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Brother R.G. Stair

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Dear Brother Stair:

     Mass Mind Control ‑ The Ultimate Weapon: We in the United States have been subjected to the most sophisticated, unrelenting and diabolical Mind Control Program that has ever been unleashed on any nation during the course of history. Even those who understand its mechanisms and techniques are not immune to its impact. On the masses, its effects have been nothing short of catastrophic. It is a Psychological War which is being waged against America and its people.

     Modern warfare begins in the Mind. If ordinary citizens can be reduced to automatons, whose response in certain psychologically strategic areas is programmed and predictable, our country can be, and is being, taken away from us without so much as a whimper.

     Tragically, large numbers of White Americans have been reduced to this dangerous condition, so that the physical transfer of total power becomes a formality, achieved with minimum force. To most people, the term "brainwashing" conjures up vague, but horrifying images, of Soviet or Communist prison camps, with "truth serums," "electro shock treatments," or "mindbending chemicals" administer by sinister or lunatic scientists in white coats. However, the truth is less melodramatic, but nevertheless just as frightening when one understands what is happening.

    Mass Brainwashing, or Mind Control is Based on Pavlovian Conditioned-Reflex Responses to Selected Stimuli: A reflex is an automatic response to a stimulus, a "knee jerk" reaction beyond our control. Blinking one's eyes

if a hand is brought towards them rapidly, or salivating at the scent or sight of food, are two simple examples. A conditioned reflex is an equally automatic response to a stimulus that would not normally elicit it. The conditioned reflex has to be deliberately engineered using two key techniques: association and repetition.

    Pavlov, a Russian Scientist, would ring a bell and three seconds later gave caged dogs food. Constant repetition produced an association of bell and food, so that the conditioned animals began to salivate automatically to the sound of the bell, even in the absence of food. Salivation to food is a normal reflex; to the sound of a bell it is a conditioned reflex. Next, Pavlov would shine a light and three seconds later the bell would ring. After repetition the dogs would salivate at the shining of the light which, please note, had never been directly associated with food at all. This was, therefore, a secondary conditioned reflex.

    Dogs cannot be taken beyond a secondary conditioned response, but monkeys can be conditioned along a whole series of steps, from bell to light to whistle to buzzer: provided that each step is associated and repeated Humans can be conditioned even further. The essence of brainwashing is simply this. We are put through a process and program of carefully selected and repeated stimuli, that produce automatic responses, not of salivation, but of our emotions and feelings. The programming is done primarily through The Mass Media. The initial blueprints and techniques were worked out by the planners; the conspirators of the brave new world, that small clique of power‑hungry Jewish internationalist bankers and their ilk and constantly amended and improved upon.

    First, newspaper editors, then professors of psychology, religion and education were carefully selected and trained, and given the key positions that only unlimited wealth can buy. Next key magazines were purchased or established, then film, and later television producers chosen and instructed. Their goal? To create a liberal climate! The first victims, largely rootless and maladjusted so‑called "intellectuals," became infested with the liberal virus, infecting others in turn, thus setting in motion the vital snowball effect.

    They write as their mentors or masters desire and dictate, without even knowledge of their existence, imagining their feelings to have spring from their own inner convictions. "Liberals and idealists are Communism's useful idiots," as Lenin so succinctly remarked. The first objective of mind control or brainwashing, is to instill guilt in the minds of the White Race in general, but of White Americans in particular.

    It has been said that Rhodesia's UDI threw the One‑Worlders at least fifteen years off schedule. If that is true, then, we have a demonstration of what a handful of Whites with intelligence, initiative and courage could do.

    Rhodesia's betrayal and subsequent collapse was caused by collusion between Kissinger and Vorster which made continued resistance impossible. So, if little Rhodesia could derail the One‑World Juggernaut for fifteen‑odd years, then America could do so indefinitely. The United States has almost 100‑million people, access to the sea and untold mineral wealth, which would be thousands of times more formidable than the small population of Rhodesia. Therefore, at all costs the will to resist by the American people has to be broken!

    Phase One: Was to instill guilt in the minds of American Whites. A guilty person cannot take positive, assertive action against the conspirators. They will bend over backwards to make excuses for his enemies, and accept standards of behavior and morality in other races groups that he would never accept in his own. The average American is currently so guilt‑ridden that they will probably be incapable of defending his heritage unless he awakens very soon! All too many have been made ashamed to be White.

    Guilt has been instilled along the lines of the Pavlovian techniques described. Film follows nauseating film in which the White Christian Man is Always the Criminal, The Racist Bigot, the Corrupt Politician or Cop, the Sick Sadist. Film after nauseating film shows the Black man as innocent victim, in the star role of computer scientist, kindly humanist, or incorruptible idealist, presenting the make‑believe harmony of the Crosby family, or the imaginary world of cute little Black Webster adopted by his White parents.

    Film after nauseating film depicts the conservative White as a vicious and retarded microcephalic, slavering to begin his lynch parties. Film after nauseating film about Nazis, Hitler and anti‑Semites are presented with the deliberate intent to create buzz words that will make White American stop resisting whenever one of those Pavlovian type, created words. These are a special created vocabulary of emotive words designed to engender guilt. With the expert use of association and repetition, those become simple "smear words." Are these familiar? "Discrimination," "racist," "Nazi," "neo‑Nazi," "anti‑Semite," "Fascist," "settler," "bigot," "old‑fashioned," "outdated," "prejudice," "Exploiter." Or the highly loaded words and phrases? "Enlightened," "moderate," "democratic," "free and fair elections," "new," especially the ‑ God help us!

    The Repetition of These Phrases is of Course Deliberate. Remember the Key Words Repetition and Association?: People read uncritically, and have their responses to the subject matter automatically conditioned by these words. And the results? How often have you heard people begin a sentence with "I'm not a racist, but..." if they so much as dare to say something derogatory about Blacks, Mexicans or Jews. Or consider the "Affirmative Action" practiced at Wits and other universities, where Blacks are mollycoddled and passed, when their innate capacities have caused them to fail hopelessly!

    Is this fair to the few Blacks who deserve to pass on their own merits? Violence and murder, rapine and savagery rampant among Blacks is ascribed to "poverty" or "socio‑political" deprivation! In the great depression of the thirties when millions of Whites were out of work, did you find this kind of behavior?

    In the Blitz of London were Whites killing one another in the blackouts or plundering shops? What happens to a White Family if they fail to pay an electricity or water bill? What happens to a Black one? Who foots the bill for years of non-payment by the Blacks?

    Considered dispassionately and logically, looking only at the rest of Africa with its tribal wars, starvation, endemic political instability and crises in all aspects of life, why do we consider, even for one second, the transfer of power to the other races?

    The same is true of Bible interpretation, which brings us to our enclosed presentation. Now make no mistake, we would not dare attempt to tell you anything about the Scriptures for you have been a minister for longer than we have been alive. However, we would present you the enclosed for your review.

    Thank you for your time and consideration.

Sincerely yours,

Willie Martin

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