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HAARP - Heavenly Music or Humanity's Requiem: Recently a book called "Angel's Don't Play This HAARP," by Jeane Manning and Dr. Nick Begich, became available. The authors claim in this book that an experiment now being conducted in Alaska, named HAARP (High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program), can:

1). Disrupt human mental process;

2). Jam all global communications systems;

3). Change weather patterns over large areas;

4). Interfere with wildlife migration patterns;

5). Negatively affect health;

6). Impact the earth's upper atmosphere.

At first blush, one would believe this was a far-out book by "amateur science-fiction writers," but upon an examination of the claims on the back cover with the strange weather patterns in recent years, and with knowledge of "Weather, and Environmental Modification Treaties," one should at least check the claims of the book out.

There is enough information, already available to fill two manila folders; and Jeane Manning is an experienced magazine journalist, reporter, and researcher, author of "The Coming Energy Revolution," and co-author of "Suppressed Inventions and Other Discoveries," published by Auckland Institute of Technology Press. Dr. Nick Begich is the eldest son of the late U.S. Congressman from Alaska, and holds a doctorate in traditional medicine.

First we must consider: What Is HAARP?

"Deep in a stunted spruce forest in the middle of Alaska the U.S. military has built an antenna that will be able to control the upper atmosphere (if it is not already doing it) with an energy beam. This may should like a pot-boiling Cold War novel, but Project a reality. Deliberately sited under the aurora borealis, the atmospheric glow known as the northern lights, HAARP will be able, say its designers, to communicate with submarines, remotely sense underground structures as tunnels or oil deposits, prolong life of satellites, boost radar; the list seems endless. Local protest groups accuse the military of mucking around with the environment and maintain that it is a dangerous attempt to control both the weather and the minds of U.S. citizens. HAARP is an ionospheric heater, and while there are others in the world, this is the biggest...By beaming powerful shortwave radiation into the ionosphere, HAARp heats up a patch of this charged plasma, changing its properties and moving it about...The Navy ran into great resistance when it tried to build an antenna to broadcast these waves on land... because people worried about the biological effects. One answer was to create a virtual antenna in the sky. High above HAARP, in the Arctic sky, glistens the aurora borealis." [1]

"HAARP is an array of dipole antennas that send a focused GW beam to the ionospheric layer for mostly nefarious purposes. The Air Force likes to point to defensive uses of HAARP...but Manning and Begich cite patents held by HAARP contractors that indicate the site would be far more useful as a large-scale beam weapon and a long-distance-signals intelligence platform." [2]

"The program is called HAARP...When finished, it will consist of 360 72-foot antennas in the town of Gakona, northeast of Anchorage. It will transmit a beam of high-frequency energy into the ionosphere, 35 miles to 500 miles above the earth, to heat and test the ionosphere as a way to improve military communications...But the strongest note of skepticism is sounded by a small group of American physicists, some of whom have aired complaints in scientific journals such as 'Physics and Society.' These physicists fear HAARP may not be simply the benign science experiment advocates described, but possibly phase one of a secret U.S. military program that could be seeking ways to blow other countries space-craft out of the sky or disrupt communications over large portions of the planet. The critics allege HAARP could be, in the words of New Jersey physicist Richard Williams, a consultant to the David Sarnoff Laboratory in Princeton, 'an irresponsible act of global vandalism.'" [3]

"Fried Sky?: Speaking of fantastic schemes: The Pentagon wants to fire intense radio energy into the upper atmosphere over Alaska. The secretive Pentagon project is called 'High-Frequency Active Auroral Research Program,' or HAARP, Mark Farmer reports in the September issue of 'Popular Science.' HAARP's goal is to use radio transmitters to inject 'high-frequency radio energy into the ionosphere to create huge, extremely low frequency virtual antennas' in the atmosphere that would act like upside-down radar: They could 'see' miles beneath the earth, even at sites thousands of miles away. So what? Well, for one thing, the device might be used to detect secret underground laboratories: such as buried nuclear weapons labs in Iraq. HAARP might also detect incoming cruise missiles. It may even 'destroy ballistic missiles by overheating their electronic guidance systems as they fly through (the) powerful radio-energy field,' says Farmer. Most bizarre of all, experts speculate, HAARP may be used to heat specific parts of the atmosphere thousands of miles away. In theory, the heat could trigger droughts or storms that would benefit U.S. military operations. Is HAARP non-sense? Or will it be the weapon of choice in future wars? Environmentalists have already expressed concerns about HAARP's potential adverse impact on the upper atmosphere. I don't know if their concerns are valid, but common sense dictates that we should proceed cautiously when messing with a realm as delicate and mysterious as the upper air. Besides, the moral and ethical implications of such power have yet to be seriously debated." [4]

According to a "Rocky Mountain News," item on the best-kept secrets by the government, HAARP was number nine on the list. Environmenta-lists are gravely concerned about how air-conditioning chemicals, or flatulent cows, are affecting the ozone, yet only a few scientists have expressed alarm about how HAARP may affect earth's gravitational field, weather patterns, or even human mental processes. If HAARP is to form a Star-Wars protective shield against missiles, this would explain why Congress suddenly abandoned the expensive Star Wars projects of the Reagan administration. Could a scientific weather-war explain the great drought, or other judgments, prophesied for the coming Tribulation?

