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    Two Steps Back, One Step Forward: The continued presence in the governments of Eastern Europe, by Christopher Story. The Leninist Threat To Western Civilization Has Moved Into A More Ominous Phase. The article confirms what we have been stating all along; that the so-called end of the Cold War was a subterfuge. Here are the headings of the article: (1) World Government is the Goal of Perestroika's New Formation. (2) Destruction of the Nation-State is Communist Goal. (3) Western Political Leaders Surrender to False Synthesis. (4) The False Peace is a True Surrender. (5) Yeltsin Remains Our Enemy. (6) No "De-Nazification" in Moscow. (7) Potemkin Villages in Sequence for CNN. (8) Western Leaders Accept Leninist Premise and Approve the Details. (9) Right to Life is a Barrier to Genocidal Objectives. (10) U.S. Taxpayers Finance Lenin's New World Order. (11) Communists Still Wage Drug War Against America. (12) Ukraine is Still a Finger on Moscow's Hand. (13) Collective Defense Undermines National Independence.

    World Government Is The Goal Of Perestroika's New Formation: The point is made that the West is ignorant of Lenin's revolutionary theory. The continuing Leninist revolution threatens world civilization. Those in the former U.S.S.R. are dedicated revolutionaries. Perestroika means "new formation," as in a military operation. It aims to restructure thinking, both domestically and globally.

  Speaking on May 31, 1989 on his visit to the White House, Soviet leader and Nobel Peace Prize Winner, Mikhail Gorbachev [most people forget this is the man who ordered the use of bombs disguised as toys to kill and maim the Afghan children] declared: "This generation of People on earth may witness the advent of an irreversible period of peace in the history of civilization. The Soviet people hope that the tragedies of the Twentieth Century, those horrible wars will forever be a thing of the past."

  We are constantly told by the mass media, by politicians and church leaders that since the advent of Glasnost and Perestroika, that Soviet Russia no longer constitutes a threat to our national security, or that in fact it is too internally weak and divided to attack us.

  While there is no doubt that the collapse of the Warsaw Pact and the bringing down of the Berlin Wall fulfills the prophecy of Ezekiel 38:4, where God speaking directly to Red Russia under its prophetic name of Gog/Magog declares that He will turn them back, but He also says in the same verse that He will bring them forth to doom and destruction. Your very own Bible declares that the Soviets will yet attack and invade North America over the Arctic Circle and be destroyed.

    What Then of Glasnost and Perestroika?: They were/are all part of a well laid plain and strategy designed by those who have controlled the Soviet Union since the Bolshevik revolution and who would create a One World Government, a "New World Order" under the United Nations. Over seventy years ago Lenin declared in 1920: "The capitalists of this world and their governments in pursuit of conquest of the Soviet market will close their eyes to the indicated higher reality and this will turn them into deaf, mute, blind men. They will extend credits, which will strengthen for us the Communist Party... and give us the materials and technology we lack, they will restore our military industry, indispensable for our future victorious attacks...In other words they will labor for the preparation for their own suicide."

  We are seeing this happen before our eyes today. The Soviet Union was created approximately 75 years ago by the descendants of the same Plutocratic families that took control of the world through London a few centuries ago, and then took control of America in the 1800's.

  The Soviet Union was created [by the Jewish International Bankers] to give the appearance of being in conflict with 'Capitalism' when, in fact, it is not.

  The fake 'conflict' between the USSR and the USA [ostensible adversaries] enhanced the Plutocrats' ability to control the earth through their dialectic system of brainwashing.

    The Soviet Strategy For The Conquest of The West: It should never be forgotten, for even a single moment, that the Soviets are the chess champions of the world. And as such have learned geostrategically to plan 10‑20 moves (years) or more ahead, to use strategic feints, deception and subterfuge.

  The people J. Edgar Hoover called "masters of deceit" (The Jews who have controlled Russia since the Bolshevik revolution in 1917) have learned the art of war and strategic deception from such masters as Sun Tsu, from their stay in Babylon and von Clausewitz, as well as from modern strategic geniuses such as Hitler, Chairman Mao, and Lenin.

    The Soviets' Six Glasnosts: The present period of glasnost/perestroika (the sixth since 1921) is designed to get America to disarm; to get the West to build up and bailout the Soviet Union economically and industrially, and to neutralize

Western Europe and dissolve NATO. Which is in conformity with the prophecy of Ezekiel Chapters 38 and 39. The current glasnost is a giant deception and is easier to understand if one looks at it in the perspective of the first five Russian glasnosts.

  Glasnost, a Russian concept which originally meant publicity or notoriety, has been an effective instrument of the Soviet policy since the early days of the Bolshevik Revolution.

