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                                                   The Virgin Birth, Jesus Was Not A Jew

All across the world, everyday, in nominal Judeo-Christianity, there is a so‑called minister who teaches the blasphemous doctrine that Jesus Christ was a Jew. If you ask the average deceived blasphemer who calls himself a Christian who Jesus was, he will tell you that Jesus was a Jew.

NOTHING COULD BE FURTHER FROM THE TRUTH. JESUS WAS NOT A JEW RACIALLY, JESUS WAS NOT A JEW POLITICALLY, AND JESUS WAS NOT A JEW RELIGIOUSLY  Anyone who disagrees with the expressed teachings in the New Covenant of Jesus Christ is guilty of blaspheming the doctrines of Christ.

To call Jesus Christ an antichrist Jew is to call God an antichrist Jew, because the simple truth is for those who will read their Bibles that there are a number of reasons why Jesus Christ could not have been a Jew. First of all, he could not have been a Jew because he was God in the flesh. For those of you who do not believe this, you need to read John 1:18 (AST):

"No one has seen God at any time. The Only‑Begotten God, Who is in the bosom of the Father, He explains."

Now you may say, "Well, that is not in my King James." That is true. This is not in your King James Bible. But it is in the original Greek autographs of the New Testament. The original Greek reads monogenhj qeoj(monogenes theos) instead of monogenhj uioj(monogenes uios), which is what the King James translators had in the limited texts they used. The fact of the matter is, however, that nearly every Greek text before 400 AD and most every early quotation of this passage read Only‑Begotten God.

Antichrist Jews do not believe in the God of the Bible; instead their political and religious philosophy is the philosophy of Babylon and it is stated clearly in their Babylonian Talmud. To say that Jesus Christ was a Jew or of the Jews is nothing less than willful Bible ignorance. The antichrist Jews and the atheistic philosophies that they have spawned and bred across this world have always attacked true Christianity by attacking the deity, that is, godship, of Jesus Christ.

It is the Talmud that says that Jesus should have been boiled in his own excrement and it is the Talmud that says that Mary was raped by a Roman soldier. It was the Jews who murdered the Only‑Begotten God, Jesus Christ, as clearly recorded in your Christian Scriptures. In fact, when the Jews murdered Jesus, they cried out for His blood to be on their hands and the hands of their children, even though they try today to blame His death and place the guilt of His blood on the Romans. (Notice in the following passage that Pontius Pilate washed his hands of the guilt of the blood of the Only‑Begotten God.)

"Pilate said to them, 'What then may I do to Jesus called the Anointed?' They all (the   mongrel Jews) said to him, 'Let Him be crucified.' But he said, 'For what bad thing did He do?' But they the more cried out, saying, 'Let  Him be crucified!' And Pilate, seeing that nothing is gained, but rather an uproar happened, taking water he washed the hands before the crowd, saying, 'I am innocent from this blood; you will see.' And answering, all the people said, 'His blood is on us and on our children.'" (Matthew 27:22‑25 AST)

From this passage, it should also be noticed that when the mongrel atheistic Jews were asked what bad thing Jesus had done, they gave no answer. This is the same Jewish tactic that they employ today. Anyone who speaks out against the Jew and openly displays the Jews to be the enemies of God that they are, as did Jesus Anointed many times, is usually exploited, lied against, and destroyed by the Jews and those who help them, even though he or she committed no crime.

