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     Possession of the Earth - What For?: We - mankind, yes, that is it: This is our earth. There is no one else to claim it. If there were we would contest the claim. We even contest it as between each other. It is not exclusively my earth, but my rights that are as great as those of any other, and their rights are equal to mine, and equal to each other. Thus we all come out in the same half bushel so far as our abstract rights are measured.

   Mankind - yes, if any one else, beast or whatever it might be, made a claim to the earth we would contest the claim. Why? Because we need it and we claim it for ourselves. No other body, however, has made a claim, and as too all other kinds, mankind is in the undisputed possession. My rights stop where your rights begin, and your stop where mine begin. Everybody's rights stop where the others body's rights begin. Still there rages a frightful conflict - nothing so appalling in dealing death and destruction has occurred since the creation of man.

   Who is it then, that is claiming the others rights? I see - it is mixed: Some claim the others rights and are figting to possess his advantages; some have trampled down the others and already possess his belongings ;some trespass; some defend - some claim the right to rule and dominate the others, and the others deny the right - all in this mighty conflict that threatens the destruction of the major portion of mankind, and if spared fromt hat, be reduced to abject industrial slavery, unless we reason, rather than follow mere naked impulse to guide us.

   How did all this hell come about? Can it be crushed, so peace, good will and universal prosperity may be restored|? Mr. William W. Clay, of Chicago, Illinois is the author of the following:

     Continental and Political Environments in America: No one can walk or march here to invade us - they must swim or fly if they come. We have surrendered neighter our domestic nor our international rights, but we have slept on both of these rights too long. A few, however, were awake all the time putting the rest of us in a vice. So we find the existingorder of things strangulating - menacing our hold on life. We have become extremely uncomfortable - even irritable. We Americans have an intolerable political condition to overcome.

   Politics and business, we were told, should be dept separate. The wealth grabbers told us that. The rank and file of us did not mix into politics at all, except to vote occasionally, and scarcely knew why we did that. But the wealth grabbers did not keep their business out of politics. We were the only ones that tried to keep business and politics separate,and the effect was that we kept out of politics altogether, except merely to vote to give politicians power. When we get down to "brass tacks," however, we will discover that business and politics should go hand in hand, and should not be separated, and that every patriotic American should be actively interested and active in politics.

     The Political: Ours was the first government to make a proper start. Washington, Jefferson, Franklin and men of that class launched the ship of state, and did it on a sound political and business basis - fitted to growth and modification as conditions should change - always open to be governed by principles of eternal justice. That was in the beginning and that was the purpose of its continuance. There was nothing demagogic or selfish in the original organizers. The colonists had built up from hard luck, and political oppression from abroad. Therefore they knew the importance of good government.These serious pioneers drafted a wonderful Constitution, based on Bible principles, though later disfigured by technical court construction that smothered in part the spirit of the greatest instrument ever drawn by the hand of man.

   For a time we built to the spirit of that grand instrument, but as the virgin resources renumerated the industry of the people, and they owned more, the temptation to exploit brought into plitics demagogues and hypocrites, and crouded out statesmen. |Under the administration of demagogues, a new and fundamentally pernicious principle was injected into our governmental policy. It was the doctrine of so-called "reasonable profit" to the owners of capital, without taking into account the necessity for a reasonable compensation for the industry and production of the toilers.

   Under this destructive policy - now an iron rule, those who can possess themselves of capital, irrespective of whether it is acquired by the owner as the product of his toil, or by accident, hook or crook, become proprietors of the industry of labor, and by that iniquitous rule may take toll, limited only when labor has been reduced to bare subsistance. Upon the practice of this rule, justice in the social world has been undermined, and civilization is being destroyed, properly so if we tolerate the rule, for this earth is not a suitable place for liberty loving people of we shall be subject to its operation.

   Thank God, there have always been enough of us remaining who dare to repudiate and who will ultimately destroy the operation of any false rule.

     The Capital of the United States: Our towns are important, likewise our counties, and the States each a great commonwealth. Important as all these may seem, and great is our repective States may impress us - town, county, State, all combined, influence our business affairs comparatively little when measured with the administration at Washington, the capital of our country. There we have Congress, the President with his several Executive Departments, and the Supreme Court. They rule us under the existing political practices.

   We look to Washington, then, for the great and most important things. All eyes are now on Washington. What about it? Much indeed. We shall not mince things out of the pride we have for our country. We love the country in spite of the mistakes of the administrators. We believe it is the duty of those who love their country, to point out any mistakes they may know about its administration. Love of our country does not blind us, nor close our eyes or make us refrain from pointing out what we believe to be faults in the administration. We must prosecute its faults as well as to make ooperative its virtues. If we do not do both we are not good Americans. There is more reason now than ever before for every American to attend to the rights of the people.

   We elect our own representatives, and if we ourselves know what we want and see to it that they, too, know, there will be no trouble in their truly representing us. The trouble has been largely with ourselves. We havr not known what we really wanted, while "big business" and "big Bankers" thriving off our earnings, know exactly what it wants, has abundant means, and is completely organized to act and does act in every emergency for its own selfish ends. The special interests have experts to draft their plans. Did we not see how quickly they took hold of the war, at the time it started in Europe and again when we declared war? They are always ready, because they get the earnings from our toil. They know just what they want and have always gotten our representatives to grant it to them. In the last few years they have gotten their greates increase in power because of wealth.

   Of all the coward, no other is so cowardly as the average politician, considering him in a political sense. That, nevertheless, many of our officials are bettern men morally and at heart, as well as in ability, than they get credit for. They must, however, be led by the people if we are to succeed. They dare not fight the people's battles unless the people lead them. For the public officials, to fight the people's battles is the "signal" to "big business," and "big bankers" [1] to deceive the people and get the latter to defeat such officials at the polls.

   If we lead our public officials by showing them exactly what we want, then they will know that we know, and the "big business" and "big banks" will not be able todeceive us as it has done in the past. Then the officials will act in our behalf. A progressive, thinking and observing people will find among themselves men and women suited for public officials to serve the general welfare.

     Who Says The People Rule?: Most politician who face American audiences assume that they can charm with glittering generalities, provided they appeal to a vanity which they presume all persons possess of their own importance. A favorite thing is to make the audience believe that every American citizen is his own master, and ordinarily they hit it off as follows: "The people rule: this is a government of, by and for the people."

   It was from his heart that Lincoln made such a statement. Because it came from the bottom of his heart it was honest and original with him. But he feared for the future, and his fear was well founded, for the people have not ruled. Some one must rule. It should be the people, but thus far it has not been. [2]

   Those who claim that the people have ruled slander the people, for surely no one can claim that with the enormous advantages that exist in America, that if the people have ruled they are feally fit to rule, for all along they have gotten the small end of the advantages that exist, and then think of the mess we are now in. But just the same, this Government is for the people, and it is their right to rule. It is because they have the right, that we seek to show what a dismal, lamentable failure the existing rulers have made of the Government. We do so in the hope that the people themselves may soon exercise their right to rule, and thus we would secure the advantages that really belong to us all.