  As Edward Jay Epstein wrote in his book Deception, "Glasnost was first used by Lenin, who realized that power proceeded from denying others a veil of privacy for their decision‑ making. Hence glasnost, or 'public airing' became a weapon for the Communist Part...The logic went: Democracies allow public criticism of officials; the Soviet Union allows public criticism of officials; therefore, the Soviet Union is a democracy...Glasnost lent credibility to government‑controlled newspapers that otherwise would be considered mouthpieces for the Communist Party. It could be used to establish a set of convenient peepholes for journalists, academics and other Kremlin watchers through which they could see selected pictures of Soviet society...Lenin, to get his revolution accepted by Western governments and businesses, had to represent it as something it was not."

    The First Glasnost: 1921 ‑ 1929: Under Lenin's New Economic Plan, he persuaded Western governments, businessmen, and bankers that the revolution was "restructuring," moving back to the free market, and politically liberalizing. Massive Western Financial and Industrial Aid poured in for nine years. Glasnost #1 ended abruptly in 1929, and tens of millions of White Christian Russians went to the wall shortly thereafter.

    The Second Glasnost: 1936 ‑ 1937: Stalin suggested in the mid‑'30s a restructuring of the Soviet economy along capitalist lines (He actually called it "perestroika"). He proclaimed that the Soviet Union was returning to a Western‑ style constitutional government, to freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, and a return to free elections with secret ballots.

  Stalin was portrayed in the Soviet press and then the Western press as a pragmatist ‑ not an ideologue (sound familiar?). Roosevelt and other Western leaders and businessmen began to pour billions in aid, credits and trade. Glasnost #2 came to an end abruptly in 1938, and more brutal purges known as the "Great Terror" followed immediately thereafter.

    The Third Glasnost: 1941 ‑1945: When Hitler invaded Russia in June 1941, the "partnership" with the United States was quickly revived by Stalin. Stalin again claimed that the militant phase of Communism was at an end; he dissolved the Comintern (a key organ for spreading international Communist Revolution). He promised that after the war, Russia would be buying a massive amount of goods from the West.

  This all justified massive economic and military aid through the Lend‑Lease Program (i.e., almost $10‑billion. Which equates to about $1‑trillion today). Which is in direct contrast from the teachings of the Word of God. For God told His Israel people, the Anglo‑Saxon, Germanic, Scandinavian, Celtic and Kindred People, about those who were His and their enemies: "Thou shalt make no covenant with them, nor with their gods." [1]

  The Scriptures then relate further: "...Shouldest thou help the ungodly, and love them that hate the Lord? therefore is wrath upon thee from before the Lord." [2]

  Do you see what liars the Communists are, and that their propaganda lies never cease to try to fool God's Israel People!

  Glasnost #3 ended abruptly in 1945, when the Soviets annexed the three Baltic States ‑ Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia, as well as parts of Poland, Romania, Prussia, Finland, Japan, and most of Eastern Europe. Over 100 million people were enslaved and tens of millions subsequently died.

    The Fourth Glasnost: 1956 ‑ 1959: In 1956, Khrushchev launched another glasnost based on economic and political reforms, a return to competition and the free market, de‑ Stalinization, and a restoration of democracy and individual freedom in the Soviet Union.

  The end of Stalin's "cult of personality" was equated by Khrushchev with democracy and was so portrayed in the Western media. The Soviet press began to publish stories about private millionaires, underground businesses, and a thriving black market.

  Russian church leaders were allowed to travel abroad; Solzhenitsyn was allowed to publish his works; Soviet dissidents were allowed to have contact with the Western press. Khrushchev complained about inefficiencies in the Soviet economy, and stated almost word for word, Stalin's earlier message to the West: "If we cannot give our people the same standard of living that you give your peoples under the Capitalist system, we know that Communism cannot succeed."

  Sound familiar? This is almost exactly what Gorbachev has been saying and doing. Then, via his American intermediary Armand Hammer, Khruschev began to push for increased trade, credits, and aid. some were forthcoming, but not as much as in Glasnost #1 ‑ #3. Glasnost #4 began to end in 1959, with the Soviet‑backed Communist takeover in Cuba, the shooting down of an American U‑2, the mass arrest and execution of Soviet dissidents and the creation of the Berlin Wall.

    The Fifth Glasnost: 1970 ‑ 1975: The fifth glasnost detente, initiated by Leonid Brezhnev. It offered to reconstruct strategic arms, negotiate mutually beneficial accords, and relax international tensions.

  The Soviets began "public airings" of issues to explain to relevant and audiences in the West why they had abandoned their prior goal of world revolution.

  The central theme of this glasnost was that the Soviet government was no longer run by ideologies, but by technocrats, who had no interest in adhering to the Leninist doctrine of class warfare.

