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Dear Editor:

   Enclosed is my contribution, if you find it worthwhile, to a future column in your magazine.

     Continental and Political Environments in America: No one can walk or march here to invade us - they must swim or fly if they come. We have surrendered neither our domestic nor our international rights, but we have slept on both of these rights too long. A few, however, were awake all the time putting the rest of us in a vice. So we find the existing order of things strangulating - menacing our hold on life. We have become extremely uncomfortable - even irritable. We Americans have an intolerable political condition to overcome.

   Politics and business, we were told, should be dept separate. The International Bankers told us that. The rank and file of us did not mix into politics at all, except to vote occasionally, and scarcely knew why we did that. But the International Bankers did not keep their business out of politics. We were the only ones that tried to keep business and politics separate, and the effect was that we kept out of politics altogether, except merely to vote to give politicians power. When we get down to "brass tacks," however, we will discover that business and politics should go hand in hand, and should not be separated, and that every patriotic American should be actively interested and active in politics.

     The Political: Ours was the first government to make a proper start. Washington, Jefferson, Franklin and men of that class launched the ship of state, and did it on a sound political and business basis - fitted to growth and modification as conditions should change - always open to be governed by principles of eternal justice. That was in the beginning and that was the purpose of its continuance. There was nothing demagogic or selfish in the original organizers. The colonists had built up from hard luck, and political oppression from abroad. Therefore they knew the importance of good government. These serious pioneers drafted a wonderful Constitution, based on Bible principles, though later disfigured by technical court construction that smothered in part the spirit of the greatest instrument ever drawn by the hand of man.

   For a time we built to the spirit of that grand instrument, but as the virgin resources enumerated the industry of the people, and they owned more, the temptation to exploit brought into politics demagogues and hypocrites, and crowded out statesmen. |Under the administration of demagogues, a new and fundamentally pernicious principle was injected into our governmental policy. It was the doctrine of so-called "reasonable profit" to the owners of capital, without taking into account the necessity for a reasonable compensation for the industry and production of the toilers.

   Under this destructive policy - now an iron rule, those who can possess themselves of capital, irrespective of whether it is acquired by the owner as the product of his toil, or by accident, hook or crook, become proprietors of the industry of labor, and by that iniquitous rule may take toll, limited only when labor has been reduced to bare subsistence. Upon the practice of this rule, justice in the social world has been undermined, and civilization is being destroyed, properly so if we tolerate the rule, for this earth is not a suitable place for liberty loving people of we shall be subject to its operation.

   Thank God, there have always been enough of us remaining who dare to repudiate and who will ultimately destroy the operation of any false rule.

     The Capital of the United States: Our towns are important, likewise our counties, and the States each a great commonwealth. Important as all these may seem, and great is our respective States may impress us - town, county, State, all combined, influence our business affairs comparatively little when measured with the administration at Washington, the capital of our country. There we have Congress, the President with his several Executive Departments, and the Supreme Court. They rule us under the existing political practices.

   We look to Washington, then, for the great and most important things. All eyes are now on Washington. What about it? Much indeed. We shall not mince things out of the pride we have for our country. We love the country in spite of the mistakes of the administrators. We believe it is the duty of those who love their country, to point out any mistakes they may know about its administration. Love of our country does not blind us, nor close our eyes or make us refrain from pointing out what we believe to be faults in the administration. We must prosecute its faults as well as to make operative its virtues. If we do not do both we are not good Americans. There is more reason now than ever before for every American to attend to the rights of the people.

   We elect our own representatives, and if we ourselves know what we want and see to it that they, too, know, there will be no trouble in their truly representing us. The trouble has been largely with ourselves. We have not known what we really wanted, while "big business" and "big Bankers" thriving off our earnings, know exactly what it wants, has abundant means, and is completely organized to act and does act in every emergency for its own selfish ends. The special interests have experts to draft their plans. Did we not see how quickly they took hold of the war, at the time it started in Europe and again when we declared war? They are always ready, because they get the earnings from our toil. They know just what they want and have always gotten our representatives to grant it to them. In the last few years they have gotten their greatest increase in power because of wealth.