   Our national territory affords us enormously greater advantages that we have had. Only here and there do we find a person who relly takes advantage of the opportunities, and even the most of those who do, seek merely the material advantages, which when carried to excess destroy the very purpose of life if it has any purpose at all. Surely life has a purpose.

   It would be useless to show the disadvantages, unless at the same time we explain the advantages that may be made to take their place. We must know them both in order to understand either. We must proceed from the individual; the unit. No government is better than its people. On the contrary, every government is less progressive than the people, for you cannot improve anything before you know how. The intelligence must precede, and that must originate in the individual, and spread to the various units and then take effect on the state. Therefore each of us must know himself first.

   The Exploiters: Leslie's Weekly Magasine published a series of articles entitled, "The Builders of America." Other magazines of the time published similar articles. The purpose was to make the public believe that certain "big business," and "big bankers" was described and eulogized in each issue, had done a great service for America.

   Any one who understands the economy of things could appropriately paraphrase the title of the articles to embody the true meaning of the text but use the same personal cuts and call the title, "The Cancers in American Business and Banking," and show by the text, conforming it to the true facts, that the subjects of the articles are the "Destroyers of America's Independence." That fact notwithstanding, we have no cause for condemning these men, but instead we should change the system that makes them and their like certain to exist. Emphatically, we should not let them make us believe that they are, "The Builders of America," but on the other hand we should make them under stand that we know they are the "Cancers in America."

     They Try To Justify Their Actions: They say to us that we all have an equal opportunity, and that it is our fault that we do not become rich. They seek, however, in every way possible to prevent us taking the only opportunity we have to all become successful, for they know that if we did, it would end their exploits. It is our fault that we do not take the advantages, we have, for we can never all, or even any proportionally large number of us be successful if we follow their plan, and that is what we have done. They keep in politics, on the sly, to force us to follow their plan. Under their plan but few can succeed.

   As pretended proof that there i an equal chance of success for us all under their plan, they cite Rockefeller with upward of $20 million annual income upon his billion or more of capital, an income admitted by his own agents and generally supposed to be three times that; they cite the late J.P. Morgan who had nearly as much wealth; they also cite other wealth grabbers, grouping several, each of whom began as poor boy: "look at these men," they say to the public, "go, each one of you, and do likewise."

   It is the "special privileged" who tell us to "go and do likewise," but they know to a certainity that it is only possible, here and there, for one of us to do it, and that it can be done only under their system, for their system takes the wealth from the rest of us. Therefore if we all "go and do likewise," we will have to find a new world with a vast population that will let us play that "skin game" on them.

   It is like as if the government would set aside in the far West out of the public domain, a tract of 1 million acres of the best land there, and say to the poor people in New York City, "the first of you who can get there and put foot on that land may havr it." Now that presents an equal opportunity for them all to begin with, but the one first in the race who puts foot upon that million acre tract would exclude the rest. So when Rockefeller grabs off a $20 million or $60 million block of profits anually, he takes what many thousands of others have been excluded from, and the unfortunate thing of it is that he did not earn it while they did.

   Oh no! The evidence which the wealth grabbers offer as the proof of an "equal opportunity to all," is positive proof to the contrary. It proves the success of the masses to be impossible under their plan, and, as we have seen, it is their plan that we are working under. The wealth grabbers did not produce what wealth they have. It is impossible for any one person to earn so much, or even any considerable portion of it. They simply extort it from the products of the toil of others, and the laborers secure that much less of what actually belongs to them.

     The Exceptions: Some persons are inventors, and discover new methods to apply human energy that secures better result in the way of production. They are entitled to certain credit for whatever of advantage they give to humanity. Edison, Ford and other persons of genius, who devise plans for improvment come under that designation. It is not against the man or the plan, when the plan is good, that we object, but we do object to predatory wealth running our nation as it is certainly doing now - politically as well as industrially.

   No one who gives it study doubts, for instance, that the manipulations of the Rockefellers, J.P. Morgan and Co., Kuhn, Loeb & Co., and the others of their kind, deprive the laborers of most of their earnings, and incidentally in running their business these big speculators are forced to employ able assistants to aid them in their schemes. Some of these assistants have become immensely wealthy preying upon the countries business. What is true of these speculators is equally true of most great fortune grabbers.

   It is true that existing laws and business practices do give a few of us a remote chance to acquire great wealth. A few are slick enough speculators to get it; others get it by accident, but these laws and the practices under them absolutely destroy the opportunity of the masses.

     Charity: There is another form of justification offered by themselves for the favored class. It is that with their fortunes they found colleges, churche, elemosynary institutions and chazritable works of different kinds. Even if the beneficiaries of such institutions felt entirely free, which in many cases they do not, to regard themselves independent of obligation to their founders, and would deal with the public as free men and women should, even if this were so, are we who labor in the various fields of enterprise to consent to be deprived of our earnings; are we willing that any man or set of men, however, good and liberal they may be in giving away our earnings, shall by force of circumstances and practice, be able tot ake the products of our toil as they see fit, to use them for any purpose whatever? Certainly not. Those who earn in the sweat of their toil should be able to dispose of their own earnings, and not be forced to see others do it for them.

     You; Yourself: Ho There - You!: Are you a farmer, rancher, wage earner, or engaged in any of the occupations required to be filled with industrious men and women in order to fufil the many necessities of life? If you are; why do you let capital, a product of your own toil, sit on the throne of human industry as the master of all to determine your place in life and assing you to drudgery, even to war if it choooses to do so.

   There is a reason; you should know, for it is due to you, the real laborers and producers, to sit on the throne where provisions should be made to safguard the rights of humanity. Under the rule of the "dollar" human life has fallen to its lowest value. But time heals all things. No longer will the masses accept, "Error for truth, darkness for light, wrong for right, or lust for love."

   "The masses of humanity" formerly "symbolized by the stupid ox, are begining to awaken to a realization of their rights and long withhed privileges." [3]

    I do not seek to give you my opinions, but ask you to make a call upon your own. In the depths of your own soul is stored thousands of the best things in your life and that you have not yet called out to your conscious mind. When you call out your own natural talents, your country, too, will have additional splendor; a splendor which you cannot appreciate until you have discovered your own best self. Know more about yourself, for it will give you more confidence, a better understanding of the world, because you do not differ from others so much as you may believe, besides you are much greater than you have yet discovered.

   Dig out your innermost thoughts; the simplest of them, because they are the natural ones, and the greatest. They will help you; me and others to solve the disturbing elements in life, the things that bother us all. It is the arbitrary things; the ones that have been created by men contrary to what's natural, that makes most of our trouble.

   You may be a farmer; you may be a rancher; you may be a wage earner; you may be in any one of a thousand different occupations, but that makes no difference in what we are looking for. We look for the men and the women. We find them in you and in me. The point of interest is; what's in us, for there is much that is the same in us all. We have mutual necessities unfulfilled which may be supplied if we understand each other. Every one of us can bring him or herself within the rule; high or low, rich or poor, all may be benefitted.

