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The Freemasonic Destruction of Western Civilization

History teaches us that the Jews were expelled from most Christian lands in Europe between the fourteenth and the seventeenth centuries. Usually, the cause was the crime of Jewish Ritual Murder. The history of this heinous crime can be found at : When Oliver  Cromwell needed money to pay his large, well‑equipped army in the seventeenth  century, he turned to the wealthy Jews of Amsterdam for his financing. To get money to pay his men, he had to agree to let the Jews back into England.

The story is contained in the Encyclopedia Judaica, of all places, although it  has been considerably sanitized by the Jews. The article states that Cromwell was "a humane man." Like Judas Iscariot before him, Cromwell sold England and his own soul, for thirty pieces of silver. But he also set in motion a chain of events, which the modern world still suffers from. This unholy alliance, between the crypto‑Jewish Norman scum who run the modern multi‑racial British Empire and world Jewry, continues down to this day. This Talmudic yoke still falls heavily on the Anglo‑Saxons and Celts who populate England and Ireland.

Below is a short chronology.

1700's: The first settlers in America brought Masonic Lodges with them. This gave Jews a way to infiltrate and undermine the new country.  The first  Constitutional Convention (1787) was conducted IN SECRET in Philadelphia, under the first president of the New World Order (and freemason), George Washington. Thirty‑one of the fifty‑five delegates were freemasons. Dissident  delegates, like Patrick Henry and Benjamin Harrison, were simply outvoted. American history books have whitewashed the whole sordid affair, thanks to masonic (crypto‑Jew) influence.

Phony "Bill of Rights" guaranteed "Freedom of Religion." It went almost unnoticed by the public at that time, but its real purpose was to allow freemasonry to do its evil work unhampered. The equally phony "checks & balances" in that same Constitution gave no easy way of removing Freemasonic (crypto‑Jewish) judges. This sealed the doom of the fledgling republic right at its very beginning, and set the stage for its future evolution in a "democracy"‑the multi‑racial cesspool it has become today.  The U.S. legal system enshrined the Talmudic practice of building up case law on fine distinctions, and hairsplitting nuances. Black can be made into white, or vice‑versa, under such a system. It is a made‑to‑order recipe for tyranny, and manipulation by unseen authority (the international bankers).

Of course, this was the intention, from the very beginning. Jews have been controlled by their rabbis for two thousand years under this pernicious system. The U.S. Constitution made no mention of the family, the basic building block of society. Negro slaves were brought in, ostensibly to pick cotton; but really to set up future racial conflicts.

1800's: After England lost the War of 1812, the British Empire's plan of re‑conquest of its former colony switched from the overt to the covert method of rule. Known as the Earl of Dysart plan (Elizabeth Murray, Oliver Cromwell's mistress, was the daughter of the first Earl of Dysart), this plan  is still being pursued today.

In the 1820's: President Andrew Jackson fulfilled his campaign promise‑he abolished the central bank, and paid off the entire national debt, incurring the wrath of the international banksters. An attempt was made on his life, but it failed. Cults were brought in to America under the phony "freedom of religion" doctrine, and began their work of Jewish Messianicism. The Plymouth Brethren  Movement was exported to America from England, to establish its crypto‑judaism under a Christian cloak.  Civil War propaganda was built up over the "slavery" issue, by British Empire agents working in the masonic Knights of the Golden Circle.  The American Civil War was financed with credit/debt on the Southern Side, setting the pattern  for future world wars by Rothschild bankers and their allies.

1860's: History's first great Jewish ritual murder began; the American Civil War. Chosen to die: the specimen white Christian youth of America, both north & south. The economic self‑sufficiency and independence of the American South‑the real economic target of the moneychangers‑was lost forever, in this war. President Abraham Lincoln was assassinated in 1865 by a British intelligence agent. Lincoln had refused the Rothschild offer of credit at 18% interest rate, and issued interest‑free "greenbacks" to finance the North's war expenditures instead.

