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Vol. Three  No. Twenty Seven                                                                                                   March 1, 1997

So You Think There Is NoConspiracy!

                  Let’s Look At What Has Happened Then Make Up Your Mind

The Illuminti, a Jewish Secret Society, is a group of people who draw their power from the fallen angel Lucifer, whose name was changed to Satan; thus the meaning “the adversary.” These people will stop at nothing; the end justifies the means, to create their Satan inspired world government. They want to so demoralize the human race that we will throw up our hands in dismay and welcome their savior.                    Taking control of the money system is one means to continually create poverty and unrest by causing inflation, then deflation and depression. Create misery for the people, then furnish a solution that moves the masses into your position that you had planned for them in advance. In the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, which is their final plan for world domination, they stated that they would get the whole world of business based upon speculation; the stock market. At a certain time, when they had all their program in place, they would cause all the markets of the world to crash at the same time!                             This would bring about the final step that would force mankind into accepting their savior to furnish the solution to the economic problems of the world. Where is the stock market today? It is unbelievably over-priced? Can it stand the pressure much longer? Will the economies of Every nation collapse if the United States markets fall?                                                  On November 5, 1996, President Bill Clinton was re-elected for another four years. On national television, the head of the Federal Reserve System, Greenspan, stated that they had given Clinton a “good” economy to get re-elected. How could they have”given” him a good economy without admitting they have control of the money system of this country? Why would they want Bill Clinton back in the White House unless they have big plans for him or his vice-president in case he is impeached.                                   What kind of president vows to destroy political opponens? Look what appeared in the USA TODAY; “Election ‘96 Clinton vows to cut his attackers out of politics. “President Clinton has told political supporters in Arkansas that he will devote a lot of time going after detractors who pursued him on Whitewater and other ethical questions. He also called political attackers ‘a cancer’ and vowed. To ‘cut (them) out of American politics.’ The remarks, at an early Wednesday election party in a Little Rock hotel, were reported Thursday by The Associated Press. He said his political enemies have ‘hurt a lot of people in our state,’ and vowed to end ‘that kind of systematic abuse.’ In Washington, Attorney General Janet Reno said the Justice Department is reviewing an ethics complaint brought against Whitewater independent counsel Kenneth Starr by a Bridgeport, Conn., public defender who says Star has a political conflict of interest because he held high posts under Republicans.”                                                              Anthony Lewis, a writer for the New York Times, noted in Viewpoints that “Bill Clinton hasn’t been called to account in his campaign for the worst of his presidency. That is his appalling record on constitutional rights. The Clinton years have seen, among other things, a series of measures stripping the courts of their power to protect individuals form official abuse - the power that has been the key to American Freedom.                                                  There has been nothing like it since the Radical Republicans, after the Civil War, acted to keep the courts from holding occupation of the South to constitutional standards. The Republican Congress of the past two years initiated some of the attacks on the courts. But Mr. Clinton didn’t resist them...And he proposed some of the measures trampling on constitutional protections.                                       Much of the worst has happened this year (1996). Mr. Clinton sponsored a counter terrorism bill that became law with a number of repressive features in it...Why? The Soviet threat, which used to be the excuse for shoving the Constitution aside, is gone. Even in the worst days of the Red Scare we didn’t strip the courts of their protective power. Why are we legislating in panic now? Why, especially, is a lawyer president indifferent to constitutional rights and their protection by the courts?” [1]                               Notice from the Comment section of the San Antonio (Texas) Express-News. “It seems everybody’s angry today - barbers and bankers, truckers and doctors, students and shopkeepers. A single question to an utter stranger triggers a torrent of disgust with things in general and the government in particular to a degree unheard of before...Perhaps today’s problems began when scholars first applied Albert Einstein’s purely scientific theory of relativity and Sigmund Freud’s theories of the mind to ethics, morals and standards.                                                         Absolute bad and good - black and white - were erased. We were left with varying middle shades of gray. Everything was ‘relative.’ The idea of personal responsibility began to fade. ‘Nobody is really good or really bad.’ Accepted were the ideas that God had died, that society causes all crimes and all other problems, and that social engineers are her to fix everything.                                                        World War I and the Great Depression were the great historical crises that drove writers, artists and scholars into socialism. They embraced and married centralized planning, forced redistribution of wealth and mandated ‘equality.’                     Modern liberalism was born when socialist theory and the replacement of morals and standards with ‘relativism’ were taught and passed on to later generations in every more virulent form. Most young people, from kindergarten through college, were fitted with liberal-prism lenses. Tragically, they failed to ask the liberal propagandists: ‘Is what you are citing - economic depressions, military and business dis-honesty, needs for Gib Government; the general rule? Or is it the exception?’ Students, teachers, reporters and politicians developed liberal views and didn’t know it. Indeed, they denied it.                            Robert Strange McNamara brought to the 1960s Department of Defense his management concept from For Motor Co. In came the loyal-to-the-boss egghead coordinator. Out went the loyal-to-the-troops hands-on leader. Dr. Benjamin Spock later convinced society that children should have freedom to explore what they want. Out went discipline. Timothy Leary still later encouraged drug use, applauded by Leonard Bernstein in Manhattan, Dennis Hopper in Hollywood and ‘mod’ clergymen in between. Hello, drug culture. Leadership, discipline, morals and standards all but left the country.                                                       Today almost nothing works. We have shoddy products, unnecessary long lines, general discourtesy, illiterate and amoral college graduates, infuriating traffic lights, bad plumbing and houses that blow apart in a high wind. As Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan of New York wrote, we ‘redefine or normalize deviancy.’ What was obscene yesterday is the norm today in language, behavior and ‘standards.’ If they could observe today’s hateful and destructive ‘art’ and ‘music,’ an angry Michelangelo would look for a hammer, and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart would retch...                                                                  Repeatedly, modern liberals, aided by liberal-vision journalists and pork-barreling members of Congress, have increased taxes and thrown money at poverty, illiteracy and crime: 4 trillion - trillion - dollar’s worth in 30 years. Withe the result that those very problems worsened. The shrewd liberals Knew well that they would (worsen). Their goal was to spread ignorance, riot and government dependence. They succeeded and almost comically blamed it all on cream-puff Republicans.                                              Liberals have paradoxically salvaged their failed socialism as a wrecking ball, aimed at what’s left of the family, church, school, military and free enterprise. They smash at those institutions with destructive taxes, choking regulations and forced counterfeit equality. Meanwhile, they entrench their power with wide open immigration and voter registration laws and stacked-deck congressional procedures.                           The man in the White House may not be the anti-Christ, but he definitely is a traitor to the traditions of a country that has rescued, fed and inspired much of the world by utilizing the principles of John Locke, Adam Smith and the rest of a magnificent yet historically persecuted Christian culture. This minority-elected, widely reviled president and his cabal of Marxists, deviates and bureaucratic thugs are establishing, by default, a dictatorship similar to that of Franklin D. Roosevelt during World War II.              Liberals believe that most of us Americans are stupid, uncaring and in need of Big Government to disarm us, redistribute our hard-earned property, and take over and indoctrinate our children. Politics has been made a sewer by Watergate, Iran-Contra and the Clarence Thomas confirmation hearings. This sewer is generally avoided by the work-family church dedicated conservative. But it’s the natural habitat of the modern liberal activist.                                    If President Clinton retains power the Republic will arrive at its Armageddon near the end of the second millennium...” [2]

                   Was This Liberalism Planned?

Did America just descend into immorality naturally, or were there actual designs for the purpose of destroying our nation. Notice a little tid-bit of history: “In 1829, American Illuminists sponsored a series of lectures in New York by English Illuminist Frances ‘Fanny’ Wright. She advocated the entire Weishauptian program of her auxiliary of the Order of the Illuminati including Communism made more palatable by the label of ‘equal opportunity and equal rights,’ atheism, emancipation of women and free love. Those present were informed that the Illuminati intended to unite the Nihilist and Atheist groups with all other subversive organizations into an international organization to be known as Communism. This new Destructive Force was to be used by the Illuminati to foment future wars and revolutions.” [3]                            There is no question about it! This liberalism to destroy the United States from within was absolutely planned. Bill Clinton is only one in a long line “created” politically for the destruction of United States sovereignty so it can be merged into the New World Order.                                                       First, Clinton was a Rhodes scholar. Cecil Rhodes had his own agenda to create a one-world government. Cecil Rhodes’ biographer, Sarah Millin, wrote: “The government of the world was Rhodes’ simple desire.” Surely, his scholars would only be those with the same outlook - One World government! A former American secretary to the Rhodes trustees wrote about Americans selected to become Rhodes scholars: “If he has the capacity for assimilation, if he can become part of what he meets, he may return from Oxford to the Untied States a citizen of the world.” [4]                                                           Secondly, Bill Clinton has been part of three organizations that continuously work for world government - the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, and the Bilderbergers. Fro those who were listening, they heard Clinton credit his mentor, Carroll Quigley, of Georgetown University with his political success. Quigley was an “Insider” for twenty-five years. He wrote the book Tragedy and Hope in 1966 which exposed their plans. He said he had no problem with world government. He just objected to keeping it secret from the people.

Quigley had written another manuscript that was not published until after his death. In The Anglo-American Establishment he wrote: “The (Rhodes) scholarships were merely a facade to conceal the secret society, or, more accurately, they were to be one of the instruments by which members of the secret society could carry out (Rhodes) purpose.”

When Clinton was elected in 1992, he continued China’s Most Favored Nation status in spite of their human rights violations. Referring to China’s population, Richard Gardner of the Council on Foreign Relations wrote that “a major challenge to the next president will be to restore U.S. support for the U.N. Fund for Population Activities, which have been cut off over charges that China’s population program uses coercive abortion, something both China and UNFPA deny.” [5] He spoke against George Bush, Sr., for doing the same thing during the campaign. This just proves they have the same agenda.

This same Richard Gardner, as deputy assistant secretary of state for International Organization Affairs, wrote that “We are likely to do better by building our ‘house of world order’ from the bottom up rather than from the top down...An end run around national sovereignty eroding it piece by piece, is likely to get us to world order faster than the old-fashioned frontal attack.” [6]

                     Change But Continuity

During Clinton’s first campaign in 1992, he called for “change.” Yet, after the election was over, he said he also wanted “continuity.” What did he mean by “continuity?” It is believed by many that he literally meant that the same Washington-New York “Insiders” would be retained in office and new people of the same organizations would come on board.

Various Council on Foreign Relation, Trilateral, and Rhodes Scholars members that he appointed tohigh positions were in 1993: Lloyd Bentsen as Secretary of Treasury; he also had attended Bilderberger meetings. Roger Altman was Bentsen’s depty. Laura D’Andrea Tyson became deputy of the Office of Management and Budget. Madeleine Albright became ambassador to the United Nations. Les Aspin became Secretary of Defense. Anthony Lake and his deputy Samuel Berger were appointed as National Security Advisor. Communication Director became George Stephanopoulos. Appointed Deputy Secretary of State was Clifton Wharton, Jr., Rhodes Scholar, James Woolsey, was promptly appointed head of the CIA. Bruce Babbitt became Secretary of the Interior while John Gibbons was being apponted White House science advisor. Nancy Soderberg became the National Security Council staff director. Former U.S. Senator, Timothy Wirth, became counselor of the State Department. Joan Spero was appointed Under-Secretary of State for Management. George E. Moose took over as Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs. Director of Policy Planning for the State Depatrment became Samuel W. Lewis. Frank Wisner II became Under-Secretary of Defense for Policy. Edward Djerejain was kept in position as Assistant Secretary of State for Near East and South Asian Affairs.

Appointees in 1993 who were former members of the Council on Foreign Relations and Trilateral Commission were Warren Christopher as Secretary of State, Donna Shalala as Secretary of Health and Human Services. Newsweek called her “the high priestess of political corretness.” [7] Henry Cisneros was appointed Secretary of Housing and Urban Development. CFR director William Crowe, Jr., became head of the Foreign Intelligence Advisory Baord, of which Ross Perot was a member from 1982-1985. CFR president Peter Tarnoff was Under-Secretary of State for InternationalSecurity Affairs. Former CFR president Winston Lord was appointed as Assistant Secretary of State for East Asian and Pacific Affairs. Lord is also chairman of the National Commission on America and the New World, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. Rhodes scholar, Robert Reich, became Secretary of Labor, while W. Bowman Cutter was appointed National Economic Council deptuty assistant. The senior advisor for Policy Development was Ira Magaziner. Placed as Domestic Policy Council depty assistant was Bruce Reed. CFR director, Strobe Talbott, was appointed to the position of ambassador-at-large and special advisor to the Secretary of State on the New Independent States and Russia. Stephen Oxman became Assistant Secretary of State for European Affairs.

Presidnet Bill Clinton is just following in the footsteps of John J. McCloy, former CFR chairman and assistant secretary in charge of personanel during the Roosevelt administration. McCloy said: “Whenever we needed a man we thumbed through the roll of the Council of members and put through a call to New York.” [8]

              Illumintai’s Plan Being Worked

Albert Pike wrote to Guiseppi Mazzini on August 15, 1871, to give th efinal blueprint for the 20th Century. This was to be their plan for world conquest. This letter was on display in the British Museum Library in London until recent times. It was mysteriously removed. In graphic details he outlined plans for three world world wars. In filtration and subversion from within would be ongoing. He stated that in the third of these wars “we shall unleash the Nihilists and Atheists, and we shall provoke a formidable social cataclysm which in all its horror will show clearly to the nations the effect of absollute atheism, origin of savagery and of the most bloody turmoil. Then everywhere, the citizens, obliged to defend themselves against the world minority of revolutionaries, will exterminate those destroyers of civilization, and the multitude, disillusioned with Christianity, whose deistic spirit will from that moment be without compass (direction), anxious for an ideal, but without knowing where to render its adoration, will receive the pure light through the universal manifestation of the pur doctrine of Lucifer, brought finally out in the public view, a manifestation which will result fromthe general reactionary movement which will follow the destructon of Christianity and atheism, bot Conquered and Exterminated At The Same Time.”

             The Conspiracy Unraveled 1829

In1829, American Illuminists sponsored a series of lectures in New York by English Illuminist Frances “Fanny” Wright. She advocated the enter Adam Weishaupt progrm in her auxiliary of the Order of the Illuminati including Communism made more palatable by the label of equal opportunity and equal rights, atheism, emancipation of women and free love. Those present were informed that the Illuminati intended tu unite the Nihilist and Atheist groups with all other subversive organizations into an international organization to be known as Communism. This new destructive force was to be used by the Illuminati to foment wars and revolutions. They were to infiltrate every field of endeavor such as writing of books, etc. Let’s note certain key dates and activities such as book publication to prepare mankind for an Illuminized world!

1901: Edward Alsworth Ross, the “father of American Sociology,” published his book Social Control. In the chapter “The Radiant Points of Social Control, he writes that social checks and stimuli ‘are managed by a rather small know of persons...the Elite.’” He further emphasized that “Judgement’ may be molded as well as the will and the feelings.” He states in the chapter “The Criteria of Social Control” that “the instilling of social valuations is more politic than a direct assault upon the individual will with threats and promises...The control of a person’s will (mind) is (accomplished by) a flank movement aimed at the feelings of judgement.” Thus they were in the process of training the Will or Mind - Brainwashing.

May 1902: Review of Reviews printed an article of a close friend of Cecil Rhodes named W.T. Stead. Stead revealed the contents of a letter written and sent to him by Rhodes in the autumn of 1890. Rhodes wrote: “Please remember the key of my idea discussed with you is a Society, copied from the Jesuits as organization... an idea which ultimately (leads) to the cessation of all wars and one language throughout the world...The only thing feasible to carry this idea out is a secret one (Society) gradually absorbing the wealth of the world to be devoted to such an object...Fancy the charm to young share in a scheme to take the government of the whole world!” Cecil Rhodes “universal peace” would begin “after one hundred years” according to his scheme.

Is it a coincidence or not that exactly one-hundred years after Rhodes wrote his letter that then President George Bush announced his “New World Order” concept for universal peace and cooperation at the United Nations? Also remember that modern Illuminati founder Adam Weishaupt was a Jesuit priest who structured his organization after that order as well as Cecil Rhodes’ organization being based after the Jesuits.

1910: Educational publisher Edwin Ginn founded The World Peace Foundation. He published in 1911 a book entitled The First Book of World Law. It contained world government chapter title such as “The World Judiciary,” “The World Executive,” and “The Universal Postal Union.”

1911: The eleventh edition of The Encyclopedia Britannica was hailed as the most authoritative ever produced before and after that date. It reads concerning Cecil Rhodes that “...he had found an object to which he proposed to devote his life. It was nothing less than the governance of the world by the British race. A will exists written in Mr. Rhodes ‘own handwriting...when he was still only twenty-two...It ends with a single bequest of everything which he might die possessed, for the furtherance of the great purpose. Five-and-twenty years later his final will carried out, with some difference in detail, the same intention...He left the bulk of his vast wealth for the purpose of founding (Rhodes) scholarships at Oxford.” President Bill Clinton was one such scholar.

1912: William Howard Taft was running for re-election for the presidency.[9]  He opposed the Federal Reserve System and lost favor with the money people - Jewish International bankers. The bankers sought out an opponent whom they could control - Woodrow Wilson.[10] Since Silson’s personality was as likable as a doorknob, J.P. Morgan funded Teddy Roosevelt’s entrance into the race to split the conservative vote. Wilson became president with less than 50% of the vote because of a split ticket. Once again, he was put into office by the money people. Wendell Wilkie became a republican only a few months before the election in 1940. Seven weeks before the convention he had only 3% of the support within the Republican party. Congressman Usher Burdick saw what was happening and wrote in the Congressional Record: “There is nothing to the Wilkie boom for president except artificial public opinion being created by newspapers, magazines, and the radio. The reason in back of all this is money. Money is being spent by someone, and lots of it.” [11] Wilkie lost the election to Franklin Delano Roosevelt, but became an international emissary for Roosevelt.

Col. Edward Mandell House published his book Phillip Dru: Administrator which called for a Socialized America as dreamed of by Karl Marx.

1914: The secretary of the New England Educational League, Walter Scott, introduced a bill in Congress (H.R. 12247) “to create an international board of education and a fund for international or world education.”

1915: New World Order, 1918 to 1995: "The old world order changed when this war‑storm broke. The old international order passed away as suddenly, as unexpectedly, and as completely as if it had been wiped out by a gigantic flood, by a great tempest, or by a volcanic eruption. The old world order died with the setting of that day's sun and a new world order is being born while I speak, with birth‑pangs so terrible that it seems almost incredible that life could come out of such fearful suffering and such overwhelming sorrow." [12]

1916: In May of 1916 the Italian Socialist newspaper Avanti published an article Audacia e Fede” by Antonio Gramsci in which he stated: “Socialism is precisely the religion that must overwhelm Christianity. (Socialism is) Religion in the sense that it too is a faith with its mystics and rituals; religion, because it has Substituted for the consciousness of the transcendial God of the Catholics, the faith in man and in his great strengths as a unique spiritual reality.” [13]

Gramsci was a pure humanist. He later wrote L’Ordine Nuovo (New Order) and laid out the proposition that Socialism would triumph over capitalism by first capturing the culture through infiltration of schools, universities, churches, the media, and all societal and religious institutions. He believed that a direct assault would fail; therefore, he taught an evolutionary program of education to install Socialism instead of capitalism;; transform the consciousness of society very slowly so the people would not recognize what was happening to them.