It is very obvious that those we know as Jews today, those descendants of the murderers of Jesus Anointed, are just as guilty of His blood as their ancestors. They are indeed Christ‑killers, and anyone who associates with Jews and helps the Jews is also guilty of their murderous crimes; they are guilty of the blood of Jesus Christ, and will be for all eternity. It is clear that the Jews hate Jesus Christ. And Jesus Christ hates the Jews. Jesus told the Jews in John 8:21‑47 (AST):

"...I go away, and you will seek Me. And you will die in your failures. Where I go, you are not able to come...You are from below; I am from above. You are from this world, I am not from this world...If you were the children of Abraham, you would do the works of Abraham. But now you seek to kill Me...Abraham did not do this. YOU DO THE WORKS OF YOUR FATHER...IF GOD WERE YOUR FATHER, YOU WOULD LOVE are not able to hear My Word. You are of your father the Diabolical One, and the lusts of your father you wish to do. That one was a murderer from the beginning, and he has not stood in the truth because there is no truth in him. When he speaks a lie, he speaks from his own, because he is a liar, and the father of it. And because I speak the truth you are not persuaded by Me...for this reason you do not hear, because you are not of God."

Now I know what you are thinking. Did Jesus not forgive the Jews on the cross? Did He not say, "Father forgive them, for they know not what they do."

Absolutely not! To say this is to blaspheme the blood of Christ and the Mentality of Separation. To say this is to believe a lie and be damned!

Once again, all honest scholars agree that this verse was not in the original autographs of the New Testament. All honest translations omit this passage. All honest preachers teach that Jesus never said this. Everyone else is simply making and helping make a lie, for even if translators accept this spurious passage, then they should translate it Father forgive them not, for they know what they are doing . (See footnote at Luke 23:34 in the AST). Instead, these dishonest, Jewish, and Jew‑influenced traitors to the White race (if they are white at all) fall into the category we have already stated, namely,

"...outside [the gates], the dogs and pharmakeia promoters and the whores and the murderers and the idolaters and everyone loving and making a lie" (Rev. 22:15 AST).

Christ prayed about His enemies the Jews:

“...THEY THAT HATE ME WITHOUT A CAUSE ARE MORE THAN THE HAIRS OF MINE HEAD: THEY THAT WOULD DESTROY ME, BEING MINE ENEMIES WRONGFULLY, ARE MIGHTY...Let not them that wait on thee, O Lord GOD of hosts, be ashamed for my sake: let not those that seek thee be confounded for my sake, O God of Israel. Because for thy sake I have borne reproach; shame hath covered my face. I AM BECOME A STRANGER UNTO MY BRETHREN, AND AN ALIEN UNTO MY MOTHERS CHILDREN. For the zeal of thine house hath eaten me up; and the reproaches of them that reproached thee are fallen upon me...LET NOT THE PIT (grave) SHUT HER MOUTH UPON ME...DELIVER ME BECAUSE OF MINE ENEMIES (The jews)...MINE ADVERSARIES (The jews) ARE ALL BEFORE THEE...THEY (The jews) GAVE ME ALSO GALL FOR MY MEAT; AND IN MY THIRST THEY (The jews) GAVE ME VINEGAR TO DRINK. (By this we know it is speaking of Christ) LET THEIR (the Jews) TABLE BECOME A SNARE BEFORE THEM: and that which should have been for their (the Jews) welfare, LET IT BECOME A TRAP. LET THEIR (The Jews) EYES BE DARKENED, THAT THEY (The Jews) SEE NOT...POUR OUT THINE INDIGNATION UPON THEM (The Jews), AND LET THY WRATHFUL ANGER TAKE HOLD OF THEM (The Jews). LET THEIR (The Jews) HABITATION BE DESOLATE...ADD INIQUITY UNTO THEIR (The Jews) INIQUITY: AND LET THEM (The Jews) NOT COME INTO THY RIGHTEOUSNESS. LET THEM (The Jews) BE BLOTTED OUT OF THE BOOK OF THE LIVING, AND NOT BE WRITTEN WITH THE RIGHTEOUS...The seed also of his servants shall inherit it: and they that love his name shall dwell therein.” (Psalm 69)

These people are guilty of the sin or failure described in that same chapter in Revelation, verse 18 (AST):

"For I testify together with everyone hearing the words of the prophecy of this Scroll: If anyone adds to these things, God will add upon him the plagues having been written in this Scroll. And if anyone takes away from the words of the Scroll of this prophecy, God will take away his part from the Book of Life, and out of the Separated city, and of the things having been written in this Scroll."

