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Seducing the Youth: Former New Ager Will Baron writes, "My alienation from Christian values intensified in high school, where my teachers exposed me to evolution, reincarnation, and extrasensory perception." In public schools children are being introduced to mystic meditation, and the power of animal and ancient spirits. Former Assistant Secretary-General of the UN developed a World Core Curriculum Manual which is used by educators worldwide. His curriculum initiates youth into a universal occult spirituality. He explains, "How can one speak of a global spirituality in a world of so many religious and atheists..." However, there is a common denominator when humans see themselves as part of a very mysterious and beautiful universe. From that awe emerges a spiritual approach to life. Everything becomes sacred...regarding the mysterious force which rules the universe." He deliberately avoids using the term "religion," saying "I have in in...the purity of one's inner self." Outcome based Education (OBE) and Mastery Learning (ML) are designed for manipulating students thorough behavior modification... destroying their religious values. While it is common for students to be exposed to pagan cultures, such as the Aztecs, who practiced human sacrifice, and the American Indians and their worship of spirits, Christian values are not endorsed and students learn NOT to see anything as wrong, as that would make them "judgmental." The result increasing teenage crime. (The Berean Call, Box 7019, Bend, OR 97708)

The UN At Work: To the alert observer the word "Peacekeeper" as related to the United Nations is an oxymoron. The "Village Voice," a liberal New York-based newspaper, featured a color photograph of two Belgian soldiers holding a black child a couple of feet above an open flame. The UN took no action against its "peacekeepers." Other Belgian paratroopers face charges of committing acts of sadism, including torturing children. Pictures of an Italian soldier applying electrodes to the genital of a Somalian man while another soldier stood on the civilian's hands sparked outrage in Rome. An ex-soldier told the Italian government this incident is only the tip of an iceberg of atrocities. An elite Canadian UN unit was disbanded after officials discovered that they had tied a Somalian teenager's hands then beat him to death. In 1992, UN "peacekeepers" from Italy recruited girls as young as 12 to be prostitutes in Mozambique. UN troops frequently disregard, even disdain, their commanding officers, who are mostly foreigners, speak in unintelligible tongues, and are handicapped by the traditional contempt one nation's military often feel for the military of another. (Wake-Up Call America, P.O. Box 280488, Lakewood, CO 80228)

International Court: Legal experts at the United Nations in August concluded with a picture of an international court which would investigate and prosecute individuals accused of committing crimes against humanity, genocide and war crimes - all of which have long been defined by international treaty. The court has the bipartisan support in Congress. (Washington Times 8/97)

A Matter of Choice: A two-year study by the National Association for the Research and Therapy of Homosexuality (NARTH) offers proof that sexual orientation can be altered significantly in many cases - a claim refuted by most gay advocates. "This research proves, once and for all, that the propaganda being spread by the gay lobby has been without any basis," said Dr. Joseph Nicolosi, a psychologist and executive director of NARTH. "We should stop telling young people and others struggling with homosexuality that they're stuck with it. Instead we should say, 'If you want to change, you can, like so many others who have.'" In the meantime, the General Convention of the Episcopal Church defeated the effort to have the denomination sanction homosexual "marriage" by only one vote, 57-56. Gay activists said they were encouraged and would try again at the next convention. (Intercessors for America, 9/97)

Just Doesn't Work: More experts have joined General Benton K. Partin (USAN, Ret.) in saying that the massive destruction of the Murrah Building could not have been done by a truck bomb, of any size. General Partin, one of the world's top bomb experts, said that the magnitude of the damage and its pattern would not have been effected "without supplementing demolition charges" at some of the structure's reinforced columns. Agreeing with him are engineers, architects, scientists and other demolition experts. Dr. Sam T. Cohen, inventor of the neutron bomb, said, "I believe that demolition charges in the building did the primary damage in the Murrah Federal Building...The government's truck bomb theory just doesn't work." (The New American, 6/9/97)

A Different Nation: More than two million illegal aliens were allowed into our country in the last few years, and they are still coming. The former Democratic Congress changed the law and made them legal citizens so they could vote for the welfare state. 26% of today's Federal prisoners are immigrants. In some areas 34% of auto thefts, 25% of burglaries and 12% of felonies are committed by aliens. Immigrants get Medicaid benefits 64% more often than native-born Americans. Two-thirds of our population growth and overcrowding is due to immigration. In 1939 The Oxford Dictionary defined a nation as, "a distinct race or people having common descent, language, history, etc." No more. Later editions were changed to read "congeries (meaning accumulation) of people, either diverse races or of common descent and language."

Jesus Unwelcome: Attorney David Gibbs, Jr., of the Christian Law Association reports that a public school student was reprimanded for passing out Gospel tracts to fellow students...that public schools in at least two states are refusing to accept the transfer of credits of students from Christian schools...a kindergarten student who was "signing" the words to the song, "Jesus Loves Me," was forced to stop doing so in the middle of a school program rehearsal. CLA attorneys promptly informed school officials as to the current state of the  law in this area. But, of course, the child got the idea that Jesus is unwelcome to the school system. (Minuteman Alert, Box 4010, Seminole, FL 33775)

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