   Of all the cowards, no other is so cowardly as the average politician, considering him in a political sense. That, nevertheless, many of our officials are better men morally and at heart, as well as in ability, than they get credit for. They must, however, be led by the people if we are to succeed. They dare not fight the people's battles unless the people lead them. For the public officials, to fight the people's battles is the "signal" to "big business," and "big bankers" [1] to deceive the people and get the latter to defeat such officials at the polls.

   If we lead our public officials by showing them exactly what we want, then they will know that we know, and the "big business" and "big banks" will not be able to deceive us as it has done in the past. Then the officials will act in our behalf. A progressive, thinking and observing people will find among themselves men and women suited for public officials to serve the general welfare.

     Who Says The People Rule?: Most politician who face American audiences assume that they can charm with glittering generalities, provided they appeal to a vanity which they presume all persons possess of their own importance. A favorite thing is to make the audience believe that every American citizen is his own master, and ordinarily they hit it off as follows: "The people rule: this is a government of, by and for the people."

   Those who claim that the people have ruled slander the people, for surely no one can claim that with the enormous advantages that exist in America, that if the people have ruled they are really fit to rule, for all along they have gotten the small end of the advantages that exist, and then think of the mess we are now in. But just the same, this Government is for the people, and it is their right to rule. It is because they have the right, that we seek to show what a dismal, lamentable failure the existing rulers have made of the Government. We do so in the hope that the people themselves may soon exercise their right to rule, and thus we would secure the advantages that really belong to us all.

   Our national territory affords us enormously greater advantages that we have had. Only here and there do we find a person who really takes advantage of the opportunities, and even the most of those who do, seek merely the material advantages, which when carried to excess destroy the very purpose of life if it has any purpose at all. Surely life has a purpose.

   It would be useless to show the disadvantages, unless at the same time we explain the advantages that may be made to take their place. We must know them both in order to understand either. We must proceed from the individual; the unit. No government is better than its people. On the contrary, every government is less progressive than the people, for you cannot improve anything before you know how. The intelligence must precede, and that must originate in the individual, and spread to the various units and then take effect on the state. Therefore each of us must know himself first.

   The Exploiters: Leslie's Weekly Magazine published a series of articles entitled, "The Builders of America." Other magazines of the time published similar articles. The purpose was to make the public believe that certain "big business," and "big bankers" was described and eulogized in each issue, had done a great service for America.

   Any one who understands the economy of things could appropriately paraphrase the title of the articles to embody the true meaning of the text but use the same personal cuts and call the title, "The Cancers in American Business and Banking," and show by the text, conforming it to the true facts, that the subjects of the articles are the "Destroyers of America's Independence." That fact notwithstanding, we have no cause for condemning these men, but instead we should change the system that makes them and their like certain to exist. Emphatically, we should not let them make us believe that they are, "The Builders of America," but on the other hand we should make them under stand that we know they are the "Cancers in America."

     They Try To Justify Their Actions: They say to us that we all have an equal opportunity, and that it is our fault that we do not become rich. They seek, however, in every way possible to prevent us taking the only opportunity we have to all become successful, for they know that if we did, it would end their exploits. It is our fault that we do not take the advantages, we have, for we can never all, or even any proportionally large number of us be successful if we follow their plan, and that is what we have done. They keep in politics, on the sly, to force us to follow their plan. Under their plan but few can succeed.

   As pretended proof that there i an equal chance of success for us all under their plan, they cite Rockefeller with upward of $20 million annual income upon his billion or more of capital, an income admitted by his own agents and generally supposed to be three times that; they cite the late J.P. Morgan who had nearly as much wealth; they also cite other International Bankers, grouping several, each of whom began as poor boy: "look at these men," they say to the public, "go, each one of you, and do likewise."

   It is the "special privileged" who tell us to "go and do likewise," but they know to a certainty that it is only possible, here and there, for one of us to do it, and that it can be done only under their system, for their system takes the wealth from the rest of us. Therefore if we all "go and do likewise," we will have to find a new world with a vast population that will let us play that "skin game" on them.