ANOTHER JEWISH LIE IS THE CLAIM JESUS WAS NOT BORN OF A VIRGIN. If the Jews are going to destroy the Christian faith and eradicate it from American institutions, including the schools and churches, it is very important for them to convince people that Jesus Christ was not born of a virgin, as our Christian Scriptures explicitly tell us He was, and they must convince people that Jesus Christ's birth was not miraculous.

Whenever a person denies the virgin birth of Jesus Christ, he blasphemes the doctrines of Christ and he blasphemes the Word of the Living God and he is, therefore, antichrist. The World Counsel of Churches and the National Counsel of Churches are nothing more than Jew‑orchestrated, Jew‑inspired front groups created for the purpose of destroying Christianity; and I want you to know that they have been extremely successful in the last fifty years in institutionalizing their antichrist humanistic philosophies in America and in white Christian nations. It is a blatant lie and gross act of intellectual dishonesty to deny that the Scripture does not say that Jesus Christ was born of a virgin. We read in Matthew 1:23 (AST):

"'Behold, the virgin will conceive in womb and will bear a Son, and they will call His name ‘Emmanuel,' which is translated, 'God with us.'"

The word virgin is translated for parq[!]noj(parthenos), and as Liddle and Scott and every other Greek scholar agrees, this word means "a virgin, an unmarried youth, pure, chaste." This word was translated into the Latin virgo from which we get virgin. Thus, anyone who says that Jesus Christ was not born of a virgin is an antichrist Jew liar. Antichrist Jews do not like this verse anyway because once again it shows that Jesus was God with us or God in the flesh.

Those groups who deny these things and others like them were infiltrated and created by Communist Jews and antichrists. They were evil in their conception and creation. Such groups sponsor the perversion of the Word of God, and they set themselves up as phony‑teachers who are willing to lie about the Greek language. These people fit the profile of those described in the Bible as having itching ears and ever learning but never able to come to a saving knowledge of truth.

"For these are those creeping into houses and leading silly women captive, having been heaped with failures, being led by various lusts, always learning and never being able to come to a full knowledge of truth" (II Timothy 3:6‑7 AST).

These antichrist, mutual admiration societies have invaded every denomination that they could infiltrate in the last fifty years, all for the express purpose of corrupting that which, in many cases, was already corrupt. What we are talking about here is Jew strategy. I want to explain to you why it is important for the antichrist to deny the virgin birth of the Lord Jesus Christ.

It is really very simple, for if Jesus was not born of a virgin as the ungodly try tell us, then that means that He was just another religious figure or just a prophet. Some of the humanist antichrists usually admit that He was a "good man," and in much of their literature, that is the approach that they use. However, they use this strategy so that they may deny the truth while they appear to be at least credible.

The problem with this evil thinking, however, is that it calls God Almighty a liar, because God's Word expressly teaches that Jesus Christ was born of a virgin. Those of you who think that the Jews believe the Old Testament need to wake up to the truth. If they believed the Old Testament, they would believe in Jesus Christ, because all of the prophecies of the Old Testament were fulfilled with His first coming, and all the prophecies of the New Testament were fulfilled in His second coming, which began on the Day of Pentecost and culminated in the destruction of the Jewish economy in 70 AD.

The only thing that Jews and ungodly white men believe in is their appetites, passions, and money. So it is important for these ungodly antichrists to deny the truth of the virgin birth of Jesus Christ, because if you believe that lie, then you will be believing in another Jesus. You will not be believing in the Jesus of the Bible. If you believe that lie, you will be believing another gospel and not the gospel taught in the New Covenant of Jesus Christ. Paul said that such people who believe in a phony Jesus, a mythical Jesus that has no reality in the Holy Writings of the New Covenant, they were accursed, and I believe him. And they are believing in another Jesus if they believe that Jesus was a Jew as well.

