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In 1963, a middle-aged man riding beside a very lovely lady in a Presidential automobile, was shot and  killed on Elm Street in Dallas, Texas. Because of the avalanche of data and speculation now in print, it may be concluded that this is very probably the most famous murder in American history. In spite of errors in both logic and physics, most Americans believe that they have a pretty good idea how it all happened. However, few if any asked, can advance any logical motive for the murder. Most are satisfied to dismiss it with a simple shrug of the shoulders.

Surprisingly, almost every account of the event, from the now highly suspect Warren Commission Report, down to the most obscure speculator in print, contains enough of these obvious errors and contradictions to discredit the work and open to question either the motives or the ability of the author. This quite frankly, includes Oliver Stone, and his movie JFK.

Just minutes after the Dallas murder the Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court issued a curious statement: ...A great and good President suffered martyrdom as a result of the hatred and bitterness that (had) been infected into the life of our nation by bigots.

It is of no concern as to whether the Chief Justice intended to refer to the actual assassin, or to the climite which may have motivated the assassin. Bigot, in the lexicon of the Far Left, the communists, totalitarian and Y Anti-Christs, who live among us, means anyone who is a patriot or God forbid, a Christian, Patriot, or anti-Communist. They have seldom used it in any other context. No sooner had the Chief Justice issued that unfounded, premature statement, than the communist Lee Harvey Oswald was caputred. How could he have expected that turn of events?

   “A Conspiracy is rarely, if ever, proved by positive testimony. When a crime of high magnitude is about to be perpetrated by a combination of individuals, they do not act openly, but covertly and secretly. The purpose formed is known only to those who enter into it. Unless one of the conspirators betray his companions and give evidence against them, their guilt can only be proven by circumstantial evidence. It is said by some writers on evidence that such circumstances are stronger than positive proof. A witness swearing positively, it is said, may misapprehend the facts or swear falsely, but that cirucmstances do not lie.” (Special Judge Advocate, John A. Bingham, Wasington, D.C., 1865, during the trial of the Y Lincoln Assassination Conspirators).

Earl Warren was on the spot! The only person captured anywhere near the scene of the murder was a communist, not, one presumes, a biggot. Trapped in an awkward situation such as this, and long before any evidence whatever had been unearthed, Warren’s flexible mind came up with what was to be the final answer: Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone. One must try to grasp the proper perspective. Here was a communist Oswald [1], who had renounced his American citizenship and gone tolive in the Soviet Union.

One must try to grasp the proper perspective. Here was a communist Oswald [2], who had renounced his American citizenship and gone to live in the Soviet Union. Few Americans have given up their citizenship, but how many have you ever heard of that were accepted from American into the Soviet Union? Unusual, to say the least. Oswald happened to choose to live in Minsk, the same city, as mere chance have it, where theSoviet Secret Police, Unite 13, maintains their school for assassins. The JFK movie authors managed to overlook that point. While there, young romantic Oswlad fell in love and married a Soviet national, a girl who just happened to live with her uncle, a Colonel in the Soviet KGB. Some time later, communist Oswald, now a family man with one child, left the Soviet Union bound for America. Here is a communist who is no longer an American citizen by his personal chocie, being permitted to come here and bring two Soviet nationals, his wife and child, along with him. Have you ever heard of any other two Soviet citizens who have been so fortunate back inthose days?

Oswald’s repatriation and the special visas for his wife and daughter were arranged for him by the U.S. Embassy in Moscow. Where did Oswald get the money for such an expensive trip? The Warren Hearings revealed that his trip, and some future monetary needs, were provided by a spceial State Department loan, personally cleared by the Secretury of State Dean Rusk. Dean Rusk, for you younger readers, had always been in the Marxist movements around the world since the days he served in China in what would later become the CIA. Rusk was identified as a Director of the Communist Front known as the Institute for Pacific Relations.. [3] As you will see, this background information is key to understanding the Dallas murder and those involved in it as a conspiracy.

