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    Have you ever wondered why the constant war in Ireland? It is a war between the

Roman Catholic Church under the control of the jews and Protestants. The Protestants

have never realized that it is the jews who control the church, and that is who they

are really fighting.

    The stupid Catholics never realize or understand that it is the jews who are

sending them to their deaths, to dispose of an ancient enemy, an Israel nation who

opposes their evil ways.

    The Catholic's word, like a jews word, is no good and the only reason they

ask for peace is so they can get their subversives into action without resistance.

They do this as the jews have done for centuries. As you read this you can see

the treason and subversion of the jews through the stupid catholic members.

Ancient Order of Hibernians (A.O.H.): The Ancient Order of Hibernians, a Roman Catholic, organization, was founded in 1641.

In The Secret Societies of Ireland Captain Pollard writes that, founded in 1641, "The notorious modern society known as The Ancient Order of Hibernians is the direct successor of the original society of Defenders; in common with its ancestor it attempts to enable the clerics to exercise control in politics. (Pollard, op. cit., p. 3) It claims in its own official history, published in 1910, to be the oldest secret society in Ireland. Independent researches show that the claim is sound and that the present [1920s] A.O.H. is the descendant of certain criminal organizations of the past. The open admission of this chain of descent by its own historian is important.

"American sources trace the A.O.H. to 1565 but the date 1641 is the one commonly accepted. The Jesuit influence in the development of the Defenders was reinforced, and their ceremonies and symbolism slowly changed to an elementary ritual closely modeled on that of the ceremony of initiation to the Society of Jesus of the period. This ritual has descended with many accretions and monderisations to the present time; and the American branch of the Ancient Order of Hibernians, misled by it, traces its origin back, not to 1641 and the Guarduna, but to 1563 and the foundation of the Society of Jesus.

"The A.O.H. of America is powerfully organized and has over six thousand lodges, and it is said by Heckethorn to be divided into two degrees; in the first no oath is exacted and no real secret communicated. The second or inner degree is confided to officials, who receive their passwords and signs from the Board of Erin in Ireland, who send an emissary ever three months."

In 1878, the American order split into two groups. Shortly afterwards the Irish followed suit. "In America the breach was later healed, but in Ireland it continued until 1902, when a conference was called and both parties agreed to work under a joint board of control representing both sections. his board was termed the A.O.H. Board of Erin."

Another split, occurring in 1905, lasted two years. "Ten years ago, the real A.O.H. of Ireland represented a powerful Nationalist weapon, hostile to the forces of extremism and devoted the Irish Parliamentary party, but the Board of Erin A.O.H. was revolutionary."

The Irish Massacre has been censored out of the history books. The background is this: St. Patrick annexed Ireland to the Roman Catholic Church. The Church farmed out the land and its peopls to local kings to manage. In 1155, Pope Hadrien IV gave Ireland to the English King to manage. The English invaded to eercise their contract, later Henry VIII made himself the English Pope and claimed the right to keep all collected tithes and offerings rather than sending them on to Rome. Irish Catholics led by their priests and leaders refused to recognize this claim of the Anglican Catholic Church and revolted. The revolt was suppressed and the hotbed of revolt, northern Ireland, was cleared of Catholics.

Scottish Presbyterians, also refusing to recognize the authority of the Anglican Church, had been dispossed of their lands. They were shipped to Northern Ireland to be tenants on the vacant farms; and act as a buffer between the Anglican English land owners and the irate Catholics. The Anglican Church itself was the actual owner of the land in both the Irish Presbyterian north and the Catholci south, with English nobles appointed to manage the land for the English crown. (Most Irish Presbyterians in the north, and Irish Catholics in the south, to this day do not realize that the Anglican Church owns title to the very land they live on in Ireland. The fight the IRA is making against the Protestants, with the secret encouragement of the Catholic Chrch, is to force the Anglican landlords to share the land rents with the Roman Catholic Church. This is the reason for the Vatican visits by the British royals. Bothe the Irish Presbyterians and Catholics are expendable)

The massacre broke forth on October 23, 1641, on the date of the Feast of the Roman Catholic St. Ignatius Loyola, the Jewish founder of the Jesuit Order. It was led by Sir Phelim O'Neill. (The politically astute will recognize the name in America still backing ultra‑liberal political policies.

The Protstant inhabitants of the town and castle of Langford were massacred; forty Englith Protestants at Terawley were forced to choose sword of drowning. At the castle of Lisgool, 150 men, women and children were burned together. At the castle of Moneah, 100 were put to the sword. One thousand men, women and children were thrown from Portadown Bridge. Four thousand were drowned in different places. In Killmore 200 families were killed. At Antrim, 954 Protestants were killed in one day and 1200 more were later in the country, many of whom had their heads taken. At Powerscout Church they burnt Dr. Dibles. At Clones, 17 were buried alive. Dr. Sir William Petty reckoned the Protestant loss at 110,000. One hundred and firty‑four thousand victims were claimed between 1641‑1642. (Remember 1641, Allen Campbell, P.O. Box 92, Belfast, N. Ireland)

"At Cork, a Roman Catholic priest, named Mahoney, published in 1645 an ‘exhortation' to his fellow countrymen in which he said: "You have killed 150,000 enemies in these 4 or 5 years, as your very adversaries howling, openly confess in their writings and you do not deny...It remains for you to slay all the other heretics or expel them from the bounds of Ireland." (Fox's Book of Martyrs)

"A Romanish Bishop was the brain of the whole enterprise. The priests commonly anointing the rebels before sending them to their murderous work, assuring them that if they chanced to be killed they would escape Purgatory and go immediately to heaven." (History of The Irish Presbyterian Church, Thomas Hamilton, DD)

Remember 1641, a short booklet by Alan Campbell, states:

"The Roman Catholic rebels of 1651 feigned friendship to our forefathers right up to the day that the war of genocide began. It was the same in Paris, France in 1572. The Romanist pledged peace and brotherhood to the Protestant Huguenots; then rose up on St. Bartholomew's Eve to don white armbands and slay 100,000 of them. In Agust 1969 they posted ‘peace slogans' while making bombs for their murderous assault upon the Apprentice Boy's parade. Many innocent Protestants have gone to their deaths by bombs and bullets as a direct result of information supplied to the terrorists by the very Roman Catholics who lived and worked with them.

"Present attempts to stage some sort of round table conference can only result in osme sort of power‑sharing with the Roman Catholics. It contains within it the seeds of our own destruction. In 1991 we say that ‘another 1641 is just a compromise away.'" (Remember 1641, Allen Campbell, P.O. Box 92, Belfast, N. Ireland0

Episcopal‑Feudalism, whether economic, political, or religious, cannot live with separatists of any sort, especially presbyteries. In time the effort will be made to force them to comply with the dictates of the episcopacy's leader. Refusal will resutl in a 1572, 1641, the Hindu‑Islamic wars of the 1940s, the present establishment‑Islamic war against the Islamic‑presbytery, Waco, Ruby Ridge, Gordon Kahl, Philadelphia, and the assassination of Huey Long and Rabbi Meir Kahani. When dealing with episcopacies, and those who obey them, to survive one must be vigilant.

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