Now for those of you who will take the time and go back and study the so‑called early Christian Church fathers, you will find that the antichrist Jews have not changed their tactic in attacking the deity of Jesus Christ since the first century. The Jews were always trying to get the Christian Church to compromise the essential principles of the Christian faith, and top on their list was to deny the deity of the Lord Jesus Christ.

As I said before, if a  person refuses to believe the teachings of the New Covenant about the virgin birth of Jesus, they are not a Christian. That does not mean that they are not religious, because we know that they are. But they would be a lot better off to have no religion at all than to have the wrong religion not based on the Word of God. A person with the wrong religion, the wrong belief system is just as damned as the atheist, but of course even the atheist is religious in an irreligious way. So when we look at the early records, we find that the Jews were busy making bad translations of the Bible and even of the Septuagint. We find that there were Jews who wanted to call themselves Christians but reject the belief of the virgin birth of Jesus Christ. We find that there were Jews seeking to infiltrate the Christian Church right from the very beginning of Christianity.

So there have always been people who were willing to admit that Jesus Christ was a religious prophet or that He was a good man and they try to make Jesus to conform to their perverted religious philosophy. But I am here to tell you today that that is an impossibility. You do not conform Jesus to your subjective and perverted philosophies, you either conform to Jesus or you suffer the second death, period. All of these people, off in never‑never land, practicing perverted religions that have no reality in the Word of God, are lying to themselves, and most of them enjoy lying to themselves.

That is why they do not study their Bibles, why they do not read in total context; they get their religion out of pamphlets and from antichrists behind the pulpits. They go to their churches out of guilt or for social advantage, some to make money, some to pick up women, some because they like music.

Christ is not a reality to them. Christianity is just a form and a fashion. It is as meaningless as the lies that they tell themselves. They soothe their conscious with a hot iron. They play religious games and they are willingly deceived, and so it should not surprise us that they go into deeper deception, into more extravagant speculations and speculative philosophies.

Why? Because they have turned their back on the Son of God. They have refused to bend the knee and enter the communion of God's Appointed Savior. So it is a case of the blind leading the blind into a ditch of destruction. No, Jesus Christ could not have been a Jew, because His Father was Almighty God. More than this, the Bible tells us that Jesus Christ was God Almighty in the flesh, Emmanuel.

He was not just a good man, not just a religious figure on the same par and equality of Mohammed and Buddha and Confucius. This is what the antichrist Jews want to teach people. They want people to believe that Jesus Christ was no better than Buddha or Mohammed and that the Christian religion is just another world religion, possibly no better or no worse than Judaism or Buddhism or any of the other ‑isms of this ungodly world. If you believe that goddamned lie, then you are a goddamned person, and my friends, I am not cussing, I am not cursing, I am telling you the Bible truth.

"The one persuaded in Him is not judged, but the one not persuaded has already been judged; for he has not been persuaded in the presence of the authority of the only‑begotten Son of God. And this is the judgment, that the Light has come into the world, and men loved darkness more than the Light, for their works were evil. For everyone practicing evil hates the Light and does not come to the light, that his works may not be exposed" (John 3:18‑20 AST).

Anybody, and I do not care who they are, who is willing to place the Christian faith of the New Covenant on the same equal basis with other world religions is an antichrist, and has never known or met the real Jesus. This includes all of the Masons, all of the Rosacrucians, all of the Humanists, all of the deists, and all of the antichrist Jews.

The Lake of Fire is going to be filled with all of those liars and all those who help make lies, even though it was created for the Devil and his messengers. You see, that is the point, if you are helping the liars of this world, then you are helping them make a lie. If you call yourself a Christian and you do not accept and believe in the virgin birth of the Lord Jesus Christ, then you are a liar, because you are not a Christian.

If you are a sexual pervert, homosexual, voyeur, lesbian, and you lie and call yourself a Christian, you have sealed your doom. You see, men may lie to one another, but they cannot lie to God's true preachers, and they cannot lie to anybody that has ever really read the Bible and cares what it says, and if you cannot lie to God's true servants, then you sure as the Lake of Fire and as sure as the second death cannot lie to God.