Weather patterns that affect the United States originate in Alaska and northwest Canada, the regions where HAARP operates. In the last few years there have been many freakish weather patterns, but it would appear the weather this past year has been more freaky than usual. Here in West Texas we have experienced both the coldest and warmest weather on record in the current winter. So far, at this writing, we have had only .1 inch of rain in January through March, the driest months on record. Hundreds of thousands of acres of ranch-land has burned in the last three months alone. Anchorage had the driest winter on record until, in February, three feet of snow was dumped on the city within a few hours. While as far as we know there is no definite proof of a HAARP connection, there are strong suspicions that experiments are being conducted in Russia and the United States on weather control.

There appears to be considerable concern among many citizens of Alaska:

"Halt Testing, study HAARP...We must insist that the government immediately halt testing at the HAARP facility in Gakona until there is an adequate environmental study of this clandestine operation...Enough testing has been done to know that ELFs can unknowingly and invisibly affect the brain wave patterns and cause people to become very agitated, or worse. It also has the power to wipe out global communications and change weather patterns...Time is of the essence. This has the potential to harmfully affect every one of us." [5]

"Proceed cautiously on HAARP...To our scientists in Fairbanks involved in this product, the word is, 'Move forward with caution.'...The ionosphere is...a 'flowing river' of electricity. It is probable that during antenna array gain, power levels of about 1.1 billion watts can be achieved...Supply this energy with a 'down conductor,' an antenna array, during this period of time and, theoretically, you will vaporize the entire antenna array...HAARP will be firing at potentially dangerous power levels in March." [6]

"Although the latest James Bond Film, 'Golden Eye,' is fiction, it is based on cold war fact...The Test Ban Treaty of 1962 stopped all nuclear testing above ground, but now, 25 years after Christofilo's death, the HAARP project is keeping his ideas alive...This technology puts energy into the ionosphere but is much more subtle and controllable. It is this that makes 'Golden Eye' seem positively old-fashioned." [7]

"U.S. Senator Ted Stevens should be blue-ticketed out of Alaska for his major part in seeking and lobbying for money to fund the HAARP program, Star Wars, the Aurora Borealis project, and all other blatant acts of genocide to all Alaskans. Indeed, to all the people in the world...I'm going to vote... Hopefully, I'll still be alive since I live only six miles from the HAARP project...I am adamantly against ...this evil plan. Isgee (definition: I am afraid)..." [8]

"Here in Alaska the military is experimenting with HAARP, a laser weapon. Our Congressmen and military personnel reject concerns as 'science fiction.' Given their track records, the question is whether people should trust military and governmental officials." [9]

The preceding excerpts from letters to the editors are a few of many indicating an attitude of caution-to-alarm regarding HAARP.

The Tesla Connection: From pages 154-155 of "Angels Don't Play This HAARP," we find a statement by one of America's outstanding inventors, Dr. Patrick Flanagan, that in the future "ionospheric heater" electronic methods would be implemented to treat people. Dr. Flanagan developed the human-to-computer interface, the Neurophone. Keep in mind that the fears held for the HAARP project is mind and weather control. In March 1986 there was an article written about "Weather and Mind Control," [10] Following are excerpts from that article (keep in mind this was written ten years ago):

