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There are bills which have already been passed by Congress which has removed the oath to defend the United States and the Constitution against all enemies, domestic and foreign from the U.S. Marshals office and which have placed them under the control of INTERPOL. A few of them are as follows:

The Secretary of the Treasury as an employee of the International Monetary Fund (IMF, a Jewish owned independent foreign corporation) and "Receiver" in the National Bankruptcy (See: Reorganization Plan No. 26, 5 U.S.C.A. 903, Public Law 94-564). U.S. District Court Judges are immune from civil torts and are members of an "independent judiciary" paid by the IMF controlled Treasury Department.

Disavowal of the Loyalty Oath and Treason - The Civil Service Commission suspended the loyalty oath (See: The Stewart Case, 1970) for all federal employees and many agencies have transferred allegiance to the U.N. through "Service Agreements" and "Memorandums of Understanding" (MOUs).

The U.S. Marshals' Oath to the Constitution under 28 U.S.C. 563 was deleted (Congressional Record, H7935, 9/22/88 - House) and subverted to INTERPOL et al, by U.N. mandate 22 U.S.C. 263(A). These wholesale repudiations of governmental accountability to the people under Article 6 of the U.S. Constitution should be construed as a hostile takeover and Act of War.

28 U.S.C 563. Oath of office: "The Director and EACH UNITED STATES MARSHALL and law enforcement officer of the Service, before taking office, shall take an oath or affirmation to faithfully execute the duties of that office." You will notice: Each U.S. Marshall and law enforcement officer of the service...shall take an oath or affirmation to faithfully execute the duties of that office and not to protect the United States and the Constitution against all enemies both foreign and domestic.

28 U.S.C. 566. Powers and duties. "(a) It is the primary role and mission of the United States Marshals Service to provide for the security and to obey, execute, and enforce all orders of the United States District Courts, the United States Courts of Appeals and THE COURT OF INTERNATIONAL TRADE...

(d) Each United States Marshal, deputy marshal, and any other official of the Service as may be designated by the Director MAY CARRY FIREARMS and MAKE ARRESTS WITHOUT WARRANT for any offense against the United States committed IN HIS OR HER PRESENCE, or for any felony cognizable under the laws of the United States IF HE OR SHE HAS REASONABLE GROUNDS TO BELIEVE THAT THE PERSON TO BE ARRESTED HAS COMMITTED OR IS COMMITTING SUCH FELONY...

(e)(1) The United States Marshals Service is authorized to:...

(B) investigate such fugitive matters, BOTH WITHIN AND OUTSIDE THE UNITED STATES..." (Title 28 - Judiciary and Judicial Procedure, page 187)

CONGRESSIONAL RECORD - HOUSE: Section-by-Section Analysis - United States Marshals Service Act...  "Amended section 563 provides generally that the director, U.S. Marshals, and all law enforcement officers of the Service MUST TAKE AN OATH TO FAITHFULLY EXECUTE THE DUTIES OF THEIR OFFICES. The sections DELETE THE SPECIFIC OATH PRESCRIBED by the current section 563, CERTAIN OF THE LANGUAGE THEREIN HAVING BECOME OBSOLETE.

Amended section 564...PURCHASES OF EVIDENCE....

Amended section 566...authorizes law enforcement officials of the Service to carry firearms and to make arrests, and it authorizes the Service to provide personal protection to judges and other Federal officials AND TO CONDUCT FUGITIVE INVESTIGATIONS, DOMESTIC AND FOREIGN...

Section 3...The high volume of activity occurring within the national asset SEIZURE AND FORFEITURE PROGRAM is generating a significant demand for the services of qualified experts in various fields to assure the accurate identification and immediate, secure management of a wide range OF ASSETS SEIZED BY FEDERAL LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENCIES FROM INDIVIDUALS ALLEGEDLY engaged in drug trafficking and illicit activities..." (Congressional Record - House, September 22, 1988, Column 2 par. 6; Column

3, par. 1, 2 and 5, page H7935)

22 U.S.C. 262 p-5. "Definitions. For purposes of this title and titles XIV and XV -

(1) the term 'multilateral development bank' means the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development, the International Development Association, and the regional multilateral development banks; and

(2) The term 'regional multilateral development bank' means the Inter-American Development Bank, the African Development Bank, the African Development Fund, and the Asian Development Bank...

262q. Multilateral development bank procurement.

(2) Function. The officer shall act as the liaison between the Department of the Treasury, the Department of Commerce, and the United States Executive Directors' offices in the multilateral development banks, in carrying out this section...

(b) 'Multilateral development bank' defined. As used in this section, the term 'multilateral development bank' includes the International Bank for the Reconstruction and Development, the International Development Association, the International Finance Corporation, the Inter-American Development Bank, the Inter-American Investment Corporation, the Asian Development Bank, the African Development Bank, and the African Development Fund...

263. International Prison Commission. The United States shall continue as an adhering member of the International Prison Commission and participate in the word of said commission...

