulating the markets at a time of suspected meltdown.

To fool those who fancy up their position by calling themselves "investors", the Fed boss has been spending billions and billions of dollars from the PRIVATE central bank masquerading as a "U.S. government" entity.

And how are markets massaged? One way, is to support, temporarily, the Dow Jones 30 Industrials, a psychological barometer often with little meaning except to know‑nothings unaware of the tremendous leveraging of the Dow figures. Acting like a Soviet‑style dictator, Greenspan is referred to by savvy folks as REDSPAN. If the 30 Industrials really go down hard, to some that would be a sign of collapsing financials. So, Redspan not only doctors up the 30 Industrials in that index, but has extended his hocus‑pocus to Nasdaq, which since April, 2000, has been the killing ground for the phantasies of would‑be get‑rich‑quick types.

One major stock that for a while declined has been General Electric. NBC Network is owned by G.E. and Redspan's spouse, Andrea Mitchell, has been an NBC Network correspondent. Do we understand that "Mrs. Redspan" knows more about the rotten schemes of her husband and his conspiratorial bank gang than mere "pillow talk"? Some NBC honchos have been speculating, unlawfully and unfairly, using insider data reportedly made available to them through Andrea Mitchell.

Not just NBC types but other network and White House correspondents have for years been spending part of their time on the phone to their stock and/or commodity brokers, some in Chicago, Frankfort, Singapore, Geneva, and elsewhere. The exchange regulators are willfully blind to these crimes committed by top‑level news whores, men and women both.

Of course, poorly informed sorts have entirely too much confidence in the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, S.E.C., and the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, CFTC. Both of the supposed regulatory agencies are highly politicized and corrupt, afraid to dare finger network big shots. [The S.E.C. Enforcement Division boss in Chicago, in the past when I visited him, was so afraid of talking to me, he would leave his office and talk to me only in the hallway. I considered him a master crook after seeing how he dealt with my complaints about matters like herein. He dared let slip once that he traveled around on the private airplane of a key figure in Bank of Credit and Commerce International, BCCI. The S.E.C. honcho saw nothing wrong with socializing with a big time bank and espionage criminal.]

During the Clinton Administration, the White House with the apparent connivance of White House Senior Advisor and reputed "bagman," Rahm Emanuel, sought to blackmail White House and Network correspondents. To persuade the press pundits to steer clear of Clinton's treason aiding the Red Chinese with U.S. industrial, financial, and MILITARY secrets. Packages with no return address shown, were received by various loudmouths. The apparently authentic records in the packages tended to show reportedly that news big dealers and their relatives got rich with insider stock and commodity market details. The records included the federal tax returns of network correspondents and their relatives, together with reports and little‑known court records of nasty divorces, child custody battles and related dirt, psychiatrists reports on treatments of network biggies. Included were lists of married correspondents and their mistresses and gigolos. [Rev. Jesse Jackson's wife, apparently to blackmail reporters, likewise reportedly keeps track of such mistresses and gigolos.]

After all, White House correspondents were quite aware that Clinton, as President, used to meet from time to time with Wang Jun, head of the Red Chinese Secret Police. Supposed "independent" counsel Kenneth W. Starr was perceived by naive folks as running after Bill and Hillary Clinton. Not so, other than much less important matters, such as the sex goings on of Monica Lewinsky. Starr spent the bulk of his time in PRIVATE law practice. His PRIVATE law client was Wang Jun. Further, Starr reportedly was the UNREGISTERED foreign lobbyist for the Red Chinese government. The Clinton Justice Department could have nailed and jailed Starr any time they wanted to. Starr's conflicts of interest and brazen criminality were not that secret, certainly not to knowledgeable sorts.

Starr benefitted the espionage agencies, for whom he acted as their "stooge," by covering up the murder of Clinton White House Deputy Counsel Vincent W. Foster, Jr., an espionage operative before his short White House service, with the super‑secret National Security Agency, N.S.A. [For related details, visit our website story: "Greenspan Aids and Bribes

And why did Commissar and gulag boss Redspan use as his surrogate the Chief of the New York District Federal Reserve Bank? For one thing, that District Bank and the U.S. Treasury, Sub‑Treasury Division in New York city, have stored, many floors below ground level, the huge horde of gold bullion belonging to foreign countries at whose orders the gold is shifted from one gold cage to another.

It may come as a shock to some, but the U.S. has very little so‑called "U.S. government" gold bullion in Fort Knox. A brave outspoken journalist, Tom Valentine, in the 1970s, exposed as a fraud that there was world‑trade‑quality gold at Fort Knox. All they have left are poor quality, orangish‑looking, melted down coin metal from the seizure in 1934, of gold coins from America's common people. [The American aristocracy, warned in advance, shipped THEIR gold out of the U.S.] The U.S. government gold is gone. Why? Because it was shipped, under the supervision of a pliable U.S. general, to the private central octopus called the Bank of England, in 1968, to stem a run on that bank which had somehow lost all their own gold.]

