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Appendix No. 2

                      Questions Raised and Answered

The study of Genesis 3:15 as provided in this booklet has no doubt raised and answered other questions in your mind about the third chapter of Genesis. All of the following thought provoking questions are answered by the Study of Genesis 3:15. This verse is the key that unlocks your understanding of not only this chapter, but all of the Bible and History for the past thousand years  of historical events upon this earth.

The following questions, all of which pertain to what took place in the Garden of Eden have been answered in the discussion of Genesis 3:15 if you have spiritual discernment to perceive the TRUTH OF JESUS CHRIST.  Think on each of the following questions, then review the meaning of Genesis 3:15 and see if this does not fall into a solid perspective of Divine Truth. One final word, all of the endless discussion of the events taking place in Genesis Three will be resolved only when you nail down the two seeds (seed of the serpent) and (Seed of the Woman) in Genesis 3:15.

1). You have not identified the serpent of Genesis Three and you know why he was more subtle than any beast of the field which Yahweh God had made and you understand his power and purpose for being in that Garden.

2). You now understand the difference between Creation and Pro‑Creation. Only God can create, the serpent could only procreate.

3). You now understand why the serpent was able to converse in a very intelligent manner with the woman Eve.

4). You now understand why the woman Eve was not to touch nor eat of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.  Genesis 3:3.

5). You know now what the serpent meant when he told the woman “your eyes shall be opened, (how were they to be opened?) and ye shall be as gods, knowing good and evil.” How could they be as gods?  By the act of pro‑ creation which in time became the very embodiment of all pagan mystery Religions of the Babylonian World system.  Sex became an object of worship in all pagan Religions.

6). You now understand why the woman saw that the tree was pleasant to the eyes and a tree to be desired and a three that would make one wise.  (Genesis 3:6)

7). You now understand what the fruit of this pleasant tree was and you now know what Eve did when she took of the fruit of this tree and did eat and then gave also to her husband. (Genesis 3:6)

8). You know now why the “eyes” of both Adam and Eve were opened because you understand what they did. (Genesis 3:7)

9). You now understand the Genesis Three is concerned with Original Sin as distinguished from sin in the general sense.

10). You now understand why Adam and Eve made themselves aprons of fig leaves and why they covered that particular portion of their body with an apron made of fig leaves. (Genesis 3:7)

11). You realize now why they became ashamed of their nakedness and why previous to this act they had not been ashamed. (Genesis 2:25 and Genesis 3:10‑11)

12. You now understand what the woman meant when she said: “The serpent beguiled me, and I did eat.” First she was beguiled, seduced, and or deceived and then she did “eat.” The sin began in the heart and was consummated in the act of the flesh. The beguiling was in the heart and mind and the “eating” was the act which resulted from the deception or beguiling. (James 1:14‑15) (II Corinthians 11:1‑3; Proverbs 30:20)

13). You now understand why the coming of the Messiah in the personage of Jesus Christ necessitated the Virgin Birth. Why the Virgin Birth? The Study of Genesis 3:15 answers that question.

14). You know also why the sign of the Abrahamic Covenant was the circumcision of the flesh (why circumcision? Genesis 3:15 answers this question) and you also know why circumcision of the heart (where sin begins) was a requirement of the New Covenant.

15. You now understand why God multiplied Eve’s sorrow in conception. (Genesis 3:16) In the light of Genesis 3:15 you know what the judgment is all about.

16). It is now evident why God multiplied sorrow in childbirth as revealed in Genesis 3:16. The truth of Genesis 3:15 has made this punishment a very righteous act of judgment.

17). It is clear to you why the desire of the woman was made to be to her husband, Genesis 3:16 Who had the woman Eve desired before? Genesis 3:15 has answered this question for you.

18). Your understanding of the Trees in the Garden of Eden is beginning to be clear. By this time you have already discerned that the evil race or seed of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, which was the fruit of this tree, is that wicked seedline that John the Baptist said, referring to this seed as a tree, that it would be “¼hewn down, and cast into the fire¼” Read Matthew 3:7‑12 and again read Matthew 13:24‑30 and Matthew 13:37‑43. The tares of the Matthew 13 are the same wicked seedline as the chaff in Matthew 3:12 and the tree as in Matthew 3:10.  See also Luke 3:9.

             19.  Your understanding is now clear as to who the Tree of Life represented in the Garden. Every Bible Scholar of any repute will acknowledge that Tree to be Jesus Christ. Who then did the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil represent? Remember it was the fruit of this tree which was forbidden. Who was the only other creature on the earth who was in a position to know both good and evil? Who created Lucifer or the serpent? Who planted this tree in the earth? God was the creator of the serpent but because Lucifer rebelled against God, he lost his estate and in the role of Satan, in the Garden of Eden, he first beguiled or deceived the woman and then the act that caused all creation to groan was committed.

20). The knowledge (or Fruit) of Good and Evil was that of Pro‑Creation. When Eve was beguiled. Satan told her of Pro‑Creation.  She was first beguiled and then she did eat or participate with Satan in the act of Pro‑Creation. Their eyes (Adam and Eve) were opened because of sin, original sin, which is the transgression of the Law. Pro‑ Creation was the Fruit of that Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. This was the Fruit which this evil tree did bear and Satan gave Eve of that fruit.

