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                                                                                     The Joys of Multiculturalism

     You know, sometimes I think we have ceased to live in the real world and have entered a realm not unlike that of Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland, though without the innocent Victorian charm of that story. Our nonsense world is far more frightening than the one that Alice found down the rabbit hole.

     We live in a world where we are not allowed to speak the truths that everyone knows, where to be considered "good" and moral and politically correct, we must pretend to believe exactly the opposite of what we know to be true. We all know that the gigantic Liberal social experiment that has transformed America since the Second World War has been a complete failure.

     We all know that our much‑vaunted pluralism and multiculturalism have not helped either Black people or White people or anyone except the global elitists who are now in the final stages of incorporating our nation into their New World Order slave state.

     We all know that multiculturalism has brought us nothing but crime, disease, immorality, the breakup of the family, loss of identity and self‑esteem among our youth, and the most brutal epidemic of rape and murder that our continent has ever seen. But to keep our jobs and our social positions we must deny reality and refuse to acknowledge the obvious reasons for our nation's problems.

    When we hold up an inanimate object like a pistol and say "Here, THIS is what killed those people on the Long Island Railroad" ‑ or when we see that the drug abuse and VD statistics in our high schools move in lockstep with racial integration, yet we persist in concentrating our attention on inanimate objects like bags of white powder or condoms, we are like the Ptolemaic astronomers of old, who devised ever more tortured explanations of circles within circles within circles for the movements of heavenly bodies, even in the face of mountains of evidence that they were wrong, because due to social and religious conventions they refused to admit that the Earth revolves around the Sun.

Let us now review the joys and benefits of multiculturalism.

In Canada, where the multicultural program is in full swing just as it is in the US, the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police have issued their 1993 Organized Crime Report, which was reported on recently in the  newsletter Canadian Immigration Hotline.

"[This report] demonstrates how poorly the politicians have protected Canadians from being prey[ed upon by] highly organized immigrant criminals. Illegal immigrant smuggling operations represent one of the largest and most complex smuggling operations worldwide. ...The profits are high for those involved in this illegal activity. Fees to smuggle illegal aliens average from $15,000 to $30,000. However, individuals desperate to enter Canada have been known to pay smugglers a $70,000 fee per person to circumvent legal immigration procedures. Organizations involved in illegal alien smuggling operate within vast networks with international connections. In many instances, the illegal aliens are also used to facilitate other related criminal activities such as drug trafficking and money laundering. Triad Societies [which are Chinese gangs] and gangs of Vietnamese descent... are all involved in this illegal practice.

"The financial losses in Canada involving credit card frauds are estimated at over $50 million annually. Losses in Canada attributed to counterfeit credit cards during 1992 increased by 100 per cent compared to the previous year. Criminal organizations of southeast Asian descent are largely responsible for credit card frauds, which include the production of totally counterfeit cards as well as the altering of genuine cards.

"...Chinese criminal gangs and associated crime groups represent a major challenge to law enforcement today. They are predominantly active in the larger urban centers in all avenues of crime, including the importation and trafficking of cocaine and heroin, extortion, gambling, prostitution, counterfeiting, alien smuggling, fraud, forgery, intimidation and murder. These individuals operate with total disregard for the law. They are professional criminals who work in gangs and do not hesitate to resort to violence. Their use of automatic weapons is commonplace. [And I break in to the report to note how effective are Canada's gun laws which make it almost impossible for ordinary Canadians to own self‑defense weapons! I continue with the report.] The most prevalent Triad organizations in Canada include the Kung Lok and 14K Triads. However, the United Bamboo, Wo Hop To, and Sun Yee On are other active Triads in the country....

"Jamaican trafficking groups, known as posses, control a significant share of crack cocaine in both Montreal and Toronto. Many of these groups maintain contact with Colombian organizations and other Jamaican groups in the United States. Gangs of Asian descent are active in all avenues of crime British Columbia intimidation, extortion, home invasions, alien smuggling, counterfeiting, fraud, [drug] importing and trafficking, gambling, the operation of bawdy houses, and murder. Their use of automatic weapons in the commission of these crimes is commonplace. ...the various gangs in question are Chinese or Vietnamese. ...[Gang] members are most often recruited from local high schools and ethnic communities. Illegal aliens are also targets for recruitment. Vancouver [British Columbia] has become a major point of entry for the smuggling of aliens of Asian descent, not only for Canada, but for the United States as well. A member of United Bamboo from Los Angeles was involved in smuggling aliens into North America via the People's Republic of China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan from staging areas in Vancouver. Gangs of Asian descent are active in the Montreal area. ...Also, a new gang emerged over the past year whose members are primarily of Cambodian descent. Gangs of Haitian descent active in Montreal include Master B, Brooklyn Action, The Family, and Public Enemy. Gangs of Haitian descent are [also] active in the Laval area.

"[In 1992] there 37,000 registered refugee claimants in Canada. [How many entered illegally and were not registered is not stated and may be unknown.] ...the major source countries for Canadian refugee claimants were Sri Lanka, ...China, Iran, Pakistan, India, Lebanon, Somalia, Zaire, Ghana, and Nigeria. Criminal organizations routinely use fraudulent and counterfeit travel documents to facilitate an immigrant's unlawful journey to Canada. The RCMP has identified in excess of 7,900 suspected alien smugglers, [and counterfeit] document vendors...."

