Watchman Willie Martin Archive

The Oligarchy That Rules The World: It cannot be too strongly emphasized the fact that we should have no animus against the British people or the french people or any other people on earth. People never make war or plot the robbery of other people or sign scoundrelly secret agreements to do these wicked things, in fact, it is hard for most Americans to believe that others are capable of these things either. It is Governments that do such things; and thee has been precious little difference between Governments and their methods. Every single government of any importance has broken treaties, violated neutrality and slain men, women and children in wicked wars of greed. This is true of the British Government, the French Government, the Italian Government, and our own American Government, and the overthrown Russian, German, Japanese and Austro-Hungarian Governments.

Within just one lifetime, the British Government and the American Government has shamefully violated treaties in order to seize Egypt and to destroy the fine little Boer Republics, and has broken the obligations of neutrality at different times to injure the Chile, China, Holland, Sweden, Denmark and Russia. The French Government has violated treaties, made war to subjugate Mexico, cheated Italy of Nice and the adjacent territory, secretly proposed to Germany to fall upon Prussia and robbed China and aided the Czars in their wicked schemes of spoliation in the Balkans and the Near East, and protected the Sultan from punishment for the dreadful massacres of Christians. The Italian Government has violated treaty stipulations and seized Greek territory, broken faith with its allies and made indefensible wars of robbery upon Abyssinia and Tunis. The German and Austrian and Russian Governments have robbed each other and between them have violated treaties and broken neutral obligations in order to rob Denmark, Turkey, Serbia, China, Persia, Rumania and Belgium, to destroy the liberties of the people and their own subjects. All these things Governments have done in just the past 100 years.

The real makers of British propaganda, French propaganda, American propaganda and every other propaganda which strives to entangle us in the political affairs and the financial affairs of Europe and around the world are the Jewish International Money Kings. It is easy to see how the bankers and privileged classes have fixed their power over European peoples, but how have they managed to fix their power over us, with our Constitution, our Bill of Rights, and our institutions of representative government?

Our Government Machinery Should Be Rebuilt: As soon as our fathers started their revolution in 1776, they began to plan the machinery of free government. They spent thirteen years on this job, and when they were through with the work, in 1789, they had built a good machine. Our system of popular government was then the best in the world. And it would still be the best in the world today, were nit not for the Jewish money power and the traitors in our own race. A study of history proves that people are always trying to go forward but governments are always doing their best to pull backward, to a totalitarian government with unlimited powers.

We live in a world as different as the world in which our forefathers lived as day is from night. We make common use every day of things which would seem miracles to our forefathers. If one of our great grandfathers should come to life and walk out into the world in which we live, such things a railroad trains thundering along; automobiles scurrying over the roads and streets; airplanes roaring overhead and men speaking to one another over hundreds of miles of distance, and buildings towering a thousand and more feet into the air, and all the other customary activities of our life would scare the venerable old gentleman back into his tomb.

Nothing could convince him that he had not woke up on the wrong planet. He wouldn't see a thing from one end of the country to the other that he saw when he went to sleep a hundred years ago, with the single exception of the old government machinery that he had helped to build still creaking on just as it was when he left the world; but he would find it near death.

Now, then, common sense should tell anyone that the machinery of government is just like any other machinery; it wears out, it needs repairing, and finally it become obsolete and should be scrapped. And that is just what we should do to our present machinery of government. It is has been changed.

"Those who stand too close to the canvas of history while it is being woven will error in their estimate of forces. Minor setbacks will take on the aspects of decisive defeats, minor advances the aspects of major victories. Only in the perspective of all our history - the longest perspective of which any people can boast - shall we be able to estimate the significance of recent events. Today the hearts of the Jews are oppressed by the bitter events in Germany; let them, while they extend help to the victims of a cruel régime, recall that governments and rulers change, the Jewish people remains. In other lands than Germany there smolders still a dangerous threat against Jewish life. Let the Jews be prepared...Let their fears be tempered by an understanding of their long past, and their hopes be rendered sober by an appreciation of the long future before them. Let them measure all tasks, all difficulties, and all prospects by the standard of a world-wide outlook." (The Visionary on the Mountain Top)

Also: "The Communist desire to 'liberate enslaved nations' will come as a surprise to the enslaved nations of Eastern Europe, and the goal of maintaining 'integrity of their territories' rings strangely in view of the Soviet occupation of Czechoslovakia, Afghanistan, and other oppressed nations. Like other announced goals of World War II, the Atlantic Chapter and the Four Freedoms, Stalin's program achieved only one goal, 'the destruction of the Hitlerite regime,' the only government in the world which had opposed the spread of Communist aggression with its military forces. The 'abolition of racial exclusiveness,' which has (also) been official U.S. Government policy since 1945, was, quite simply, the Jewish Marxist goal of planned genocide of the White Race, because the White Race remained the only possible opposition to the total domination of the world by international Jewish Marxism. No African or Asiatic nation has ever mounted a successful counter-revolution against a Communist regime, nor have they ever desired to.

One hundred million White People died violently during World War II, but the only Asiatic people to suffer serious losses were the Japanese, who were known as 'the Aryans of the East,' because of their aggressiveness and their highly developed technological abilities. Because of their well known opposition to Communism, the Japanese people were selected by Jewish strategists as the guinea pigs for the testing of the new Jewish Hellbomb, a weapon so horrible that when Hitler learned his scientists had begun work on it, he furiously ordered them to halt its development. He refused to allow his name or the name of the German people to be associated with such an inhumane operation. This allowed the Jews to develop their atomic hellbomb in Los Alamos for Roosevelt and Stalin, with no competition from anywhere in the world. They developed it in order to exterminate the entire German people, but, with the unlimited funds provided by American taxpayers, they turned it into a typical billion dollar Jewish boondoggle which dragged on until after Germany's defeat. Fortunately, the homicidal maniacs still had one anti-Communist nation left on which they could conduct their atomic experiment, the island of Japan.

Like most historic Jewish military operations, the great massacres of World War II occurred, not on the battlefield, but in peaceful neighborhood communities. This was in accordance with the dictate of the Book of Esther, which directs the Jews to massacre women and children, and to exterminate the families of those who dare to oppose them. Thus it was in Dresden, a historic German cultural center, where many thousands of German women and children, refugees from Communism had gathered. They were assured by the Red Cross that they would be safe, even while the Jewish generals were preparing to murder the men. The blood-maddened Jews desired not only to murder as many White civilians as possible but also to erase from history all evidence of Western civilization, the greatest examples of White culture which had been gathered in Dresden, the irreplaceable porcelain, the priceless paintings, the baroque furniture, and the rococo mansions with their poetry carved in stone. All was laid waste in a mass bombing attack in which some 300,000 German civilians died in a city which was not even a military target! The responsibility for this horrible slaughter, in which helpless non-combatants died horribly by flame and explosion, rests with, who else, 'the Americans.' At the last minute, the Soviets prudently withdrew from what was planned as a 'joint-Allied' venture. Today, the Soviets denounce the United States for the annihilation of Dresden.

Like Dresden, Hiroshima was also an ancient cultural center, with no visible military objective. Its non-combatant families also died horribly by the hundreds of thousands. Many were pulverized instantly by the first atomic bomb ever used in a military operation, but thousands of other victims lived on for years, mangled and burned, their limbs and organs slowly rotting away from radiation poisoning. Even while the Japanese officials were desperately suing for peace, the Jews hastily ordered the dropping of a second atomic bomb, this one on Nagasaki, bringing off a second 'test' of their Hellbomb against helpless non-combatants, as prescribed by the Book of Esther. Again, hundreds of thousands of civilians died horribly.

At last, the Jews had achieved the weapon which they planned to use to terrorize the entire world into subjecting itself to their insane frenzies and their frequently voiced goal of world domination of the 'animals,' or non-Jews. As Chaim Weizmann boasted, 'We will never actually have to use this atomic weapon in military operations as the mere threat of its use will persuade any opponent to surrender to us." (Eustace Mullins, Foreword, War! War! War!)

And: "Ardent propagandists lashed the British public into a fury at the work of German Zeppelin and aeroplane raiders raining death and destruction on defenseless women and children...The carnage caused by allied airmen in German towns has been kept very quiet, but two instances will be enough to show its quality. In June, 1916, British and French pilots bombed Karlsruhe during the Corpus Christi procession, killing and wounding 26 women and 124 children. In a second raid in September they caused 103 casualties in the same city...Already the pitch has been reached in Great Britain where it is considered bigoted or reactionary to do other than praise the Jews for their industry and ability. Few papers will risk any attack on the Jews, however, well-founded, for fear of appearing even distantly anti-Semitic. This is more than true in America where it is dangerous to mention any truth derogatory to the Jews, and in New York it has been made a crime...It has been estimated that of the world Jewish population of approximately fifteen millions, no fewer than five millions are in the United States. Twenty-five percent of the inhabitants of New York are Jews. During the Great War we bought off this huge American Jewish public by the promise of a Jewish National Home in Palestine, held by Ludendorff to be the master stroke of Allied propaganda as it enabled us not only to appeal to Jews in America but to Jews in Germany as well...All over the world, and especially in the U.S.A. Jews will be active against Germany, and the Jew is a natural and energetic propagandist, though perhaps not a very far-seeing one. There are, however, cross-currents in the tide of World Jewry, the identification of Russian Jews with Communism, for example, and Palestine, another of our war propaganda hens which may come to roost! Which should warn us not to rely too much on having it entirely in our favor...I have said already that the Jew is a more energetic than a skillful propagandist, but he is undoubtedly energetic. At present we are with traditional readiness giving shelter to large numbers of persecuted Jews from Germany and Austria. It would be against nature if these immigrants, whether permanent or in passage, did not harbor resentment against the countries which had expelled them, and it should not be grounds for a charge of anti-Semitism to point out that a great many of them are making an active propaganda to incite feeling against Germany... The U.S.A. will simply supply the world (with moving pictures, practically all owned by the Jews) Not only is she far and away the greatest producer, but, much more important still, she largely control the machinery of the world film distribution...they (the Americans) can perhaps be expected, in the security of their own detached hemisphere, to see European affairs realistically. For one thing, the American is the great champion of the oppressed, and frequently of the oppressed which may explain why he is so frequently taken in by the 'hard-luck' story of London confidence tricksters! Secondly, the American peoples are still under the influence of much of the Great War propaganda. They are more susceptible than most people, to mass suggestion, they have been brought up on it, and since 1918 they have shut themselves off from reality. Thirdly, they are at this moment the battle-ground of an active propaganda of Labels." (Propaganda in the Next War, by Sidney Rogerson, pp. 86-148; War! War! War!, by Cincinnatus, pp. 191-193)

Until: "America: Submerged in a Sea of Zionism. Will history remember America merely as a major captive nation of Zionist world conquest, ignoring the lustrous ascendance and near triumph of the glorious potential of free man? Will Zionist scorched-earth shots to the heart of all that is wholesome buy them their long-sought victory for Babylonian humanism with its showy irreverence and the glorification of all that is sordid? Will all of the goodness, wholesomeness and productivity of our unique Christian Republic, which millions forfeited their lives to give us, be purged from the world, leaving man to enter the 21st century enslaved to the least of God's creations? Must Americans forever witness Zionist self-promotion and self-portrayal as our best and brightest, as our most deserving and selfless citizens suffering a society of lesser humans with intellectually inferior pursuits? Will God allow animal cunning, arrogance, greed and self-aggrandizement a final victory over humanity?

With 'political correctness' based upon Zionist fascism in the ascendance, with the American media system largely a Zionist tool, with Foundations and Zionist Political Action Committees spreading legislative dollars and providing selected candidates massive financial support, with two parties and political commentary dominated by the Zionist International, can traditional Americans hope to reverse the current course of history? Can we develop a formula to reclaim our Republic and the tools of a productive society, recapturing or rebuilding the essence of a nation one deservedly the noble and gracious leader of the world's nations?

Can we collectively observe that our governmental processes are captive to Zionist appointees at every level, that our State, Treasury and Commerce Departments as well as the Presidency are operated by Zionists who take their order from Zionism? Can we perceive that almost all of the national information-flow reaches us only through a Zionist filter and pro-Israel/Zionist propaganda machine? Have we not discovered the demise of education, the growth and development of crime, the decay of our cities and our rapid decline as a united people have happened concurrent with the intrusion of Zionists and Zionism into the American system?

Have we not noticed that today it is increasingly difficult for ordinary people, Jew or Christian, White, Black, Yellow or Brown, to live together in 'live and let live' affection and respect, as the ADL the ACLU and the AIPAC attack society's pillars, move to destroy the Christian history of America and indoctrinate our children with ideas and philosophies that most of the world holds to be reprehensible, society-destructive, and beyond civility? Have we not noticed the fear in our church bodies, the manipulation of them to amend and mutate the teaching of Jesus' word to men?

Here we have history's master victimizers, representing themselves as the victims, as betrayed and sinned against, demeaned and tormented because of society's jealousy; a colony of Culicidae (insects such as mosquitoes and gnats) decrying the occasional angry slap by those that have been stung. We observe the creators of much of man's sordid and duplicitous record artfully and deceitfully altering, amending, abridging and censoring the record to point the finger of responsibility to others, begging society's pity and solace for pain suggested to have been shared by no other people and never publicly recognizing, though surely perceiving, that it has been their centuries-long manipulation of their fellow man and their self-ordination as gods that has cause the animosity they correctly sense.

Consider an alien system with such a firm hold on American policy mechanisms that they are capable of having American citizenship granted overnight to one of Zionism's most energetic employees and then have him named as American ambassador to his former employer nation and confirmed without a word from our 'illustrious Senate,' including that great defender of American interests, Mr. Jesse Helms? And consider a President's cabinet with 80% Jewish Zionist members and a President, himself a Rhodes Scholar (but unable to finish at Oxford) and a member of the Zionist International; a Trilateralist, Bilderberg secret communist. Consider an alien philosophy carefully scheming to own and control America's newspaper and broadcasting systems, then combining its now massive propaganda and reinstructional capabilities with the movie, entertainment and documentary producers of Hollywood, in short order reducing life to drugs and sexual fantasies and living to a succession of mindless escapades and romps in the hay; surely and continuously changing Americans then America...finally creating such irresponsible and chaotic conditions in our lives that we then welcome massive regulation, police restraints and New World Order socialist oppression just to get order again; forget morality or social ethics, productivity or national focus.

Consider the raw source of energy and money for the pro-abortion and homosexual lifestyle movements, the illegal immigration madness, loss of personal heritage identity, multi-cultural disarray and the move to make our precious English subordinate to the first choice of everyone's original homeland language. These are funded, not by the grassroots but by single source money...given in every case to reduce our influential Christian nation to helplessness; Babylonians filled with hate for the Christian people who bade them welcome, spending enormous effort and endless dollars to destroy our once wholesome influence on an ugly world. Witness the altered state of church in America; intimidated, compromised, fearful and spiritless. Are they winning? Look and listen to the new mores of our changed society. Consider which nation is our number one recipient of 'loans' and aid. Note that they take what they want from our military arsenal and then without apology copy and sell it around the world, wherever money is to be made or counties subverted. Note their demand for U.N. (American) troops to clear away the enemy which surrounds their homeland and as stalking horses for their political influence thought the world. From the Pentagon, State, Presidency or the United Nations, their influence and numbers overwhelm any possible opposition and America increasingly does what they demand of us.

And then, dear friends, we have just witnessed once again their absolute mastery over our financial affairs. They own Banking, Investment Banking, the control of every major corporation, of course the 'Fed' and control of the Treasury of the United States. As we have just seen in Mexico, they do as they please, manipulating conditions, loaning then withdrawing support capital and grasping control of the resources of nations one by one, sometimes for profit but always for control. And then there is the depreciating dollar and Americans and the humble Mexicans are about to be enslaved by its demise.

When we add thought-control (political correctness) emanating from our college campuses and the continuous flow of Marxist ideas from Zionist professors to the 'hate crimes' laws and the massive effort to close down unwelcome publishers and Republican ideas, we can see that our Zionist fascist New World Order elitists have left no scheme destructive of Christian freedom left unutilized.

Consider then the 'we-are-in-charge' arrogance of the 'Justice' department's 92 Waco murders, followed by official lies and media cover-up, to be followed by massive raids on the citizens' militias that resulted... and national martial law, orchestrated and controlled by our Zionist fascist President in collaboration with the ADL.

Finally, we can watch with dismay as black-shirted, hooded world police power is deployed in America, computer programs are prepared for our personal control and prisons are readied for any who would underscore their First Amendment rights by using them. And huge funds of propaganda and money are expended to take from us our last hope of freedom; the Second Amendment and our guns.

And 90% of Americans haven't a hint, a clue. So brainwashed are they that when push comes to shove, most of them will unknowingly side with this enemy. So we who perceive must do the work of thousands." (Ameirch Focus, Commentaries on America)

Any number of great leaders and outspoken teachers, to whom mankind owes its progress in the science of freer governments and better living, have spent the better part of their lives in prison, or have lost their lives by the sword or at the stake or in the hangman's noose. The world has always had a bad habit of stoning its prophets and crucifying those who attempt to follow Christ, and it has continually belted out the same punishment to men who were neither prophets nor Christs, but who in their small way and to the best of their abilities courageously spoke the truth and stoutly carried forward the torch of progress and liberty.

It is very foolish and childish to look upon machines of government as sacred things, as things too holy to be profaned by touch or examination. Governments, and the men who run the machinery of government, like to encourage and inculcate this foolish reverence for themselves and their machine. Any one who examines attentively the speeches and the writings of the men who lived between 1776 and 1860, and the speeches and the writings of the men who have the public ear and the public eye today, cannot fail to see how changed is the attitude that our people now take toward our government and toward the men we hire to run it.