   It is like as if the government would set aside in the far West out of the public domain, a tract of 1 million acres of the best land there, and say to the poor people in New York City, "the first of you who can get there and put foot on that land may have it." Now that presents an equal opportunity for them all to begin with, but the one first in the race who puts foot upon that million acre tract would exclude the rest. So when Rockefeller grabs off a $20 million or $60 million block of profits annually, he takes what many thousands of others have been excluded from, and the unfortunate thing of it is that he did not earn it while they did.

   Oh no! The evidence which the International Bankers offer as the proof of an "equal opportunity to all," is positive proof to the contrary. It proves the success of the masses to be impossible under their plan, and, as we have seen, it is their plan that we are working under. The International Bankers did not produce what wealth they have. It is impossible for any one person to earn so much, or even any considerable portion of it. They simply extort it from the products of the toil of others, and the laborers secure that much less of what actually belongs to them.

     The Exceptions: Some persons are inventors, and discover new methods to apply human energy that secures better result in the way of production. They are entitled to certain credit for whatever of advantage they give to humanity. Edison, Ford and other persons of genius, who devise plans for improvement come under that designation. It is not against the man or the plan, when the plan is good, that we object, but we do object to predatory wealth running our nation as it is certainly doing now - politically as well as industrially.

   No one who gives it study doubts, for instance, that the manipulations of the Rockefellers, J.P. Morgan and Co., Kuhn, Loeb & Co., and the others of their kind, deprive the laborers of most of their earnings, and incidentally in running their business these big speculators are forced to employ able assistants to aid them in their schemes. Some of these assistants have become immensely wealthy preying upon the countries business. What is true of these speculators is equally true of most great fortune grabbers.

   It is true that existing laws and business practices do give a few of us a remote chance to acquire great wealth. A few are slick enough speculators to get it; others get it by accident, but these laws and the practices under them absolutely destroy the opportunity of the masses.

     Charity: There is another form of justification offered by themselves for the favored class. It is that with their fortunes they found colleges, churches, eleemosynary institutions and charitable works of different kinds. Even if the beneficiaries of such institutions felt entirely free, which in many cases they do not, to regard themselves independent of obligation to their founders, and would deal with the public as free men and women should, even if this were so, are we who labor in the various fields of enterprise to consent to be deprived of our earnings; are we willing that any man or set of men, however, good and liberal they may be in giving away our earnings, shall by force of circumstances and practice, be able to take the products of our toil as they see fit, to use them for any purpose whatever? Certainly not. Those who earn in the sweat of their toil should be able to dispose of their own earnings, and not be forced to see others do it for them.

     You; Yourself: Ho There - You!: Are you a farmer, rancher, wage earner, or engaged in any of the occupations required to be filled with industrious men and women in order to fulfil the many necessities of life? If you are; why do you let capital, a product of your own toil, sit on the throne of human industry as the master of all to determine your place in life and asking you to drudgery, even to war if it chooses to do so.

   There is a reason; you should know, for it is due to you, the real laborers and producers, to sit on the throne where provisions should be made to safeguard the rights of humanity. Under the rule of the "dollar" human life has fallen to its lowest value. But time heals all things. No longer will the masses accept, "Error for truth, darkness for light, wrong for right, or lust for love."

   "The masses of humanity" formerly "symbolized by the stupid ox, are beginning to awaken to a realization of their rights and long withheld privileges." [2]

   When you call out your own natural talents, your country, too, will have additional splendor; a splendor which you cannot appreciate until you have discovered your own best self. Know more about yourself, for it will give you more confidence, a better understanding of the world, because you do not differ from others so much as you may believe, besides you are much greater than you have yet discovered.

   Dig out your innermost thoughts; the simplest of them, because they are the natural ones, and the greatest. They will help you; me and others to solve the disturbing elements in life, the things that bother us all. It is the arbitrary things; the ones that have been created by men contrary to what's natural, that makes most of our trouble.

   You may be a farmer; you may be a rancher; you may be a wage earner; you may be in any one of a thousand different occupations, but that makes no difference in what we are looking for. We look for the men and the women. We find them in you and in me. The point of interest is; what's in us, for there is much that is the same in us all. We have mutual necessities unfulfilled which may be supplied if we understand each other. Every one of us can bring him or herself within the rule; high or low, rich or poor, all may be benefitted.