1919: The American Baptist Publication Society published the book The New World Order by Samuel Zane Batten in 1919. Batten wrote: The old order passes from view; the new world rises upon our vision...We have vindicated the right of social control...There must be developed a national spirit of service...Society must break the strangle-hold of capitalism...The natural resources of the nation must be socialized...The state must socialize Every group...Men must learn to have World patriotism. World patriotism must be a Faith...There is no more justice for the claim of absolute sovereignty on the part of a nation than on the part of an individual...The Only alternative is World Federation...with a world parliament, an international court, and an international police force...Men must have an international mind before there can be a world federation. They must see and affirm that above the nation is Humanity. Internationalism must first Be A Religion before it can be a reality and a system.”

"The peace conference has assembled. It will make the most momentous decisions in history, and upon these decisions will rest the stability of the New World Order and the future peace of the world."[14]

Walter Lippmann, very famous as a radio commentator, wrote the book The Political Scene: An Essay on the Victory of 1918. Lippmann was a member of the Intercollegiate Socialist Society and received awards from it. He also joined the British Fabian Society before becoming one of the founding members of the Council on Foreign Relations in America. He also served on Colonel Edward Mandell Houses’ “Inquiry” group which formulated the League of Nations.

In the above mentioned book, Lippmann wrote with great delight that the First World War “is dissolving into a stupendous revolution” during April 1917. He went on to say that those who were causing this to happen “must be turned to a great end and offered a great hope. That great end and that great hope is nothing less than the Federation of the World.” This he said was to be based upon socialism.

             Communist Rules for Revolution

To the best of our knowledge, these rules were first printed in the Bartlesville, Oklahoma, Examiner-Enterprise in 1919. It was reprinted again in 1946 in The new World News, after the Florida attorney general secured it from a known member of the communist party, who acknowledged that it was then still a part of the communist program.

In May 1919, at Dusseldorf, Germany, the Allied Forces obtained a copy of the “Communist rules for Revolution.” Nearly 80 years later, they have nearly succeeded in every area.

A). Corrupt the young; get them away from religion. Get them interested in sex. Make them superficial; destroy their ruggedness.

B). Get control of all means of publicity, thereby:

1). Get people’s minds off their government by                             focusing their attention on athletics, sexy                          books, plays and other trivialities.

2). Divide the people into hostile groups by                                   constantly harping on controversial matters                       of no importance.

3). Destroy the people’s faith in their natural                                 leaders by holding them up to contempt,                    ridicule and disgrace.

4). Always preach true democracy, but seize                                power as fast and as ruthlessly as possible.

5). By encouraging government extravagance,                              destroy its credit, produce fear of inflation                          with rising prices and general discontent.

`     6). Incite unnecessary strikes in vital                               industries, encourage civil disorders and                          foster a lenient and soft attitude on the                            part of government toward such disorders.

7). By specious argument, cause the                               breakdown of the old moral virtues -                    honesty, sobriety, self-restraint, faith in the                         pledged word, ruggedness.

C). Cause the registration of ALL firearms on some                pretext with a view to confiscate them and                        leave the population helpless.

Everyone of these rules are almost complete in the United States today.

Col. Edward Mandell House called for a meeting with European counterparts to form Institute of International Affairs. This was on May 30. In 1921 the United States branch was incorporated under the name Council on Foreign Relations.

1920: Frederick Charles Hicks, law librarian of Columbia University, published his book The New World Order.[15] He suggests in his book that a few of the Great Powers (of course the U.S.) Set the example to “cooperate here and there, piece by piece, in limiting the exercise of their sovereign rights.” He proceeded to quote League of Nations (forerunner of the United Nations) advocate A.L. Lowell as saying: “Vigorous objection has been made in the United States to partnership in a league that would have authority to order this country what to do in case of an attack against another member of the League. The objection is not without cogency...” Hicks further said: “it is contended, with very cogent arguments, that in the present, the League not only has the Council, and to a lesser degree the assembly, legislative and executive power, but judicial power also (see article 15)...We find in Article 8 what appears to be a statement of a new rule. ‘The members of the League recognize that the maintenance of peace requires the reduction of national armaments to the lowest point consistent with national safety and the enforcement by common action of international obligations.’”

The following is reported to be the program for the society of the future in a secret meeting of the conspirators: "Since it is absolutely necessary to fix the social order of the future now, at this very moment, since we are at last preparing to act, to avoid future uncertainty, I put forward my own system for a New World Order...I must first point out that my system is not yet completed, not yet entirely worked out. For I have got entangled in my own arguments: my final conclusion is diametrically opposed to my original idea. Although I started from the notion of unrestricted freedom, I arrived in the end at absolute despotism. I may add, however, that there can be no possible solution but mine...

Mr. Shigalλv has devoted himself too conscientiously to his task, and is also much too modest. I know his book. In it he proposes to divide mankind into two unequal parts. Only the smaller part, about a tenth of the whole, will enjoy personal freedom and unrestricted power over the other nine-tenths. These nine-tenths must entirely renounce all personality and become, so to speak, a herd, in order, through absolute obedience, by a series of regeneration, to regain their original innocence, almost like the old Garden of Eden, although, as may be remarked in passing, they will have to work. The measures proposed by the author for depriving nine-tenths of humanity of their personal will and for turning them into a herd by means of a new education during whole generations, are uncommonly remarkable, and are in addition based on the facts of nature and are highly logical...

One thing in his book is good, the idea of espionage. In his idea, every member of the society spies on the others, and is bound to inform against them when necessary. All are slaves and equal in their slavery...First of all, the level of education, science, and innate natural talents falls. A high intellectual level is possible only to superior talents; but we have no need of superior talents. Superior talents have always seized power for themselves and led to despotism. Men of talent cannot help becoming despots, they have always done more harm than good; therefore they are driven out or put to death...

Slaves must be equal: without despotism there has never yet been freedom or equality; but in the herd all must be equal, that's Shigalλvism! Does that seem extraordinary to you? I am for Shigalλvism... Listen, Stavrogin, to level mountains is a fine idea, not a ridiculous one. Education is not necessary and we have enough science. Even without science, we have material enough to last for a thousand years, but first we must enforce obedience. The thirst for education is an aristocratic impulse; with family and love, you have at once the desire for property. We will destroy this desire; we will spread drunkenness, slander, espionage; we'll spread incredible demoralization: we'll murder every genius in infancy.

Everything will be reduced to a common denominator, complete equality will be enforced ...Only the indispensable is indispensable; henceforth that is to be the motto of the universe. But it needs shocks: we'll provide for them, we the directors. Slaves must have directors. Complete obedience, complete impersonality; occasionally, however, every thirty years or so, Shigalλv will let them have a shock, and then they will all suddenly begin to devour each other, of course only up to a certain point, for the sole purpose of preventing boredom. Boredom is an aristocratic feeling; there will be no desires under Shigalλvism. Desire and suffering for us, Shigalλvism for the slaves!...

Oh, we shall convince them that they cannot be free till they renounce their freedom in our favor and submit to us...Too well, all too well, will they know the value of submission once and for all! Men will be unhappy till they grasp this...However, the flock will collect again and submit once more, and then it will be ever, for ever. We will give them a quiet modest happiness, the happiness of feeble creatures such as they were created. Oh, we shall convince them at last that they have no right to be proud...

Yes, we will force them to work, but in their free time we will make their life like a game with songs, choruses, and innocent dances. Oh, we will even permit them to sin, for they are weak and feeble, and they will love us like children because we allow them to sin. We shall not permit or forbid them to live with wives or lovers, to have or not to have children, according to whether they have been obedient or disobedient, and they will submit to us gladly and joyfully...And they will all be happy, all the millions, except the hundred thousand who rule over them. For we alone, we who guard the mystery, we alone shall be unhappy. There will be thousands of millions of happy children and only a hundred thousand martyrs, who have taken on themselves the curse of the knowledge of good and evil." [16]

1922: On March 26, 1922, New York City Mayor John Haylan stood very boldly when he spoke in Chicago concerning the state of the nation: The warning of Theodore Roosevelt has much timeliness today, for the real menace of our republic is the invisible government which like a giant octopus sprawls its slimy length over city, state, and nation. Like the octopus of real life, it operates under cover of a self-created screen. It seizes in its long and powerful tentacles our executive officers, our legislative bodies, our schools, our courts, our newspapers, and Every agency created for the public protection. It squirms in the jaws of darkness and thus is the better able to clutch the reins of government secure enactment of the legislation favorable to corrupt business, violate the law with impunity, smother the press and reach into the courts. To depart from mere generalizations, let may say that At The Head of this octopus are the Rockefeller-Standard Oil interests [17] and a small group of powerful banking houses generally referred to as the (Jewish) International bankers. The little coterie of powerful international bankers virtually run the United States government for their own selfish purposes. They practically control Both parties, write political platforms, make catspaws of party leaders, use the leading men of private organizations, and resort to every device to place in nomination for high public office only such candidates as will be amenable to the dictates of corrupt big business. They connive at Centralization of Government on the theory that a small group of hand-picked, privately controlled individuals in power can be more easily handled than a larger group among whom there will most likely be men sincerely interested in public welfare. These international bankers and Rockefeller-Standard Oil interests control the majority of newspaper and magazines in this country. They use the columns of these papers to club into submission or drive out of office public officials who refuse to do the bidding of the powerful corrupt cliques which compose the invisible government.” [18]

This very long statement paralleled the former New York Times editor John Swinton’s comments that were written in his book A Momentous Question: The Respective Attitudes of Labor and Capital. He published it before the turn of the century. He said that “We know the powers that are defying the people...Our Government is in the hands of pirates. All the power of politics, and of Congress, and of the administration is under the control of the moneyed interests...The adversary has the force of capital, thousands of millions of which are in his hand...He will grasp the knife of law, which he has so often wielded in his interest. He will lay hold of his forces in the press, which are always waiting fro the wink, which is as good as a nod to a blind horse... Political rings are managed by skillful and unscrupulous political gamblers, who possess the ‘machine’ by which the populace are at once controlled and crushed.”

On May 1, 1922 (May Day in Communism), the president of the American Federation of Labor, Samuel Gompers, was quoted in the New York Times as saying: “W.Z. Foster (head of the American Communist Party at that time) who had no money, went to Moscow and came back and announced that he was building a great secret machine to undermine the American labor movement and turn it over to the Red International owned by Lenin. He began publication of an expensive magazine and proclaimed ‘a thousand secret agents in a thousand communities.’” [19] In a 1944 Senate Subcommittee on Un-American Activities over 1000 people were named in Birmingham, Alabama, alone as one example of this penetration into our communities.

1926: Jan Christian Smuts published a book during this year entitled Holism and Evolution. In it he described “the foundations of a new order of the unvierse.” Smuts “holism” was based upon psychologist Alfred Adler’s writings. Adler’s granddaughter became an experienced priestess of a Wiccan coven. Smuts was responsible for drafting many of the Clauses for the League of Nations - the forerunner of the United Nations and its push for a communist one-world-government. He published his plan for the League of Nations in 1918 when he stated: “Europe is being liquidated and the League of Nations must be heir to this great estate.”

Smuts later became one of the drafters of the preamble for the United Nations. Alger Hiss, communist, adopted Smuts holistic approach. Smuts helped the World Health Organization of the Untied Nations to define health as not only physical and mental but social well-being as well. This is why judges and social workers blame everything upon society. This holistic approach later was used by the Supreme Court in the case Roe vs. Wade to distinguish between “human being” and “person” in the first abortion cases. The approach was also used in the 1973 Doe vs. Bolton decision that defined health also as “emotional well-being.” Smuts and Alfred Adler corresponded with one another and had discussed “fourteen basic assumptions” of which few were the freedom to choose, self-determination, self-realization, and self-actualization upon which Abraham Mallow, the founder of Humanistic or Third Force Psychology was based.

Frederick Perls, the founder of Gestalt therapy, was influenced by Smuts. Perls therapy of self-actualization placed emphasis on the here-and-now! No future as the Bible reveals. Perls went to Esalen Institute, which hosted Soviet leader Boris Yelstin many times. Perls founded “guided daydreams,” which is being introduced into schools under the term “guided imagery.” According to New York psychiatrist Dr. Milton Kline, this si nothing but hypnosis.

1927: "If there are those who think we are to jump immediately into a new world order, actuated by complete understanding and brotherly love, they are doomed to disappointment. If we are ever to approach that time, it will be after patient and persistent effort of long duration. The present international situation of mistrust and fear can only be corrected by a formula of equal status, continuously applied, to every phase of international contacts, until the cobwebs of the old order are brushed out of the minds of the people of all lands."[20]

1928: This was a good year for Fabian Socialist George Bernard Shaw but a bad year for the rest of the world. Shaw published The Intelligent Woman’s Guide to Socialism and Capitalism in 1928. He revealed that “...under Socialism you would not be allowed to be poor. You would be forcibly fed, clothed, lodged, taught, and employed whether you like it or not. If it were discovered that you had not character and industry enough to be worth all this trouble, you might possibly be executed in a kindly manner...”

It was during the 1920s that Lenin made his famous prediction concerning world domination. He stated: “First we will take Eastern Europe, then the masses of Asia. Then we will encircle the United States, which will be the last bastion of capitalism. We shall not have to attack. It (U.S.) Will fall like a ripe grapefruit into our hands.” Eastern Europe was given to the communists with the signature of Churchill, Roosevelt, and Stalin to the Russians. China fell in the 1950s when the U.S. State Department cut off all military aid to our staunch ally Chiang Kai-shek. Then followed Korea and Viet Nam with the domino effect from U.S. withdrawal. Stage two completed. Cuba fell. Nicaragua and San Salvador with communist insurgents in southern Mexico. Foreign troops in Mexico and Canada and they are training on American soil at this very moment.

1930s: Dimitry Manuilski was a Professor at the Lenin School of Political Warfare in Moscow. He announced a plan in case America resisted in the latter stages of world conquest. “War to the hilt between communism and capitalism is inevitable. Today, of course, we are not strong enough to attack. Our time will come in thirty to forty years. To win, we shall need the element of surprise. The western world will have to be put to sleep. So we shall begin by launching the most Spectacular Peace Movement on record,. There shall be electrifying overtures and unheard of concessions. The capitalist countries, stupid and decadent, will rejoice to cooperate in their own destruction. They will leap at another chance to be friends. As soon as their guard is down, we shall Smash Them With Our Clenched Fist.”

Have these “electrifying overtures” begun? What about tearing down the Berlin Wall? Did East and West Germany merge again as a single nation? Did Mikhail Gorbachev declare the satellite countries to be “free democracies?” When one satellite country believed they were free, the Russians went after them with a vengeance.

"What they are planning for us; sex, religion, money in the New World Order. Which is more corrupt? The liberal media or the multi-national corporations? Why truly big money wants your children to try drugs, even while they campaign to discourage these evils. How the brilliant scientists have come up with the proven methods to destroy your family. All you have to do is let your guard down." [21]

1934: Margaret Sanger founded Planned Parenthood along with the program “Baby Code” which allowed only the “fit” to reproduce children. This was only the follow up to a 1904 project funded by the Carnegie Institution to establish a biological experiment station at Cold Spring Harbor, New York. Years later President franklin D. Roosevelt “felt it in order to talk, jokingly, of dealing with Puerto Rico’s excessive birth rate by employing, in his own hands, ‘the methods which Hitler used effectively.’” [22]

In 1934 the Carnegie Corporation financed to the tune of $340,000 what became known as Conclusions and Recommendations of the Commission on Social Studies of the American Historical Association. This was overseen by philosopher of British socialism Professor Harold Laski. Laski later summarized the Commission’s report: “At bottom, and stripped of its carefully neutral phrases, the repot IS an educational program for a Socialist America.” [23]

The Carnegie Endowment is controlled by Internationalists working for world government. The Carnegie Endowment for International Peace publishes an annual Yearbook. In 1934 it stated that it “is becoming an unofficial instrument of international policy, taking up here and there the ends and threads of international problems and questions which governments find it difficult to handle, and through private initiative reaching conclusions which are not of a formal nature but which unofficially find their way into the policies of governments.”

1935: Just like the more modern, Richard Nixon, broke the U.S. down into 10 Federal Regions, Delbert Clark of The New York Times lays bare that many members of Congress, such as Senator Robert Wagner of New York would reorganize the U.S. into Nine Groups instead of the 48 states at that time.[24]

Mary Mundt, wife of former South Dakota Senator Mundt, wrote a letter in the 1960s which was published in the newsletter of the National Federation of Republican Women’s Clubs that could explain why these Congressmen reveal this plan to make the U.S. into “Nine Groups.” Her letter was reprinted in the newspaper. Notice what she revealed: “‘If I push this button, I can turn off all the lights in San Bernardino (CA); and if I push this one, I can turn off the water in Los Angeles.’

It was the operator in one of the control rooms at Hoover Dam speaking. ‘What would happen if the wring person should get in here some time and start pushing buttons?’ someone asked. ‘The operator shook his head. ‘The wrong person pushing buttons in here could play havoc with the entire West Coast area.’ he replied.

My (Mary Mundt’s) thoughts went back to a dimly lighted, musty room in Denver (CO) in 1934. My husband and I had infiltrated a meeting of the Communist Party which was presided over by a professor from the University of Colorado. He was presenting a Communist Plan for seizing control of the government of the United States. Several times during the evening, he repeated the phrase: ‘An invasion of this country may not be necessary. If we play our cards right, it can be taken from within.’

On the wall was a large map of the United States, but it looked strange - unfamiliar. All the boundary lines of the states had been erased, and the country was divided into sections controlled by river authorities similar to the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA).

The professor continued his lesson: ‘We can never hope to take over this country if we have 48 strong state governments to oppose. We must get the states to depend more and more on the Federal Government for their very existence.’ He turned to the map: ‘Here we have a picture of this country controlled by Nine river authorities - all of which are dominated by the Central Government. The TVA is now a reality, and I’m happy to tell you that we have some of Our Party Members Planted There. We must have more Valley Authorities. There must be an MVA and a CVA, and so on Until the nation’s light and power is controlled from a central force. We are not interested in cheaper power for the people. What we want is to get Our Member planted in vital spots where at a given signal by merely pushing a button or pulling a lever, they can Plunge The Country Into Darkness And Disaster.’” [25] The boundaries of almost all the states has since been removed, and the rest are being omitted even as you read this.

1939: "...when the struggle seems to be drifting definitely towards a world social democracy, there may still be very great delays and disappointments before it becomes an efficient and beneficent world system. Countless people...will hate the New World Order...and will die protesting against it. When we attempt to evaluate its promise, we have to bear in mind the distress of a generation or so of malcontents, many of them quite gallant and graceful‑looking people." [26]

1940: The man recognized as the “father of American sociology,” Edward Alsworth Ross, wrote his book New Age Sociology. He said “If the agencies which for ages have been sifting out of the population the less hardy and resistant have largely been put out of action in the last half-century, then other means must be devised to give the fitter an advantage over the less fit in reproducing themselves.”

He certainly didn’t hold back in giving his opinion about church-state relations. He wrote: “In matters political or civic, one’s religious convictions or church affiliations ought not to figure at all.” As far as social control was concerned, he believed “the State may render its citizens so many vital services that it...becomes a center of social power.” he claimed that “under the guidance of its elite, society develops an apparatus of control designed to repress harmful conduct and to encourage desired conduct.” He wrote on: “So today the recourse of those aiming to control the machinery of government for their Own ends is to sway mass opinion by means of elaborate veiled propaganda and cunningly to suppress whatever may run counter to their design...New methods of winning support had to be devised and of these the most promising is Propaganda Plus Censorship.”