You can now read the Bible and have understanding because you have seen the light of Genesis 3:15.  This is strong meat and it can only be handled by them “¼that are of full age, even those who by reason of use have their senses exercised to discern both good and evil.” Hebrews 5:12‑14)

By exercising your sense of spiritual discernment, and  moving forth into the meat of the scripture, you have the flood of light that Genesis 3:15 throws on the Bible, the record of History, and the present world struggle between Christ and anti‑Christ, between good and evil, between the seed of the serpent and THE SEED OF THE WOMAN.

You are now of full age, you are standing in deeper truth and the revelation of scripture is clear because you have used and exercised your spiritual discernment to perceive TRUTH. You are an armed Christian, armed with the knowledge that will one day set White Christian Israel free, and will crush the head of the Serpent Race, and when that Head is crushed, the body of that snake, that race will die!

And that is precisely what John the Baptist predicted in Matthew 3 and Jesus Christ stated in Matthew 23. You are now fulfilling Isaiah 28:9‑13. You are building  line upon line, and precept upon precept for you are moving into the deeper truth of Jesus Christ and His Word and because of this, you now have “eyes” to see and “ears” to hear what the times are all about.  You have spiritual discernment to see beyond that which the average student of the Bible sees.  You are beginning to unveil the mysteries of the Kingdom spoken of by Jesus Christ in Matthew 13:11.

                        The Biblical Exegesis of Satan

“And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world: he was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out with him.” (Revelation 12:9)

The Biblical position on the existence of Satan is clearly portrayed in the Holy Scriptures of truth.  A critical exegesis of the Holy Scriptures, both Old and New Testament, sets forth in no uncertain terms, the literal existence of a Satan who is the adversary of Yahweh.  As we move to the final consummation of this age it becomes only more apparent that men would seek to deny the existence of a Satanic being who stands opposed and in opposition of this age it becomes only more apparent that men would seek to deny the existence of a Satanic being who stands opposed and in opposition to Jesus Christ, the Kingdom, and the Children of Light.

The closer we move in time to the ending of this age, and the beginning of the Kingdom Age, the more deception you can expect to observe in this world. Perhaps the final end of all human deception will be Satan’s ability to con man into believing that he (Satan) does not exist. Satan’s most clever act since the Garden of Eden betrayal of our Adamic Parents will be to convince men that he does not exist.

As we move toward the final ending of this age, it is expected that men will not only see to deny Jesus Christ but to also deny that arch enemy of Jesus Christ whom the Holy Scriptures declare to be Satan. The final glorification of Satan will come when men not only deny their personal existence but when they proclaim themselves to be god, in human form, with absolute knowledge, and will seek to rule this world through Satan’s religion, which is humanism.

The need for a good look at the Biblical Viewpoint of Satan has been increased in this ending of the age with the growth and proliferation of evil and darkness on every hand. Today the occult powers of darkness, headed up by Satan, are everywhere being expressed. Witchcraft, the occult, and related works of evil and darkness are gripping men and governments throughout the world. Witchcraft and demonic forces of wickedness are visiting high places in America and throughout the world.

In this time of unprecedented satanic evil and darkness it is imperative that the children of light take a careful look at Satan and the entire occult world of darkness. Never in the history of man, has it become more necessary to guard against the spirit of deception than it is today. The warning of Jesus Christ in Matthew 24:4, 24 states “Take heed that no man deceive you¼For there shall arise false Christ’s, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect.” May this Biblical Exegesis of Satan arm you with the necessary truth avoid the deception now rampant in this nation, and especially behind the pulpits of our land.

                           Three Viewpoints of Satan

In order to understand the Biblical Viewpoint of Satan and his works, it is first necessary to lay to rest some of the more popular beliefs currently embodied in the theology of the modern Baal Church World. In observing what the modern theological position is on Satan we find three prevailing schools of thought. First, we have the amillennial viewpoint of Satan which presents Satan and God as being almost coequals with one another. One god is good and the other god is bad.  These people, primarily because of the clergy, see Satan as a supernatural, omniscient, omnipresent, being who is everywhere on earth at once and at the same time present in hell torturing millions of living dead.

This premillennial viewpoint of Satan is not what the Bible Teaches and can seek no place in true Christian Thought. The third position taken is that of the postmillennial church world which sees Satan as almost nonexistent, in many cases as not existing, and for all practical purposes a Satan who does not really oppose God since they see the whole world culminating under Jesus Christ without His personal return. Again, this is not the Biblical Viewpoint of Satan and must be discarded from out Christian Theology built upon the Holy Bible. Let us examine each of these three positions now in more detail to expose the faulty teaching in each of the amillennial, premillennial and postmillennial positions of thought with respect to Satan.

