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Researcher Wayne McGuire of Harvard University writes: "Lenin was a Jew by the standards of Israel's Law of Return: he possessed a Jewish grandparent. It would seem that not only was Lenin a Jew, but that he was a Jewish racist and chauvinist, although he kept his ideas on this volatile subject far in the background, probably because they were in radical conflict with the supposed universalism of Marxism...Lenin was a Jewish racist who deliberately gave Jews especially, the most 'intellectually demanding tasks.' He admitted that 50% of the communist terrorist vanguard in the south and west of Russia was comprised of Jews."

The Jewish extraction of Lenin's mother has long been known to many Russian historians and party bureaucrats with access to inside information. Cf. "Who was a Jew? Why, Lenin of Course!", Jerusalem Post International Edition, January 26, 1991, and Dimitry Volkogonov, Lenin: A New Biography).

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