There have grown, and have came to us from alien lands, a species of official arrogance and top-loftiness and a species of popular subservience which are both painful to look upon and both surely fatal to the sovereignty of the people over their public servants and to the perpetuity of the liberties of the country. We see, for example, the person who happens to occupy the position of President surrounded more and more with that divinity which used to be supposed to hedge about a king. We are witnessing President Clinton exercising the same attributes and powers assumed by kings of the past; parcelling out land and people, making alliances, pledging the United States to policies of war and peace, and doing these things wholly upon his own initiative and his own individual will and decisions, without deigning to consult the representatives of the people and without the knowledge of a single one of the millions of Americans whose hired servant he is theoretically supposed to be; and we have seen the Congress of the United States pass totalitarian laws completely unconstitutional in their aspects and effect, and the American people tamely submit to this assumption and exercise of royal and autocratic powers.

More than that, we have seen representatives of the people in both Houses of Congress actually introduce laws to make a felony to criticize any speech, writing, or actions of the sacred person and the sacred actions, not only of the President, but of others of our hired men in Washington. Having fought two world wars and several lesser wars, all in the name of freedom, it seems, now that the government is to enjoy the blessings of the law of "lese majestic," by which these obliterated autocrats were accustomed to muzzle and to put in prison any citizen who criticizes their sacred persons or their sacred actions. To such a low estate have we fallen that the expressed mandate and prohibition of our own great Bill of Rights is no longer to be a protection to the exercise of that right of free speech and free printing upon which the whole edifice of our collective and individual liberties has hitherto firmly rested.

We need a better working machinery of really democratic government, and the very first step toward getting better machinery of government is to rid ourselves of the undeserved reverence and the unbecoming awe with which we have accustomed ourselves to regard the men whom we hire to run our government. There is nothing sacred in government itself. Governments are just like individuals; good, bad and indifferent. Why, we have just been engaged in knocking out three of the most sacred governments on earth, if long existence and absurd reverence make a government sacred.

Neither, by the same token, is there anything sacred about the men and women who run government. They don't know more than anyone else; and many of them don't know half as much as other people in private life. It is ridiculous for a self-respecting people to make themselves believe that one of their number suddenly becomes all wise, all knowing because they take him or her and put them in office. Putting a handle to a man's name doesn't make him a Solomon or some sort of tin god.

We act too much like the silly African Negro who takes a ball of mud and molds it into a rude figure, sticks  a feather or two in its head, sets it up on a stone or in a tree crotch, and then falls down and says his prayers to it. If we are going to stay free we must get rid of this ridiculous and unbecoming attitude toward our hired men and women in government.

People talk about kings, prime ministers and presidents as being wiser than the rest of us! Why, just look over the world and see what a sorry mess these so-called wise men and women have made of it. See what these sacrosanct and omniscient rulers have done to the people of the world. They have loaded the people of every nation in the world with debts, to pay it will take generations of workers who must bend their backs and rob their families even of sufficient food to pay the enormous taxes being leveled against them; they have soaked the soil of Europe and Asia with human blood and made it loathsome with human carrion, until the very ground itself is sick with the stench and the filth of the corpses which only a little while ago were vigorous young men and women in the youth of life; they have covered Europe and Asia with the emaciated corpses of old and feeble men, of mothers and wives and sisters, of young children and of tiny helpless babies - millions have been destroyed in the wombs of mothers who have lost the ability to know right from wrong and who are thoroughly devoid of love of the child they are carrying; and destroy it because they, in truth, hate it because is a visible sign of their immorality and perversion; they have tortured with the frightful agonies and torments of hunger until they finally died in their misery and their despair, not by thousands of hundreds of thousands, but literally by the hundreds of millions.

The hordes of Attila, the savages who swept from the earth the splendid civilization of the older world, never inflicted upon humanity a tenth of the agonies, the destruction and the slaughter which the Jews and their lap dogs, the traitors of all the races have inflicted during the past 100 years, through the government they control from behind the scenes.

Never mind what they say is their motives; we are speaking of facts, of conditions which one can see with their own eyes. There are the devastated lands, there are the broken and miserable people, there are the millions of the dead and the millions of the crippled and maimed, which are partially shown on the televisions every night in the United States. But, of course, those who actually cause these things to happen to mankind are never pointed out or shown because of their economic and political power.

There they are; plain for every one to see, it is a horrible sight, it makes the heart sick. And this frightful spectacle of ruin and slaughter is the best that the governments and the ruling classes of the world have to offer after thousands of years of their rule and supremacy! Under the accusations of these horrid ruins and these millions of dead and the millions of broken and miserable people, we say that those who run the governments of the world are the most evil of men; and are equaled only by the killers in the animal world for their love of blood and slaughter. They murder their citizens as easily and as thoughtlessly as a fox in a hen house, who kills every hen in the house, for the sheer pleasure of watching their fear and the blood to flow. These men and women are totally evil. Christ said in John 8:44 they were the children of the devil, who was a murderer from the beginning and the lust of their father they will do.

And since all this misery and destruction and slaughter and hatred which we now see filling the entire world is the best that the systems of government under mans control which the world has lived for so many thousands of years can do, we may be sure that the coming generations, perhaps this generation itself, will see just such another terrible spectacle of destruction and slaughter if we and our American brothers and sisters continue to live and to condone the conduct of our national and state leaders, under the same governmental systems and control which have proven to be such a ghastly failure.

A Great Conspiracy:What is the actual objective of the Zionists? It is certainly not benevolent and peaceful for their utterances and actions prove otherwise. What is their goal? The Scriptures are clear concerning a diabolical conspiracy to destroy the way of peace and enslave mankind. This entire program of evil would have been clearly recognized by Christian men and women long ago but for the skillfully prepared, deceptive teachings of the Clergy of Organized Religion, the Prostitutes of Zionism, as are the TV Clergy of today, who had everything to gain and so have falsified the facts regarding the identity of the race of the Bible and assigned to the Jews the promises and blessings which belong to the House of Israel. The result has been to give the Jew an entirely false position of supposed pre‑eminence in the light of the prophetic word which actually he will never be able to occupy.

The so‑called Theologians have completely failed to examine the evidence to see whether the Jews are really entitled to the position the modern Organized Religions has assigned to them. The assumption that the Jews are all of Israel today has closed much of the Bible to Christian understanding. Furthermore, it has had far‑reaching results in blinding men to the meaning of current world developments and it has materially assisted those who are endeavoring to acquire world rulership by furthering their subversive activities.

This Christian leniency in regard to Jewish aspirations have been based upon the expectation that the Jews are to eventually come into world rulership. Thus, the Zionists, unsupported by any Scriptural evidence whatever to substantiate their claims, are moving toward the consummation of their plans for world rulership. And in so doing they are making world revolution and war inevitable which will climax in a reign of violence and bloodshed bringing the present age to its close.

The pity of it all is that the Christian World is responsible for much of this planned chaos, at least to the extent that they have extolled the Jews as God's People who are chosen to rule the world. Actually, the Zionists are seducing the nations of the world and they have deceived Christian people everywhere into believing they are the Israel of God so that no active protest is made while they boldly pursue their aim to gain world control.

The fallacy of assigning to the Jews the prophecies and blessings pronounced upon the House of Israel is not in conformity with the great prophecies of the restoration of the House of Israel. The Zionists, however, are fulfilling ominous prophecies which foreshadow the coming of evil, not the coming of peace. Their move toward Palestine was a harbinger that the Great and Terrible Day of the Lord is very near.

Gullible Americans: It is almost impossible for men to frankly discuss the import of what is taking place because of the powerful propaganda machine of the Anti‑Defamation League of the B'nai B'rith, as well as many other active agencies of the Zionists; who will immediately set their well‑oiled machine in motion to smear those who have the intrepidity to set forth the truth.

Then too they are aided by those so‑called Christian clergy who would rather serve mammon than God and refuse to admit to the errors they have been teaching for so long. If exposure becomes even a remote possibility, the cry of anti‑Semitism is promptly raised. The result is that gullible Americans allow their eyes to be closed to the truth in an misguided assumption that in so doing they are being tolerant, when actually they are playing the part of stupid asses. As they slumber and sleep the enemy is moving forward to consummate his well‑laid plans to destroy freedom and enslave those over whom he will rule.

The threat of being labeled anti‑Semitic has become, in itself, a singularly powerful weapon in the hands of the plotters to prevent the public exposure of their sinister aims. If Christian men and women continue to fear to hear or speak the truth, and refuse to investigate the facts or raise their voices in warning against evil and devilish intrigue, the day will come when freedom of speech and the press, as well as of conscience, will pass away in our own land just as it passed away in all countries behind the Iron Curtain. To those who know and understand what is taking place, this assertion does not presage an idle threat, for they know that unless America awakens soon the enemy within will destroy our freedom and seize openly our government.

International wars are nothing more than bankers squabbling over investments and property disputes. Central governments are tools of bankers to keep watch over their investments and loans.

Anyone who wants central government is either an enemy or a buffoon. Tyrants! Know that the rights of man are inherent and inalienable, and therefore not to be forfeited by the failure of any form of government, however democratic. In all agreements, in all measures, in all political or religious enterprises, in all attempts to redeem the human race, man, as an individual, is to be held paramount. The doctrine, that the end sanctifies the means, is a maxim of profligates and impostors, of usurpers and tyrants.

Historians have termed this relationship as Caesaropapism as compared to the absolute head of the church and state in the West being the Pope. The use of icons in the church, were the major reasons for the split between the Roman Church and the Eastern Orthodox Church which persists to this day. Caesaropapism was inaugurated at the time of Justinian and anti-iconoclasm was decreed by a succeeding emperor named Leo.

As a part of the current unrest, Croatia for example, is in the extreme Northwestern part of what is called the Balkans. The Croatians are a part of the Slavic people and thus are ethnically a part of the Balkans. However, Croatia is closely aligned with Western Europe, in customs, mores, and most importantly they are of the Western Roman Catholic persuasion. This last point is prominent in the ongoing current struggle even though all of these people came recently out of Tito's Yugoslavia.

The empire under Justinian was under constant attack from peoples from the North and East, the Slavs and the Mongolians. The Slavs were White Men of the Caucasian race with their homeland in the plains and swamps of eastern Europe. The Mongolians, on the other hand, were of the yellow race and consisted of many tribes and groups of the East. Justinian, for some reason, did not aggressively repel these invaders who took up residence.

The Slavs were a strong people physically and keen mentally but they were backward in the arts and other refinements. They were natural Communists in that they owned all of their property in common and contributed the proceeds from their labor in the same manner. Karl Marx could very well have obtained his concept of government from the Slavic people of that period. His phrase, "From each according to his abilities and to each according to his needs," was the natural method of life among the Slavs at the time of their encroachment into the Byzantine Empire under Justinian. But the Slavs excelled in Agriculture. They were magnificent farmers and they freely gave their taxes in the form of grain and produce to the government. They proved to be an attribute in that regard.

Another very basic trait of the Slavs was, and is, that they are jealous of each other. They engaged freely in inter-tribal warfare and they would rarely combine against a common foe. They also resented being ruled by anyone and they refused to form any meaningful governmental system. In modern terms they would have been anarchists. But through all of this the Slav was, and is, an outstanding guerrilla type fighter. Their favorite device used in guerrilla warfare was to totally disappear under water using a reed to breath through, all the while being deep in the water. They would use this technique to escape after a daring raid on another village. They were extremely clever at devising unique ways to entrap their current enemy, whoever that may have been at the time. Keep that in mind with regard to the current situation in Bosnia. The Slavs are comprised of four distinct groups, the Slovenes, the Croats, the Serbs, and the Bulgars. But because of their refusal to cooperate with each other, there has been internecine wars from the sixth century to this very day.

The Mongolian invaders came from many tribes of the East. They were of a different physical stature entirely. They were short and stocky, with flat faces, slanted eyes and wore their jet black hair long in the back. They were bow-legged from riding their small shaggy horses and could fight only on horseback. Their military organization and discipline, along with their horsemanship, allowed them to conquer the Slavs, take their spoil, and return to their homeland. Thus, this was a perfect example of how organization, devotion and discipline would always win over any form of libertine anarchy.

However, throughout the years of the Byzantine Empire, the Slavs and the Mongolians periodically attacked Constantinople. Because of the strategic location of the city, they were always repelled. Sometimes the Slavs would attack other Slavs with the obvious long term distrust, fear and hate associated with those misadventures. Other times the Mongolians would attack the Slavs to again take a spoil. Throughout this long period of time (from the sixth tot the fifteenth centuries) the Byzantine Empire absorbed these people, both the Slavs and the Mongolians. The results are obvious, particularly so in the case of the Bulgars. The statement that Clinton made, the need for the American troops to make the Balkans "a shining symbol of multi-ethnic tolerance" is obviously impossible. We will see why that is the truth of the matter.

The Bulgars were originally a Slavic people. According to Ferdinand Schevill, author of the book A History of the Balkans (Dorset Press, New York, ISBN 0-88029-697-6), the Bulagars developed from a mixture of Slavs with a Mongolian race of conquerors who came to the peninsula in the seventh century. Further, according to Arthur Koestler, author of The Thirteenth Tribe (Random House, New York, ISBN 0-394-40284-7) the Khazars, a Turkish-Mongol cross which later totally converted to Judaism in the ninth century, invaded the Bulgars in 641 A.D. The Bulgars were conquered and became a part of the Khazarian Empire. So, according to Koestler, it was the Khazars who were described b y Schevill as the conquerors. The modern Eastern Ashkenazi Jew (which comprises 95% of world Jewry, according to Arthur Koestler) comes from the Khazars.

The Khazars went on to conquer not only the Slavs in the area now known as Bulgaria but the Burtas, Ghuzz, Magars (Hungarians), the Gothic and Greek colonies of the Crimea, and the Slavonic tribes in the Northwestern woodlands. Again, according to Koestler, the Khazars also raided Georgia and Armenia.

The Byzantine Empire (or the Eastern Roman Empire) was extremely occupied with defending itself from the rise to power of the Arabs in the eighth century. They did not have the opportunity to defend that portion of the Byzantine Empire (known as Moesia in Roman days) from the onslaught of the Khazars into the newly formed empire of the Bulgars. But as soon as a lull in the fighting with the Arabs occurred, the Byzantine Emperor Constantine V felt free to attack the Bulgar power. Constantine V found the Bulbars to be so well consolidated that he was unable to deal them a decisive blow. Incidentally, Constantine V took as his wife a Khazar princess who bore him a son, the future Emperor Constintine VI ("The East is East and the West is West...").

We read of the atrocities that have occurred in the recent Bosnian conflict. We have seen the type of warfare that is common in that part of the world. This is nothing new but rather the normal method of combat which has come down through the ages. As an example of these atrocities, the Bulgar Khan, named Krum, mounted an attack against the Byzantine Empire itself, perhaps in retaliation for the earlier engagement by Constantine. Krum, boldly executed an entrapment of the Byzantine army, under the command of the then Emperor Nicephorus. The entire Byzantine army was wiped out with only a very few men left alive. Nicephorus, himself, was killed and Krum ordered his head severed from his body and the skull made into a drinking cup to be used by his captains during later meals that Krum would have with them. This, then, was the normal methods used for warfare among these people. The relationship, between the Bulgars and the Byzantines was at times cordial with intervening periods of animosity, again, much as it is today in the area.

But, according to Schevill in his book A History of the Balkans, after two hundred years of living side by side with the Slavs, the Bulgars gave up their language and customs inherited from the Mongols. They freely intermarried with the Slavs and through the years became indistinguishable from them. The Bulgars became essentially a Slavic state. Obviously, not all of the Slavs were among those who intermarried but apparently there were enough to cause the situation that Schevill reports.

This new Bulgaria converted to Christianity. Their dream was to bring all of the Slavs throughout the region under their control. It was their leader, Simeon, who conquered large sections of Macedonia and Thrace, both parts of the Byzantine Empire. He attempted four times to capture Constantinople but failed because of a lack of sea power.

These conflicts reduced the Byzantine empire in size and power to the point where they became demoralized. Simeon and his now Slavic Bulgaria ventured further North and West into the land of the Croats. Historians state that it was Simeon, in his now Slavic Bulgaria, who united all of the heretofore independent Slavs into one nation. He appointed himself the title of Tzar of the Slavs. The word Tzar is a Slavic word meaning the same as Caesar in Roman days.

But the power of Bulgaria was short-lived. The nation did not have a solid racial fabric with which to remain strong. It was a government of a strong mixture of unwilling and conquered peoples. There is a lesson for us to consider in this fact of history. Simeon was a strong leader. When he died in 927, Bulgaria started to crumble just as any nation does with a weak fabric of people and a strong leader followed by a weak leader. Simeon was followed by Peter, a weak man, both politically and militarily.

The tug-of-war between diverse peoples continued. The Byzantine Empire again became strong under the leadership of Basil, a Macedonian and Slav by blood. He again stabilized the empire. Basil chose as his military commander a general named Nicephorus Phocas who had been raised among guerrilla type fighters and his entire life had been in combat against the Arab assaults form the West. Nicephorus made an allegiance with another group of Slavs, theretofore unheard of, the Russians. The Russians were Slavs by blood and under the rulership at the time by Scandinavian Norsemen called the Rus. The Russians attacked the Bulgars from the North and conquered the Eastern part of Bulgaria. The Byzantines lost a valuable part of their empire and now the Russians, Slavs themselves, owned part of the Balkans.

The animosities between the different races of peoples run deep. In all of these conflicts there have been atrocities. The atrocities among these Eastern peoples are usually on a personal scale where bodily contact is made in the act. Today, particularly in the West, the acts are called "surgical strikes" or "mass bombing" of cities containing civilians.

The Russians were there for only a short time, certainly not long enough to establish themselves as a country. The successor to Nicephorus (who had been assassinated by his own people), John Zimisces drove out the Russians from Bulgaria. But he, too, was short-lived. John was succeeded at Constantinople by Basil. But, alas, the Bulgars were not to be beaten. A very strong leader, Tzar Samuel, again attacked the old Roman Empire, the Byzantines. He attacked deep into Greece as far as Corinth. Basil could not stop him because of serious rebellion at home. Tzar Samuel reveled in his victory by building a number of castles in Macedonia.

