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                                                     Who Are The Real Terrorists In America?

Although a vile and wicked man, he was elected to high office by the constitutional vote of a free people in a democratic country. However, this ungodly schemer realized that only a dramatic act of chaotic evil could catapult him toward total dictatorial power. Therefore, this national leader secretly ordered the tragic firebombing of a "Federal Building." It was a brilliant and diabolical move. Craftily, he blamed the fiery carnage on his enemies and cleverly inflamed public opinion against them by deft use of the media, which is always under the total control of the Left.

The national leader ordered law enforcement into action. Whereupon they promptly arrested an innocent man, planted evidence to frame him, and smugly announced to the nation that a "terrorist" guilty of the firebombing was in custody. Swift justice would be his lot and the death penalty meted out, the national leadership assured the frightened and, by now, angry masses.

However, law enforcement authorities warned that the arrested terrorist was, in fact, only one of many participants in a broader, national conspiracy of anti-government plotters. (Notice: There is no conspiracy of the government trying to take over and make a dictatorship of the nation, but that there was a conspiracy to destroy it - Does this seem like a double standard to you?)

These men and women, the government and the media explained, are professed "enemies of the state." What's more, if their bloody terrorist acts are to be prevented in the future, the people must now agree to give up some of their liberties in exchange for security. They must demand that the legislature pass new and very stiff "Draconian Laws" against terrorists immediately!

Laws like H.R. 916 which has been referred to the Committee on the Judiciary and states on page 3, beginning at line 16:  "§ 942. Unlawful acts (a) Offense. Except as provided in subsections (b) and (c), it is unlawful for a person to manufacture, import, export, sell, buy, transfer, receive, own, possess, transport, or use a handgun or handgun ammunition."

Law and Order, and respect for government was demanded, talk against the government must stop, and they would stop! Therefore, new, wide-ranging, anti-terrorist legislation must be quickly enacted. Constitutional prohibitions against illegal search and seizure must be relaxed. The Federal Government must be granted extraordinary investigative police powers. Only this, he counseled, will enable federal law enforcement to put an end to these mad terrorists, these shameless enemies of government.

Some, of course, opposed this massive increase in government police power. But the national leader was not to be deterred. He cagily hinted that anyone who opposed the government's plan were "haters of humanity," accomplices to the bombing of the federal building; they, too, he said, are social and religious pariahs, aliens to law and order. "We must purge the nation of this dark evil," trumpeted the national leader of this great democratic country. "Tighter gun control and firearms laws are necessary. Hate crime legislation is required. The negative, anti-government critics MUST be curbed - the voices of hatred and divisiveness MUST be silenced."

"Extremists (And Cultists) who would overthrow the government and who defame its institutions must not find a safe haven ever again," said the increasingly popular national leader. Remember, the most dangerous enemy to the state are those who follow a cult! "A Cultist is one who has a strong belief in the Bible and the Second Coming of Christ; who frequently attends Bible studies; who has a high level of financial giving to a Christian cause; who home schools his children; who has accumulated survival foods and has a strong belief in the 2nd amendment, and who distrusts big government." (Janet Reno, in a speech before an ATF luncheon, Washington, D.C.)

The people of the nation applauded. "Yes, everything will be set right by our national leader." His standing went up greatly in the polls, and he was sitting pretty. The people reasoned, "Our elected leader knows the best way. The anti-government protestors are, indeed, haters, cultists, and anarchists. Riff-raff. They must be harshly dealt with, the sooner the better."

"Yes," they roared and echoed in unison, "More national police are needed. More and more laws restricting our constitutional rights should and must be passed right away. It is he who wants only to protect us against the terrorists. In fact, we demand more power be given to the government and to our national leader! He knows who to tag as a terrorist. After all, it is he who deeply loves as and feels our pain; has he not shown it? It is he who wants only to protect us. He would never lie to us. We trust him.  Let us, therefore, use our federal police powers to destroy our enemies, these terrorists, these horrible, firebombing haters, cultists, fascist fanatics."

This is a tale of Two Cities: The above story is true. Indeed, it is, to use a Charles Dickens' phrase, A Tale of Two Cities. On February 27, 1933, Adolf Hitler, German's constitutionally elected leader, secretly ordered the firebombing of Berlin's Reichstag - a Federal Building roughly equivalent to our own nation's U.S. Capitol. The public outcry inevitably resulted in the dictatorial empowerment of the federal government. The SS Gestapo was created (A National Police Force, 100,000 strong), and a leader who had become hugely popular, Adolf Hitler, assumed virtually complete, totalitarian authority.

The people of Germany had gladly given up their constitutional rights and freedoms to a megalomaniac whom they unswervingly revered and trusted (The same as do the Democrats today) He spoke flatteries to them. He was for good against evil. He felt their pain and cried real tears while soothing their suffering. So Germany and the whole world entered a dark era of despair, horror, and death. And it all started with the clandestine torching of a single Federal Building!

As Santayana once said, "He who forgets the past is doomed to repeat it." And so, on April 19, 1995, a Federal Building was fire-bombed in Oklahoma City. President Bill Clinton, no doubt fully aware of Hitler's fantastic success with the same, outrageous scheme six and one-half decades prior, moved fast to follow in the Nazi Fuhrer's footsteps. His own, Himmler-type agent, FBI Director Louis Freech, in a speech in Oklahoma City, ranted and raved about "enemies of the state" and "haters of humanity." (Yes, he actually used those very terms!)

Any person who doubts that the Zionist/Globalist controlled U.S. Government is capable of bombing its own building in Oklahoma City should look at the following proven history of federally-engineered terror actions against the American people.

President Clinton's own, Hess-like agent, Attorney-General Janet Reno, arrogantly goose-stepped forward to the podium to announce that a mad bomber, though just one cog in a nationwide, terrorist conspiracy, had promptly been arrested. Once convicted, said Janet Reno, the evil Mr. Timothy McVeigh would pay the maximum penalty - Death!.

The American people, as the Germans before them, seem more than eager to oblige President Clinton and his henchmen in their lust-filled grab for the ultimate in government power and authority. The media have assured the ignorant and trusting masses that President Bill Clinton and his lovely wife, Hillary, would never lie to us. "Father" Bill and "Mother" Hillary adore and love our little children. Indeed, they love all of us. The government is only here to help you. Only believe...and you will remain safe and secure in your comfortable cocoons out in suburbia.

But distrust our national leader, they caution, and we will smash you. Criticize Big Brother, Big Sister, and their police state, and you may end up on the receiving end of an IRS or FBI investigation. Or worse, you may be accused of having drugs in your home, and the ATF, dressed in black ninja suits with hoods over their heads will break into your home in the middle of the night and kill you and your family.

All of a sudden, dissent has become dangerous. Under a number of new state and federal laws, an American citizen may no longer be permitted to present his or her thoughts in public, if the expressed opinion is considered by "anyone" to be in any way offensive to someone.

If you are accused of such a crime, a federal statute (Public Law 101-275) requires that your name be reported to the FBI within three months of the date of the occurrence of the "alleged" offense.

Recent court ruling have held that the First Amendment may not protect speech if what is said is considered offensive or harmful in some way. Under Federal Law, what you think and believe can, indeed, be a prosecutable offense, if your thoughts and opinions are publicly expressed. You man lose your job, have your property seized or be incarcerated under civil law, have heavy fines assessed against you and be thrown in jail for having an unpopular, or not politically correct.

Many Americans may be unaware that the enforcement mechanisms in place to combat "hate crime" are also being used to "attack opinions or so-called hate-speech," when it is expressed in a manner considered inappropriate under the evolving standards of political correctness. Furthermore, if a government approved expert in bias-motivated crime identifies a citizen or a group as racist or homophobic, the expert opinion is recognized and entered into the official record without scrutiny or question; and even without the defendant even knowing it has happened. Who these so-called experts and authorities are and what they are saying about the constitutional and patriot movement is particularly disturbing in light of recent attempts to craft legislation against citizen militias and the so-called promoters of hate-speech.

 An Intimidating Law: Since 1991, if the expression of an opinion is identified as in some way intimidating to a growing number of "government protected" groups (read that some so-called minority groups) in America, a citizen can be charged with a crime and have his or her name placed "permanently" in a centralized registry compiled and maintained by the U.S. Justice Department and the FBI.

Humor is particularly vulnerable in this new atmosphere of criminalizing communication. Radio talk show host Howard Stern (It is amazing, but true, this degraded and vulgar, repulsive show is government protected: Because of its Jewish host.), for example, had a warrant issued for his arrest in the state of Texas, (but has since been rescinded), for making allegedly insensitive comments concerning the shooting death of a popular Hispanic recording star.

In May, an Indianapolis police sergeant and commander of the Johnson County Militia was demoted to the rank of patrolman and suspended without pay for a month after a local television station showed him addressing a public meeting of the Sovereign Patriots Militia group and making a humorous, but apparently inappropriate and (an allegedly) anti-Semitic comment about Indianapolis Mayor Stephen Goldsmith. Sergeant James Heath referred to Goldsmith as Mayor Goldstein in his speech. Although fellow police officers considered the punishment for Heath's humor to be harsh and unfair, local members of the Jewish community demanded that Heath be fired for the comment.

Many laws are particularly pervasive concerning homophobic expressions. When Representative Dick Army (R.-TX) recently called homosexual Congressman Barney Frank, Barney Fag during a National Public Radio interview, for example, Armey could have been prosecuted under the statutes of Frank's home state of Massachusetts. Chapter 27 of the Massachusetts General Law, Section 16, makes it a crime to...disrupt a person's exercise of Constitutional rights through harassment or intimidation, [if] motivated by...sexual orientation prejudice.

So-called hate speech can also be prosecuted in civil court. The State Code of Virginia, for example, allows punitive damages to be awarded to anyone who feels harassed or intimidated because of his or her race, religion or ethnicity (unless they happen to be Christian and White). Section 8.01-42.1, Paragraph A, states, An action of injunctive relief or civil damages, or both, shall lie for any person who is subjected to acts of (I) intimidation or harassment or (II) vandalism directed against his real or personal property, where such acts are motivated by racial, religious or ethnic animosity.

The politics of controlling speech has serious risk. The Federal Election Commission, for example, fined the Christian Action Network $1.26 million in 1992 for mailing out letters to its members which asserted that then-candidate Bill Clinton supported special rights for homosexuals. Although Clinton did indeed order a number of new social endorsements and protections for Queers and Lesbians in government service within days of being elected into office, the FEC arbitrarily ruled that the Christian group may not use non-profit funds to advocate the defeat of a presidential candidate. A federal court in Virginia overturned the FEC fine on Friday, June 30, 1995, asserting that the Christian Action Network's comments were protected under the First Amendment. It is unclear if the heavily homosexual Clinton Administration will appeal the ruling.

Hate Crime Protection For Everyone: Despite recent court rulings, speech is not necessarily protected in many states. Some jurisdictions have such broad-based definitions of the supposed protected group that virtually anyone can claim membership and victimization under the statute.

In the state of Oregon, for example, the statute in section 181.550 states that a hate crime includes speech that intimidates or harasses an individual and is motivated by prejudice based on the perceived race, color, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, martial status, political affiliation or beliefs, membership or activity in or on behalf of a labor organization or against a labor organization, physical or mental handicap, age, economic or social status or citizenship of the victim.

Speech is being prosecuted in other ways as well. In the state of Montana, several citizens have recently been charged with an obscure crime called criminal syndicalism for expressing their opinions in public or in written form. A recent example involved a letter written by a resident of Indiana to a Montana state official, F. Joe Holland, of the North American Freedom Council, mailed an angry letter to a Montana government official, which has resulted in his being charged with the offense. Holland has railed against government corruption in dozens of states for decades. His writings are certainly unfriendly to government, however, Holland has no history of communicating threats, conspiring to harm American citizens or advocating violence against anyone in government. In Ravalli County, Montana, local dissident Cal Greenup has also been charged with criminal syndicalism for saying hateful things about the government. The Montana law is about to become a national issue. Both sides agree that the Holland case is expected to be litigated all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Historically, the First Amendment has had to be saved from government intrusion by the free press and the free speakers who are frequently disdained by society in general, said former state senator and civil rights attorney John W. DeCamp of Lincoln, Nebraska, who is representing Holland. This is just one example.

DeCamp, the chief legal counsel for the family of slain tax protester Gordon Kahl and representative of various militia leaders (with, incidentally, a 12-0 record in court) points out that the free speech issue is under fire across the country as intensely as ever in our [nation's] history.

Although many states have enacted a variety of laws restricting communications deemed offensive, hate speech legislation is not specifically a state's rights issue in the 1990s. The federal government has taken control in many respects. One of the prosecutors in the Holland case, Montana State Assistant Attorney General John P. Connor, Jr., has privately implied that the U.S. government is involved with the litigation against Holland. Perhaps the most disturbing element in this new atmosphere of prosecuting "thought" crime is the involvement of the Reno Justice Department and the Federal Bureau of Investigation in assisting state governments and local law enforcement agencies in writing legislation, formulating prosecution policy and establishing the reporting procedures for this type of crime. The origins of this new federal authority is rather revealing.