   To the intelligent reader, it is easily understood that everything produced in any given generation is paid for in the generation of the then living. After we have departed this world, we cannot pay or receive pay. Whatever we have done on earth is closed. If the generation produced more in value than it consumed, the succeeding generation inherited that much without cost to it. Of course the generations are not distcinctly separated, but wedge into each other.

One may work for you now receiving merely your promise to pay him. As long as we both live we have an opportunity to be paid, but if the worker dies he will never be paid. If the employer dies the worker will be paid only in case the employer leaves something with which to pay. If both dies then everything of theirs is left over for others to fight over.

It has been said that evreything is paid for in the generation of the living or never. That means in a physical snse. It is the natural law, but in conflict with it mankind has created an arbitrary law by which we contract "paper debt," and agree to pay a premium (interest, dividends or profits) that never has been and never can be earned, but is simply extortion. That kind of a debt can be and has been heaped increasinly upon the people of each succeeding generation. It was heaped upon us more heavily than upon any previous generation. Unless we revoke it, we will pass it on to the next generation as a still greater burden to it, unless the people than shall possess the good sense to equitably revoke it.

Thos who have not considered the subject from the side of humanity, or who value the perpetuation of property accumulation, more than the preservation of human intergrity, may object to the term "revoke," as we have used it, but we use it advisedly, after the most serious consideration. Unhesitatingly, we declare it to be the most solemn duty of the State to establish a system to liberate mankind from the existing banking slavery.

The masses cannot be liberated from banking slavery  without revoking many of the existing practices. It is not meant that individuals on their own responsibility should have the power to revoke, but the State must exercise that power justly to all mankind. It is utterly indefensible that we should gon on piling up debts under an arbitrary system which it is impossible to physically comply with except by reducing the masses of mankind to a constantly lowere and lower banking state. A new system to liberate the workers need work no hardship to any one. The products from the industry of the workers in a very short period measure immensely more in value than all that has been accumulated.

It is not necessarily the purpose to take from those who have to give to those who have not, for that would be no remedy. All that is necessary is to adopt a system that will enable those who produce to secure the benefit of their production, and not force them to continually remain the prey of a toll levy made by centralized wealth. Give us a system that allows us to keep what we earn. If that is done we can take care of ourselves. We have an apt opportunity in the conduct of the government, or at least a much more just one, than is now practiced. Wealth saw to it that the conditions would be created that would make it practically impossible for us to avoid a future war between the government and its citizens if the government continues to follow the old practices, and it is these old practices that wealth insists on following; and they control Congress, Courts, and Administration, therefore the war appears to be inevatible. Wealth is so greedy that it continues to build greater fortunes, even if it took the sacrifice of millions of lives, and entailed suffering on more than nine-tenths of the world's population. What is that demand?

It is the demand of wealth that we should prepare a great Navy and a great Army in order to enforce a proper political and economic system not only upon ourselves, but upon all the world; present and future. It requires that we should impress into the service of such a war, every available man and woman at nominal pay for their time. What did wealth offer in return? It offerst to loan money to the government if it pays interest and provided it would raise the interest if later bonds should draw more. It offered other things provided always there was a profit to wealth, and it considered itself patriotic because it did that.

Is any government justified in impressing men and women into war service at the lowest of pay for their time, if it does not also impress the surplus property of the wealthy? Strange, inconsistent, even lower than criminal is that prafctice of the governments which take the lives and the liberties of their citizens to impress into war, when at the same time tey pay a premium in the form of interest or otherwise for the property of the rich to be used in carrying on wars around the world.

No one with an ounce of brains, unless filled with injustice or a mere hireling, will defend such a practice, for when peace is restored the loans of the rich Jewish bankers burden those who risked their lives and the families of those killed. When our country needs us, we should respond, but it is not to be expected hereafter we will be willing to permit the lives to be sacrificed and the hardships of war to fall almost entirely upon the ordinary people. We were imposed upon in the past, but with the more general intelligence of this generation, we should not be so supinely stupid now. The property of the wealthy should be taken the same as we conscript the individual. The conscript is not paid the value of his time, say nothing of the risk and exposure. The taking of property or money to pay the costs of the wars should begin with the largest of the fortunes, and as these are scaled down to equal the lesser, then conjointly they should be scaled down to take in the lesser still, and so on the process should run until all the greater fortunes pay in full the material costs of wars. Those with comparatively small means should pay nothing until those with larger means have been reduced to their equal. That is the only just rule.

If that rule had been the law over the years, there would have been on careless and reckless, and, as it was in some cases wanton, traveling upon the high sea in the danger zone by neutrals, notwithstanding that the rights of the seas should be and are of right inviolable. The rich owners of the ships woul dnot have taken the risk to carry passengers if that had been the law. They would not then have tempted any of the belligerents to violate the internaitonal laws in defiance of America's rights.

To take the centralized fortunes to pay the costs of the wars, would in addition to the justice of compelling wealth to support wars, usually of its own making, relieve the plain people of the levy that is made upon them at all times for interest and profit on the excess wealth. Surely, it is not possible that any of us in this day are so stupid as to not understand that those who do the necessary work to sustain life and its requirements, really pay with their toil the extravagances of the existing system.

Because of its supreme importance to be understood by every citizen, so that no one shall be longer imposed upon without his eyes open, we repeat that we pay in physical expenditure the full price of everything we produce. In order to have some of the things that we need, we are obliged in some cases to construct what will last thousnds of years, andpay for it in full when the work has been performed. True, we issue bonds and have been stuid enought to think that that pays the debt. It only adds to the burden, and as President Jefferson said in his day, "Spending money to be paid by posterity, is but swindling futurity;" or perhaps you may like Ruskin's statement better, that, "National debts, paying interest are simply the purchase by the rich of the power to tax the poor."

We like Jefferson's definition the best, because it applies not only to national debts, but to all debts. What Jefferson said applies to us. We are what was to hum "futurity," and have been mightily swindled as he had fortold. Jefferson and Ruskin were both great men, but while those statements were true, they were not profound, for even the commonest of us certainly should see how we have been swindled as Jefferson said we would be, and we continue to be to this very day by the existing debt system.

What? Did we hear you say that this of which we have spoken, gives employment to lots of people? That is an insult to the intelligence of any thing,ing person, yet that statement is excusable as long as we continue the exiting business and political scheme. As things now are, the main thing aimed at by the wealth grabbers is to use us; to make of us mere machines to wear out in producing wealth for them. Our children are to be dragged into our useless places and we dropped into mother earth; "ashes to ashes," "dust to dust," good-bye.

If that is all we are for, then God bless the Kaiser, the late Czar, the Kings, "Big Business," "Big Bankers" and all the "Big Boys" who caused America's wars. It will at least be interesting while it lasts. If we are made simply to wear out in their service, the harder and the more dangerous our occupaton the sooner will our ashes be scattered to the earth, and serve vegetable life better, to bud in beautiful foliage of the grasses, the trees, and the flowers. Well did Benjamin Franklin say:

     "In whatever country Jews have settled in any great numbers, they have lowered its moral tone; depreciated its commercial integrity; have segregated themselves and have not been assimilated; have sneered at and tried to undermine the Christian Religion upon which that nation is founded by objecting to its restrictions; have built up a state within a state; and when opposed have tried to strangle that country to death financially, as in the case of Spain and Portugal.