263a. International Criminal Police Organization {InterPol}. The Attorney General is authorized to accept and maintain, on behalf of the United States, membership in the International Criminal Police Organization {InterPol}, and to designate any departments and agencies which may participate in the United States representation with that organization...


1958 - Pub. L. 85-768 authorized the Attorney General to designate departments and agencies which may participate, on a pro rata share basis, in the United States representation with the International Criminal Police Organization {Interpol}..." (Title 22 - Foreign Relations and Intercourse, page 45 and 46)

The following is an account by Mr. S.A. Freeman, Editor of "The Citizen's Claw."

“WARNING TO AMERICA'S CHRISTIANS! WILL YOUR CHURCH BE NEXT? C.I.A. ORDERS ARREST AND EXECUTION OF CHRISTIANS IN THE U.S.: "On the afternoon of April 7th {in the early eighties} somewhere in the Washington, D.C., area, I spent four hours at a very secret meeting with people who were risking their lives by being there. There was a general from the U.S. Army, a Colonel from Military Intelligence, a Colonel from the U.S. Marines, a U.S. Senator, three members of the C.I.A., and a person of very high rank from the {Canadian} M.P.'s.

The meeting produced the following information: I was shown two documents stamped Top Secret. One document was signed by President Reagan and the other was signed by William Colby. Both documents referred to the Christians as "THE DISRUPTERS." The C.I.A., document was to the Pentagon and stated that the OFFICIAL department of Justice's {F.B.I.} terminology for Christians will be "       THE DISRUPTER'S MOVEMENT." The William Colby document proceeded to outline a plan FOR THE ARREST, EXECUTION, OR MENTAL REHABILITATION OF ALL DISRUPTERS. The plan proceeds as follows:

STAGE ONE: to terminate with extreme prejudice {that means to kill in cold blood} ALL DISRUPTERS who are publicly interfering with "Operation Cablesplice" {Operation Cablesplice is the plan to take over all municipal, county and state governments INTO ONE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT AND THEN TO A WORLD GOVERNMENT}.


STAGE THREE: To arrest either on criminal charges or on mental inquest warrants ALL THOSE WHO HAVE LISTENED TO AND FOLLOWED THE COLLABORATORS AND INFILTRATORS. Plus the arrest of all collaborators. The confiscation of all wealth and property for it is estimated that half the wealth in the U.S. is in their hands. Stage three does not apply to infiltrators or government agents.

STAGE ONE IS UNDER IMPLEMENTATION NOW. Did federal agents DELIBERATELY INCINERATE MEN, WOMEN AND CHILDREN AT THE WACO, TEXAS BURN-OUT ON APRIL 19, 1993? Well, there is little doubt from the actions of Federal Agents over the past few years that IT IS OFFICIAL GOVERNMENT POLICY, {although still covert at this time} TO KILL MEN, WOMEN AND CHILDREN IF THEY HAPPEN TO BE CHRISTIANS WHO REFUSE TO RECOGNIZE GOVERNMENT AS THEIR GOD. Now you know WHY they were incinerated so Christians had better conduct all of their future affairs with this plan in mind.

PROFESSOR CLAIMS U.S. A COMMUNIST NATION: The United States is one of the most successful communist nations in history, is the opinion of Butler D. Shaffer, who teaches law at Southwestern University, Los Angeles. "I am amused at all of my conservative friends who really think that America is involved in a struggle with the forces of communism," Shaffer declared in an opinion column of the Santa Ana Register, on December 18, 1983. "In point of fact," he pointed out, "the struggle is over Communism won."

Excerpts from Shaffers's column, printed below, may shock many who have not realized the extent that their freedoms have been eroded. Shaffer's column continues in part: Who is the owner of human life? Once that question is answered we have the answer to the follow-up question: who gets to decide what will happen to the life of any given person?

Any system ruled over by political authorities has already answered both these questions: the State owns all life within its borders, and the State has the ultimate decision-making authority over that life. The State decides whether any given life shall be sacrificed to its war games: the State decides how much of our life shall be spent producing wealth for it; the State decides how we shall take care of "our" bodies, whether by directing us to wear seatbelts or prohibiting us from consuming what it considers harmful substances; the State decides whether children shall go to school, and when they shall go, and where; the State decides what conduct of ours shall be permitted {"legal"} and what shall be prohibited {"illegal"}. The struggle is over, Communism won.

Based on the public testimony of Professor Shaffer, whose conclusions can be supported with massive documentation, it can NOW BE LAWFULLY STATED AS FACT, that ANY PERSON THAT WORKS FOR "THE GOVERNMENT" (from city to federal) or is affiliated with the Democrat or Republican Political Parties, IS ACTIVELY ENGAGED IN THE "OVERTHROW OF OUR CONSTITUTIONAL AND 'REPUBLICAN' FORM OF GOVERNMENT" AND IS GUILTY OF THE FELONIES SHOWN ABOVE GOVERNMENT'S BUSINESS, as well as the business of the two major political parties, is the "enforcement" and "promotion" of SOCIALISM/COMMUNISM, which are "violations" of our FUNDAMENTAL LAWS.

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