Again, Constantinople was not to be outdone. Basil reinvigorated his country with sound financial affairs and rebuilt the military into an outstanding fighting machine. When he was ready, he attacked the Tzar Samuel and totally destroyed the last great army of the Tzars of Bulgaria. Samuel himself barely escaped with his life. What follows is but another example of the atrocities of the East. Only fifteen thousand soldiers were left of the Bulgarian army. Basil ordered that the fifteen thousand be separated into groups of one hundred. Then he ordered that all men, except one man, in each group be blinded. That one man was to have only one eye put out because he was to act as the guide to return his troop to Bulgaria. The entire fifteen thousand returned to Bulgaria in that fashion! There is an old saying that undoubtedly originated because of this atrocity, "In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king!"

One can readily see the animosities, the hatred that exists between the people of different tribes and races in this region of the world. Here we have people of different tribes and races gathered together, with leaders rising and falling with their desire for rulership over the entire area. Intermingled with all of those different races were those who freely intermarried and thus became a mixed people. They were converted to Christianity but even that was not without tribulations.

What was it that allowed the Byzantine Empire to succeed, even after disastrous defeats? It was because of the solid foundation of Roman Administration and its system of personal and property rights. The individual felt secure in his person and he owned his property with security. This is one of the primary characteristics of a society that considers itself civilized. It was Christianity that secured that system. There are lessons for us to learn from this in this country today.

Just what has been reported os far is enough to show the circumstances which are now occurring in the Balkans. But there is more heartache and bloodshed. This was from the coming of the Muslims, the Ottoman Empire. This, too, we already know to be a great stumbling block in the current unrest.

The Byzantine Empire fell because of the loss of the middle-class citizens! The Empire was taken over by the ascent of large landholders who lived in Constantinople and their lands were worked by tenants. The nobility and other leaders of society, including the church and clergy, were among the large landholders. Thus, property and personal rights and security were destroyed.

The middle-class in the Byzantine Empire, just as in the United States today, was not to be outdone. They became the artisans, shopkeepers and merchants. The Byzantine Empire was forced to exist on the handling and manipulation of goods made by other peoples. Isn't this combination of conditions what is being accomplished in our beloved country today? Isn't that what Zbigniew Brzezinski in his book, Between Two Ages, said? He stated that the United States would become a service and information oriented society. Our production base, including agriculture, would be taken over by the world's landlords. Texe Mars, (Living Truth Ministries, 1708 Patterson Road, Austin, Texas 78733) reports that as many as 85 percent of North American farmers have gone bankrupt in the past 15 years! If we refuse to learn simple Biblical principles from history, we deserve to repeat it.

Again, Civilization is judged by the citizens' personal and property rights. When a society is forced to operate by the ways of the Universal Commercial Code, it may highly succeed for a period of time. However, without those property rights assured by God, such a society is bound to fail.

"And Judah and Israel dwelt safely, every man under his vine and under his fig tree, from Dan even to Beersheba, all the days of Solomon." (1 Kings 4:25)

The middle-class of the Byzantine Empire turned that empire into the commercial capital of the world at the time. The trade routes between East and West were secured by these resilient people. No despotic ruler can destroy the middle-class if they will communicate and work together!

However, now the entire Balkan area was desired for another reason, that being the commercial worth to be exploited for the taking. The next great conquerors of the Balkans were the Normans of Southern Italy. They were of the same Normans from Northern France who conquered England under William the Conqueror in 1066. They moved in with their superior fighting ability, along with wily diplomacy, and literally took over the seats of government of the Byzantine Empire.

But they, too, were removed by the conquering hordes of the Turks. So, again, we will see an infusion of people into the civilization of the Balkans that has created intense problems to this very day. The Turks were Mongolian nomads, crossed with Japhetic blood (one of Noah's sons) from Central Asia. They were related to the Mongolian tribes of the Huns, Avars, Bulgars and Khazars. They lived by raids which were on the scale of large military operations.

Over a period of some years, the "Terrible Turks" finally wore down the here-to-fore impregnable Byzantine Empire. But the Empire died from within. One of the problems was that the leadership of the empire was taken over by a series of women.

The two daughters of the effeminate Constantine VIII, Zoe and Theodora, shared the control of the empire with a succession of husbands and lovers. They systematically promoted disorganization. The resulting confusion was no match for the Turks, even though there was even a short period of time that some very able and effective rulers made a last ditch stand. There is a lesson here, too.

"And I will give children to be their princes, and babes shall rule over them. And the people shall be oppressed, every one by another, and every one by his neighbor: the child shall behave himself proudly against the ancient, and the base against the honourable. When a man shall take hold of his brother of the house of his father, saying, Thou has clothing, be thou our ruler, and let this ruin be under they hand...As for my people, children are their oppressors, and women rule over them. O my people, they which lead thee cause thee to err, and destroy the way of thy paths." (Isaiah 3:4-6, 12)

But then, we are told that God is a chauvinist!

It was at the battle of Manzikert in Albania (1071 A.D.) that the Turks totally annihilated the Byzantine forces which were led by the last able leader, Romanus IV. Up until that time, Byzantine, and the Balkans, was European in organization, Greek in culture, and totally Christian. An entirely new dimension now came into existence. The Turks systematically oppressed and exterminated the Christian population. The Mongolian Turks steadily poured into the region. This race movement replaced the White people with yellow people, Christians with the Muslims. There is a lesson to be learned here, too. The Turks did it with the sword. We are doing it with the pen by our own leaders. Up until the turn of this century, the United States' immigration policy was primarily "to provide for the uniform immigration of white people from the European nations." That was the content of the first immigration law enacted by the government shortly after the Constitution was ratified. Either by the sword of conquerors or the pen of traitors, the loss is the same to the yeomen of the land.

The Ottoman Empire began in a rather plebeian, or ignoble, fashion. As the decadent Byzantine Empire was disintegrating, a young chieftain of one of the Turkish tribes surrounding Constantinople by the name of Osman, began integrating his tribe with disgruntled Christians who no longer could respect the decadent Christian Church. Osman used the typically tolerant Turkish method of influencing the Christians into the Muslim faith, as compared to the fanatic approach of the Arabs who were also Muslims, of course.

The Turks were Mongols and fierce in combat but they were tolerant in their civility. The Christians thus converted were the people of the area, Greeks and Slavs. Within several generations the Turks took on the Caucasian physical characteristics of color, hair, stature and facial features. Historians openly state that the Turks were totally cosmopolitan. They had the physical features of Europeans but the mentality of the Turks. The name Osman, or Osmani, has been changed down through the years to Ottoman. The Ottomans simply accepted the culture and civilization of the European Byzantines as their own.

They slowly, piece by piece, absorbed the Christian lands around them. The Christian Church was priest-ridden and was not capable of developing that deep devotion to a good cause that makes men suffer martyrdom, if necessary, rather than betray their principles. Christians in droves gave up Christ for Mohammed. Within the Western Christian nations today, including the United States, we see the same phenomena occurring. Many Christians have become disillusioned and are deserting to the Muslim faith. it has been reported that the Muslim faith is the fastest growing religion in the West.

The Ottomans were shrewd. They made the most of the "iron fist in the velvet glove." They reasoned that gentleness and persuasion was needed to reach the Christians. Yet, they knew that their fledgling empire was to rest on the strength of their army. Their system of government was simple. The army was the government!

Their system was that Muslims would be the landlords. The landlords would provide the cavalry. The captives of war, along with purchased Christian slaves, would provide the "cannon fodder," so to speak, for their conquering armies. Whenever they conquered a new territory of Christians, they took more captives of war and bought more Christian slaves for their next conflict.

They moved North and West. They captured the Dardanelles, then on to Thrace. It was here that the Christians were more adamant in their faith. So they tried another tactic. They offered the Christians the retention of their faith in exchange for the surrender of their weapon and a head-tax! No, there truly is nothing new under the sun! The alternative was to be captured and forced into the army. But the Turks needed the Christians to run the government because of the superior intelligence as compared to their own people. So they showed their shrewdness again by inducting a substantial number of young boys into a training camp. It was called the devchurne. Being away from their families and their church, these young men slowly were converted to the Muslim faith.

By the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, these youth groups became so numerous that they became very influential. They became like the Praetorian guards of Rome and eventually held the destiny of the Ottoman Empire in their hands. So, strangely, enough, the Turks developed their Muslim empire using Christian brains and muscle.

They now turned to Bulgaria and Macedonia, then on to Serbia. We must take note that all of this was accomplished because of irreconcilable differences between the various Christian enclaves and states. But finally, history gives the honor to the Serbs for standing up to the onslaught of the Ottomans. A true leader named Lazar used all of the charisma he could muster and rallied the Christian forces against an onslaught of overwhelming proportions. At a place called Kosovo, an amphitheater in the Macedonian mountains, the Christians and the Moslems met to determine the fate of the entire Balkans.

But it was too late. Balkan Christianity succumbed to the Moslems. But to this day, Kosovo is considered the grave of Serbian liberty. We repeatedly read about the Kosovo history as it applies to the situation today. So this, too, must be considered in our assessment of our current presence in Bosnia, protecting the Moslems.

The Moslems went on to conquer the entire Balkan area. From the fifteenth to the nineteenth century, the Ottoman Empire ruled over a Christian people. Passionate Christians were held in bondage by equally passionate but arrogant Moslems. The Biblical story of the Children of Israel (and that does not mean the Jews, for they are not Israelites) in bondage to the Egyptians is the only place in history where such a terrible experience has been suffered by a people in bondage for such a long period of time. It was accomplished with shrewdness but after the conquest ended, it was ruthless. There is such a thing as DNA race memory. The memories brought down through families of all these years are such that true, genuine hatred will not disappear, Clinton and his trip to Tuzla notwithstanding.

With that equally short history overview, we can now turn to the imperialist phase of the Balkans. This, too, plays a dominant role in the current politics. In reality, the imperialist phase is still being played out. Again, imperialism by the modern definition means, "The policy and practice of forming and maintaining an empire; it is characterized by a struggle for the control of raw materials and world markets, the subjugation and control of territories, the establishment of colonies, etc."

The imperialist conflict that so immensely has affected the Balkans (and still does) is which country will maintain the greatest market for its produced goods as well as the control of the necessary raw materials needed for that production. This conflict has generally included the subjugation and/or control of the target countries.

The control and subjugation of the Balkans in modern times had originally been the pressing desire of three imperialist nations, England, France and Russia. It is not the Balkan countries themselves which are the immediate target, not that there isn't a market there nor desirable raw materials, but it was because it is the overland gateway to the East.

From the start of the nineteenth century, the problem has centered around Germany. As we learned in high school history, Germany had been devastated by the wars in and around it during the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. Germany was reduced to a pitiful state even though she possessed some of the best technical, social and spiritual brains in the world.

England, on the other hand, had risen to be the most powerful nation on earth. The development of the world trade center in the "City" of London started at the time of William the Conqueror and the special agreement made between Oliver Cromwell and Manasseh Ben Israel where, together, England would rule the world. England had the world's foremost navy with which to ship produced goods to any part of the world as well as the fighting ships to secure more colonies by conquest.

During this same period of time the Industrial Revolution began. We have always read that this marvel of modern man started in England. Actually, inventions were originating from most of the European nations and the most prolific nation for inventions was our own United States. But England was the most aggressive in its imperialism and it had the money barons to finance it. England possessed the navy to bring raw materials to the production plants in England.

The infamous "sweat shops" were developed as well as the equally infamous child labor practices with which to produce goods at a very low cost. Markets had to be found; consequently, the practice of conquering backward, native countries and forcing them into the empire was developed. Consumers for these goods had to be found and so they developed them. Simultaneously, most of these backward, native countries had raw materials. All that was needed was to train the natives to produce the raw materials (mining, timber, etc.) which, in turn, needed administrative oversight. Thus, an empire was created! But, most importantly, England had the vast oceans at her disposal. All that was needed was to block any other country from access to the oceans and England had a monopoly!

Germany, on the other hand was basically an inland nation with the only access to the oceans being through the North Sea. England controlled the English channel and thus, by extension, the North Sea. Germany's engineers, scientists and production people were likewise manufacturing goods that could be sold to the world market for the sake of raising the standard of living for their people.

Germany was rebuilding its population from the devastation caused by the wars on the continent but her land mass had been drastically reduced because of those wars. There were two options for their leaders. One was to conquer new lands to colonize them just as the English and the French had done. Germany's other opponent for survival was Russia to the East but that country didn't have a shortage of land so new colonies were not a foremost problem.

But Russia desired international recognition and status, along with markets. The other option for Germany was to find markets for their goods without conquering it first by war. That method is called "peaceful penetration." That solution would provide the work for their increasing labor pool. But the English Channel was the only way out for shipping. The dangers of travel in the North Sea during the winter months were immense. Overriding that was the constant threat of attacks by the English navy.

The one thing left for Germany to do was to build a consortium, the symbiotic relationship, with Austria, Hungary, the Balkan States, and Turkey. Such an arrangement would control a land route stretching from the North Sea to the Persian Gulf. The railroad had been invented and railroads were already in existence. Consequently, Germany envisioned an overland rail route stretching from the Rhine, through the Danube valleys, to Constantinople, through Turkey and on to Baghdad.

Such a move would provide immense markets for Germany's goods. Germany would again become a nation with international influence commensurate with her leadership abilities in the arts and sciences. Such a move would remove the threat of England's navy to her commerce. It would be the developing of an empire, imperialism by definition, by acquiring those inland nations within their sphere of interest.

When the news of these German intentions reached England, an immediate howl of protest was heard throughout the English Empire. "Pan-Germanism" was the cry. Such a term in those days was equal to the word "Nazi" today. Meanwhile, England had already possessed the largest imperial empire the world had ever known. Her possessions rested on every continent on the globe. Perhaps the word that would define those actions used to acquire that empire would be "Pan-Angloism."

According to Roland G. Usher, in his book Pan-Germanis (Houghton Mifflin Company, New York, 1913), "Pan-Germanism," coined because of these intentions of Germany, "was a defensive movement for self-preservation, for escaping the pressure of France and Russia, both bent on her destruction." At the same time, Usher stated that it was "an offensive movement directed against England, its object, the conquest of the English possession in the Mediterranean and in Asia. She expects thus to obtain an outlet for her surplus population and manufactures and to create an empire as little vulnerable politically, economically, or strategically as any the world has yet seen." According to Usher, Germany reasoned that England and France had their imperialist empires already secured. Now they wanted to establish new moral, ethical and legal precepts against Germany.

Germany was assured of the money needed for the Baghdad Railroad. But that assurance came from the same Rothschild dynasty as England used as their source of money! So the wheels began to turn to stop Germany and with the intent to ultimately obliterate the German people forever! Serbia and the Balkans were to be used as the bait. First, the money for the Baghdad Railroad was denied Germany.

Then, in 1908, the same year as the first Jewish-led Bolshevik revolution was attempted, Russia suggested that Austria annex Bosnia and Herzegovina. Russia, all the while, was and is, the Serbian protector because they are basically of the same ethnic background (Slavs). Of course, Russia didn't tell Serbia of this suggestion to Austria. Austria took the opportunity and completed the annexation of these two countries. Thus, we have a double-cross by the same people that gave the world communism.

Serbia, as can readily be realized from the proceeding short history lesson, is extensively mixed as a people. Yet, they are immensely nationalistic, which normally is race related. Two Serbian nationalists assassinated the Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria. Austria, in turn, began plans to make a punitive expedition into the Balkans to chastise the Serbs, just like the United States did with Pancho Villa in Mexico in 1914. Germany stated she would approve of the Austrian venture only if Austria made it a local affair to circumvent a wide European war.

France, a major imperialist nation, made secret negotiations with Russia assuring them that France would not object if Russia came to the support of the Serbs. Russia had already stated that she wanted Constantinople. France and England apparently thought that was a fair swap in order to rid the world of Germany. France and Russia did not want to go to war with Germany without England and her navy.

So England had to be persuaded with planted disinformation. According to Harry Elmer Barnes, the father of historical revisionism, the American Minister to Constantinople during World War I was Henry Morgenthau. He published throughout the Allied World that there had been a conference held at Potsdam on July 5, 1914 at which the German Kaiser met with Austrian officials along with financial leaders of the Central Powers. Morgenthau reported that the Kaiser revealed to them his intentions to precipitate a general European war and that they had only three weeks to prepare for it. That Meeting Did Not Occur, So It Was Planted Disinformation! Of course, England, France and Russia would have been told privately on July 16, 1914. By the end of July, England was convinced.

So World War I was over the imperialistic concepts of empire and Serbian Jews initiated it with the assassination of Archduke Franz Fedinand. We know that the Versailles Treaty which followed was, as Schevill writes, "probably as harsh a product of the ruthless spirit of victory as is recorded in history." Of course, Schevill had not yet written the history of World War II. That treaty was intended to destroy Germany. It also heavily dictated to the Balkan states. These actions guaranteed World War II. Interestingly, it was the son of Henry Morgenthau who developed the plan after World War II to reduce Germany to a totally agrarian society. The book Germany Must Perish, by Theodore Kaufman, written in 1941, reflected that mentality.

What have we learned from this sordid history? It is obvious that the Balkan States truly are what political scientists call a control position. Throughout history all of the countries of Europe have wanted to possess that territory or, at least, pass through it. Obviously there is an enormous amount of nationalism in the Serbian element. Apparently this exists among those Serbs who have not mongrelized throughout the years (and there are many of them). To this day they stubbornly resist any encroachment by other peoples but they historically have fought even among themselves.

Nationalism is a desired trait in God's view. But for any nationalist movement to succeed, it must be cohesive. The love for one another is paramount. "Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself." (Matthew 22:39) Also, for nationalism to succeed, it must be totally separate from any aspects of imperialism or empire. The very concept of empire or imperialism is the antipathy of nationalism. G. Lowes Dickinson in his book International Anarchy made this profound statement: "One can conceive a world in which Austria would not have wished to hold down a nationality against its will. But that would not be the world of history, past or present. Never has an empire resigned before the disruptive forces of nationality."

Remember the definition of imperialism and empire.

The United States is no longer the republic that was intended by our forefathers. Imperialism and empire was not in the minds of our founders at that time but we have become an imperialist empire. Theoretically we have done it through "peaceful penetration" but by whatever means, we have done it.

Thus, President Clinton sent troops to Bosnia for the real reason of protecting imperialism and empire. President Washington warned us of meddling in foreign affairs. Our forefathers understood that because we were nationalists. Are we brave enough to return to it?