"Public Education" began to arise at this time, out of masonic "humanism." Jewish cults continued to increase. Both Mormons and Watch Tower Society of Jehovah's Witnesses, the shock troops of York Rite freemasonry, began their proselytizing around this time. "Freedom of religion" protected the crime. Karl Marx wrote Das Kapital in the library of the British Museum in London. Even to this day, most of the world never realizes that the origin of communism is British‑not German or Russian.  President James A. Garfield was assassinated in 1881 by a "lone nut." Garfield was a hard money advocate, and a lifelong opponent of usury banking.

1900's: Hard money advocate President William McKinley was assassinated in 1901by another "lone nut." He was succeeded by Theodore Roosevelt, freemason (crypto‑Jew) and Anglophile. The Scofield Bible began its work of popularizing the Jewish interpretation of "prophecy" among the trusting goyim, and "judaizing" Christianity itself. The self‑contradictory term, "Judeo‑Christian," dates from this era.

In 1913: Both the "income tax" and the "federal reserve" began. The two greatest monetary swindles of modern times. The first "tax‑free" foundation (Carnegie's) had been set up TWO YEARS previously, giving the lie to the establishment's account that all of this came about by accident. Once the moneychangers had their fangs into the financial bloodstream of America, the U.S. immediately became involved in the First World War. It was all financed with bank credit (usury) to "make the world safe for democracy."

In actuality, it was another great Jewish ritual murder, targeting the white Christian youth of Europe and America.  In 1917, the British double‑crossed the Arabs, who had been promised Palestine in 1915 for revolting against  Turkey (the "Lawrence of Arabia" story). The infamous Balfour Declaration promised the same land to the Jews instead, as a reward for their work in getting America into the war on the British side. All modern‑day problems in the bandit state of Israel derive from this source.

In that same year, "communism" was installed in Russia, to destroy the greatest economic competitor the British Empire would otherwise have had, after the war. It was spectacularly successful; Russia has still not economically recovered from Marxism. And the Russian population is only half of what it would have been, without the albatross of communism.

In 1919: At the Treaty of Versailles, Germany‑which had practically won the First World War, by 1917; found out that America entered the war on England's side because of all the behind‑the‑scenes work of World Jewry's Zionists, who wanted the land of Palestine for themselves. Germans were rightly incensed at being stabbed in the back by Jews. The righteous indignation of the German people against all Jews eventually led to the rise of Hitler's national socialist movement.

1930's: Freemason Franklin D. Roosevelt abolished the gold backing of the American dollar at the behest of the international bankers.

1940's: From August 19th to September 5th of 1940, Congressman Thorkelson of Montana read (past tense) nine speeches into the Congressional Record, identifying the British Empire's plan of world domination and its future plan for world strife. The one he gave on August 20th, identifying the number of Jews that had intermarried with the British "aristocracy," took up four typewritten pages. (And this was in 1940)

On December 7th, 1941, the freemasons Winston Churchill and Franklin D. Roosevelt failed to warn the American soldiers at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii of the coming "surprise" attack‑even though both men knew the attack was coming (both England & America had cracked the Japanese code). The Japanese only destroyed obsolete battleships and cruisers that day; all the aircraft carriers were out to sea on "maneuvers." This was how America got sucked into another banker‑financed "war to end all wars." Rockefeller world‑wide properties (Standard Oil) emerged from World War II practically unscathed in 1945.

Russia suffered twenty million casualties (dead & wounded soldiers) during the war; Germany, ten million; America, almost one million; United Kingdom, 700 thousand. Except for the Japanese, the vast majority of all people killed in the war were white Christians, of European descent. Another great Jewish ritual murder joined the history books.

1950's: In 1954, the Supreme Court's infamous Brown vs. Board of Education case overturned its own previous ruling of 1896, and laid the foundation for the still‑ongoing phony negro "civil rights" movement. This nine‑to‑nothing decision was passed by eight freemasons and one Zionist Jew (Felix Frankfurter), in flagrant disregard of all legal precedent. Crypto‑Judaism (freemasonry) swings into high gear, from this time forward. Judges who enforce Talmudic case law become increasingly despotic and autocratic.  Jewish "holocaust" extortion racket begins in earnest, to bleed Germany and America dry financially.