     For over 1700 years the Jews have been bewailing their sad fate in that they have been exiled from their homeland, they call Palestine. But, Gentlemen, should the world today give it to them in fee simple, they would at once find some cogent reason for not returning. Why? Because they are Vampires, and Vampires do not live on Vampires. They cannot live only among themselves. They must subsist on Christians and other people not of their race.

     If you do not exclude them from these United States, in this Constitution in less than 200 years they will have swarmed in such great numbers that they will dominate and devour the land, and change our form of government [which they have done ‑‑ they have changed it from a Republic to a Democracy], for which we Americans have shed our blood, given our lives, our substance and jeopardized our liberty.

     If you do not exclude them, in less than 200 years our descendants will be working in the fields to furnish them sustenance, while they will be in the counting houses rubbing their hands. I warn you, Gentlemen, if you do not exclude the Jews for all time, your children will curse you in your graves. Jews, Gentlemen, are Asiatics; let them be born where they will, or how many generations they are away from Asia, they will never be otherwise. Their ideas do not conform to an American's, and will not even though they live among us ten generations. A Leopard cannot change its spots.       Jews are asiatics, they are a menace to this country if permitted entrance and should be excluded by this Constitution." [4]

But no, we have not yet sunk to mere abject passive beings, even if our occuapations in many cases would, standing alone, prove that we have. We are in a big measure industrial slaves, but we are not mental imbeciles. We still have our heads filled with brains, and they act when we command them. We all know that if any particular work or employment is unnecessary, nothing could be farther fromt he truth then to claim that it was justified because it gave employment, yet, even in spite of our knowing the truth we do not live up to it, so as to force its importance into a realization in our concrete experience.

     Did You Forget Conservation?: Only a few years ago, America went wild on "Conservation," properly so. We pretend even now to be conservationists, but we practice the grossest kinds of waste. A few words however, on that subject: In many places we have parallel railways where one could serve the traffic at less cost and equally well if properly managed; we have thousands of banks, but one-third that number could serve the business needs equally well and with less than on-half the cost; practically every town has too many business houses, which increases the cost of their output. The success of a town or city does not depend on the number of inhabitants, but upon their thrift. [5] The real purpose of business is to coordinate everything. If that was done, we could support a population of five times what it is now, and with the greatest possible success. [6]

     A Sudden Reminder: You yourselves, plain American citizens, what happened to you when the European war dogs leaped at each others throats? The majesty of your America sprung to your minds; your respect for its past; your confident hope in its future continued greatness, fully justified and supported by your loyalty and patriotism; filled you with just pride for your country, with its peaceful pursuits. That was what first happened to you.

The raging battles gave you no fear, but suddenly another cloud appeared. It had appeared in a thousands wars before, but you had forgotten about it; Crimes, crimes, crimes; the most terrible to report. Which were true and which were false the majority of us will never know. [7] But we are morally certain, as we had a right to be that the very devil himself was at large as he had been in other wars, and that women and children, the old and the crippled as well, were helpless in the path of destuction. We know that mothers and daughters were made slaves to carnal brutes. Every war has produced something of that. All these things and terrible others are presented to your mind.

With all these visions before you, you could no longer be calm. You had a right to be worked up, and were.But have you thought of the entire world, the responsibiliuty that rests on us as American citizens? We are at war now, but unknown to most Christians; the task that confronts us to win in the battlefield is small as compared with the task that confronts us to win liberty and prosperity to all in America. We stand united as against any foreign military foe. We cannot think that, in any other than in a military sense, we have any foe among the plain people, for the interests of the plain people everywhere are the same when we place ourselves on a true economic basis.But there are foes within our own country far more dangerous than those without, nad there is a wide difference of opinion as to how we should deal with our domestic foes.

It is not wars alone that trouble knowledgable Americans for they know there are other troubles even more dangerous. They also know they are not represented; that the government acts independent of us. We have petitioned our Senators and Representatives to secure redress from certain evils. We petitioned them as our respective local representatives and also as the Congress. We find them unwilling, and we may add with certain reserve, unable to act upon matters that are most vital to protect and promote our countries best interests.

They have made rules and adopted practices to prevent themselves from governingthemselves except through their own leaders. These rules form the excuse given by our local seanators and representatives for their failure to successfully initiate legislation in our favor when it is opposed by the super wealthy. However, there is a way the leaders have of "riding over" their regular rules when they wish. They have a "special privilege utility committee," which is called the Committee on Rules. This committee sets aside the regular rules whenever it wishes to bring any matter before the legislative body, the regular rules notwithstanding. Congress has tied itself up, so that it is not a representative body as it should be, and we seem never to get enough independent Senators and Representatives in Congress at any one time to cut the knot and make Congress free. Therefore, it fails to act for the American.

At sometime, somewhere, somehow, our nation will have to take a step towards civilization or the country will go down in ruin. We beleive that now shows the how, that this is the time, that ours is the Nation, and that civilization process must begin with the nation that is to lead; we have been slack in action. Lowell said: "Once to every man and nation comes the moment to decide; In the strife of truth and falsehood, for the good or evil side; Some great cause, God's new Messiah, offering each the bloom or blight; Parts the goats upon the left hand, and the sheep upon the right; And the choice goes by forever, 'twixt the darkness and the light."

The President is the only representative of the people, officially free fromt he influence of local conditions. Every other representative elected by popular vote, is a part of and elected from a section less in extent than all of the United States. Therefore, we must place our cause before him as our servants, calling on you to give executive expression to our demands. The President is of us; selected by us, and have our consent to lead us. But we are not blind followers, for should he attempt to lead us the wrong way we will not follow. We are the Sovereigns, Represent The Republic, in Fact, Constitute The Republic, (although many have forgotten that fact, and have allowed themselves to become the servants of government) and do not intend that the Republic shall be a hollow mockery by leavint to its Presidents the whole responsibility. Please, therefore, take notice of what we demand of our Presidents.

We know that he says must be carried in the press, on radio and television if he wishes it. We know that no others, that can, speak for us will be given space in the full media if they speak in our interest. Therefore, he must say what we wish, which affords us the only means of communicating our desires so as to make them common knowledge and sufficiently understood to secure concerted action among us. That is the only way at the present to secure our best interests. He must know from us our common needs; what our reasonable demands are. We do not need him to tell us, for we are up against them every day. But we do need him to give expression to them. We will stand by him when he speaks and acts for us.

[1] Note: "Big Bankers," washing the hands of their captains: in all issues of their press, radio and television, and other publications, one can read about what noble (sic) patriots(?) we have in the men who profit by the war, while it is the plain, toiling people who are really supporting the entire system, including the payment of the profits to the bankers. Here is an example, taken from page 12 of a pamphlet issued June 1, 1917, by Otto Kuhn: "And if one may be singled out where all have done so magnficently, I am sure that I voice the sentiment of all of you in expressing the tribute of our gratitude and admiration to Mr. Frank A. Vanderlip, the Chairman of the Publicity Committee of New York's Liberty Loan Committee. A more public spirited and patriotic citizen the Republic does not possess, nor the business community a more valuable or one mor worthy of honor."