“Let’s remember that revolutions do not always establish freedom.” (President Fillmore)

The record shows that this lone assassin managed to travel here and there about America with no means of support anywhere close to the amount of money he was spending. One might expect that this man with his progressive background might settle near Harvard or Columbia where he would find companionship among others of his kind. Instead, of all places, communist Oswald decided to settle in Dallas, a city well-known for its high proportion of patriotic, Christian and anti-communist Americans. Luckily, Oswald managed to secure a low income job in a building overlooking the President’s route, several weeks before that route had even been made public. How in the world did he know exactly where he was supposed to be? No one seems to want to ask that question, though, as Oliver Stone’s movie points out, it is no longer unusual for people to arrive at some kind of conspiracy theory.

Oswald had gone through basic training with the U.S. Marine Corps. Although not the best of Marines, he was at least familiar with military rifles and their use. Yet, instead of buying a rifle with which he was familiar through Marine Corps training, the record shows that he bought a mail order carbine, a short barrel, inaccurate weapon designed primarily for close combat situations. Knowing that this weapon could not be carried wiht him on his flight from the Texas Book Depository, he certainly would have assumed that the weapon would be found, no matter how carefully he might hide it. That being true, wouldn’t you think he would have known that it would be quickly traced to him? Why would anyone make that serious mistake, unless they did so on pupose?

Imagine this situation from the Warren Commission theory. Suppose you are Oswald; you are going to do the most important job in your life - murder the President of the United States. You will have only one chance, a long shot from the fifth floor of a building overlooking his motorcade. You go to a sports catalog in search of a weapon. In Y Kleins Sporting Goods advertisement offering a wide selection of quality firearms, you select an internaitonally known piece of junk, a vintage 6.5 mm Mannlicher Carcano Italian Carbine that costs $12.00! Come on, be realiztic! No one is that much of a fool! Oswald had to have known that this weapon would not be up to doing the job of killing the President from that range and that it would certainly be found and traced directly to him. Oliver Stone makes almost the same assumption, and proves from this that there had to have been someone else doing some of the shooting. A Mannlicher Carcano carbine is a clumsy, long stroke, bolt action that would be especially awkward for any left-hander. Oswald was left-handed. Apparently, he figured himself such a crack shot that he took only four bullets with him. No more were ever found.

Unfortunately for the Warren Theory, this weapon has a very unusual tin clip such that the weapon cannot be loaded unless there are Six available rounds to hold themselves together in the clip prior to loading! If he missed his target with these four bullets, he would still expect to serve a life term for attempted murder. Should he kill his target, and be captured, he could expect to be executed under Texas law. Certainly he could not expect to get away with it, not with a mail-order weapon left behind that would be traceable to him. Even the odds of just escaping from the Book Depository might seem very high. The Warren Commission would have us believe that Oswald took all this risk with a carbine and scope having a combined value of less than $20.

Any assassin were thinking of taking a pot-shot at the President, he would would have purchased a common modern rifle through a private sale and with cash. And he would have selected a semi-automatic sniper rifle capable of putting out many bullets in a very short time. The selection would probably have been the same with that Lee Harvey Oswald trined with as a Marine, the U.S. M-1 Garand. If one gets a copy of the advertisement from the very Kelin ad that U.S. News and World Report says that Oswald had ordered from, he would see a M-1 Garand rifle advertised right above the Italian carbine. He would then have ground off all the identifying serial numbers in an effort to, at least, try to protect himself. Now, doesn’t that make more sense than the actions taken by Oswald? Of course it does.

The questions this study is attempting to answer is this: Was a communit Oswald stupid, or did he have a far different role to play in the Dallas Conspiracy? Could his role have been that of a decoy; a man who could be rather easily captured so that the real triggerman could get away safely? Would a family man put himself into this predicament if he were not certaint hat he could be proven innocent in a court of law? This and similar speculations did not deter an adaman Chief Justice from concluding: Lone assassin; no conspiracy.

