Watchman Willie Martin Archive


by: Willie G. Martin

A politician who was a lawyer and a judge lay on his bed, Thinking about the days which had fled. He fell asleep with a troubled brain, And dreamed he rode on a hell-bound train.

The passengers were quite a crew,

Politicians, lawyers, judges, atheist, Gentile and Jew. Rich men in silk, poor men in rags, Beautiful ladies, and dried up old bags.

Yellow, Black, Red, Brown men and White,

All chained together, it was such a sight.

The boiler was filled with laws of greed,

And the devil hisself was leader of the breed.

Out of the distance there arose such a yell,

We're nearing Hell, We're nearing Hell.

How the passengers did shriek with pain,

For the devil to stop the train.

But he clapped and shouted with glee,

As he laughed and joked at their misery.

My faithful friends, you have done the work,

And the devil a payday he can't shirk.

You've bullied the weak, you've robbed the poor,

A starving brother you've turned from the door.

Justice you've trampled and scorned, and corruption you've sown.

God's Word and His Son you've scoffed at with scorn.

You've rioted and cheated and plundered and lied,

You've mocked at God and man in your hell-born pride. You paid the full price of the fare and I'll carry you through, For its only right you should have your due.

For the labors of hate and havoc you've wrought,

I'll land you safe in the lake of fire.

For the sins and wrongs you've brought,

A hail of stones and havoc you've wrought.

Satan will see you in hell,

you've cooled my ire.

Mr. Politician ------

He'll land you safely, in his big lake of fire!

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