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Little Difference: The Scriptures say in Revelation 18:4‑5: “And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues. For her sins have reached unto heaven, and God hath remembered her iniquities.” (KJV)

Yet, today, there is very little difference between the actions of the enemies of Yeashua and those who claim to be “born-again Christian.” A new random survey by the Barna Research Group, Ltd. reveals that the opinion of the so-called Born-Again Judeo-Christians regarding President Clinton’s character and job performance is only slightly different than that of the general population. Overall, 55 percent of ALL adults approved of the President’s performance, with the average coming from a 61 percent approval raiting by non-Christians, and a 48 percent approval rating from the Judeo-Christian Born-Again Christians. When asked if they felt strongly that Mr. Clinton is “honest and trustworthy,” only one out of 10 adults agreed, regardless or religious background. “The absence of adoptable link between faith and character assessment raises serious questions about how well born-again adults understand the teaching of their faith related to such matters,” said Research Group president, George Barna. (Intercessors for America, P.O. Box 4477, Leesburg, VA 20177)

This is proof that the Judeo-Christian clergy in America are mostly false teachers and are teaching a government accepted churchanity and not the Word of Yahweh.

It’s About Time: Representatives Ron Paul (R-TX) and Jack Metcalfe (R-WA) have introduced the Separation of Powers Restoration Act. H.R. 2655. The bill would “restore the separation of powers between the Congress and the President,” reaffirming that Congress alone has been Constitutionally invested to legislate - to create law. It recognizes that the president’ executive authority derives from his Constitutional Article, Section 3 power to “take care that the laws be faithfully executed.” The bill would terminate any presidentially declared “national state of emergency” after 90 days, and it would “check” and limit the use of presidential “executive orders,” a term and a practice which has become rampant this century. President Clinton has issued a record of some 300 EO’s since taking office. (Intercessors for America, P.O. Box 4477, Leesburg, VA 20177) This bill has no chance for passage because the vast majority of Congress men and women are interested in only one thing, how much under the table money they can get and re-election.

Progress and Persecution. The German Bible League, which works in Egypt, distributing Bibles and training local Christians, reports: “In Egypt, it is illegal for more than five people to meet in a house, but over the last year, 36,000 people met in 1,267 Bible groups.”...Chinese police have arrested over 200 people in the last 10 months during raids on house churches. An August 23 raid of a Protestant house church in Henan resulted in the arrest of 40 Christian leaders. House churches in China are widespread and have millions of followers, but are outlawed by the government. Chinese law requires all churches register with the government. (People & Places 10/99 1819 S. Main St., Elkhart, IN 46516)

Millions to China: The Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod and the Lutheran Laymen’s League have given 40 million dollars to the China Christian Council for a printing press. The China Christian Council is a strong supporter of the Communist government in China and its under the control of the Communists. “At the judgment bar of God some of America’s leading churchmen such as Dr. Billy Graham and Dr. Oswald Hoffmann, will have to answer to God as to why they have vocally sided with the Communists and kept silent about the persecution of China’s 100 million house church Christians. It is the Crime of the 20th Century.” (Christian News, 10/4/99)

Evolutionists on the Run, For the Present: Hot on the heels of the evolution controversy in Kansas, we now have a decision by the Kentucky State Education Department to delete the word “evolution” from its science guidelines and substitute “change over time.” The Kentucky guidelines are different to the Kansas episode. The standards approved by Kansas did not delete the word “evolution” (which is contrary to the claims of almost all of the Jewish owned media, which misreported that the word had been expunged). The changes do not prevent the teaching of evolution, but evolutionists are critical of any examination of their unproved theories. Philip Johnson of the University of California law school said that the atheistic materialists “protect their creation myth from criticism in the schools.” Dr. Keith Wanser, Professor of Physics at Cal. State U., Fullerton, and a creationist, said, “Well, now that I’ve gotten tenure, that means I can’t be fired for simply believing in a recent six-day creation and the world-wide Noahic Flood. If I had been outspoken on the issue before, I doubt I would have obtained tenure.” His studies led him to say, “I am convinced there is far more evidence for a recent, six-day creation and a global Flood than there is for an old earth and evolution.” What may fail to recognize is that evolutionary belief is a philosophical/religious belief system, affecting one’s belief of what life is all about. It has more to do with the deterioration of morals in our nation than educators like to admit. (Christian News 10/18/99)

Mining Gold in U.S.: The Jewish newspaper, Forward (9/10/99) described how Jews “mine gold” from Christians in the U.S. Gershon Solomon, the leaders of the Temple Mount Faithful, a Jerusalem-based group dedicated to rebuilding the Temple, recently conducted a six-week fund-raising tour of North America during which he spoke almost exclusively to Christian audiences. The report said that this year alone, evangelical Christians will give about $10 million to fund Jewish immigration to Israel. The Interfaith Fellowship of Christians and Jews has donated more than $20 million to the Jewish agency for Israel during the past five years to help resettle Jews from Ethiopia and the former Soviet Union in Israel. The group has an estimated 130 donors, 95% of them Christians, its founder, Rabbi Eckstein, said. By contrast, the American Jewish Committee’s 1999 Survey of American Jewish Opinion is that only 3 percent of American Jews consider “support for Israel” as essential to their Jewish identity.

The New Rome: With the exception of Grenada, none of the U.S. military engagements in the last 50 years were in defense of the U.S. contrary to the intent of the U.S. Constitution. None were conducted under a declaration of war by Congress. In the words of Richard Maybury, “Washington is the new Rome, and the U.S. military is no longer a defense force, ti is an imperial expeditionary force fo the UN and NATO. The troops do not realize that their purpose is no5t to protect America but to expand the UN/NATO Empire...” (Newsletter of American Education Association, Box 463 Center Moriches, NY 11934, Send for No. XCIX-A11)

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