Now no one says that all Asians are gang members. Certainly the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police was not saying that. But these gangs are very real and very deadly and they were not here before the gates of immigration were opened wide by the Liberal social planners. Ladies and gentlemen, I ask you, if there are 7,900 identified Asian gang members in the alien smuggling business in Canada how many do you think are active but not yet identified? If so many Asian gang members are active in the alien smuggling business in Canada, how many do you think are active in the United States? And if so many Asian gang members are active in the alien smuggling business, how many aliens is each one of them bringing across our borders every year, every week, every day? These are questions which every American and Canadian needs to think about very seriously.

Let us now reflect further on the joy and cultural enrichment that the wonderful humanitarian Liberal multicultural program has brought to us.

You have all heard the name Rodney King. But how many of you have heard the name Melissa McLauchlin? According to an article by Samuel Francis. about a year ago, Melissa, a White woman living in Charleston, South Carolina, was minding her own business when she was kidnapped by a Black gang. The gang took her to a mobile home belonging to a gang member, where she was raped by at least five Black men. When these five had had their fun, they invited other Blacks from the neighborhood to come and join in the fun, and several did so. When they had exhausted themselves in gang raping her, they then proceeded to  torture her. Laundry bleach was rubbed into her skin. She was shot five times, but Melissa McLauchlin was still alive and breathing when they dumped her body by the side of a road, where she died an agonizing and lonely death. When they were arrested in Detroit a few days later, two of the seven accused killers told the police that they had picked Melissa McLauchlin completely at random, that any White woman would have done, that they had kidnapped, raped, tortured and murdered her because she was White and Whites were guilty of "400 years of oppression" of Black people.

Now I am not saying that all Blacks harbor such evil vengeance in their hearts, and I am not saying that outrages are not committed by some Whites. What I am saying is that such horrors as were visited upon Melissa McLauchlin are the very real result of attempting to go against Nature and against human nature by forcing incompatible peoples to live together, against their will in the same society. When will we learn the lesson that racial hatred and violence are the result of the unnatural multiculturalism that is being forced upon us, and that the whole Clinton program of accelerated school bussing for integration, more affirmative action, more inculcation of White guilt in our schools and in the media, more of the same old Liberal lies are just going to make things worse?

And I am saying that this brutal racial slaying, far worse than anything that happened to convicted criminal Rodney King, should have been on the front pages of every newspaper and on the evening news on every network, but it wasn't. It wasn't because the major media are owned and controlled by those who are forcing this homicidal and genocidal multicultural program upon us.

Well, my dear radio friends, we are in an emergency situation in this country, and I do not believe that it helps anyone, be they majority or minority, to hide from the truth. I do not care who it is that doesn't want to hear it ‑ I am going to give voice to what millions of Americans know in their heart to be right. And the truth is that the drug problem in this country cannot be solved by more and more draconian laws or by limp‑wristed Liberal "education programs" ‑ and the crime problem in this country cannot be solved by more and more police and prisons or by giving the Willie Hortons of this world love and understanding and furloughs ‑ all of these solutions are band‑aids that only treat the symptoms and not the cause. And the very serious problem of racial hatred and violence in this country cannot be solved by more and more of the same poisonous medicine that the Liberal witch‑doctors have been force‑feeding us for a generation.

All of these problems are but symptoms of a much larger problem, which is the root cause of our nation's decline. That problem is the unrelenting war which has been waged on traditional American institutions and on Americans of European descent by the Liberal social engineers and the forces behind them. In what the Liberals think of as the bad, old America (before they took over), we were relatively safe, secure, happy and prosperous, and we were free. Drug laws were minimal, yet drug abuse was almost unknown. Racial tension was much less than it is today, yet in those bad old days Europeans formed over 90% of our population and minorities for all practical purposes lived in their own, separate societies. The right of the people to keep and bear arms was almost uninfringed in those days, and all types of guns were freely available to the people, yet crime was far less common than it is today.

Americans, you need to wake up to the fact that there has been a revolution in this country ‑ a hidden revolution in some respects, perhaps, but a revolution nonetheless. There has been a revolution, and the American people lost. How else can you explain the fact that leering homosexuals now occupy positions of power over us, from which they now control the education of our children, who are being taught that sodomy is acceptable behavior and that laws against sodomy are a violation of human rights? There has been a revolution, and the American people lost. How else can you explain the frantic efforts of our rulers to outlaw and confiscate all forms of effective firearms from the people? Tyrants  fear an armed populace, and so‑called "gun control" laws always follow fast in the footsteps of tyranny. There has been a revolution, and the American people lost. How else can you explain the billions and billions of dollars sent to Israel and other foreign nations, and the billions spent on the burgeoning population of illegal aliens within our borders; while at the same time more and more real Americans are going hungry and without work? A man whom you are compelled by force of law to support with your labor is your master, and you are his slave, no matter what euphemisms are used to describe the relationship. The globalist bankers, whose overseas loans are guaranteed by tax money; and their pets, the organized forces of multiculturalism, who seek to destroy the traditional European character of our society, and who batten at the public trough in a thousand different ways; these are your masters.

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It has been truly said that to discover the real rulers of any society, you need only ask yourself one question: Who is it that I am not permitted to criticize? Ask yourselves that question, America, ask it again and again and again! And when you have the answer, tell your family, tell your neighbors, tell your friends and coworkers, and together we will take our country back!

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