     Mr. Kuhn is a leading member of Kuhn, Loeb & Co., and Mr. Vanderlip is president of the National City Bank of New York City, these being two of the five firms which the committee appointed by Congress to investigate the Money Trust, found by the evidence had done more than any other to strangle all the independent business men and firms of the country; that they were the heads of the Money Trust,  organized to absorb the earings of the people, and keep them  toiling for it. The National City Bank of New York, which next to J.P. Morgan & Co., private bankers, is the greates of the Money Turst group. It is the leading bank that has a membership in the Federal Reserve system. it publishes a monthly review it sends to the correspondents. In its Febbruary, 1917, issue, after first reviewing the fact that there was a plethora of money and credit available, it commented upon the fact as follows: "Under the circumstances maoney promises to be in abundant supply, but if the banks have a proper regard for their responsibilityes it will not be correspondingly cheap. Compensatory rates for money and ample reserve should constantly be maintained."

     This quote is from a circular issued by Mr. Vanderlip's bank to the other banks, a decree to them to keep the people paying high rates of interest. Yes, these men are patriotic (?). They subscribe liberally to everything that helps them, and then charge the people for what they subscribe. The plain people who get no benefit by way of profit out of the wars are the only patriotic people subscribing.

[2] In a letter to Mr. Elkins, of Illionis Abraham Lincoln stated, in part: "Yes, we may congratulate ourselves that this cruel war is nearing the close, but I see in the future a crisis approachingthat unnerves me and causes me to tremble for the safety of my contry. As a result of the war corporations have been enthroned, and an era of corruption in high places will follow and the money power of the country will endeavor to prolong its reign by working upon the prejudices of the people until wealth is aggregated in a few hands and the republic is destroyed. I feel at this moment more anxiety for the safety of my country than ever befor ein the midst of the war."

     The reason that Abraham Lincoln could make such a statement is because he was one of those who were controlling America from behind the scenes: The Secret Life and Death of Abraham Lincoln; Also Known as the Railroad Attorney: "Little is really known about Abraham Lincoln and his early life. In one of the old will books dated around 1840, was found the will of one A.A. Springs (who was the father of Leroy Springs), he was at that time the person on whom the research was focused. In the will of A.A. Springs was the list of his property. It went into detail to whom the property was to be dispersed and it included his children. Looking in the records to find what railroads and banks this man might have owned and had left to his son Leroy Springs. Nothing like that was found, but the find of the century was discovered. On the bottom of page three of four pages was the paragraph where the father left to his son an enormous amount of land in the state of Alabama which amounted to the land that is today known as Red Stone Arsonal in Huntsville, Alabama and then he went into detail to name the son and at first it was unbeleavible what had been found, but there it was the name was one Abraham Lincoln. What! How was this possible? Was this a mistake? No it wasn't. His son was Abraham Lincoln. With the information that we already had about the springs (Sprintstein) family, this was just another twist to add to this already manipulative family.

     This new information about Lincoln buiilt a fire to see where this lead would take me, because eveything thus far uncovered in the railroad and banking saga had been a real mind-bender. Inquireies in local archives and historical records on families and found a reference to one Abraham Lincoln in the family genealogy of the family of the Carolina by the name of McAdden, in a published genealogy on this family. The family members inthe Carolinas were in a limited edition that at one time could be found in the public libraries. The section on Lincoln and the story goes something like this: 'In the late spring of 1808 Nancy Hanks, who was of the family lineage of the McAdden family was visiting some of her family in the community of Lincolnton, North Carolina. While on her stay with family in the Carolinas', she visited with many of the neighbor8ing familiues that she had known for many years; one such visit was the Springs family. The sordid details had been omitted but obviously the young Nancy Hanks had found herself in a compromised postion and was forced to succumb to the lust of A.A. Springs. She became pregnant as a result. There were no details of a love affair or an act of violence on a helpless female. Abraham Lincoln was the result of that act, which leads one to wonder if the name of Lincoln was real or a fabricated name for the area of conception, Lincolnton. Was there really a Thomas Lincoln? Since the Springs were of the race that called themselves Jewish, that made Lincoln part Jewish and as part of the Springs family, he also became a relative of the Rothschild family by blood.

     This sparked questions as to just how involved Lincoln was with the inside knowledge of the internatioal bankers plan at that time to control Americas banking system. Was he placed in the office of President by southern family members which has family in Europe by the name of Rothschild? Was he supposed to help change this countries economic system according to the Rothschilds wishes? Did he betray the family and did they plot to discred him?

     Background information on Lincoln: The following information is derived from infomation that exists in the Smithsonian, National Archives, the Congressional Library, Courtroom Police files, public and private libraries and storage vaults across the United States and Europe

   Abraham Lincoln was slapped three times with a white glove by a member of the Hapsberg royal family of Germany, (Payseur family relatives) during a White House reception in 1862. The German royal family member demanded a pistol duel with the President of the United States. The blows to the face stunned Lincoln but he non-verbally refused to participate in the duel by bowing his head before walking out of the reception room. What had ol' honest Abe done to so enrage and upset the royal European personage?

   It seems that the practice of promiscuity was running rampant in many families in those days and the German King Leopold had, had an illegitimate daughter named Elizabeth who was sent to America, where she lived in a very comfortable manner. Alothough Leopold could not recognize her position, he was very interested in her life. In the early or mid 1850s, Abraham Lincoln and Elizabeth began having sexual liaison that produced twin daughters named Ella and Emily in 1856. The regal German father who was so royally upset with ol' honest Abe probably had full knowledge of what the blood line of Lincoln really was.

   Abraham's wife, Mary Todd Lincoln, did not find out about Elizabeth, Ella and Emilay until 1865. Previous to being informed about Elizabeth and the twins, Mrs. Lincoln had developed a ravaging dependence on opium. Her main supplier of the drug was a former member of the Confederate intelligence community, he was a former member because the Southern gentlemen did not approve of his drug pushing and unrliable behavior. Because of his involvement with the Southern Intelligence Community, Mary's supplier knew about the lover and the illegal twins.

   After being spurned by the Confederate intelligence community, Mary's "candy man" (an actor doubling for Booth had covered for him when he was over booked for performences on the same night became the patsey while the realy Booth fled to India with in days after Lincoln was shot) approached and became involved with the Rothschild Empire of Europe, for being Jewish he knew the European banking moguls would be very interested in his pipeline into the White House.