"The term Internationalism has been popularized in recent years to cover an interlocking financial, political, and economic world force for the purpose of establishing a World Government. Today Internationalism is heralded from pulpit and platform as a 'League of Nations' or a 'Federated Union' to which the United States must surrender a definite part of its National Sovereignty. The World Government plan is being advocated under such alluring names as the 'New International Order,' 'The New World Order,' 'World Union Now,' 'World Commonwealth of Nations,' 'World Community,' etc. All the terms have the same objective; however, the line of approach may be religious or political according to the taste or training of the individual."[27]

1941: Social philosopher Lewis Mumford and Catholic theologian Reinhold Niebuhr joined to publish The City of Man: A Declaration on World Democracy. Our forefathers at the Constitutional Convention deliberately rejected “democracy” as a vile form of government, yet Lenin claimed that democracy was a necessary step toward world communism. Mumford and Niebuhr wrote: “There is, indeed, no liberty but one: the right, which is a duty, of making oneself and others free through absolute allegiance to the final goal of man...Democracy must be redefined (as)) a harmony subordinated to a plan...a purposive organism. It is the plentitude of heart service to a highest religion embodying the essence of all higher religions. Democracy is nothing more and nothing less than Humanism in theocracy and rational theocracy in universal humanism.” So they began to substitute “democracy” in the place of “Republic.”

"If totalitarianism wins this conflict, the world will be ruled by tyrants, and individuals will be slaves. If democracy wins, the nations of the earth will be united in a commonwealth of free peoples, and individuals, wherever found, will be the sovereign units of the New World Order."  [28]

1943: A book was published called One World by Wendell Wilkie. Elliott Roosevelt, FDR’s son, proclaimed the book “a classic study of global politics which has become the bible of those who believe in the necessity of world government - the so-called One-Worlders.”

1944: The National Education Association’s National Association of Secondary School Principals and National Council for Social Studies published a pamphlet entitled The American Way of Business. Two authors participated. One was Oscar Lange, who later renounced his American citizenship and became Communist Poland’s United Nations ambassador. The second author was Abba Lerner. This pamphlet advocated the nationalization of all banks, credit, insurance companies, and natural resources, and an economic court be set up and “given the power to repeal any rules of Congress, of legislatures, or of the municipal councils.” Who else but a grant from the Rockefeller General Education Board would pay for pure communism to be published and get away with it?

1945: On October 24, 1945, the United Nations Charter was ratified and became effective.  On April 26, 1945, representatives of most of the civilized nations of the world met in San Francisco to create an organization of nations which would become a pattern for world government and, it was hoped by its sincere supporters, insure lasting peace to a world long weary of war. The conference was completed on June 26, 1945, with the adoption of the U.N. Charter.

Before the San Francisco convention, however, much groundwork had been done by various groups in the United States and elsewhere, designed to make the world organization acceptable to the United States, which had, after World War I, rejected membership in the League of Nations. For a period of approximately three years before the actual formation of the United Nations, there was conducted in the United States a full‑blown, expensive campaign to overcome the natural objections of a free and powerful nation to giving up of its national sovereignty.

In 1941, there was organized a group called the International Free World Association, and this group began publishing a magazine called Free World. The secretary of this group was Louis Dolivert, who was later identified in testimony before the Senate Internal Securities Subcommittee by Louis Bundez as a member of the Communist Party [29] Bundez was a high Communist Party functionary who defected and gave valuable testimony to the U.S. Government concerning communist spy networks in America.

The fact that the United Nations was envisioned by its planners as a world government, superseding the sovereignty of nations, was not hidden. On Aug. 6, 1946, the Chicago Triune published an article concerning the one‑world plans of the U.N., and headed it "Radicals, Rich United To Push World State; Fight Defenders of U.S. Sovereignty."

The Council on Foreign Relations, in conjunction with the U.S. State Department, played an important role in the "conditioning" of the U.S. Congress and public to accept the U.N. Charter and its restrictions on national sovereignty. This is set out in State Department Publication 3580 (1950) on p. 180. This Subcommittee on International Organization was headed by Sumner Wells, of the State Department. Proving the direct link between the old League of Nations and the United Nations, was the fact that two members of this subcommittee had also served on the staff of Col. E.M. House at the Paris Peace Conference in 1918, at the time of the founding of the League of Nations. They were Dr. James T. Shotwell and Isaiah Bowman.

Before the San Francisco Conference, preliminary meetings were held in Moscow, Russia, in October, 1943, to lay ground‑work for the United Nations. The Moscow Conference was attended by the top diplomats of the United States, Russia, Great Britain and by the Chinese Ambassador to Russia. This meeting was held under the cold, calculating eye of Joseph Stalin, and received his blessings.

Later, at Dumbarton Oaks, final plans for the United Nations organization were hammered out. "Dumbarton Oaks Conference, a conference held at Washington, D.C., Aug. 21 to Oct. 7, 1944, among the United States, the United Kingdom, the Soviet Union, and China, to formulate plans for an international organization. The conference was held at Dumbarton Oaks, the Georgetown estate formerly belonging to Robert Woods Bliss. Because the Soviet Union was not at that time at war with Japan, Soviet representatives participated only until Sep. 28, and the Chinese only from Sep. 29 on. Basing its work on the principles expressed in the Moscow Declaration of Oct. 30, 1943, the conference drew up plans for an organization to be called the United Nations, with a general assembly, security council, world court, secretariat, and other agencies.

These proposals were published at the end of the conference. The conference also provided for the calling of a later formal meeting of all peace‑loving nations to establish the proposed organization. Problems left unsettled at the Dumbarton Oaks Conference, particularly the veto power and the voting procedure, were decided at the Yalta Conference in February 1945 (See Yalta Conference). The Dumbarton Oaks proposals were considered and discussed in many nations during the months after their publication and, with many modifica­tions, became the basis for the charter of the United Nations adopted at San Francisco in M16 1945." [30]

The chief planner at this conference, and later a top aide at the United Nations Convention, was Alger Hiss, who was later to be exposed as a Soviet spy working inside the U.S. Government. To fully understand the planning behind the United Nations prior to 1945, we should look more closely at the Free World Association, which had such close ties to our own State Department. The organization, through its publication, Free World, made no effort to hide the fact that they were planning a world organization, with powers to enforce international decrees, and that the sovereignty of nations could no longer be allowed to stand in the way of this lofty goal.

One of those most active in the Free World Association was Carlo Emmanuel a Prato, who was a member of the International Editorial Board of Free World. For background on Mr. Prato, we quote from the Congressional Record, July 11, 1950, p. A5016: "Associated in the OWI Division under the control of Alan Cranston was an alleged Italian Communist, Carlo Emanuel a Prato, who had been expelled from Switzerland as a Soviet agent, entered the United States on a Czech passport issued to Milan Janota."

An ad in the Free World, August 1945, made the following statement: "This month marks the Free World's fourth anniversary. Its first objective, a charter for world organization, is realized. Now we move on toward broader world democracy."

The objectives of the Free World Organization was set out as early as October 1942, in its publication: "The creation of the machinery for a world government in which the United Nations will serve as a nucleus is a necessary task of the present in order to prepare in time the foundations for a future world order."

Following the formation of the United Nations, and continuing right up until today, numerous ultra liberal and "left" organizations have been organized around the promotion and defense of the United Nations. One of the earliest of these was United World Federalists, formed on Feb. 22, 1947, by merger of several other organizations interested in world government. These merged groups were Americans United for World Government; World Federalists; Massachusetts committee for World Federation; Student Federalists; World Citizens of Georgia, and World Republic. [31]

Their statement quoted at that time included the following: “...World peace can be created and maintained only under world law, universal and strong enough to prevent armed conflict between nations...Therefore, while endorsing the efforts of the United Nations to bring about a world community favorable to peace, we will work primarily to strengthen the United Nations into a world government of limited powers adequate to prevent a war and having direct jurisdiction over the individual."

1947: On July 9, 1947, Representative Richard Nixon introduced House Concurrent Resolution 68 asking “...that is the sense of Congress that the President of the Untied States should immediately take the initiative in calling a General Conference of the United Nations pursuant to (U.N.) Article 109 for the purpose of making the United Nations capable of enacting interpreting, and enforcing world law to prevent war.”

Many resolutions were introduced into Congress after World War II calling for world government. Albert Einstein, a member of the United World Federalist, made a radio broadcast on July 17, 1947, entitled “The Immediate Need for World Law.” In that broadcast he said that “...the resolutions aim at a fundamental alteration of the United Charter, with a view to an eventual transformation of the United Nations into a World Government.”

Philip Jessup, a member of the Council on Foreign Relations and a World Court Justice and communist, wrote The International Problem of Governing Mankind in which he stated: “I agree that national sovereignty is the root of the Evil...The question of procedure remains. Can the root be pulled up by digging around it and cutting the rootless one by one? Jessup was a member of the Institute of Pacific Relations, which was cited as follows: “...the Institute of Pacific Relations was a vehicle used by the communist to orientate American far eastern policy toward communist objectives.” [32]

Jessup was cited as sponsor for the following communist front organizations: The National Emergency Conference, The American Law Students Association, National Emergency Conference for Democratic Rights,  and American Russian Institute for Cultural Relations with the Soviet Union.[33]

Jessup also helped prepare the State Department’s infamous “White Paper” on China. This report lavishly praised the Reds and condemned our staunch anti-communist ally Nationalist China under Chiang Kai-shek. Later, Jessup became one of the early advocates for the admission of Red China to the United Nations.[34]

This is the year The Tavistock Institute of Human Relations was founded. The Institute began publishing its journal Human Relations. In 1947 also was founded The National Training laboratory in Group Development in the United States. This Laboratory was sponsored by the National Education Association’s Division of Adult Education Service and by the Research Center for Group Dynamics at the University of Michigan. The Research Center co-sponsored with Tavistock the first volumes of Human Relations. The Carnegie Corporation of New York provided $100,000 in support for the activities of the National Training Laboratory. Kenneth Benne, as president of the American Education Fellowship started by John Dewey, was on the National Training Laboratories Planning and Policy Committee. He wrote in the May 1949 edition of Progressive Education: “...teachers and school administrators (should) come to see themselves as Social Engineers. They must equip themselves as ‘change agents.’”

1948: Sir Julian Juxley, the first director-general of UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization), published UNESCO: Its Purpose and Its Philosophy. In it he stated without apology: “The general philosophy of UNESCO should be a scientific world humanism, global in extent and evolutionary in background...In its education program it can stress the ultimate need for world political unity and familiarize all peoples with the implications of the transfer of full sovereignty From separate nations to a World organization...Political unification in some sort of world government will be required...Tasks for the media division of UNESCO (will be) to promote the growth of a Common outlook shared by all nations and help the emergency of a single world culture...Even though it is quite true that any eugenic policy will be for many years politically and psychologically impossible, it will be important for UNESCO to see that the eugenic problem is examined with the greatest care, and that the public mind is informed of the issues at stake so that much that now is unthinkable may at least become thinkable.”

Fabian Socialist Huxley lifted excerpts from the above UNESCO literature for an article “A New World Vision.” [35] He stated that humanism’s “keynote, the central concept in which all its denials are related Is Evolution.”

Sir Julian Huxley, whose brother Aldous Huxley wrote Brave New World, mentioned on December 5, 1941, that his greatest wish was the America and Japan would be at war within a week. Japan sent planes to bomb Pearl Harbor on Sunday, December 7, 1941, just two days later,

1949: UNESCO continued to publish literature to subvert the United States. In a series of booklets with the title Toward World Understanding, it stated: “The kindergarten...has a significant part to play in the child’s education. Not only can it correct many of the errors of home can prepare the child...for membership in the world society...The success of the teacher is bringing up his pupils to be good citizens of the world...As long as the child breathes the poisoned air of nationalism, education in World-Mindness can produce only precarious results.”

Now do you understand why the United States Government is attacking Constitutionalists, patriots, Second Amendment Advocates, Home Schoolers and etc.?

A Socialist superwork in propaganda was written by George Orwell, 1984. This book became required reading at least through the year 1959. 1984 had the theme of “Big Brother” and such concepts as “Newspeak” or “Doublespeak.”

On July 26, 1949, 18 U.S. Senators sponsored Resolution 56 that called for the United Nations to be restructured as a world federation.

1950: On April 24, 1950, a California District Court ruled that the United Nations Charter had become “the supreme Law of the Land: and the Judges in every State shall be bound thereby, any Thing in the Constitution or Laws of any State to the Contrary notwithstanding.” The decision was overturned by the California Supreme Court on April 17, 1952, only because the U.N. Charter provisions referred to in the a case were not “self-executing.” The Court quoted U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice John Marshall in the 1829 case of Foster vs. Neilson that said a treated is “to be regarded in courts of justice as equivalent to an act of the Legislature, whenever it operates of itself, without the aid of any legislative provision.’

1951: the phrase “rock & roll” is created by disc jockey Alan Freed. This softer “rock” became the instrument through which “hard rock” would eventually emerge. Jefferson Airplane’s leading musician, Paul Cantor, admitted: “The new rock music is intended to broaden the generation gap, alienate parents from their children, and prepare young people for revolution.” Lead singer of the Mothers of Invention, Frank Zappa, said that “the loud sounds and the bright lights of today are tremendous indoctrination tools.”

1952: Aldous Huxley had the book The Devils of London published. Inside its covers, he wrote: “If exposed long enough to the tomtoms and the singing, every one of our philosophers would end by capering and howling with savages...Assemble a mob of men and women...treat them to amplified band music, bright lights...and in next to no time you can reduce them to a state of almost mindless subhumanity. Never before have so few been in a position to make fools, maniacs, or criminals of so many.”

On April 12, 1952, John Foster Dulles, Council on Foreign Relations member who became Secretary of State, began to perpetuate a Giant Lie because the U.S. Courts rejected the U.N. Charter as the supreme law of the land. In speaking before the American Bar Association in Louisville Kentucky, he said: “Treaty law can override the Constitution...Treaties can take powers away from Congress and give them to the President. They can take powers from the States and give them to the Federal Government or to some international body, and they can cut across the rights given To The People by their constitutional Bill of Rights.”

In the same year of 1952, The World Association of Parliamentarians for World Government drew up a map designed to illustrate how Foreign Troops would occupy and police the six regions into which the United States and Canada will be divided as part of their World Government Plan!!! Russians Would Occupy Texas!

1953: G.A. Borgese wrote the book Foundations of the World Republic. He was the chief consultant and writer of Preliminary Draft of a World Constitution that was published in 1948 and written by such other notable one-worlders as Robert M. Hutchins, Mortimer, and Rexford Tugwell.

John Dewey’s socialist/communist “progressive” educational philosophy by this time was taking over the schools. Lawrence Cremin wrote A History of Teachers College Columbia University in 1954. John Dewey had been the leader within Teachers College. Here is how Cremin’s book said it. “...the single most powerful education force int he world is at 120th Street and Broadway in New York City. Your children’s teachers go there for advanced training...With one hundred thousand alumni, Teachers College has managed to seat about one-third of the presidents and deans now (1953) in office at accredited U.S. teacher training schools. Its graduates make up about twenty percent of all our public school teachers. Over a fourth of the superintendents of schools in the one hundred sixty-eight U.S. cities with at least 50,000 population are Teachers college trained.”

The July 30, 1953, report of the Jenner Committee is probably the most comprehensive of the Congressional investigations undertaken by the Internal Security Subcommittee of the United States Senate. The Conclusions of the committee were stated in the report as follows: (1) The Soviet international organization has carried on a successful and important penetration of the United States Government and this penetration has not been fully exposed. (2) This penetration has extended from the lower ranks to top-level policy and operating positions in our government. (3) The agents of this penetration have operated in accordance with distinct design fashioned by their Soviet superiors. (4) Members of this conspiracy helped to get each other into government, helped each other to rise in government, and protected each other from exposure...(5) In general, the Communists who infiltrated our government worked behind the scenes; guiding research and preparing memoranda on which basic American policies were set, writing speeches for cabinet officers, influencing Congressional investigations, drafting laws, manipulating administrative reorganization - always serving the interests of their Soviet Superiors...(6) Policies and programs laid down by members of this Soviet Conspiracy are still in effect within our government, and constitute a continuing hazard to our national security.

1954: On February 23, 1954, U.S. Senator William Jenner of Indiana discussed before the Senate the Supreme Court’s Missouri vs. Holland 1920 ruling regarding treaties, and to the High Court’s Pink decision, while he is speaking in support of the Bricker Amendment which would prevent any treat from overriding the U.S. Constitution. The Bricker Amendment failed to pass by one vote. Senator Jenner then proceeded to say: “Today the path to total dictatorship in the United States can be laid by strictly legal means, unseen and unheard by Congress, the President, or the people...We have a well-organized political-action group in this country, determined to destroy our Constitution and establish a one-party state...(It has a) foothold within our government, and its own propaganda apparatus...One may call this group by many names. Some people call it socialism, some collectivism. I prefer to call it ‘democratic centralism.’...The important point to remember about this group is not its ideology but its organization. It is a dynamic, aggressive, elite corps, forcing its way through every opening, to make a breach for a Collectivist one-party state. It operates secretly, silently, continuously to transform our Government without our suspecting the change is under way...This secret revolutionary corps understands well the power to influence the an elegant form of brainwashing...We see this, for example, in the innocent use of words like ‘democracy’ in place of ‘representative government’...It conducts tactical retreats but only the more surely to advance its own goal ...I know...of Alger Hisses who planned it that way...Dr. Wirt, of my State, told us in 1934 that the plan were all drawn, the timetable established ...The revolutionary cabal and its allies...designed the overall strategy. They broke the whole up into precisely measured parts and careful moves, which appeared to be wholly unrelated...They will use every ally, to prevent the American people from guessing how far the transformation had gone...”

Rene Wormser, general counsel for the U.S. House of Representatives Special Committee to Investigate Tax-Exempt foundations, on April 5, 1954, wrote to Spruille Braden who was former assistant secretary of state and ambassador concerning the Carnegie Endowment, Rockefeller Foundation, Ford Foundation, and Rhodes Scholarship Trust. On April 10, 1954, Braden relied in writing: “I have the very definite feeling that these various foundations you mention very definitely do exercise both overt and convert influences on our foreign relations and that their influences are counter to the fundamental principles on which this nation was founded and which have made it great.”

An ultra-private group who became known as The Bilderbergers was formed by Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands. They first met at the Bilderberger Hotel, hence their name. Bernhard’s wife, Queen Juliana, later became one of the first to endorse “Planetary Citizens.” Many of the top statesmen in American politics have attended. A few examples are: Dean Acheson, Christian Herter, Dean Rusk, Robert McNamara, George Ball, Henry Kissinger, Gerald Ford, George Bush, Sr., Dan Quayle, Lloyd Bentsen, and Bill Clinton. The corporate giant CEO’s of course attend such as David Rockefeller, etc.

1955: “Socialism” had become a scare word by 1905. For the years between 1905 and 1955, the League for Industrial Democracy (socialist group) claimed among its members, advisors, cooperators, or recipients of awards, such nationally-known personalities as Ralph Bunche, George S. Counts, Clarence Darrow, Eugene V. Debs, John Dewey, Senator Paul H. Douglas, David Dubinski, Senator Hubert H. Humphrey, Max Lerner, Walter Lippmann, George Meany, Senator Wayne Morse, A.J. Muste, Reinhold Niebuhr, Harry A. Overstreet, Walter Reuther, Eleanor Roosevelt, William Shirer, Lincoln Steffens, James Wechsler, and hundreds of others.

It should be noted that All these persons occupied Key positions in the fields of government, education, religion, law, labor, communications and international diplomacy between the years of 1905 and 1955.