  Instead, like technocrats in the West, they wanted to expand their industrial base. The chief goals of this glasnost were to obtain increased U.S. aid and trade (which they did under Nixon and Kissinger), and, most importantly, to inaugurate the arms control process.

  During this glasnost, Brezhnev appeared willing to let Communist countries in Eastern Europe follow their own independent relations with the West, the announced unilateral troop cuts in Soviet forces in Eastern Europe.

  The anti‑Ballistic Missile Treaty of 1973 was one of Brezhnev's trophies from this glasnost. Glasnost #5 began to lose credibility in 1975 when the Soviet‑backed North Vietnamese over‑ran South Vietnam in violation of Russian promises to Kissinger.

  Then once again, over the next few years, widespread arrests and execution of Soviet dissidents, resumption of covert actions abroad, and finally, the invasion of Afghanistan in late '79 by Russia, totally discredited this glasnost.

    The Sixth Glasnost: 1985 ‑ ????: This began under Gorbachev and is a composite of the first five glasnosts, although it is bigger and better and much more sophisticated than any of its five predecessors. And the stakes are much higher ‑ Western Europe and perhaps the whole world.

  According to reports, Glasnost #5 was to start in 1983 under Yuri Andropov, the brutal 15 year head of the K.G.B., who was portrayed by Soviet disinformation and the Western media as a "tall, handsome, muscular, English‑speaking Russian, who wore American suits, drank American scotch, a lover of classical music, etc." In short, someone just like us. Sound familiar?

  Providentially, Andropov died of kidney disease in 1983, and glasnost #6 had to wait until Andropov's protege, Mikhail Gorbachev, could be brought to power in 1985.

  It should be remembered, however, that the present Glasnost #6 scenario was scripted by Andropov and his K.G.B. associates.

  That is why General Vladimir Kryuchkov, the most vicious hardliner since Andropov, has been elevated to head the K.G.B. Glasnost #6 is completely orchestrated by the K.G.B.

  Each of these periods of glasnost/perestroika involved the Soviets' Pretending to renounce communism, and were moving toward capitalism, democracy, free elections, free markets, etc. In short, In each period, the Soviets told the West what it wanted to hear and made superficial moves in that direction in order to elicit massive Western Financial Aid and/or Massive Western Disarmament. Each of the first five periods of Glasnost-Perestroika were followed by crackdowns, brutal purges, and resumption of Soviet covert and revolutionary activities abroad.

  Each of these six glasnosts were strategic deceptions, Marxist‑Leninist dialectics in action: two steps forward and one back they were carefully scripted by K.G.B. and other strategic planners to get the West to provide massive economic aid and to disarm.

  During each step back, Western aid poured in, and during glasnost numbers 4, 5 and 6 the U.S. and Western disarmament process accelerated. But as former NATO Supreme Allied Commander Bernard W. Rogers has said: "The Soviet goal remains world domination."

  It would also appear that the current Iraq‑U.S. confrontation is to drive the price of oil up to astronomical levels, which furnishes the Soviet Union with much needed "hard" currency in the form of oil sales to the West.

  History shows, that after each of these glasnosts, the Soviets reverted to form‑mass murders, purges, global revolution, intrigue, conquest of countries, assassinations, etc.

  In fact, since 1961, shortly after Glasnost #4 was terminated, 21 more countries had fallen to Soviet‑backed coups, revolutions, or wars of so‑called national liberation. The West has been deceived five times, but Gorbachev's current deception is the biggest and most dangerous of all.

  This operation began in about 1921 and was projected for 70 years. It has succeeded beyond their wildest dreams. Their goal is world government. They are relentlessly ruthless.

    Destruction of the Nation-State is Communist Goal: Heading number two points out that the so-called breakup of the Soviet Union is a sham to lull the West into a false sense of security. It is part of Lenin's "two steps back, one step forward" stratagem. The European Union is a step toward abolishing European nation-states, a central objective of Leninist planning. By definition, the European Union is Leninist. This knowledge is all-important, but it is impossible to get coverage of it in the national mass media. The British Conservative Party is socialist, and harbors many who are Communists.

    Western Political Leaders Surrender to False Synthesis: The dialectical political method of Communists comes from George Wilhelm Friedrich, 1770-1831, who proposed the thesis, antithesis, synthesis method of achieving political ends. The thesis is a given set of constructs, and the antithesis is set up to oppose the thesis. The outcome is the synthesis. However, the deception is that the synthesis is not a true synthesis, but rather the solution that is required by the revolutionary forces.

    The False Peace Is A True Surrender: "Ireland is a case in point. Thesis: 25 years of maimed children, atrocities in the streets, nearly four thousand casualties and 36,000 injuries. Antithesis: sudden cessation of maiming & casualties and a 'peace process.' Synthesis: unification of north and south, radicalizing the whole to establish a Soviet-oriented island like Cuba..."