Someone may say, Pastor Herrell, what right do you have condemning all of these people to everlasting punishment?, and my answer is that I have no right, but God has all rights, for God is Just and all that I am doing is repeating the Just Judgments of the Just God.

Because God's Word exists, all men are judged now, today, all men are pre‑judged in the Word of God and especially those evil liars and ungodly scumbags who call themselves Christians and deny the virgin birth of the Lord Jesus Christ, or deny the deity, the godship, of the Lord Jesus Christ. No, there is no compromising the essential truths of the Word of God; compromise is the opening of the door to the antichrist Jew. Why is the Methodist Church so corrupt? Why are the Baptist Churches so corrupt? Why are the Lutheran Churches so corrupt? It is because they let the leaven in. It does not take much. In the beginning, it may have been just one little precept or principle that they compromised, one little thing, but in the end we know, as did Paul, that,

“Your boast is not good. Do you not know that a little leaven leavens all the lump?" (I Corinthians 5:6 AST).

At the turn of the century, Jews and half‑breed Jews had infiltrated the Christian colleges and seminaries. The Jew money power had gained control of the publishing companies, and from that time forward, they began promoting their antichrist philosophy of Humanism.

In the late 1800s, they promoted the Masonic lodge which they had gained control of through the B'nai B'rith, and through the efforts of Albert Pike, the Jew who wrote Morals and Dogma . And so in the absence of real Bible preaching, the Devil filled the vacuum with his perversion of truth.

What you see in America today, the lawlessness, the tyranny in government, the break‑down of moral order and decency, the Plutocratic philosophy of modern America, is all a result of orchestrated planning, wherein a corrupted, God‑hating, minority of people were determined to corrupt the majority of decent, God‑fearing white people. They did not just begin in the 1880s, the antichrist Jew has been around for two‑thousand years, documented by your New Testament, but the World Zionists set in motion a plan, even before the Civil War in America, and by the 1880s they began the big push for the destruction of white, Christian America.

Everything that I am telling you is easily documented. If you do not believe that the nominal Christian seminaries and colleges in this country are utterly corrupt and void of the presence of Almighty God, then you need to read the Anointed Standard Translation of the New Testament and then ask yourself if the professors are teaching what It says. You need to go ask the professors why they are not teaching what the Word of God really says.

I do not care what denomination you care to cite, they are all corrupt and the vast majority are utterly blasphemous and make God sick to His stomach. You may still believe that you can be a member of some church because they are just a little wrong here or a little wrong there. But God said you are either with Him or against Him (Luke 11:23 AST). Yes, these people do in fact make God sick to His stomach, and we know what happens when someone get sick to his stomach, as we read in Revelations,

"So, because you are lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I am about to vomit you out of My mouth" (Revelation 3:16 AST).

So you see, it was important for the Jews to spread the lie that Jesus was not born of a virgin. It was important for them to change the word virgin to young woman in their corrupt versions of the Scriptures, because if they can destroy the truth of the virgin birth of Jesus Christ, they know that they can destroy American Christianity and world Christianity, because if Jesus was not born of a virgin, then He was not God in the flesh and He was not the Christ, and God was not His Father, and you have no Savior today, and you have no hope of eternal life. That is the truth.

But thanks be to God that Jesus Christ was God in the flesh and that He paid the blood debt of honor on Calvary that you might be saved, if you will only believe Him. You see, that is what it really means to believe in Jesus, to believe what His Word tells you, and to act on it and stand on it and live on it. And when I say salvation, as a Separatist minister, I am speaking both spiritually and racially, and if you do not know that, you had better get some Separatist literature and find the real Jesus. A lot of these Judeo types that I have run into, and that you will run into, can only be described as grossly ignorant and disturbed people and a lot of them can also only be described as demented or demon‑filled people. You can know this by some of the excuses that they come up with to defend their antichrist pastor and some of the lies that he has told them while he pick‑pockets their life savings and helps the Jews damn them and their children.