The New Federal Thought Police: In the 1992 Uniform Crime Reporting Handbook, distributed to all law enforcement agencies nationwide by the FBI, a newly designed police report has been introduced that seems to be more focused on the supposed bias motivation of crime than on the actual offense under investigation.

This new nationally standardized Incident Report is the most frequently used document in police work. Line officers and patrol supervisors fill out dozens of these reports each shift, for every offense from vandalism and property theft to assault and homicide. Note on the federally approved version of this report, almost 20 percent of the first page of the document concerns the so-called bias motivation associated with the incident.

The 1990 Hate Crime Statistics Act (Public Law 101-275) requires all law enforcement agencies to provide quarterly and annual reports concerning bias motivated crime to the federal government. Americans are learning, often at great expense that the key problem with the language in the law is the usage of the terms intimidate and harass.

Defense attorneys have argued that the standard for definition of a hate crime is purely subjective, and should have no bearing on other criminal charges in state courts. The danger is that a misdemeanor charge of vandalism, for example, can become a federal offense under the statute. If the complainant or alleged victim of any crime claims that the suspect used a racial slur or made an inappropriate comment concerning the individual's sexual preference, the officer is required by federal law to report it. The officer's agency is then required to compile and send all such report every three months to the FBI in Washington. Even if no overt criminal act has actually occurred, if the alleged victim tells a law enforcement officer that he or she feels intimidated or harassed, because of membership in a protected group, a hate crime has occurred and the agency is required by law to report it to the federal government.

In the Quarterly Hate Crime Report expected to be sent to the FBI, the suspect in the crime "does not actually have to be charged." Not in the instructions for preparing the federal hate crime incident report the offense of to be reported...regardless of whether arrests have taken place.

For example, Republican Representative Dick Armey could have found himself a suspect in a criminal act, with this name entered on the NCIC computer with the following UCR Codes:

UCR Offense 10 (Intimidation)

Location 11 (Government Building)

(Anti-Male Homosexual [Gay])

Victim Type "4" and "1"

(Government) and (Individual)

Crafting Model Hate-Crime Legislation: Who decides what group will be protected and what type of legislation will be enacted to prosecute hate crimes in the United States? According to the FBI's Hate Crime Statistics, 1990, A Resource Book, the FBI has this to say about the ADL, one of the so-called "experts": "The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) is a human relations organization with 31 regional offices across the country. ADL is dedicated to promoting intergroup cooperation and interfaith understanding. Over the past decade, ADL has become a leading resource in crafting responses to hate violence, including model hate crime legislation, a 17 minute hate crime training video, a handbook of existing hate crime policies and procedures at both large and small police departments and a general human relations training program for law enforcement, designed to examine the impact of discrimination, while promoting better cultural awareness and increased appreciation for diversity."

All this from a group who has been found in criminal activity, by bribing and stealing information about various people and groups across the country, whom they themselves hate, and practice hate policies against!

Government-Approved "Experts": The FBI also recommends the American Jewish Committee, the National Conference of Christians and Jews, the Southern Poverty Law Center, the NAACP and the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force as groups able to help state legislatures craft laws against "hate."

By endorsing these particular agencies as "experts" in bias motivated crime the FBI has essentially facilitated the introduction of legislation throughout America based on the often biased political opinions of these groups, many of which raise tax-free funds based on the number of so-called hate crimes they report.

For example, the Souther Poverty Law Center and the ADL have recently written "Militia Task Force" reports which assert that citizens who acquire and train with firearms in an organized manner are linked with racist hate groups and anti-minority violence.

In a letter to Attorney General Janet Reno, dated October 25, 1994, Morris Dees with the Southern Poverty Law Center claimed that the militia movement has been "infiltrated" by white supremacist leaders. This letter resulted in a response from the Justice Department that it was indeed investigating the militias in Montana, Michigan and Ohio for possible civil rights violations.

Perhaps the most disturbing consequence of a federal government endorsement of any private group's agenda or expertise is the ultimate authority these organizations exert on the state and federal legislative process. The FBI hate crime training manual endorses the ADL and the SPLC as experts, whose expert testimony is then subsequently worthy of congressional committee consideration.

During the April Senate Judiciary committee hearing concerning legislation directly involving the militia movement, for example, Dees was introduced as the preeminent expert on organized militias in the United States. His inflammatory comment concerning an alleged linkage between these groups and racism was taken without question and is now part of the "official" record in Washington. His testimony will further be used to "craft legislation" against the militias in America.

This trend is expected to continue. Expression that is considered "subversive," "offensive" or "racist" is about to be regulated. Indeed, based on the recent case in Montana, the government is about to be legislatively protected as a "victim group" when it comes to insensitive speech. There is little that can be done to halt this pattern of erosion against freedom of expression when protected groups in America are permitted to claim they have somehow been "assaulted" by words.

From burning flags to fiery rhetoric, certain speech can result in regulatory or judicial intervention. Until the courts or Congress decide to control this corrosive pattern of legislating political correctness, or for that matter, patriotism, the First Amendment may no longer apply. Many attorneys are now advising their clients to be cautious in their public statements. Hold your tongue, patriot. The Federal Government's "Thought police" are on patrol; and they are looking for you.

Christians must recognize that the sinful nature in people is the controlling factor in human interaction. Thus, there is no such thing as perfect conduct and perfect government. Law enforcement officers are human and part of government and they are subject to sin like everyone else, but their temptation are far greater. Therefore, there has always been a certain amount of corruption in law enforcement, waxing and waning at different times.

Christians must also realize that there are forces in control of the Federal Government and many state governments who have "Declared War on Christianity" that if they profess to be Christians, in the future they can full well expect these groups, such as the ADL to aim every government gun they can in their never ending efforts to destroy Christianity. That we are not dealing with sin in general, we are concerned about leadership in government agencies and the thrust toward the "New World Order," or whatever it may be called at that moment. The men and women of our police forces in the field exhibit propensities toward individuals, but they're not in positions to plan strategies on a global scale; they can only implement tactics in order to get their paychecks. If they must be politically correct under pressure, they'll do it. Most of them will follow their leaders and their directions on how to treat individuals.

From the 1960s to the present, strategists in influential places have sought to destroy the "thin blue line" for political reasons. In the 60s it was the socialists-leftists, but now the so-called "right-wing" has been included in the putsch. The O.J. Simpson lawyers, especially Alan Dershowitz, have given tremendous boost to this plan. They have used racism and individual police sin to advance this cause, so that the overall plan to discredit and destroy local law enforcement is ever nearer completion. For it is the local police that the leaders of the New World Order must use to control the masses, therefore they must create and generate a hatred for the police toward the citizen. Even solid Americans are now believing that the vast majority of police officers are corrupt, and the police officers are coming to view the citizens as their enemies not the criminals.

On the second anniversary of the Waco Massacre, a rented truck was parked in front of the federal compound in Oklahoma City containing the offices of the ATF and some other federal agencies. A device within the truck was detonated and the resulting, explosion scooped out the front of the building doing a remarkable amount of damage. The explosion has left 167 (their figures) dead, including 15 children. The count at Waco was 87 dead, including 17 children, who had been saved by the ATF from being abused.

When the news of Oklahoma City broke, many soon realized the sureness of the non-coincidental dates of April 19, 1993 and April 19, 1995. And because of those dates, realized that the Christian Patriot Right would be accused and associated with this tragedy. Perhaps a quick summary of the importance of April 19th in history is in order:

* April 19, 1776: The beginning of the American revolution at Lexington and Concord;

* April 19, 1993: Federal terrorists invaded the Branch Davidian Church;

* April 19, 1993: The U.S. Government opened the U.S. Holocaust Museum, even as the Holocaust in Waco was in process.

* April 19, 1995: On the same day of the Oklahoma disaster, a Christian Identity prisoner, writer and teacher named Richard Snell was wrongly put to death in Arkansas.

Snell's so-called "crime" was defending himself against a Negro police officer who intended to kill him, and in Snell's self-defense the Negro officer died. From the inception of Snell's trial to his row appeals, Snell's prosecution was laced with anti-Christian, anti-White rhetoric and bias.

Richard Snell's last words directed to the system: To Arkansas Governor Jim Guy Tucker, were, "Keep looking over your shoulder, Governor Tucker, because justice is coming."

* April 19, 1995: That same day that pagans and anti-Christians executed Richard Snell - someone, allegedly a man named Timothy McVeigh and possibly others, were said to have taken justice in their own hands, and they did so in a carbon copy fashion of the feds at Waco. The bomb in Oklahoma City killed some 167 people, most of them innocent women and children. And finally, did you know that on the rental form for the big, yellow Ryder truck that carried the bomb, McVeigh listed his birth date as April 19th. The meaning and symbolism is intentional and cannot possibly be missed.

The Proven History of Repeated Government Terror-Deception Actions: The U.S. and foreign governments have repeatedly utilized Terrorism as a means of increasing state-power. In the early 1900's, the chief of the Russian secret police, Sergei Zubatov "seems to have originated the idea of creating one's own opposition." He told one revolutionary:  "We shall provoke you to acts of terror, and then we shall crush you." Zubatov "created most of the supposed labor and intellectual opposition groups. He enticed the intellectuals (including the Social Revolutionaries) into heinous crimes, including the bombing of the Royal Family." (Washington Times, 8/26/94)

This Russian government-engineered terrorism was also described in the 1994 book, "Comrade Valentine," by Richard E. Rubenstein. That book described the life of Yevno Azef, a police informer who infiltrated various revolutionary groups, beginning in 1893.

Later Azef created his own terrorist operations within the revolutionary movement. Azef's secret police bosses, "actually encouraged him in Bomb Plots." He was given a free hand to undertake any level of destruction as long as the secret police were kept informed.

After the 1917 Russian Revolution, the Bolsheviks created a new secret police organization that utilized and improved upon Zubatov's tactics. Bolshevik dictator, V.I. Lenin appointed Feliks Dzierzhinski to head the Cheka secret police and spy agency (known in modern times as the KGB). Dzierzhinski perfected the use of "deception" and "false flag" opposition groups. The biggest success of this ploy was the famous "Trust" of the 1920s, a phony underground "opposition" organization. The U.S.S.R. repeatedly utilized this technique throughout the Cold War.

Dzierzhinski's Trust operations were described in Edward J. Epstein's 1989 book, "Deception." Part of the Trust deception scheme involved "Terrorism," conducted against the very Soviet system that was secretly directing the Trust. In order to dupe Western Industrialists, intelligence services and exiles into believing that the Trust was a genuine opposition group, Dzierzhinski's Trust agents engaged in various "Terrorist" operations: "The Trust delivered arms and supplies to their partisans inside Russia and contracted to undertake sabotage and assassination missions for them in Moscow and Petrograd...Police Stations were blown up...The Trust building, rather than being the cover for a subversive conspiracy, was the secret police headquarters for this seven-year 'sting.' It fed out all the secret documents, briefed all the false defectors...and even blew up Soviet buildings to make the deception more credible."

What explosion in the dead of night led to a declaration of war against Spain? The sinking of the battleship Maine in Havana harbor with the loss of 260 men was blamed on a Spanish torpedo. The news media used this incident to manipulate public opinion in favor of war. Years later the ship was uncovered from the mud of the harbor revealing that the explosion had gone off inside the ship in the forward ammo magazine.

The U.S. entered WW I after the Lusitania was sunk by a German U-Boat on the high seas. Americans were told by the media that the vessel was an "innocent passenger ship" merely carrying tourists to Europe. In fact, some 55 years late, the manifest revealed that it was a registered warship commissioned in His Majesty's Royal Navy. Under international law the ship was fair game on the high seas.

The German embassy ran ads in New York papers urging Americans not to book passage on the ship. The federal government lied to the American people and said it was only an ocean liner. The news media used this incident to ship up public sentiment for America's entry into the war in Europe. One hundred and sixteen thousand, five hundred and seventeen American soldiers died in WW I - senseless waste of lives of a hundred thousand young men by sinister forces within the government who favored war, made possible in no small part because of this deception.

What bombing produced an instant declaration of war on Japan and Germany in 1941? December 7th is truly a day of infamy. But no more for the Japanese than for President Roosevelt and others in his administration who knew the "Japs" were on their way to bomb Pearl Harbor. Their murderous failure to warn the young men on the ships was treason. Two thousand, four hundred and three sailors and army soldiers died in a hail storm of bombs dropped from Japanese planes. Yet the government, in vain attempts to hide its complicity in the bombing at Pearl Harbor, has classified as top secret the document dealing with the months preceding the bombing and immediately after.

Classified documents dealing with a war that ended fifty years ago. A huge cache of top-secret records at the U.S. Navy storage depot at Crane, Indiana, many of them dealing with the Japanese attack upon Pearl Harbor, remain hidden from public view. An estimated 28.6 million pages and 4,631 rolls of microfilm remain classified materials from World War II. Why the fear of releasing the documents? Because many of the World War II generation are yet alive and would instantly become foes of Washington were they to see the documents.