    Yeltsin remains Our Enemy: The "good cop - bad cop" routine is being practiced. The Communist Party was deliberately splintered to confuse the West. "They are playing a game called 'democratism' - democratzia." This word goes back to Stalin in 1926; creating and maintaining an illusion of democracy. It's a Leninist concept.

    No "De-Nazification" In Moscow: There has been no "de-Nazification" in Moscow. The question should be asked: "If a country had been under a secret police despotism for 75 years, why upon their downfall were none of them strung up from the telephone poles?"

    Potemkin Villages In Sequence For CNN: "After the war in Germany, there was a de-nazification program. The equivalent has never happened in the Communist Countries against the Jews! Why? The changes took place from above. They were controlled changes." The upheavals in the East European countries occurred one after the other, not all at once. The reason is, you cannot have TV cameras covering simultaneous stories because they would be confused. This was a very well planned operation. Relaxed emigration in Hungary spread to East Germany, and the refugees destabilized West Germany.

    Western Leaders Accept Leninist Premise, Approve The Details: "It is a very old military principle that as long as you can make your enemy react to what you do, then you can control him." The purpose of the strategists is to destroy European nations, replacing them with a regional block, a stage on the road to world government, which would be a dictatorship. At that point Communism's face will vanish and "...reveal the same death's head history has taught us..." a decimation of the population.

    Right To Life Is A Barrier To Genocidal Objectives: "The enemy has very recently revealed that part of its face. An extremely dangerous & unpleasant leftist feminist agitator called Barbara Marx Hubbard was prominent at the Gorbachev Foundation's so-called 'State of the World Forum' in San Francisco last fall. She said in so many words...that the New World Order will have no place for 'the very uneducated, the very stupid, & the very old.'" This is genocidal intent without doubt.

    U.S. Taxpayers Finance Lenin's New World Order: Since the fake changes in the former U.S.S.R. its leaders have been the beneficiaries of more than "$150 billion from the West to finance the World Revolution." The synthesis in this deadly serious game will be the New World Social Order.

    Communists Still Wage Drug War Against America: By the late 1950s, the Soviets had taken over most drug networks. It is one of their tactics of warfare against us. The GRU (Soviet Military Intelligence) runs it. The Ukraine is supplying twin engine planes to Colombian drug lords. The U.S. has warned Kiev (Capital of Ukraine). "All the former Soviet republics are controlled by the center after the pattern of Lenin's counterfeit Far Eastern Republic in the '20s. The independence charade confers many benefits. It enables their agents to penetrate Western & international institutions. Russia can hide military equipment in these republics & claim innocence & ignorance."

  We have proven in our book "Know Your Real Enemy" that it was Jewish Bolsheviks who wrested control of Russia from the Czar in 1917 and systematically eliminated millions upon millions of Christians and other peoples. The so-called Holohoax under the Nazis can't compare with the genocide under the Jewish Bolsheviks. If it is true, as some claim, that Jewish leaders continued their control right on through the Cold War, it is undoubtedly true that they're still in control today. Since we believe that the Protocols of the Elders of Zion emanated from authentic sources, at least one major plan for world government belongs to Jewish leaders.

  A statement made by (sic) "Israel's" Premier David Ben-Gurion in 1962 is very revealing: "The image of the world as traced in my imagination: The Cold War will be a thing of the past. Internal pressure of the constantly growing intelligentsia in Russia for more freedom and the pressure of the masses for raising their living standards may lead to a gradual democratization of the Soviet Union. On the other hand, the increasing influence of the workers and farmers, and the rising political importance of men of science, may transform the United States into a welfare state with a planned economy. Western and Eastern Europe will become a federation of autonomous states having a Socialist Democratic regime. With the exception of the USSR as a federated Eurasian state, all other continents will become united in a world alliance, at whose disposal will be an international police force. All armies will be abolished, and there will be no more wars. In Jerusalem, the United Nations (a truly United Nations) will build a Shrine of the Prophets to serve the federated union of all continents; this will be the seat of the Supreme Court of Mankind, to settle all controversies among the federated continents, as prophesied by Isaiah..." [3]

  Note carefully the bold portion above. Now read from a verse in the Bible: "He ordered them to set up an image in honor of the beast who was wounded by the sword and yet lived." [4] John was startled when it was revealed to him that the beast, which did not exist at the time of the revelation to him would rise in the future. It had existed in the past. It is impossible for the beast under consideration to have been Rome, because she was very much in existence at the time. No other beast fits the description other than the beast system that had put Jesus to death and which for all practical purposes had been destroyed in A.D. 70.