I have far more regard for a deceived believer who is simply an occasional so‑called church‑goer than I will ever have for the antichrists in the pulpits, because to call yourself a pastor or a preacher is to claim to be a religious authority on Christianity. More than this, it is to claim to be appointed by Almighty God as a teacher in your generation. That is a very solemn and holy appointment, and all of the perverts in the pulpits who aid and abet the antichrists on a weekly basis are without excuse, because they have a Bible, and most of them pretend to preach from the Bible.

But we of course know that they do not and that they actually preach what they are told by their superiors. You see, the Jews have to control the pulpits, because if the preachers were to start actually studying and preaching what the Bible really says, some of them might find the real Separated Jesus and become wild‑eyed Christian fanatics, like the Separatist ministers, and that thought scares the living hell out of the goddamned antichrist Jews.

All right, maybe I miss‑spoke, how can you scare the hell out of Hell? The antichrist Jews are the Kingdom of Hell. Anyway, that it is what the Jews fear, they fear the truth of the Word of God. They fear real Separatist Bible study. So, invariably, when you run into some of these deceived and damned Holy Spirit haters called Judeos, who speak the blasphemy that Jesus was a Jew, they always try to rationalize their ignorance by ignorance.

They say, Does it not say in the Bible that Jesus was a Jew? And the correct answer to this is, NO, THAT IS NOT WHAT IT SAYS, IT ACTUALLY SAYS THAT HE WAS A JUDEAN. Some others say, Does it not say that Jesus was King of the Jews? No, Jesus never said that about Himself, that sign was merely placed over His suffering body as mockery, and what the sign actually said was that He was King of the Judeans.

Some try to make Jesus a Jew because He kept the law of Moses. But the Jew's religion has never been in the keeping with the laws of Moses, but only in the perverting of the teachings of Moses, because the law of Moses taught racial purity. The Jews who live today are not of pure Israelite stock. This is a point of some confusion for many people. They do not realize that the Jews today are not the Hebrews or the Israelites of the Old Testament, and they do not realize that at the time of the writing of the New Testament the term 'Jew' did not mean the same thing as the term 'Jew' does today.

This leads us to the question, what was meant by 'Jew' at the time of the King James translation? The answer is the word 'Jew' was in reference to the seedy money lenders and foreign traders who were well known in Europe and England as Jews. They were for the most part a dark swarthy people, either Hasidic or Ashkenazi. They were well known to be an anti‑Christian race of infidels.

So at the time the word Jew was put into the King James Version, it was in reference to people who were thought to have come from Palestine or the so‑called "Holy Land." We say put in because the original King James translation did not contain the word 'Jew,' just as the AST does not contain the word 'Jew.' The Ashkenazi and Russian and Polish Jews were a people who never had any kinship to the Israelite or Judean peoples. That is to say, by racial heritage. They were a people who had become Jewish by a decree of a king, who, according to tradition and legend, had called to the kingdom of Khazar or Kazaria representatives of the three major prevailing religions, that of Christianity, Muhammadanism, and Judaism. After hearing each of the three make their cases about their religions, he chose materialistic atheistic Judaism as the official religion under threat of death for all the people under the Khazars.

It is the Khazar peoples of Russia on the southern Russian plains who became the well‑known Ashkenazi Jews. So, we see that it becomes very important to define what is meant by the term "Jew." Thus, at the time of the paraphrasing of the King James or the periphrastic King James Version, the term Jew was not defined clearly in the public mind. To the clergyman, it was translated for the term Ioudeas . To the average person it was in reference to the immoral money‑lender or local pimp. To the educated bishop and clergyman who had studied the Latin and the Greek, they understood that the Greek word translated Jew in reality was primarily a word used in reference to a geographical location or a people living in a geographical location. They knew that the Judeans were composed of children of the tribes of Israel, and that therefore the term Judean stood for any and all Israelites who had come to live and be governed in the kingdom of Judea.