   To the intelligent reader, it is easily understood that everything produced in any given generation is paid for in the generation of the then living. After we have departed this world, we cannot pay or receive pay. Whatever we have done on earth is closed. If the generation produced more in value than it consumed, the succeeding generation inherited that much without cost to it. Of course the generations are not distinctly separated, but wedge into each other.

   One may work for you now receiving merely your promise to pay him. As long as we both live we have an opportunity to be paid, but if the worker dies he will never be paid. If the employer dies the worker will be paid only in case the employer leaves something with which to pay. If both dies then everything of theirs is left over for others to fight over.

   It has been said that everything is paid for in the generation of the living or never. That means in a physical sense. It is the natural law, but in conflict with it mankind has created an arbitrary law by which we contract "paper debt," and agree to pay a premium (interest, dividends or profits) that never has been and never can be earned, but is simply extortion. That kind of a debt can be and has been heaped increasingly upon the people of each succeeding generation. It was heaped upon us more heavily than upon any previous generation. Unless we revoke it, we will pass it on to the next generation as a still greater burden to it, unless the people than shall possess the good sense to equitably revoke it.

   But the present government of the United States has become an outlaw, that is why it is killing its Christians, Patriots and etc., and not the criminals. The criminals are not a threat to the security of the state, they can always be eliminated later; but the Christians and Patriots must be murdered before the citizens become aware of what is actually happening, because it from these ranks that the leaders Who can threaten the existence of the government, it is from these ranks the warriors come, not from the criminals, politicians, and etc., for they have neither the courage nor the fortitude for such a fight. For if politicians were courageous they could not have been bought by the enemies of Christianity and Freedom in the first place.

   Also, the government must commit atrocities to keep the masses of the people, dumb and ignorant, to frightened to stand up for their God given rights. In 1933, Dr. Harold Ruggs, in his book "The Great Technology" stated: "A new public mind is to be created."

   If one will be truly honest with themselves, they can clearly see that this has happened in America. Christian Patriots - most of the Militia are denounced and demonized on every hand by the media. Our people have forgotten that such great men as George Washington, Patrick Henry, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin and all who signed the Declaration of Independence, were called "traitors," "murderers," "terrorists," and just about every other name government agents could dream up. Today we see our Christian Patriots and others who can see our beloved America being turned into a police state - as they are called "traitors," "kooks," "criminals," "nuts," and etc., by men not worthy to even tie their shoes.

   When we look at America today, we see a situation which is very encouraging, even inspiring: To Our Enemies! Take, for example, the inroads made by abortion in our society: What are the real motives of the intellectual baby killers? They appear to be mixed. Some, no doubt, genuinely believe it should be available "by right" as not "murder" but an ingredient of a free society. There is little doubt that others are defending it as a tool to ultimately help destroy the truly worthwhile values of that society.

   If they can use pornography to help erode and sap the strength of a society whose present structure they wish to see swept away, well and good...It is an ideal weapon to use to weaken Western civilization, to undermine the foundations of our society, and thus to pave the way for a: New World Order. Why is it that the millions of upright, law-abiding citizens who do not go along with this boom in manslaughter and murder just sit back and do nothing while our once stable society is being mauled by the media to the applause of the ignoramuses of the intellectual fringe and the conspirators of the far left?

   In 1776, the majority of Americans, wanted no part of the Revolution, because they did not wish to pay the price necessary to form a nation. But they were more than willing to revel in the blessings after better men than they had paid the price in blood, tears, property, wealth, security and etc. Today, the majority of Americans call those who are filling the shoes of the great men of our past, want no part of the fight, but they will be more than willing to share in the benefits, if our Patriots win. And make no mistake about it, America is at war. Its just that most Americans will not face up to it yet, but they will, when they watch their beloved ones being carried away by government agents because they dared to speak out against the injustice being perpetrated against the people.