1957: Alice Bailey, who died before the publication of her book The Externalisation of the Hierarchy, had revealed through her “Master of Wisdom: known as D.K. crucial parts of the New Age Movement.” The Bible reveals these invisible Beings as demons in rebellion to their Creator God. Bailey wrote: “...the New World Order Must be built...(And) the three main channels through which the preparation for the new age is going on might be regarded as the Church, the Masonic Fraternity and the Educational Field...In all of these three movements, disciples of the Great Ones (Masters of Wisdom - Demons) are to be found and they are steadily gathering momentum and will before long enter upon their designated task...The Masonic Movement...will meet the needs of those who can, and should, wield power. It is the custodian of the law; it is the home of the Mysteries and the seat of initiation. It holds in its symbolism the ritual of Deity and the way of salvation is pictorially preserved in its work. The methods of Deity are demonstrated in its Temples, and under the All-seeing Eye the work can go forward. It is a far more occult organization than can be realized, and is intended to be the training school for the coming advanced occultists...”

"America: Submerged in a Sea of Zionism. Will history remember America merely as a major captive nation of Zionist world conquest, ignoring the lustrous ascendance and near triumph of the glorious potential of free man? Will Zionist scorched-earth shots to the heart of all that is wholesome buy them their long-sought victory for Babylonian humanism with its showy irreverence and the glorification of all that is sordid? Will all of the goodness, wholesomeness and productivity of our unique Christian Republic, which millions forfeited their lives to give us, be purged from the world, leaving man to enter the 21st century enslaved to the least of God's creations? Must Americans forever witness Zionist self-promotion and self-portrayal as our best and brightest, as our most deserving and selfless citizens suffering a society of lesser humans with intellectually inferior pursuits? Will God allow animal cunning, arrogance, greed and self-aggrandizement a final victory over humanity?

With 'political correctness' based upon Zionist fascism in the ascendance, with the American media system largely a Zionist tool, with Foundations and Zionist Political Action Committees spreading legislative dollars and providing selected candidates massive financial support, with two parties and political commentary dominated by the Zionist International, can traditional Americans hope to reverse the current course of history? Can we develop a formula to reclaim our Republic and the tools of a productive society, recapturing or rebuilding the essence of a nation one deservedly the noble and gracious leader of the world's nations?

Can we collectively observe that our governmental processes are captive to Zionist appointees at every level, that our State, Treasury and Commerce Departments as well as the Presidency are operated by Zionists who take their order from Zionism? Can we perceive that almost all of the national information-flow reaches us only through a Zionist filter and pro-Israel/Zionist propaganda machine? Have we not discovered the demise of education, the growth and development of crime, the decay of our cities and our rapid decline as a united people have happened concurrent with the intrusion of Zionists and Zionism into the American system? Have we not noticed that today it is increasingly difficult for ordinary people, Jew or Christian, White, Black, Yellow or Brown, to live together in 'live and let live' affection and respect, as the ADL the ACLU and the AIPAC attack society's pillars, move to destroy the Christian history of America and indoctrinate our children with ideas and philosophies that most of the world holds to be reprehensible, society-destructive, and beyond civility? Have we not noticed the fear in our church bodies, the manipulation of them to amend and mutate the teaching of Jesus' word to men?

Here we have history's master victimizers, representing themselves as the victims, as betrayed and sinned against, demeaned and tormented because of society's jealousy; a colony of Culicidae (insects such as mosquitoes and gnats) decrying the occasional angry slap by those that have been stung. We observe the creators of much of man's sordid and duplicitous record artfully and deceitfully altering, amending, abridging and censoring the record to point the finger of responsibility to others, begging society's pity and solace for pain suggested to have been shared by no other people and never publicly recognizing, though surely perceiving, that it has been their centuries-long manipulation of their fellow man and their self-ordination as gods that has cause the animosity they correctly sense.

Consider an alien system with such a firm hold on American policy mechanisms that they are capable of having American citizenship granted overnight to one of Zionism's most energetic employees and then have him named as American ambassador to his former employer nation and confirmed without a word from our 'illustrious Senate,' including that great defender of American interests, Mr. Jesse Helms? And consider a President's cabinet with 80% Jewish Zionist members and a President, himself a Rhodes Scholar (but unable to finish at Oxford) and a member of the Zionist International; a Trilateralist, Bilderberg secret communist.

Consider an alien philosophy carefully scheming to own and control America's newspaper and broadcasting systems, then combining its now massive propaganda and reinstructional capabilities with the movie, entertainment and documentary producers of Hollywood, in short order reducing life to drugs and sexual fantasies and living to a succession of mindless escapades and romps in the hay; surely and continuously changing Americans then America...finally creating such irresponsible and chaotic conditions in our lives that we then welcome massive regulation, police restraints and New World Order socialist oppression just to get order again; forget morality or social ethics, productivity or national focus.

Consider the raw source of energy and money for the pro-abortion and homosexual lifestyle movements, the illegal immigration madness, loss of personal heritage identity, multi-cultural disarray and the move to make our precious English subordinate to the first choice of everyone's original homeland language. These are funded, not by the grassroots but by single source money...given in every case to reduce our influential Christian nation to helplessness; Babylonians filled with hate for the Christian people who bade them welcome, spending enormous effort and endless dollars to destroy our once wholesome influence on an ugly world. Witness the altered state of church in America; intimidated, compromised, fearful and spiritless. Are they winning? Look and listen to the new mores of our changed society. Consider which nation is our number one recipient of 'loans' and aid. Note that they take what they want from our military arsenal and then without apology copy and sell it around the world, wherever money is to be made or counties subverted. Note their demand for U.N. (American) troops to clear away the enemy which surrounds their homeland and as stalking horses for their political influence thought the world. From the Pentagon, State, Presidency or the United Nations, their influence and numbers overwhelm any possible opposition and America increasingly does what they demand of us.

And then, dear friends, we have just witnessed once again their absolute mastery over our financial affairs. They own Banking, Investment Banking, the control of every major corporation, of course the 'Fed' and control of the Treasury of the United States. As we have just seen in Mexico, they do as they please, manipulating conditions, loaning then withdrawing support capital and grasping control of the resources of nations one by one, sometimes for profit but always for control. And then there is the depreciating dollar and Americans and the humble Mexicans are about to be enslaved by its demise.

When we add thought-control (political correctness) emanating from our college campuses and the continuous flow of Marxist ideas from Zionist professors to the 'hate crimes' laws and the massive effort to close down unwelcome publishers and Republican ideas, we can see that our Zionist fascist New World Order elitists have left no scheme destructive of Christian freedom left unutilized.

Consider then the 'we-are-in-charge' arrogance of the 'Justice' department's 92 Waco murders, followed by official lies and media cover-up, to be followed by massive raids on the citizens' militias that resulted...and national martial law, orchestrated and controlled by our Zionist fascist President in collaboration with the ADL.

Finally, we can watch with dismay as black-shirted, hooded world police power is deployed in America, computer programs are prepared for our personal control and prisons are readied for any who would underscore their First Amendment rights by using them. And huge funds of propaganda and money are expended to take from us our last hope of freedom; the Second Amendment and our guns.

And 90% of Americans haven't a hint, a clue. So brainwashed are they that when push comes to shove, most of them will unknowingly side with this enemy. So we who perceive must do the work of thousands."  [36]

J. Edgar Hoover, then Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, delivered a speech to the National Convention of the American Legion where he warned: “To dismiss lightly the existence of the subversive threat in the United States is to deliberately commit national suicide. In some quarters we are doing exactly that.”

1958: Dr. J. Robert Oppenheimer, head of Princeton University’s Institute of Advanced Studies, was quoted as announcing: “I believe that only a world council of wise men can assure peace on a scientific basis.” [37]

Cleon Skousen, Assistant FBI Director, published a book called The Naked Communist.[38] From that book, certain parts were entered into the Congressional Record of the U.S. This was the basic program used to merge the United States and Russia into a World Government under the authority of the United nations. (1) LF Convince the U.S. to accept coexistence as the only alternative to atomic war. (2) Convince the U.S. to capitulate (give in) in preference to engaging in atomic war. (3) LF Develop the Illusion that total disarmament by the U.S. would be a demonstration of moral strength. (4) LF Permit free trade between All nations regardless of whether items could be used for war. (5) LF Extension of long-term loans to Russian and soviet satellites. Will never repay because they will “bury us.” (6) LF Provide U.S. “Foreign Aid” to all nations, thus draining the wealth of the U.S. Accomplish with the Foreign Aid Act of 1947. (7) LF Grant recognition of Red China with admission to the United Nations and oust Nationalist China, our ally. (8) LF Set up East and West Germany as separate states To Be Merged Later in a Great “Peace” Initiative. (9) LF Prolong the conferences to ban atomic tests because the U.S. had agreed to suspend tests as long as negotiations were in progress. (10) LF Allow All Soviet satellites representation in the United Nations. (11) LF Promote the United Nations as the only hope for mankind. If its charter is rewritten, demand that it be set up as a one-world-government with its own independent armed forces. (12) LF Resist any effort to outlaw the Communist party. (13) LF Do away with loyalty oaths to the U.S. (14) LF Continue to give Russia access to the U.S. Patent Office. (15) LF Capture one or Both of the political parties in the U.S. (Now you can understand no matter which party goes into office, they continue toward socialism-communism). (16) LF Use technical decisions of the courts to Weaken basic American institutions by claiming their activities violate civil rights. (17) LF Get control of the schools. Use them for socialism and current Communist propaganda. Get control of teacher’s associations. (18) LF Gain control of all student newspapers. (19) LF Use student riots to foment public protests against programs and organizations which are under communist attack. (20) LF Infiltrate the press. (21) LF Gain control of key positions in radio, TV, and motion pictures. Hollywood and Broadway Director Myron Fagan named before a stage audience and on radio the top 300 Hollywood stars that were Communists. (22) LF Continue discrediting American culture by degrading all forms of artistic expression - nude movies, books, perverted art, etc. (23) LF Control art critics and directors of art museums. “Our plan is to promote ugliness, repulsive, meaningless art.” (24) LF Eliminate all laws governing obscenity by calling them “Censorship” and a violation of free speech and free press. (25) LF Break down cultural (Christian) standards of morality by promoting pornography in books, magazines, motion pictures, radio, and TV. (26) LF Present homosexuality, degeneracy, and promiscuity as “normal, natural, healthy.” President Bill Clinton!!! (27) LF Infiltrate the churches and replace Revealed religion with “social” religion. Discredit the Bible and emphasize the need for intellectual maturity which does not need a “religious crutch.” (World and National Council of Churches front for a one-world-religion). (28) LF Eliminate prayer or any phase of religious expressions in the schools. (29) LF Discredit the American Constitution by calling it inadequate “out of step.” (30) LF Discredit the American founding fathers. Present them as selfish aristocrats who had no concern for the “common man.” (31) LF Belittle all forms of American culture and discourage the teaching of American history. (32) LF Support all socialist movement to give centralized control over any part of the culture - education, social agencies, welfare programs, mental health clinics, etc. (33) LF Eliminate all laws or procedures which interfere with the operation of the Communist apparatus. (34)  LF Discredit and eventually dismantle the FBI. (35) eliminate the House Committee on Un-American Activities. (36) LF Infiltrate and gain control of more labor unions to destroy the economy. (37) LF Infiltrate and gain control of big business. Create a monopoly in the market place with them in control. (38) LF Transfer some of the powers of arrest from the police to social agencies. Treat all behavior problems as psychiatric disorders. (39) LF Dominate the psychiatric profession and use mental health laws as a means of gaining coercive control over those who oppose Communist goals. (40) LF Discredit the family as an institution. Encourage promiscuity and easy divorce. (41) LF Emphasize the need to rear children away from the legislative influence of parents. Attribute prejudices and mental blocks to suppressive influence of parents. (42)  LF Create the impression that violence and insurrection are legitimate aspects of the American Tradition; that students and special interest groups should rise up and use “united force” to solve problems. (43) LF Overthrow all colonial governments before native populations are ready for self government. (44) LF Internationalize the Panama Canal. (45) LF Repeal the Connally Reservation so the U.S. cannot prevent the World Court from seizing jurisdiction over domestic (Internal U.S.) Problems. Give the World Court jurisdiction over nations and individuals alike. This was accomplished on February 19, 1986, with the passage of the Genocide Convention Treaty with the United Nations.[39]

As you can see, almost every one of these points of Communist Agendas have been completed!

1959: John Foster Dulles, as Secretary of State and member of World Brotherhood, published a paper for the New York Bar Association entitled “Peace Through Law.” He showed their supposed “advanced enlightenment” by writing: “To accomplish peace through law will take patience and perseverance. It will require us at times to provide an example by accepting for ourselves standards of conduct more advanced than those generally accepted...There is no nobler mission that our nation could reform”

Norman Thomas, six times candidate for the President of the United States on the Socialist Party ticket said: “The American people will never knowingly adopt Socialism, but under the name Liberalism they will adopt every Fragment of the socialist program until America will one day be a Socialist Nation Without Knowing How It Happened.”

The Council on Foreign Relations calls for a New International Order in their “Study No. 7,” that was issued on November 25, 1959.

James Warburg wrote The West in Crisis in which he mentioned: “We are living in a perilous period of transition from the era of the fully Sovereign Nation-State to the era of World Government... American children may best be educated into... responsible citizens not merely of the United States But of the World.”

1960: On February 18, 1960, Council on Foreign Relations member and Secretary of State Christian Herter gave a speech calling for complete disarmament “to the point where no single nation or group of nations could effectively oppose this enforcement of international law by international machinery.”

Walter Rostow, another member of the Council on Foreign Relations and later appointed as President Kennedy’s National Security Advisor, wrote his book called The United States in the World Arena. He admonished: “It is a legitimate American national Objective to see removed from all nations - including the United States - the right to use substantial military force to pursue their own interests. Since this residual right is the root of national sovereignty and the basis for the existence of an international area of power, it is, therefore, an American interest to see an End to Nationhood as it has been historically defined.”

1961: The State Department of the Kennedy Administration issued a plan to disarm all nations, including the U.S., and ARM the United Nations. It was issued as State Department Publication #7277 carrying the title The United States Program for General and Complete Disarmament in a Peaceful World. It details a three stage plan to disarm the world and build up the U.N. so no one could challenge its authority. “No state would have the military power to challenge the progressively strengthened U.N. Peace Force.”

An Editorial in the New York Times stated that “we must seek to discourage anti-communist revolts in order to avert bloodshed and war. We must, under our own principles, live with evil even if by doing so we help to stabilize tottering communist regimes, as in East Germany, and perhaps even expose citadels of freedom, like West Berlin, to slow death by strangulation.” [40]

The U.S. stood by and watched The Congo be overrun by Communist U.N. Troops because of their agreement on July 14, 1961 to a U.N. Resolution. Anti-communist Katanga leader Moise Tshombe was crushed by U.N. troops supporting Communist Patrice Lumumba.

1962: Council on Foreign Relations member Lincoln Bloomfield says: “...if the communist dynamic was greatly abated, the West might lose whatever incentive it has for world government.”  In other words, If there were No communist threat, the peoples of the world would not seek nor want world government.

Nelson Rockefeller wrote in his book The Future of Federalism that “a New World Order” is necessary as the old order is crumbling and “a new and free order struggling to be born...led vigorously toward the true building of a new order.”

The National Training laboratories published Issues in Training where the authors wrote that “sensitivity training” “includes coercive persuasion in the form of thought reform or Brainwashing...” The book was full of information about being a “change-agent” and “unfreezing, changing and refreezing” attitudes. David Jenkins’ essay in the book stated that “the trainer has no alternative but to manipulate; his job is to plan and produce behavior in order to create changes in other people.”

A Newspaper Editorial stated: “That the National Education Association...advocates Federal aid has surprised us at times. But no longer  - Real Control Over The Nation’s Children - is being shifted rapidly to the NEA. That organization has about completed the job of cartelizing public school education under its own cartel. It is doing so under an organization known as the National Council for Accreditation of Teachers Education, an agency whose governing council is tightly NEA controlled...The manner in which the NEA is Usurping Parental Prerogatives by determining the type of education simple: Control The Education and Hiring of Teachers...NEA has no apprehension regarding Federal control of public schools as a consequence of Federal aid. It has control itself. It is extending that control over colleges and universities. In the NEA scheme of things it will be a simple matter to extend control over whatever Washington agency handles the funds.” [41]

On October 10, 1962, Rep. John Asyhbrook put into the Congressional Record that he had introduced H.R. 10508 to stop abuses of testing programs in schools under NEA sponsorship. The Federal funded HEW counselors in schools started asking questions like: “is it wrong to deny the existence of God?” Newswatch Magazine’s for October/November 1987 and December 1987 Proved with absolute documentation that the NEA had become a Communist Front Organization to fulfill one of the Ten Planks of the Communist Manifesto.

Dr. Sterling McMurrin, then U.S. commissioner of education, resigned. Just before this resignation, he told head of the NEA William Carr: “You and I head up the biggest bureaucracies in Washington. NEA has all of the bureaucratic shortcomings and is in danger of moving toward national control of education, not by the Federal Government but by the NEA.” [42]

 Gov. Nelson Rockefeller: "The United Nations, he told an audience at Harvard University, 'has not been able‑‑nor can it be able‑‑to shape a New World Order which events so compellingly demand.'...The new world order that will answer economic, military, and political problems, he said, 'urgently requires, I believe, that the United States take the leadership among all free peoples to make the underlying concepts and aspirations of national sovereignty truly meaningful through the federal approach.'" [43]

1963: North Carolina began the Governor’s School for the gifted and talented. [44] The school was funded by subversive Carnegie Corporation. Professor George Welsh of the Department of Psychology at the University of North Carolina wrote the Psychological Corporation of New York on May 6, 1963, explaining that at the Governor’s School “we are planning to administer an extensive test battery including measures of aptitude, interest, and personality” (which included 771 true-false statements such as ‘I believe in the worth of humanity, but not in God). Students would be presented with “a radically reformed Worldview... (including) all sorts of strange new moral and theological doctrines...” this was the exact type of Governor’s School started by President Bill Clinton when he was governor of Arkansas.

Former Council on Foreign Relations (Marxist organization) member and president of the United States in 1963, John F. Kennedy on September 30, 1963, spoke at a meeting of the International Monetary Fund: “Twenty years ago, when the architects of these institutions met to design an international banking structure, the economy life of the world was polarized in overwhelming, and even alarming measure, on the United States. So were the world’s monetary reserves...Sixty percent of the gold reserves of the world were here in the United States...There was a need for redistribution (Marxist) of the financial resources of the world...All this has come about. It did not come about by Chance but by Conscious and Deliberate and responsible Planning...We are now entering upon a new era of economic and financial Interdependence ...Our gold reserves are...(now) forty percent of the world’s holdings.” Note: Then President John Kennedy admitted that we had lost 25% of our gold reserves in just 20 years.

1964: William Fulbright was a Rhodes Scholar (subversive); he also happened to be a Senator. While Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Fulbright wrote Old Myths and New Realities. He stated: “Indeed, the concept of national sovereignty has become in our time a principle of international anarchy...The sovereign nation can No Longer serve as the ultimate unit of personal loyalty and responsibility.” Just one more statement of treason by elected high officials.

1965: The front page of The New York Times carried an article concerning statements by the “Black Pope” Father Pedro Arrupe. The writer of this article wrote: “The head of the powerful Jesuit Order charged today (September 27, 1965) that atheism constituted a Conspiracy that had infiltrated even the Roman Catholic Church and virtually controlled international organizations, finance, and mass communications...This new godless society operates in an extremely efficient manner, at least in its higher levels of leadership. It makes use of every possible means at its disposal, be they scientific, technical, social, or economic. It follows a perfectly mapped out strategy (Pedro Arrupe, is telling us that the plan has been drawn up for a long period of time). It holds almost complete sway in international organizations, in financial circles, in the field of mass communications: press, cinema, radio, and television. Father Arrupe, as head of the 36,000-member, Jesuit Order, is considered to be one of the half-dozen most influential churchmen in the world, as indicated by his informal title of ‘Black Pope.’” [45]

1966: An ultimate Insider Professor at Jesuit run Georgetown University, Dr. Carroll Quigley, published his book called Tragedy and Hope. Quigley explained that John Ruskin of Oxford University had a great impact upon Cecil Rhodes, who along with journalist William Stead “organized a secret society.”

