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Wake-up Call For America; The Gospel News Alert, Gospel Ministries, P.O. Box 9411, Boise, Idaho 83707, Pastor Bob Hallstrom, article by Texe Marrs: Australia Confiscates Firearms - We're Next.

Watch out, Americans! The plunderers of the New World Order want your guns, and they could care less about the guarantees set forth in the Second Amendment of our Constitution.

Don's believe it? Just check out what is happening in the nation of Australia at this very moment. Allen Woodham, head of the Australian Christian organization, South East Christian Witness, reports that, following a local "terrorist" incident, the government quickly passed a law for confiscation of firearms.

In October, citizens were ordered to immediately take their firearms to local police stations. No exceptions were allowed. They were warned that if they refused, they would be tracked down and punished with prison time. Already, over 100,000 guns have been grabbed. The people are left vulnerable both to criminals and to their rogue federal and state governments.

The people of Australia are often used as New World Order guinea pigs. What happens in Australia is almost always done later in America. So U.S. citizens, you better get ready! Soon a horrible "terrorist" act will be committed somewhere in the continental United States by a person who will be branded by the media as a "crazed shooter." The president and the media will scream and holler for action. New, draconian, gun confiscation legislation will be rushed into law by our controlled and bought-off Congress. You'll have to bring in your guns; or else go to prison.

Of course, only you, the individual, law-abiding citizen, will have your guns confiscated. The ruthless gangs in the inner cities will actually be given MORE guns. Guns headed for gangs are being smuggled in almost every day now on Red Chinese ships docked in Long Beach, California and Portland, Oregon.

You and I will be left unarmed and defenseless. We will be prey to urban gangs, criminal elements, roving packs of illegal immigrants, and the entire federal Gestapo (the FBI, BATF, CIA, EPA, NSA and all the other alphabet cops). It's time for us to protest now, or soon it will be too late. They've already cracked the whip on gun owners in Australia. We're next. (Flashpoint, June 1997, 1700 Patterson Rd., Austin, Texas 78733)

A Cry From Australia: (From the Australian Internet) Good day to you. I am in Australia and the Amnesty is finished. Stick up for your rights now! Speaking out is easier then what we now face here.

Gun owners who did not comply with the new regulations in Australia are now faced with the fact that their name is flagged on Government computers; they are liable to four years imprisonment and a fine that is about the cost of an average house. Those with firearms licenses and those who did not hand in their weapons are liable to search of person or premises WITHOUT a warrant.

People cannot organize, because what the government has done is legislated, enacted law. Therefore any attempt to communicate or organize is liable to the charge of subversion. If an individual says to another "I would suggest that you do not hand in your firearm" the speaker may be charged with subverting another to commit a criminal act.

They have started mounting raids to retrieve (registered) firearms and this is likely to intensify. Whatever you guys do, for God's sake, DON'T REGISTER YOUR WEAPONS! It really is happening and it seems to be global.

U.S. brothers, watch your six. If you don't watch the politicians then you will have to watch it for real against your troopers. Australia to America: God bless you and pray for us poor bastards down under.

Australia Betrayed: (Excerpt from "New Beginnings") Indonesia, and Malaysia to the north, are making territorial demands on Australia. These nations are allies of China which is expected to back their play. Indonesia claims the northern half of the continent down to the 23rd parallel. The International Trade Cartel (ITC) selected governments of all these nations, including Australia, (which) are working together to persuade Anglo-Saxon Australians to peacefully accept DISPLACEMENT IMMIGRATION BY STRANGERS. (Remember the 10 Commandments: coveting and stealing are against God). At the same time Australia's military services are being down-sized and her people are being disarmed to remove their ability to protest the invasion with force. All stops are being removed by government, media, and foreign allies of the Australian government to suppress a revolt before it can occur.

Indonesia, Australia's immediate neighbor to the north, is building 12 nuclear power plants and their aircraft industry has just received $10 billion from the (UN) International Monetary Fund. They just bought one million A56 rifles and 70 million rounds of ammunition from China. They have squadrons of fighters, helicopters, and they also have sea transport. They have made claims to $250 billion of known Australian oil reserves, which was quickly backed by the UN.

The Australian government issued orders to destroy a half million rifles in storage and thousands of machine guns. This has been done. Patriots are also aroused that the government has given a list of all Australian registered weapon owners to the Japanese through international police agreements. Also, there is a concern that six-figure donations from Indonesia, China, and various Southeast Asian nations to the Clinton campaign means that (Australians) will be on their own because "the American defender of world freedom has been paid to go fishing."

A Call to Godly Politicians in Washington, by Janette Adams: We have written previously that Indonesian schools teach that northern Australia belongs to Indonesia, which has the largest Islamic population in the world, and one of the largest armies.

Regardless of what we hear in college, there are only two kinds of government: Those controlled by the people, and those that control the people. These can be subdivided into Theistic (of God), and Humanistic (against God). Every government is religious in nature and influences its people. Those who believe in God who is greater than they, are almost impossible to conquer physically and never spiritually. The NWO is humanistic, godless.

The maxim that comes to mind is "divide and conquer." If they provoke the Buddhists, Muslims, Jews and Christians to war against each other, then they can initiate their Humanistic One World Order, (and impose) martial "save us" from each other. Their stated goal of limiting the world's population to 1.5 billion pantheistic serfs (slaves) worshipping trees and rocks would be complete; except for a few billion they would have to get rid of. Biological diseases, plagues, etc., could take care of that (thanks to the Global 2000 Report of 1980)

Historically when God, the Creator, does not rule a nation, nations worship the created; man, other gods, or nature. Even Hitler was an environmentalist. Australians depended upon social democracy (men with an agenda) as their protector and benefactor (god) for decades, even as they stole their freedoms. Every nation out numbers the NWO crowd tens of thousands to one. Is it now time to united against a common foe? There is a price to be paid now; or later to regain what is lost. (There are) Enemies within their border and enemies without; only One is greater than their foes. I pray they remember who He is and to Whom each has to answer.

Will the Aussies remember the Eureka Stockade? (Their forefathers' stand against government infringement of rights). Their heritage|? Will they fight for the sovereignty of the country they were blessed with? For their God-given rights? Or will they lay down slaves and forget they are men?

Note: The United Nations, Indonesia and China have picked a New Name for Australia. They think that after disarming the Australian People, and "peacefully" invading Australia, that they are going to change Australia to Ausstrasia; Can this be Stopped? The answer is Yes........God Willing! (American Publications, 405-C S Beeline Hwy., Suite 200, Payson, AZ 85541)

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