"Two things men have imagined to do that have not, as yet, become a reality are the control of the weather (controlling the weather and the environment which has already become a fact) and the mass control of the minds of others. However, there have been continuing work in these areas by scientists in Russia and the United States. For example, we quote from an article that appeared by columnist Jack Anderson on July 31, 1985: 'Can the human mind be short-circuited or even destroyed by extreme low-frequency radio waves? Preposterous as such an idea may seem, scientists on both sides of the Iron Curtain have been conducting secret studies on the subject. And though it bears the acronym ELF, there's nothing pixie like about the possible effect of Extremely Low-Frequency transmissions. Reputable scientists say they could be developed into yet another grisly weapon of mass destruction. The Navy is installing more than fifty miles of underground antenna in Wisconsin and Michigan to beam extremely low frequency messages to our submarines deep under the oceans...The ELF transmissions, the Navy maintains, are not of a level harmful to humans and animals. Fro years ELF research suffered under the cloud of parapsychology, into which it was lumped with such cockamamie concepts as time-war machines and inter-continental-mind-reading. Unfortunately for the human race, there's nothing silly about the potential effects of very low-level electromagnetic radiation on the nervous system. Ironically, the Soviets conducted the pioneer research in electromagnetic radiation back in the 1930s in hopes of giving scientific respectability to the notion of mental telepathy...But brain researchers in this country and elsewhere now acknowledge that those early Soviet scientists; like Columbus looking for India and stumbling across the New World, were the first to realize that very low-level radiation could have profound effects on the human organism, and frightening military uses. American researchers have told us that within ten or fifteen years scientists on both sides may learn how to interfere with the electrical impulses of the human brain by means of long-distance transmission of electromagnetic radiation. This interference could extend to 'switching off' the brain's vital functions: that is, killing the targeted victims. In fact, the Navy once funded a project called ELF and Mind Control, to determine whether ELF signals could upset individuals' brain functions to bring o hypertension or sudden death. The project was killed by a high-level Navy official when he found it in his budget; not because it was too horrifying, but because it smacked of psychic research, which he opposed. The Soviets may already have tested some such device against American personnel. From 1959 to 1978, mysterious micro-wave radiation was beamed at the U.S. embassy in Moscow. Official reports concluded that the Soviets may have been trying 'mind control' or 'electronic induction of illness.'"

ELF experiments have also been conducted in weather control. All such ELF projects in weather and mind control are credited to the scientific theories and experiments of Nikola Tesla, a Yugoslavian immigrant, who became a U.S. citizen in 1889. Concerning Dr. Tesla, we quote from the April 1985 edition of "Popular Communications," titled "Tesla, A Bizarre Genius.":

"The world of science is belatedly recognizing the genius of one of its most important, eccentric, and enigmatic inventors, Nikola Tesla. A century after he arrived penniless on the docks of New York City, Tesla is receiving credit for brilliant achievements that outdid those of his contemporaries, Edison and Marconi. And more than forty years after the recluse died in a Manhattan hotel room...he is being elevated to the pantheon of the world's great inventors. It was Nikola Tesla, not Marconi, who invented the first radio; it was Tesla, not Edison, who devised the system of electric power distribution now used throughout the world.

Working in small laboratories in mid-town Manhattan and Greenwich Village, Tesla invented the polyphase electric motor, the bladeless steam turbine, and the radio-guided torpedo. Some scientists say it was Tesla who conceived idea for a 'Star Wars' type of military shield in space. To help analyze and publicize the accomplishments of the reclusive genius, a group of scientists and engineers have formed the Tesla Centennial Committee and recently held a symposium, organized a museum exhibition, and persuaded the governor of Colorado to dedicate the month of August to Tesla. 'He helped spawn the industrial revolution,' says Toby Grotz, chairman of the Tesla Centennial Committee and an engineer at Martin Marietta Aerospace in Denver. 'It couldn't have happened without him. He came from a period when a single individual could still change the course of history.'...The proceedings of the symposium will be published by the New York-based Institute of Electrical Engineers, the world's largest such society...

In 1884 (Tesla)...went to work for Thomas Alva Edison. But the two quickly parted ways after a dispute over an invention...Edison backed direct current as the perfect electrical source of the future, and the two men fought a heated battle over the best system. It went down in science history as the 'war of the currents,' a contest Tesla won...The Centennial Committee says he went on to do much more than just spark the age of electricity; envisioning and inventing a dazzling array of futuristic devices...In 1943 the Justices of the Supreme Court of the United States overturned Marconi's patent because they found it had been preceded by Tesla's practical achievements in radio transmission. Another example is radar signals that can be reflected back from solid objects. As early as 1900, members of the Centennial Committee note, Tesla suggested that these wavelengths could be used for locating ships at sea...With a picket-size vibrator, he once told reporters, he could generate resonant tremors that would split the earth in two. He gave its resonant frequency as one hour and forty-nine minutes. Whatever the plausibility of his earth-splitting scheme, the rather precise estimate of the earth's frequency turned out to be close to the mark, as was demonstrated during the great Chilean earthquake of 1960, when geophysicists were able to measure the time it took waves to travel back and forth through the earth...In a paper entitled 'Star Wars Now!' Thomas E. Bearden, a retired nuclear engineer and Army war games analyst, noted what he said were a number of designs for making weapons based on Tesla's more exotic ideas. The ypothetical devices included what he termed a Tesla howitzer and a Tesla shield that could allegedly stop Soviet missiles." [11]

The preceding article from the "New York Times" also reported Tesla's experiments in Colorado in producing lightning relating to weather control. The music, art, literature, or scientific theorems proposed by many geniuses are often not appreciated by contemporaries because they are hundreds of years ahead of their time. Such seemed to be the case with Tesla as only in the past decade have scientists become interested in his experiments and inventions to any great degree. Over seven hundred of Tesla's patents are on record at the U.S. Patent Office in Washington, D.C., but Tesla is now being heralded as the father of mind control, weather control, and the "Star Wars" program.

