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Just in case you missed this,  maybe a personal

touch would be  in order,

as this writer has 90%  of  the problem RACE,  but

does he know  WHO he

is nad WHY  he is  this well informed.  ?? bye, ms


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>Weapon Number One in the enemies' arsenal: the

Inconsequential "Controversy"


>It's a routine I'm sure you are all familiar with. I

call it "The Art of

>the Non‑Debate". Jews and their boot‑licking

lackies' have mastered it.

>Capitalism vs. Communism is a prime example. Both

systems represent total

>economic control concentrated in the hands of a

relatively small "elite".

>The exact details of how this global monopolization

is to be realized is a

>matter of very little concern to the system. What

matters to these insanely

>greedy individuals is that the World and everything

of value in it, ends up

>theirs. Communism was actually a more honest system

in a few important ways.

>Ours is a 'one‑party' system to, only we are

presented with the shell‑game

>of democracy to keep what should be obvious out of

our conscious day to day

>thoughts. Communism is "atheist", while we are

permitted to worship the

>Jewish people and their dysgenic gutter values, in

501c exempt churches.

>Communism rendered those living under it,

essentially propertyless, while

>liberal democracy requires us to "pay rent" on that

which we "own".


>In a nutshell, the art of the non‑debate consists of

two sides arguing over

>not WHETHER you are to die, but whether you should

receive the "chair" (the

>democrat's position), or you should enjoy a big fat

"last supper", before

>gently "falling asleep" under the influence of an

injection,(the republican

>position). Either way, your goose is cooked! There

is no "third position"

>ever presented in one of these Hannity &

Combs‑styled discussions. Not a

>single voice will be heard saying that perhaps you

shouldn't be killed at

>all. After all, that would be "extremist" and

"beyond the pale". There is in

>reality only ONE correct point of view. The only

"arguing" going on is how

>best to achieve the latest system goal.


>The real issue today is race. Religion, economics,

et al., lose all meaning

>when one grasps that we have perhaps two, maybe

three decades to reverse the

>course we are on. If America and all of the other

formerly White nations

>descend to a South African/Brazilian type status,

what monetary system they

>have, or what "gods" they worship, are a matter of

no concern to me. In "our

>own" country we are replaced to the tune of two

million+ "people" a year.

>Our numbers relative to the muds drop somewhere

between one half of one

>percent to one percent, annually. At the same time

this is happening we are

>daily losing healthy Aryan babies to the kosher

vacuum machines at the

>"choice" clinics. We are losing our young to the

filthy, pornographic

>propaganda that extols the virtues of White genocide

through the production

>of hybridized Colon Powell/MonHell Swilliams,

Frankensteinian monsters. As

>our slide to oblivion picks up steam, our clever,

cunning little adversaries

>continue to hypnotize the intellectual

couch‑potatoes with their tried and

>true games. The Carnies still draw in the rubes with

"controversial" issues

>like "queer boy‑scout masters", "the ten

commandments on the school‑room

>wall", "capital‑gains tax cut", "marriage penalty",

etc, etc. "The role of

>religion in society", "media violence" and all of

the rest of what makes up

>the average system‑shills "bag of tricks", are

designed for one purpose and

>one purpose only: To keep us from a TRUE awareness

as to what/who ails us!


>In closing, all "acceptable" forms of religion are

stamped "kosher" for

>goyim consumption. If it wasn't approved at some

traitorous "inter‑faith"

>conference, it is treated as "evil", "fringe",

blahh, blahh, blah. Same goes

>for issues like "integration" (the system code‑word

for White Genocide),

>"making the World safe for democracy), and on and on

on. We have no voice

>and no stake in the ZOG. One way I comfort myself is

with the knowledge that

>if the kike/white traitor establishment succeeds in

murdering our race, that

>that deed will be it's funeral wreath!

>‑Grant Bruer




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