                        The Amillennial View of Satan

The amillennial view of Satan is a type of Dualism where both Satan and God appear as co‑equals. One god is good, and the other bad. These peoples see the world as moving under the power of Satan and the power of God consistently diminishing in the earth. Ultimately they see the entire earth come under the power of Satan and all people, excepting a small handful, which are snatched out by the saving power of God. While both God’s Kingdom and Satan’s Kingdom exist on this earth, the amillennial viewpoint sees Satan’s Kingdom becoming triumphant over the Kingdom of God. The bad god (Satan) wins in the final analysis. This type of Dualism, of equating God and Satan in a power struggle, with Satan the final winner, is clearly not the Biblical View of Satan. The Holy Scriptures do not sustain this position and it is most unfortunate that many people in the modern church world have become victims of this unscriptural teaching.

                       The Premillennial View of Satan

The premillennial view of Satan is espoused by millions of people who worship in the fundamental churches of the western world.  Since the theology of premillennial teaching holds tot he idea that Satan is basically a supernatural, omnipresent, omniscient being with all power and authority, it is easy to see how they would surrender this earth to Satan and seek to make their exit out through the doctrine of the rapture. The premillennial people see Satan as the “god” of this world and the final victor over the earth.

The only Kingdom they see is a “Jewish Kingdom” which is apparently the work of Satan and God together on an equal plane. They place Satan in absolute charge. The Kingdom of Jesus Christ wanes before the onrushing power of Satan in premillennial theology. The final dominion of this earth belongs to Satan. Satan is worshiped as though he were god. A great amount of all preaching and worship in the fundamental church world is devoted to exonerating Satan as a supernatural, omniscient, omnipresent being who is everywhere on earth at once and who also is present in hell torturing millions of living souls.

The premillennial position ascribes unwarranted power to Satan. It is not a Biblical View and cannot be supported by the Scriptures. This theology would surrender the earth and the fullness thereof to Satan. It seeks to rob man of all responsibility for claiming dominion of this earth in the name and for the glory of Jesus Christ. Premillennial thinking has caused man to evolve a fire‑escape religion. Man seeks to escape from this earth, surrender the kingdoms of this world to Satan, allow the anti‑Christ to rule and have dominion over this earth, and for evil to be triumphant. It denies victory in Jesus Christ.

Man cannot overcome evil, for Satan is the god of this world, the prince of this world, and he claims all dominion of this earth with the enshrinement of the anti‑Christ. The only kingdom the premillennial people see is a Jewish Kingdom. They see no Christian Dominion under Jesus Christ, the King of this earth. They see no Kingdom ruled over by Jesus Christ prior to the rule of the anti‑Christ.

They have surrendered the world to Satan. Thus they have evolved a form of Devil Worship. Satan is worshiped  as god. The fear of Satan becomes the basis for most conversion. It promotes a fear psychosis of Satan and his power over man and the earth. It denies the Sovereignty of Jesus Christ and the ultimate Victory of His Kingdom over this world. The premillennial viewpoint of Satan is not a Biblical viewpoint. It is not Scriptural. It is indeed a fabrication of lies which holds man in moral bondage. This viewpoint of Satan cannot be held by any Christian who honors Jesus Christ and the Bible.

                      The Postmillennial View of Satan

The Postmillennial view of History sees the world coming daily under the rule of Christian thought and philosophy. It foresees a final victory of this earth by Christian men and the establishment of Christ’s Kingdom without a personal return of Jesus Christ back to this earth prior to the victory of this Kingdom over the earth.

The postmillennial theology would see Satan as almost non‑existent, or if he did exist, he would exert little if any power in the earth. This viewpoint of history and of the Bible denies Satan any valid position as to power and authority in this earth. While this position is certainly more valid than either the amillennial or premillennial position with regard to Satan, it is not entirely void of weakness. This position is closer to the truth, but is still extremely far from the true teaching of the Bible with regard to Satan. Those who take an extreme position in the postmillennial viewpoint of history and of the Bible would deny the existence of Satan.

Those who take an extreme position and deny the  existence of Satan are probably beyond the stand taken by most postmillennial Christian people. Those who deny the  existence of Satan, who deny that the Holy Scriptures teach the existence of a Satan, and who teach that Satan is only symbolic of evil or an “evil thought” or “lust” in man’s mind and/or heart, are unknowingly according Satan his greatest victory which is to deny that he exists. Satan’s most overwhelming victory is to convince man that he does not exist.

To deny the  existence of Satan is just as extreme as those who accord him supernatural, omniscient, omnipresent power over the earth, its people, and hell. Neither position is a valid Biblical Viewpoint.  Both extremes are wrong and both deny the Biblical Viewpoint of Satan which will be discussed later.

Those who take the extreme position that there is no  Satan usually end up defending this position by trying to argue that Satan is a scapegoat upon which people can impute their own sins and not bear responsibility for their actions. This type of behavior, Flip Wilson style, “The Devil Made Me Do It,” may indeed be used by many irresponsible people who seek to find a scapegoat upon whom they can impute their sins.

This faulty thinking only demonstrates their utter lack of Biblical Understanding of Satan and his fallen nature which is still a process of captivating the minds of many Christian people. Those who seek to blame their “sins” upon Satan and use him as their  scapegoat have failed to do business with the problem of sin, and those who would deny the existence of a  Satan because people would say, “The Devil Made Me Do It,” do not understand the cause of Original Sin and the result of Original Sin.