They founded their secret society in 1891 with a “Circle of Initiates” which included Lord Alfred Milner and Lord Rothschild. It also had an “Association of Helpers.” Lord Milner later organized this into the round Table Group. Quigley quotes Stead as to the purpose of the Rhodes Scholarships: “...was that after thirty years there would be between two and three thousand men in the prime of life scattered all over the world, each one of whom, moreover, would have been specially; mathematically selected towards the Founder’s purposes ...”

Quigley revealed they created the Royal; Institute of International Affairs and the Council on Foreign Relations “and hoped to federate the various parts of the empire, then confederate the whole of it, with the United Kingdom, into a single organization. They also hoped to bring the United States into this organization to whatever degree possible...The chief backbone of this organization grew up along the already existing financial cooperation running from the Morgan Bank in New York to a group of international financiers in London led by Lazard Brothers...It was known that the CFR was a front for J.P. Morgan and Co., in association with the very small American Round Table Group...The board of the CFR have carried ever since the marks of their origin...Closely allied with this Morgan influence were a small group of Wall Street law firms, whose chief figures were Elihu Root, the Dulles brothers, (and) John J. McCloy...On this basis, there grew up in the twentieth century a power structure between London and New York which penetrated deeply into university of life, the press, and the practice of foreign policy...For example, it set up in Princeton a reasonable copy of the Round Table Groups’s Chief Oxford Headquarters. The copy was called the Institute for Advance Study and was organized by Abraham Flexner of the Carnegie Foundation and Rockefeller’s General Education Board. The plans were largely drawn by Tom Jones, one of the Round Table’s most active intriguers and foundation administrators. The American branch of this ‘English Establishment’ exerted much of its influence through five American newspapers [46]

Professor of psychology at the University of Michigan, Dr. James McConnell stated: “I teach a course called The Psychology of Influence., and I begin it by stating categorically that the time has come when, if you give me any normal human has come when, if you give me any normal human being and a couple of weeks...I can change his behavior from what it is not to whatever you want it to be, if it’s physically possible...I can turn him from a Christian into a communist and vice versa...Look, we can do these things. We can Control Behavior. Now, who’s going to decide what’s to be done?...”

1967: Richard Nixon makes a call for a “New World Order” while Robert Kennedy was calling for a “New World Society.”

1968: Richard Gardner, Council on Foreign Relations member and former U.S. Deputy Assistant Secretary of State, called for an end to national sovereignty, by using terms such as I”The Hard Road to World Order” and “house of world order,” while advocating “an end run around national sovereignty, eroding it piece by piece, likely to get us to world order faster than the old-fashioned frontal attack.”

The United States Disarmament Agency stated openly: “...the ultimate goal (is) Total Elimination of all armed forces and armaments except those needed to maintain internal order within states and to furnish the Untied Nations with peace forces...While reductions were taking place, a U.N. peace force would be established and developed, and, by the time the plan was completed, it would be so strong that no nation could challenge it.” [47]

On July 26, 1968, Nelson Rockefeller pledge support for a New World Order according to an Associated Press release.

1969: A document entitled “Marriage and the Family” published by the British Humanist Association stated that, “some opponents of humanism have accused us of wishing to Overthrow the traditional Christian Family. They are Right! That is exactly what we intend to do.”

On December 2, 1969, Congressman George W. Bush introduced the Atlantic Union Resolution, which included: “...a declaration that the Goal of their people is to transform their present alliance into a federal union.”

1970: The education al field and the mass media were to start promoting subtly the idea of World Order. An article “Thinking About A New World Order for the Decade 1990,” stated: “The World Law Fund has begun a worldwide research and educational program that will introduce a new, emerging discipline; world order, into educational curricula Throughout The world...and to concentrate some of its energies on bringing basic world order concepts into the mass media, again on a worldwide level.” [48]

Michael Springer wrote “Social Indicators, Social Reports and Social Accounts: Toward the Manage-ment of Society” that was funded by the Department of Health, Education, and Welfare (HEW). He described how to manage society and “the overall guidance of our social order (implying that) we can, in the foreseeable future, develop macroscopic assess-ments of our social order, predict our future, and put social processes under control.” He also described the “emergency of a new ruling class,” managers of planned social changes, who will advise the “rulers” of society.

On April 22, 1970, council on Foreign Relations member and editor of Saturday Review, Norman Cousins, said on “Earth Day” that “humanity needs a world order. The fully sovereign nation is incapable of dealing with the poisoning of the environment...The management of the planet, therefore...requires a World Government.”

Zbigniew Brzezinski, Council on Foreign Relations member and the first Trilateral Commission director for International Banker David Rockefeller who also was former President Jimmy Carter’s National Security Advisor, wrote the book Between Two Ages. In it he wrote that: “In the technetronic society the trend seems to be toward...effectively exploiting the latest communication techniques to manipulate emotions and control reason...Human beings become increasingly manipulable and malleable...the increasing availability of biochemical means of human control...the possibility of extensive chemical mind control...A nations information grid that will integrate existing electronic data banks is already being developed...The projected world information grid, for which Japan, Western Europe, and the United States are most suited, could create the basis for a common education program, for the adoption of common academic standards...Today we are again witnessing the emergence of trans-national Elites...(whose) ties cut across national boundaries...It is likely that before long the social elites of the more advanced countries will be highly internationalist or globalist in spirit and outlook...The nation-state is gradually yielding its sovereignty...Further progress will require Greater American Sacrifices. More intensive efforts to shape a New World Monetary Structure will have to be undertaken, with some consequent risk to the present relatively favorable American position.”

The Trilateral Commission’s roots stem from Brzezinski’s book Between Two Ages. The following quotations from that book show how closely Brzezinski’s thinking parallels that of Council on Foreign Relations co-founder Marxist/Communist Col. Edward Mandell House: “Marxism is simultaneously a victory of the external, active man over the inner, passive man and a victory of reason over belief.” [49] “Marxism supplied the best available insight into contemporary reality.” [50]

Nowhere does Mr. Brzezinski tell his readers that the Marxism “in the form of Communism” has been responsible for the murder of approximately 160 million people in the Twentieth Century, has brought about the enslavement of over one-billion more, has caused want, privation and despair for all but the few who run the communist-dominated nations. After discussing America’s shortcomings, he writes: “America is undergoing a new revolution in which it unmasks its obsolescence.” [51] He proposes “deliberate management of the American future, (with the) planner as the key social legislator and manipulator.” [52] The central planning that he wants for our country is a cardinal underpinning of Communism and the very opposite of the way things are done in a Free country. Brzezinski suggests a piecemeal movement toward a community of nations... through a variety of indirect ties and already developing limitations on national sovereignty.” [53] This was the same proposal that Richard Gardner offered in the Council on Foreign Relations Journal Foreign Affairs. Brzezinski then calls for the forging of community links among the United States, Western Europe, and Japan; and the extension of these links to more advanced Communist countries. Finally, he lets us know that what he really wants is “the goal of world  government.” [54]

1971: The Document: Declaration of Feminism was published that called for a “feminist-socialist revolution.” it stated: “We must go back to the ancient female religions (witchcraft, Astorte, Queen of Heaven, etc.)...In order to break the tyranny of class oppression, it is necessary to establish a socialist order ...In the Final hours of capitalism we will dance on the grave of corporate America...Marriage is the key institution that has failed us and we Must Work To Destroy It...The nuclear family must be replaced with a new form of family where individuals live and work together to help meet the needs of all people in the society...With the destruction of the nuclear family must come a new way of looking at children. They must be seen as the responsibility of an entire society (now you know where Hillary Rodham Clinton go the idea for her book “It Takes A Village.”) rather than individual parents.”

The same women who published The Document also publish a newspaper called Gold Flower where they featured on the front cover of their December 1971/January 1972 issue a pregnant female as a crucified Christ.

1972: “He [President Nixon] spoke of the talks as a beginning, saying nothing more about the prospects for future contacts and merely reiterating the belief he brought to China that both nations share an interest in peace and building 'a New World Order.'" [55]

The United Nations, Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) continued its determination to undermine faith in the Bible and the true God. It published a bestseller called Learning to Be: The World of Education Today and Tomorrow. The writers said they were in search of a “ educational order...based on scientific and technological training, one of the essential components of scientific humanism.” The book claims that religion and belief in the supernatural is the real reason for “...many of the hierarchical forms and discriminary practices for which current educational systems are blamed.” According to the book, there should be no God or religious standards, rather “...relativity and dialectical thought would appear to be fertile ground in which to cultivate the seeds of tolerance...An individual should avoid systematically setting up his beliefs and convictions...his behavior and customs as models or rules valid for all times...”

On May 18, 1972, Roy M. Ash, director of the Office of Management and Budget for Nixon, declared that “within two decades (hopefully by 1992) the institutional framework for a world economic community will be in place...(and) aspects of individual sovereignty will be given over to a Supernational Authority.”

1973: International Banker and staunch member of the subversive Council on Foreign Relations, David Rockefeller, founds a new organization called The Trilateral Commission. He invites future President Jimmy Carter to become one of the founding members. It was founded upon Zbigniew Brzezinski’s book Between Two Ages, where he lavishly praises Communism and denounces America’s Constitutional Republic as obsolete.

Humanist Manifesto II was published in 1973. Stating: “...the dawn of a new age...a secular society on a planetary scale...we begin with humans not God, nature Not Deity...a system of world law and a World Order based upon transnational federal government...The True Revolution is Occurring.”

National Education Association (NEA) former president Catherine Barrett wrote in The Saturday Review of Education on February 10th that “...dramatic changes in the way we will raise our children in the year 2000 are indicated, particularly in terms of schooling...We will need to recognize that the so-called ‘basic skills,’ which currently represent nearly the total effort in elementary schools, will be taught in one-quarter of the present school day...When this happens - and it’s near - the teacher can rise to his true calling. More than a dispenser of information, the teacher will be a conveyor of values, a philosopher...We Will Be Agents of Change.” And the change is from God, country and Christianity To atheism, world government, and Illuminism or Lucifer worship!

Ronald Havelock published The Change Agent’s Guide to Innovation in Education. Parts of this book were created under federal Office of Education contract number OEC-0-8-080603-4535(010). It states: “It must be admitted that sometimes collaboration just will not work and, when it fails, there are a number of alternatives that should be considered, complete Deception.”

The Harvard Educational Review published Hillary Rodham (Clinton’s, now first lady) radical socialist views of children’s rights in the article “Children Under the Law.” In her article, Hillary says that some children “may have interests independent of their parents or the state.” She lamented “the belief that families are private, non-political units whose interests subsume those of children.” She deplored the “consensus romanticism about the family.” And said “the state should no longer be allowed to assume the rationality of regulations based upon age, and should at least be required to justify its actions on the basis of modern legislative or administrative findings.” She was saying that if people could vote at eighteen, drive at 16, etc., then what justifies them from doing these things at an earlier age? Hillary sat on the board of directors of the Children’s Defense Fund, which Don Feder in his syndicated column called a “liberal.” organization fighting for a “Welfare State.” The head of the Children’s Defense Fund was subversive Council on Foreign Relations member Marian Wright Edelman.

"If instant world government, Charter review, and a greatly strengthened International Court do not provide the answers, what hope for progress is there? The answer will not satisfy those who seek simple solutions to complex problems, but it comes down essentially to this: The hope for the foreseeable lies, not in building up a few ambitious central institutions of universal membership and general jurisdiction as was envisaged at the end of the last war, but rather in the much more decentralized, disorderly and pragmatic process of inventing or adapting institutions of limited jurisdiction and selected membership to deal with specific problems on a case‑by‑case basis...In short, the 'house of world order' will have to be built from the bottom up rather than from the top down. It will look like a great 'booming, buzzing confusion,' to use William James' famous description of reality, but an end run around national sovereignty, eroding it piece by piece, will accomplish much more than the old‑fashioned frontal assault." [56]

When International Banker David Rockefeller founded The Trilateral Commission, he also invited George Bush from Texas who was also a Board member of the subversive Council on Foreign Relations.

On December, 10, 1973, National Security Council Memorandum 200, entitled “implications of Worldwide Population Growth for U.S. Security and Overseas Interests” was earmarked “classified and confidential.” It was declassified 15 years later. This document revealed the action the U.S. Government has taken in the population control movement. It stated: “If future numbers are to be kept within reasonable bounds, it is urgent that measures to reduce fertility be started and made effective int he 1970s and 1980s...No country has reduced its population growth without resorting to Abortion...”

1974: At the World conference of Relation for Peace (held in Belgium), Douglas Roche called for a New World Order. In a report entitled “New International Economic Order,” The United Nations General Assembly outlined a plan to redistribute the wealth (pure Marxism) from the rich to the poor nations.

1975: The term New World Order that Adam Weishaupt, founder of the Illuminati on May 1, 1776, called for has begun to be used openly. A Novus Ordo Seclorum (New World Order) had been called for on the back of The Federal Reserve system’s one-dollar bill since the 1930s. The Center for International Studies at Princeton University published a study called “A New World Order.”

The New York Times editor, James Reston, wrote that President Gerald Ford and Brezhnev should “forget the past and work together for a New World Order.”

32 Senators and 92 Representatives signed “A Declaration of Interdependence,” which stated that we must “bring for a New World Order.” Congresswoman Marjorie Holt refused to sign the document saying: “it calls for the surrender of our national sovereignty to international organizations. It declares that our economy should be regulated by international authorities. It proposes that we enter a ‘New World Order’ that would Redistribute the Wealth created by the American people.” Once again many of our Congressmen/Women have committed treason by signing Marxist/Communist documents to embrace their diabolical economic system that produces want and privation.

The Rockefeller Foundation’s annual report for 1975 said: “We are one world and there will be one future; for better or for worse, for us all. Central to the new controlled economic growth...It is also necessary to control fertility...”

Retired Navy Admiral and former Council on Foreign Relations member Chester Ward co-authored a book with Phyllis Schialfy of Eagle Forum entitled Kissinger on the Couch. He revealed the Goal of the CFR as being the “submergence of U.S. sovereignty and national independence into an all powerful one-world-government...(and) to confound and discredit, intellectually and politically any opposition (to it).”

"The existing order is breaking down at a very rapid rate, and the main uncertainty is whether mankind can exert a positive role in shaping a New World Order or is doomed to await collapse in a passive posture. We believe a new order will be born no later than early in the next century and that the death throes of the old and the birth pangs of the new will be a testing time for the human species." [57]

"At the old Inter‑American Office in the Commerce Building here in Roosevelt's time, as Assistant Secretary of State for Latin American Affairs under President Truman, as chief whip with Adlai Stevenson and Tom Finletter at the founding of the United Nations in San Francisco, Nelson Rockefeller was in the forefront of the struggle to establish not only an American system of political and economic security but a new world order." [58]

1976: In the January/February 1976 issue of The Humanist Professor Sheila Schwartz wrote an article where she expressed her thankfulness that “the crazies (fundamentalist Christians; Constitutionalists, and Patriots) don’t do all that much reading. If they did, they’d find that they have already been defeated.”

In February 1976, John Martin Rich of the University of Texas wrote in the journal Theory Into Practice: “Formal education has a contributory role to play in providing needed information and promoting changed attitudes toward a New World Order... Democracy in education, then, Would Mean teaching of those values, attitudes, and abilities most likely to contribute to the Development of such a World Order...The type of democratic education essential is one that would contribute, even if only indirectly, to the development of an international World Order Under Law. (exactly what former President George Bush said in 1992). A healthy international World Order is not only one that has learned to cope successfully with world crises in order to survive; it is also one that has developed a basis for mankind pursuing common ideals and goals.”

In the March/April 1976 issue of The Humanist, Paul Blanshard wrote: “I think the most important factor leading us to a secular society has been the educational factor. Our schools may not teach Johnny to read properly, but the fact that Johnny is In school until he is sixteen tends to lead toward the elimination of Religious superstition. The average child now acquires a high school education, and this militates against Adam and Eve and all other myths of alleged history.”

On May 10, 1976, the Atlantic Council approved a formal policy statement which states that a changing world “can no longer be accommodated by political forms and sovereignties developed in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries” but needs institutions “to deal adequately with problems with which no existing nation-state can cope successfully alone.” George Bush was CIA director during this period and become an Atlantic Council director from 1978-79.

1979: Newly elected President Jimmy Carter appointed New World Order advocates to nearly every position. He captured the Christian vote who did not know he was tangled in the New World Order web of David Rockefeller’s Trilateral Commission.

Harlan Cleveland of the Aspen Institute for Humanistic Studies, published The Third Try at World Order. He called for “changing Americans’ attitudes and institutions,” for “complete disarmaments (except for International soldiers); for “fairer distribution of worldly goods through a new International Economic Order (once again pure Marxism).”

For the first time, the Council on Foreign Relations came under scrutiny. The book Imperial Brain Trust, by Shoulp and Minter, criticized the CFR. Chapter headings such as “Shaping a New World Order: The Council’s Blueprint for Global Hegemony, 1939-1944" and “Toward the 1980's: The Council’s Plans for a New World Order” brought undeniable proof the Council on Foreign Relations was founded by Marxist and are working to destroy our nation and rebuild it as a Socialist/Communist country.

In the January/February 1977 issue of The Humanist appeared an article by Sidney Hock, a signer of the Humanist Manifesto in 1973, which said that “human beings can be influenced to examine critically their religious beliefs only by indirection, (by which) I mean the development of a critical attitude in all our educational institutions that will Aim to make students less credulous to claims that transcend their reflective experience.”

1978: Flo Conway and Jim Siegelman published Snapping: America’s Epidemic of Sudden Personality Change.” They displayed “snapping” as “the way in which intense experience may affect fundamental information-processing of the brain...The experience itself may...render the individual extremely vulnerable to suggestion. It may lead to changes that alter lifelong habits, values, and beliefs...” Reflecting on television’s effects on the brain, the authors state that “TV instills the mind through the...assault of momentary images upon vision...television may also be a potent Neutralizing force of human thought and feeling.  Its incessant transmissions of information physically trains an individual to hear and observe without stopping to think...”

Barry Goldwater, retiring Senator from Arizona, published his autobiography, With No Apologies. In this book he reveals the true mission of the powerful Trilateral Commission and of course its predecessor the Council on Foreign Relations, to dissolve the sovereignty of the United States to merge it into an all encompassing one-world-government.

Jeremy Rifkin with Ted Howard published a book entitled The Emerging Order. They made the claim that the only way to keep America from becoming a “fascist society...(with) Christian doctrine made an adjunct to right-wing and capitalist policies” is to adopt the concept of a “new covenant vision.” In 1992 the Clinton-gore ticket brought the “New covenant Vision” into the Democratic presidential campaign as its theme.

1980: Derek Shearer, long time Institute for Policy Studies member, which is a Communist front organization,[59] published a book Economic Democracy in which he said a far leftist president would be elected in the 1990s. Shearer was Clinton’s roommate at Oxford in 1969. According to a 1988 article in Policy Review, Shearer and the IPS are “committed to socialism in America and sides with the soviet Union on almost every important foreign policy issue.”