They also understood that the geographical term encompassed any people that had come to live in Judea such as Canaanites and the Edomites. These were very specific racial terms that were also geographical terms, as was true of most racial and national designations early in the history of the Middle East. At the time of Christ for example, the term Galilean was primarily used in reference to a Celtic people who had settled in that region a hundred years or so before the birth of Christ, having its origin in the word Gaul .

Thus, while Christ was indeed of the tribe of Judah, and while He was indeed a Judean Israelite, He was not a Jew. He was of the tribe of Judah through His mother Mariam as recorded in her genealogy in Luke 3:23, and He was of the tribe of Judah through His mother's husband Joseph as recorded in Matthew 1:1. But He was not a mongrel Jew.

From the time of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, the Edomite and mongrel Canaanite population of Palestine became clearly manifested as enemies of the Living God by practicing an unsanctified and an unapproved, illegal, and illicit religion that from that day forward became know as Judaism.

As we have said before, Jesus may have practiced the laws of the Old Testament Israelites, but that did not make Him a Jew by religion. Contrary to misinformation and propaganda, the Jews do not accept or believe in the Old Testament as their rule of faith and practice. They do not even accept as their rule of faith the first five books of the Old Testament or the Pentateuch, supposedly the Torah, as they like to call it. Judaism is clearly predicated upon the atheistic philosophy of Talmudism.

They may go around spouting off Old Testament Scripture but what they are really quoting is their own Jewish Masoretic text, the so‑called Hebrew of the Old Testament that was prepared by a bunch of mongrel Talmudic Jews in the last 1100 years. They do not quote and practice the Old Testament as recorded in the Septuagint, the only Scriptures that Jesus Christ and His Apostles read, quoted, and believed. Like the Roman Catholics, the Jews claim that their traditions, and especially those oral traditions that became written down in the Talmud, supersede and carry far more authority than anything written in the Old Testament or Mosaic writings. In fact, the Jews claim that Moses cannot even be understood without the explanations of the Talmud.

Thus, Judaism, or Satanism, is simply a carrying forward of the syncretic, mystical, materialistic philosophy of Babylon. They claim that the ignorant man studies the Bible, the learned man studies the Talmud, and those of the highest calling study the Kabbalah, which is the insanity of the Sephiroth and Quiphiroth tree, what they call the tree of good and evil. This has nothing to do with the Bible, nor is its foundation to be found therein.

Moreover, history clearly proves that the atheistic philosophy known as Judaism was first adopted by race‑ mixing Jews who had been captured and were taken to Babylon and who capitulated to their God‑hating captors. Judaism is not Israelitism or Hebraism. The indisputable facts of history prove beyond dispute and denial that the atheistic philosophy know as Judaism, and in modern terms known as Zionism, is completely atheistic and God‑hating, according to the Christian New Testament. It is a religion built by non‑believing mongrels who have sought to counterfeit the true Israelites and the true Judeans.

You may say that they cannot be atheists because they do believe in God and I will tell you that you have been deceived by these atheistic scumbags and that you have not read II John:

"Everyone transgressing and not abiding in the teaching of the Anointed does not have God. The one abiding in the teaching, this one has the Father and the Son"(2 John 9 AST).

That is the truth, clear and simple. If they do not have Jesus, and we already know that they don't, then they cannot have God. If they do not have God, then they are by definition atheists. No amount of semantics can get them out of the grave of death they were born to die in.

Many people find it difficult to understand why it was in the beginning Jews who financed the Communist Bolshevik revolution in Russia. They find it difficult to understand why it was the "American Jews" who stole and conveyed the secrets of the atomic bomb to the Russian. How could Jews be so loyal to Stalin, who had murdered and imprisoned so many of them? The answer is very simple, godless Communism is atheistic in theory and in practice. Judaism is atheistic in theory and in practice.

