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Bach Boom: The music of J.S. Bach appears to be doing what few evangelistic crusades have accomplished. Bach’s music has conveyed Christian teachings and concepts to a large and growing following in Japan. Yoshikazu Tokuzen of Japan’s national Christian Council cites figures showing that while less than one percent of the 127 million Japanese belong to a Christian church, another eight to 10 percent sympathize with Christianity. Many of these had their first contact with Christianity through the music of Johann Sebastian Bach. In ten years, approximately 100-200 Bach choirs have sprouted around the country. Most of those interviewed say that the Japanese have lost their allegiance to Buddhism and Shintoism and are attracted to the message they find in Bauch’s music. The Bach boom’s origin was when missionaries were driven out of the nation in the 16th century, the church music Christians left behind survived the persecution and infiltrated Japan’s traditional folk music. (Religion Watch, 6/00, by way of Christian News, 6/26/00)

Israel’s Hero: When Ehud Barak visited the U.S. soon after becoming Israel’s prime minister he was described as an Israeli war hero. Among his heroic exploits was when in 1973 he headed an assassination squad, which was landed on a Lebanese beach near Beirut late at night by an Israeli submarine; supplied, of course, by the United States. There was no war, and no military target. Their victims were two Palestinian political writers and a poet, living in exile in Lebanon after having been “ethnically cleansed” by the Israelis. Barak and two others of his squad picked the lock on the house of writer Kamal Edwan and his family at one o’clock in the morning. Using submachine guns they slaughtered Edwan, his wife, and his daughter while they slept in their beds. Other members of the murder squad killed the other two victims. Barak returned to Israel as a “hero.” All of the major media in the United States knew about this; it made headlines at the time, but when he visited the U.S. there wasn’t a word about it. An example of Israeli power over the media in the U.S. (Free Speech, P.O. box 330, Hillsboro, WV 24946)

Not Generic: “I could never have peace as a homosexual because I love the Lord,” said a 22 year old man, who was one of 840 in Dallas who were part of a Focus on the Family seminar featuring testimonies from ex-queers. Focus’ controversial “Love won Out’ seminar so far has visited seven U.S. cities this year, seeking to alert communities ‘about the inroads made by gay active organizations in public schools and other institutions.’” The effort is vigorously opposed by gay activists who use various means to stifle the program. In Tampa they crashed a Focus press conference and launched a phone campaign against advertisers, causing a radio station to pull seminar advertisement, and an outdoor media company to cancel $4,000 worth of bus shelter posters. In Dallas ex-gay groups called at least six churches before they found a willing host. The press is generally an ally of the gay. Despite four billboards, radio announcements, press releases, and phone calls to six religion editors. The Dally Morning News didn’t report on the seminar. There was no footage of the seminar in the evening news. The media doesn’t want the world to know that homosexuality is NOT genetic, but a choice. Amy Tracy, an ex-lesbian and former press secretary for the national Organization for women, told the seminar audience, “It’s real freedom to do what deep, deep down inside I know I ought to do.” (World, 6/10/00)

Tarnished Jewel: Once one of the Jewels of Africa’s nations was called Rhodesia, developed and made prosperous by the British, and named after Cecil Rhodes. When nationalism was force upon the country by the United Nations, it was taken over by communist dictator Mugabe who changed the name of the country to Zimbabwe. Under the prosperous White Farmers everyone benefitted and schools and hospitals were established, but great numbers of Whites left due to the violence. Today Mugabe is demanding that half of the remaining farmers leave Zimbabwe and turn over their lands without compensation to blacks. As of this date, 1,000 farms have been seized by black marauders, some of the farmers killed, others wounded, their families scattered, their lifetime of work lost. Where is Jesse Jackson (The Jews little lap dog) and the NAACP? (Voice in the wilderness, 7/2000)

Choosing Death: Many Japanese, concerned about that country’s economic problems, are committing suicide, some 32,863 per year, almost 100 a day. The ratio is worse in Australia, where they are killing themselves at an increasingly young age, chiefly between the ages of 15-24. With a population of only 19 million, Australia had 2,683 suicides in one year. Two percent of all deaths is by suicide. (Voice in the Wilderness, 6,7/2000)

No Peace: At this writing, the meeting at Camp David has come to a conclusion with no agreement. The Palestinians were promised their own state years ago, and treaties were signed, but the Israelis (like the lying dogs the Jews are) have created various stumbling blocks. According to Ganpac editor, Hans Schmidt, Egypt, hitherto the yearly recipient of billions of dollars of American aid given in order that it keep the peace with Israel, has expressed its support for a unilateral declaration of a Palestinian state in October. “In my own opinion,” he writes, “the Egyptians would not have done so without assurance from abroad (namely, other Arab states) and without tremendous pressure on the Mubarak government from within Egypt itself. However, if a Palestinian state is unilaterally declared, then this will almost certainly cause the fanatical Zionists in Israel to rise up, and attack not only the Arabs, but also the more benign of their own countrymen.” In the meantime, the Israelis are not holding training exercises, off Sri Lanka (1), with the new super U-boats presented to them by the “German” government.

Healthwise: 60% of doctors admit they take supplements regularly although they don’t recommend them to their patients. Medical scientists believe there is a possibility that a common vitamin, folic acid, may be useful in preventing Alzheimer’s disease. 100 years ago only one in 33 people got cancer and today it is one in three, and headed for one in two...Tuberculosis is sweeping Russia, China and other foreign nations and is now becoming rampant in the Western world due to the influx of immigrants. Medical leaders are seeking An answer.

So remember, if you or one of your loved ones dies of some rare disease, at least rare to America, then you can lay the death of that loved one on the Jews and their lapdogs in Washington.

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