Betram Gross published his book, Friendly Fascism: The New Face of Power in America. One section was entitled “A Good Neighbor in a New World Order.” Another section title was “Womb-To-Womb Dosiers.” He showed how “high-grade intelligence on individuals” is already possible through “the new statistical data banks being set up in the fields of education, health, and mental health...As of early 1980 detailed plans were worked out to register the country’s young people Without Their Knowing through what is known as ‘passive’ or ‘faceless’ registration. This would be done by compiling a computerized list of names and addresses by assembling the information from school records, the Internal Revenue Service, the Social Security systems, and state driver’s license bureaus.” Gross then explains how this information could be used for “direct character assassination and defamation...The creative assembly of unrelated sounds is now possible through electronic means...Through ‘tape-recording,’ a person’s own voice may be used to say anything that the tape recorder’s Want him to say.” He said it could be done by editing film and video tapes by “the use of new Rave (Random Access Video Editing) methods.”

The director of the American Humanist Association from 1975-1980, Morris Storer, had published Humanist Ethics. He claims: “A large majority of the educators of American colleges and universities are predominately humanists, and a majority of the teachers who go out from their studies in colleges to responsibilities in primary and secondary schools are basically humanist, no matter that many maintain a nominal attachment to church or synagogue for good personal, social, or practical reasons.”

1981: James Clavell, author of Shogun, published another book with the title The Children’s Story. He shows how, in a very brief period of time, young school children can have their mind so manipulated that they would consider cutting in pieces the American flag and believe it was right and wonderful.

Newly elected President Ronald Reagan, after the State of the Union message during the question session with reporters, said the Federal Reserve System was an autonomous organization and set their own interest rates according to their own purposes. This answer was in response to the question “What would he do about inflation left by Jimmy Carter?” This proves the Federal Reserve, a group of private bankers, absolutely controls the economic life of America.

1982: The future vice-president of the United States, Al Gore, was chairman of the Congressional Clearinghouse on the Future. He arranged for many members of Congress to attend and participate in sessions of the Fourth General Assembly of the World Future Society. Gore welcomed those attending, then proceeded to moderate a session that included New Age networkers such as Barbara Marx Hubbard. Hubbard had written booklets advocating the necessity to Destroy their adversaries - those that opposed their New Age. In referring to Revelation 6:8, she said: “We (New Agers) are the riders of the pale horse, Death.” This is way communism kills _ to ½ the population of every country they overthrow. She advocates a “minimum” 25% of Americans must die. Willis Harman, a consultant to the National Goals Research Staff of the White House, spoke concerning transformation, governance, and networking. One panel discussion was Networking Toward A New Age..” Other speakers were New Ager Marilyn Ferguson, who wrote The Aquarian Conspiracy; Jean Houston, psychic; Council on Foreign Relation member and Worldwatch Institute president Lester Brown; Council on Foreign Relations member and author of The Third Try at World Order, Harlan Cleveland; co-author of the Club of Rome’s The Limits to Growth, Donelia Meadows; and Lt. Col. James Channon, who heads the “First Earth Battalion.” The conference was held from July 18-22, 1982. Gore would several years later become speaker on July 14, 1986, at the World Future Society Conference.

1983: The Humanist published an essay which won third place in their North American essay contest, by John Dunphy. He proclaimed that “the battle for human-kind’s future must be waged in the public school classroom...(the battle is) between the Rotting Corpse of Christianity...and the New Faith of humanism... (and) humanism will emerge triumphant.”

Lawyer Constance Cumbey wrote a book named The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow. She exposed in-depth the New Age Movement, and its goal of a New World Order by the year 2000.

1984: The highest ranking KGB agent to defect to the West as Anatoliy Golitsyn in the 1970s. He published the book new Lies for Old in 1984. He tells of “the introduction of the false liberalization in Eastern Europe and, probably, in the Soviet Union... The KGB would be ‘reformed’...there might be an extensive display of fictional struggle for power in the Soviet leadership.” Golitsyn had revealed this to the FBI in the 1970s, but to no avail.

CIA mind control slave Cathy O’Brien heard then Vice President George Bush tell Governor of Arkansas Bill Clinton that if the American people grew tired of the Republican Party that Clinton would become president as a Democrat.[60]

1985: Norman Cousins, honorary chairman of Planetary Citizens, said World Government is inevitable. He was quoted in the Washington weekly, Human Events, as saying “No arguments for or against it can change that fact.”

After meeting with David Rockefeller of the Council on Foreign Relations and founder of the Trilateral Commission, the first item on the agenda for Ronald Reagan after his re-election was to call upon the Senate to ratify the Genocide Convention Treaty with the United Nations. This document is diabolical in that it is designed to be used against individuals, not nations. In Article II (b), it says those who are guilty of genocide are those who “cause... mental harm...” Now laws have been passed in almost every state to comply with the Genocide Treaty. They are called “hate crimes.” Article III (e) says an individual could be punished for genocide for “complicity” which means just being in agreement with someone’s views on a subject.

The United Nations want to be in charge with its own courts. A (UP) article stated: “UN pushes for it’s own criminal court: the United Nations is pushing for it’s own ‘international criminal court’ for the purpose of prosecuting international crimes. On May 20, 1993, senator Dodd sponsored a measure (SJ Res. 32), later approved by the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, which will commit the United States to support (and pay for) this latest United Nations effort.

The resolution also requires President Clinton to submit to Congress a detailed report on US support in setting up this court by the first of October. Reportedly, the UN court could bring anyone, including US citizens, up on charges if it involves a crime of ‘international character.’

The accused could then be tried, convicted and punished according to rules to be laid out by engineers of the New World Order, instead of the constitutional laws of the United States. Senator Helms of North Carolina asked what would constitute an international crime and was told: ‘genocide, colonialism, intervention, environmental offenses, insults to a foreign state; and dis-semination of false or distorted news.

Senators who voted in favor of this legislation were: Pell (RI), Biden (DE), Simon (IL), Feingold (WI), Moynihan (NY), Robb (VA), Wofford (PA), Kerry (MA), Sarbanes (MD), Matthews (TN), and Dodd (CT).” [61]

1986: An International meeting was held in Seoul, South Korea, which promoted the New World Order. Finance ministers from around the world heard the New World Order praised, and received a plea for a New World Order to replace the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and assume the debt of the Third World countries.

1987: Free Enquiry, fall issue, published by the Council for Democratic and Secular Humanism, featured an article by Kathy Collins, legal consultant to the Department of Education, where she criticized “The Christian fundamentalist who want the freedom to indoctrinate their children with religious education” and  “Any law that would allow Christians to teach their children without oversight or interference From The State.” She wrote that “allowing parents to teach children at home is no less than a giant genuflection backward...while the Religious Right carries the Christian flay into battle, the state must steadfastly hold high the banner of the child.”

George Ball, Under Secretary of State and Council on Foreign Relations member, stated the New World Order was to replace the Cold War.

In a December 7, 1987, address to the United Nations, Mikhail Gorbachev called for moving “forward to a New World Order.”

The New York Times picked up an article from the Milan, Italy, ;prestigious weekly newspaper El Sabato concerning a 1987 visit of Bill Clinton to the Communist sector of that country. He was there learning from Marxist Antonio Gramsci’s works as to how to implement a “Marxist economic system in America.”

1988: Ernest Boyer, Council on Foreign Relations member and president of the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching, was reported in U.S. Rep. Phyliss Schiafly’s Education Reporter as saying that schools should no longer be viewed as academic centers for learning, but should be burned into “social service centers.” School-based health clinics should feed the students three meals a day since the school day should be extended from 7:00 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.

The DeMolay International Hall of Fame inducted Bill Clinton. He was a member of the DeMolay’s in high school. DeMolay is a Masonic youth organization that provides leadership training. According to a Masonic publication, “more than three million young men have knelt at the altars of DeMolay around the world” since its founding in 1919. The organization was named after Jacques DeMolay, Grand Master of the Knights Templar. The Templar’s was a powerful military and religious organization started about nine hundred years ago. It has been reported that it is part of the plan to control the Western World.

1989: President George W. Bush, member of Skull and Bones Secret Society, the Council on Foreign Relations, and the Trilateral Commission and Atlantic Council, invited the Soviet Union to join World Order in his speech to the graduating class of Texas A&M on May 12, 1989.

Mikhail Gorbachev, addressing a Stanford University audience, talked of a new world: “The Soviet Union and the United States have more than enough reasons to be partners in building it...a truly global economy, indeed, and the creation of a New Civilization.”

In a September 11, 1990 address to Congress, President Bush calls the Gulf war an “opportunity for a New World Order...and a new age.”

On September 25th, the Soviets link the Gulf created Crisis to the New World Order by referring to the invasion of Kuwait as “an act of terrorism perpetrated against the emerging New World Order.”

Excerpts from Council on Foreign Relations member Paul Nitze’s speech of March 12th at the opening of the CFR’s new office in Washington, D.C., were carried by The Wall Street Journal: “For the Council on Foreign Relations to have its own quarters here in Washington reflects a changed era. In the ‘20s and ‘30s, new York was not only the financial, industrial and press capital of the country, but prided itself on being the policy center as well. The State Department and White House might conduct diplomacy in peace and raise and command armies in war, but policy Was Made by serious people, men with a longer view, i.e., The Great Men of Finance and Their Advisers. New York was where they were to be found.” [62] And we thought we were represented by those in Congress!!

Council on Foreign Relations member George Sherry put out The United Nations Reborn. He stated, falsely however, that “After all, the United Nations Charter is The Law of the Land.”

In the September issue of The Enesco Courier appeared an interview with Gro Harlem Brundtland. She was the former prime minister of Norway and former chair of the United Nation’s 1983 World Commission on Environment and Development. This Commission issued Our Common Future in 1987. In the interview, Brundtland states that “the nation-states has had its day as the decisive body in world affairs...The new factor today is that the nation-state is No Longer Enough. Some traditional national authority must be surrendered...We need a common authority to decide.” She said an international authority should prevail over big and strong countries also.

1991: In the State of the Union message by former President George W. Bush, he talked of a “big idea - a New World Order and the rule of law (meaning under the United Nations).” He also used veiled Freemasonic talk of “the illumination of a thousand points of light...” One must understand Why Mr. Bush made such statements. He has been a member of the following organizations that are subversive to the Constitution of the United States: 1). Board of Directors of the Atlantic council; 2). Board of Directors of the Council on Foreign Relations; 3). Board of Directors of the Trilateral Commission; and 4). Skull and Bones Secret Society. All of these organizations have one thing in common - dismantle the Constitution and merge the United States int a World Government through the United Nations Organization.

On February 6, 1991, former President Bush promoted the New World Order to the Economic Club of New York. February 7th heard a lone voice from Senator Jesse Helms of North Carolina dissenting Bush’s call for a New World Order. Bush was praised in an article in The Washington Times for “wisely pointing America’s resulting world leadership toward the objective of a ‘New World Order’... It is a big idea; a New World Order where diverse nations are drawn together in common cause...Only The United States has both the moral standing and means to back it up.” [63]

In June 1991 the Council on Foreign Relations cosponsored a conference “Rethinking America’s Security: Beyond Cold war to New World order” where they were to explore what was called “the changing global role of the U.S. in the 1990's.” One topic was “The End of American History: American Security, the National Purpose, and the New World order.”

A powerful group called the Bilderbergers; or Bilderberg society, held a closed-door meeting in Baden-Baden, Germany. The Bilderberger’s exert great influence on each persons government that is represented at the meetings. Foreign affairs is the area of greatest interest. They make plans for the future of the economy of the world and nations that should receive special attention: such as Iraq. These are the shakers and movers of the world.

On July 18th Secretary of State James Baker said that our structures need to promote “the ideals of the Enlightment” in other words the New World order! In July, the Southeastern World Affairs Institute held discussions on the New World Order. In late July on a CNN program, Council on Foreign Relations member and former CIA director Stansfield Turner stated: “...the United Nations is deliberately intruding into the sovereignty of a sovereign nation...Now this is a marvelous Precedent (to be used in) in all countries of the World.”

On October 24th The Wall Street Journal referred to “the cornerstone in President Bush’s oft-mentioned ‘New World Order.’” On October 26th a letter published in The New York Times, written by Douglas Mattern, president of the Association of World Citizens, actually proposed that Mikhail Gorbachev; former head of the KGB and Communist dictator, be named New United Nations Secretary General “to help bring about world unity.” On October 29th David Funderburk, former U.S. Ambassador to Romania, told a North Carolina audience: “George Bush has been surrounding himself with people who believe in one-world government. They believe that the Soviet system and the American system are converging.” The vehicle to bring this about, Funderburk said, is the United Nations, “the majority of whose 166 member states are socialist, atheist, and anti-American.” On October 30th at the Middle East Peace Talks, Gorbachev again espoused “a new era, a new age” and “a New World Order.” “While the motives of some internationalists may appear well-meaning, there is cause for serious misgivings over the objectives of ‘one-worlders.’ Among the skeptics is Robert Morris, the geo-political authority and chairman of America’s Future. ‘The term, New World Order, has a nice ring to it,’ says Morris, ‘but there are caveats. Experience tells us that instead of entrusting our foreign policy to a United Nations dominated by enemies of freedom, we should maintain and strengthen the traditional values and principles that have made our independent nation the beacon of hope for oppressed peoples everywhere.’” [64]

Former President Jimmy Carter and Robert McNamara endorsed the publishing of Common Responsibility in the 1990s: The Stockholm Initiative and Global Security and governance on April 22, 1991. The document reads: “We Need A New World Order...The time is ripe to implement the international security regime based on the Charter of the United Nations...For a New World Order... permanent offices in key regions, military observer teams, fact-finding missions, and military collective-security forces could constitute a global emergency system...United Nations missions could be used to oversee electing...They could be put to work in cases of Internal Conflicts which have impact on other countries...Zones free of specific types of weapons could be established...While history calls us back to old nationalism and unreconstructed sovereignty...given the interdependencies of today, the scope of sovereignty is in reality much more limited than either politicians or the public want to admit...The old order is passing...and the New World Order must be established...The Secretary-General should have the power to take initiatives and act swiftly when an international crisis calls for it, if need be without prior consent by the Security Council.”

Back to 1945 a Moment, Mankinds Quest for Peace a Second Look at the United Nations: During and after world War II, all honorable people realized the need for an international instrument to protect the world from another Hitler. In an atmosphere of urgent desire to prevent the rise of future world conquerors, the United Nations was founded, publicly dedicated to achieving this objective.

As the years passed the Soviet Union, reiterating their objective of world conquest, pulled nation after nation behind the Iron Curtain an average of 7,000 newly enslaved people every hour of every day. With the Communists’ amazing record of achievement, in spite of the U.N., it became obvious to many that the U.N., was incapable of realizing its sole objective.

Members of Congress, anti-Communist groups, and concerned citizens, motivated to study the failure of the U.N., soon began shouting about Communist influence in the organizations [65] In fact, if al their charges were condensed into one statement it would read: “The United Nations was created by Communists, is controlled by Communists, and can only bring about a communist world.” Of course these charges have been vigorously denounced by advocates of the U.N., including the Communists themselves. But the charge of “Communist U.N.” as with any charge coming from such a broad spectrum of people, must have evidence as a basis for argument.

Created by Communists: The Charter of the United Nations was drafted at the San Francisco Conference in 1945. Critics of the U.N., use a study of its founding documents as evidence of the degree of Communist influence in the creation of the organization. For example, the U.N., Covenant of Human Rights states the U.N.’s principles regarding the rights and freedoms of individuals. Let’s examine just two of these statements of principle: Article 15, section 3, “Freedom to manifest one’s religion or beliefs may be subject only to such limitations as are prescribed by law...”

As Americans we take for granted that these freedoms are God-given and that no government has the authority to take them away. Our Bill of Rights does not pretend to grant rights: It is merely a list of restrictions imposed on government to make certain that no future government officials will ever violate the God-given rights of each citizen. The U.N. Covenants on Human Rights also refers to these rights as inalienable, but the articles themselves clearly state that government (the U.N. in this case) has the authority to pass laws regulating these rights. In fact, the concept and the surrounding phraseology in the U.N. Charter is almost identical to that of the Soviet Union. This is no accident. Both are intended to be a blueprint for tyranny.

United Nations Created by Communists...The Home Team: Why did the United States allow the U.N. founders to design a blueprint for a Communist world government? Let’s examine the official records to find out. Official government records reveal that the key figures in the United States contingent which helped to shape the U.N. Charter were the following State and Treasury Department officials: Alger Hiss, Harry Dexter White, Virginius Frank Coe, Dean Acheson, Noel Field, Laurence Duggan, Henry Julian Wadleigh, John Carter Vincent, David Weintraub, Nathan Gregory Silvermaster, Harold Glasser, Victor Perlo, Irving Kaplan, Abraham George Silverman, Soloman Adler, William L. Ullman and William H. Taylor. [66]

With the sole exception of Dean Acheson, all of these men have since been identified in sworn testimony as Secret Communist Agents.[67]

We have examined in some degree how the Communist influence exerted by such persons as Hiss, Dolivert and Carolo a Prato, was dominant in the thinking and planning of the United Nations. Other State Department planners with established Communist links, such as Phillip Jessup and Dean Achison, were of nearly equal importance. (Phillip Jessup now sits on the U.N. World Court as the American representative). It is important at this point to show that the American people really had no choice in accepting or rejecting our role in the United Nations. Dr. James T. Shotwell, another left‑leaner, admitted in his book, An Autobiography (Bobbs‑Merrill Co., 1961), that it was he who in 1939 set up a group called a Commission to Study the Organization of Peace. He said there were 100‑members of the group who met in small committees to study the question.

"This work was, naturally, well known to the State Department. When it set up a small committee with Sumner Wells, the Under‑ Secretary of State, as chairman to draft a post‑war policy, both Clark Eichelberger, of the League of Nations Association, and I were invited to serve on it."

The result of this committee's work, with few revisions, became the Charter of the United Nations, Shotwell said. But to show how closely it was co‑ordinated with Communist world leaders, we again quote:

"The work of the planning committee of the State Department was kept secret until finally, at a conference of foreign ministers in Moscow in November, 1943, Secretary Hull secured the consent of Stalin to establish a general organization...for the maintenance of international peace and security."

This agreement with Stalin resulted in the San Francisco meeting in April, 1945, to draft the U.N. Charter. That, supposedly, was the beginning of the United Nations. But in a State Department publication, No. 3580, released February, 1950, we find the following references to the United Nations, which supposedly was yet to be born. The report was from the first meeting of an advisory committee on Post-War Foreign Policy, held February 12, 1942, in the office of Sumner Wells.

"Thought was given to the possibility of informing the public immediately of the establish­ment and work of the committee. It was felt that the circumstances at the moment, when the United States, was being driven back in the Pacific and the United Nations cause was suffering on every front, rendered secrecy imperative until a favorable turn in the war..."

The work of the subcommittee referred to, the report revealed, established that an international organization should be set up during the war to be ready when needed to create a world political organiza­tion. The political subcommittee which worked out these details was discussed in the report:

"Its di­s­cu­s­si­ons th­ro­ug­h­out were founded upon belief in unqualified victory by the United Nations. It predicted, as an absolute prerequisite for world peace, the continuing strength of the United Nations through unbroken co‑operation after the war."

Communist Control: One has to understand the structure of the U.N. and come to realize that the power to carry out the duties of the organization is not in the General Assembly, which can only pass meaningless resolutions or the Security Council, which is often paralyzed with inaction by the veto power, but in the Secretariat. The Secretariat is the permanent “staff” of the U.N. In the Secretariat resides the authority and machinery to put into force the programs and operations of the organization. Control of the Secretariat is therefore control of the U.N.

Each member state has the responsibility of choosing its own personnel in the Secretariat. Obviously each Communist country will only allow Communists to be their representative at the U.N. Therefore let us concentrate on the employees from the most anti-Communist country in the world; the United States, and see what our record shows.