Oswald, according to the Warren Commission acted alone. He did what he did because of a climte of bigotry found in Dallas. It would not be acceptable to have the murderer any part of a communist conspiracy. Haven’t the communists and their friends, such as Earl Warren and George Bush, been insisting for forty years that no such conspiracy exists? If gullible Americans were to learn that their beloved President had been murdered as part of some communist conspiracy, they might insist that their government stop trade and financial aid to communist dictators. They might demand that communist speakers be barred from college campuses and that the communist leadership in urban riots be made public. One would have to have lived int hose times of the mid-60s to understand this problem faced by the Warren Commission. Oliver Stone and others need tostop trying to force the solution to the murder In Dallas out of the social and political context of that unusual era.

If the American people had ever found out that a communist had been a party to this murder, they might have triggered another round of McCarthyism. (This the Jews dare not have happen) Americans might demand a Congressional investigation of the communist penetration into high levels of the Federal Government, especially in the State Department. This we know: The Warren Commission did not want that to happen. Nor, as this study will reveal, did they want the involvement of American CIA intelligence operatives known either. Thus the only alternative; logic, physics, and physical evidence to the contrary...Lee Harvy Oswald acted alone.

“God grants liberty only to those who love it, and are always ready to guard and defend it.” (Daniel Webster)

As the long arm of coincidence would have it, somehow another lone assassin managed to get through the Dallas police station at just the right moment to be filmed on nation-wide TV. So everyone in America could see first hand how the first lone assassin has been killed. No conspiracy could have done a better job of eliminating the chief suspect before he could talk. By these strange coincidences, at least, Oliver Stone’s movie JFK, has proven beyond any shadow of doubt, that a conspiracy to murder the President was in opeeration in Dallas on November 22, 1963. As Stone and others point out, if Oswald was not just a lone assassin then there are others still free and the case is not closed. Logically, if Oswald acted alone, and then Ruby killed him acting alone, which the Warren Commission says they did, why should there be any point to the Commission withholding this vital data fromt he American public for seventy-five years? Who are they protecting,a nd why?

When one accuses the Warren Commission in print of a conspiracy to falsify the evidence to which it had been entrusted, he must be able to prove it.

It must be remembered that the Warren Report was the conclusion of the Warren Commission alleged to have been based upon the evidence which they uncovered during the Hearings. The complete text of these Hearings fills 26 volumes of tesitmony by hundreds of witnesses. Furhtermore, the Warren Report was the unanimous conclusion of all members of this bi-partisan panel. There were no dissenting opinions, which, in itself, is rather unique. It should also be remembered that the Congress, the Sentate, the FBI, the CIA, and the Secret Service already had professional investigative agencies established. One of these, it would seem, should have been assigned to do this important task instead of a quickly formed panel of amateurs. It is interesting to note that the first issue of the official communist newspaper. The Worker, printed after the murder, dated November 26, 1963, called for an Extraordinary Commission headed by Chief Justice Earl Warren, to investigate this crime. [4] President Johnson ordered just that four days later.

The first piece of evidence that we are going to offer showing that there are physical alterations of evidence in the Warren Report involved the Altgens photograph. You will find it on pages 24 and 25 of the Saturday Evening Post, dated December 14, 1963. A photograph of Dealey Plaza was published, on page 47 of Life Magazine, dated October 2, 1964, which was published after the conclusions of the Warren Commission were announced.

Please note that the Warren Report states that the man beside the lady was shot at two locations along Elm Street which are marked with an X. If one will look carefully, you will note that these two points are essentially along the straighter portions of the street as evidenced by the almost straight curb line. Now, look at the famous Altgens photograph. This is the first known picture of the motorcade after the first shots were fired. Secret Service personnel riding on the right side of the Presidential follow-up car, the second car, are both loking in the general direction of the Book Depository. The Vice-Presidential follow-up car, the fourth and white car, shows a state f alarm. The rear door is open and an agent is getting out of the car. The inclination of the car, showing that the brakes are being applied and the car is dipping to the front. Checking the various landmarks, between the Altgens Photograph and the Life Magazine air view, one can see that this 4th car is just turning the corner onto Elm Stree at the time of this picture. If one will look carefully through the windshield of the Presidential car and they will see the white gloved hand of the lady holding the arm of the man hit by the gunfire. Thus, you can see that this man beside the lady ahd been hit sometime earlier than the instant of the Altgens photograph, for both the man and the lad had time to react to the bullets. Now, scanning across to the right fromthe front bumber of the Presidential car to the curb, you will observe that this picture was taken at a time when the Presidential car was still opposite the curved outward portion of this curb. Thus one can see for him or herself that the first shots were fired, not half-way down Elm Street as the Warren Report states, but sometime just after the Presidential car hae rounded the corner onto Elm Street. This one picture is worth, and disporves, a hundred thousdand words of tesitmony and doctored conclusions.