What are some of the situations covered up by Commissar Redspan with his slim‑jim wife, a fast‑running news bandit?

(1) The Federal Reserve, without actual lawful authority to do so, has been reportedly seizing the below‑ground depository of PRIVATE gold housed in the sub‑basements of the First National Bank of Chicago, traditionally one of the Rockefeller banks, to confuse people now is called Bank One. Some who owned such private gold are wondering where they can go to complain about it reportedly not being there anymore in the sub‑basements which have a separate method of quietly trucking it out. Where did the gold go?

Japan and Saudi have a semi‑secret arrangement with the U.S. Treasury and Federal Reserve in that THEIR purchases of U.S. Treasury securities are backed by gold on demand. This provision, of course, is not available to ordinary Americans who purchase U.S. Treasury Bills, Notes, and Bonds. Big shot currency speculators have led attacks on certain foreign currencies, to try to force such weak‑willed nations to disgorge their gold hordes in support of their paper money. This done, at a time when Redspan, the Rockefellers, and what we call the BUNK OF ENGLAND have been violating price‑fixing criminal statutes by artificially forcing down the price of gold to below the cost of production of the world's most efficient mines.

(2) Bank One has reportedly been involved in using their facilities to manipulate the gold markets and that of foreign currencies and soybeans, for among other reasons, to aid the Red Chinese who have obtained an armlock on the Chicago Board of Trade and the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. This domination of the markets has been done reportedly with the connivance of Rahm Emanuel, who after leaving the Clinton White House, became a managing director of Wasserstein Perella & Co., which reportedly specializes in laundering the illicit proceeds of the Red China dope and gun smuggling trade, and the buying and selling of clandestine nuclear weapons and their detonators. [Visit our website series on the Red Chinese Secret Police IN THE UNITED STATES, including about the Rockefeller Hospitals and their buying and selling of human body parts harvested from Red Chinese dissidents condemned to death as the human organs are needed in Chicago by wealthy sick people.]

Bank One, and their predecessor First National Bank of Chicago, Rockefeller institutions, have been reportedly implicated as well in using their records and facilities to enable certain corrupt commodity and currency swindlers to ply their trade. The authorities, while knowing about the banks and their apparent doctoring up of records, have taken no action as would seem to be warranted. The Rockefeller bank in Chicago, First National Bank of Chicago, as we have previously stated, loaned billions of dollars to the Red Chinese on the promise of repayment in gold. Instead of gold, the Chinese were allowed to flood the U.S. with high purity dope, called "China White" from Southwest China, using suburban airports ringing Chicago as the intake point.

Cynics call the Rockefeller Bank in Chicago, Bank Zero.

(3) Redspan has been using large sums from the Fed to try to doctor up the markets, to temporarily only, fool know‑nothings not to retrieve their funds from the thousands and thousands of Mutual Funds that have sprung up like so many locusts devouring the money of the common people of America. Formerly called in the 1920s and 1930s as "investment trusts", such pools of funds went to hell quicker than the stock market in the 1930s. Why? Because like the latter day money dumps, called mutual funds since after World War 2, investment trusts had a provision whereby they became frozen up if there were too many redemptions.

How many of those "investing" in mutual funds read the prospectus where the freeze‑up provisions are mentioned? At least with direct stock purchases you supposedly can sell it anytime. Not so with mutual funds, like their earlier relative, investment trusts. Read about investment trusts following the 1929 debacle, in "The Great Crash 1929" by Kenneth Galbraith.

(4) To divert attention from the growing number of apparent looming bankruptcies, Redspan has been temporarily pumping up the markets. Among those believed to be bankrupt or about to file for bankruptcy, is Lucent Technologies, Inc., a spin‑off former unit of AT&T. A top financial record official of Lucent has reportedly disappeared and may have been murdered, amid unconfirmed reports that billions of dollars have disappeared if not actually having been embezzled. And that Lucent reportedly has cooked books, not accurately showing their true condition.

Another sizeable firm,, according to some financial records experts, is actually bankrupt but is being presented by the Rockefeller banks as alive when amazon is actually dead. Smiling idiot wiseguy, Jeffrey Bezos, a publicity hypester and pretended buffoon con‑man, is accused by some of reportedly covering up, through falsified records, the massive siphoning off of amazon's funds with the reputed connivance of the Rockefeller banks. If you checked over the years auditors and accountants, you would find that several major firms have quietly had to pay out huge damages when sued or confronted for having whitewashed frauds of various firms.

An open secret among the glib pundits of the oil‑soaked monopoly press, is that Redspan's bed mate, Andrea Mitchell, is the one that conveys the marching orders, like a Moscow witch, to the press fakers, what they can say or not say about money, banks, and financial matters. Others darkly refer to her as Madame Redspan, or Field Marshall Mitchell, riding on the General Electric horse, cracking the censorship whip on the news outlets of the venal and corrupt Establishment Press. More coming. Stay tuned.

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