In 1948, Harvard Professor F.O. Matthiessen, "Foggy" to his students and "Matty" to his friends, was dining at the Cambridge, Massachusetts, apartment of Donald Ogden Stewart, the humorist and Academy Award winning screenwriter. It was a jittery time: Mathiessen was waiting to be called to testify before the House Committee on Un-American Activities, and stewart, a "parlor pink" who belonged to the left-wing of the Screen Writers Guild, had good reason to be uneasy himself. Another guest at that long ago dinner, Eileen Finletter, recalled: "I very distinctly heard Matty say to don Stewart, 'As long as we have somebody from Bones who can bring pressure on the committee, I should think we'll be all right.'"

The two were Bonesmen, linked for life in; unto death, of Skull and Bones, not only one of the oldest, richest, and most powerful of the seven secret societies at Yale, but the most exclusive of all college clubs and arguably the most seductive little sodality in the world. Plainly they believed that being Bonesmen guaranteed them special dispensations throughout life, and in this they were not mistaken.

Ever since its founding in 1832, Skull and Bones (under the total control of the Jews, as all other secret societies are) has rattled and reverberated in the loftiest reaches of the American meritocracy, resounding most sonorously in the fields of foreign policy, domestic intelligence, banking, law, letters. Two presidents of the United States, including George Bush, have taken the society's oath of allegiance.

When George Herbert Walker Bush; Bonesman, and son, nephew, cousin, brother, and father of Bonesmen, was sworn into the office of vice president of the United States, in 1981, the oath was administered by a fellow Bonesman, Associate Justice Potter Stewart of the Supreme Court. In emotional terms, however, it might well have been a less important oath than the one he had taken thirty-four years before in Skull and Bones.

For George Bush, his secret society is the tie that binds and bonds. A few weeks after being sworn in as vice president, he made the time to entertain the twelve surviving Bonesmen from his Yale class, their wives, and the widows of the other two, at the vice presidential residence, Bob Woodward reported in The Washington Post.

One of the men recited a sophomoric poem he had written for the occasion, which featured the comforting rhyme, "Old Poppy, our own V.P." Comraderie: All his adult life Bush has drawn these fromt he well of Skull and Bones. In the early 1950s a daughter died of leukemia, and his fraternal Bonesmen were there for him, as they would be when he needed political advice or campaign money. And he was there for them; best man at one Bonesman's wedding; in constant attendance at the bed-side of another, who was dying of cancer; and faithful correspondent, sending some eighty-five letters in the past twenty-two years to just a single member of his Bones delegation.

Other Bonesmen whose commitment to the society was (or is) as unbreakable as Bush's, and whose names will also ring; or merely tinkle, in eternity include: Henry R. Luce, father of Time; President William Howard Taft; Henry Stimson, President Hoover's secretary of state; Robert A. Lovett, President Truman's secretary of defense; authors John Hersey, Brendan gill, and William F. Buckley Jr.; Gerald Murphy, the inspiration for the character Dick Dive in Tender Is The Night; singer Lanny Ross; McGeorge Bundy, President Kennedy's assistant for national security affairs; William H. Donaldson and Dan W. Lufkin, founders of Donaldson, Luflin & Jenrette; Wonston Lord, President Reagan's ambassador to China; and U.S. Senators David Boren of Oklahoma, John Chafee of Rhode Island, and John Kerry of Massachusetts (Skull and Bones has always had a kind of baby-senator quality to it; there's that sense of incipient power throbbing throughout).

And let's not forget W. Averell Harriman, who chose the Skull and Bones magic number 322 for the combination of the briefcase in which he carried top-secret dispatches between London and Moscow during World War II. Or Archibald MacLeish, librarian of Congress and Pulitzer Prize winning poet and playwright; a Bonesman once revealed a letter he'd received from MacLeish, written late in his long and estimable life, that was singed, with an undiminished trustingness, "Yours in...& out of ...322, Archie." "Hurrah for old 322/Hurrah for Skull and Bones" is the society's call to arms, so to speak. (Or rather, so not to speak, since members are supposed to leave the room whenever even the word skull and bones, let alone the sacred numerals, are uttered by outsiders). The 322 derives from 322 B.C., the date of the death of the great Demosthenes, (It was thus that Demosthenes, clause after clause, and sentence after sentence, elaborated to the uttermost his immortal orations. It was thus that Newton pioneered his way, by the steps of an ascending geometry, to the mechanism of the Heavens, and Le Verrier added a planet to our Solar System. It is a most erroneous opinion that those who have left the most stupendous monuments of intellect behind them, were not differently exercised from the rest of the species, but only differently gifted; that they signalized themselves only by their talent, and hardly ever by their industry; for it is in truth to the most strenuous application of those commonplace faculties which are diffused among all, that they are indebted for the glories which now encircle their remembrance and their name. We must not imagine it to be a vulgarizing of genius, that it should be lighted (Illuminism) up in any other way than by a direct inspiration from Heaven; nor overlook the steadfastness of purpose, the devotion to some single but great object, the unweariedness of labor that is given, not in convulsive and preternatural throes, but by little and little as the strength of the mind may bear it; the accumulation of many small efforts, instead of a few grand and gigantic, but perhaps irregular movements, on the part of energies that are marvelous; by which former alone the great results are brought out that write their enduring records on the face of the earth and in the history of nations and of man. We must not overlook these elements, to which genius owes the best and proudest of her achievements; nor imagine that qualities so generally possess as patience and pains-taking, and resolute industry, have no share in upholding a distinction so illustrious as that of the benefactor of his kind. We must not forget that great results are most ordinarily produced by an aggregate of many contributions and exertions; as it is the invisible particles of vapor, each separate and distinct from the other, that, rising from the oceans and their bays and gulfs, from lakes and rivers, and wide morasses and overflowed plains, float away as clouds, and distill upon the earth in dews, and fall in showers and rain and snows upon the broad plains and rude mountains, and made the great navigable streams that are the arteries along which flows the life-blood of a country. (Albert Pike, Morals and Dogma, pp. 174-175). Thus we can see the Bonesmen think they are the elite and without them the entire planet would collapse into a worthless hunk of dust) who founded a society from which Bones is said to have taken its baleful bearings. Its trappings are baleful, too. The society's emblem, a skull on crossed thigh bones with a 322 between them, serves as a mementomori to members: The death's head grinning back at them will soon enough be their own.

It was at the end of his junior year at Yale that each of the above yet-to-be-hewn Mount Rushmore sculptures was "tapped" for Bones; that is, chosen along with fourteen of his classmates by the fifteen graduating seniors in the society. The deliberations were held in secret, but it was clear from the elections that Skull and Bones wanted one thing only: leaders, present and future. (Were one unfortunate enough not to be tapped by Bones or any other society, the humiliation was no secret; the results were published in the Yale Daily News for all to see). "On a Thursday afternoon in mid-May, the junior class and hundreds of onlookers would gather on Old Campus to await the verdict," wrote Walter Isaacson and Evan Thomas in their book The Wise Men, avidly resurrecting the ritual of tapping in a long since vanished Yale. "As the chapel bell struck five, the roar would go up: 'First man!' Grim as death's hand, dressed in black with a gold Bones pin, a member would suddenly appear and head straight for some trembling junior. Grabbing him by the shoulder, he would wheel him around and slap him hard on the back crying, 'Skull and Bones! Go to your room.' Legs shaking, the Chosen would stumble off through the parting crowd."

Today, the fifteen young men tapped for Bones will meet every Thursday and Sunday throughout their senior year in the immense windowless, Egyptian-style Skull and Bones "Tomb" on New Haven's High street; a mausoleum o seeming indestructible solidity, which continues after 150 years to draw close attention and distant awe. They begin their year together as pledged initiates guessing at each other's essences; they conclude it having spoken more intimately of themselves than they ever had before or, perhaps, ever would again.

Myths and Legends about Bones, put about by the barbarian world outside its gates, have proliferated over the years; that members are made to wrestle in the nude in a mud pile; that handymen entering the building to make necessary repairs must first be inducted into the society; that clocks are set five minutes fast to admonish Bonesmen that they start life five steps ahead of where the unitiated rest of us leave off; that a collection of souvenir skulls decorates the tomb's anterior, including those of Pancho Villa and Geronimo. Of course, outsiders have always laughed at Skull and Bones, partly out of envy, partly out of nervous respect; One mocks what one cannot possess. Even the occasional insider, however, will send the society up. Bonesman Christopher T. Buckley, son of Bonesman William F. Buckley Jr., and one-time speech writer for Bonesman George Bush, recently told the New York Times: "We have Sarah Bernhardt's right leg. And we have Peter Stuyvestant's left leg. We keep them in a case and we call them 'Jack and Jill.'"

But; the question fairly asks itself, what actually does go on inside Skull and Bones? To begin with, there is a ceremony called the "Life History" (LH for short), an autobiographical performance that members must give in one Thursday night session each. First, however, comes the "Connubial Bliss" session (called the CB for short), a ritual where each members spends a Sunday night recounting his sexual history. While the CB recognizes the element of sexual competition between the men as any rite involving male testing would), it has the overall purpose of promoting solidarity; it guarantees that each member becomes a hostage to the collective fortune of the group. He has no choice but to stand fully committed, having all but put his life in his fellow members' hands by revealing himself so completely (the CB encourages in the young men a kind of warrior machismo to be as honest as possible). Both the LH and the CB function as an inoculation against any indifference.

The CB also establishes that the relationship between a man and a woman is less important than the relationship between men. Despite the fact that Yale for twenty years has been coeducational, Skull and Bones remains doggedly all male. Its refusal to accept women can be taken as a measure of the depths of its commitment to the male principle, which is a belief in the sanctity of male relationships and the conviction that it's unnecessary to violate them with democratic ethics. Little wonder, then, that the wife of a prominent Bonesman characterized the society for me as "a sinister, unhealthy off-shoot of the gentleman's code...a weird CIA-like thing."

A member of the Skull and Bones once stated that during his CB he confessed that, one evening the summer before senior year, he had loitered in Washington Square Park in New York's Greenwich Village in the hope of finding a man who would prove sexually congenial, which he did. This story, delivered to a monolithic, monosexual group in the priggish 1950s, produced an extraordinary convulsion. A layer of protection, a level of elementality, had been removed, leaving not shocked disapproval so much as fear.

But the CB and the LH are no mere titillating exercises in self-revelation. What the fifteen Bonesmen engage in, in the encouraging near-darkness of their Tomb, is part group therapy, part psycho-exotic pastimes (one irresistible rumor has it that each member pumping out his CB while lying naked in a coffin). These unburdenings are ruthlessly orchestrated to the sometimes strident tune of criticism and cross-examination, their single-minded purpose to knock a member down in order to build him up again as a Bonesman. After enduring dark questioning and stumbling through the murky ambiguities of his own character, eh will emerge from the Tomb with a new confidence in his authority and worth, a sense of destiny. After all, there is much in the "long eventful famous history" of Skull and Bones to remind him that he has been elected to the elect of the elect.

And if you are elected to political office later in life, you might be in need of a refresher course, which Bones provides. One recipient of the society's largess was George Bush, smack in the middle of his lackluster vice presidency. According to Bob Woodward, in 1985 four members of Bush's own delegation, concerned about his plummeting political image, gave him a "buck-him-up" dinner at the Washington home of fellow Bonesman Thomas W.L. Ashley, former Democratic Congressman from Ohio. At one point in the evening one of them said, "Let's repair to the inner sanctum." Ashley recalled afterward that Bush had rejoiced at the opportunity. "There was a flow of communication. Bush was as vulnerable and as much a target as anyone and he handled it with apparent candor. He was aware of the dilemma of being Ronald Reagan's vice president." An hour later George Herbert Walker Bush emerged, if not a new man, then at least a new "old boy."

The Skull and Bones has itself been penetrated by non-members, albeit unwillingly. Peter beard, the adventurer, photographer, and Africanist, said that in 1961, the year he graduated form Yale, he broke into the Bones Tomb. There he found a skull with the name of his grandfather, Anson McCook beard, who had been in the bones delegation of 1895, inscribed on it. "The bone lifted up; the top was on a hinge, and it looked like you could put votes in it. There were names written on it in ink, or it might have been very fine paint." Beard, viewing the skull as "a trophy," appropriated it for his own secret society, School and Key. A few months later, Carlos French Stoddard, a high-level university official, saw the skull in its new setting (he was a member of Scroll and Key), deemed it criminally out of place, and in what Beard calls "a fit of righteousness" had it repatriated to Bones.

Perhaps the most flagrant of recent invasions was carried out in the summer of 1979 by women, of all unwelcome things. It wasn't an invasion exactly; the four had been invited in by a dissident member on the condition that his identity never be revealed. He took them for "sort of a quick canter through he premises," one of them, a corporate lawyer, says today. "There were tons of rooms, a whole chain of them. There were a couple of bedrooms, and there was this monumental dining room with different rolls of Skull and Bones songs suspended from the ceiling. And there was a President Taft memorabilia room filled with flyers, posters, button; the whole room was like a Miss Haversham's shrine. And a big living room, with a beautiful rug. And then this big, huge, expensive looking ivory carving in a hallway. The whole thing was on a medieval scale. But it was all kind of a shambles. It looked like a boy's dorm room, like it hadn't been cleaned up in six months. There were a lot of old bones around; believe me, it could use a woman's touch. 'The most shocking thing; and I say this because I do think it's sort of important, I mean, President Bush does belong to Skull and bones, everyone knows that; thee is, like a little Nazi shrine inside. One room on the second floor has a bunch of swastikas, kind of an SS macho Nazi iconography. Somebody should ask President bush about the swastikas in there. I mean. I don't think he'll say they're not there. I think he'll say, 'Oh, that wasn't a big deal, it was just a little thing in a little room,' which I don't think is true and which I wouldn't find terribly reassuring anyway. But I don't think he'd deny it altogether, because it's true. I mean, I think the Nazi stuff was no more serious than all the bones that were around, but I still find it a little disconcerting."

Another of the women present on that occasion, today also a lawyer, confirms the presence of artifacts from the Third Reich. "I saw some kind of pottery, weird glazed stuff they made in Germany with a swastika on it. It was on a mantelpiece in this small, narrow room with a conference table and chairs around it."

A few years after this unprecedented visit, yet another Yale female, who is a lawyer today as well, infiltrated the Bones sanctuary. This time the woman involved was brought in to participate in an actual Bones initiation ceremony; as a reward for having recommended several successful candidates for election.

What she witnessed inside perhaps sums up, in its wedding of emotionality and weird high style, the ethos of Skull and Bones. "They took me up into a stone turret that overlooks an interior courtyard. They had me up there in the topmost tower room; thee were torches burning, and it was filled with straw. I have to admit I was a bit nervous, since I was probably extraterritorial from any legal system. I was left alone there. I'd been told to dress up and I was wearing a kind of ragged rhinestone-studded '30s evening gown, and sitting on this pallet. And what I had to do was play a part that was apparently usually played by a man in drag. They would bring the new members up to the tower one by one and they would have to kiss my hand. It was a quite elaborate ritual, and it was really interesting to see the way these future leaders of America responded to this, because some of them kissed my hand tentatively and others were really into it. Many of them were actually weeping with terror from the whole initiation."

And perhaps form the specter of the excoriating truths that lay ahead. because from the Tomb, where thee is no lux, there always comes a form of veritas.

States Rights vs Federalism: The Apostle Paul in his letter to the Ephesians wrote: "For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand. Stand therefore, having your loins girt about with truth, and having on the breastplate of righteousness; And your feet shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace; Above all, taking the shield of faith, wherewith ye shall be able to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked. And take the helmet of salvation, and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God: Praying always with all prayer and supplication in the Spirit, and watching thereunto with all perseverance and supplication for all saints." (Ephesians 6:12-18)

There is an axiom that states that if you start with the wrong premise, you will end up with the wrong conclusion. Such is the case with Paul's writing here. So many of our modern Judeo-Christian church-goers are taught that these verses relate to a spiritual war somewhere in the third heaven between angels and devils. There is far too little mention of the spiritual warfare being fought right here all around us. Spirituality is in more than one plane. It is not only in the vertical between us and God but it is also between our people here on earth. Notice the phrase, "spiritual wickedness in high places." Then note the phrase "sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God." The first usage of the word spirit is with the lower case s. The second usage of the word is Spirit with a capital S. This is important. One usage is in the horizontal and the other is in the vertical.

To give an example of this, we read of the story of David at the time he was still a boy. In First Samuel, we read: "Then Samuel took the horn of oil, and anointed him in the midst of his brethren: and the spirit of the Lord came upon David from that day forward. So Samuel rose up, and went to Ramah. But the spirit of the Lord departed from Saul, and an evil spirit from the Lord troubled him." (1 Samuel 16:13-14)

Note here that the "Spirit of the Lord came upon David" uses a capital S in the word Spirit. "an evil spirit from the Lord." uses a lower case s in the spirit. What this means is that the Spirit of the Lord is in the vertical plane and the spirit with a lower case s is in the horizontal plane. It is between people here on earth just as was the case of Saul in his dealings with, not only David, but others as well. That spirit with the little s can be for the good as it was with David or it can be for evil as in the case with the current situation now among many leaders of our country. In summary, we are in a spiritual war with people right here on earth.

Unfortunately, they are in the government as has been the case from the beginning of this nation. When Paul uses the words "in high places," he is referring to places like Washington, D.C.

In the modern United States it is politically incorrect to believe that this nation was to be a manifestation of a Godly Kingdom of the Bible. The term "Manifest Destiny" reflects the belief of our forefathers. That term is also politically correct today. Why? From the time of the change from the Articles of Confederation to the Constitution, there has been a conflict between two systems of government. These two systems are called States Rights and Federalism. Throughout the past two hundred years these two systems have waxed and waned. In the following, we are going to try to show the real reason for it.

The Christian people of the United States, at least those who are descendants of the early pioneers, basically believe in States Rights. That term is closely associated with two other terms, Nationalism and Manifest Destiny. In turn, those two terms are directly associated with the Holy Bible.

