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I could have seen the sunshine, I could have known the spring,

I could have felt a warm spring rain, I could have watched the stars sing,

I could have watched the robins fly, I could have heard their beautiful


I could have smelled the flowers, I could have seen the beauty of the rose,

I could have seen the blue sky, I could have watched the clouds as they

bellowed high.

The things you take for granted are things I'll never know,

I could have loved you forever, you could have nourished it and really made

it glow.

You could have heard my laughter, you could have seen my smile,

You could have watched me play, as I walked my first mile,

I would have given you my love, without price throughout the years,

I might have made you glad, I might have made you sad,

You could have shown me the rainbows, as GOD painted them in the sky.

You could have held me in your arms, but like a piece of meat you threw me

to the dogs,

You could have given me life, instead you gave me death.

I might have been your daughter, I might have been your son,

I might have learned to crawl, and stand, and walk, and even run,

I might have felt you hug me, as your breasts milk began to fill me,

I might have called you "Mommy," but instead you chose to kill me,

I might have learned to read, even as I stood at your knee.

But to an abortionists murderous glee, you have decided my worth,

While they fill their pockets with gold, my demise they celebrate with


The Feminist say "Have an abortion, it is your legal right."

They say I'm not a person yet, because I can't put up a fight,

They say that I'm not born yet, because I haven't drawn my first breath,

Through hate filled eyes they cannot see, My heart beats within my mother's


Though innocent of any fault, in her hatred she sentenced me to die.

All this because it's not convenient socially,

And because she chose to break God's Laws and live carnally.

Oh! If only my "Mommy" had loved me, like all mothers should,

If only she'd have given me, what her mother gave to her,

The gift of life, the gift of love, with me she could have shared,

America the Beautiful with its Mountains Majesty, we could have seen them


Together we could have seen the GLORY OF THE COMING OF THE LORD, if only

she'd have cared.

Oh! "Mommy" why didn't you love me? Why didn't you care? What did I do?

To lie so still without a name in a cold, unknown and unmarked Grave!

But "Mommy" even with all this I love you still.

Oh God! Only you know ‑‑ What might have been, if only she'd have cared.

Author Unknown

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