Those documents dealing with the Roosevelt conspiracy to withhold information obtained through the breaking of secret Japanese codes, are records that expose murderously criminal behavior and are not to be released until the next century. (However, a few of the documents have surfaced and much information about a "Purple Machine" which broke the Japanese Code was revealed in the Book "Saga of Hog Island.")

Other classified documents currently lying on shelves in the National Archives are growing older by the day, fading, but not fading as fast as the generation who fought the war. Admiral Kimmel, the commander at Pearl Harbor that fateful day, later called Roosevelt "a damned traitor," and so he most certainly was.

In actions similar to the Oklahoma City bombing, the late Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin secretly engineered various assassinations and bombings. These deceptive state terrorist acts "were used as an excuse to stage the 1930s purge trials and justify the arrest of millions of Soviet citizens, who were sent to slave labor camps."

The late CIA counterintelligence chief, James J. Angleton had great detailed knowledge of Soviet Trust operations. Angleton, who was a fanatic Zionist, helped train the Israeli Mossad secret police spy agency in the exact same "Trust" deception tactics that had been perfected by Feliks Dzierzhinski. Many of the Israeli agents in the Clinton Administration, the FBI, the CIA and the BATF, have also received training based upon Dziezhinski's Trust terrorism-deception operations.

To achieve their political goals, the Israelis have not hesitated to use terror against Jews and Americans. Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin, a terrorist who fought his way to political power and international influence in a nation where every recent government leader had a violent criminal record, met his end on November 3 at the hands of a young assailant in his own image: A Jewish gunman firing bone-breaker bullets. "The American press keeps saying this is an 'unprecedented' horror, a Zionist militant with Jewish blood on his hands," noted Naeim Galadi, and Israeli historian and author. "In reality, there's nothing 'unprecedented' about it. Rabin launched his own career the same way: With terrorist murders that shed both Arab and Jewish blood when cold political calculation demanded it."

When illegal Jewish immigration to Palestine became a flood in 1940 with crowds of fugitives from nationalist Europe, the British military government attempted to curb the unwanted influx by detaining and deporting undocumented aliens. The Zionist underground decided to sabotage the refugees' ships rather than allow them to be turned away, Giladi related.

In those days Rabin was a member of "Palmach, the name means 'action squads' it was a violent underground force," recounted Giladi. "In November 1940 his group blew up the refugee ship Patria in Haifa harbor. More than 250 Jewish emigrants died in the explosion."

In the ensuing months, three other ships swarming with Jewish refugees were dynamited by Palmach squads. More than 1,000 casualties later, Zionist leader David Ben-Gurion wrote in his diary that the terrorist bombing "stirred more worldwide sympathy and support for us than we anticipated."

Many of these Israeli terror acts were described in Dr. Alfred Lilianthal's 1978 book, The Zionist Connection. In 1950 and 1951, Israeli agents set off bombs inside areas heavily populated by Iraqi Jews, including the Mas'uda Shemtov Synagogue, which resulted in death and serious injury to Jews and caused the sudden exodus of 125,000 Iraqi Jews to Israel. (This Zionist use of terror bombings against Jews was documented in the May 29, 1966 issue of the Israeli Magazine Ha'olam Hazeh, in the November 9, 1972 issue of The Black Panther (a publication of Israel's Oriental Jews) and in Dr. Lilienthal's book, The Zionist Connection)

 Israel's Use of Terror Deception Tactics: Many of these Israeli terror acts were described in Dr. Alfred M. Lilienthal's 1978 book, The Zionist Connection. In 1950 and 1951, Israeli agents set off bombs inside areas heavily populated by Iraqi Jews, including the Mas'uda Shemtov Synagogue, which resulted in death and serious injury to Jews and caused the sudden exodus of 125,000 Iraqi Jews to Israel. This Zionist use of terror bombings against Jews was documented in the May 29, 1966 issue of the Israeli magazine Ha'Olam Hazeh, in the 11/9/72 issue of The Black Panther (a publication of Israel's Oriental Jews) and in Dr. Lilienthal's book.

In an effort to undermine U.S. relations with Egypt, in 1954, "an Israeli espionage ring was sent to Egypt to bomb official U.S. offices, and, if necessary attack American personnel, working there. Several bomb incidents around U.S. installations in Egypt followed." (The Zionist Connection, Dr. Alfred M. Lilienthal) This scheme was known as the "Lavon Affair," named after the Israeli Defense Minister Phinhas Lavon.

During the 1967 Middle East War, Israel undertook a similar terror-deception attack against America, when it repeatedly attacked the U.S.S. Liberty in international waters. The ship was clearly marked with U.S. Flags. Dr. Lilienthal described the REAL reason for the attack: "Had the Israelis been successful in 'sinking' the Liberty, the atrocity would have been blamed on the Egyptians and produced a Pearl Harbor-type reaction in the United States."

Newsweek Magazine reported that Israel's Mossad intelligence agency "'has penetrations all through the U.S. Government. They do better than the (Soviet) KGB,' says one U.S. intelligence agency.'"

The Zionist/Globalists Who Control U.S. Government have long waged terrorism against Americans: The Oklahoma City Bombing was just another of a long series of Federal Terror Acts against Americans, that began after the U.S. Government joined the United Nations.

NBC-TV Dateline Show reported that in 1953, the U.S. Government repeatedly sprayed a chemical warfare dust in the area around a school and in nearby Minneapolis neighborhoods. U.S. children were deliberately used as human guinea pigs, "without their knowledge." Four decades later, many of the alumni of that school believe that the government experiments ruined their health and the health of their own children. (NBC-TV Dateline, 7/18/95)

What torpedo attack upon a U.S. ship in "international waters" led to war in Vietnam? The Tonkin Gulf resolution was passed immediately after Lyndon Johnson and others in the federal government deceived the American people into believing that a U.S. destroyer was attacked without provocation by the North Vietnamese Navy. It was revealed ten years later that no such attack had occurred. This deception by the President of the United States led to the deaths of 57,800 men in Viet Nam. The government to this day has engaged in a criminal cover-up of the fact that they left another 2,500 in bamboo cages as prisoners or war. Would the government lie to the American people? Ask a POW.

On March 8, 1977, the Army released a report "admitting" that it had secretly conducted "239 germ warfare 'open air' tests in at least eight major American cities between 1945" (the year that the U.S. joined the United Nations, openly) and 1969. The germs were released into the sea, the ground and into the air in both chemical and bacterial form. Among the areas subjected to "Federal Germ Warfare Terror Attacks" were: The Greyhound Bus Station in Washington, D.C., Key West and Panama City, Florida, St. Louis, Missouri, and around the Pennsylvania Turnpike.

The Government also admitted that  "it had released microorganisms at Washington National Airport in 1965 and into the New York City subway system in 1966 during peak travel hours (where the highest number of Americans would be targeted)." (New York Times, 1/25/94) "More than One-Million Commuters were exposed to U.S. Government Biological and Chemical Warfare Attacks." (New York Times, 3/24/95)

LSD experiment costs U.S. 750G: Washington (AP) - "The government has tentatively settled a lawsuit charging the CIA used nine Canadians as human guinea pigs in mind-control research, including heavy doses of LSD, lawyers said yesterday. Sources who asked to remain anonymous said the CIA agreed to pay the plaintiffs a total of $750,000. The suit cited psychological and emotional damage from treatment in the late 1950s at McGill University's Allan; Memorial Institute." (New York Post, Thursday, October 6, 1968)

The Washington Post reported that the U.S. Navy "deliberately" fogged the San Francisco Bay area with bacteria for six days in 1950, according to military records. "The records concluded that 'Nearly every one of San Francisco's 800,000 residents were exposed' to the cloud released by a Navy ship steaming up an down just outside the Golden Gate Bridge. The aerosol released by the ship 'contained a bacterial known as Serratia...which has been found to cause a type of pneumonia that can be fatal.'" (Washington Post, 9/17/79)

The government never revealed the nature of the experiments despite an outbreak of Serratia-related pneumonia in San Francisco, within days of the biowar spray attack. At least one person died and 11 other cases of the diseases were confirmed at the time.

These Federal Government terror attacks against American civilians "rose sharply after May 1961," when then Defense Secretary (and leading New World Order supporter) Robert S. McNamara ordered the Army to attack the American population with "both biological and chemical warfare considering all possible applications."

Even after news of these domestic biowar and chemical attacks became known, the secret terrorism against U.S. civilians "continued!"

The New York Times reported: "Germ warfare experimentation 'in which bacterial agents are sprayed directly into the air.' Since 1979, the Army has conducted more than 170 open air tests at Dugway Proving Grounds, 70 miles from Salt Lake City, as part of an expanded biological warfare program. Army officials steadfastly asserted their right to test outdoors 'anywhere in the country, including the urban areas.'"

The Government "admits it is releasing a bacteria called Bacillus Subtilis, in Utah, to stimulate biological attacks with the more lethal Bacillus anthracis, which causes anthrax. Other bacteria, including Serratia marcescens, have also been used in open air tests."

Many strange "new" outbreaks of rare viruses and unusual bacterial infections, "can be tied directly to these continuing secret Federal biowar terror attacks against Americans." [1]

The February/March, 1995 American Reporter revealed that some of the many unmarked black helicopter sightings, in urban areas such as Atlanta and in rural areas (flying at night, at roof top levels), are "Spraying some kind of Chemical. Shortly after these mysterious overflights, people in the area have become infected with various respiratory diseases and certain types of influenza. The helicopters, appear to be U.S. made UH-1 Hueys and possibly Russian-built Kamov 'Helix' helicopters, whose civilian mission in Russia is spraying crops." [2]

The American Reporter also stated; "a large number of Russian chemical and biowarfare decontamination trucks have arrived in Mississippi."

Finally, newspaper accounts of the arrests of Egyptians accused of blowing up the World Trade Center reveal that not only did the FBI have advance notice of the bombing but, worse, their informant, a former Egyptian army officer, built the bomb. Emad Ali Salem infiltrated the anti-Israel group for the FBI, who asked him if the Egyptians could build a bomb. Salem told them they could not. The FBI instructed Salem to build a bomb for the Egyptians, using phony powder. Then the FBI told Salem to use real explosives. Salem did as he was told but began secretly to tape his FBI handlers in their meetings.

Transcripts of these recordings were published in The New York Times in October, 1993. Properly placed, the bomb would have killed a hundred thousand rather than the six people it did kill. According to court documents filed in New York, the FBI had advance knowledge of the bombing. But the decision was made on orders from the highest levels within the government to allow it to occur. Why?

Government-Engineered Radiation Terrorism: Secretary of Energy, Hazel O'Leary released documentation of massive Federal radiation terror attacks against American citizens. The U.S. Government has conducted dozens of human radiation experiments which were targeted at "Pregnant women, fetuses, still born babies, live infants, the elderly and the mentally disabled."

During the 1940s, the Federal Government ran an iron absorption test on pregnant women at Vanderbelt University that led to an increase in cancer among children born to the patients.

From the end of World War II well into the 1970s, the Atomic Energy Commission, the Defense Department, the military services, the CIA and other agencies used prisoners, drug addicts, mental patients, college students, soldiers, even bar patrons, in a vast range of government-run experiments to test the effects of everything from radiation, LSD and nerve gas to intense electric shocks and prolonged "sensory deprivation." Some of the human guinea pigs knew what they were getting into; many others did not. Still others did not even know they were being experimented on.

Many of the stories of people whose lives were destroyed by mind-altering drugs, electroshock "treatments" and other military and CIA experiments involving toxic chemicals or behavior modification have been known for almost 20 years. But U.S. News has discovered that only a handful were ever compensated; or even told what was done to them. "There has essentially been no legitimate follow-up, despite the CIA's promise to track down victims and see what has happened to them," says Alan Scheflin, a professor at Santa Clara University Law School and an authority on cold war mind-control research. "It's just one of the many broken promises." A CIA spokesman last week said the agency is searching its files for radiation tests but has no plans to revisit other human experimentation.

MKULTRA: Most victims have never been informed by the government of the nature of the experiments they were subjected to or, in some cases, even the fact that they were subjects.

Most of the MKULTRA documents were destroyed in 1973 on order of then CIA Director Richard Helms, and the records that remain...clearly suggest that hundreds of people were subjected to experiments funded by the CIA and carried out at universities, prisons, mental hospitals and drug rehabilitation centers.

In 1955, the Army reported research at Tulane University in which mental patients had electrodes planted in their brains to measure LSD and other drugs. In other experiments, volunteers were kept in sensory-deprivation chambers for as long as 131 hours and bombarded with white noise and taped messages until they began hallucinating. The goal: to see if they could be "converted" to new beliefs.

As recently as 1972, U.S. News found the Air Force was supporting research by Dr. Amedeo Marrazzi, who is now dead, in which psychiatric patients at the University of Missouri Institute of Psychiatry and the University of Minnesota Hospital; including an 18-year-old girl who subsequently went into a catatonic state for three days; were given LSD to study "ego strength."

