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†††††††††††††††††††††††† Direct from the jewish Lovers

Since the follow have said so many bad things about me letís just examine what he has said and set the record straight because it is obvious that he will not.

[email protected] wrote:

1). bitter rancor that has been caused by DOCTRINAL issues.

My reply: It has been said the bitter rancor was caused by putative Christians who didn't even have the courtesy to thank Mr. Martin for his courteous response to their assinine questions. Their questions have been answered to the point that they no longer have any defense other than name calling.

2). I am now casting it aside because of certain unfounded statements which have been made with an absolute lack of civility on the part of a certain "elder moderator"

My reply: Anyone who took the time to study the Holy Bible well enough to understand Two Seedline would cast it all aside just because an advocate for Two Seedline didn't say exactly the words they want to hear‑‑they never understood the point in the first place. They attack the two seedlines because it points out those they love to be the children of the devil, and vipers just as Christ and John the Baptist said.

3). Our supposed leaders have become stiffnecked in their beliefs of doctrine.

My reply: What they are really angry with me is that I will not bow to their supposed superior intelligence. That may well be that they have a superior intelligence, but I think that the fact is that they are educated beyond their intelligence. The so-called leaders of Identity are those who deny the two seedlines because they fear to make someone angry. One of them has even discarded the term Christian Identity because the enemy has tried to discredit the message; instead of fighting back, and showing what a bunch of devils the jews really are. I sent one of them a book on ďJewish Ritual Murder,Ē but he is so scared of it that he will not even mention that there is such a thing. Also being stiff necked is what kept Christianity alive and growing for two thousand years, attracting hundreds of followers worldwide over the years. .

4). Either you are doing this to cast dispersion, or you are trying to create confusion so that most people don't realize that you haven't really said anything.

My reply: Neither is correct, and this ad hominem is designed to ignore the point, which is that he's doing this because it's the proper, Godly, Christian thing to do. Also it is to turn you away from the truth being presented, onto a trail that has nothing but falsehoods. I am not one of the Judeo-Christian cowards who are afraid that they might anger someone. I donít give too hoots about them or this fellow who is trying to deceive you into believing that he is some sort of preacher. Sheesh

5). If unintentional it does bring your competence to question

My reply: I really donít understand this statement, but I suspect that he just lost his cool so much that he couldnít think at the time. And the questioning the competence of your opponent in a debate is such a low form of ad hominem that it discredits anything else the debater has to say. Also it is just another try to divert your attention from the truth being presented.

6). I used to read and promote your materials and I had respect for you. But God does work in mysterious ways, and He showed me the lack of Christian spirit in both you and Jones.

My reply: If he had, indeed, read and promoted my materials then he would know that I have not changed over the years, but that he has slipped away from Christian Identity either because of his love for the jews, the ones who killed Christ, or because of his fear of them.

7). I see that same lack of spiritual growth and accountability in Peters, Weiland, Barley, Stephen Jones, V.S Herrell and recently the Aryan nations leadership.

My reply: Now you can see that he is trying to lump me in with the enemies of two seedlines and that is certainly where I donít belong. Because they and I will never see eye to eye on the two seedlines until they change their way of looking at the scriptures.

Richard Niemela wrote:

1). It is a convoluted impression that insists that Eve was impregnated by some alien angel and birthed, Cain, the result of that implied physical merger...

My reply: The Holy Bible deals a lot with the genealogy of "jews", Hittites, Canaanites, Amorites, Assyrians, Israelites, and others, and Two Seedline is the only existing explanation for the heritage of the jews. I have also already blown him out of the water and he knows it so he continues with his ad homimin attacks because that is all he has left.

2). To say that they are physical progeny of our Mother Eve and some tailed demon is as childish as this letter sounds.

My reply: This person who accuses other of being "childish" resorts to the lowest form of childishness and is simply the statement of one who has already lost the dispute and knows it.

3). Its stink rises up in our noses and betrays the truth.

My reply: This is a pure ad hominem attack with no substance or truth whatsoever. It is just further proof that he has lost the dispute and refuses to admit it. I have clearly shown from the Scriptures and other sorces that he is in error and he knows it, so he resorts to ad hominem attacks because he has no grounds to stand on with his silly and erroneous belief.


My reply: It could be claimed that "One Seedliners" are guilty of exactly the same, because this is the typical jewish ploy when the argument has run its course‑‑read: when they can't defend their position. Of course there are some bad apples in the Christian Identity circles and these two prove that to be the case. I wonder what their records are like, because it is just like a jew lover to accuse someone of something they are guilty of.


My reply: Here he lies because I have never mentioned a demon lying with Eve, only that someone other than Adam, and most likely Satan, who if he can transform himself into light, there would be no reason that he cannot transform himself into a very hansome, desireable man and when confronted with Adam a very beautiful and desirable woman. This the one seedliners will deny because they claim that they donít believe in Satan. Well if they donít believe in Satan or the devil, then they must to be consistent not believe in angels, or spirits or anything of the sort. So they must throw out much of the Bible because Christ cast out evil spirits and etc. Thus they call Christ a lier.