   Abraham Lincoln was searching for an isse that would united the North and South after the Civil War ended. The issue needed to be popular to all levels of American citizenry so they could "rally around the Stars and Stripes" thus rapidly heal the wounds of the bloodiest war in world history. Lincoln, apparently in spite of his Jewishness, was considering one major movement or event that would galvanize his fellow Noerthern and Southern patriot countrymen into cutting loose the United States from the dictatorial grip of the Hapsbergs bloodline of banking control in Europe. While, all the time, the Rothschilds were trying to take control of the entire world monetary system, and at that time the Rothschilds were trying to get a foot-hold in America and find a way around the British, Virginia Company, and French Bourbon family that were gaining control in this country through government help. One has to look at what is happening here in America today in retrospect. The whole economic mess that we now find ourselves in is because of a battle between the Hapsburg bloodline that goes back to the dethroned king of the ancient Israelites. And the Rothschild group that call themselves "Jews" have always tried to steal everthing the Hapsburgs had.

   Lincoln found himself in real hot water, becuse under the Virginia company covenant the 48 families that formed it were all of the Holy Grail bloodline. This country was to be an extension of what all the royal families of Europe controlled. The royalty of Europe is Hapsburg, no matter what their name is. The royal family of England is one such example. Now what Lincoln did is he wanted to go independent of the covenant and his families desires on the Rothschild side. It was always planned by the Hapsburg family to form a Federal Reserve System in America, which was part of the Virginia Company covenant with the Crown of England and the family bloodline. At the same time the Rothschilds and their family bloodline have always been underming the affairs of the Hapsbergs and stealing the monetary control away from them. No matter what the history books say, the Rothschilds, and the Jewish Sanhedrin - the Learned Elders of Zion - didn't get a real control on things in America and the Federal Reserve until the Springs usurped the Payseur family companies in the early 1920s. Therefore, because Abraham Lincoln did not go along with the Rothschilds completely, it appears the Rothschild family wanted Lincoln embarrassed to the maximum degree.

   Mary Todd's drug dealer was hired to kidnap the President of the United States. Abraham would be put on a boat for a two month cruise of the Atlantic where he would be injected with and addicted to opium and then dumped on the streets of Washington. While the forcefully addicted President was stumbling around our nation's capital, the press would be informed of Elizabeth, Ella and Emily. The drug pusher and collaborator of the Rothschilds had his perfect accomplice inthe plot to kidnap and discredit the leader of the North American continent in the First Lady Mary Todd Lincoln. After being informed of Abe's lover and the twins and the kidnap plot by her drug supplier, Mary was promised that after her husband resigned or was impeached, she and Abe would be moved to Europe to live hapily ever after with pleny of opium.

   Superficially Mary expressed a desire to live in Europe with plenty of opium and no Civil War or politics to distract her husband or family. But her drug supplier had totally underestimated the confusin, desperation and anger of Mary Todd Lincoln. The plotters decided that the Presidential kidnapping needed to take place in a public yet discreet location where minimum witnesses would be present. There were too many potential witnesses at the White House. Two hours before the capture was to take place, Mary Todd had on the floor, a tantrum, because Abe had decided nto to go out of the White House that night. Mary's outrageous outburst caused Abe to change his mind and the First family departed for the theater.

   Several minutes after arriving at the kidnap location, Mary instructed the family bodyguard to take aposition that placed the First Family out of his visual sight. The position also required the bodyguard to traverse several flights of stairs to reach Abe and Mary should he be needed for any reason. Thirty days prior to following Mary's instuction, the "guard" had been dismissed fromthe New York City Police Department for drunkeness and other misdeeds and improper vehavior. Mary personally hired the guard about 20 days before arriving at Ford's theater.

   After entering the room, Mary's drug man would tell the President an urgent message was waiting for him at the War Department. Before descending down the backstairs, Abe would be knocked out with a chloroform cloth. The kidnappers would then load the limp body into the covered wagon at the rear staircase for that purpose, and swiftly stow Lincoln in an opium boat for a novel "cruise" of the Atlantic Ocean. When the pusher actually opened the door to the darkened room where Abe and Mary were sitting, he went into panic and shock. Abe was asleep with his head on Mary's left shoulder and the First Lady had her head turned toward the left looking at the door. Mary probably had her head turned to the left and watched the door for several minutes. When she was sure the man who opened the door was her opium supplier, she turned and looked at the President to be sure the pistol she was pointing would explode beneatht he lower left earlobe of her husband.

   Before Mary pulled the trigger, John Wilkes Booth's double, drug supplier (John Wilkes Booth had already been sent to safety in Europe) to the First Lady , realized he was the fall guy in all this. But hed did not know if he was only Mary's patsy or also a chump for the Rothschild family. Were the men hiding around the backdoor of Forr's Theater there to help Booth's double the pusher with the kidnapping or there to point the false and accusing finger at the "innocent" Booth double? Booth's double was not about to run into the hallway or down the backstairs to find out the answer to that question. The only escape route was to jump the balcony and crash onto the stage during the performance. That night, Booth's double gave a literal interpretation of the theatrical phrase "brake a leg" as he fractured one of his during the leap from "lethal loony Mary" and the men lurking around the back entrance of Ford's Theater.

   In a novelty case on a wall in Ford's Theater is "The Gun That Shot Abraham Lincoln." If anyone were to kill the head of state, they would use a revolver, because several bullets might be needed to accomplish the murder and stop any guards during the escape. One would only use a one-shot pistol if they were absolutely sure they had intimate access to the victim. The gun on the wall of Ford's Theater is a derringer - the perfect weapon for the left handed female assassin who did not attend her husbands funeral. Mary Todd was not hiding in her room due to overwhelming grief and sorrow. She was imprisoned in her room with two armed guards for two weeks after killing her husband.

   In the 1860s, an acto fo Congress mandated the compensationof widows of former and active Congressmen, Senators, Vice Presidents and President. The amoutn and duration was ratified by both Houses of Congress for each widow. Mary Todd Lincoln applied for her widowers compensation three times and was denied the mandated compensation three times by both Houses of Congress. An unknown benefactor paid for Mary's passage to Europe where she died in a small cottage in Germany.

   In 1867, the Secert Service was founded so that drunken municipal law enforcement could not unwittingly participate with drug-addicted First Ladies or Gentlemen invengeful high-brow killings of philandering President of the United States. Before Booth's double jumped out of the balcony of the Presidential Box at Ford's Theater, he shouted at General Riley and his wife who were sitting to the right-front of the Lincoln's. His words expressed his innocence but also sealed the fate of the Riley's. Within a week of the shooting, General Riley and his wife were packed off to an insane asylum where they both died of "unknown causes" within 30 days of being committed. While in the asylum the Rileys probably participated with the Federal Government in a fraud that the real John Wilkes Booth successfully pulled off with the Rothschild Intelligence Community, today known as the ADL.

   Booth was despised by the Southern gentelmen but he could have been very valuable as a psychological weapon at the beginning of a Second Civil War. Revealing Mary's drug addictionand her being a murderess, Abe's lover and illegitimate children and the Lincoln assxassination cover up by the Yankee government would be a tremendous mental and emotional blow to the Union Soldiers. There is little doubt that the knowledge that Lincoln was of Jewish descent and a realitive of the Rothschilds must have played a large part in this drama. Some will say that the Rothschilds would not kill one of there own, but in the 1940s one was murdered because he threatened to blow the whistle on the HoloHoax of the Jews.