Man’s denial of a  Satan means that they ultimately must impute all sin to God. A denial of Satan means that there was no original sin for a denial of Satan leaves us with a first cause. We are left with a result, “sin,” but we are without a first cause, the tempter, who tempts, when we deny the existence of a  Satan. If we deny the  existence of Satan then God has no enemy and if God has no enemy then His Children are without enemies. If Satan is only a “state of mind” or an “evil thought in man’s mind” then does this mean that Jesus Christ is only a “good thought” or a good presence of mind?

Those who deny the  existence of Satan have allowed Satan to score his greatest victory¼the victory of conning man into believing that he “Satan” does not exist is the greatest victory we can accord the Devil. Those who deny the  existence of Satan are trapped in faulty thinking. If there was not Satan to tempt the first Adam, then the temptation of the Second Adam (Jesus Christ) cannot be valid. If Satan is just an evil thought in the mind, does this mean that Jesus Christ is just a good thought in the mind?

If Satan is just an “evil thought” and without form, does this mean that Jesus Christ is only a “good thought” and without form? Those who deny the existence of Satan have openly declared war on Almighty God. They have denied the Bible view of Satan as we shall shortly see. If there is not  Satan to bear God’s Righteous Judgment as the First Cause of “Original Sin” then can man also expect to escape the judgment for his sin against God?

Those who deny the existence of Satan and his demons have apparently been blind to the testimony of six thousand years of history during which time Satan and his minions, as well as the work of Original Sin in the heart of Adam Man, had done its job upon this earth. To deny  Satan is to assault the Word of God. It is humanism carried to the final brink! It is man attempting to be his own idiot god and to deny the clear record of the Holy Scriptures of the Living God.

Those who would deny the existence of Satan as the first tempter of Adam man have failed to do business with the most basic presuppositions of Bible Truth. What was the first cause of original sin? What was Original Sin? How did Original Sin influence Adam man? What is the difference between the result of Adam’s transgressions to the heart of Adam man verses the original cause of his fall?


If the personification of evil (the first cause which prompted the fall of Adam man) is without bodily form does this mean the personification of good (the remedy for Adam’s justification through Jesus Christ) can be without body form?

Does the denial of a Satan present valid ground for those who claim that Jesus Christ was a historical myth? That he was only an “idea in the mind of fanatics” who  were seeking illusions of grandeur? The end result of denying a  Satan is to deny a  Jesus Christ. The end result of the declaration that Satan was only a symbol of evil, is to say that Jesus Christ is only a symbol of good. The denial of a Satan in Scripture is an open declaration of war against the Truth of God’s Word.

It can only mean the ultimate end of Humanism, man seeking to legislate His own ideas above the declaration of Scripture. To teach a denial of Satan is to also teach a denial of Demons. The denial of a Satan also presents a frontal assault against the  existence of Angelic beings. This position cannot be defended by the teaching of the Bible. If represents the depravity of man seeking to rearrange the Ordered events of Almighty God. Let us now proceed to find what the Bible Teaches about Satan.

                           The Biblical View of Satan

The Biblical View of Satan is clearly laid out in the Holy Scriptures. From Genesis to Revelation the narrative of the sacred scriptures presents one unified picture of a personage called Satan, the Devil, that “old” serpent, the Dragon and this being is presented in the Holy Bible as a Created, Defeated Rebel who has been Defeated, Judged, and placed within well defined boundaries by an All powerful, omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscient GOD who holds all power and all authority both in Heaven and in Earth.

The Biblical view of Satan is that while he still stands as the great adversary against Almighty God, seeking to impede and intimidate the purposes and plan of God, he is a defeated rebel who has already lost the battle. First and foremost, the Bible presents Satan as a created being. The Bible sets forth Satan as the creation of Almighty God The Creator.

Secondly, the Holy Scripture sets forth Satan as a defeated rebel, one who has been found guilty of lawless rebellion against God, and a Fallen Creature who stands under indictment from God and absolutely chained within the perimeter established by God’s Sovereignty. Thirdly, the Bible does establish Satan as a person. There is one Satan and many Demons presented in Scripture.

The Bible does not present Satan as any type of supernatural, omnipresent, omniscient being with all power and authority, but, on the contrary, the Bible presents Satan as a created rebel, who engaged in lawless rebellion against Almighty God, who was openly defeated, and judged, and now knowing that his days are short in the earth.

Satan seeks to lead forth the forces of darkness as their captain. While the Bible teaches that Jesus Christ is the embodiment of all light and truth, Satan is the captain of darkness and unrighteousness. They are not coequals for Satan has already been defeated, his time for opposing God has been regulated by God, His sentence of Death has been handed down, and Satan knowing that his days are numbered, seeks to lead the forces of darkness in opposition to God in these final days of history.

The Biblical view of Satan is clearly outlined in Scripture. First Satan is presented as an anointed Cherub, as a leading Arch‑Angel of Light. He is a created being of God who sought to become his own God (Isaiah 14:12‑21) and through open lawless rebellion he was, along with a third of the Angelic Forces (Revelation 12:4) cast out of the heavens and defeated by Michael. (Revelation 12:7‑9). This was Satan’s first defeat.