Pastor Mark Downey, kklud [email protected] wrote:

1). Your Satan worship.

My reply: There is no time that you can justify that statement, and it is an outright lie, and you know it. Now that everyone can see what a lyer you are they know that what you say is false, and therefore nothing to believe. In fact I have never posted anything that even remotely suggest that I "worship" satan; in fact I condemning satan and his descendants, the jews, just as Jesus Christ did.

2). Justify not loving your brethren.

My reply: I have stated repeatedly that I DO love his "brethren,"and that I considers my "brethren" to be exclusively White Christian Israelites, just as Jesus Christ commanded of His followers. Pastor Downey is now bearing false witness, and nothing less.

3). Turning people towards the opposite of God ie your personified adversarial Satan. Folks see what the false prophet is trying to do, confuse you with a lie and his love of the jews, the enemies of Christ while hiding behind the facade that he is a Christian. Itís the authors of the Holy Bible, not me, who raised the issue of satan, so this again is bearing falsse witness, a lying.

4). Your premise of Two Seedline is not anchored in biblical reality and therefore false doctrine

My reply: It is, in deed, Biblical and can clearly be ancorded there, the only thing that I can say about your contention, is that you donít know anything about the Bible and have never studed it. There are two competing theories.† If the advocates of one theory really think that the other theory is "false doctrine," then there's nothing to stop everyone from accusing anyone of having a "false doctrine,"† read:† this is an ad hominem, not a valid critique.

5). Your spirit among CI brethren sucks.

My reply: A putative Christian, particularly a pastor, who would would stoop so low as to claim that his brethren "sucks" doesn't deserve the time of day.† This is an inflammatory remark which is intended to distract others attention from the fact that he doesn't have a valid critique of the premise.

6). Drop a false teaching because of a false teacher and that is what you have become.

My reply: The fact of the matter is that you are what you accus me of being. In fact, I doubt that you would know the truth if it slapped you in the face.

7). Smell of a persecution complex.

My reply: Boy this is the cry of a jew for sure, they are always crying about being persecuted. So what this fellow is doing is accusing me of being a jew, without saying it straight out. So now you know what he is, because the jews always call others by the names they themselves are.† There IS some persecution of a fellow Christian going on here, but the only "complex" being exhibited is with the accusers who can't responsibly and reasonably refute the thesis.

8). False fear among people that if they don't believe what you do.

My reply: I donít know where he gets this, for there is no reason for people to fear if they donít agree with me. There are quite a few in the Christian Identity circles that donít agree with me on many things. But we are still friends. So he is bearing false witness again, just like a jew.† This is not at all the objective, and Pastor Downey knows it.

9). Pride which God's Word has unceasing contempt for.

My reply: Pastor Downey obviously doesn't even recognize that this is a two way street. I have no objection to his not believing about the two seedlines, it is only when he and others attack me that I object and will strike back. And Yahweh does have contempt for pride like he and some others have shown, as they will not see the truth.

10). Other people have and are turning away from you.

My reply: They're turning away much faster from those

levelling these unprovoked, anti‑Christian ad hominem attacks.

11). Wild accusations beyond the scope of gentlemanly† Christian conversation that someone who disagrees with you is somehow a jew lover.

My reply: This statement is so blatenly false that there is no need to even reply to such. Those who refuse to believe Christ and acknowledge that jews are the children of the devil, and not just a religion, and that this race is abundantly described in the Holy Bible, ARE the "jew lovers."

12). A false accuser, which you are actively engaged in.

My reply: The folks that read these posts know who the false accusers are. They know that it is not me.

13. This is not Christian behaviour.

My reply: With that I will agree‑‑none of the "Christians" who have attacked Two Seedline are exhibiting Christian behavior‑‑this is straight from the Talmud.

14). Worm your false doctrine into scripture.

My reply: This is such a stupid statment that I donít even know what you are accusing me of. But my doctrine is true, it is yours which is false as those who read these posts know.

15). A Christian is also repentant, which you forgot to mention.

My reply: You are right, but I have nothing to repent of; because I have acknowledge that Christ is my Savior, and my King. So by your own mouth this proves that Pastor

Downey isn't a Christian‑‑where is his repentance, and where is his apology to me for the above anti‑Christian


After all of this slander, ad hominem attacks, and insults, they have the nerve to claim they want "civility" in this debate.

Is this language really that of Christians‑‑or of jews?

From: Debbi

She says that she is going to cast it all aside because of the unfounded statements. But she does not say what those unfounded statements are. She says that she has been in the movement for over 20 years and now she is going to cast it all away. I suspect that she has only claimed to have been in the movement, but her heart was far from it.

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