Federalism, on the other hand, is basically associated with Internationalism. Those who are Federalists will attempt to show that it simply means a strong central government with the power structure tightly held at the federal level. What is not often mentioned is the connection to the money system and international commerce. In reality, these are the real reasons for the Federalist system.

Additionally, the average American Christian who is a descendant of the early pioneers, believes that Nationalism is racially motivated, even though that is not being taught in the modern Judeo-Christian church. These Christians believe in the Brotherhood of Ethnicity that is ordained by God. Conversely, the internationalists believe in the Brotherhood of Man.

We should all be aware that Federalism is now the system in total control. It is also obvious that States Rights is once again becoming a popular concept. It is the Christian community at the grass-roots level (generally outside of the churches) which is bringing it about. The battle rages and it is time for all God fearing (loving) Christians to get off the fence and out of their spiritual foxholes and join in the battle. It is time for them to realize that we are in a great fight to regain control of government at the local level and that they have not been alone throughout the years. What is the history of this enormous conflict and what is its relationship to money?

Whenever we discuss States' Rights, we must discuss the definition of sovereignty. Basically, if an entity is independent, it is sovereign. We should not confuse the term as used here with that of the Sovereignty of God. God rules and only He is the true Sovereign. In this discussion we are using the term as the various systems of government use it. Keep this in mind.

When the Revolutionary War ended the colonies formed the Continental Congress and developed the Article of Confederation as their compact between  the various states. Each state was independent and was empowered to regulate its own commerce and all other functions of government as a sovereign state. The Articles of Confederation was a treaty, or compact, between the various states and, according to international law, was a document stating the objectives and the method of accomplishing them. Remember, the guiding force behind this was the nationalism of the Christian families as guided by the Word of God.

The shortcomings of the Articles of Confederation became obvious to the various states, specifically in the areas of the common defense and interstate commerce. The Constitution which was ratified in 1787-1789 was simply another compact, or treaty, to correct these shortcomings. Thus, the states agreed to give up some of their sovereignty to a federal government. The argument arose immediately as to how much sovereignty was given up because of that new document. From the time of the first president, George Washington, to this day the argument continues. Thus we see the waxing and waning alternately of States Rights and Federalism throughout the years.

Although, most historians will disagree, the States lost their rights when the federal government put down Shay's Rebellion, an attempt to keep the federal government from levying taxes on the people. But if one will be honest and study American History very closely, he will become aware that this is true.

Federalism, within the confines of the Constitution, is fatally flawed. Those in favor of Federalism recognize this flaw and are desperately trying to remove it. That flaw rests in the fact that the Constitution, when it was written and ratified by the independent states, did not remove the entity of the states in its content. What is the purpose of states if they have no independence? To remove this most serious flaw in Federalist thinking, efforts are continuing to remove the states and replace then with regions, ten of them, called Regional Government. There is one very influential man in the history of our country who can be credited (or discredited) with allowing the Federalist concept to prevail. From the book History of the United States, by Henry Elson, A.M., Litt. D., Macmillan Co., 1926, we read this: "Among the builders of American constitutional government, one of the foremost was John Marshall. In his old age John Adams declared that the 'proudest act of his life' was the appointing of Marshall chief justice of the Supreme Court. Marshall's was beyond a doubt the most powerful judicial mind this country has produced. By his great court decisions he influenced profoundly the whole future trend of the government.

One of the vital questions requiring judicial settlement was the exact relation between the states and the Union. Would the spirit of the Kentucky and Virginia resolutions prevail, or would the time come when the Supreme Law would reign undisputed over the whole land? In our day it would seem very amusing if some hot-headed state governor would flare up, declare his state sovereign, and assume to resist the national authority. Such a thing occurred more than once in the early period. One of the recognized principles of our government is that the Supreme Court can pronounce on the validity, the constitutionality, of a law passed by Congress. The matter was settled by Marshall in the case of Marbury v. Madison in 1803. The decision annoyed Jefferson and his party; but, although then in power, they could do nothing to change it. The same principle was applied to the states in various later decisions, especially in the case of Cohens v. Virginia, 1821. In this decision Marshall held that the Federal Supreme Court could set aside the decisions of state courts and the acts of state legislatures if repugnant to the national Constitution."

When one reads what Mr. Elson wrote here in his book it would appear to be but just another one of those natural progressions of law with which we must now operate. But as we read other historical information relative to this issue, we find but another instance of "packing the courts|" hat has become the Federalists' trademark. We all know of the infamous Supreme Court packing by Franklin Roosevelt in which he appointed men to the court who were amiable to his agenda, which was actually the agenda of the Learned Elders of Zion.

From the article entitled "Can the Federal Government, As An Agent of the States, Be Fired?" by D.J. Stevens-Allen found in The Barnes Review, March 1996, we read this regarding the case of Marbury v. Madison during the Jefferson presidency, "By 1801, when Thomas Jefferson was elected president, the division between the sectional interests of the financial-industrial Northeast and the largely agricultural South and West became impossible to ignore. The Federalists had lost power when President John Adams was defeated in his bid for a second term. They were replaced by Jefferson and the Republicans. Yet, the Federalists did not leave gracefully.

In the last days of the Adams administration there was a new Judiciary Act, adding 16 judges to the Federal Circuit

Courts. Naturally, President Adams hastened to appoint these magistrates form among loyal Federalists. To say that the Republicans were annoyed would be to vastly understate their reaction. But worse was to follow.

The Washington justices had been nominated on March 2, confirmed by the Senate on March 3, and Jefferson took office as president on March 4. He was livid. The new president's reaction to the political maneuvering of the Federalists was to hold up the commissions of some of the newly-appointed justices. Among these latter was William Marbury. Mr. Marbury was not one to take what he regarded as a signal insult lying down. Together with three other justices whose commissions had not been issued, he decided to sue the new Secretary of State, James Madison. Consequently, he and his colleagues filed before the Supreme Court, demanding that the court issue an order to the secretary to show cause why a writ should not be emitted, commanding him to issue the commissions.

The case is known as Marbury vs Madison and has become far more important than its content. What makes the case significant is the use Chief Justice John Marshall made of it. It must be remembered that Marshall was a Federalist. He believed, therefore, that the federal government must be strong and that the political affairs of the Republic must be centralized in that government. Regardless of the fact that the Constitution clearly addresses a government that is nothing more than the agent of the states, it was the opinion of Alexander Hamilton (a Jew - his real name was Levine), Marshall and their colleague, that the organic law must be so twisted as to reduce the principals to the status of mere agents of the federal government. In other words, he believed that the position of the states and the federal government must be reversed. He deliberately used Marbury vs Madison to achieve this end.

To this effect, the chief justice wrote the opinion of the court to show that unconstitutional laws cannot be law. By the same token, there must be an authority to decide which laws are constitutional. 'A legislative act contrary to the Constitution is not law,' he wrote, and he added that 'It is emphatically the province and duty of the judicial department to say what the law is.' In this, he was both right and wrong." (The Barnes Review, has a stated purpose "To Bring History into Accord With the Facts." It is a most excellent publication and can be obtained by calling (800) 522-6292)

Previously, we have shown the battle between the Federalists and the Republicans. These battles were mainly between States Rights versus Federalism. One of the major incidents involved the infamous Alien and Sedition Acto of 1798.

Because of the current unrest among the grassroots American citizens over excessive government force, we should review this most important case. The early Federalist Party could perhaps have established themselves securely as the American way had they been wise and tactful. But God works in mysterious ways. They couldn't contain themselves from showing excessive power even then, just as today. The Jeffersonians were adamant about the excessive use of power by the Federalists and many authors and newspaper editors wrote articles regarding these excesses, just as is being done today by the so-called "alternative news media."

The Federalists simply passed the Sedition Law and attached it to the Alien Law and started jailing "offending" authors and speakers, again just as today. The American people then became incensed, again just as today, and the state legislatures of Virginia and Kentucky wrote what was called the Kentucky and Virginia Resolves. Those resolves were similar in nature to the current Tenth Amendment Resolutions being passed by state legislatures as well as the County Rule Ordinance.

The Kentucky and Virginia Resolves addressed three major points. "First, that the Constitution is a compact to which each state is a party, that the government created by it has certain delegated powers, and if it assumes undelegated powers, its acts are void, and that the parties to the compact, that is, the states, have a right to judge of its infractions and of the mode and measure of redress. Second, the Alien and Sedition Acts are examined and the conclusion is reached that Congress has exceeded its powers in passing them. In these two features the Kentucky and Virginia Resolves agreed in substance. But in the third, the remedy to be applied, they were somewhat different. The second set of Kentucky Resolves pronounced nullification the rightful remedy for assumed powers of the government. The Virginia resolutions did not use the word 'nullify,' but declared that the states had the right to interpose in case the government assumed a dangerous exercise of powers.

These resolutions made a profound sensation through the Union and, though condemned by other legislatures, they did much to awaken the people to the fact that the government had overstepped its rightful authority in passing the Alien and Sedition Laws." (The History of the United States, by Elson)

We see exactly the same thing today in our country. It is basically the agriculturally oriented states which are opposing the current excessive use of federal power. The fight over States Rights versus Federalism continues and citizens should take heart that it has happened before. If history repeats itself, the federal government will back off into the woodwork. But, sooner or later, the issue must be solved. It has been Federalism that has put our people into such bondage, financial and social, that we are now a bankrupt nation.

Notice that it was an agent of the Bank of England, Alexander Hamilton, who worked with John Adams and Marshall in the creation of an all-powerful federal government. Dr. Stevens-Allen stated that, "Today, almost the entirety of our government is absolutely unconstitutional. It has simply been declared constitutional by the various courts."

The relationship between Federalism and the money powers is most important. To show the relationship between this fact and the current unrest existing within the country has historical validity. "John Qunicy Adams, a member of the Federalist Party, went to President Jefferson and described to him how a group, known as the Boston Brahmins and members of his own Federalist Party, were conspiring against the United States to create the Civil War. This display of patriotism, high personal character and morals was repeated many times throughout his career. Unfortunately these attributes were not carried down to his succeeding generations. the family became involved with transcendentalism, necromancy and other psychic phenomena. We will discover that these weird and un-Godly actions became a part of the conspiracy to destroy the American Republic.

'When thou art come into the land which the Lord thy God giveth thee, thou shalt not learn to do after the abominations of those nations. There shall not be found among you any one that maketh his son or daughter to pass through the fire, or that useth divination, or an observer of times, or an exchanger or a witch, or a charmer, or a consulter with familiar spirits, or a wizard, or a necromancer." (Deuteronomy 18:9-11)

The three grandsons of John Quincy Adams (Henry, John Quincy II, and Charles Francis Adams Jr.) had dreams of nobility. Henry Adams was particularly virulent against the American ideal. He spent the Civil War years in England learning the ways of the oligarchies and the hatred for American commoners. He, along with his brothers, were asked to join the Cobden Club in England. The purpose of this club was to have the Lincoln 'greenback' notes cancelled and destroyed. These were printed by the U.S. Government during the war and paid into circulation in direct opposition to the Bank of England. The Club also wanted the U.S. Government's authority to print its own paper money rescinded and that authority turned over to private banks. (Jewish controlled International Banks, all directed by the Bank of England)

In a letter to his headquarters, the U.S. Consul in Liverpool wrote: 'They are making great efforts on this side to repeal our tariff and admit British goods free of duty. If effort and money can accomplish it, you may rest assured it will be done. The work is done through the agents of foreign (commercial or banking) houses in Boston and New York. Their Plan is to Agitate in The Western States, and to form free-trade associations all over the country.

In addition to his membership in the Codden Club, Henry Adams was invited to join the prestigious social clubs of British nobility. He was invited to Lord Houghton's estate where he met two men whose names have been carried down through history and when we tie all of this together, we will understand the underlying motives for all of this conspiracy and the 'power behind the throne.' Those two men were Laurence Oliphant and Evelyn Ashley!

Evelyn Ashley was the son of the Earl of Shaftsbury. He was also the grandson, through his mother, of Lord Palmerston. The family estate of Lord Palmerston had been for many years the center of the intelligence and 'Black Operations' against the United States. It was at this estate that the techniques such as hypnotism, transcendentalism and psychopathic manipulation, as well as other forms of mind control, were used to control the actions of people. The United States government's current efforts in this area originated at the estate of Lord Palmerston.

The man who taught these psychological sciences at Lord Palmerston's estate was Laurence Oliphant. This man was the chief intelligence officer for Lord Palmerston and was used all over the world, including the Chinese opium trade. Both Oliphant and Ashley spent considerable time in the united States for the purpose of destablizing the development efforts of the western states. obviously it was a continuation of the dreams of empire which started with the Civil War.

Just who were Ashley and Oliphant? In previous pages we have discussed the infamous Cabal, particularly Ashley Cooper (the Earl of Shaftsburty) and John Maitland (the Duke of Lauderdale) were continued down through the years in a continued effort to bring about a homeland for the Jews. The Oliphant family had for many generations been involved in the Chinese opium trade and Lawrence Oliphant became involved in the Jewish homeland question with Lord Palmerston and Queen Victoria and her son Prince Edward VII.

Henry Adams, armed with his knowledge of the desires of the English nobility and his continued hatred for the American system, returned to the United States in 1877. He first spent seven years teaching Medieval History at Harvard University. Then he moved to Washington, D.C., where he could become active in his efforts to destroy the development of the American West to the best interests of the still persistent dreams of empire for America. Remember, in 1877 the Civil War was finished and the remaining die-hards within the Knights of the Golden Circle were, by this time, back in the United States, firmly settled in the western territories.

How were they to do it? How could they do it in such a manner as not to raise the suspicions of the American people? It was decided that the concept of protecting the environment would be their method. It really is a 'for motherhood and against sin approach.' We are all in favor of protecting the environment.

But isn't it strange that there was no attempt to keep the prestige and primitive environment in the eastern states? Only in recent years has there been any concern for the ancient mound sites and other known early developments of civilization. Most all work done in the early sites are by private individuals and organizations. But the West was to be preserved for the future generations. It was to remain as it was when we found it. Certainly there has been development of some of the land in the West. But most of the western states still remain 70-80 percent federal property and the government is grabbing as much private land as they can to return it to federal ownership.

Henry Adams gathered around him men who were sympathetic to his cause. There were several geologists who were commissioned to investigate the West for its potential. Those who thought that the western states had no useful purpose were invited to join the Cosmos Club, originated by Henry Adams. The purpose of the club was to 'bind the scientific men of Washington by a social tie and thus promote that solidarity which is important to their proper work and influence...' Henry Adams simply joined as a member. Major John Wesly Powell was one of the geologists who surveyed the West and was under the influence of the 'environmentalists' who wanted the West closed. He was made the first president of the Cosmos Club with Henry Adams steering its course. For his part in limiting the private ownership of the land in the West, his name is given to a dam and lake on the Colorado River.

Henry Adams, himself a mystic, gathered around him men of like persuasion. Many of the members of the Cosmos Club 'spoke the same language.' Club member Othniel C. Marsh was a nephew of the British banker George Peabody and a friend of Thomas Huxley and Charles Darwin. These are the type of men who were in the position to open or close the West. They chose to close it.

There are many areas in the western states that should have been set aside for future generations to visit and enjoy. Many of the National Parks have been wisely selected for these purposes. But, does the federal government have to own three-fourths of all of the land in the West? Was it necessary to create the gigantic bureaucracies such as the Bureau of Land Management, Forest Service, Bureau of Indian Affairs, etc. Only those living in the western states can appreciate the problems.

But, provisions were made for certain men to control huge portions of the western lands. They didn't own it, the federal government did, but they controlled it and the federal government in effect protected them. As any corporation lawyer will state, 'It is not the ownership that counts, it is the control.' These men included the Cattle Barons of the West in the late 19th century and the early 20th. It was here that the dream of empire remained. It was an empire and the cattle barons joined in association to protect that empire from all encroachments. It was agreed among them that they would keep out all 'sod busters' (farmers and small ranchers), sheep herders, homesteaders and otherwise squatters (similar to the term colonias in Mexico).

Another group of barons that was even allowed to won privately huge quantities of the western states were the railroads. One of the foremost families that were a part of this special treatment were the Harrimans, a family accepted into the Eastern Establishment. Congress actually gave to the railroaders alternate on-section tracts on each side of the proposed railroad. The railroads would sell the land, except for the railroad right-of-way itself to pay for the cost of building the railroad. If a family or a group of families, had already settled some land and the railroad was surveyed to go through their property the 'squatters' were physically forced off their land. Other industries such as timber and mining were given to members of the oligarchies.

The average American is very individualistic. He believes in the small man, the man who grubs out a living for his family. We tend to distrust money, power and nobility. It has been just that way with respect to these huge empires the government created with the cattle barons and the other commercial interests. We have a fascination with those 'outlaws' who seemingly fought the system, even though they broke basic laws of society. Most of our people have quietly been for those underdogs and we are attracted to stories about them. Sometimes we even side with the outlaw even though the desperado fought on the wrong side!

After Rutherford Hayes was inaugurated President on October 1, 1878 he observed that the state governments were using the military to settle civil disputes. Within two weeks he issued a proclamation to cease using the military as a posse comitatus. The military apparently didn't pay too much attention to the President's order. They entered into many battles in the West between the little man and the privileged 'Barons.'

It was in these civil disputes, mostly the range wars, that the famous outlaws of the West did their work. Generally, but not always, the gun-slingers fought on the side of the little man, fighting against the moneyed barons. It appeared to be a labor of love because he was able to take the money from the wealthy and help the little man at the same time."

There are several points to be observed here in this struggle for our country. The problems of today are simply a

continuation of the problems of yesterday. No, truly, there is nothing new under the sun. We see the "leaders" of those days were deep into psychological warfare just as today. Only today they have the phenomena vastly perfected and use electronic signals to assist them in their efforts. We know that those leaders (Boston Brahmins) were involved heavily in the drug trade just like it is today. Only now, even the government is in the business such as their efforts during the "Iran-Contra" affair.

