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Jewish Control Over The Media: Special Report from the C.D.L. Report, P.O. Box 449, Arabia, LA 70032. The following Jews sold the companies they built and made millions; then received big incentives to work for the new owners.

1). David Geffen, Geffen Records, bought by MCA - Price $350 million in MCA stock, for which Matsushiata paid $710 million in cash, Geffen still heads the label;

2). Andy Vajna, Carolco Pictures, bught by Mario Kassar - Price $106 million for Carolco stock;

3). Lew Wasserman, MCA, bought by Matsushita - Price $327 million from the sale of his stock in MCA, where he is still chairman;

4). Michael Eisner, Disney, - Paid $32.6 million from sale of stock. As current chariman still owns Disney stock valued at $350 million;

5). Peter Guber and Jon Peters, Sony - Price $60 million in cash fromthe sale of their company to Sony and lucrative new contracts to head Sony Pictures, Entertainment, Mr. Peters resigned in May 1991;

6). Barry Diller, Fox Inc., owned by News Corp. - Paid Over $70 million in stock, salary and profit participation, Mr. Diller resigned as head of Fox recently;

7). Thomas Pollock, MCA, bought by Matsushita - Price Sold MCA stock for $30 million, but stil heads Universal Pictures;

8). Robert Daly, Warner Communications, bought by Time - Price Sold Warner stock for $40 million, but still heads Warner Brothers Studio.

A New York Times article published on March 1, 1992, p. 5, carried these pictures and the title In Hollywood a Nouveau Royalty Made by Mergers. Shall we guess whether the 3% Jewish minority is properly represented inHollywood?

I quit working in Holywood because the Jews have total control of the movie industry... Former Movie star Ty Hardin.

Actor Robert Mitchum (who) was called a Jew Hater by the Jewish Defense League for his remarks in Esquire Magazine, said he was just joking with the interviewer - but hell apologize anyway... Mitchum questioned the Jewish figures on how many Jews were killed in World War II... (State News, Dover, Delaware, March 8th, 1983).

The Jews claim that Marlon Brando breaks down in tears after being interrogated by the leaders of the Museum for Tolerance because he said that the Jews own Hollywood in an interview with Jewish talk-show host Larry King. Brando allegedly applogizes for making the remarks.

In the Canadian Jewish News of November 2, 1995, the chief commissioner of the Canadian Human Rights Commission, Max Yalden, said: Hate propaganda is not free speech. It is hate incitement. When you say the Holocaust did not happen, that six million Jews did not die, thats not historical debate. Its incitement to hatred...Banning hate propaganda is not about freedomof speech. Its about common sense and respect for others.

For the past fifty two years we’ve seen patriot after patriot, attacked, smeared, hounded, ridiculed and defamed by Jewishorganizations because they have dared to queston how many Jews were killed during World War II or how they were killed.

Right after Marlon Brando had his interview with Larry King, the Jews were on CNN claiming that he would never, ever work again in Holywood. Swastika symbols were pasted over his star on Hollywood Blvd. Jews called in loans on his property.

The Jews even had the gall to go on TV and attack him as a bigot because he said that the Jews own Hollywood! The fact that the Jews own Hollywood has been discussed in detail in a number of books including An Empire of Their Own; How the Jews Invented Hollywood, by Neal Gabler - who is Jewish. Before the attack on Brando, St. Martin’s Press, announced they would publish the latest book by David Irving, Goebbels: Mastermind of the Third Reich.

After St. Martin’s had announced their contrct withIrving, a massive campaign was carried on in the press by Jewish organizations to smear and attack Irivng and to alert America’s reading public that a book on the Third Reich of which the Jews did not approve was going to be published.

Under the pressure of Jewish Hate groups, St. Martin’s caved  in and cancelled their contract with Irivng. According to the Chicago Tribune, Irving’s crime was offering to pay $1,000 to anyone who could prove that Hitler ever gave any order to have any Jews gassed. Although no one has ever claime the reward, the Tribune noted that Irving’s assertions were odds with the facts... as told to the press by the Jews.

As many Americans know, a number of European countries have made it a crime to deny that Jews were gassed in World War II. A number of patriots are now in jail or being tried in Europe for the crime of challenging those who claim that Jews were gassed during World War II. Major General Otto Ernest Remer who is 83 years old was recently sentenced to two years in prison in Germany for questining the number of Jews killed during the war, and he is now being granted asylumin Spain.

The attack on Marlon Brando has started a new phase of the Jewish war against free speech in America. The Jews have moved fromopenly attacking, defaming and ridiculing those who have dared to queston the number of Jews killed during World War II to attacking anyone who dares to reveal any facts about them - even if true!

Marlon Brando simply stated a fact that is known to many Americans, especially Jews, that the Jews own and control Hollywood. This fact is not kisputed by many Jewish authors who constantly refer to this fact in their books and articles. Brando’s crime was that while he was on national TV he stated a fact to millions of American that the Jews do not want the majority of non-Jewish Americnas to know!

In the Oscar winning movie, Network, Howard Beale, the mad prophet of the airwaves, became consumed with the idea of exposing an isidious danger facing America: the take-over of American television by the Arabs.

A terrifying prospect, isn’t it? The great power of the networks, a power that invades almost every home in the nation, the primary source by which we learn about the world being dominated and controlled by a small, tightly knit people whose attitudes and viewpoints may be dangerous to our well being, freedom of speech, the cornerstone of all our freedoms, would be worthless, because real freedomof speech in a modrn world cannot be equated with having a few flyers printed.

In 1789 a handbill was equivalent to a TV program of today because, it was the best media available. In today’s world, comparing a leaflet to a TV program is like comparing a skateboard to a railroad train. If a small group controlled access to major electonic and print media, it would be tantamount ot new real freedom of expression.

Indeed, if the Americna people were to awaken one morning and discover Arabic names scrawled in TV credist as the overwhelmin majority of producers, directors, and screenwriters of American television, they would believe the Arabs had taken over televisionand as howard Beale put it, they would be Mad as hell and not going to take it anymore.

Howard Beale’s nitmare has been realized. A tiny minority, the most cohesive and powerful in the world has come to completely dominate American Television. But it is not the Arabs.

Ironically, the screenwriter of Network, Paddy Chavesky was a member and active supporter of that minority and its political aspirations in America, the Middle East, and elsewhere. And, Network itself was in compete agreement with those aspirations by identifying the enemies of the Jews, the Arabs, as our enemeis.

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