   You think not? Look at Ruby Ridge, the agents who murdered a boy and a mother were rewarded with medals for bravery. How were they brave, because they shot from ambush and murdered a woman and her son? There is no bravery in such action, it is murder, pure and simple. What about Waco? Were the agents who murdered almost 100 men, women, and children in an attempt to capture one man - who could have been taken at any time prior to the action. Is that bravery? Of course not it is murder: It is a show of force to intimidate Americans into silence. What about the World Trade Center explosion. In court it came out that an FBI agent Made The Bomb and they watched as the explosion took place. Where is the bravery in this? Of course there is none, it was murder. The destruction of the Federal Building in Oklahoma City. With the evidence that has been brought forward, but ignored by the mass media, by such men as General Partin and others: That apparently the explosion was done with the full knowledge of government agents. Where is the bravery in this action. There is none it is murder.

   But who does the government blame? You guessed it, Christians, Militia, Patriots and etc. America you are being deceived just as related in the Scriptures: Let not your prophets (ministers) and your diviners (government officials), that be in the midst of you (in government) deceive you, neither hearken to your dreams which ye cause to be dreamed. For they prophesy falsely unto in my name: I have not sent them, saith the Lord.

   Those who call Christians and Patriots "kooks," "nuts," and etc. are wise in their own eyes, but the Scriptures relate about such: Let no man deceive himself. If any man among you seemeth to be wise in this world, let him become a fool, that he may be wise. For the wisdom of this world is foolishness with God. For it is written, He taketh the wise in their own craftiness. Again the Lord knoweth the thoughts of the wise, that they are vain. But do not let these men fool you for: Let no man deceive you with vain words: for because of these things cometh the wrath of God upon the children of disobedience. Be not ye therefore partakers with them. I ask you: who are the "kooks," "nuts," and etc.? Is it not those who call others these names because they are fearful to admit to the truth?

Sincerely yours,

Willie Martin

[1] Note: "Big Bankers," washing the hands of their captains: in all issues of their press, radio and television, and other publications, one can read about what noble (sic) patriots(?) we have in the men who profit by the war, while it is the plain, toiling people who are really supporting the entire system, including the payment of the profits to the bankers. Here is an example, taken from page 12 of a pamphlet issued June 1, 1917, by Otto Kuhn: "And if one may be singled out where all have done so magnificently, I am sure that I voice the sentiment of all of you in expressing the tribute of our gratitude and admiration to Mr. Frank A. Vanderlip, the Chairman of the Publicity Committee of New York's Liberty Loan Committee. A more public spirited and patriotic citizen the Republic does not possess, nor the business community a more valuable or one more worthy of honor."

     Mr. Kuhn is a leading member of Kuhn, Loeb & Co., and Mr. Vanderlip is president of the National City Bank of New York City, these being two of the five firms which the committee appointed by Congress to investigate the Money Trust, found by the evidence had done more than any other to strangle all the independent business men and firms of the country; that they were the heads of the Money Trust,  organized to absorb the earnings of the people, and keep them  toiling for it. The National City Bank of New York, which next to J.P. Morgan & Co., private bankers, is the greatest of the Money Trust group. It is the leading bank that has a membership in the Federal Reserve system. it publishes a monthly review it sends to the correspondents. In its February, 1917, issue, after first reviewing the fact that there was a plethora of money and credit available, it commented upon the fact as follows: "Under the circumstances money promises to be in abundant supply, but if the banks have a proper regard for their responsibilities it will not be correspondingly cheap. Compensatory rates for money and ample reserve should constantly be maintained."

     This quote is from a circular issued by Mr. Vanderlip's bank to the other banks, a decree to them to keep the people paying high rates of interest. Yes, these men are patriotic (?). They subscribe liberally to everything that helps them, and then charge the people for what they subscribe. The plain people who get no benefit by way of profit out of the wars are the only patriotic people subscribing.

[2] Take the War Management, the financial end, who control it? Not one of the plain laborers have anything important to say about it. Yet the expense of wars, as well as the men to fit it, falls mainly on them. But it is managed by the multi-millionaires. Where do you suppose they got their millions to begin with? Not by being liberal with their employees and not allowing them the proper measure of their earnings; no, sir, not that. Millionaires are not made in that way. Sharp and predatory practices; manipulation, make millionaires. Why then tempt these deceitful and treacherous men with the financial management of the war? Unless they have changed their nature and their practices both; the evidence is against it, we need not expect them to manage it free from speculation.