We also see it was in the Western States where they wanted the land reserved for their own agenda, just like it is today. Currently, their drive is to remove the rancher from the land who, interestingly, can no longer be considered a "Land Baron." The modern rancher is a small, self-contained, family unit which realizes only a living wage for his effort and sometimes not even that. They want to remove the logger form the forests. They want to confiscate all of the water and use it solely for urban use. We also realize that the concept of posse comitatus is now being used with a vengeance. The system is now expanded to use state and local law enforcement officers in that capacity, all-the-while calling it law enforcement.

This trend in utilizing the United States military in the capacity of police officers is a real threat to the ongoing current effort for states' rights. From an article found in the Greenburg, PA Tribune-Review written by investigative reporter Sally Barclay titles "The Militarization of Law Enforcement is on the Way" we find some interesting information. "The National Defense University and Norwich University, two of the nation's oldest military colleges, published a report in September, 1994, titles 'Peace-making and Peacekeeping and Coalition Warfare; The Future Role of the United Nations.'

The report is based on a conference attended by policy-makers from the military, U.S. State Department, United Nations, and various colleges and universities. The purpose was to cultivate ideas on how the militaries of the world could be converted into an international law enforcement body. This law enforcement body was termed a Regional Security Apparatus, or RAS.

The command structure should effectively support both one time contingencies requiring specific unique regions, and continuous enforcement operations in which responses should be automatic and not require fresh political consensus. RAS activities should be internally operated in response to recurring disorders i.e., drug trafficking, money-laundering, or arms control violations. Certain continuous enforcement regulatory functions could gradually shift from national to supranational institutions."

The "one time contingencies requiring specific unique regions, and continuous enforcement operations in which responses should be automatic" would "automatically" include the ongoing struggle for states' rights, particularly in the western states. As Federalism within the uNited States Government grows evermore powerful, there will be use made of the military, in the name of the United Nations, to quash internal struggles such as the current states' rights effort. Federal law is now being made and applied using the authority of treaties made with the international bodies.

There is an old adage, "The Golden Rule means he who has the gold makes the rules." Today, gold is not used as actual money but the same idea applies to the paper money. As long as there is public faith in the system of using paper money as gold, that old adage is still true. So how does money fit into the conflict between States Rights versus Federalism?

There is also another truism. Political power is always subservient to financial power. Throughout history, the peaceful penetration of any country has been first through the establishment of commercial operations within the country. Whoever controls the commerce, including the banks, then controls the politics. That will include the system of government and not just the control of the existing government.

The Constitution goes to great lengths to provide for the balance of power between the three branches of government. That was expressly done to give the States Rights proponents the checks and balances against the Federalists. The Federalists were the money and banking people. They were then what would be called today "The Eastern Establishment." it was James Madison, a proponent of states rights, who wrote the Bill of Rights which was specifically done to balance the power of the stronger central government concept of the new constitution, both for the individual and the states.

When we understand that the Bill of Rights was added to the Constitution to provide more than protection for the individual but was added to provide for an additional check against Federalism, we can understand why there is such a strong effort to remove it from the law. It has been the proponents of Federalism who have worked so hard to destroy those rights.

Why, then, was there such little effort placed in describing in detail the

system of money to be used in these United States? Some say that the framers didn't understand the nature of money. Perhaps so but this writer doesn't think so. The framers of the Constitution were extremely well-learned men. They were extremely well versed in the history of nations, including their languages. They certainly must have known that money can either be a commodity of intrinsic value such as gold or be paper money which can be called an instrument of law, a social invention. Paper money had already worked very well in the colonies in the form of paper script. It worked so well that the King of England outlawed it!

Yet, in England, many years before King George III, that country had the Tally system which was simply slender strips of wood with marks on the sides. These strips of wood were then split lengthwise and one half was kept in the treasury and the other half circulated. The framers of the Constitution knew this. Perhaps we will never know the real answer to this question. But whatever the reason was, that one problem of not being specific and in detail regarding money, has caused us nearly all of our troubles in this conflict between States Rights versus Federalism. The history of the debate as to who circulates the money as it relates to the conflict of States' Rights versus Federalism is important.

Who is in Charge?: In spite of the clear statement of Christ that He has been given all authority in heaven and on earth, (Matthew 28:18) and in spite of the many Scriptures that affirm that Christ reigns "above all rule and authority, and power, and dominion," (Ephesians 1:20-21) it is still said by many that this world is under the power and control of Satan.

There are a number of terms in Scripture which all refer to the same entity: devil, deceiver, Satan, serpent, dragon, and adversary. He is said to be able to tempt, lie, deceive, oppress, and even perform "signs and lying wonders," but he himself is subject to the power of God. Satan was allowed to afflict Job only after God gave permission, and even then he was limited as to how far he could go. (Job 1:12; 21:6) Satan had to ask Christ for permission to tempt Peter. (Luke 22:31) Hymenacus and Alexander were delivered to Satan by the apostle Paul, that they might be taught a lesson. (1 Timothy 2:20)

Paul delivered the incestuous member of the Corinthian church to Satan to bring him to repentance [1]. In each case Satan had no power of his own, but was used for God's purpose. Satan is under Christ's control; he is not a dog without a leash, but is accountable to Jesus Christ who has all power. Satan is not an immortal being [2], and in the end will be judged and destroyed.

Paul writes that "the god of this world has blinded the minds of the unbelieving" [3], not suggesting that Satan is the supernatural ruler of the world, as some think, but only that he is god to the wicked who serve him. The term is used in the same sense as in Philippians 3:19, where the apostle writes of those "whose god is the belly." One's belly become his god when he allows his appetite to prevail over him. While Satan can deceive and tempt, it is only when the human mind decides to respond that sin is committed.

Furthermore, the tempter has no power to force submission to the temptation. "There has no temptation taken you but such as man can bear; but God is faithful, who will not suffer you to be tempted above that you are able, but will with the temptation make also the way of escape, that you may be able to endure it." [4]

John wrote that "We know that we are of God, and the whole world lies in the evil one." [5] This is simply a contrast between believers who seek righteousness and unbelievers who sin without remorse. It says nothing of Satan's power, only that the world follows his leading.

The world is filled with lies, deceit, false teaching, brain-washing and sinful desires. Public schools are largely under the control of the NEA which openly advocates the elimination of religious faith (Christianity - which it calls superstition); the news media is openly antagonistic to Christ and Christians today, as seen in its promotion of the blasphemy called "The Jesus Seminars;" the government is filled with people whose religious views are diametrically opposed to Christ. The Supreme Court recently made a ruling which extends special privileges to homosexuals, whose practice god calls an abominable sin.

All of this evil is voluntary. Paul wrote that "to whom you present yourselves as servants unto obedience, his servants you are whom you obey." [6] to yield our minds to Satan is to give him power in our lives. Horrible crimes are committed by people who first begin to read about them, then view them on television or in the movies, until finally they become captive to their own evil thoughts and commit the crimes themselves. It is in this sense that Satan becomes their god, not that he has power over the world, but that people in rebellion against the king receive Satans' lies and willfully act upon them.

The world of Paul's day was filled with evil and violence, and many compare what is going on in America with what was taking place in the Roman Empire under Nero during Paul's ministry. The administration in Rome was rife with shocking scandals, murder and sexual immorality. Christians were not safe anywhere and many were being martyred. Add to this the false doctrines from pagan concepts that had been intermingled with the revealed truth, and it appeared that Satan was in charge and that the faith was not going to survive. The solution was not for Christians to live in fear of what the future might hold. Neither were they to find some hide-a-way and live secluded fromt he world as "survivors." Rather they were to be aggressive in the warfare against evil, "casting down imaginations, and every high thing that is exalted against the knowledge of God, and bringing every thought into captivity to the obedience of Christ." [7]

One of the most amazing works of God and the greatest blessing He has bestowed upon man was to create him with a mind which enables man to think the thoughts of God and to have a mind-to-mind relationship with the Creator. it is this mind-to-mind fellowship God desires with His Israel People. Not mere ritual; not merely filling the pew at a religious service. God scathingly rebuked those who were punctual in religious acts, such as sacrifices and offerings, without having their minds fixed on Him. Christ warned against repetitious words and public displays of religious forms. Instead, He insisted that we learn of Him. Our minds are to be fixed on His truth, not Satan's lies.

The power to sin doesn't come from Satan, but is within each of us. James writes that "each man is tempted when he is drawn away by his own lust, and enticed." [8] The remedy is to bring every thought into captivity to the obedience of Christ. Paul advises us how to do this: "Set your mind on the things that are above, not on the things that are upon the earth. For you died, and your life is hid with Christ in God. When Christ, who is your life, shall be manifested, then shall you also with him be manifested in glory." [9]

How can one fix his mind on the things of Christ when there is such pressure form the world around us? The answer is in the phrase, "for you died." Jesus expressed it, "if any man would come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross daily, and follow me." [10] Denying self means obeying Christ without regard to the cost, without concern for embarrassment or loss of men's esteem, with out fear of what people will think, and with only one concern; whether or not it pleases Christ.

This is the very opposite of the current promotion of "self esteem" among young people, which causes one to focus on himself; "I'm somebody special, I'm important, I'm self-sufficient, I'm good, God loves me just as I am, I'm proud of myself, etc." This attitude takes one's mind off of Christ, in Whom our lives are to be "hid." It produces arrogance and pride instead of the humility which is necessary to self-denial and obedience to Jesus.

Fear of Satan is overcome by faith that Christ is our sovereign, Lord and King. We are in a great spiritual war "against the spiritual hosts of wickedness," but Christ the King is on our side, so we can "be strong in the Lord and in the strength of His might," wearing the armor of God. That armor includes the belt of truth, the breastplate of righteousness, shoes of the gospel, the helmet of salvation, the sword of the Spirit (God's Word) and the shield of faith. [11] With this shield, Paul writes, "you can extinguish all the flaming arrows of the evil one." [12]

Satan has duped the world into believing a myriad of lies, one of which is that the world is under his power and control. This is one of his best tools in bringing people under his influence, but it is a lie, and each time it is repeated it dishonors Jesus Who is at the right hand of God, with all power and authority. However persuasive Satan's tempting may be, he has no power to compel you to give in. James says: "Submit to God, but resist the devil and he will flee from you." [13] We resist the devil by submitting to God, and the devil is powerless to keep one form obeying god.

It is Jesus Who was raised from death and exalted to the place "far above all rule, and authority, and power, and domination," [14] and it is He through whom the Father will judge the world at the last day. [15] The devil, along with all who submit to Him, will then see just Who is in charge. Jesus is Lord!

God's Cleansing Fire: Recent debate on the final destiny of man, resurrection to immortality or resurrection to judgment and destruction has been stirred by a Church of England report which said that the traditional images of Hell as an eternal torment were wrong, but everyone would still face a day of judgment and final death.

It was reported in 1989 that of some 400 so-called theologians who were meeting together that year, over half of them rejected the traditional doctrine of hell. Since that time many Christians have been trying to reconcile their church's teaching on hell with what the scripture says. It isn't always possible. Many of these so-called theologians do not accept the Bible as God's final word, so their doctrine is no standard for the rest of us who believe the Bible to be God's revelation.

The problem still won't go away. Just whose doctrine of hell fits the biblical version? C.H. Spurgeon, who is widely read by preachers today, once wrote: "When thou diest thy soul will be tormented alone; that will be a hell for it; but at the day of judgment thy body will join thy soul, and then thou wilt have twin hells ...thy head tormented with pains; thine eyes starting from their sockets with sights of blood and woe; thine ears tormented with sullen moans and hollow groans, and shrieks of tortured ghosts...thy limbs crackling like the martyrs in fire, and yet unburnt; thyself put in a vessel of hot oil, painted, yet coming out undestroyed... every nerve a string on which the devil shall ever play his diabolical tune of hell's unutterable lament...There is a real fire in hell, as truly as you have a real body; a fire exactly like that we have on earth in everything except this - that it will not consume, though it will torment you!"

Spurgeon's description is not found anywhere in the Bible, and contradicts it in several ways. It has "souls" being cast into the fire before the day of judgment. It places the punishment under the devil, whereas scripture places judgment under the power of Christ. Spurgeon says that the fire of hell will not "consume," but according to scripture that's the purpose of it. Many have abandoned Spurgeon's "real fire in hell" and reimagined the punishment as mental and spiritual suffering, thus eliminating any meaning to the biblical reference to fire.

But what does the Scripture teach about the final fire? There are a number os scriptures to describe what will happen to the unsaved:

Matthew 3:12: John the Baptist compared judgment to harvest time, and said of Jesus, "He will thoroughly purge his floor, and gather his wheat into the garner; but will burn up the chaff with unquenchable fire."

Matthew 13:24-43: Jesus also compared judgment to the harvest, in which the reapers are told to "gather first the tares, and bind them in bundles to burn them." Jesus explained that the harvest is the end of the world, and the tares are those who "do iniquity" who will be cast into the fire, obviously to be destroyed like the tares.

John 15:6: Jesus compares the wicked to a fruitless branch that is cut from the tree and thrown into the fire to be burned.

2 Peter 3:7: Peter writes that the present heavens and earth "have been stored with fire, being reserved against the day of judgment and destruction of ungodly men."

Hebrews 6:8: Compares the wicked to the thorns and thistles "whose end is to be burned."

Jude 7: Reveals that Sodom and Gomorrah "are set forth as an example, suffering the punishment of eternal fire." The object of the fire was to destroy the cities, which were completely consumed. The result of the fire will be eternal, hence it is called "eternal fire."

Jesus, when speaking of the final destiny of the lost, used the term Gehenna, the fiery pit outside of Jerusalem where garbage was thrown to be consumed and destroyed, and which had become a symbol of the fate of the wicked [16]. That He meant total extinction is made clear when He says we are not to fear those who can kill the body, but rather to fear God, "who can destroy both soul and body in Gehenna." [17]

The Old Testament scriptures also portray God's use of fire in judgment. Malachi warns: "all the proud, and all that work wickedness, shall be stubble; and the day that come shall burn them up and shall leave them neither root nor branch." [18] David sang that "the wicked shall perish, and the enemies of Jehovah shall be as the fat of lambs; they shall consume; in smoke shall they consume away." [19] Whether the fire of Judgment Day is what we know as fire, or is used symbolically, the message is clear, that the unredeemed are to be destroyed (not tortured), that sin might forever be eliminated from God's creation.

There are cases in scripture where something, or someone, was subject to fire without being consumed. Moses was confronted with a burning bush which was not consumed. [20] The bush represented the power of the Creator, Who is said to be a consuming fire, but is able to save His people from destruction. In the well-known story of Shadrach, Meshack, and Abednego, these men were thrown into a fiery furnace for refusing to bow to Nebuchadnezzar's idols. God protected the three faithful men from the fire, but it was so fierce that it slew the soldiers who were in charge. [21] Here is an illustration of God using fire for the destruction of His enemies, while protecting the faithful.

There is no record in the Bible of God ever having tortured His enemies. It is hard to imagine that God, who loved His creation so much that He gave His precious Son to die for them, would have a torture chamber in the new creation where He would keep alive the redeemed of mankind in order to torture them endlessly! The scriptures even show that there will be unbelievers alive, but will not be allowed into Christ's Kingdom. [22]

Why, then, do so many believe in the perpetual torture of the lost? Some say it comes from Christ's words in Matthew 25:46: "These shall go away into eternal punishment: but the righteous into eternal life." However, the punishment for sin is death, and here Jesus speaks of that punishment (death) being eternal and irrevocable. This is the opposite of life under torturous conditions. The promise of immortality, (everlasting existence, or eternal life) is made Only to true believers.

If the doctrine of perpetual torture cannot be adequately supported by the scriptures, where did it come from? The Historian Herodotus, born 484 B.C., wrote that "the Egyptians were the first to accept the belief that the soul of man is immortal."

Plato (a Jew), born in 429 B.C., studied their philosophy in Egypt, and upon his return to Greece began to teach the immortality of the soul in Greek schools. It was adopted by the Romans, and brought into the church by Tertullian, Origen, and Augustine. Eventually it was written into the creeds. With the belief that the unredeemed are immortal and cannot die, it was necessary to invent the doctrine that they would live "in hell" forever. This, in spite of Revelation 21:14 which states that being cast into the lake of fire is the "second death," not a continuing life.

The Bibles does not teach that in eternity there will be a heaven and hell coexisting side by side! Rather it teaches that sin and its curse, along with its penalty of death, will be eliminated completely from God's Creation. Being condemned to total and final death is a very grim prospect, but God, in mercy, offers a means of escape through faith in Christ the Savior. "The Lord preserves all them that love him, and all the wicked will he destroy." [23] All evil and unrighteousness will be utterly consumed at Christ's return. God's people, those redeemed by His Son, will be protected from the cleansing fire, and transformed into His likeness [24], fulfilling God's eternal purpose "And I saw a new heaven and a new earth; for the first heaven and the first earth were passed away, and there was no more sea." [25] "Nevertheless we, according to his promise, look for a new heavens and a new earth, wherein dwells righteousness." [26] To God be the Glory, Amen!

World events:

Green Religion: The National Religious Partnership for the Environment (NRPE) became a reality in September 1993. It is a movement to use churches to advance the global environmental and social agenda, and encompass all the world's religions into a new "global ethic" the center of which is the protection, preservation, and even the worship of nature.

The NRPE is located in New York City at the same address as the Gaia Institute and the Temple of Understanding. Leading evangelist for the environmental religion is Thomas Berry, who is quoted in The Florida Catholic (Feb. 14, 1992) as saying: "We must rethink our ideas about God; we should place less emphasis on Christ as a person and redeemer. We should put the Bible away for 20 years while we radically rethink our religious ideas." Berry is editorial advisor to Creation Magazine, which advocates a "post-Christian belief system that sees the earth as a living being - mythologically, as Gaia, Mother Earth - with mankind as her consciousness. Such worship of the universe is properly called cosmolatry." [27]

This long-lasting and ongoing struggle between the two concepts, States' Rights versus Federalism,, is difficult to combat as the courageous grass-roots movement throughout the country is realizing. Throughout the history of our country, the proponents of Federalism have used the threat of embargoes and blockades by other nations as the reason for the need of a powerful central government. Modern industrialized nations have all used this technique to obtain advantage over other countries. When all else fails the money interests use wars to bring things back into line, by destroying their enemies. "In you forsake the Lord and serve strange gods, then he will turn and do you hurt, and consume you, after that he hath done you good...Now therefore put away, said he, the strange gods which are among you, and incline your heart unto the Lord God of Israel." [28]

We have previously related some of the incidents of the great fight between two opposite forces. There are those of us who desire freedom and liberty under God and those who are coming dangerously close in reaching their goal of forcing the entire world into a totalitarian state and the worshipping of a strange god. The spiritual aspects of this strange god and those who are supporting it; obviously one can readily see: "How goes the United States, so goes the world." The entire world, and all of the various people on the planet, are involved.