While examining this pohtograph, we found that there is a tree full of foliage just behind the agents on the right side of the 2nd car. This tree is interposed between the Presidential car and Oswald’s position on the 6th floor of the Book Depository. Although you cannot determine it for certain from just this one picture, the plain fact is that this tree obscures Oswald’s line of sight at the very moment that the first bullets had to have been fired! This fact is established in the Warren Report on page 98, the last four lines where it states: It is probable that the President was not shot before (Zapruder film) frame 210 since it is unlikely that the assassin would have shot him with the view obstructed by an oak tree when he was about to have a clear opportunity.

Since the Altgens photograph proves conclusively that the first shots were fired just after the Presidential car had rounded the corner, sometime befor ethe Altgens photograph was taken, and not half-way down Elm Stree, We will now reveal the first evidence of a tampered photograph. The official Warren Report, page 113, shows this photograph. You guessed it! They have chopped off the photograph. Thus, they eliminated the curb portion of the picture, the significant details of the 4th car, and the shadow of the tree in the street which locates the position of the cars at this time! This official chopped off version of the Altgens photograph was also offered as authentic on page 50A of Life Magazine. October 2, 1964.

This is, in our opinion, a key point in any solution to this incredible murder. Thus, we regard the altering of this picture as being part of the conspiratorial criminal cover-up activity following this famous Dallas murder.

[1]  This new idea of a “lone assassin” theory, which worked so well in the Dallas murder, was to become the “norm” for political murders, and attempted murders, over the next few decades. First was Y Jack Rubby, who was the lone assassinof Lee Harvey Oswald. Martin Luther King, they say, was murdered by a “lone gunman,” James Earl Ray, and although he has never had a trial, he has been in prison for over twnety years. Then, there was Sirhan Sirhan, who they tell us “acted alone” in the murder of Robert Kennedy soon after he had won the Democratic nomination for President. Later there was the “lone assassin” Hinkley, who shot and wounded President.

[2]  This new idea of a “lone assassin” theory, which worked so well in the Dallas murder, was to become the “norm” for political murders, and attempted murders, over the next few decades. First was Y Jack Rubby, who was the lone assassinof Lee Harvey Oswald. Martin Luther King, they say, was murdered by a “lone gunman,” James Earl Ray, and although he has never had a trial, he has been in prison for over twnety years. Then, there was Sirhan Sirhan, who they tell us “acted alone” in the murder of Robert Kennedy soon after he had won the Democratic nomination for President. Later there was the “lone assassin” Hinkley, who shot and wounded President.

[3] Appendix Part 9, House Committee on Un-American Activities.


  “Justice and the internal security of the nation call for the most complete investigation and revelation of all factors which brought forth the heinous assassination of President Kennedy. We believe that President Johnson on the one hand and Congress on the other should act at once to appoint respective Extraordinary Investigation Commissions with full powers to conduct a searching inquiry into all the circumstances around the assassination of the President and the murder of the suspect. Bring all parties whose hands are bloody with performance or complicity, in this crime against the nation, to full justice, in conformity with respect for the Constitutional rights for the suspected or accused. Such an investigating committee, headed by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, should be composed of citizens and experts who enjoy the confidence of the nation.” (Midweek Edition, The Worker, Vol. XXVII - No. 198, November 26, 1963).

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