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The Prophets of Profit: The last days have brought with them an all new set of money changers. These unique individuals have a rare and unique quality for predicting the end of the world on one hand, and selling their special wares to prepare for it on the other. (Which just goes to show how resourceful the Jews are at advertising and marketing - WM) They have virtually created their own market overnight and now stand to reap millions from a public that is running scared on fear, panic, and hysteria. While the Y2K problem may have painted a dismal picture for some, to these people it has become a virtual gold mine at the end of the age and opened up a vast new economic opportunity to reap millions. (The vast majority of these end time profiteers are Jews. And many who sell survival supplies are just scams because they take the money but never deliver the goods; and if it is delivered it is defective; a typical Jewish operation -WM) While some fear what the future brings, these people have never had it so good and are looking to the coming months as the ultimate financial windfall.

The unique and distinguishing quality of this new brand of prophets is their uncanny ability to create their own market. Once again these people have proven that “fear sells.” They have been able to turn a computer glitch at the end of the century into an economic opportunity unmatched in human history. These economic wizards are masters of the “what if scenario” and can bring Y2K home like nothing else. By the time one finishes reading their newsletters, they will be reaching for their life savings and spending all in hopes that they, too, might survive the terrible catastrophes foretold by these Y2K prophets. Of course, these unique individuals have just the right products needed for you to survive and will gladly make them available for a rather substantial fee. Since the market they have created will now gladly pay it, they have absolutely no remorse about collecting it. While their customers have come to view Y2K as the worst of nightmares, they clearly view it as the sweetest of dreams.

(But they never warn people that the government, at some point in time, will get a copy of the lists of people who purchased the survival supplies; and will then use as their authority to search and seize those same survival supples the Executive Orders which have been put in place by the various Presidents. Executive Orders 6073, 6102, 6111, 6260, 6560, 10289, 11921, 11647, 12628, 10995, 10997, 10998, 10999, 11000, 11001, 11002, 11003, 11004, 11005, 11490, 12803, 12938, 12919, 12949, 13010, 12986, 12859, 13107, 13107; to name just a few. - WM)

Never in modern history have so many specialty products been purchased in such a short period of time. Millions of dollars are now being spent to purchase the survival wares of these last-day prophets. Thousands of orders are now flooding vendors; creating a bottleneck in supply and demand unknown in recent history. More items are now on back order than in the history of modern manufacturing. With almost no warehouse storage in the existing chain of supply, manufactures are now suffering from a glut of orders which they openly admit will not be fulfilled for many months to come. The Y2K marketing campaign has been so successful that the demand has now far outreached the supply!

There is such an enormous demand for survival products and speciality items that has now put the Y2K prophets in one of the most lucrative financial positions in recent history. Having created their own special market, fueled by fear and hysteria, these people now stand to reap millions as unweary customers empty their life savings to insure their future survival. The mail order business alone has become a sky-rocketing industry overnight, with nearly every company hiring extra personnel to answer their constantly ringing phones. Never in the history of modern enterprising has such an overnight market been created. The waiting-lists and long-lines that are now forming for various companies around the nation are growing immensely longer with every day that passes. Y2K has truly become a marketing phenomenon of untold proportions.

While “Y2K” may have been an unknown commodity several years ago, it has virtually become a household word overnight, and the hottest buzz-word of our time. Much of the public awareness and concern that has come to this issue in recent months has come from those who stand to reap the most from it. The Y2K problem is not without its merit and should be publicly addressed, but this is not the sole motive of our new breed of prophets. They see Y2K as a rare and unique opportunity for reaping massive profits by selling a number of speciality products which only a few years ago had minimal value and demand. They have turned Y2K into the ultimate financial opportunity for reaping massive profits by simply interpreting information about it to create their own place in the market.

These people are the prophets of profit. They have prophesied in the name of Mammon and run after the reward of Balaam. If their prophecies do not come to pass, it is of no real concern to them, since their only true interest is in the profits generated by them. They have prophesied a self-serving vision whose fulfillment will not be measured in their eyes by the catastrophes they have predicted, but by the profits they have generated. Should Y2K come and go without any major catastrophe, it would not bother them in the least. It would only give them the much needed time to count their money and spend their millions. These people truly are the prophets of profit, and the great money changers of the last days. (Taken in part from an article titled “The Prophets of Profit!” by Scott Stinson, published in The Watchman, which is published quarterly by, The Church of Israel, Rural Route 1, Box 218E, Schell City, Missouri 64783)

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