Gittlinger concedes that some of the research was quite naive. "We were trying to learn about subliminal perception and all the silly things people were believing in at that time," he says. One study even tried to see if extrasensory perception could be developed by "training" subjects with electric shocks when they got the wrong answer. But "most of the exciting and interesting and stimulating, and quite necessary as it happens, during that period of time," Gittinger insists.

Another former CIA official, Sidney Gottlieb, who directed the MKULTRA behavior-control program almost from its inception, refused to discuss his work when a U.S. News reporter visited him last week at his home. He said the CIA was only trying to encourage basic work in behavioral science. (New York Times, 11/29/88)

Another Federal-directed radiation terror attack took place in the 1960-62 experiment at the Crocker Lab in Berkeley, California, "which the calcium...18 persons were injected with Plutonim, without their knowledge or consent, by Government Scientists in the late 1940s." (Washington Times, 6/28/94)

The U.S. Government also ran an experiment where "62 teenagers labeled retarded, 'were fed radioactive meals at the Fernald State School in Waltham, Massachusetts; 131 inmates at Oregon and Washington state prisons had their testicles X-rayed to measure the effects of radiation on fertility."

At least 800 people were victimized by this Federal radiation terror (Time Magazine, 1/17/94) Afterwards, many of these government-terror victims died.

In most of these tests, no long-term follow-up has occurred and some victims did not even know they were radiated. "Workers at a Paducah, Kentucky uranium enrichment plant 'Intentionally released radioactive gas into the air' in 1955 and 1974 to see how it would be carried by the wind...The Government did not warn anyone living in the area about the releases...From January, 1954 to September, 1955, Government records show that the plant discharged more than 14,000 pounds of uranium into the air, on about 650 pounds a month." (New York Times, 8/6/94)

Federal Agents run Terror Deception Operations Inside U.S.A.: On February 11, 1976, the late Congressman Larry McDonald inserted evidence into the Congressional Record (Pages E-617-619) documenting how "various U.S. terrorist groups were actually being funded and controlled by the Federal Government."

The government secretly funded a section of the Weather Underground Organization. (Which was repeatedly involved in terrorist activities - INCLUDING BOMBINGS, ARSON, AND MURDER!) A January 10, 1976 Associated Press report stated: "The FBI created and funded called the Secret Army Organization (S.A.O.) the early 1970s the 'San Diego Union' reports."

The newspaper described the S.A.O. as a "centrally designed and 'externally financed infrastructure designed for terror and sabotage...These acts were sanctioned by the nation's most powerful and highly respected Law Enforcement Agency: The FBI."

In 1971 and 1972, the S.A.O. "waged protracted guerrilla warfare..." and was "heavily armed with automatic weapons and explosives." The group engaged in "burglary, firebombing cars, kidnaping, and shootings." (San Diego Union, January 10, 1976)

The San Diego Union also reported that the top S.A.O. leader was Howard Berry Godfrey, who "paid the expenses of the secret army, recruited new members, supplied the explosives, and picked out targets."

The newspaper further reported that Godfrey was also a paid FBI informer. Godfrey testified before a grand jury in 1972, admitting that "he had helped found the S.A.O. on orders from the FBI. While he led the S.A.O. Godfrey testified, he was in constant touch with his FBI supervisor ...making daily reports on his activities."

Another example of Federal-engineered terrorism was demonstrated in the 1965 murder of civil rights marcher, Viola Liuzzo. After being gunned down, allegedly by three klansmen who were riding in a car, those three Klansmen were quickly arrested. The fourth Klansman in that car was Gary Rowe, a paid FBI informer.

The National Review reported on a 1978 examination of the background of Gary Row: "The 1978 investigation implicated (Rowe) as an 'Agent Provocateur,' and he was accused of 'helping plant the bomb' that killed four Black girls in a Birmingham church in 1963." (The National Review, 7/10/95)

The Klansmen accused in the Liuzzo case, later admitted that they had been in the car, and that they had seen Rowe kill Viola Liuzzo.

In 1978, an Alabama grand jury indicted Rowe for first-degree murder in the killing of Liuzzo. At tat time Rowe had moved to Georgia and in 1980 a Federal Judge blocked extradition to Alabama, asserting that "a Federal 'agent' has rights that protect him when 'placed in a compromising position because of his undercover work.'"

The Federal Judge's ruling (upheld by a Federal appeals court) "exempted Rowe from any number of possible criminal charges in Alabama. In 1980, an internal FBI file came to light which acknowledged that Roe had led attacks on Freedom Riders, clubbing them with a lead-weighted baseball bat. The FBI paid the medical bills for Rowe's own injuries and gave him a $125 bonus."

In 1979, at Greensboro, North Carolina, a combined group of Klansmen and Nazis were involved in a shootout with members of the Communist Workers Party, which resulted in five dead Reds. In the 1980 trial that followed, it was revealed that Bernard Butkovich, an agent for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (BATF) had infiltrated the Klan-Nazi group. Many witnesses from inside the Klan-Nazi group swore that "on several occasions, before the shootout, Butkovich suggested a variety of illegal acts."

Witnesses said that the BATF agent "suggested the 'Murder' of a rival Klan leader, urged members to buy equipment to convert semi-automatic guns to fully automatic weapons, and offered to procure explosives (including hand grenades)...None of the acts was carried out." (Washington Post, 7/15/80)

The New York Times reported witnesses swore that Butkovich also offered to "train them in such activities such as 'making pipe bombs and firebombs.'" (New York Times, 5/15/80)

One witness also "recalled that Butkovich had suggested, during the planning meeting, that the Nazis take weapons to the (Communist) rally in the trunks of their cars."

Because of filmed evidence showing that the heavily armed Communists fired many shots, "members of the Klan-Nazi agent Butkovich, was indeed working undercover in the Winston-Salem-Greensboro area" during the fall of 1979. (The Washington Post)

An internal Treasury Department investigation that followed, resulted in "Exactly the same kind of whitewash and cover-up that followed the later Government-Engineered Terror actions at Ruby Ridge, Waco and at Oklahoma City."

Such Federal-engineered terrorism proceeded right up to the period immediately before the Oklahoma bombing. The New York Times described how an FBI-BATF informer, named Eric Maloney, infiltrated a tiny unit of the Michigan Militia. That militia brigade had obtained photographs of Russian tanks that were being stockpiled for the New World Order U.N. occupation forces at Camp Grayling, a National Guard base.

Maloney claims that in late January, 1995, his local group of about 20 militia members created a plan to attack and blow up the tanks on February 10. "The attack never took place." On February 8, Maloney met with and "alerted...agents of the FBI and the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms." (New York Times, 6/25/95)

State and higher militia leaders had not approved of the scheme and didn't even know about it at that time. In his written statement to the FBI, Maloney alleged that the plan called for killing the base defenders and "blowing up" the entire camp. The newspaper interviewed members who had attended the original planning session. Some witnesses say that "it was Maloney who pushed the actual violence."

These members broadly confirm Maloney's story, "but differ on some important details. One says it was Mr. Maloney himself who helped devise the scheme and pushed hardest for it."

Kevin Shane, a brigade leader "accused Mr. Maloney of 'promoting the assault' and aid brigade leaders had spent several days trying to dissuade him. Mr. Shane has sued Mr. Maloney for slander."

Another member of the brigade pointed to Maloney as a chief architect of the plan.

McVeigh's 666 Microchip Implant: Timothy McVeigh told people in Decker, Michigan that his government-implanted microchip was causing a real sharp pain in his buttocks.

McVeigh said that the biochip was implanted "so the all-seeing eye of the government" could watch him and know his location. After he was arrested, one of the few things McVeigh spoke about was to complain about the continuing pain from his implant.

Martin Anderson, a former top advisor to President Reagan, stated: "There is an identification system made by the Hughes Aircraft Company that you can't lose. it is the syringe implantable transponder...It is an ingenious, safe, inexpensive, foolproof and permanent method of... identification using radio waves...A tiny microchip the size of a grain of rice is simply placed under the skin. It is so designed as to be injected simultaneously with a vaccination or alone. The chip contains a 10 character alphanumeric identification code that is never duplicated. When a scanner is passed over the chip, the scanner emits a 'beep' and your... number flashes in the scanner's digital display." (Anderson said that this system is sort of like a Technological Tattoo, October 11, 1993, Washington Times)

The 1988 book, Journey Into Madness: The True Story of Secret CIA Mind Control and Medical Abuse, by Gordon Thomas, stated: "Beginning in 1969, a team of CIA scientists from the Office of Research and Development (ORD) ran a number of bizarre and far-reaching experiments on mind control."

Head CIA mind control researcher, Dr. Sidney Gottlieg, told the agency director that "research findings by scientists demonstrated that humans could finally be programmed to attack and kill on command...Using the latest computer technology, CIA scientists built a system based on earlier work in radio telemetry, and the unfulfilled dream...of a world of electronically monitored people became that much more of a reality."

The system utilized a Schwitzgebel Machine (developed by Ralph K. Schwitzgebel at the Harvard Medical School). This device "consisted of a Behavior Transmitter-Reinforcer (BT-R) fitted to a body belt that received from and transmitted signals to a radio module. In the official description of the machine, the module was 'linked to a modified missile-tracking device which graph's the wearer's location and displays it on a screen.'"

The Schwitzgebel Machine was able to record all physical and neurological signs in a subject from up to a quarter mile!

The November 23, 1994 issue of Relevance Magazine described similar devices that are greatly improved: "When implanted under the skin of the subject, the biochip will emit a low frequency FM radio wave that can travel great distances - e.g., several miles up into space to an orbiting satellite." (Reliance Magazine, November 23, 1994)

This explains how the government has been able to track and monitor Timothy McVeigh around the clock since his biochip was implanted.

Reliance Magazine reported that: "biochips are already being used in Smartcards and are progressing to non-implantable biochips attached to the clothing or worn in bracelets... According to microchip researcher Terry Cook, U.S. military recruits are also being introduced to the bracelet, just as marine recruits at Paris Island helped test the military's Smartcard prototype." (Relevance Magazine)

The May 22, 1995 Washington Times reported: "Prince William, 12, second in line to the British throne, is to be electronically 'tagged' when he enters Eton this fall. Officials decided that in order to give William as much freedom of movement as possible in the 'security nightmare' of such a big school, an electronic tag was the answer. It was not specified whether the boy would wear an electronic device or have one implanted." (Washington Times, May 22, 1995)

The August 17, 1994 Los Angeles Times described the implantable microchip called Smart-Device, which is manufactured by Hughes Identification Devices:"The device is designed to be inserted within the 6 million-odd surgical implants placed throughout the world each year...The doctor can retrieve the data by using a radio-frequency decoder. The information on the chip would also be recorded on a computer-linked global registry." (Los Angeles Times, August 17, 1994)

Americans who receive a surgical implant may now find themselves implanted with a biochip without their knowledge.

Reliance Magazine reported that: "more sophisticated biochips have been developed, including behavior modification type biochips, where they were being used on inmates Chino Prison. We have been told, off the record, by sources in the military, that chips have been used by the Special Forces and by pilots in the Persian Gulf War."

Timothy McVeigh was preparing to join the Special Forces, immediately before his sudden change in personality.

The May, 1995 Planetary Association for Clean Energy (P.A.C.E.) Newsletter described biochip brain transmitters: "...governments and private companies are permitting enslavement of humans...with sophisticated electronic methods...Transponders as small as 2.2 x 12 mm can be injected...The radio-frequency device, consisting of a microchip and a ferrite antenna, is sealed together in a tubular 'bio-compatible glass enclosure.'" (Planetary Association for Clean Energy Newsletter, May, 1995)

Relevance Magazine stated: " engineer who worked on the biochip implant program reports that 'trial runs' of biochip implants 'in children' have been conducted 'in Florida daycare centers.'"

The June/July, 1994 Nexus Magazine carried an article titled "The Microchip and the Mark of the Beast" which stated: "The microchip is recharged by body temperature changes." Early research discovered that "the frequency of the chip had a great effect upon behavior."

A group of scientists found that behavioral change can be induced via such implanted biochips. "One of the programs was called the 'Phoenix Project,' which had to do with Vietnam veterans." It employed a chip called "the Rambo Chip. This chip would actually cause extra adrenaline flow." Microchips can be used for migraine headaches, behavior modification, etc. "There are 250,000 components in the microchip, including a tiny lithium battery." A doctor at Boston Medical Center was asked what that concentration of lithium in the body could do if the chip broke down. He said that you would get a boil or grievous sore. This information adds weight to McVeigh's complaint about suffering great pain from his microchip implant, because the negative physiological effects of such implants are not widely known.

The May 4, 1995 New York Times reported: "...the FBI and Justice Department had been negotiating since November, 1994 (long before the Oklahoma bombing) to loosen standards for investigating, infiltrating and conducting broad surveillance against targeted groups and individuals. These New World Order Totalitarian guidelines are based on what people say, write, or advocate. 'There would be no need to find an imminent violation of the law' (as required under the previous guidelines) 'but simply any conduct which might violate federal law. That interpretation has never been given to these guidelines before,' stated FBI Director Louis J. Freeh.'"