In December 1974, Howard Benedict of the Associated Press in Washington filed a report on the subject of weather warfare entitled "The Weather - As a Secret Weapon?":

"Last October, the Soviet Union introduced a resolution in the United Nations asking the Geneva disarmament conference to outlaw weather research for military purposes. The Soviet ambassador, Mr. Jacob Malik, said scientists had concluded that a future weather weapons arsenal might even include the ability to create 'acoustic fields on the sea and ocean surface to combat individual ships or whole flotillas.'...Russia has a known VLF station at Riga and a suspected on at the South Pole location of Vostok...It cannot fail to impress the reader that the draft treaty presented to the August 1975 Geneva Conference on international disarmament by delegates from both the United States and the U.S.S.R. contained the ban of nineteen man-made weather catastrophes. Specifically, they included the triggering of avalanches and landslides; awakening volcanoes and causing earthquakes; guiding hurricanes or cyclones to strategic targets; melting ice caps to flood nearby coastal states; changing directions of rivers; generating fog, hail, and rain; and deliberately destroying portions of the earth's ozone shield."

As we have already noted, the Russians have not only experimented with Nikola Tesla's discoveries in controlling weather by low frequency electrical emissions, but the Kremlin has also used ELF in mind control. One must wonder if such methods may not be used to bring all the world to one mind to accept a One World Government?

Electronic Mind Control: The Russian mind-altering apparatus is called the "Woodpecker," and quoting from the April 1984 edition of "Popular Communications":

"Five years ago, Ira Einhorn, writing in 'CoEvolution Quarterly,' noted the exact synchronicity between the Woodpecker's shortwave pulses and naturally occurring alpha brainwave frequencies. In his article, 'A Disturbing Communiqu,' Einhorn advanced the opinion that the Russians were engaged in a sinister 'mind control' experiment of Orwellian dimensions. He traced the design of the Woodpecker transmitter to sketches found in the notebooks of the electrical engineering genius, Nikola Tesla. There is new evidence that Einhorn was right. According to an AP report, Dr. Ross Adey, chief of research at the Pettis Memorial Veterans Hospital in Loma Linda, California, has obtained from Soviet colleagues a mini-Woodpecker transmitter known as the 'Lida.' Operating on a frequency of 40 MHz, the mini-Woodpecker 'bombards brains with low frequency radio waves,' and is being used experimentally by the Russians as 'a replacement for tranquilizers and their unwanted side effects.'...The pulsed radio waves 'stimulate the brain's own electromagnetic current and produce a trance-like state.' Adey has obtained a copy of the Russian-language manual describing use of the mini-Woodpecker. The manual says it is a 'distant pulse treatment apparatus' for psychological problems including sleeplessness, hypertension, and neurotic disturbances.' Adey is in fact aware of the controversy surrounding the shortwave Woodpecker. The AP report concludes: 'The lida may have been the forerunner of a device that is presently bombarding Europe and the United States with very powerful waves.'"

According to Howard Benedict of the Associated Press in Washington, Dr. Gordon McDonald of Dartmouth College, an internationally known geophysicists and astrophysicist,

"outlined a concept in which enhanced electrical oscillations in the earth's atmosphere might be used to impair human brains...He said research indicates that weak oscillating electrical fields con influence the brain causing small but measurable reduction in a person's performance...Lightning research has shown that it might be possible to control lightning to create such low frequency oscillations in the ionosphere."

The book "Trance Formation of America: Through Mind Control," by Cathy O'Brien with Mark Phillips, published by Global Trance Formation Info LTD., P.O. Box 158352, Nashville, Tennessee 37215; proves conclusively that the CIA and other government agencies have perfected "Mind-Control," through drugs and other medical procedures.

Therefore, we are faced with the reality, that there exists the capability to use low frequency signal stations on earth, or satellites in space, to create mass mental confusion, control the minds of men as well as the weather and environment. Responsible scientists have reported that it has been used in the past, and will be used to a greater degree in the future. [12]

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