  Today we see the beast with so much power that Eastern and Western Europe, England and North America might as well be satellites of "Israel," with Jerusalem as the seat of the symbolical Mystery Babylon the Great. There is little wonder that John on Patmos was startled at the revelation.

  We have long ago concluded that the head of the beast in Revelation 13 that was wounded as it were unto death but recovered is Talmudic-Kabbalistic, Judaism/Zionism. We believe that more pieces of the puzzle of world events fit together under this concept than any other. If true, the entire scenario being enacted before our eyes is one of immense proportions, fathered by; who else? Lucifer himself and carried out by his children the Jews.

    An Example of Thesis, Antithesis, Synthesis: Regarding the Communist practice of attaining their goals via thesis, antithesis, and synthesis, we believe that the Holocaust issue is a prime example. Let's consider it.

  The thesis, projected by Zionist Leaders, is that 6 million Jews were annihilated by the Nazis. They chose to name it "The Holocaust" and proclaim that it is the worse such tragedy in all of history. The antithesis, either invented by the original strategists or by true Jew haters, is that the Holocaust didn't happen. The synthesis that emerged is the political and social trashing of anyone who even questions the matter. Thus, the objective of the strategists is reached, but it is not a true synthesis.

  A true synthesis would result from an honest, straightforward examination of the issue. All spurious claims would be discarded, legitimate history would survive, and reasonable conclusions would lay the whole matter to rest. But alas, this is not desired by the revolutionaries; The Zionists! It is to their advantage to keep the pot boiling, for in doing so they continue to receive the sympathies of the unsuspecting masses, with attendant benefits such as reparations and financial-political-religious support for their national entity Israel.

  The continual bombardment from Jewish sources and their friends against those whom they have named Holocaust deniers is misleading in the extreme. They rarely refute the evidence given by the other side; they simply use epithets of hate such as idiots, fascists, neo-Nazis, extremists, and anti-Semites. Or they may, like columnist Charles Krauthammer, dismiss them as barely coherent. [5]

  Since the time of Christ, the Christian world has been under relentless attack by the anti-Christ doctrine of Judaism. It was this force that brought into being, paid and led, the Satanism of Communism which has murdered over 140-million people in just this century alone. Talk about holocausts, this is the real thing. And the Jewish leaders brag of it.

  The Jewish author, Marcus Eli Savage, in the Century Magazine, January 1928 said among other things: "We Jews are at the bottom of nearly all your wars; not only of the Russian but of every major revolution in your history...We did it solely with the irresistible might of our spirit, with ideas and propaganda."

  Oscar Levy, in the preface to his book "The World Significance of the Russian Revolution" said: "There is scarcely an event in modern European history that cannot be traced back to the Jews. We Jews today are nothing else but the world's seducers, it's destroyers, its incendiaries, its executioners."

  The "American Hebrew," largest Jewish newspaper in the United States on September 10, 1920 said: "The Bolshevik Revolution in Russia was the work of Jewish brains and planning, whose goal was to create a New World Order. What happened in Russia, through the same Jewish mind and physical forces, will become a reality over all the world."

  In another issue of the "America Hebrew" it said: "The ideals of Judaism are consonant (in agreement) with the finest ideals of Bolshevism."

  The most outrageous retort by phobic anti-revisionists is: "The Holocaust is beyond debate." In a society where the ratio of Jewish lawyers is completely out of proportion to claimed Jewish demographics, and in a community of legal eagles, who for the most part, think that their practice of convoluted, specious reasoning is God's gift (if they think of God at all) to the world where everything is arguable, suddenly they tell us that The Holocaust is beyond debate. They say it isn't arguable! They expect us to play a game and allow them to make up the rules as we go! Those who say the Holocaust is beyond debate are not spoiled brats; they're immoral, and cowards. Listen! All of history is subject to change when and if new, reasonable evidence appears. It is unscholarly; it is unconscionable; it is intellectual dishonesty to Declare, Legislate, or Judicially Rule any piece of history into concrete dogma!

  Let us point out that Jewish academics and friends perennially place doubt on the virgin birth and physical resurrection of Jesus Christ. Christians are not allowed to declare that the resurrection is beyond debate. No court has, to our knowledge, disallowed argument against the resurrection. But such rulings Have been made about the holocaust. We shout Foul! Foul! Cowards - hypocrites!

  In The Land of Christ - Christianity Is Dying: This is the title of an article by Grace Halsell, author of Journey to Jerusalem and Prophecy and Politics. We have excerpted it from the Christmas issue (1995) of The Link. [6]

  Halsell's material points out that Christians who make the trek to the Holy Land snub the Palestinian Christians and fawn over the Israelis. This reminds us of Billy Graham's trips to the Soviet Union, where he ignored Christians and hobnobbed with those in control who were persecuting Christians.