Targeted groups include fundamentalist Christians, militias, anti-environmental regulation protesters, right-to-life activists, gun owners, and anyone else who fights for our national sovereignty and Constitutional rights.

These new FBI guidelines establish a vast increase in federal informers, provocateurs and KGB/MOSSAD/BATF-style saboteurs. It is no mere coincidence that FBI Director Freeh has a very close working relationship with the revamped KGB in Russia and the Israeli Mossad.

Also, a number of dictatorial anti-terrorist bills were introduced at the beginning of the current session of Congress, long before the April 19th Oklahoma bombing.

Bill Clinton became very frustrated because no action was taken on most of this totalitarian legislation. The bombing achieved Clinton's goal. Immediately afterwards, the New World Republican Congress put the police-state legislation on a fast track for quick passage.

Writing in the July 10, 1995 National Review Professor Angelo Codevilla stated: "President Clinton's 'rhetoric' (immediately after the bombing) 'made it perfectly clear who, in his view, this country's potential terrorists are, and hence who the targets of the governments attentions will be. The standard developed after Oklahoma City, namely that possession of literature and frequent expression of opinions similar to those involved in violence constitutes a 'link' to violence (that) will enable the Clinton Administration to threat a wide variety of conservatives as a threat to national security.

Government officials, consider opposition to big government, to abortion, to high taxes, etc., to be the matrix out of which 'right-wing terrorism' grows...Clinton is making a clean break with the American move away from the principle that the only people responsible for a crime are the ones who committed it, and to involve whole political parties and social categories as enemies in blood quarrels with the state is the first step down a well-worn path to civil war."

The 1985 book, The Body Electric, by Robert O. Becker, M.D. and Gary Selden, reported: "In 1973, Dr. Joseph C. Sharp of the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research, conducted research wherein subjects heard and understood spoken words an echo-free insolation chamber, via a pulsed-microwave audiogram (an analog of the words' sound vibrations), beamed into their heads. Such a device has obvious applications in covert operations, designed to drive a target crazy with 'voice,' or deliver undetectable instructions to a programmed assassin."

The October/November 1994 Nexus Magazine described declassified documents on the CIA's MK-ULTRA behavior-modification program, where "tests were conducted on...servicemen, using...hypnosis...electronic brain stimulation (ESB), electronic brain implants, electromagnetic radio-frequency energy, and many other techniques. They were applied to subjects in any combination that showed promise for influencing or controlling human behavior."

"Why would the Federal Government do such things, you ask?" It is because; after President Clinton encountered strong opposition to his political plans, he vowed to come up with a way to "silence" his political opposition, especially radio talk shows. In late February, 1994, Attorney General Janet Reno issued a confidential memo to the Justice Department and U.S. Attorneys, calling for a series of investigations of anti-Clinton political groups. As a result, the FBI began intensive "surveillance" of patriotic and fundamentalist religious individuals and organizations.

The New York Times reported that new FBI guidelines  "tip the balance against the protection of citizen rights by removing the criminal predicate for investigation and 'inviting inquiry into all manner of speech,' some possibly hateful and irresponsible, but not necessarily illegal. It give the FBI an opportunity to slip into abuses that infringe on political dissent and the support of unpopular ideas."

These new guidelines; "would grant Federal agents 'intrusive new license to investigate constitutionally protected activities.'" (The New York Times, 5/10/95)

The Washington Times reported on recent FBI statistics on terrorist incidents in the United States from 1989 to 1994: "There were all of 31 such incidents in that whole period. In 1993, there were 11, most due to some petty violence by animal-rights activists. In 1994, there were no terrorist incidents in the United States at all. There is no terrorism in this country...and no need for 'Counter-Terrorist' laws that expand Federal Power." (Washington Times, 6/6/95)

On January 4, 1994, H.R. 97 was introduced calling for a Rapid deployment strike force in the FBI to create roving units to attack and round-up loyal Americans who resist the New World Order dictatorship. Under this bill, Attorney General Janet Reno would be given 2,500 special agents, including units of the military for actions against any group of citizens refusing to kow-tow to Federal edicts.

Congressional Republican globalists voted to collaborate with Clinton when they tore up part of the bill of Rights by passing H.R. 666, "allowing prosecutors to use evidence obtained without a search warrant." The Marxist Big-Lie media has played a key role in pushing anti-terrorist legislation. Immediately after the Oklahoma bombing, the media launched an "obviously well-planned and well-coordinated" Hate Month Campaign (based upon organized hate propaganda campaigns under Stalin and described in George Orwell's totalitarian novel, Nineteen Eighty Four).

A series of so-called "experts" appeared on TV and in major newspapers across America. Each of these alleged "experts," voiced the identically "ADL-Scripted Comments," directing their hate-venom against militias, Christians, and gun owners - even though no guns were involved in the bombing. Some of these hate propaganda shows even displayed charts and maps of militia locations, which the TV announcers admitted were prepared by the ADL. This propaganda campaign involved phony polls which claimed;  "up to 80 percent of the American people are willing to surrender their personal freedom and liberties in order to be more secure from terrorist attacks."

Anti-Terrorist Bill. So there was an anti-terrorist bill recently passed by Congress, that had as its stated purpose "To improve the ability of the United States to respond to the international terrorist threat." But a study of the bill proves it is more concerned with the United States and its citizens than it is about international terrorists.

It provides:

* Investigations of American citizens can be carried on by any agency of the Federal Government.

* Any and all evidence obtained by these agencies can and in most cases will be withheld from the defendants.

* The prosecution is not required to prove knowledge by any defendant of a jurisdictional base alleged in the indictment.

* Any evidence which the prosecution obtains will not be given to the defendant; in fact the defendant may not even know that he/she is under investigation until an indictment is handed down. And then they may not know what evidence is being used against them, which will make it an almost impossibility to defend oneself against the government's charges.

* Controls Over Terrorist Fund-Raising can mean any funds to any organization which the President may declare a terrorist organization, which can mean any religious, political, or other organization the President may wish to put on the hit list, and can be seized and confiscated.

* Even the court is denied all the evidence, and is to receive only a written statement as to what evidence the government has; if any. The government merely has to say it has evidence: It does not have to produce it!

* No protections for the defendant's right of a fair and just trial.

Media Complicity: It was only after the media demanded anti-terrorist legislation that the New York Trade Tower was bombed. The Arab "terrorists" arrested for that bombing quickly realized that they had been "set up." It was then that they played their "ace in the hole." They produced tapes of a U.S. FBI agent urging them to blow up the very Trade Towers that were attacked. Why is the U.S. Government so interested in having someone blow up something in America? Is it the FDR Pearl Harbor ploy once again - an excuse for doing what could not be done otherwise?

After the Oklahoma City bombing, the International Trade Cartel's (ITC) media sprang into action. They were told to fight "terrorism." The identity of the terrorists to be fought is of no consequence - there are repressive laws that the ITC wants to put on the books and it needs to fight "terrorism" in order to get Congress to pass them quickly.

In lock-step the media went after Islamic terrorists in a feeding frenzy. They discussed ways to retaliate against various mid-east countries. Experts were brought forward who suggested air strikes, economic boycotts, strategic assassination, and SWAT team actions. Sketches were produced demonstrating the feasibility of such acts. The FBI, the supposed target of the attack, pointed their finger at conservative, White, militia-connected, home-grown avengers. Media indecision and confusion lasted less than five minutes. Pointed in the right direction with new prey in their sights, they quickly came to the conclusion that since the attack took place on the anniversary of the Waco Massacre, the bombing must be in retaliation for it.

Waco Recap: For those with short memories, at Waco, scores of ATF agents (trained by the U.S. Government Delta Teams) appeared at the entrance to the Davidian church demanding audience with the church leader, David Koresh.

When he appeared in the door with some of his followers, male and female, the ATF opened fire, wounding Koresh and severely wounding several standing near him. Immediately, an ATF assault was launched against the wooden complex. The attack was supported by helicopters which flew back and forth overhead, spraying bullets into the building that contained women and children, several of whom were killed in these attacks.

The ATF assault team was repulsed with four troopers killed and something like 38 wounded. The remaining ATF assault team surrendered. The Davidains, in a charitable gesture, allowed the ATF to take their dead and wounded and, hands in the air, retire to the safety of their own lines instead of holding them as hostages for their own safety. By this time an unknown number of men, women and children in the church had been killed. No one inside or outside the church complex knew the reason for the attack. They still don't.

An FBI respect recovery team arrived and took over from the ATF. Their first act was to ban the press so that the world would not see the carnage inside the wooden church buildings. They brought up heavy tanks containing flame-throwers, the driver of one being the sniper who had just recently killed Vicki Weaver at Ruby Ridge, Idaho, while she held her nine-month-old baby in her arms.

The media daily reported the exaggerations, falsehoods, and deceptions of the FBI spokesmen who accused those trapped inside the church complex of all sorts of things - accusations later proven to be false. The media quoted every word making no complaints over the censorship. The condemned in the church were prevented a chance to tell the public what was being done to them. We do know this much - the FBI denied bandages and medical assistance to the wounded women and children - and they did this after the mercy shown the survivors of the ATF storming party who had been allowed to return to the safety of their own lines.

After taking more than a month to indoctrinate the American public by demonizing the Davidians, it was time to hide the evidence. The 87 men, women, and children were incinerated. Heavy U.S. Army tanks first immobilized those trapped inside by spraying banned CS poison gas into the church so that their victims would be paralyzed and unable to escape. Then, lying helpless, the church was torched over them.

Autopsies Denied: What was left of the burned bodies was taken to refrigerated morgues to await autopsies. Family members of the victims asked for a court order allowing for independent autopsies to be performed. Federal obstructionism delayed the autopsy paperwork. After several months of sparring in court, the plaintiffs prevailed. Elated family members and survivors then began the task of securing the necessary investigators and pathologists, to aid them in the inquest.

While this was going on, the FBI had turned off the refrigeration. The bodies decomposed in the hot Texas weather beyond the ability of the medical examiners to achieve anything by autopsy. This act destroyed the last shreds of proof of government wrongdoing. The bodies were then pushed into a mass grave. Their families weren't notified, and only a handful were able to attend the burials on that rainy Saturday morning.

Instead of bringing those of the ATF and FBI responsible for the massacre to trial, trials were held for the few Davidian survivors. They were found innocent of all but minor charges, but had the book thrown at them by the federal judge who handed out forty-year terms.

Tears In Heaven:" That's the title of the media picture showing the fireman removing the body of the child from the ruins of the Oklahoma City Federal Compound.

President Clinton, "Waco Bill" to his detractors, proclaimed a "National Day of Mourning." Headlines proclaimed: "Flag Half-Mast;" "Day of prayer;" "Suspect's Lawyers Don't Want Case;" "Right-Wing Militia Suspected;" "Rage of America." when asked by a reporter if "Oklahoma City" didn't compare with "Waco," the President dropped his mask and exclaimed: "No! The people at Waco were killers!" How many murders do you think 3, 4 and 5 year old children committed???

So much for the President's concern for the 17 Waco children who were burned to death at the hands of Government Terrorists. The President had a solution for the disaster: "Stop criticizing the government," no more "Waco talk;" "Commence wire tamps," "Infiltrate organizations suspected of anti-government bias," and, instead of disbanding the agencies causing the trouble, he recommended hiring one thousand more terrorists to act as "anti-terrorist government agents." Preventing future Wacos is seemingly far from his mind.

Mini-Wacos: Samuel Francis writes for the Washington Times. A recent article of his criticizes the continuing "mini-Wacos" that have occurred - mini-Wacos not reported in the national media - incidents revealing a government wolf preying on the sheep they are supposed to protect.

* On August 25, 1992, Donald Carison's home in California was invaded by Drug Enforcement Administra-tion agents after midnight. Mr. Carlson reached for his hand gun to defend his home - the DEA shot him dead. No drugs were found.

* The DEA visited Donald Scott in October, bringing along the L.A. Sheriff's Department. Breaking into his house at night, the deputy sheriff shot Scott and killed him. No illegal drugs were found. The DA found that the raid was motivated by the desire of the officers to seize the Scott's ranch under federal asset-forfeiture laws.

* During a Bible Study meeting at Art and Louise Tingley's home on June 6, 1995, shortly before 5:00 p.m. in Federal Way, Washington, when the King County Police force swat team converged with other officials to "tactically secure the home of 70 year old retired Northwest Airline pilot and W.W. II Veteran. The King County swat team had 'no arrest warrant, no paperwork at all,'" the Tingleys did have a case pending in King County Superior court, which included a jurisdictional challenge of a pending writ of restitution. The Tingleys had no guns on the premises, nor own guns, neither did any of the people who were at the Bible Study, all were unarmed. "There were no warrants or papers ever served by the King County Police or the swat team on the Tingleys June 6, 1995. No charges were ever mentioned by the King County police on the swat team, nor was any probable cause for the raid ever given!"