Again Satan suffered mortal wounds in that every generation of history since the advent of Adam, has witnessed the survival of a righteous and holy remnant of the Abrahamic Seedline in this earth. Satan has never achieved a total victory over God’s Family in this Earth.

Every generation of Saints has overcome his wiles. Today after nearly six thousand years of testing, the Saints of Almighty God, the Seed of Isaac remain undaunted from the attack of Satan and his Demons. Satan has been defeated but he continues to work his work of darkness in this earth. His absolute defeat came when Jesus Christ rose form the tomb to conquer death, sin, and the grave. Now, Satan has been deposed of his greatest weapon, “death,” and he stands as a totally defeated rebel of darkness, awaiting his final judgment here at the ending of this age.

Greg L. Bahnsen is his essay on The Person, Work, and Present Status of Satan as recorded in the Journal of Christian Reconstruction, Vol. 1, No. 2, Winter, 1974, a Chalecedon Ministry, has done a most commendable job of presenting the Biblical Viewpoint of Satan.

Bahnsen writes on Satan as follows: “Satan is a person. He cannot be rationalized away as a pre‑scientific myth of literary personification. He moves (I Peter 5:8), works (Ephesians 2:2) knows (Revelation 12:12), speaks (Matthew 4:3), plots (II Corinthians 2:11), desires (Luke 22:31), disputes (Jude 9), deceives (II Corinthians 11:3), feels emotion (Revelations 12:12; I Timothy 3:6; James 2:19), tempts (I Thessalonians 3:5), makes promises (Matthew 4:9), sins (I John 3:8), and engages in many other activities  of a personal nature¼

The disapprobation felt towards Satan by the inspired writers is manifest from their designation of him as the evil one (Matthew 6:13. 13:19,38; John 17:15; Ephesians 6:16, I John 2:13‑14; 3:12; 5:18‑19), slanderer (Matthew 4:1, 11; Luke 4:2, 6; I Timothy 3:6‑7; II Tobin 2:26; I Peter 5:8; Revelation 12:9; 20:2), adversary (I Pet. 5:8), enemy (Matthew 13:28‑29), accuser (Revelation 12:10), destroyer (I Corinthians 10:10), and a world‑ruler of darkness (Ephesians 6:12); the recoil from him as a liar and a murderer (John 8:44), angel of the bottomless pit (Revelation 9:11), roaring lion (I Peter 5:8), red dragon (Revelation 12:3‑17, 20:2), and the old serpent (Revelation 12:9, 20:2; II Corinthians 11:3).

               In the Holy Bible Satan is presented as the prince of the Demons. The Bible presents one devil (diabolos) but many demons (daimonia). The Bible clearly portrays Satan as leading the demonic forces and these demons are, according to scripture, the spirits of the created angels, that left their first estate (Jude 6, II Peter 2:4, and Revelation 12:4) and who now seek to inhabit bodies. In Matthew 9:34, Satan is called “the prince of demons.” The Word of God declares in Matthew 12:43‑45 and Mark 5:12 that demons seed to occupy physical bodies and their primary modus operandi is this earth is to inhabit the physical bodies of people.

The gospels alone record fifty‑two cases of demon possession with the word “demonic” occurring fifty‑five times and the phrase “unclean” or “evil spirit (s)” appearing twenty‑eight times. For classic cases of demon possession read Matthew 8:28‑34; 9:32‑33, 12:22; 15:22‑29; 17:14‑18; Mark 1:23‑26; 16:9. The Word of God makes a very clear distinction between demon possession and sickness or disease.

Demon possession is presented in Scripture as an actual occurrence, not merely as s metaphorical description. Luke, a physician himself, makes this distinction between demon possession and sickness very clear and separated them in (Luke 4:33‑36, 40‑41, 6: 17‑18; 9:1‑2).  For a thorough reading on Satan and demons refer to the excellent article written by Greg L. Bahnsen in the Journal of Christian Reconstruction, pages 11‑17, previously discussed.

The Bible view of Satan presents him to be first of all, a created Angelic personage who is graphically described in Ezekiel 28:11‑19 as being “¼perfect in thy ways from the day thou wast created, till iniquity was found in thee.” The Holy Scriptures thus present Satan as a created angel of the Living God. Ezekiel in describing Satan, had called him King of Tyrus Ezekiel 28:12 and declared that he had been in Eden, the garden of God.

The King of Tyrus representing Satan is not to be confused with the Prince of Tyrus discussed earlier. The Prince of Tyrus was a type of Satan. The real message of Ezekiel is clearly discussed in Ezekiel 28:11‑19. He was the anointed cherub (Ezekiel 28:14), he was perfect in his ways from the day of his creation until iniquity was found in him, (Ezekiel 28:15), his heart was lifted up because of his apparent beauty (Ezekiel 28:17), his wisdom was corrupted by reason of his brightness and he was to be cast down to the ground (Ezekiel 28:17). All of these conditions describe the fall of Satan as the created angel of the living God.