   Two persons were in the flaming warehouse the night Booths "died." The fire victim was actually acrippled Confederate war veteran who was relieved of his pain and suffering by sacrificing his life so Booth could escape to a new identity and life. Many Confederate officers who dedicated their lives to a Second Civil War also faked their deaths between 1866 and 1890. Maybe Booth (the double) and some of the "dead" confederate officers were nknowingly acquainted with the "dead" General Riley and his wife somewhere in the Wild West of North America?

   The Booth double eventually moved to East Texas where he operated saloons and performed in theaters. His alcohol and drug addiction became very acute at the turn of the century. By 1900, he had collected inciminating information and evidence on the group trying to initiate a Second Civil War. However, by 1900, the former and "dead" Confederate officers had given up all hope and efforts of a Second Civil War because American nationalism was taking over the South after soldiers fromacross the united States had defeated Spain during a war in Cuba. Both's evidence and blabbering mouth wouldput all of them in jail or early unnatrual deaths by the Federal Government assasins.

   During one of Booths drunken rages, he boasted about his true identity and the coming of the Second Civil War (World War I). Therefore, one of the Rothschild assasins, a former leader of a disbanded confederate underground organization known as the knights of the Golden Circle confiscated the evidence after Booth was given a lethal dose of arsenic in 1904. One important American unknowingly assisted in covering up the Rothschild hidden agenda. Todd Lincoln, eldest son of Abraham, searched for and destroyed countless government and private papers and documents related to his father's killing and illegitimate family during his entire adult life. But he did not find and destroy all of the paper evidence. The legitimate grant-great Grandchild of Abraham Lincoln has uncovered the paper trail evidence not found and destoyed by Todd Lincoln, the U.S. Government, the Rothschild and Springs family.

   Elizabeth abandoned the illegitimate daughters of Abraham Lincoln after birth and the twins were placed in separate orphanages. Emily was adopted by a family in Gerogia and Ella grew up in orphanages. Ella married a man named John Kramer, and they had a son named William; he had a son named Robert, and Robert had several children; one of his children was given a picture of Abraham Lincoln by their grandfather William. The picture, with an authentic Abraham Lincoln signature and valued at two million dollars in 1989, was given to William by his mother Ella.

   The child who was givne the Lincoln photo and informed of being an illegitimate heir to Abraham, became a well-known famous author. For 20 years this man has methodically and intuitively searche dht files and tombs of numerous institutions in Washington. The documents uncovered by him and assistans have astounded coutless curators and bureaucrats in our nation's capital. This man investigated and uncovered information on additional illegitimate descendants of Abraham Lincon. The discoveries have not gone unnoticed by the intelligence communities of the U.S. Governament and numerous corporations. The various intelligence communities could care less about Ella who completed a typical life-cycle. However, there are many deep concerns about Ella's twin sister Emily because she and her offspring are one of the most fascinating and intriguing untol chapters of American history. it is said that Emily married a man by the name of Howard Hughes Sr., and they were both poisoned by Hughes sister-in-law. The initial investor of Hughes gathered the Four Sons of Howard Hughes in England after his death. The four sons named Howard Jr., Robard, Charles, and David became one legal entity and the Howard Hughes of the 20th Cetury. Thyey had great fun running the press and their staff in circles until a U.S. Ambassador and a Greek Shipping Tycoon by the name of Onasis found out their secret and blackmailed the Hughes Empire. One of the brothers is still alive but is in hiding. The daughter of the woman who murdered Howard Sr., Married James Baker, former Secretary of State and ex-employee of the Summa Corporation. (Pandora's Box, Alex Christopher, pp. 247-251).

[3] Take the War Management, the financial end, who control it? Not one of the plain laborers have anything important to say about it. Yet the expense of wars, as well as the men to fith it, falls mainly on them. But it is managed by the multi-millionaires. Where do you suppose they got their millions to begin with? Not by being liberal with their employees and not allowing them the proper measure of their earings; no, sir, not that. Millionaires are not made in that way. Sharp and predatory practices; manipulation, make millionaires. Why then tempt these deceitful and treacherous men with the financial management of the war? Unless they have changed their nature and their practices boty; the evidence is against it, we need not expect them ot manage it free from speculation.

     During the various wars, the finance speculators have exported billions in value of American products in excess of the products that we Americans got back in exchange, which fact the speculators have used as an excuse to raise the price to American consumers on the "trust" controlled products, which upon the latter item alone equals thousands upon every man, woman and child. That is what the press calls a "favorable" balance of trade; favorable to starve the masses and to glut the speculators.

     In line with this disastrous export policy, and as a part of the speculators scheme to mulch the public on a gigantic scale while the wars last, they started the war propaganda preparedness campaigns. They knew that the people were favorable to the government itself making proper arrangements to meet such emergencies as might arise out of the existing chaotic conditions, so they wanted it all done in a way that would give the greates control to speculators who are in charge of the banking system, and with the aid of their press, they succeeded in lining things up to suit them.

     After many intervening things had happened in which the speculators were always active, the declaratonof war by Congreess was made. The first bond issue was called the "Liberty Loan bonds," a name that suits us all. Here again the financial speculators managed the sale. In Minneapolis, during the first World War for instance, where a Federal Reserve Bank is located, the Minneapolis Journal had the following to say: "An inner committee, designated by E.W. Decker as 'the big stick' committee, is to check up contribution and call parsimonious givers to account. 'What is this I hear about slackers?' Mr. Decker rose to demand. 'Well, we're preparing to use the big stick. Any business house or individual who in the opinion of the solicitor is shirking his duty should be reported to the Executive Committee.'"

     Mr. Decker, referred to by the Journal, is the "big" banker of the Twin Cities. You know what it means to have the bankers use the big stick" on a borrower at any bank and all business men are borrowers. The same thing that was done in Minneapolis was done in the other cities. Then again came the Red Cross campaign for funds. We want our soldiers boys who may be sent across the seas to fight in Europe, to be cared for in the best way possible. The purpose is one of the most imporant. Here again the "big finance speculators" are the principal leaders. It is not probable that they have any design to cripple the work of the Red Cross, or to fllch from the funds to which they have liberally contributed. What they want is to control the organization of the Red Cross, because it will be offiered by able persons, and to control that organization will be worth billions of dollars. They will have a powrful influence in the reorganization of Europe. Out of that reorganization the "big financiers" expect to make very many billions of dollars profit. Therefore it is easy to see why J.P. Morgan, through his chief partner, H.S. Davidson, ifs fitting up offices to be donated to the Red Cross for headquarters. It will not interfere with the good work of the Red Cross on the battlefield. It can and undoubtedly will be just as efficient in its work there in ministering to the needs of the soldier boys, notwithstanding that big finance is its main supporter. The government itself, however, should have both financed and controlled the operations of the Red Cross, but this the "big financiers" opposed, and undoubtedly because of the desire to be independent in organizing the Red Cross for the advantage it hopes to get out of the organization in the reorganization of Europe.