* On September 1991, 60 agents from the DEA, ATF, National Guard, and the U.S. Forest Service stormed the home of Mrs. Sina Brush and two neighbors at dawn. She and her daughter were made to kneel and were handcuffed while dressed only in their underwear. No drugs were found.

* On August 25, 1992 at about 10:30 p.m. Donald Carlson returned to his home in Poway, California, opened his garage door with a remote control device, simultaneously illuminating the garage so that Drug Enforcement Administration agents conducting surveillance from nearby could see inside. Just after midnight, when Carlson was asleep, a group of DEA agents burst into his house. Thinking they were robbers, Carlson grabbed his pistol to defend himself. He also dialed 911 for help. The agents shot Carlson three times, twice after he was down and clearly disabled. Carlson spent seven weeks in intensive care, fighting for his life. No drugs were found on the premises.

It was later learned that the Federal Customs Service, the DEA and the U.S. Attorney's Office in San Diego had relied on an informant who was known to be untrustworthy and who claimed Carlson's garage contained 2,500 kilograms of cocaine (a large amount which would have taken up most of the garage) and four armed guards. The agents conducted the raid in spite of the fact they could see the informant's information was erroneous. As of this writing, none of the federal agents involved in the incident have been sanctioned nor has Mr. Carlson been compensated for his injuries.

* Janice Hart pulled up to her house from grocery shopping with her daughters to find her house being ransacked by ATF agents who had kicked in the door. Agents searched her home, throwing dishes, pulling clothing from hangers and emptying drawers on the floor (she photographed the damage). Some eight ATF agents interrogated her in the basement for an hour before reading her her rights. She asked to call an attorney and the agents refused to allow her to do so. When they finally asked her if she was Janice Marie Harrell, she told them no, that she was Janice Hart. ATF agents mocked her, accused her of selling firearms and cocaine, then arrested her. The Portland Police, who she commended for their professional demeanor, took her downtown for booking and, Within thirty minutes of fingerprinting here, realized ATF had the wrong person!

* Last summer (1994) the ATF visited Harry Lumplugh in Pennsylvania. Twenty of the ATF force his wife and him to open safes and hand over private papers while holding a machine gun on them. Bored, they stomped the Lumplughs cat to death. No charges were ever brought against the Lumplughs.

* Last year (1994) four ATF agents raided the bedroom of Monique Montgomery at 4:00 a.m. She reached for a gun and was shot to death. Nothing illegal was found.

* The ATF raided the home of Louis Katona III in Ohio. They roughed up his pregnant wife causing her to miscarry. Nothing illegal was found.

There is also the death of John Singer, at the hands of government agents, the homes-schooler in Utah; Gordon Kahl; Arthur Kirk, the Nebraska farmer; Robert Matthews; and recently Tigerto, Wisconsin.

Mr. Francis comments: "In none of the cases I know about have any of the federal agents been charged; few have been disciplined; almost none made the national news."

He goes on: "Congress...should find out who authorized these and similar raids and who committed these atrocities against law-abiding citizens. It should abolish the agencies responsible, and it should make certain that the tyrants and murderers in federal uniform who planned, authorized or committed these crimes are brought to justice."

If the out-of-control FBI and ATF had been disbanded following Waco, there would have been no "mini-Wacos" and no reason for an Oklahoma City payback.

Anti-Christ Media: The basic need of the International Trade Cartel is to have orderly markets peopled with orderly populations: populations trained to accept foreign merchants, foreign products, and foreign workers who arrive with their foreign gods. Anything less hinders trade. One reason the Christian religion has always been a media target is that the Christian religion:

* Forbids trade with strangers. (Proverbs 6:1)

* Does not permit strangers to live in Christian lands. (1 Kings 4:21)

* Does not accept foreign gods. (Joshua 24:20)

* Teaches separatism. (2 Corinthians 6:17)

To open the land to free trade (Which, upon study, is found not to be free after all) and free travel by merchant-strangers and their gods, the priests, and the king and his soldiers reward those obedient to their wishes and punish the disobedient. This is the key to understanding Waco and Ruby Creek, Idaho.

A "separatist" is guilty by his mere act of trying to be separate. Weaver lived on a mountain top, Davidians lived a separated lifestyle in a Texas church complex; black separatists lived apart in Philadelphia and all were exterminated. All separatists must be reeducated, or marked for death. To discover separatists the king incites the people. Those who will not accept the king's (President's) edicts must be suppressed or exterminated. This is the final stage on the road to empire.

Civil disorders uncover disaffected separatists. People trying to protect themselves from a government-gone-wild are branded as separatists "rebels." It is in this context that one must look at the foreigners quarter at U.S. military bases.

At the proper time they will be given their own military equipment that has been stored for them in government warehouses, and they will help the ITC restore order in America - another U.N. police operation. The precedent has been set. So who is this Timothy James McVeigh? Is he a patriot seeking to put a stop to future Wacos, a government agent, or a fall guy? We remember that the media was beating the drum for "anti-terrorist" legislation BEFORE there were terrorists in the USA.

Pulling It Together: It is interesting to note how fast the government held "anti-terrorist" hearings on the Oklahoma City bombing. Compare this with their absolute lack of interest in holding hearings on the Ruby Ride or Waco Massacres. It is also interesting to watch politicians and talk show hosts such as Rush Limbaugh and others like him, when queried about comparing Waco with Oklahoma City - they fidget and refuse to talk about Waco. They are media-elected and don't dare antagonize their masters. Other things point to government involvement in the bombing:

* The FBI, the ones who ordered the final assault on the Davidians, should have been the logical target. They didn't have offices in the federal building that was attacked.

* Who placed the bombs that were disarmed within the Oklahoma federal compound?

* What about the seismograph story - that there were two separate explosions - ten seconds apart? Engineers tell that 4800 pounds of fertilizer explosive is a lot of explosive, but fertilizer bombs are very inefficient, and, there was an awful lot of damage done to that building. That amount of damage would be far more likely if an inefficient outside bomb were helped by an efficient one inside. Then, too, the YMCA building just across the street was still standing. Window washers weren't even blown off their scaffolding.

* Why was McVeigh driving a car without a license plate - an open invitation to be stopped?

* Lastly, and most interesting, of the 20 employees of the ATF in the bombed building, guess how many were hurt in the explosion? Absolutely none of them!

Neutralizing the Enemy: What is happening brings to mind one very particular scenario that, in the terms of the political environment and effect, was very similar to the Oklahoma City bombing. It was the early-1960s. The ultra-conservative movement was very active and rapidly gaining in popularity all around the country. In the South, Southwest, and West, especially, the conservative movement was making bold strokes against liberal, centralized government.

In homes, churches and business all over the nation one found patriotic literature. People were devoting their free time to the movement. They were organizing and conducting meetings in their own homes and businesses and churches.

These people were not led by political party leaders or politicians. No just like today, they took the initiative themselves. They hooked-up with everyone they knew, and because they spoke and taught the truth, the movement snowballed.

In the early 1960s, American politics as we know it was about to be changed forever. The ultra-conservative movement - what many of its enemies call "the far right" - was on a roll. And then that terrible, tragic thing happened that stopped the political and spiritual move to the right dead in its tracks - the assassination of President Kennedy. Suddenly, a marginally popular president, in many circles a despised, pro-socialist liberal, was turned into a national hero.

From the very day of the Kennedy assassination, the so-called "far right" was blamed. It was the so-called "conspiratorial far right," the government and the lap-dog media said, that killed Kennedy. It was said that those crazy right-wingers in Dallas had gone too far. It was said that money from the right-wing Hunt Brothers had something to do with Kennedy's killing. To this day, Dallas still suffers from the reputation as an enclave of murderous right-wingers.

None of these allegations held water, of course, but the damage had been done. For the government and the controlled media, allegations are enough to convince the general public. Allegations are all it takes to dirty one's political and spiritual enemies. And once again we see it happening today in the political and media fall-out of the Oklahoma City bombing.

One of the first, sure signs of a genuine conspiracy is when an out-of-power but rising group of political enemies is blamed for some terrible event. It happened with the Kennedy murder and it is happening with Oklahoma City. Today we are being told by the government and the media that right-wing extremists are roaming the countryside; getting ready to kill people just like the victims who were annihilated in Oklahoma City. That message is a lie! But it is the most effective tool the government and the media have to hurt the genuine, lawful, Christian conservative movement.

The second sure sign of a genuine conspiracy is this: A well-known and controversial figure close to the blamed political enemy is implicated. In this case, that figure is Mark Koernke, also known as "Mark from Michigan," and Koernke lives in Dexter, Michigan - the same hometown as James Nichols.

We know that Nichols and his brother, Terry, have been arrested and charged for setting off small bombs on their own property. And it is said that materials resembling those of the bomb fragments in Oklahoma City have been found on the Nichols' farm. And according to the U.S. Attorney in Michigan, the Nichols brothers were also arrested on the information that they "made numerous negative statements about the government."

Thought Police: Of course, making negative state-ments is not a crime but no matter. However, it is alarming that just two days before their arrest, President Clinton warned that those who made negative statements about the government must be stopped.

And what is worse, he said he would take the necessary steps to stop the negative speech. And brothers and sisters, this is the third sure sign of a genuine government conspiracy. The national news media immediately jumped all over Mark Koernke and it was claimed that he sent a so-called "cryptic fax" to Texas Congressman Steve Stockman before the bombing.

The fax supposedly communicated details of the bombing, and so it was supposed that Koernke had a hand in it. But the fax was sent, you guessed it, after the bombing and was itself based on news reports available to everyone.

So, it appears that Koernke was smeared by this coordinated media campaign, and so was Congressman Stockman. Congressman Stockman, it should be said, was newly elected in 1994. He is sympathetic to conservative Christians and has been repeatedly attacked, already, by the ACLU and the Jewish Anti-Defamation League, or ADL.

Even after Koernke was proven innocent in the matter of the fax, the same ole lie continues to be passed around by Morris Dees (according to his divorce papers is a Pedophile, Queer, degenerate, and pervert), the Jewish civil rights attorney from Montgomery, Alabama. Dees appeared on the "Donahue" TV show on April 25, 1995, and accused Koernke of being on the run from the Government for having sent the so-called "cryptic fax." Folks, Koernke was never on the run and he personally appeared before the media to refute these claims, yet the lap-dog media never admitted they had been duped, and Dees insisted on repeating them on national television.

But who and what is Morris Dees (From a review of his divorce papers, one can quickly find that Morris Dees is a Queer, degenerate, pervert, pedophile, and etc.)? Well, he runs a professional fund raising machine out of Montgomery, called the Southern Poverty Law Center. The local Montgomery press reported that Dees raises millions of dollars from scared Jews and minorities. His technique? He sends out hate letters, identifying false targets like Mark Koerenke and the State Militias. He then warns of impending violence, and says that money is needed to fight these made-up enemies. This is how Dees has become a multi-millionaire; by playing on the fears of uninformed minorities and Jews.

And so we see that from the very beginning and early on in the official investigation, the government and the media used dirty lying tactics to associate Koernke and all Christian conservatives with the bombing. Their goal? Stop the surging, populist, White, Christian conservative movement dead in its tracks.

Many believe it is fair to say, because of such government actions, that President Bill Clinton is a fascist. A fascist is a strange, hybrid creature who combines the most effective - and most virulent - strains of both Nazism and Communism. The fascist believes in a totalitarian government, but one ruled behind the scenes by a wealthy elite, such as the CFR and Trilateral Commission clique. The fascist despises God for he believes himself to be divine. The fascist deceitfully uses and manipulates the masses. From the rich he privately obtains his awesome power. From the deluded people he obtains his authority, which he wields with cruel and terrible effectiveness.

Today it is the fascists who stalk America. The modern day fascist tyrants, however, have not changed much from those of the past. President Clinton, like Hitler and Mussolini before him, tells outrageous lies. He lies about what really happened in Waco, and he cynically uses the Oklahoma City tragedy to arouse public fear and incite public anger toward perceived "enemies." He manipulates this fear and anger to achieve the hidden agenda of the Illuminati elite: the granting of the dictatorial police powers and the setting aside of our nation's Bill of Rights.

In London's Daily Telegraph newspaper, historian John Keegan recently penned an article under the title, "Who Says a Hitler Could Never Happen Again?" Keegan observed, "People...cannot tolerate chronic insecurity. They crave civil peace almost as much as they need food. If denied it, they will give their loyalty to anyone who can assure it; they will also sanction any measures this Leviathan - as Hobbes called this bringer of security - deems necessary to restore order."

"Hitler's genius," Keegan continues, "was for playing on the fears and anxieties of ordinary men and women" who, frightened and desperate for order, agreed "to the whole apparatus of social control that Hitler installed, when he achieved power - with their votes." Keegan points out that the people, feeling themselves under pressure from a "collection of terrorists, fanatics, and criminals assented to police state tactics, deprivation of civil rights, imprison-ment without trial, judicial murder, and, eventually, mass extermination of the enemies of the people."

To those who say that it couldn't happen today, not with an enlightened media, Keegan responds by reminding us that, in fact, the media were the greatest promoters of Nazi fascism and were among the warmest advocates of Adolf Hitler's totalitarian program. "Hitler's real genius," says Keegan, "was in public relations...The German press, radio, and cinema applauded the Nazi assault on 'anti-social and criminal elements' every step of the way."