We have all read about, and studied, the current phenomena of the "Great war on the West" here in the United States; that battle continues and as Yogi Berra said, "It ain't over till the fat lady sings!" We intend to show that, entirely through ignorance, many are unknowingly supporting the enemy by their actions all the while fighting him to the death!

In the March/April, 1996 issue of The Ecoloic we find the article entitled "Green Religion: from the U.N. to your church." "After more than five years of preparation, the National Religious Partnership for the Environment (NRPE) became a reality in September, 1993. By April, 1994, 'Education and Activity Kits' were being sent to 53,000 American Congregations reaching an estimated 100 million congregants. Throughout America, churches are being used to advance the global and cumulative. But how people of faith engage the environmental crisis will have much to do with the future well-being of the planet, and in all likelihood, with the future of religious life as well.'

Gorman is right. An examination of the belief system upon which the NRPE is constructed suggests that religious life throughout the world may well be at the brink of a transformation that dwarfs other religious milestones. The emergency of Buddha, Christ, and Mohammed are pivotal points in history for world religions. Constantine and Martin Luther are major milestones in the history of Christianity. All of these are but steps toward a new religious enlightenment now being proclaimed by the NRPE as a part of the global agenda that seeks to encompass all the world's religions into a new 'global ethic' the center of which is the protection, preservation, and even the worship of nature.

The NRPE is located at 1047 Amsterdam Avenue in New York City. The Gaia Institute is located at the same address, as is The Temple of Understanding. The building at this address is an enormous gothic cathedral, built in 1893, known as the Cathedral of St. John the Divine. The Dean of the Cathedral is the Very Reverend James P. Morton, who is also on the Board of Trustees of the NRPE, and President of the Temple of Understanding. The Temple of Understanding is an accredited NGO (non-governmental organization) to the United Nations. The Global Committee of Parliamentarians on Population and Development, funded by the United Nations Development Program, and the Temple of Understanding co-sponsored the Global Forum of Spiritual and Parliamentary Leaders for Human Survival in 1988. The featured speaker at the Forum was Jemes Lovelock, author of The Ages of Gaia. Lovelock told the gathering that the earth-Gaia 'is the source of life everlasting and is alive now; she gave birth to humankind and we are a part of her.'

The Temple of Understanding is directed by an international Board of Directors and Advisors. Among them are Dr. Robert Muller, who served as an Assistant Secretary General to three Secretary-Generals at the United Nations. He is now Chancellor of the U.N. University of Peace in Costa Rica and is the author of the World Core Curriculum used by UNESCO and other U.N. programs, and is the foundation for 'Goals 2000' also known as 'Outcome Based Education (OBE)' in America. Muller's book, New Genesis: Shaping a Global Spirituality prompted the Temple of Understanding to convene a meeting of world religious leaders on Mount Sinai in October, 1984, in a 1995 interview with the World Goodwill Newsletter, Muller said: 'The UN is humanity's incipient global brain, and it is part of its global nervous system (media, NGO's, etc.). We still need a global heart...and we still need a global soul, namely our consciousness and fusion with the entire universe and stream of time.' What Muller means is clarified in another speech delivered to World Goodwill. Muller says: 'We are temporary living manifestations or incarnations of this earth. We are the living earth. Each of us is a cell, a perceptive nervous unit of the earth. The living consciousness of earth is beginning to operate through us.

'You as cosmic and earth cells, are part of a vast biological and evolutionary phenomenon which is of first importance at this stage, namely humanity as a whole, the whole human species, has become the brain, the heart, the soul, the expression and the action of the earth. We now have a world brain which determines what can e dangerous of mortal for the planet; the United Nations and its agencies, and innumerable groups and networks around the world, are a part of this brain. This is our newly discovered meaning. We are a global family living in a global home. We are in the process of becoming a global civilization.'

As Robert Muller defines the emerging world religion in terms of the gaia hypothesis applied to the United Nations. The Reverend Thomas Berry defines the theology. Berry is, perhaps, the leading evangelist for the gaia hypothesis and the 'earth ethic' the hypothesis has spawned. The Wanderer Forum Quarterly says: 'Father Thomas Berry, C.P. claims that it is now time for the most significant change that Christian spirituality has yet experienced. This change is part of a much more comprehensive change in human consciousness brought about by the discovery of the evolutionary story of the universe. In speaking about a new cosmology he reminds us that we are the earth come to consciousness and, therefore, we are connected to the whole living community-that is, all people, animals, plants and the living organism of planet earth itself.'

According to The Florida Catholic (February 14, 1992), Berry says: 'We must rethink our ideas about God; we should place less emphasis on Christ as a person and redeemer (here one can see the influence of the Jews, because it is they how hate the Lord Jesus Christ and are constantly trying to defame and remove his name from off the earth). We should put the Bible away for 20 years while we radically rethink our religious ideas. What is needed is the change from an exploitative anthropocentrism to a participate biocentrism. This change requires something more than environmentalism.' Berry is an editorial advisor to Creation Magazine, which says: '...the world is being called to a new post-denominational, even a post-Christian belief system that sees the earth as a living being, mythologically, as Gaia, Mother Earth, with mankind as her consciousness. Such worship of the universe is properly called cosmolatry.'

Lovelock, Muller, and Berry are convinced that the gaia hypothesis is the inescapable, universal truth which has been distorted and forgotten by the human species. Only now, with the emergence of the gaia hypothesis, is the world beginning to rediscover the truth so easily recognized by the ancient mystics, shaman, and pagan worshipers of the past. Berry says that 'This new period in history might be called the Ecozoic era. It requires that we return to the mythic origins of the scientific venture. We feel the scientists must participate to some extent in shamanic powers. We might say that the next phase of scientific development will require above all the insight of shamanic powers.'

While James Lovelock is generally credited with originating the gaia hypothesis, Anodea Judith says that the concept was first published several years before Lovelock's book, in a publication called Green Egg in an article entitled Theagenesis: The birth of the Goddess (Vol. V, No. 40), by Otter Zell. It is significant because the publication describes itself to be 'The official journal of the Church of All Worlds, whose mission is to evolve a network of information, mythology and experience that provides a context and stimulus for reawakening Gaia, and reuniting Her children through tribal community dedicated to responsible stewardship.'

In a Green Egg editorial, entitled On the Occasion of Bill & Al's Excellent Election, Otter Zell writes: 'We are neo-pagans-implying an electric reconstruction of ancient Nature religions, and combining archetypes of many cultures with other mystic and spiritual disciplines-and our beliefs and values are no different from those you describe as your own. We ask no special favors; we wish nothing more than that you be true to yourself, and to your own values and ideals as expressed in Earth in the Balance. Know that there are half a million American NeoPagas out here who support you, who voted for you, and who will rally to the aid of your policies for the salvation of the Earth and the reunification of the Great Family.'

Judith further explains the gaia hypothesis in language similar to Muller and Berry. She says: 'The basic evolutionary pattern in biological organisms is movement toward greater consciousness. When all parts of Gaia recognize each other as participants in parallel growth heading for an Omega point of coalescence and integrative harmony, then the global consciousness of this planet will have awakened to a realization of identity as a global being Gaia's evolutionary thrust is reflected in the spiritual goals of self-realization that comes from acceptance of the gaia hypothesis as the reason why human behavior must be modified to protect, preserve, and even worship the earth goddess-gaia.

Herein lies a glimpse of the belief system that initiated the National Religious Partnership for the Environment (NRPE). These beliefs are not held in a vacuum. The entire program of the Cathedral of St. John the Divine is devoted to 'sacred ecology.' The cathedral is visited by 750,000 people each year who see an 'Earth Shrine' which includes a 25-foot high wall planted with forest flora-bromliads, orchids, ferns, mosses, and aquatic plants from rain forests, and blue crabs, striped bass, mussels and an assortment of other animals from New York's estuaries and wetlands. Morton, Dean of the Cathedral, says the Earth Shrine Habitat is a symbol of ecotheology. The Amicus Journal (Winger, 1993) says: 'Morton shares Berry's belief that an ecological interpretation of the cosmos requires a corresponding reinterpretation of the story of creation. The new scientific evidence about the origins of life made me realize that we could no longer deal with the human story as something apart from the life story, or the earth story, or the universe story.'

Shortly after the Global Forum, Morton launched what was called the Joint Appeal on Religion and Science for the Environment. Then Senators Al Gore and Timothy Wirth orchestrated a bipartisan Congressional gathering to enlist support for the Joint Appeal. Bolstered by their reception in Washington, Paul Gorman, then Public Affairs director at the Cathedral, recruited well-known scientist Carl Sagan, to invite other prestigious scientists to meet with prestigious religious leaders invited by Morton. They met at the Cathedral in 1991. Another meeting was scheduled in Washington at which 75 religious leaders and 50 scientists (including Paul Ehrlich and Sherwood Rowland) presented their concerns along with a letter of support signed by the leaders of eleven major environmental organizations including the National Audubon society, the Natural Resources Defense Council, the sierra Club, the Environmental Defense Fund, and the world Resources Institute.

Al Gore not only facilitated the Washington meetings and provided special private meetings with Congressional leadership, he also delivered the sermon at the Cathedral's annual celebration of St. Francis. The service featured the Blessing of the Animals. Among the animals led down the aisle to be blessed at the altar was an elephant, Llama, camel, a python so large that two men had to carry it, birds, algae (brought by Paul Mankiewiez, Director of the Gaia Institute), and a bowl full of worms and compost. In his sermon, Al Gore declared that God is not separate from the earth.

With a full-time staff of 12, a firm written agreement which binds four of the nations leading religious organizations (U.S. Catholic Conference; National Council of Churches of Christ; Coalition on the Environment and Jewish Life; and the Evangelical Environmental Network), and five million dollars supplied by the nations most prestigious foundations, and the blessings of the Vice President of the United States, and the nation's most prestigious scientists, the National Religious Partnership for the Environment has begun spreading its belief system and its social agenda through the churches in America.

The NRPE is not content to simply preach its gospel and welcome converts who come voluntarily; their mission is to promote a social agenda which will result in public policies that force people to live by their tenets. In June, 1994, 40 NRPE affiliated staffers met with 25 senior White House officials (including the vice President, Secretary Bruce Babbitt, EPA Administrator Carol Browner, and Under Secretary of State, Tim Wirth) to begin an ongoing process of dialogue and appropriate collaboration. The NRPE provides policy updates and action alerts to participating congregations.

Amy Elizabeth Fox, Associate Director of the NRPE, says: 'We are required by our religious principles to look for the links between equity and ecology. The fundamental emphasis is on issues of environmental justice, including air pollution and global warming; water, food and agriculture; population and consumption; hunger, trade and industrial policy; community economic development; toxic pollution and hazardous waste; and corporate responsibility.'

The social agenda of the NRPE is, in fact, the global environmental agenda as set forth in the Rio Declaration and reflected in the Convention of Climate Change, the Convention on Biological Diversity, the President's Council on Sustainable Development, the recommendations of the Commission on Global Governance, and virtually all of the other UN-initiated documents that are impacting America. The entire agenda has been developed by those people who have experienced the so-called 'enlightenment' which occurs upon acceptance of the gaia hypothesis as the universal truth that transcends all other religious beliefs. the NRPE seeks to convince its religious partners to modify their belief systems to embrace gaia. Individual members of congregations who truly convert will not mind modifying their behavior to conform to the requirements of the new 'earth ethic.' Those who do not voluntarily convert, will be constrained by new laws, regulations, and International Agreements." [29]

We believe that the contents of that article reveals the relationship between a significant portion of the Judeo-Christian community, Congressional leadership, Executive Department leadership and corporate leadership. Theoretically, funding for this venture comes from: The Bauman Foundation; Peter and Mimi Buckley; The Nathan Cummings foundation; The Ford Foundation; The W. Alton Jones Foundation; The Joyce Mertz-Gilmore Foundation; The Moriah Foundation; The C.S. Mott Foundation; the New World Foundation; The Jessie Smith Noyes Foundation; The Pew Charitable Trusts; Stephen C. Rockefeller; The Surdna Foundation; and the Turner Foundation. In all probability, the largest recipients of their funds will have many congressmen and senators for their re-election coffers.

We can also see that the enormous influence of those who believe in this new (sic) god has reached the Executive Branch in the name of Vice President Albert Gore. to establish that fact we need only to quote from several well-known authors' articles regarding the new-age, occultic, pantheistic, un-Christian beliefs of Mr. Gore.

Dr. Robert H. Goldsborough of The American Research Foundation writes, "Gore, in his book Earth in the Balance...writes that, 'Nature in its fullest is God.' In a further slap at Christianity, he applauds Buddhism, Hinduism, Shamanism, and mother earth spirit worship. Gores writes, 'Vast Earth the Mother of all... fondling all creation in her lap.' This is strange Pantheistic theology...In a theological stance typical of the New Age, he says every man is god! Gore is a fuzzy left-wing extremist."

Dr. Charles A. Provan of the American Freedom Movement, writes, "In his book, Gore endorses Eastern and Mystery religions, the worship of the ancient goddess, Hinduism, Buddhism, and Islam. But he blasts Christians who he says, 'are afraid to open their minds to teachings first offered outside their own system of belief.' Gore dislikes fundamental Christians who truly believe in the Bible. He says that because Christians refuse to believe that the earth is our sacred mother, that Christians are a threat to the survival of humanity. He calls Christians a blight on the environment. He also states that to believe in Bible prophecy is unforgivable. He said, 'Not only is this idea heretical, it is an appalling self-fulfilling prophecy of doom.' Gore says he is friendly with the Dala Lama, the Tibetan Buddhist who claims to be a reincarnated god on earth. Gore is a favorite speaker at New Age conferences and last year he spoke on the environment and spirituality for 'Common Boundary,' a globalist New Age group. Other speakers at the seminar promoted witchcraft and goddess themes. He will be a real strong force for massive environmental controls and severe on violators of his regulations."

In his book Global Tyranny...The United Nations and the Emerging New World Order, author William F. Jasper writes, "The Rio Earth Summit - A prime example of this dangerous lunacy could be found at the June 1992 UN Earth Summit in Brazil, where both he official United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED) program and the Global Forum 'peoples' summit' featured a melding of pagan aboriginal rites, ecobabble, and an ecumenical hodgepodge of spiritual tenets from East and West to form an incoherent universal faith.

Senator Al Gore, who led the U.S. Senate delegation to Rio, reiterated his call for a new spiritual relationship between man and earth. Shirley MacLain dropped in to lend the nutty ramblings of her psychic spirituality to the conference. A centerpiece of the Global Forum opening ceremony was the Viking ship Gaia, named for the Greek goddess of earth. At the culmination of that program, a group calling itself the 'Sacred Drums of the Earth' struck up a solemn cadence. The ceremony program said that the drummers would 'maintain a continuous heartbeat near the official site of the Earth Summit, as part of a ritual for the healing of our Earth to be felt by those who are deciding Earth's fate.' The Forum ceremony closed, appropriately, with Jamaican reggae singer Jimmy Cliff performing the song, 'The Rivers of Babylon.' On the eve of the opening of UNCED, a midnight-to-dawn homage to the 'Female Planet' was held on Leme Beach. After dancing all night, the worshippers followed a Brazilian tribal high priestess to the water's edge where they offered flowers and fruits to 'lemanje, mae orixa, mother of the powers, queen of the seas,' and then invoked the blessings of the sea goddess upon the summit's deliberations.

The Union for Natural Environment Protection, an environmental group based in Sao Leopoldo, Brazil, declared the following about the work of the summit: 'A world-wide citizens' movement is born around the UN system and will be in the years ahead a central focal point for the New World Order which Alice Bailey wrote about many decades ago and which is going to be politically free, socially fair, economically efficient and environmentally sustainable.' That pretty well ties it all together: the UN, Alice Bailey's New Age religion, the new world order, and environmentalism.

True, there were also 'Christian' participants in the summit celebrations. Ministers from the World Council of Churches and Catholic clerics such as Dom Helder Camara (known as Brazil's Red Archbishop because of his blatantly pro-communist sympathies) could be found amidst the cymbal-clanging Hare Krishnas, diapered swamis, saffron-robed gurus, and witch doctors in loincloths. But they were there because of their affinity for an ecumenical 'spirit' that promotes an anti-Christian and synceretistic blend of Christianity and paganism."

This shows that the Vice President is deeply involved in this spiritual warfare against, not only Christianity itself but the United States as a Christian nation. However, there is more regarding the Clinton-Gore White House relative to the now famous War on the West!

Although the use of the term "Environmentalism" has been used for many years now as a tool to create the New World Order, it has been during the Clinton Administration that the greatest gains have been realized using treaties, laws and regulations imposed upon the American people to further their cause. To this end the current administration has used liberals, socialists and communists wherever they find them.

If one will recall, President Clinton immediately after he took office created the national scandal of allowing homosexuals (Queers, deviates, and degenerates) to remain in the military. That was the "reward" to that sizable community for helping to secure the election for Clinton and Gore. Their campaign was in serious trouble because of the national outrage over Clinton's draft dodging during the Vietnam War. The homosexual community is extremely well financed (mostly by the Jews who have an extra-ordinary large number of Queers in their ranks)and they represent a considerable political power base (Because of the American Jewish Congress, ADL, JDL and other Jewish organizations). The entire world knows of Clinton's [30] proclivities so it would be only natural that he come out in support of their agenda.