     It is the Federal Reserve Banks that have been the clearing agency for all the work of "the big financiers." They have have been used as the spur where spur has been required. The Federal Reserve Banks are owned by the member banks, and the millionairs who own the big city banks control the Federal Reserve Banks. They plan the whole thing. in spite of the fact that the people themselves should direct all these matters through their own servants, instead of big business doing it they, the people, have responded to very call with noble patriotism. Honor to the people for it. But how much greater honor will be due them, and how much more enthusiastic and hopeful of the future they will be, when the management is changed as it should be from the greedly speculators to the people's "actual" own representatives.

     it has indeed been humilating to the American people to see how the wealth grabbers, owners of the "big press," acutally attempt by scurrilous editorials and specially prepared articles, to drive the people as if we were a lot of cattle, to buy bonds, subscribe to the Red Cross, to register for conscription and all the other things. The people will do their duty without being hectored in advance by the "big interest" press. What right, anyway, has the "big press" to heckle the people as if we really belonged to the wealth grabbers and were their chattel property?

[4] Benjamin Franklin, who was one of the six founding fathers designated to draw up The Declaration of Independence. He spoke before the Constitutional Congress in May 1787, and asked that Jews be barred from immigrating to America. The above are his exact words as quoted from the diary of General Charles Pickney of Charleston, S.C.

[5] One of the greatest mistakes any village, town or city can make is to seek growth in population and multiplication of business houses without taking into account the thrift and well being of the inhabitants already there. It is not the number of people in a town that is an evidence of prosperity. If that were so the people of New York City or Los Angeles would be the most prosperous in the country, whereas the people of that city on the general average are the most miserable. You can take the people of almost any of the little towns and those onthe farms; consider them as a whole, you will find they are very much better off than the people in the large cities.

     If you have stores, manufactories, and other business enough to meet the demands of a community, to seek more of the same kind will often weaken the thrift of all the legitimate business. We have never understood why any city should boast of the number of its inhabitants rather than of the prosperity of allof its people. To seek to boom a town is a business error. Whatever is done, should be specific, calculated out on a business basis. Let the town build to meet the business demand, and never build the town merely to creat an ever larger population.

[6] If you should desire to follow the subject of lavish and extravagant expenditure as it effects the general cost of living, get a copy of the Congressional Record oof August 1, 1912,relative to the Commission on Industrial Relations, by Charles A. Lindbergh.

[7] On March 10, 1916, Charles A. Lindberg made a speech in Congress on the deception practiced against the American people: "I cannot discuss so important a subject without a few preliminary observations. The general impression is that truth is free. No one seems willing to buy it, and since it cost money to comple and present it in practical form to be read not much of some kinds of truth is placed before the public so that everybody can get it. The kind of truth that it is worth while for some parties to conceal, they pay well to have it concealed. Everybody is therefore puzzled about existing conditions.

     Deception as a Fine Art: At no period in the world's history has deceit been so bold and aggressive as now in attempting to engulf all humanity in the maelstrom of hell (However, Mr. Lindberg, had not seen the massive and deceitful propaganda exercised by the Jews to trap America and its people in the Second World War). The world is sizzling in the 'melting pot.' Somber men and women who measure the conditions with unselfish judgment and suggest sane action are pounced upon by those in command of the 'hell storm' in an attempt to have them labeled cowards, and to force us into war over a standard of false national honor. Many of the highest officers of Government fail to sustain their moral courage for common sense, and add to the confusion of the excited by supporting the demands which are made by the speculators.

     Amid all this confusion the lords of 'special privilege' stand serene in their selfish glee, coining billions of profits from the rage of war, in shoving up the price of stocks and the cost of living. They coldly register every volley of artillery, every act of violent aggression, as a profit on their war stocks and war contracts, and discourage in every way possible any attempts to secure peace. They commercialize every excitement, and create excitements by false reports, in order to scalp in and out of the market alternately, taking a profit both ways on the fluctuations.

     Deception has paid a few so well that its practice has become a fine art, and is maintained by many ingenious schemes. Those who earn their living by the sweat of many hours of daily toil, have little time left after their work is done to figue out the ways in which the schemers gather in the cream of the products of their labor.

     The Invisible Organizers: We have been buncoed, and a majority of us do not know how it was done. it was the 'invisible organizers' who did it. They employ many agencies for the purpose: Rockefeller Institute, Carnegie Foundation, and the like; besides most of the great city press are maintained by them for that purpose. Their work is even stealthily beingintroduced into the public schools, colleges and universities. They do not leave the tender minds of the children free to the unselfish tutorship of parents and teachers, but use adroit methods in an attempt to warp the youthful minds in a belief in special privilege. They seek to control civic bodies. In the hopes to accomplish this they organized the United States Chamber of Commerce, not a government institution but given that name to make it appear that it is, and in the hopes that it would secure control of all the civic bodies to become associated with it. The articles of the United States Chamber of Commerce of course disclose no selfish purposes. ON the contrary they are in their terms commendable, and therefore dangerous, because back of it all are the 'invisible organizers' who organized and make use of the organization to further their own selfish ends.

     The ordinary work of these civic bodies is beneficial. Most of the members are from the best citizens, acting with the best of motives. Little do they know about the 'inner circie,' or even that an 'inner circle' exists. It is the 'underground lines' that are used by the 'inner circle' only that influence village and city councils, legislatures and Congress to grant special privilege.

     Note: After careful investigation I came to the above-stated conclusions. Mr. H.L. Day, 1006 Lindale Avenue North, Minneapolis, Minn., has undoubtedly made a more complete and impartial investigation of the purposes of the 'inner circle' organizers of the United States Chamber of Commerce than any other person. In my speech I quoted in full his letter giving evidence, from which it is impossible to escape the conclusion, that the Chamber of Commerce is in its purpose a special privilege lobbyist of the most adroit methods. Mr. Day will mail to any one asking it, free of cost, a pamphlet, or which he has a few hundred remaining, recitign the evidence in part, but sufficient to convince any impartial reader of the facts stated.

     Note: Nothing is more childish than to place too much responsibility on one man, no matter what his position. The press, and even the President, have criticized, properly so, the Kaiser's autocratic power. But the same press as well as the President, not only demanded, but the President actually exercised as extensive autocratic power as any Old World ruler; the press, 'standing by the President,' only when the power exercised was in favor of the interests it represents; but woe be to it when not favorable to such interest. The following taken from the Washington Times, June 7, 1917, is typical of the 'soft pedal,' when the acts of the President please 'big bussiness' and 'big bankers:' 'But it is only fair to Senator Lodge to say that he did not object to the use by President Wilson of the large power given him, but of the inevitable necessity of delegating powers to subordinates who did not and could not have the wisdom of the Executive himself. Many times during the course of debate in Congress, a knotty point has been settled by simpply saying 'Let the President decide. We can all trust him.'

     Strange, is it not, that when a man is elected President, the presumption is made that he knows it all, when, as a matter of fact, he does not have as good opportunity to investigate details as he had before, because of his limited time. It is a true saying that: 'A great man surrounds himself with equally great men to aid ni his work.' If a man has not that qualification he is not great. So far as wesdom goes, a President is not changed by becoming President.

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