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Are We To Obey The Law?: Many Christians ask whether Christians are to keep the laws established by God through Moses pertaining to the feast days (in particular the Feast of Tabernacles) since th eBible indicates in several places these feast laws are still in effect. For instance, in the 23rd chapter of Leviticus, where the Lord sets forth the laws concerning these feasts, we are told they were to be: ďa statute for ever throughout your generations in all yuor dwelligns.Ē (Leviticus 23:14, 31, 41)

Does this mean we are to celebrate these feasts to day as one would celebrate some other religious holiday? If so, would this not mean that people should engage in such rituals; the proper performance of which (according to the law) would require animal sacrifices? Of course not!

So, what are Godís people living today to do about these feasts dates for it does say, throughtout your generations? Thye answer is they are to be celebrated (or perhaps more accurately we should say fulfilled) by Christians today, but not in the way we would think at first glance. At the time of Christ, Godís people in Palestine were keepign the Passover and related feasts (as modern-day Jewry) does to some extent today). But Jesus became the Passover Lamb Himself. (1 Corinthians 5:7)

Thus, for hristians to celebrate the Passover by keeping the rites of sacrifice would, in essence, be saying to God the Father, ďwe donít think Jesusí sacrifice was good enough to fulfill the Passover laws.Ē Of course, no one would think of saying such a thing to God, but by attempting to be justified throught he performance of the Passover laws (or other feast laws) is to do just that.

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