The New York Times published an article by a White House employee named Paul Cellupica, titled The Political Dawn Arrives for Gays. He wrote, "Like every other gay man and lesbian I know, and millions of gay men and lesbians...I did not vote for George Bush but rather for Governor Bill Clinton. Many of my gay friends, young people in their 20's who might otherwise be a political as most of their straight contemporaries, registered to vote for the first time. The Human Rights Campaign Fund, a national gay political action organization, estimates that more than $3-million in gay political contributions were channeled to the Clinton campaign by various routes."

Gore was involved in this manipulation also. He organized a party after the election and invited 150 leaders in the homosexual community. it is reported that he made the following statement: "It's a wonderful thing to do what you're doing, and that's devoting your lives to others. This dedication is an outgrowth of the way you live your lives."

So what are the results of an administration that was wrought with these beliefs as it pertains to the ongoing environmental war against the entire globe? There are more than 126 inter-governmental organizations which are incessantly building a global bureaucy to further the cause of the global agenda.

Thousands of NCO's are continuing to develop the world-wide program which is devastating the ranching, timber, mining and farming communities here in the United States. These non-governmental organizations have direct access to the United Nations. As was shown in the article by Ecologic, the St. John the Divine church in New York is one of those organizations. they are funded by foundations along with the Federal Government.

The treaty on Biological Diversity did not pass the Senate in 1994 but this has not stopped these eco=terrorists. For example, the Woldlands Project implementation is still being pursued without lawful support. This is being done with what they call the Ecosystem Management Policy and it is a part of UNESCO's Man and the Biosphere Program and the World Heritage Treaty. The United States is a party to that treaty. Those in Nevada who are now feeling the sting of the desertification of their farm lands by the federal government should realize that it, too, is being accomplished without the ratification of the UN's Desertification Treaty.

There is a United Nations Commission on Population and Development which encompasses a Commission on Sustainable Development. In this agenda for the One World Order there is an ongoing effort to develop treaties on environmental justice, population control, education and a legal standing for these non-governmental organizations (NGO's) which up to now have no legal standing within the United Nations. Also, there is a strong effort to develop treaties for behavior modification.

There is also a Convention on Climate Change. To develop the need for such a convention there should be some evidence that such is occurring. This is most interesting because there appears definitely to be a climate change as evidenced here in the United Sates with the abnormally wet and flooded Northern and Eastern parts of this country while at the same time there is a prolonged drought in the Western States that is determined by many to be the worst on record. Other parts of the world are experiencing the same malady. One way to secure that need for such a convention is to artificially induce weather modification. Is there such a thing?

Are the proposed treaties on weather modification redundant? Is the weather actually being controlled now? Is there already a treaty in force which regulates the manner in which such weather modification is accomplished? It apparently is; because there have been treaties on "Weather Modification" [31] and "Environmental Modification" [32] for many years. The United States is currently realizing tremendous changes in the weather patterns which have caused concern for our basic food reserves.

Over the past several years there have been record floods in the Midwest which have disrupted large sections of the farm land. Farmers have gone bankrupt. Crops could not be planted because of too much water or the temperature too cold, or no water at all. Crops could not be harvested even when, in these areas where a crop was established, because of unseasonable late rains. Large sections of farm land have experienced the worst drought since the "dust-bowl" days. Those who are old enough remember the tremendous economic impact on the nation that it caused. It has been reported that the current wheat crop will probably be at the level of that in 1940 and we had 100 million less people then to feed.

The entire Southwestern part of the country has been in a drought which is classified by many observers to be the worst on record. This has forced many of the ranchers to dump their entire herds onto the market, which of course, will be reduced through consumption in the near future. However, with few replacement cattle to refill the herds in the largest beef producing region of the United States, what will that do to the availability of beef for the consumer in the foreseeable future? Add that to the so-called "Mad Cow Disease" of England which further reduces the cattle numbers, there is potentially a serious problem on the horizon. With feed grains at an all-time low because of the drought, and with the government sending millions of tons of reserve grains, there is concern among those who evaluate the nation's food supply.

We know that weather modification is technically possible and has been demonstrated world-wide. One of the more important findings Nicola Tesla was technique of modifying the weather through extra-low frequency pulses of magnetic energy. He demonstrated this phenomena at his laboratories in Colorado. Another phenomena he demonstrated was the ability to create earthquakes which is a collorary to his weather modification technique.

According to the book Angels Don't Play this HAARP, there is currently considerable weather modification being accomplished with the High Altitude Atmospheric Research Project (HAARP). The equipment is primarily located in Alaska and appears to affect the high altitude jet streams. It is known that the high altitude winds known as the "jet streams" are the driving force to move weather patterns. Obviously, if the jet streams can be manipulated to the desired positions, then the weather can be manipulated likewise.

What is the political advantage of such a technique? Weather is a weapon like no others. All wars are fought in a manner which considers the weather for the operation. If an enemy is weakened because of an abnormally bad weather pattern, it is used as an advantage to a would be conquering force. If weather patterns can be manipulated, the technique becomes a weapon of a magnitude even more powerful than the nuclear bomb.

It has already been conceded that the world-wide environmentalists are at war with the people of the United States. This becomes obvious when one considers all of the extremely adverse and harsh actions of the environmentalists against the people of this country. That certainly includes all of the United States Government's agencies that are acting in concert with these eco-freaks. What is their objective? If the United States is to be reduced to a third-world status, it certainly would be to their advantage to reduce our capability to produce food in such abundance as we do now by causing farmers and ranchers to go bankrupt and more to the cities. They reason that such countries as Mexico and those of South America can provide us our food. We are to be a nation of "information and services" according to Zbigniew Brzezinski in his book, Between Two Ages.

As we read in Article III, the use of weather modification techniques for "peaceful purposes" is not included. The citizens of North America, both Canada and the United States, can be easily convinced that those who are attempting to clean up our environment are doing it in the name of peace. Isn't that what the National Religious Partnership for the Environment (NRPE) is for? What better way than to convince 53,000 congregations of Judeo-Christians that all of this is for their own good! Just to make sure that there will be no action taken against foreign environmentalists who are now here in the United States, we have a presidential Executive Order number 12986, dated January 18, 1996 which reads as follows: "International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources. By virtue of the authority vested in me as President by the Constitution and the laws of the United States, including sections 1 and 14 of the International Organizations Immunities Act (22 U.S.C. 288 et seq., as amended by section 426 of the Foreign Relations Authorization Act, Fiscal Years 1994 and 1995, Public Law 103-236), I hereby extend to the International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources the privileges and immunities that provide or pertain to immunity from suit. To this effect, the following sections of the International Organizations Immunities Act shall not apply to the International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources:

Section 2(b), 22 U.S.C. 288a(b), that provides international organizations and their property and assets with the same immunity from suit and judicial process as is enjoyed by foreign governments.

Section 2(c), 22 U.S.C. 288a(c), that provides that the property and assets of international organizations shall be immune from search and confiscation and that their archives shall be inviolable.

Section 7(b), 22 U.S.C. 288d(b), that provides the representatives of foreign governments in or to international organizations and the officers and employees of such organizations with immunity from suit and legal process relating to acts performed by them in their official capacity and falling within their functions.

This designation is not intended to abridge in any respect privileges, exemptions, or immunities that the International Union Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources may have acquired or may acquire by international agreements or by congressional action. Signed by William J. Clinton, January 18, 1996."

After a three day evaluation a United Nations delegation to Yellowstone National Park declared the park to be "in danger" by environmental pollution. They have proposed that 18.2 million acre around Yellowstone be set aside as a buffer zone to protect the environment of the park. Thus, no mines or any other activities would be allowed in that zone (which probably includes ranching and logging). This has the people of Montana not only worried but furious. Senator Alan K. Simpson of Wyoming calls the international delegation's role "a terrible intrusion." However, the Senate ratified the World Heritage Treaty in 1972 and requesting Yellowstone's designation as a World Heritage site in 1978, the United States pledged to manage the park according to treaty requirements, according to the U.N. committee.

So, the bottom line is that the people of the United States are in the middle of a revolution, the final result of which is to determine the sovereignty of this once great Christian Republic.

As the District Attorney, Jim Catron of Catron County, New Mexico says,  "...The final mopping up of the ancient Celtic resistance to central government is now taking place in the rural West of the Untied States of America. After their 3000 year struggle for local control, local self-government, is lifeless, then perhaps there will be an international wake for the long-sought, hard-fought destruction of the Goidel, Gael, Gallic, Galation, Keltoi, Celtic, Welsh, Scots, Irish, mining, logging, ranching, redneck culture...

So all you enemies of freedom, plan the wake, and make it a loud and happy one, but, like the corpse in the Irish folk song, 'Tim Finnigan's Wake,' they ain't quite dead.

See, the old Greed was right; if you can tame them, they can be educated. They have educated themselves, they know themselves, and their history. They know their customs and their culture, and they know the laws of the centralizers. They have learned the strategies and tactics of their enemies, and they are turning the tables on the New Romans.

Across the world and across the millennia, the Celtic peoples have kept alive the dream of local self-government, free from centralized empires. Goidel God Brae! Long Live the Celt!"

There is also the Global Forum for Spiritual Leaders and Parliamentarians for Human Survival. That is being chaired by the Temple of Understanding which is an official U.N. consultant. That was discussed in detail in the article by Ecologic.

There is a U.N. Commission on Global Governance. That commission is proposing global taxation which we will all have to pay. There is an effort to repeal the veto power of the united States. Apparently, nothing is contemplated for the veto power of Russia. There is to be a new International Criminal Court which undoubtedly will be for those who oppose the new world order.

These are but a few of the activities being accomplished by the eco-freaks. It is reiterated, the National Religious Partnership for the Environment (NRPE) is a very strong partner in this ongoing effort and they are utilizing the networking power and the convincing sermons that are emanating from 53,000 churches in America. Some of the very people who are involved in this great war can perhaps be influenced by those churches. Be careful!

What about their proposed treaties for behavior modification? That is already being done on a grand scale, treaty or no treaty. Perhaps such a treaty is to legalize an effort that has been perfected and used within law enforcement, the military, the legislatures, the schools, etc. Efforts have proceeded for many years using different techniques such as electrical pulses, magnetic wave form pulses, hypnotic, suggestion and the ultimate and final lobotomy (brain) modification. Another technique has emerged, called trauma-based programming.

According to Mr. Walter Boward, associated with the Freedom of Thought Foundation, P.O. Box 35072, Tucson, AZ 85740, the trauma-based behavioral modification has been successfully used on over one million Americans. In a recent interview with Mr. Boward, he revealed some interesting and important points about trauma-based programming that perhaps relates to the war on American sovereignty by the U.N. dominated environmentalists. That interview can be read in the May 20, 1996 issue of the weekly Spotlight Newspaper, 300 Independence Ave. SE, Washington, D.C. 20003.

Mr. Boward states that the results of this trauma-based programming is an immensely improved memory, including a photographic memory. This is called hypermnesia. He states that if a child under the age of three is abused severely, they disassociate by mentally and emotionally escaping the situation by assuming alternate or multiple personalities. There is the possibility that the majority of such children will completely withdraw from the outside world and we continually see many such children. However, the more intelligent children will dissociate brilliantly in such a manner that hypermnesia takes place and they acquire multiple personalities. These are the children who are used to further the programs of the one world order.

The selected children are then further programmed by anchoring the various personalities by simple touch or cue words. They are now prepared to be used as couriers, intelligence agents, drug smugglers, assassin, sex slaves, and in the case of the environmentalist's attacks on the sovereignty of this nation respond to their handlers as needed.

Apparently Mr. Boward himself was the object of such trauma-based programming. He states this, according to the article in The Spotlight. "President Clinton is trained by the guy who trained me. I don't think President Clinton is well trained, though. But I believe Vice President Al Gore is better trained at neural-linguistics programming." If that is true we should have a better understanding of the entire agenda of the current administration with our current interest here in the use of the environment question to further a one world government.

This could also give an insight into the many assassinations of recent years. Maybe this gives us a better understanding of the actions of law enforcement at Waco and Ruby Ridge as well as the multitude of unnecessarily brutal attacks on private citizens by law enforcement personnel.

Do these ongoing efforts in behavior modifications include the work being done in the Temple of Understanding and the Gaia Institute at the Cathedral of St. John? We do not know the methodology being used by the National Religious Partnership for the Environment (NRPE) to convince 53,000 Christian congregations to become active in the Gaia concept of "mother earth." Is it the same technique as was used on Vice President Gore called neural-linguistics programming?

Historically, within this country, the industrial-military complexes of the Northern States have driven the Congress to think in terms of these blockades and embargoes of foreign nations to the advantage of large industrial complexes. However, as these industrial-military complexes have widened their bases into other states, it has become a more universal character of this country. Either way, such action has left the farmer, rancher, logger and fishermen with no recourse. In the early days, most people lived on the farms and ranches, or in the rural areas, and therefore Congress was forced to respond to their needs. Now, less than five percent work the land in this country. Those in the rural areas simply do not have the political clout at the ballot box. Congress today does not represent those who work the land regardless of what they say in their canned speeches during re-election time.

An example of this was revealed in a recent meeting of members of a ranching community with the Congressman from their district. The ranchers attempted to explain their conflict with the Forest Service over its attempt to reduce, and finally totally remove, cattle from the national forest. The Congressman was continually being advised by his aids on how to discuss the issue. It was very obvious that the Congressman was not even aware of this monumental national problem. Once our elected representatives move into the Washington area, they become oriented towards Federalism. Modern Federalism with its NAFTA and GATT agreements (which are being treated as treaties) are, in effect, negative trade embargoes. They create "Favored Nation Status" with countries such as China and Mexico. In these nations the industrial-military complex can manufacture goods at slave labor wages, thus the N.Y. Stock Market goes wild. The American producers are hurting as a result of this action.

Food products are now being shipped into this country from other countries and an alarming escalation, particularly Mexico, using this peculiar form of reverse trade embargoes. Fruits and vegetables form these other countries do not have to be produced under United States EPA regulations (which were put into place to destroy American production). This, plus all of the other restrictions and taxes placed on our producers have ruined many American producers. As a specific example, a letter to Christian Crusade for Truth from the Atlantic And Pacific, Inc., of Florida (dated January 25, 1996) which has been the suppler of agricultural chemicals to the tomato, pepper and cucumber growers of that state. Their letter stated in part: "...Then NAFTA came into being. Now Florida growers cannot compete with the cheap labor of Mexico and a seemingly concerted effort by the American super markets to put them out of business. The markets now buy directly from the growers which has devastated the orderly brokerage business, mainstay of the industry for years...Since two thirds of the tomatoes sold in the U.S. are Mexican grown and must be picked well before vine ripe condition, the poor quality  combined with the high supermarket price, has put a damper on the sales of tomatoes.

Just this week every tomato, cucumber and pepper grower we know of has quit the business! They are walking away from thousands of acres of tomatoes since it does not pay to pick and package them at the price the supermarkets can buy Mexican tomatoes for. And the markets are not labeling the Mexican grown tomatoes as 'Mexican grown' as the law requires.

Besides the thousands of jobs lost and the growers and suppliers who have been put out of business, the American public faces a potential health hazard. Who knows what the unregulated Mexico tomato growers are spraying on their crops? Systemic pesticides enter the fruit itself and are ingested by the consumer...In short, NAFTA has been the ruination of the Florida vegetable grower and agricultural supplier."

It is the same with beef. It is the same with lumber. As long as Federalism operates unchecked in our land, we can expect this sort of treatment from the internationalists.

What can we do? First, our American people from families of long standing in this country must once again think in terms of Nationalism. That once was the backbone of thought in this country. We must, must, must return to that. The word nationalism comes from  nation which, in turn, come from ethnicity. Call it what you will but the fact remains that history is repeating itself in this country.

The Roman Empire fell because of it. The Grecian Empire fell because of it. The Byzantine Empire fell because of it. You cannot escape that fact of life. Read Deuteronomy, chapter 28 over and over again. As you read it, pay attention to the other verses referenced in the margins of your Bible. God will not tolerate it because there is no such thing as "The Brotherhood of Man!" Nations will either do it God's way or be destroyed!

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to recognize that people of other nationalities have a natural propensity to think in terms of what is in the best for their own people. This is proper. They have a right to this. It is also natural for peoples other than those who founded this nation to think it is perfectly proper to do what that letter from Florida revealed. To them, it is proper to deal with China or any other country because there is no glue to bind this country together as a nation.

Second, those families who formed this nation must start pulling together. As long as self righteousness prevails and we refuse to understand each other and work together we will likewise fail. Jesus said it all when he said, "Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind. This is the first and great commandment. And the second is like unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself. On these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets." [33]

Third, we must all go into the teaching mode. The way to success in returning our country back into a republic under God is to teach our people the great truths of history. We cannot rely on the news media, schools, currently written history books or the churches. We must then become active in state functions from the city commission to the state legislature. We must impress them that the state has states' rights. The state has the Constitutional right to nullify federal actions only when they are not specifically authorized in the Constitution. Most of all current federal legislation is not authorized in the Constitution. If the United States is to survive in any suitable form, we must continue with the tremendous work already begun at the grass-roots level.

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     Although I had previously met Hillary we had very little to say to each other; particularly since I was still dazed and tranced from the tortures I had endured at the CIA Near Death Trauma Center in Lampe. Hillary knew I was a min-controlled slave, and, like Bill Clinton, just took it in stride as a 'normal' part of life in politics. Hillary was fully clothed and stretched out on the bed sleeping when Hall's wife and I arrived. 'Hillary, I brought you something you'll really enjoy. Kind of an unexpected surprise. Bill ordered her out of the meeting and I took her to my bedroom and made an interesting discovery. She is literally a two-faced (referring to my vaginal mutilation carving) bitch.' 'Hmm' Hillary opened her eyes and sleepily roused herself. 'Show me.' Hall's wife ordered me to take my clothes off while Hillary watched. 'Is she clean?' Hillary asked, meaning disease free. 'Of course, she's Byrd's,' she responded, continuing the conversation as though I were not there...Hall's wife patted the bed and instructed me to display the mutilation. Hillary exclaimed, 'God!' and immediately began performing oral sex on me. Apparently aroused by the carving in my vagina..." (Trance Formation of America, Through Mind Control, by Cathy O'Brien and Mark Phillips, pp. 152-153).

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