Apparently, according to numerous scriptures in the Bible, Satan held a position of great authority and may have even been in charge of this earth before the formation of the Adam man. In any event the Bible presents him as the “anointed cherub that covereth,” (Ezekiel 28:14) and he had been in the Garden of Eden (Ezekiel 28:13) something that the prince of Tyrus had never done by any stretch of the imagination. Ezekiel 31:16 describes his great fall from his position of high rank and authority. All of Ezekiel 31:1‑18 lends itself to the study of Satan and his fall from high rank and authority.

Ezekiel 31:16‑18 is absolute evidence that the Bible is talking about the fall of Satan from a very exalted position as a created angel of God. In Isaiah 14:12‑21 we have laid before us some very dynamic verses of scripture regarding the nature of Satan’s sin before God. Again Isaiah 14:12 addresses itself to “Lucifer” not to the King of Babylon as depicted in Isaiah 14:4.  The King of Babylon was only a type of “Lucifer.”

Satan was the primary objective of this Scriptural utterance. Lucifer, the Day Star, the anointed Cherub, had involved himself in Lawless Rebellion against Almighty God. The creature (Lucifer) sought to be his own god. He sought to exalt his throne above the stars of God, to ascend above the heights of the clouds, and do all the other acts and sins outlined in Isaiah 14:12‑14; 14:17 clearly points to Satan who refused to open the house of his prisoners.

The “pit” in verse 19 is that bottomless pit of Revelations 20, which is reserved for Satan. Almighty God in Isaiah 14:21 declared that slaughter be for his (Satan’s children) that they not fill the face of the world with cities. (Isaiah 14:21). Note that Cain was the fist builder of cities.

 In Revelation 12:7‑9 we have recorded where Satan, that “old” serpent, the Devil, waged war against Michael and his angels and there he was, along with the angels who left their first estate (Jude 6 and II Peter 2:4) cast out of heaven. The Dragon, who was that old serpent, the Devil and Satan (Revelation 12:9 and 20:2) had take a third of the angelic host with him in his rebellion against God (Revelation 12:4). These angels had left their first estate and had followed Lucifer, that “old serpent” the Dragon in his rebellion against God.

Satan’s fall from heaven described in Revelation 12:9 was also described in Ezekiel 31:16‑18. Revelation 9:1 depicts Satan as a

"¼Star fall from heaven unto the earth: and to him was given the key to the bottomless pit.”

Satan was the star that fell. Jesus Christ himself stated that

“I beheld Satan as lightening fall from heaven.” (Luke 10:18)

Here we have Ezekiel, Isaiah, John and Jesus Christ all talking about Satan’s fall from a position of grandeur.

Jeremiah 4:23‑26 discusses the conditions that befell the earth when Lucifer, the Day Star, was cast out of the heavens and into the earth following his assault against the Throne of God. When reading Jeremiah 4:23‑26 also read Isaiah 14:15‑16. Keep in mind that Isaiah 14:15 declares the final end of Satan: “Yet thou shalt be brought down to hell, to the sides of the pit.”

The Biblical View of Satan is therefore one of a created angel, an angel of high rank and authority how led a lawless rebellion against God, was soundly defeated and cast down to earth to work his works of darkness in the earth for he knows that he has only a short time left.  (Revelation 12:12).

Satan is clearly defined under many different titles in the Holy Bible. He is called Lucifer in Isaiah 14:12 which in Hebrew is translated heylel from halal meaning to shine, to make a show, the morning star. His name Satan is form #7854 sawtawn from #7853 an opponent, a prim. root to attack, accuse (be an) adversary. Satan, the arch‑enemy of good, adversary, Satan, withstand.

The word Satan in the Greek as used in the New Testament comes from #4567 Satanas of chald. or corresp. to #4566 (with the def. Affix.) the accuser, i.e. the devil, Satan, #4566¼Satan the Devil. Satan is called the Devil  which in the Greek New Testament #1228 means diabolos, from 1225; a traducer; spec. Satan, false accuser, devil, slanderer. He is called Serpent as in Genesis 3:1‑14 which in the original Hebrew comes from #5172 (nachash) a prim. root, to hiss, whisper, certainly divine, enchanter, enchantment, learn by experience, indeed, diligently observe.

Satan is called a Dragon as in Revelation 12:9 which comes from the original Greek #1404 drakon, a fabulous kind of serpent (perh. as supposed to fascinate): dragon. Satan is called Beelzebub as in Matthew 12:24 which comes from an original Greek word #955 Belial, beeleeal; worthlessness; Belial, as an epithet of Satan. Satan is called Abaddon as in Revelation 9:11 which comes from the Hebrew means destruction. Again in Revelation 9:11 Satan is called Appollyon which in the Greek means Destroyer. Satan is thus known by these and many other titles in the Holy Scripture of Truth. Note: All numbers come from the Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance to the Holy Bible.

The Bible makes its first introduction to Satan in Genesis 3:1‑14 when he appeared as a fallen Angel (of light) II Corinthians 11:1‑15, under the title of Serpent. The Serpent in the Garden of Eden as Satan. This is why Satan is called that “old serpent” in Revelation 12:9 an 20:2.