  We truly live in a time of apostasy by the majority within Christendom. It is difficult to believe that this condition would have come about without major influence from the Zionists, both within and without the churches. Indeed, it smacks of the time when the great falling away described by the Apostle Paul in the 2nd chapter of 2 Thessalonians will occur.

    The Year 2000: In five years, we will mark the 2000th anniversary of the birth of Christ; and to observe the special occasion many Christians will travel to the Holy Land. They will snap photos of the sacred sites; while blocking from their vision their co-religionists, those Christians who, along with their forbearers, have always lived there.

  In talking with native Christians, I heard him ask: "Why do Christians travel half way round the world to come to our land; and then refuse to recognize that we as Christians are here? Why do they make us 'invisible;' when we are very much a part of the 'landscape' through which they are passing?" They were perplexed: Why, they wondered, "do American Christians traveling here put an Israeli agenda above their own Christianity?"

  As a prime example, they spoke of President Bill Clinton's visit to Jerusalem last October: "We know he prides himself on being a very 'Christian' man, we have read that he goes to church and that Mrs. Clinton goes to church. And yet he was here; only a short distance from the most sacred Christian shrines; and he did not visit any of them, he did not meet with a single Christian, he did not choose to go to any of our Christian churches." Since Clinton had established that Christianity was an integral part of his life, why, they asked, would he negate his co-religionists; and their common faith? They don't realize that neither President Clinton nor his wife are True Christians, they only pretend to be, because it is politically expedient to do so at the present time.

  "I was amazed," said Bethlehem deputy mayor Nasser. "His visit here established how much of a Zionist he really is. How could a Christian come here; and avoid going to the place where Christ was born, and where he was crucified and buried? We would have welcomed his visit here in Bethlehem. He is the leader of the strongest nation in the world. So, if he had wanted to come here, what would have prevented his doing so? I don't find any explanation.

 Judaism is the state religion of Israel," a U.S. Christian said. "In Jerusalem, Clinton put on a Jewish skullcap or yarmulke; this represents a Judaic religious exercise. And Hillary participated in a Judaic religious exercise by going to the Western Wall, rubbing the stones; and inserting a prayer. They chose to engage in Judaic religious exercises, while at the same time, by ignoring the Christians, they were negating the role of Christianity, and giving first-priority choice to Israel.

  I felt betrayed that Clinton would not want to visit any Christian shrine or meet any Christian," said Jerusalem's Methodist liaison officer Robert Hannum. "We waited for one word, just one word; about the Palestinians. If he, as President, thought the topic was too political, then Hillary could have met at least one Christian and gone to at least one Christian church. She could have visited the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem, or Nazareth where Jesus lived; she might have gone to the Mountain of the Beatitudes, the Sea of Galilee or the site where Christ was crucified and interred; the Holy Sepulcher here in Jerusalem." At a reception in her honor, Hillary Rodham Clinton said: "I'm so proud of the 40,000 Americans living here; and helping build the state of Israel." Bill Warnock of Jerusalem's World Vision office reportedly told her: "I'm here working for Palestinians. If the U.S. government had a more balanced policy, we might have real peace."

  In an emotional address to the Israeli Kenesset, Clinton said that his pastor on his dying bed told him, "If you abandon Israel, God will never forgive you." Thus Clinton, observed Jerusalem attorney Kuttab, implied that "it was a Christian position to support exclusive; and racist, Jewish control over Jerusalem." While Clinton thinks of himself as a peace-maker, Kuttab added, by condoning Israel's illegal actions he is actually sowing seeds of hatred; among the victims of occupation and aggression.

  Yet Clinton tends, as do perhaps some 50 million American Christian Zionists, to place Israel on center stage for all of history, past, present and future. Since the Jewish state looms so important, a Christian Zionist easily reduces all of the Middle East to one state; Israel, and its neighbors. It has been well documented in the Israeli press that the Clinton court is filled with American Jews who work for Israeli interests. Many write speeches for Clinton, and in one such speech Clinton referred to the Middle East as Israel and her Arab enemies. One can imagine the reaction should Clinton have said, the Arabs and their Jewish enemies.

  Back in the 1980s, I became intrigued by Christian Zionists; those who put a cult of Israel above the teachings of Christ. To learn more about Christian Zionists, I began research on the TV evangelist Jerry Falwell. For some years, I made a habit of turning into Falwell's Old Time Gospel Hour on TV. I learned Falwell talked more about Israel than about Christ. He liked to boast, "The Jewish people in America and Israel and all over the world have no dearer friend than Jerry Falwell." Falwell found many opportunities to tell Americans the fate of the nation stood or fell according to the attitude they took toward Israel. If Americans did not show an unflinching willingness to provide Israel with arms and dollars, Falwell said, America would lose all.