The United Nations was created with a Security Council consisting of 11‑members, who have veto power. The five permanent members are the United States, Russia, France, United Kingdom and China. The membership in the other six places is rotated. A General Assembly of the U.N. constitutes the other main organ of the organization itself. It is comprised of all the members of the United Nations in good standing, and has no enforcement powers. The U.N., however, quickly set up many specialized agencies to work under U.N. banners in all member countries and in almost every field of human endeavor. Some of the major subsidiary organizations are: The World Health Organization; The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization; The World Court; Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization; The World Court of Justice; The United nations International Children Emergency Fund; The Economic and Social council; The Commission on Human Rights; International Labor Organization; commission on the Status of Women, and man, many others.

Subcommittees of these committees are formed in great proliferation. It gives the U.N. the machinery to interfere or interject its influence into the affairs of any member nation. One of the most important departments of the United Nations itself is the Department of Political and Security Affairs, a part of the U.N. Secretariat, and the head of this is appointed by the Secretary‑­General. In a letter dated June 24, 1966, the United Nations described the duties of this department as:

"This Department provides such services as are required by the Security Council and its subsidiary organs, the Political Committee of the general assembly, the Disarmament Commission, and other bodies set up to deal with matters relating to the maintenance of international peace and security. This includes issuing documentation required, providing secretariat services during meetings, and drafting the annual report. The Department may also prepare memoranda to assist the Secretary‑General or in pursuance of resolution of the United Nations organs. The post of the Under‑Secretary for political and Security Council Affairs has been held by the following people:

Year                  Soviet General's Name

1946‑1949         Arkady Alexandrovich Sobolev (USSR)

1949‑1953         Constantine E. Zinchenko (USSR)

1953‑1954         Ilya S. Tehernychev (USSR)

1955‑1957         Dragoslav Protich (Yugoslavia)

1958‑1959         Antoly Dobrynin (USSR)

1960‑1962         George Petrovich Arkadev (USSR)

1962‑1963         Eugeney D. Kiselev (USSR)

1963‑1964         Valdimir Paulovich Suslov (USSR)

1965‑1967         Alexei Efremovitch Nesterenko (USSR)

1968‑1973         Leonid N. Kutakov (USSR)

1973‑1978         Arkady N. Shevchenko (USSR)

1978‑1980         Mikhail D. Sytenko (USSR)

1981‑1986         Viacheslav A. Ustinov (USSR)

1987‑                Vasiliy S. Safronchuk (USSR) [68]

Thus, during the Korean and Vietnamese War, when the United States Military was fighting under U.N. banners the official in command of United Nations military affairs was a Russian General. This same department, under a Russian General, was in control of the successful plans to overthrow the established government of Rhodesia. This department serves as "advisor" to plans set forth in the Rand Report, financed by the tax‑exempt Carnegie Foundation. The Rand Report which will be further discussed, is a plan for U.N. action, using American and Russian forces as a requisite, to militarily invade South Africa to overthrow the constituted government of this member nation.

It should be noted that the under‑secretary in charge of the Department of Political and Security Council Affairs has, in all cases except one, been a Russian national. In that single exemption, he was a Communist national of Yugoslavia. This is not by accident. Past Secretary‑General Dag Hammerskjold revealed that his hands had been tied by an agreement between Russia and the American planners, granting Russia the permanent right to name the person who should hold this important post. With this agreement in effect, and with the precedent set in an unbroken line, Russia would, in effect, have complete control over any military planning and military operation of forces put under U.N. Command.

Communist Control...Of The Home Team: In 1952, the Seance Security Sub-committee began an investigation of the U.S. citizens employed by the United Nations. Of the 33 U.S. Citizens employed in the U.N. called as witnesses, 26 refused to answer questions concerning Communist part affiliations by pleading the Fifth Amendment. Twelve employees refused to say whether or not they would be loyal to the United States in the event of a war with Russia. Senator James O. Eastland of Mississippi, subcommittee chairman, stated during the course of the hearing: “I am appalled at the extensive evidence indicating that there is today in the U.N. among the American employees there, the greatest concentra-tion of Communists that this Committee has ever encountered. I believe that the evidence shows that the security officers of our government knew, or at least had reason to know, that these people have been Communists for many years.” [69]

Even while the Federal Government was holding its hearings, a Federal Grand Jury in New York was also investigating U.S. employees working in the U.N. Here is the language of one of the Grand Jury reports: “...startling evidence has disclosed infiltrating into the U.N. of an overwhelmingly large group of disloyal U.S. citizens, many of whom are closely associated with the international Communist Movement.” [70]

Secretary General Trygve Lie, in an attempt to quiet rising public opinion, discharged 11 of the individuals who had pleaded the Fifth Amendment at the Seance Hearing. All eleven were later reinstated with back pay and “damages” of up to $40,000 per employee were awarded.[71]

Those two hearings were held in 1952 and 1953. Since then, so much red tape has been injected into the proceedings of congressional committees investigating Communist penetration into our government that it is impossible to obtain any more meaningful testimony. Consequently, there have been few attempts to investigate Communist penetration of the U.N. through the United States Government since 1954.

To complete the documentation of Communist influence with the “Home Team” today, let us examine the public record of some of the prominent men formerly representing the United States in the U.N. and let the record speak for itself.

1). Arthur Goldberg - U.S. ambassador to the U.N.

A). Past president of the Chicago chapter of                                 the National Lawyers Guild. The National                          Lawyers Guild has been cited as ‘...the                                 foremost legal bulwark of the Communist                               Party.” [72]

B). Served as sponsor of the Conference of                                  constitutional Liberties of America.                            Designated as a Communist Front by the                               Attorney General.[73]

C). As Secretary of Labor, Goldberg appointed                              Walter Gellhorn as arbitrator for a                              maritime labor organization. Gellhorn was                              identified in 1953 as a member of the                         Communist Party.[74]

2). Ralph Bunch - Under-secretary-General of the                    U.N.

A). Organizer of the National Negro Congress,                              cited as subversive and Communist by the                        Attorney General.[75]

B). Contributing editor of Science and Society,                             cited as a Communist publication.[76]

C). Sponsored Jack S. Harris, an already                                     identified Communist to a key post in the                          U.N.

3). Phillip Jessup - Judge, U.N. World Court.

A). Member of the Institute of Pacific Relations, which was cited as follows, “...the Institute of Pacific Relations was a vehicle used by the communists to orientate American far eastern policy toward communist objectives.” [77]

B). Listed as sponsor for the following cited                                  communist fronts: The National                     Emergency Conference, The American Law                            Students Association, National Emergency                            Conference for Democratic Rights, and                                  American Russian Institute for Cultural                             Relations with the Soviet Union.[78]

C). Jessup helped prepare the State                                Department’s infamous “White Paper” on                              China. This report lavishly praised the                                    Reds and condemned the anti-Communist                             Nationalist Forces. Jessup later became                                one of the early advocates for the                              admission of Red China to the United                                    Nations.[79]

We have examined the record of the U.N. team from the most anti-Communist country in the world; the United States. You can well imagine the ideological sympathies of the representatives from those countries which refuse to call themselves anti-Communist.

Communist Control...Key Post: The Under-secretary-General for political and security council affairs is a key office in the Secretariat inasmuch as the official who holds this position has jurisdiction over all military and nuclear operations of the U.N. Since the founding of the U.N. this post has always been held by a Soviet or Yugoslav Communist. [80] As we have shown above. The founders of the United Nations planned it that way. In fact, Trygve Lie, second secretary-general of the U.N. when confronted with the task of filling this position stated in his book, In The Cause of Peace: “Mr. Vshinsky (of the USSR) did not delay his approach. He was the first to inform me of an understanding which the Big Five had reached in London on the appointment of a Soviet nationals assistant secretary-general for political and security council affairs. Mr. Stettinius (U.S. Secretary of State) confirmed to me that he had agreed with the Soviet delegation in the matter...the preservation of international peace and security was the organiza-tion’s highest responsibility, and since the Americans had agreed to entrust the direction of the Secretariat department most concerned with this to a Soviet national.” [81]

And the practice continues. Secretary General U Thant on August 14, 1965, appointed Alexei Nesterenko, the eighth Russian Communist to hold this post.[82]

In September 1961, the U.S. State Department issued publication 7277 entitled: “Freedom From War -- The United States Program for General and Complete Disarmament In a Peaceful World.” This document describes the plan to disarm the United States by turning over our Army, Navy, and Air force to the United Nations. This program is to be carried out in three stages. Stage III outlines the final objectives of the disarmament program: “In Stage III progressive controlled disarmament and continuously developing principles and procedures of international law would proceed to a point where no state would have the military power to challenge the progressively strengthened U.N. Peace Force...”

Of course, the man who will be in charge of this operation and have control of our weapons will be the Under-secretary-general for political and security council agreement always a Communist.

Back to 1991: Peter LaBarbera of Concerned Women for America discussed e Arkansas governor’s School, founded in 1979 and overseen by appointees of Bill Clinton, in Human Events Magazine. “A blatant anti-Christian diatribe from a radical feminist ‘witch,’ who likens Jesus Christ’s death on the cross to necrophilia and sadomasochism; pro-homosexual reading, discussions, and films like ‘The Time of Harvey Milk’ a film lionizing homosexual San Francisco supervisor Harvey Milk; a lecture from the attorney who defended ‘Jane Roe’ in the Roe vs. Wade Supreme court case concerning abortion (with no balancing speaker from the other side); and a lesson in ‘Animal Liberation’ from a representative of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, a rabid ‘animal rights’ group whose leader has compared chicken harvesting to the holocaust.” [83]

In August 1991, James Billington, Librarian of Congress and form Rhodes scholar, wrote from Moscow that “One of Russia’s great art historians had told me in all seriousness a year before that all of Russia’s troubles began when Gorbachev was initiated into a Masonic Lodge by Margaret Thatcher during his first trip to London.”

In October 1991, the Trilateral Commission issued a report: “Beyond Interdependence: The Meshing of the World’s Economy and the Earth’s Ecology.” It contained a foreword by David Rockefeller, who spoke of a “central international policy” for the “contem-porary international order.”

Marvin Cetron and Owne Davies co-authored Crystal Globe: The Haves and Have-Nots of the New World Order. It was advertised as “A sweeping, all-encompassing portrait of the world in 2000, the New World Order in the 21st century.” They predict accelerated terrorism and global warming. One chapter is entitled “Ceding Sovereignty for the Global Good.”

The Committee for Economic Development published The Unfinished Agenda: A New Vision for Child Development and Education. This Committee currently has about 250 business leaders and educators on it. For fifty years, it has influenced the formation of business and public policy, issuing statements on national policy such as Transnational Corporations and Developing Countries: New Policies for a Changing World Economy” (1981) and “Toward a New International Economic system: A Joint Japanese-American View” (1974). The Committee on Economic Development has counterparts in Spain, Australia, West Germany, France, Japan, England and Sweden. When these speak in unity, it results in policies on energy, East-West trade, assistance to developing countries, and reduction of non-tariff barriers to trade. In the United States over ninety members of the Council on Foreign Relations are on the Committees’ boards, communities, and staffs. No wonder the Monroe Doctrine has been abandoned in the economic area.

1992: William Greider wrote about “the global economy” in his book Who Will Tell the People. He says economists think the American wage decline is inevitable for at least another generation, because worldwide patterns are moving toward equilibrium. That is exactly what Marxism calls for - redistribution of the wealth to mad Everyone Equal. Grieder, in his book, said globalization has a flavor of betrayal, since the upper stratum would benefit from globalism while it hurts the other classes. He concludes that the depression of wages and the dismantling of national sovereignty is treason.

In February 1992, the North-South, Secretary-General of the Earth Summit held from June 3-14th where he stated: “Frankly, w e may get to the point where the only way of saving the world will be for industrial civilization to collapse.” He was only repeating future plans for a worldwide stock market crash to usher in the New World Order.

Senator Al Gore, whose father had business dealings with Marxist/communist Armand Hammer, had published a book that let the American people know where he stood. The book, Earth in the Balance, discussed a “pan-religious perspective” and “our global civilization.” Remember, he was elected as vice-president in November 1992. He wrote: “The richness and diversity of our religious tradition throughout history is a spiritual resource long ignored by people of faith, who are often afraid to open their minds to teachings first offered outside their won system of belief. But the emergence intense new interest in the different perspectives on life in other cultures...has spurred a renewed investigation of the wisdom distilled by all faiths. This pan-religious perspective may prove especially important where our global civilization’s responsibility for the earth is concerned.” Al Gore Is Not A Christian because he denies that Jesus is the only Savior. Al Gore continued to describe Native American, Earth Goddess and Baha’i religious beliefs concerning the earth, environment and nature. Gore opposed stopping federal funding for obscene art.

U.S. Senator Joseph Biden of the Senate Foreign Relations committee wrote an op-ed article where he stated: “Why not breathe life into the U.N. Charter? It envisages a permanent commitment of forces, for use by the Security Council.” [84]

Flora Lewis wrote a newspaper op-ed article where she talked about the European Community: “Some Europeans, like Margaret Thatcher, Oppose letting European union nibble away at sovereign command within national borders Because they consider Brussels likely to reintroduce Socialistic tendencies..” [85] You will note the tremendous advertising campaign that unseated her!

Cal Thomas quoted Chris Whittle in his syndicated column that “America can have fifty-thousand New Age elementary schools on-line by the year 2000.” [86] Chris whittle founded Channel One which is used by many schools around the country. He’s a good friend to Lamar Alexander who in 1992 was secretary of education. Alexander has written that his thinking has changed since reading New Ager Rene Dubos’ book A God Within. Dubos wrote that “apparently certain drugs can help in generating this inspired state” (that man is god within). Dubos brought in reincarnation by quoting Mirandola: “Thou shalt have the power to degenerate into lower forms of life, which are brutish. Thou shalt have the be reborn into higher forms, which are Divine.” This is what is being taught to our children Without Parental Knowledge.

June 3-14, 1992, saw the U.N. conference on Environment and Development (Earth summit) held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. “Agenda 21" was adopted that dealt with health and education, as well as other needs.

Seven members of the subversive Council on Foreign Relations and five members of the Council on Economic Development sat on the Board of Directors of The New American Schools Development Corpora-tion. This Corporation was formed at the request of former President Bush. One of its projects was called “Odyssey” which would included students “from birth” to teach them “world citizenship ideals and values.”

On July 15, 1992, Bob Heckman was to be the go-between to the “Religious Right.” He sent a memo to his superior, Mimi Dawson, saying: “The president should avoid using the following phrases...New World Order ...” [87] He wrote that “the phrase began ot disappear from Bush’s vocabulary shortly afterI (Pat) Robertson’s book (The New World Order, 1991)was published.” [88]

Strobe Talbott was a 1992 Council on Foreign Relations Director and Trilateral Commission member. He was also a roommate of President Bill Clinton at Oxford University in England while both were Rhodes Scholars. In a published article, Talbott said: “I’ll bet that within the next hundred years...nationhood as we know it will be obsolete; all states will recognize a single, global authority (You bet they will and that will bhe the Lord Jesus Christ and His Kingdom) No matter how permanent and even sacred they may seem at any time, in fact they are all artificial and temporary...Perhaps natioal sovereignty wasn’t such a great idea after all...But it has tanken the events in our wondrous and terrible century to Clinch the Case for World Government.” [89] Just like Albert Pike wrote in 1872! They would have three world wars and many smaller revolutioary wars to force the world into world government if theyever were to obtain peace. The Facts of History Prove Their Plot to Enslave Us All!

Warren Getler of the Concil on Foreign Relations and associate editor of its quarterly journal Foreign Affairs wrote an article for a prestigious newspaper in which he declared: “In the future, the U.S. will need to examine whether it can place a significant number of its assets, along with those of other U.N. members, under a unified, permanent U.N. command for Enforcement purposes...The U.N. Charter’s Articles 42 and 43 provide the legal stepping stones for the creation of a U.N. army, serving at the Secretary Council’s discretion. These articles oblige all U.N. members ‘to make available to the Security Council on its call in accordance with a special agreement or agreements, armed forces, facilities and assistance’...A U.N. With Teeth is an idea that should not be easily dismissed if we are truly in a ‘New World Order.’”

United States Senator David Boren is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations and a Rhodes Scholar. In 1992 he was the chairman of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence. He wrote an op-ed article which stated: “In the aftermath of World War II, President Truman wanted to empower the United Nations to creat a New World Order...Richard Gardner proposes that forty to fifty member nations contribute to a rapid-deployment force of one hundred thousand volunteers that could train under common leadership...It is time for us to create such a force...the existence of such a force would go a long way toward making the ‘New World Order’ more than just a slogan.” [90]

On August 31, 1992, in “Washington Dateline,” the president of The American Research Foundation, Robert H. Golsborough, wrote that he was told personally by Mark Jones - one-time financial advisor to the late John D. Rockefeller, Jr., and president of the National Economic Council in the 1960s and 1970s - “that just four men,through their interlocking directorates on boards of large corporations and major banks, controlled the movement of capital and the creation of debt in America. According to Jones, Sidney Weinberg, Frank Altshul and General Lucis Clay were three of those men in the 1930s, ‘40s, 50', and ‘60s. The fourth was Eugene Meyer, Jr., whose father was a partner int he immensely powerful international bank, Lazard Freres... Today the Washington Post (and Newsweek) is controlled by Meyer Jr.’s daughter Katharine Graham.” [91]

Walter Wriston was a member of the Council on Foreign Relaitons in 1992 and also former chairman of Citicorp when he published his book The Twilight of Sovereignty. In that book he stated: “The world can no longer be understood as a collection of national economies, (but) a single global economy...A truly global economy will require concessions of natiohnal power and compromises of national sovereignty that seemed impossible a few years ago and which even now we can but partly imagine...The global (information) network will be internatiinalists in their outlook and will approve an encourage the world wide erosion of national sovereignty...The national and international agendas of nations are increasingtly being set not by some grand government plan but by the Media.” Some of his phrases were “The new internatinal financial system...a new world monetary standard...the new world money market...the new world communications network...the new international monetary system.” Wriston concludes by saying “There is No escaping the system.”

On September 17-20, 1992 Cable News Network (CNN - Communist News Network) sponsored the first World Economic Development Congress. The meeting was in Washington, D.C. The meeting was dedicated to “building the Integrated Global Economy.” It had three keynote speakers; Margaret Thatcher, former British Prime Minister; Arthur Dunkel, director-general of GATT; and Henry Kissinger. The topic “Can the World Bank Meet the Demands of the New World Order? were discussed at “The Economic Policy and Marketing Summit” of the Congress.

On September 21, 1992 former President Bush addressed the United Nations General Assembly. Some of that speech said: “We must forge a genuine global international economic order...Meeting these challenges will require us to strengthen our collective engagement...We, too, must change our institutions and our practices if we are to make a new world of the promise of today...The United States is Changing its institutions and policies to catalyze this effort (Note: This sentence is treason since he took an oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States)...There’s need for monitoring and preventive peacekeeping, putting (blue berets) on the ground before the fighting starts...(There is a) need to develop intelligence capabilities for United Nations peacekeeping...We much change our national institutions if we are to change our international relations...The United States is ready to do its part to strengthen world peace by strengthening international peacekeeping...We will Work With the United Nations to best employ our considerable lift, logistics, communications and intelligence capabilities...The United States is prepared to make available Our Bases and Facilities for Multinational training and field exercises...(We will) Redirect the United States Arms Control and Disarmament Agency to refocus its technical support for... Global Defense Conversion...We Fully Intend to have other nations participate in this global protection system...The United States would be strongly engaged with its global partners in building a global economic, financial and trading structure for this new era...I affirmed American support for European integration (Note: What ever happened to ‘we the people’ in all these decisions to surrender our nation to a Communist controlled U.N.?)...Our new emphasis should be on building economic partnerships...None of us can afford insular policies. Each of us must contribute, through greater coordinated action, to build a stronger World economy...We cannot separate our fate from that of others...our prosperity is so interdependent...Let us pledge ourselves to fulfill the promise of a truly United Nations.” It was always our understanding that If the Constitution is still in effect in the United States that our elected officials were to “pledge allegiance to the United States” and Not the United Nations.