Remember the word Serpent used in Genesis 3:1‑14 comes from the Hebrew #5175 (Nachash)¼a prim. root, to hiss, whisper, certainly divine, enchanter, enchantment, learn by experience, indeed, diligently observe. Satan appeared as St. Paul declares, as an angel of light in the Garden of Eden. He was the first cause of Original Sin.  Satan sought to tell and convince Adam and Eve that they could be their own god. Satan’s original fall from God was that he wanted to be his own god.

Now in the Garden of Eden he sought to convince Eve that she, too, could be her own idiot god and engage in rebellion. THE ORIGINAL SIN, IN THE GARDEN OF EDEN, WAS LAWLESS REBELLION AGAINST ALMIGHTY GOD, IT WAS ADAM MAN, UNDER THE INFLUENCE OF THE SERPENT, SEEKING TO BECOME HIS OWN GOD. For a very thorough discussion of the Serpent in the Garden of Eden see Appendix #19 in the Companion Bible, Samuel Bagster and Son Limited, 4 New Bridge Street, London, England EC4.

You must read this Appendix #19 on the Serpent. Your education of the Serpent will not be complete until you thoroughly read the digest Appendix #19 on the Serpent. I wish to quote one paragraph form this lengthy article on the serpent as follows: But for the figurative language of verses 14 and 15 no one would have thought of referring the third chapter of Genesis to a snake: no more than he does when reading the third chapter from the end of Revelation 20:2.

Indeed, the explanation added there, that the “old Serpent” is the Devil and Satan, would immediately lead one to connect the word “old” with the earlier and formed mention of the serpent in Genesis 3 and the fact that it was Satan himself who tempted “the second man.””the last Adam,” would force the conclusion that no other than the  Satan could have been the tempter of the “first man, Adam.”

Today the modern church world, with tens of thousands of ministers, teaches that the Serpent in the Garden of Eden was a literal snake. They deny that the serpent was Satan even when the Holy Scriptures declare the serpent to be Satan as is evidenced in Revelations 12:7‑9 and 20:2.

The doctrine that the serpent in the modern church world. This is not what the Bible teaches. The Word of  God declares that the serpent in the Garden of Eden was Satan. He appeared to Eve as an Angel of light.  (II Corinthians 11:1‑15) Satan was the tempter of Adam and Eve. The serpent, appearing as an angel of light was the first cause of original sin. He beguiled the first Adam man into believing that (EVE) could be her own god. Original sin must be imputed to Satan, the father of lies. He appeared as a fallen angel, clothed in false light, he appeared to Eve as if he were GOD, in fact Eve apparently thought that the Serpent was God, for she thought that Cain was from God. (Genesis 4:1).

According to St. Paul (II Corinthians 11:15) Satan’s ministers, those flesh beings who follow him, are all transformed as though they were ministers of light. Today the lie of the Serpent, that Man can be His own idiot God, now covers the earth. For Humanism, the religion of the “Old Serpent” is now the religion of this world. The god of Humanism is sex, and it was through this medium that the “old serpent” caused our parents to fall.

Today the sex of humanism is worshiped throughout the world as though it were god. The lie of the Old Serpent  goes on unabated and only those with sterile minds can fail to see that Satan is a real person, still telling the lie of ancient history, in the Garden of Eden, that Man can be his own god. The sin of lawlessness and rebellion still permeates the earth and a group of flesh beings that Jesus Christ called serpent (Matthew 23:33) stand in the earth to continue the will and work of that “old serpent” of Genesis 3:1‑14.

In order to clearly understand the Biblical View of Satan, acting out the role of that “old serpent” in the Garden of Eden, it is necessary to examine the first cause of sin, that is original sin. The Original Sin, the first cause, must be separated from “sin” the result of the first cause.

When Adam Man was driven out of the Garden of Eden he left with a fallen nature. He had lost his spiritual dimension in Jesus Christ. This fallen nature, this root of sinful lust and passion which the “Old Serpent” planted in our Race has caused every child of Almighty God to fight the warfare of two nature¼fighting for supremacy. One nature, that of the inner man, the spirit man, the celestial man, is at war with the fallen man, the sensual fallen nature of man.

Because the Old Serpent through Original Sin, the first cause, instituted this propensity to sin, the fallen nature of Adam man, it was not necessary for Satan to make a  confrontation with each member of Adam’s Race following the original sin. Satan, like a General commanding a war, operates a command post and directs the warfare against the purposes and plan of God, including the Children of God.

Although he can become personally involved if he so chooses (as he did the case of Job and then in the  temptation of Jesus Christ, as well as in the life of David in getting him to number Israel) Satan now has an army of flesh and blood beings who are dedicated to his work in this earth. These satanic children of Satan are clearly labeled by Jesus Christ in Matthew 23, Mark 7, in Luke 11, and in John 8.

The Jews of Revelation 2:9 and 3:9 constitute that serpent race who today comprise Satan’s army in the earth. Satan commands this army of evil doers in the earth today and they seek to prevent the Kingdom of God from coming into the earth. Again, you must make a distinction between “sin” and “original sin.”