And so we return to 1995, to President Bill Clinton and to an anxious and fearful America. Clinton's unconstitu-tional agenda, as was Hitler's, is applauded by the media.

Even the gassing and burning to death of the 17 children inside the Branch Davidian compound in Waco is described as a righteous act by an honest and virtuous President and Attorney-General. The German people had their Reichstag. The Americans now have their Oklahoma City. Apparently, the devil never changes his ways, and neither do his fascist agents here on planet Earth.

Who Profits?: No one but an insane sadist, or a scheming totalitarian, would have participated in or applauded the Oklahoma City bombing. Who, then, did profit from this otherwise senseless act of sheer terror? You know, and I know, the answer. In a manner frighteningly reminiscent of Josef Stalin's purges in Soviet Russia and Hitler's propagandistic, Nazi era, Bill Clinton, Janet Reno, and their totalitarian comrades are cynically and hyprociticaly using this tragedy to demand special, dictatorial police powers.

How disgustingly convenient, how cruelly perfect, how devilishly advantageous to the long-cherished agenda of Bill Clinton and his New World Order superiors was this monstrous firebombing and massacre in Oklahoma City! Truly God's Word is astute, for we read in Proverbs 8:36: "All they that hate me love death."

Enemies of the State: Both the government and the media agree: certain, designated "enemies" must be stopped. Federal law enforcement agencies, we are told, must be given the maximum authority to shut the mouths of dissidents. Republicans and Democrats alike in Congress seem determined to give to federal authorities dictatorial tools to end what the media describes as "the threat to public security posed by dangerous, anti-government factions."

America is being told that so-called "extremist, right-wing" groups must be thoroughly investigated, even if they are not suspected of actual crimes. For the good of the nation, they MUST be confronted with far-reaching, police state tactics.

Among the extremist groups identified by the media and the government as threats to national security are the following; look and see if you or someone you know could be on Big Brother's enemy hit list. Check to see if you are a designated "enemy of the state:"

* Pro-lifers, who oppose abortion, all of whom, the government and media claim, are guilty of a national conspiracy to firebomb abortion clinics and murder abortion doctors.

* Christian Fundamentalists, especially those who believe in a coming apocalypse, a literal Armageddon, the last days' rise of Mystery Babylon, and the imminent return of Jesus Christ.

* Conspiracy Theorists, especially those who warn of a "New World Order" or who criticize the United Nations.

* Farmers and Ranchers, because they oppose the "wisdom" of new environmental regulations and the government's management of their lands and homesteads. Of course, only the little farmers and ranchers are threats, the big, "agribusiness" titans are government-approved!!!

* Internet and Fax users, because they are supposedly guilty of spreading so-called "hate" messages by computer and over the fax lines.

* Gun Owners, vilified because they allege that the Second Amendment to the Constitution guarantees to the citizenry "the right to keep and bear arms." This, we are told, is a dangerous and inflammatory idea.

* Militia Members, targeted because they expose the heinous and murderous acts perpetrated by the FBI and BATF in Waco, and Ruby Creek, things that the national media and the government prefer the American people not find out.

* Conservative Talk Show Hosts, because they provide forums where the enslaved working classes, American patriots, Biblical Christians, and other anti-New World Order voices stir up discontent and distrust of Big Brother Government - which, of course, is a decided no-no as far as the elitists are concerned.

* Tax Protesters, because they simply don't understand that it is a "good thing" for our friends at the IRS to exercise such massive and unconstitutional police powers over the suffering and ever more paying citizenry. How else can we pay for the police state, for all those much-needed government welfare programs, and for all that foreign aid?

* Constitutionalists, because of their unacceptable belief that the wording of the Bill of Rights is to be taken literally. Constitutionalists are also said to be extreme because they oppose the New World Order and warn of a coming, one world government system which would make obsolete the need for our "old and antiquated" national constitutional.

* Tenth Amendment Advocates, especially to be watched and beaten down are those who believe in the Tenth Amendment, which states that those powers not specifically delegated to the federal government, "are reserved to the states or to the people." This, say the media and the politicians in Washington, D.C. (District of Corruption) is a disturbing and revolutionary notion!

* Patriots, because they cherish the "Old America" the land that once belonged to the brave and the free, before today's socialist rot set in.

* Armed Forces Personnel, because they despise their "heroic," draft-dodging, U.S. military-loathing, Commander-in-chief. These men and women oppose PDD-25, the government's directive to turn over command of the U.S. military forces to United Nations' controllers. Many uniformed personnel are also "America Firsters," and this presents a roadblock to the glorious, soon coming New Age of one-worldism.

* Right-Wing Extremists, all of the people in the above categories, plus many more "anti-government" agitators, for example, home schoolers, objectors to homosexual conduct, etc., are lumped together and labeled as "right-wing extremists." The nation is being encouraged to distrust, investigate, watch, despise, and quarantine these terrible people.

Ten years ago Congress enacted the Comprehensive Crime Act of 1984, which provides that if the police have "probable cause" to believe that your car, say, or your home has been "used to facilitate" a crime, law enforcement agents are free to confiscate your property without having to bother with a trial.

Suppose, for example, the government has you confused with somebody else and thinks you're printing bogus stock certificates in the attic. Acting on suspicion alone, law enforcement personnel can seize your home and pitch you and your family into the street!

Or suppose you're stopped for speeding and the cops find a marijuana butt left on the floorboard by a garage mechanic. If they wish, and they probably will, they can confiscate your car, and they have a lot of incentive to do so because the profits are split between the arresting officers, the judge, the officers budgets and the government.

Oh sure you can get a lawyer and try to get your property back, but there's no presumption of innocence, and retrieving your belongings may cost you thousands of dollars in legal fees. One man in Houston, Texas had $50,000 seized and he went to court to redeem his money, after spending $75,000 on lawyer fees he finally got $20,000 back.

United Nations: Contrary to popular belief, the United Nations was not "born" in San Francisco, in July 1945 according to information revealed during a debate between Lt. Col. Archibald Roberts and Congressman Richard Ottinger, former Director of the United States Committee on the United Nations. Col. Roberts said, "...the United Nations was spawned two weeks after Pearl Harbor in the office of Secretary of State, Cordell Hull. In a letter to President Franklin D. Roosevelt dated 22 Dec., 1941, Secretary Hull, at the direction of faceless sponsors...recommended the founding of a Presidential Advisory Committee on Post War Foreign Policy. This...was the planning commission for the United Nations and its Charter."

Col. Roberts also identified the committee, including various State Department advisors and staff, leaders in education, media and foreign policy research. Ten of fourteen members belonged to the CFR. Roberts said, "Each member of the committee was, without exception, a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, or under the control of the CFR." "We will have a world government whether you like it or not. The only question is whether that government will be achieved by conquest or consent." (Jewish Banker Paul Warburg, February 17, 1950, as he testified before the U.S. Senate)

Swat teams raids upon the homes of citizens resulting in the killing of entire families are taking place all across the nation, but the national media is only reporting on the ones in Ohio and Pennsylvania.

Several individuals in various patriot, militia, and Christian Identity groups believe that the bombing was perpetrated by the government agents in order to give it cause to disarm society and to bring about a "national emergency" in which all constitutional rights would be abolished.

Many believe the recent historical reports about the so-called Una-bomber are nothing but clandestine threats by government to Congress that they are not passing the anti-terrorist bills fast enough, and if they don't hurry and get on with the program there will be more bombings and more killings!

Now, let us turn to the front page of the Patriot Report which carries this head line, "Clinton Bashes Patriots." As if the patriots and the Militias were the worst terrorists in the U.S., when really they are the ones who want to protect our nation from terrorism, and are the best of the patriots.  "Clinton spoke at a college graduation ceremony in Michigan Friday, May 5th, using the opportunity to demonize militias and American patriots. Quotes from AP: 'How dare you suggest that we, in the freest nation on Earth, live in tyranny,' Clinton said. 'How dare you call yourselves patriots and heroes.' The President has sent Congress legislation to hire 1,000 more federal gents and to give the FBI broader powers to infiltrate and investigate paramilitary groups...Clinton said his comment were directed not only at paramilitary groups but at others 'who believe the greatest threat to America comes not from within our country or beyond our borders, but from our own government.' In the past the President has also denounced people who spread hate and division 'regularly over the airwaves.'

This is the latest installment of statements made by Clinton in his campaign to vilify American patriots. Clinton and his devious political cohorts are trying to tie in all militias and patriots with the Oklahoma bombing. This is blatantly unfair and paints millions of law abiding Americans as terrorists and hate-filled aggressors. The real fact is that Clinton and his socialist dreamers are the ones trying to aggressively change America!

They are the ones trying to dismantle and replace the U.S. Constitution, destroy morality in the armed forces and in the nation, destroy our economy through NAFTA and GATT and force our nation into a one-world government. These are facts.

Clinton is painting socialist dreamers as true patriots and the true Americas as hateful terrorists. In a recent speech, Clinton said, 'We must purge the nation of the origins of this hate.' Purge! Where have we herd that word before? Russia? China? Bosnia? All of the above. And just who is it the noble Federal Government wants to purge from this nation? American Patriots and Militias who want to defend America from all enemies, foreign and domestic. True Americans are the designated enemy now, not the Soviet Union, or Red China, or Communist Vietnam.

This is how far our nation has fallen, until the average citizen does not know good from evil. Any citizen who believes that militias and patriots are the enemy fully deserves the tyranny they are going to get.

The CFR and Trilateral members in the federal government caused Americans to wake up. Aggressive and offensive un-American activities by conspirators for a one-world government opened our eyes. Because of traitorous acts to destroy the U.S. Constitution, Americans began to see treason in our nation. And now, since Americans are waking up and recognizing the downfall of our nation, speaking out against the actions, Clinton begins to cry, 'Foul!' He does not want Americans to speak the truth over the radio waves, or to publish the things that are happening to our nation.

He wants us to go back to sleep and not to worry about anything. After all, the federal government with their IRS, ATF, and FBI agents are the real patriots and heroes. They are here to help us. We remember how they helped that family in Idaho - by shooting the 14 year old boy in the back and shooting the nursing mother in the head while she was holding her baby. We remember how the federal government came to Waco to help save the little children - they burned to death 18 children and murdered nearly a hundred people.

Who is it really that is terrorizing America? Who is getting laws passed to validate tyranny? The federal government has become a monstrous, corrupt system that is feeding on the weak and innocent. This is much worse than the taxation without representation that our forefathers faced in 1776. This is slightly more a problem than taxes on tea. This is a battle for the minds and lives of American citizens.

Clinton is using the media like a master politician to destroy the reputations and integrity of True American Patriots. He is utilizing a billion dollar news media to vilify true defenders of liberty. Then he complains about those on short wave radio. For Clinton to take the time to complain about radio talk shows that present a diverse viewpoint only proves how well the patriot movement has been growing, how wide-spread the message of liberty truly is across our nation. The Clinton's socialist and communist contacts and agenda are common knowledge. For Clinton to strike out against patriots is actually a validation of the patriot movement.

The office of the President is a position of honor, integrity, and most of all, true leadership. This office deserves respect, whether or not as Americans we always agree with the President's policies. But when the President uses the blood of innocent children to further his own political ambitions and agenda, respect for him is lost.

The fact that Clinton is publicly bashing militias and patriots has exposed his agenda to control all opposition and further erode our Constitution. This is waking up more Americans than any one patriot group could have done. thank God Clinton is so over confident! The more the conspirators lash out at the patriots, the more Americans will know the truth.

Truth is in short supply in our nation today. We must stand as a pillar of truth in a world full of lies. As Americans, we must unite against the brainwashing of an all powerful news media and make a rational stand for liberty. Patriots do not react irresponsibly, we respond with wisdom and common sense.

The conspirators for a one-world government have aggressively attacked our culture and nation. We have responded by exposing the truth and waking up America. we make no apologies for defending America and standing for liberty. If the socialist schemers continue to undermine our once great nation and attack the constitutional militias, they will once and for all expose their intentions. The military and police officers of America will see the conspirators for what they are, treasonous revolutionaries that are hell bent on destroying our constitutional Republic."

When someone breaks into your house and ransacks the place, taking all they want, we call that theft, and it is a theft of tangible assets. However, the eighth commandment, "thou slat not steal," refers to more than just tangible or physical property, it also refers to intangible things.

So let us give you just one example. If you were arrested by a policeman and incarcerated in jail without just cause, that is referred to as unlawful imprisonment. Most arrests in conjunction with traffic stops fall into this category as, in most states, the policeman only has authority to take you before a magistrate, not to jail.

But what, then, is unlawful imprisonment? It is stealing your liberty or your freedom. It is kidnaping and imprisonment by officers of the state. But freedom is something a Freeman enjoys and something that slaves do not enjoy, for slaves are not free. Any dictionary will tell you that freedom is defined as: "A state of exemption from the power or control of another..."