Robert Muller, former assistant secretary-general of the U.N. spoke at Denver University’s law school stating that he had written to leaders of countries on the U.N. Security Council “giving them my proposals for a New World Order...and I believe some of them will be implemented.” He wants world government with executive, legislative and judicial branches. If this is approved, no more U.S. as we know it as “One Nation Under God” for the U.N. is anti-God.

On September 27, 1992 CBS program “60 Minutes” and on September 29 ABC “Nightline” revealed that the U.S. Agency for International Development received and used tax money to promote relocation of American businesses to Central America resulting in massive loss of jobs in the U.S. Former President Bush, while visiting the Carolinas, was asked abut the loss of textile jobs. He replied: “C’est la vie” or “that’s life.”

Winston Lord, member of the same subversive secret society as George Bush; Skull and bones, gave a speech at a town hall meeting in Los Ageless entitled “Changing Our Ways: America and the New World” in which he stated: “To a certain extent, we are going to have to yield some of our sovereign, Which will be Controversial at home...(Under) the North American Free Trade Agreement...some Americans are going to be hurt as low-wage jobs are taken away...We encourage the development of international law so that the international community is able to intervene across national borders in case of large-scale human rights abuses, by Force If Necessary!”

Christopher Lasch wrote an article[92] concerning Hillary Clinton’s views of children in which he wrote: “the traditional family is, for the most part, an institution in need of therapy, an institution that stands in the way  of children’s rights; an obstacle to enlightened progress...Her writings leave the Unmistakable Impression that it is the family that holds children back, The State That Sets Them Free.”

On November 3, 1992, ABC TV’s Peter Jennings said that if Bill Clinton wins, he probably would turn “to Senator Sam Nunn for advice on international affairs and the New World Order...In the New World Order, the secretary of defense job is a much more challenging one than the Senate.” Clinton won and appointed subversive Council on Foreign Relations and Trilateral Commission members Warren Christopher and Vernon Jordan to head his transition team.

The text of “The United Nations World Pledge” that is recited by Brownsville, Texas, schools was published in the newspaper. [93] It reads “I pledge allegiance to the world, to cherish every living thing to care for the earth and sea and air, with peace and freedom everywhere.”

On November 24, 1992, the U.N. General Assembly voted 59-3 against the U.S. embargo of Cuba - showing how the U.N. would dominate U.S. policy to our own destruction if their charter were the supreme law of the land.

Bill Clinton appointed Johnnetta Cole as the transition coordinator for arts. Labor, and humanities. She is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations. A magazine article [94] declared that she “is a woman with a long record of active support for the Castro Communist dictatorship and the Communist dictatorship that ruled Grenada.”

Peter Truell, staff reporter for The Wall Street Journal, and Larry Gurwin, winner of an Overseas Press Club award, had published the book False Profits: The Inside Story of BCCI, the World’s Most Corrupt Financial Empire. They wrote: “Both President bush and his Democratic rival, Governor Bill Clinton of Arkansas, were surrounded by people with ties to BCCI...Clinton’s campaign aides included at least two officials of Hill and Knowlton the PR and lobbying firm that represented BCCI and Fist American (Bank). For much of his political career, Clinton received substantial financial backing from Jackson Stephens, the Arkansas investment banker who helped to bring BCCI into the United States. In addition, Stephen’s firm has given substantial legal work to the Little Rock law firm in which Hillary Clinton, the governor’s wife, is a partner. Mrs. Clinton even represented one of Stephen’s companies in a case related to BCCI.”

An article by Michael Kelly said: “If the time has come for New Age politics, what will be done with all the Old Age politicians?...Bill Clinton, eight-year Renaissance Weekend veteran, always fits in perfectly, say his fellow talkers. Indeed, they say, the Renaissance Spirit is the spirit of the Clinton age...The believers in Renaissance are hopeful that the spirit of Rationalism will move the masses toward betterment.” [95] U.S. Secretary of Education, Richard Riley, brought Bill Clinton on board at this New Age retreat.

1993: U.N. Secretary-General Boutros Boutros-Ghali wrote: “It is undeniable that the centuries-old doctrine of absolute and exclusive sovereignty No Longer Stands...Underlying the rights of the individual and the rights of peoples is a dimension of universal sovereignty that resides in all humanity...It is a sense that increasingly finds expression in the gradual expansion of international law...In this setting the significance of the United Nations should be evident and accepted.” [96]

On January 20, 1993, Bill Clinton took the oath of the presidency and gave his address: “...Let us resolve to make our government a place for what Franklin Roosevelt called ‘bold, persistent experimenta-tion’...There No longer a clear division between what is Foreign and what is Domestic, the world economy, the world environment, the world AIDS crisis, the world arms race, they effect us all. Today, as an Old Order Passes, the New World is more free but less stable...When the will and conscience of the international community is defied, we will Act...with Force when necessary...”

After President Clinton took office, his staff began to come into the White House. Most of them wore red buttons on their shirts with a picture of the first Communist dictator Lenin. [97]

Howard Fineman wrote: “America gets a New Age president this week...He can speak in the rhythms and rhetoric of pop psychology and self-actualization. He can search for the inner self while seeking connected-ness with the greater whole...For every Bible quote, there is a truism from the Age of Therapy. Clinton talks from time to time in the lingo of ‘centering’ the personality and ‘channeling’ creative personal energy ...For Clinton, ‘talking it through’ is...a method of leadership, as though government were nothing more or less than a giant national counseling session...a group therapy exercise.” [98] Hillary Clinton later began to have conversations with “the spirit” of Eleanor Roosevelt that Christians know is noting but nonsense and demon possession.

In 1992, the homosexual lobby gave Bill Clinton $3.5 million. Here’s what they got for their money:

1). The first president to appoint 100 open                  homosexuals to senior administrative                   positions.[99]

2). The first president to officially congratulate a                      homosexual teachers group.[100]

3) The first president to push for allowing open                        homosexuals in the U.S. military.[101]

4). The first president to endorse major gay rights                   legislation.[102]

5). The first president to appoint an open lesbian                     as a federal judge.[103]

6). The first president to appoint a Surgeon                 General who implied Homosexual sex is              healthy.[104]

7). The first president to celebrate “Gay Pride”                      using federal agencies.[105]

8). The first president to grant federal security                         clearances to open homosexuals.[106]

9). The first president to use the Bully Pulpit to                       denounce citizens’ efforts opposing “gay                         rights” laws.[107]

10). The first president to be interviewed by a              homosexual magazine.[108]

11). The first president to give asylum to                     immigrants claiming persecution due to their                    homosexuality.[109]

12). The first president to mandate controversial                      AIDS awareness training sessions for                  government workers.[110]

13). The first president to create the position of                       White House liaison to homosexuals with the                   salary paid by the American taxpayer.[111]

On January 28, 1993, Mikhail Gorbachev’s syndicated column was printed in The Cape Cod Times. He stated: “Never before have the programs of the incoming and outgoing presidents been so dramatically linked to one another (Bush and Clinton)...Bill Clinton inherits an America...that must move on to a New Role in the world...The need is growing for international institutions acting on behalf of all (the world)...President Clinton will be a success IF he manages to use American influence to accomplish this transformation of international responsibility and increase significantly the Role of the United Nations. Yes, such a choice would narrow the Independence many believe the United States now enjoys...accepting the aegis of a higher institution that operates on a consensus, such as the U.N...The United Nations Must get the power necessary to carry out the functions of its charter. These include not only preventing conflicts But also suppression of violations of international law...Bill Clinton will be a great president - If he can make America the creator of a New World Order based on consensus. [112]

What are these higher institutions Gorbachev spoke of! Treaties that destroy the sovereignty of the United States so it can be merged into an all powerful Socialist/Communist/United Nations one-world-govern-ment.!

Dr. Thomas Sowell, economist and Senior Fellow at the Hoover Institution, wrote a published article in which he stated: “The techniques of Brainwashing developed in totalitarian countries are routinely used in psychological conditioning programs imposed on American school children. These include emotional shock and desensitization, physiological isolation from sources of support (parents), stripping away defenses, manipulative cross-examination of the individual’s underlying Moral Values by psychological rather than rational means. These techniques are not confined to separate courses or programs...(and) are not isolated idiosyncrasies of particular teachers. They are products of numerous books and other ‘educational’ material in programs packaged by organizations that sell such curricula to administrators and teach the techniques to teachers. Some packages even include Instructions on how to deal with parents or others who Object... Stripping away psychological defenses can be done through assignments to keep diaries to be discussed In The Group and through Role-Playing assignments, both techniques used in the original brainwashing programs in China under Mao.” [113] And the major news-media calls you a nut if you cry Conspiracy!

Syndicated columnist George Will wrote: “In May (1993) some thousands of U.S. troops will come under United Nations command, exercised by a Turkish general. Never before has there been foreign command of U.S. military units...Article 43 of the U.N. Charter authorizes a standing U.N. military force...Last year (1992) the Senate Foreign Relations Committee endorsed it...Unfortunately, Article 43 is the law of the land - Our land.” [114] This is why Lt. Col. Oliver North sat in the East Wing of the White House in 1984 and drew up Concentration Camp program Rex 84! To imprison those who object to the U.S. being turned over to the New World Order.

While sitting on a committee asking questions to Lt. Col. Oliver North, Jack Brooks (Rep. Texas), now deceased, asked if North helped formulate a program for “The Continuity of Government” in case of an emergency. This involved civilian prison camps on military bases. The chairman of the committee stopped Mr. Brooks by saying it was classified information and highly sensitive, therefore, should not be discussed openly but in private. This Cannot be denied! There is a video available of this.

This makes the following article very interesting for all who want to remain Free and not be part of a Communist dominated United Nations. Associated Press: Washington - “San Diego’s Naval Training Center opened a new $5.1 million chapel just in time to hold graduation for the center’s last recruit class. The base closes next year (1997). The Army’s Fort Sheridan near Chicago officially closed three years ago. Yet, construction on a $3.3 million addition to classroom buildings used by the Navy is scheduled to begin soon. And in Orlando, Florida, the Navy just spent more than $13 million to build a dining hall and personnel center on a base slated to close in tow years...All across the country, even after the government made the tough decisions to close military bases, the Pentagon is spending hundreds of millions of dollars for construction on those very bases...a Pentagon study (said the projects were)...slated to cost $471 million...” [115]

April 19, 1993: The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (BATF) planned, plotted and executed a horror scene on a peaceful group of Americans that the news media dubbed the Branch Davidians. The BATF went to a Waco, Texas, gunshop to investigate the purchases of guns by David Koresh. The owner of the shop called David Koresh to inform him of their presence. Koresh invited the BATF out to look over their church grounds. They Refused! They had more important work to do - kill 83-86 of them along with four of their own agents.

The BATF planned their strategy for a dynamic entry into private citizens home/property/church grounds. They Did Not have a search warrant with them. They pulled up in front of the main building in two cattle carriers, jumped out and started firing at David Koresh who had come to the door to meet and greet them. All those who came out after the Illegal initial raid were later tried in court and found guilty when they were the ones attacked by their own government. One of the front doors that was to be used as evidence against the government “disappeared.” The government held the door and “convently” lost it. The jury found them Not Guilty, but the federal judge quickly overturned the verdict. No one could understand that Until the last two weeks of 1996. U.S. District Judge Lucius d. Bunton III of West Texas said he was a direct agent of President Bill Clinton. That proves that Texas is still a captive nation of the War Between the States that ended in 1865. The U.S. flag in court houses with the gold fringe proves we are under Military Law. The commander-in-chief at this time is President Bill Clinton.

The FBI finally used Russian Mind-control techniques to pry them out - loud music with bright lights to prevent sleep. The people were happy and safe until the government intruded. The FBI cut off the water supply, electricity to destroy living conditions and threatened the lives of innocent children. Did it matter? No! They were captives of war as of 1865 and those Reconstruction laws were Never repealed. The government finally used CS Gas that was banned for use in war by 133 nations by Treaty. Since Texas was a captive nation of war, this situation did not come under the Treaty, so Janet Reno and Bill Clinton authorized its use. Six hours later the fire started that burned 86 people to death; 17 were children under age ten. President Clinton gave a speech from the Rose Garden in which he lied 13 times concerning Waco. Suddenly, not only was their a cry “Remember the Alamo,” but now it became “Remember Waco.”

Because of this government attack upon private citizens and the endorsement of it by President Clinton and Attorney General Reno, something that began because of a previous incident involving the government took off and exploded onto the scene; Civilian Militias! They were found to be ordinary people from all walks of life who had one thing in common - fear of their government, that is becoming a Communist Dictatorship. What incident started the rise of “civilian militias?”

A family man in Ruby Ridge, Idaho, had been asked by government agents to infiltrate the Aryan Nation group. He later refused, so the government agents framed him on a trumped up charge. He was sent word to appear in court. He would not come down off the mountain. A long time elapsed and U.S. Marshals went up and laid in wait for him. Their dog discovered them with the results of the 13 year old son being shot to death by an agent. An FBI sniper with a high powered scope wanted to “kill any adult.” This was contrary to FBI rules of engagement. The agent shot Vicki Weaver’s head half off. Later, in court, Randy Weaver and his daughters were awarded $3.1 million in wrongful deaths by the government. This proved the U.S. Government was acting in illegal ways against its own citizens. An FBI official actually plead guilty of destroying Ruby Ridge reports that could have prevented all the deaths. [116] This incident caused people who had been following the progress to socialize and communize America to sit up and take notice that our own government did as it wished against the people. They started forming “civilian militias” according to the Constitution to protect themselves From Government because it was becoming a Tyrant!

May 10, 1993! A survey was given at the Twenty-Nine Palms Marine Corp. Base located near the Mojave Desert in California. The base at that time was commanded by General Russell H. Sutton. The questionnaire had 46 true/false questions. However, we will only list five: 1) I feel that there is no conflict between my oath office and service as a UN soldier. 2) I would be willing to volunteer for assignment to a U.S. combat unit under a U.N. commander. 3) I would like U.N. member countries, including the U.S., to give the U.N. all the soldiers necessary to maintain world peace. 4) I would swear to the following code: ‘I am a U.N. fighting person. I serve in the forces which maintain world peace and every nation’s way of life. I am prepared to give my life in their defense.” 5) I would fire upon U.S. citizens who refuse or resist confiscation of firearms banned by the U.S. government.

1994: Video footage of Russian built East German chemical/biological decontamination trucks off-loaded at Gulfport, Mississippi, and stored about eight miles north of Interstate 10 on Highway 49, was made. An employee was asked what they were doing in the United States, he said that they were brought in by the United Nations to be refurbished and painted white with the letters U.N. installed on them.

United Nations foreign troops are crawling all over our country. Are they preparing to occupy the United States for world government as was shown in the ABC Mini-series Amerika shown from February 15-22, 1987? All indications are that we are already set up for occupation!

On June 6, 1994, President Bill Clinton signed Executive Order #12919, National Defense Industrial Resources Preparedness. In it he specifies this was to be activated in time of “national emergency” (Sec. 103(b)). He also instructed that other Executive Orders would be activated in: Part IX - General Provisions. Sec. 901.(h), specifically E.O. #10789

1995: On April 19, 1995, one of the most horrible incidents to ever be perpetrated upon America occurred. The Oklahoma City Federal Building was blown up and 168 people were killed. Before thee was even one suspect, the news media (as if the scripts were pre-written) started programming the peoples minds that it was someone in a militia and in sympathy with the Branch Davidians because it happened on the exact date two years later.

One Must keep in mind that Bill Clinton desperately wanted anti-terrorism legislation passed, but Congress was dragging their feet. Many felt the additional laws were unnecessary. With the bombing in Oklahoma City, everyone in Washington, D.C. went crazy trying to find a line to sign for Anti-terrorism legislation. Results: We now have legislation that allows one man - the President to identify terrorists. Anyone who points out the drive to subvert the U.S. and merge it into world government by the Bush Administration and now the Clinton Administration can be classified as a terrorist by their spoken words. Make no mistake about it: America, your Freedom of Speech is almost gone! Your Co institution is gone; otherwise, how can One Man - the President - make laws by writing Executive Orders? Congress is supposed to initiate laws and pass them.

1996: President Bill Clinton, on July 15, 1996, signed into law Executive Order #13010 - Critical Infrastructure Protection. In this Executive Order he turns the country over to the military in case of a declared emergency (Sec. 4. Mission (c)): “The Department of Defense shall perform the functions of the President...” Why should this have any meaning to the average American citizen? U.S. Representative Henry Gonzales, Texas, in an interview said that all the laws were already on the books to legally make the U.S. a dictatorship. All that is required is a national “emergency.”

If U.S. Representative Jack Brooks was correct when he questioned “the Continuity of Government” program (REX 84) that was to be “classified information” concerning prison camps for American citizens and U.S. Representative Henry Gonzales when he said the laws were already in place for a dictatorship maybe we should examine those laws. An extensive examination of these Executive Orders will be given in another section of this study.

If you saw the movie Outbreak, you heard one of the Generals turn an say the Executive Orders are in force: carry them through. On top of everything that we have documented, Bill Clinton signed Presidential Decision Directive #13 and 25 which turns our military over to the United Nations and soon operate under Their commanders as per Department of State Document #7277 issued under the Kennedy Administration.

Are You an Enemy of the United States Government? The Government thinks so, in the ABC TV Mini-series, Amerika, that aired from February 15-22, 1987, those that did not want to be part of the New Age or New World Order were called resisters. They were the enemies of the government because they wanted to retain their individual freedom. The government Declared them to be the enemies of the state. That is exactly why the Anti-terrorism bill was passed: so President Clinton, or some president in the future could declare anyone that did not agree with the New World Order agenda as terrorists or Enemies of the state.

Want proof? The Deputy chief of staff for intelligence at the Pentagon in 1994 was Major Ralph Peters. He wrote a position paper called Warrior Class. It stated: “The desire for patriotism (the sovereignty of our nation, our flag, our freedoms, and nationalism) is considered an Enemy doctrine. The U.S. armed forces must be prepared to fight against all those who Oppose the New World Order and who are holding out for nationalism...This new warrior class Is Most Dangerous because they consist of those who fight out of Strong Religious Beliefs...There is a world-wide class of patriots who number in the millions, and if the current trend continues, there may be more of these Freedom and are now the target of the  New World Order...You cannot bargain and compromise with these warriors... We, as the military, need to commit more training time to Counter these warrior threats. We must have an Active Campaign to win over the populace. This must be coupled with irresistible violence.” [117]

No wonder President Clinton signed Executive Order #13010 which turns the job of the presidency over to the military! They will use Force against anyone that will not accept the New World Order under United Nations; Communist/Zionist/Socialists control. This document is why the government is going after “civilian militia” and not communists. Communists are committed to world-government, while “civilian militia” are patriots and must be warred against to crush them.

Now you know why the following newspaper article appeared. “The U.N. now has multinational foreign troops, peace keeping troops stationed in fourteen countries around the world. They all have one thing in common - the international soldiers are there to bring tranquillity and safety to places who cannot do so on their own. So, perhaps there is one more place a U.N. natioal force is desperately needed, the United States of America.” [118]

             America - Get Ready For Occupation!

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