Jews can no more pray to the God of the Bible than Communists can pray to Stalin. It is all a matter of their perverse and insane imaginations. Nevertheless, humanistic, atheistic materialism predicated upon an insane philosophy is the same deceptive animal, whether it calls itself Judaism, Communism, or Zionism.

The declared goal of the Jewish, Zionist God‑hating antichrists was to bring about a Jewish state in Palestine. In order to do this, they have been more than willing to destroy any and all other nations and any and all persons who might stand in the way of the achievement of their goal of the world‑state of so‑called Israel. Jewish philosophy is fundamentally insane philosophy predicated upon un‑provable and insane speculations. This does not mean, however, that the Jews are not diabolically a clever and deceitful people. For even the Christian Bible recognizes them to be diabolically deceitful.

On the one hand, the Zionistic Jew promotes atheistic world Communism in order to create divisions between the white Russians, the British and the Americans. At the same time, the Jew works internally in his target nations to demoralize the national will or any resistance toward Jewish thought, through relentless Jewish misinformation and propaganda. Case in point, the world Zionists have from the earliest times used the British‑Israel perversion of misinformation to influence and build thereupon a humanistic, syncretic, and materialistic philosophy of Masonry.

Masonic philosophy is fundamentally religious Humanism. Humanism, as a philosophy, is the creation of the Jewish mind, as is gnosticism and the Thelemites of the OTO. World Masonry was but a revival of paganism wrapped in humanistic philosophy.

Masonry is the exhortation of man at the expense of God under the old lie of the fatherhood of god and the brotherhood of man. Each of the basic principles of Masonic Humanism was predicated upon a cleverly conceived system of lies. Masonry became and has always been fundamentally all things to all men presented in such a way as to be pleasing to all. However, the fundamental principles of Masonic romantic philosophy may be summed up in the tenets of Humanism.

It is agreement upon the beliefs and notions of modern Humanism that has become the prevailing materialistic religion of the twentieth century. It is through the preaching of Humanism that the Jews have subdued the Protestants and the Catholics, and neutralized any opposition from these denominations.

You ask how they have subdued the Catholics, Protestants, and other godless denominations. They have done so through the propagation of little lies that grow into big ones. The little lies pretty soon have everybody believing that Jesus was a Jew, that the Jews are God's chosen people, that the Masoretic text is somehow God's Word, that Mary was not a virgin and that she was raped by a Roman soldier, that Jesus was not really God in the flesh but only a nice guy with long hair, that Jesus forgave the poor, persecuted Jews on the cross for killing Him, that Jesus is coming back to rapture everyone up into Heaven, that the Jews are going to get a second chance, that all races can be saved, that white people are equal to niggers, that you have to be dunked in water to be saved, that you cannot eat pork and go to Heaven, that it is just as right to be one religion as it is another, that Jews believe in the same God as Christians, that faggot sodomites can go to Heaven, that we should hate the sin but love the sinner, etc.

We would do well to remember what the Apostle Paul said in Titus 1:13‑14 (AST):

"This witness is true, for which cause convict them severely, that they may be sound in the persuasion, not listening to Judaizing myths and commandments of men, having perverted the truth."

All of the Jewish lies that I have just listed above are exactly what the Apostle Paul is talking about when he says "Judaizing myths." If you believe any one of these, you are going to be damned and you are going to go to Hell with all of the rest of the Jewish scumbags in the world. If you believe any of these lies, you need to understand that you are deceived and you need to get your Bible, specifically you need to get an AST, and you need to read it and you need to believe it.

If your eternal salvation means anything to you, if the Blood of Jesus Christ means anything at all to you, then you need to get some Separatist literature and you need to read it and you need to get your Bible and do as you are commanded and see if these things are so.

"But test all things, hold fast to the good"(I Thessalonians 5:21 AST).

You need to stop believing men, and start believing God, for the Bible clearly states: "But let God be true and every man a liar" (Romans 3:4 AST). (The Virgin Birth, Jesus Was Not A Jew, And Other Things Jews Deny, by Pastor V.S. Herrell)

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