     During the various wars, the finance speculators have exported billions in value of American products in excess of the products that we Americans got back in exchange, which fact the speculators have used as an excuse to raise the price to American consumers on the "trust" controlled products, which upon the latter item alone equals thousands upon every man, woman and child. That is what the press calls a "favorable" balance of trade; favorable to starve the masses and to glut the speculators.

     In line with this disastrous export policy, and as a part of the speculators scheme to mulch the public on a gigantic scale while the wars last, they started the war propaganda preparedness campaigns. They knew that the people were favorable to the government itself making proper arrangements to meet such emergencies as might arise out of the existing chaotic conditions, so they wanted it all done in a way that would give the greatest control to speculators who are in charge of the banking system, and with the aid of their press, they succeeded in lining things up to suit them.

     After many intervening things had happened in which the speculators were always active, the declaration of war by Congress was made. The first bond issue was called the "Liberty Loan bonds," a name that suits us all. Here again the financial speculators managed the sale. In Minneapolis, during the first World War for instance, where a Federal Reserve Bank is located, the Minneapolis Journal had the following to say: "An inner committee, designated by E.W. Decker as 'the big stick' committee, is to check up contribution and call parsimonious givers to account. 'What is this I hear about slackers?' Mr. Decker rose to demand. 'Well, we're preparing to use the big stick. Any business house or individual who in the opinion of the solicitor is shirking his duty should be reported to the Executive Committee.'"

     Mr. Decker, referred to by the Journal, is the "big" banker of the Twin Cities. You know what it means to have the bankers use the big stick" on a borrower at any bank and all business men are borrowers. The same thing that was done in Minneapolis was done in the other cities. Then again came the Red Cross campaign for funds. We want our soldiers boys who may be sent across the seas to fight in Europe, to be cared for in the best way possible. The purpose is one of the most important. Here again the "big finance speculators" are the principal leaders. It is not probable that they have any design to cripple the work of the Red Cross, or to filch from the funds to which they have liberally contributed. What they want is to control the organization of the Red Cross, because it will be offered by able persons, and to control that organization will be worth billions of dollars. They will have a powerful influence in the reorganization of Europe. Out of that reorganization the "big financiers" expect to make very many billions of dollars profit. Therefore it is easy to see why J.P. Morgan, through his chief partner, H.S. Davidson, ifs fitting up offices to be donated to the Red Cross for headquarters. It will not interfere with the good work of the Red Cross on the battlefield. It can and undoubtedly will be just as efficient in its work there in ministering to the needs of the soldier boys, notwithstanding that big finance is its main supporter. The government itself, however, should have both financed and controlled the operations of the Red Cross, but this the "big financiers" opposed, and undoubtedly because of the desire to be independent in organizing the Red Cross for the advantage it hopes to get out of the organization in the reorganization of Europe.

     It is the Federal Reserve Banks that have been the clearing agency for all the work of "the big financiers." They have been used as the spur where spur has been required. The Federal Reserve Banks are owned by the member banks, and the millionaires who own the big city banks control the Federal Reserve Banks. They plan the whole thing. in spite of the fact that the people themselves should direct all these matters through their own servants, instead of big business doing it they, the people, have responded to very call with noble patriotism. Honor to the people for it. But how much greater honor will be due them, and how much more enthusiastic and hopeful of the future they will be, when the management is changed as it should be from the greedily speculators to the people's "actual" own representatives.

     it has indeed been humiliating to the American people to see how the wealth grabbers, owners of the "big press," actually attempt by scurrilous editorials and specially prepared articles, to drive the people as if we were a lot of cattle, to buy bonds, subscribe to the Red Cross, to register for conscription and all the other things. The people will do their duty without being hectored in advance by the "big interest" press. What right, anyway, has the "big press" to heckle the people as if we really belonged to the wealth grabbers and were their chattel property?

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