1960's: In 1963, President John F. Kennedy was assassinated by another "lone nut." The Warren Commission, which was made up almost entirely of freemasons, whitewashed the whole affair. Kennedy's fatal mistake was to start asking why we were paying interest on our own money supply.  In 1964, Jewish President Lyndon Johnson drags America into another British Empire‑ engineered phony war: Vietnam. British ships enter & leave Haiphong Harbor on a daily basis, but freemason Lyndon Johnson refuses to mine the harbor, against the advice of most of his generals and admirals. This is inexplicable from a military standpoint, unless freemasonry's hidden agenda is taken into account.

President Lyndon Johnson takes all the silver out of the American coinage system at the behest of the international bankers. This cuts the last economic tie to anything real, but the people still don't wake up. The  bankers' utopia has now arrived, and only awaits one more step: the "cashless society." Thanks to government school brainwashing, the sheeple still think  federal reserve notes are "money." Actually, the entire system works only with "credit," which is just as invisible as the emperor's clothes in the famous fairy tale.

America begins to be flooded with drugs, continuing the British Empire policy of subjugating large countries with crime and drug problems, which had begun  with Britain's Opium Wars against China during Queen Victoria's reign. The Beatles were later knighted by Queen Elizabeth II for their important service in glorifying drug use in their song lyrics, and bringing about America's second greatest social problem‑after the non‑white racial problem. Wives begin working in the phony debt slave system, in accordance with the master plan of the international bankers. "Feminists" never realize that they are only pawns in the hands of the moneychangers, who have to keep the total population down, in order to cover up their monetary crimes.

Double‑think becomes the unofficial language ‑ abortion (murder) becomes "freedom of  choice" and a woman's "right" ‑ queers (perverts) become people with "alternate" lifestyles.

1970's to 1990's: The deliberate dumbing down of the schools steps up its intensity. Public school children are taught to read with the "whole word" method, instead of simple phonetics. This method of reading‑which was originally invented to teach deaf mutes‑makes learning English as difficult as learning Chinese, which has thousands of symbols, instead of twenty‑six letters. The ONLY purpose of the "whole word" method is to keep American students from reading websites like this one, and finding out how corrupt and evil the bankers have  become.

"Tax‑free" foundation money pays for the whole corrupt system; but home schooling and the Catholic school system expand  tremendously, thwarting  the moneychangers' plans, to some extent.  AIDS is invented in a laboratory, to scare people away from producing any more children. Not one man in ten thousand suspects the real purpose. Bankers' war on any population increase marches on, unrecognized & unimpeded.  Armageddon politics builds the propaganda base for World War III‑the future war planned by the banksters' cartel. It will begin whenever the British  Empire allows the Zionist Jews to start rebuilding their long‑destroyed temple on the site of the Dome of the Rock, a sacred shrine to devout Moslems. Phony "televangelists" preach the Jewish version of Christianity  (appropriately called "judeo" Christian, by now). "Prophecy" conferences and trips to Israel by Zionist "jewdeo‑Christian" preachers become big business.


Jerry Falwell is presented with his own jet plane‑a gift from the bandit state of Israel‑for his great service to Zionism.  The "New Age," the novus ordo seclorum on the back of a one dollar bill, becomes a reality. The  kingdom of God on earth is now imminent, according to the "prophecy" mongers. The murder toll from abortions now exceeds thirty million; more than all previous wars. Jewish ritual murder has now reached its zenith. Bankers  think they own everything now. The "cashless" society, which is really the usurers' utopia, seems almost around the corner. But the Internet comes along, facilitating the free exchange of uncensored ideas, and upsetting the  moneychangers' plans.

White Christian backlash has already begun. It will soon become unstoppable. (The Freemasonic Destruction of Western Civilization, by Brian Kennedy [email protected] written Good Friday, 1997

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