When your parents get a birth certificate, and fill it out, from that moment on you belong to the state. You are a slave of the Federal Government. Even now in Texas there are court cases wherein the Texas Education Association states: "A parent has no right to know, or to control, what is being taught to their children in the public school system!"

But what was the purpose of freedom? We know, from Genesis 1:26, that man's mission was to subdue and have dominion over the earth. Now if you steal a man, thus robbing him of his freedom, then that man comes under the control of another, and when that happens, how can he fulfill the prime directive given by God? Obviously he cannot.

We should point out that some men, perhaps even most men, are slaves by nature. They prefer to be controlled to some degree by man or state, rather than being in absolute 100% control of themselves under God. In fact, these men will tell you that we need to be controlled for the good of society.

However, in Scripture slavery was voluntary, and a dissatisfied slave could leave, and he could not be compelled to return, and other men were forbidden to deliver him to his master. We find this law in Deuteronomy 23:15-16: "Thou shalt not deliver unto his master the servant which is escaped from his master unto thee: He shall dwell with thee, even among you, in that place which he shall choose in one of thy gates, where it liketh him best: thou salt not oppress him."

Notice that this implies a certain amount of liberty on the part of slaves, and also a duty of just treatment by their masters. And, for the most part, so it was in the pre-Civil War South as slaves lived in their own quarters, had guns to hunt with, and a patch of ground on which to grow crops. Although they had a great deal of liberty, unlike slaves in the Scriptures they could not leave their master as they were considered a form of personal property. But, some were given their freedom and others were allowed to purchase their freedom.

However, in the Scriptures, a man who abuses his freedom can be sold into slavery in order to work out his restitution. We know this from Exodus 22:3: "If the sun be risen upon him, there shall be blood shed for him; for he should make full restitution; if he have nothing, then he shall be sold for his theft."

The principle seems to be that if a man cannot use his freedom for its true purpose, godly dominion, reconstruction, and restoration, he must then work towards restitution in his bondage. But masters were required to be fair in their dealings with their slaves, and this was confirmed by Paul in Colossians 4:1 where he stated: "Master, give unto your servants that which is just and equal; knowing that ye also have a master in heaven." The prohibition of stealing referred originally to kidnaping as well. For example, we read in Genesis 40:15 of Joseph's removal from the land of Canaan. Joseph stated: "For indeed I was stolen away out of the land of the Hebrews..." Joseph seemed to understand that to kidnap a man was a stealing of that man and to enslave him is to rob him of his freedom.

We would also point out that Scripturally, kidnaping was punished by death for Exodus 21:16 states: "And he that stealeth a man, and selleth him, or if he be found in his hand, he shall surely be put to death."

Likewise we read in Deuteronomy 24:7: "If a man be found stealing any of his brethren of the children of Israel, and maketh merchandise of him, or selleth him; then that thief shall die; and thou shalt put evil away from among you."

Certain things clearly appear in these two laws. First, they forbad the kidnaping of any man, whether Israelite or foreigner.

Second, the selling of slaves was forbidden, and so a slave-market could not exist in Israel. Since Israelites were voluntary slaves, and since not even a foreign slave could be compelled to return to his master, slavery was on a different basis under the laws of God than in non-Biblical cultures.

Scripturally, the slave was a member of the household, having certain rights in that family. And the slave who was working out a restitution for theft had no incentive to escape, for to do so would make him an incorrigible criminal and subject to death. We have already seen that the death penalty is mandatory for kidnaping. No discretion is allowed the court, and so, to rob a man of his freedom requires death.

Fourth, Deuteronomy 24:7 forbids stealing a man by anyone who "maketh merchandise of him, or selleth him." Likewise in 2 Peter 2:3, Peter tells us that we will be as merchandise: "And through covetousness shall they with feigned words make merchandise of you." Notice that this will be done, not with shackles, but by feigned words. In other words you will be enticed into becoming a slave for the good of society.

And the best way to entice a man into slavery is to control his assets, for if we cannot use our property without permission, then we are slaves to those who control the conditions under which we can use our property.

So property is basic to man's freedom and a tyrannical state always limits a man's use of his property. For example, the state taxes it, or confiscates it, which is a highly effective means of enslaving a man without putting him in shackles. The control or theft of personal property must be viewed as more than the lawless seizure or destruction of property: it is an assault on a man's freedom, and even his very life.

Neither the state nor any individual has any right to transgress this law. However, the state transgress this law all the time, not only by acts of confiscation, manipulation of money, and by taxation, but also by any and every undercutting of Biblical faith and education. For example, State supported and controlled education is theft, not only in its taxation plan, but also by virtue of its destruction of public character, so that a godly society is turned into a thieves' market.

During the law-abiding time of Israel's history, houses lacked doors. A curtain was hung in place of a door. Pagan dwellings in surrounding areas had heavy doors, sometimes of stone, carefully fitted into the stone wall, as a necessary protection against other men.

This difference, discovered by archeological work, is a striking one. When morality was the norm, when men were at peace with their neighbors, and when the law was obeyed and enforced, then the purpose of a door was merely to insure privacy, and a curtain, in a moderate climate, was sufficient. In lawless neighboring countries, stone doors were required, and men lived as prisoners within their own homes, in effect besieged by a lawless world.

Up until the 50s and 60s people in most parts of America didn't lock their doors, but now this same lawless siege-living condition again prevails in our society. By their destruction of godly education and of Biblical law, the nations have robbed their people of freedom, and the people, by their apostasy, have denied themselves freedom.

But to return again to the definition of theft as the stealing of freedom, the implication is clearly that property is freedom. A man is free if his person and his possessions are under his control. But if the state can prohibit you from using your own property or if the state can take it away from you if you fail to perform, such as by paying real or personal property taxes, then you are not free, they may not have you in shackles but they don't need to shackle you because you are a willing slave.

Guatemala and Other CIA murders: It is a great pity that the US people have never been allowed to read or hear or learn of the actual machinations of their leaders,  particularly their industrial, political, media and security organizations (which of course decide who can afford to pay the huge financial costs needed to become President). The thoughtful people know that "He who lives by the sword, dies by the sword," or “Violence breeds Violence.” Actually it is quite a relief to hear of deaths that are not of foreigners, not Iraqis, nor Iranians, not of dissidents against US Interests and their policies.

In the case of Guatemala, R. Torricelli has uncovered the US secret that the CIA arm of US Administration actually kills people, mostly foreign people and mostly in places like Guatemala. R. MacNamara also has finally admitted to the unnecessary US killing of about three million people in Vietnam‑Laos area. The US people can be assured that all those deaths are just the tip of the iceberg when considering the other unnecessary deaths in Latin America, Africa, Timor, Cambodia, etc. Or is it quite acceptable when foreign people are killed en masse for US trade profits? In 1845 USA annexed the territories of Texas and California

Uruguayan writer of Latin American history, Eduardo Galeano has much to tell you if you are prepared to imagine that history books supplied by all colonialist powers, especially including the USA, should be scrapped in favor of the truth. Here are some excerpts from the "Open Veins of Latin America." etc. His books are a must!

In the middle of the 19th Century William Walker on behalf of US Bankers invaded Central America at the head of a band of assassins and with the support of the US Government, robbed, killed and burned in successive expeditions till proclaiming himself president of Nicaragua, El Salvador and Honduras. He restored slavery in these States seized from Mexico, and was welcomed back home as a national hero. In 1912 President W H Taft declared that the whole of the hemisphere from the North Pole to the South Pole would be ‘ours, by virtue of our superiority of race, as it is already ours, morally!'

US Companies like United Fruit, Associated Press became the operators and catalysts for US takeovers. In 1933, Nicaraguan peoples' hero Sandino was invited to Managua to meet his President Somoza under US Good Neighbor Policy. He was murdered along the way. Somoza, the murderer, confirmed later that the US Ambassador had ordered the execution. With this power and the massacres that followed, Somoza, in 25 years, accumulated 46 coffee plantations, 51 cattle haciendas, the Cross of Valor, Medal of Distinction and Presidential Medal of Merit. Such are the US favorite corrupted friends. US control and profits magnified. Wall Street applauded.

In Guatemala in 1933 Pres. Jorge Ubico shot 100 Trade Union, Student and Political leaders who protested against laws forcing Indians to carry a book detailing hours worked each day at 30 cents per day. Readers Digest eulogized 'his efforts to avoid inflation.' Coffee and banana plantation foremen were exempt from Indian killing charges. This was the harbinger of the I.M.Fund. (Indian killing was also free in USA when I was there in 1962 ‑JC). Ubico was followed by Presidents Arevalo and Jacobo Arbenz both of whom managed to break United Fruit's monopoly on unused land, allowing 100,000 peasant families to benefit. US media screamed 'communism.' US trained Colonel Armas, with troops and US F-47 bombers supplied by US President Eisenhower and CIA boss Allen Dulles, invaded Guatemala. Dulles was a Director of United Fruit. Both were shareholders. The land was returned to United Fruit.

Arbenz's fall started a conflagration in Guatemala which has never been extinguished. The same forces which bombed Guatemala City, San Jose in 1954 are in power today. New leader Mendez allowed his terror groups to murder at will. 'In 1967, expelled US Catholic Priest, Thomas Melville confirmed that 2800 intellectuals, students, trade‑union leaders and peasants were murdered for trying to combat the sickness of Guatemalan society'. Hundreds of thousands of Guatemalans were disposed of in systematic butchery with US approval, torture equipment and advanced weaponry. United Fruit and others needed their land to claim US protection as US interests. All the men of hundreds of villages were exterminated in Tituque; their intestines were gouged out with knives; in Piedra Parada they were flayed alive; in Agua Blanca they were burned alive after being shot in the legs; in San Jorge's plaza heads of  the rebellious were displayed on poles; in Cerro Gordo the eyes of Jaime Velasquez were filled with pins; the head of Ricardo Miranda had thirty-eight holes and with it the head of Haroldo Silva were found beside the San Salvador Highway. The head of Jose Guzman was chopped into a mass of tiny pieces and scattered along the road.(Do you understand what US terrorism has encouraged?)  Men in other

villages greeted the dawn without hands or feet. All this fury began in 1954 and has not yet ceased. The slaughter that is greater but more hidden ‑the daily genocide of poverty‑ also continues. In

1968 another expelled Priest, Father Blase Bonpane reported in the Washington Post: "Of the 70,000 people who die each year in Guatemala, 30,000 are children. The infant mortality rate in Guatemala is forty times higher than in the USA.”

In the 1820's, Independence from Spain did not reward the Indians. The Latin American Nation‑ as the gentry, landowners (oligarchies) and businessmen conceived it‑ looked too much like a busy port, inhabited by the mercantile and financial clientele of the British Empire. Free trade opened the doors to an avalanche of British merchandise. In 1824, Simon Bolivar assisted by British finance, arms and soldiers (as well as Germans French and mounted Indians) defeated the Spanish at the silent (no guns) battle of Junin Plain. Bolivar sold Potosi mountain of silver and all holdings of land and other assets in that part of Peru (name changed to Bolivia) to repay the 20 million English pounds. Bolivar was a warrior, not politician. In 1823 the adopting by the US of the Monroe Doctrine to preserve all Latin America for US interests, has led to 172 years of US hegemony, murder and repression of indigenous races."

And so, the voice of Rigoberta Menchu. "One little brother died from malnutrition. Nicolas died from pesticide spray fumes. When we were 14 my friend also died from cotton spray poisoning.

In every village, hundreds of young girls and women were being raped by the military, so I slept in the trees and rain each night with others. My father refused to part with our land so he was tortured regularly in jail. My mother said that when a woman sees her son being tortured, burnt alive, she is incapable of not hating.

In 1979 my younger brother died under torture at age 16. His name was Petrocinio Menchu Tum. He was made to walk away, kicked incessantly until he fell, then kicked in the face. When they had done with him he didn't look like a person anymore. He was kept in a well with many bodies. They forced stones into his eyes, cut off his skin and burned him. The wounds were infected. They shaved his head then cut the skin and pulled it down over his face, then cut off the fleshy part of his face.

Two weeks later they announced that all parents would have to come to the village to see their sons punished. We all, including my father, brothers and sisters had to walk all night to get to that place. Hundreds of peasants were there and machine guns and helicopters (US) threatened them. Soldiers had to cut the clothing from the prisoners as the officer told details of each type of torture for these 'guerillas. My brother had no soles left on his feet. Women had had their breasts or nipples slashed off, tongues and ears were missing everywhere. The Captain explained that the Government was democratic. What else do you want you are led by communists! All the sufferers were then doused in petrol and set alight. "Long Live Guatemala", said the Captain."

Wealth and power seems to turn men into brutes and animals. The US should consider the Oklahoma slaughter as a sign of the decay of morals and feelings especially by its successive sickening Administrations. Latin America and the Caribbean can never belong to such people. The whole world may die while America searches the stars for another sign of life. Even if life was found, people like the CIA, Pentagon and the Presidents with their deformed idea of “democracy” will only destroy that life too.

[2] The American Reporter, February/March 1995 issue.

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