Original Sin is now abiding in every seed of Adam and only Jesus Christ, His shed Blood and the Office and Work of the Holy Spirit can expunge that sin from Adam man and make him a new creature. It is imperative that we remember that it was the “old serpent” the Devil and Satan who was the first cause of all sin.

Again, the Biblical View of Satan is that he was created, but defeated rebel against Almighty God. Satan is  now limited by the Sovereignty of Jesus Christ. He is on a stake. The limitations of Satan are placed there by God. Satan could only operate within circumscribed limits imposed by God’s Sovereignty.

Satan has been defeated at  every point. He was defeated when he attempted his assault against the authority of God.  (Revelation 12: 7‑9). He was defeated when he sought to tempt the First Adam for Jesus Christ (the Second Adam) rose from the dead and brought life and resurrection and conquered death¼again bringing defeat to Satan. Satan also lost when he sought to tempt the Second Adam (Jesus Christ), was defeated.

Satan has  been judged and found guilty. His sentence, like all lawless rebellion against Almighty God, is one of eternal death. His doom is sure. His end is sealed by the Sovereignty of Jesus Christ. Satan’s time is now very short. (Revelation 12:12) He now works and leads as the captain of the forces of darkness to oppose and impede the progress of God’s Kingdom into this earth.

In final summation the Biblical View of Satan is that doom is sure. This Anointed cherub, this highest among the Arch‑Angels, is now defeated, judged, and awaits the day of his binding in the bottomless pit. (Revelation 20:1‑2) In the meantime he goes forth upon this earth, to lead the forces of darkness into all corners of the earth. Although chained and limited by God’s absolute sovereignty.

Satan is still very strong and his followers include a third of the fallen angels, together with legions of demonic spirits from these fallen angels. His army is also made of millions of flesh and blood beings whom Jesus Christ traced back to Cain. (Matthew 23:35 and John 8:44) In addition, according to St. Paul, as recorded in Ephesians 6:10‑18, Satan now commands not only flesh ad blood beings but he has powers, principalities, rulers of the darkness of this world, and spiritual wickedness in high places at his command. The command word of God in Ephesians 6:10‑11 is for the Saints of the Living God to

“be strong in Yahweh, and in the power of his might. Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rules of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand¼”

It is imperative to remember that the greatest theater of Satan’s warfare against Almighty God is behind the pulpit. The pulpit is the chief battlefield of this satanic warfare for Satan will allow much truth to be taught if he can embody his “big lie.”

Today Satan has been successful in causing a majority of churches (nearly all preachers) and a large number of people to believe that the serpent, the tempter of the first Adam, was a literal snake and that the tempter of the second Adam, Jesus Christ, was not a literal Satan.

If you hear this type of heresy form the lips of any minister you will know that he is under strong delusion  that he should believe such a lie. Remember that Satan comes with great power and “signs and lying wonders, and with all deceivableness and unrighteousness in them that perish; because they received not the love of the truth¼” (II Thessalonians 2:9‑10)  When Satan can convince men that he does not exist he has achieved his greatest victory.

For when men deny the existence of Satan they have bought the lie of the serpent, that man can be his own God. Christian men and woman who walk in the light of Jesus Christ and the truth of the Holy Scriptures will not be deceived by Satan nor by false apostles appearing as ministers of light. We will stand fully armed in this earth wearing the armour of Jesus Christ, realizing that we are fighting a Satan, as well as a satanic host (Ephesians 6:12) that not only includes a Satan, put powers, principalities, the rulers of the darkness of this world and spiritual wickedness in high places. The original Greek rendering of this verse will reveal that we face a very formidable army, a manifestation of Satan is everywhere to be observed. The culmination of Satan’s work can now be seen everywhere.

As children of the Living God, we will stand with Jesus Christ, knowing that obedience to Him and His every Word will bring Satan to his certain doom and judgment. Today the children of light, the seed of Isaac, the Covenant Seed of the Kingdom, will stand only in fear of Jesus Christ, seeking to be obedient to His every Law. They know that Satan, though powerful, and standing in this earth as the captain of the children of darkness, is on a leash, Satan stands as a fallen angel, as a defeated Rebel, and His doom is sure.

In the meantime he stands as a great adversary in this earth to oppose Jesus Christ and the Children of light. Today the Children of Jesus Christ, standing upon solid rock of the Holy Bible can be sure of the Biblical Exegesis of Satan. They can know and understand their arch enemy and be on guard against his subtlety. For the goal of Satan is still unchanged from Eden. He seeks to get every Adam man to be his on idiot god. To engage in lawless rebellion against Jesus Christ and the Law.

As children of the living God, fighting for the Crown Rights of Jesus Christ, and standing strong against Satan, his demons, and all the powers of darkness, we will, as did the famous Martin Luther of the Protestant Reformation, stand with the full faith and assurance in Jesus Christ when he declared:

“And though this world with devils filled, Should threaten to undo us, We will not fear, for God hath willed His truth to triumph through us, We will not fear, for God hath willed His truth to triumph through us. The prince of darkness grim, We tremble not for him; His rage we can endure, For lo! his doom is sure; One little word shall fell him."

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