  In 1983, I was one of 630 Christians who flew out of New York on a Holy Land tour sponsored by Falwell. In Tel Aviv, after being put in groups of about 50, we began traveling by bus. Throughout the tour, we had Israeli Jewish guides. Not once did we have a Christian guide. Not once was a service scheduled in a Christian church, nor the opportunity given to meet a Christian Palestinian. On the day we approached Nazareth, where Jesus grew up and had His ministry, our guide said, "There is Nazareth." He added we would not stop. "No time." he said. Minutes later, he changed his mind, announcing: "We will stop in Nazareth. To use the toilet facilities." Thus, the only site the Christians saw in all of Nazareth were the toilets.

  In 1985, I signed to go on another Falwell-sponsored tour, and again I got a colored brochure, printed in Israel, with no mention of Christ or the Christian sites. While we were in Jerusalem. Falwell gave a banquet, honoring then Defense Minister Moshe Arens. Seated not far from the two men, I heard Falwell say, in an aside to Arens: "By the way, I want to think you for that jet plane you gave me." Earlier on, in a visit to Lynchburg, Virginia, Falwell's home base, I had seen the jet, and been told by Lynchburg residents: "The Israelis gave the jet to Falwell; as payment for what he's done for them."

  When I went on the Falwell-sponsored trips, I presumed it was only right-wing Christian supporters of Israel who put a cult of the land of Israel above the teachings of Christ. But once, at Washington, D.C. Foundry Methodist Church, which Hillary Rodham Clinton attends, I saw a brochure of a Holy Land tour to be led by assistant minister William Shropshire. As with Falwell's brochure, Shropshire's brochure was printed in Israel. I learned his group would have no plans to meet Christians. A group called Educational Opportunities of Lakeland, Florida arranges most all United Methodist group travel. Jerusalem's Methodist liaison office Hannum volunteered this information: "Educational Opportunities; I believe it's now in its 20th year of operation, brought over 13,000 methodists this past year. They use the Israeli airlines El-Al exclusively. They use only Israeli guides. They use only Israeli hotels such as the Ramada Renaissance in Jerusalem, I was told by someone in a position to know that the Educational Opportunities is 51 percent Israeli owned. And they had 49 Methodist bishops on their board. It seems the Methodist bishops are really in the Zionists' camp. Among other things, they get the free trips. Jim Ridgeway, a retired Methodist minister, is the founder. He keeps a home in West Jerusalem." Hannum and his wife Margaret, who have traveled extensively in Palestine and throughout the Middle East, said they opposed such group travel that by-passed Christians. "I do not think the U.S. Christians should come here at all, unless they are willing to experience, to some degree at least, the pain of the Palestinians."

  Christians, said Canon Ateek of St. George's Cathedral, should not be shepherded about by Israeli guides. "What do they tell visitors to the Holy Land? They know nothing about Jesus. I am disturbed that Israelis who do not believe in Christ are interpreting; to the visitors, the Christian sites. I think there is a message that goes with the Christian sites, to those stones, these stones can be living stones, also. The message is what happened here and what God in Christ has done. And yet we hear what some of the Israeli guides say, and it is regrettable."

  Canon Ateek also said he feared Israelis plan further commercialization of the holy sites: "We don't want this 'touristy' aspect, we don't want the Holy Land to become a religious theme park, a kind of museum, a kind of Disneyland; which is happening. I am deeply concerned about Israel wanting and gaining almost total control over our lives, politically; and as Christians."

  Phony "Anti-Semitic" Incidents; East Berlin Officials Staged "Neo-Nazism" in West Germany: Ever vigilant American television, newspapers and magazines take care to play up outbursts of hate, especially incidents against Jews. No where is the danger of anti-Semitism more alarming than in Germany, we are constantly told.

  As part of the ceaseless Holocaust campaign, the media treats anti-Jewish incidents in Germany as especially ominous. Because of Hitler and the Third Reich experience, we are repeatedly reminded, Germans are never quite trustworthy, and; even after a half a century, they remain on parole. Jewish groups and their media allies closely monitor the country for any signs of resurgent neo-Nazism. Anti-Jewish incidents in Germany, such as a wave of desecrations of Jewish cemeteries in the early 1960s, are highlighted, especially in the United States, as further proof that the Germans just can't be trusted.

  In fact, many West German neo-Nazi and anti-Jewish incidents were actually staged by agents of the former East Berlin Communist regime, as the records of former East German government agencies reveal.

  For decades, the long-hidden files show, East Berlin agencies organized right-wing extremist and anti-Jewish actions in the West German federal republic. Even more remarkable, the two German Communist officials most responsible for these anti-Jewish actions were themselves Jewish: Markus Wolf, son of Jewish-Communist writer Friedrich Wolf, was for 33 years chief of East Germany's Ministry for State Security, the secret police agency known as the Stasi. He worked closely with Albert Norden, the chief of East Germany's propaganda machine and a member of the East Berlin Communist party Politburo. Norden was born in Upper Silesia, the son of a rabbi.

  Details about how these Jewish Communist officials engineered right wing anti-Jewish incidents in Western Germany are revealed by German Jewish historian and university lecturer Dr. Michael Wolffsohn in is book Die Deutschland-Akte (The Germany File). He writes: "The strategic head of the staged anti-Semitic actions was Albert Norden, a rabbi's son. This is documented in the records of the (East Berlin) Politburo."

  At Wolf's direction, Stasi bureau XX/4 launched its anti-Semitic campaign, code-named Operation Forget Me Not, on May 3, 1961, to coincide with the trial in Jerusalem of wartime SS officer Adolf Eichmann. Stasi specialists produced anti-Jewish pamphlets that were seemingly printed and distributed in West Germany by right-wing extremists. One supposedly published by the German Reich Party (DRP) appealed for donations on behalf of Eichmann. Although the DEP emphatically denied responsibility for the publication, the media rejected these denials as lies. As a consequence, the DRP was discredited as a credible political factor.

  Another Stasi publication supposedly put out by the Comrades of the Waffen SS (and dated April 20, Hitler's birthday) declared: "International Jewry with its plutocracy spreads horror tales. Through the Eichmann trial the Jewish underworld seeks to besmirch our honor, which is our loyalty. This must stop." Stickers issued by the Comrades of the Waffen SS appeared in downtown Munich, setting off a flurry of alarmed newspaper headlines.

  As part of another Stasi effort, this one code-named Operation J, phony anti-Semitic hate letters were mailed to Jewish community centers and individual Jews throughout West Germany. One read: "Obviously you Jews have not yet grasped that you must disappear from Germany. Apparently it wasn't enough that we gassed six million of you." And: "Your extermination has only been interrupted. We know all of you. We will avenge our comrade Eichmann. Germany awake!" Other Stasi produced letters to German Jews read simply: "You Jewish pigs!"

  "Operation J" Stasi agents also manufactured "protest letters," supposedly written by German Jews, that were mailed to prominent political and media figures. "Out of fear of the Nazis I must remain anonymous," declared the supposed writers of these unsigned letters.

    Swastika Daubings: A wave swastika daubings on buildings throughout West Germany in December 1959 and January 1960 was actually organized by the East German Satsi and its Soviet Russian counterpart KGB.

  These incidents received intensive media coverage around the world, touching off an international storm of anti-German propaganda and outraged cries about the supposed danger of "Neo-Nazism" in West Germany.

  On this little known chapter of history, the German language Israeli daily paper Israel Nachrichten has reported: "To serve its own purposes, the State Security (Ministry) infiltrated the right-wing scene in the (West German) Federal Republic. In December 1959 it gave the order to paint West German synagogues with swastikas. This created a scandal: Bonn was brought into disrepute. Two years later the Stasi generals hatched 'Operation Forget Me Not.' They manufactured anti-Jewish smear sheets for distribution in West Germany. Nothing was left to chance. Even thinking ahead to the panic-stricken Jewish reaction, they produced letters in which formerly persecuted persons announced their flight from West Germany. This would prove to the entire world that only the (East) German Democratic Republic had overcome fascism. Accordingly, Pankow (East Berlin) represented the democratic Germany, while Bonn represented a brown (fascist) monster."

  Jewish cemetery desecration incidents; high-lighted in newspapers and magazine around the world, served to discredit the West German Federal Republic, and to bolster the "progressive" and "anti-fascist" image of the East Berlin regime.

  Stasi agents continued their work into the 1970s and 1980s, Bonn government officials confirmed in 1991, infiltrating West German "neo-Nazi" groups and staging "right wing attacks."

  The head of the "Federal Office for Constitutional Protection," Eckert Werthebach, confirmed in April 1991 that East Berlin agents had helped organize "neo-Nazi" activities during the 1960s and 1972s. Several neo-Nazi activists, he confirmed, had actually been Stasi agents. This was a "perverse connection," he said, "but when it involved destablizing the Federal Republic, any means were valid for the Stasi."

Gravestones in a Jewish cemetery in Mainz, Western Germany, smeared with swastikas, SS runes and Stars of David. Many such highly-publicized incidents were engineered by Eastern Berlin Jewish Communist agents. During the Third Reich era itself, such incidents were all but unthinkable, if only because most Germans would have regarded such daubings as disparaging of patriotic symbols. Most Jewish cemeteries in Germany survived the 12 years of the Third Reich intact!

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