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Anti‑White Hate Crimes

This post is very long, but needs to be seen by as many people as possible. Those of you who visit other forums should post it there too, especially if racial violence is being discussed... Stephen Lawrence, 22 April, 1993.

Media circus ever since. However, these white victims have been ignored by the same media that whips up sympathy for the Lawrence family:‑

Fred Carter 64, 13 July 1993 New Cross, South London. Battered to the ground, kicked and jumped on in a lift by a black named Junior Samuel.

Mark Sharp 39, 1993 Luton, Bedfordshire. A family man killed in a road rage attack by Asians. The suspected killer, Abdul Abedin, fled the country to Bangladesh which has no extradition treaty with Britain. A warrant for his arrest was issued but a Bangladeshi High Commission spokesman said "We have no extradition treaty with Britain. It can only be done on goodwill now. It depends on how serious the British government is."

Annie Castle 74, 22 August 1993 Bethnal Green, East London. Mrs Castle was a great‑grandmother who had lived in the East End all her life. One night a Negro broke into her flat and tied up her friend Billy Bryan and tore the rings off her fingers, she suffered a heart attack and died on the spot.

Billy Bryan 71, 22 August 1993Bethnal Green, East London. Mr Bryan had been staying with Mrs Castle on the night that Black intruder entered her flat. Elderly Mr Bryan was found the next morning lying on the floor, dead with† his hands and feet bound. He had died of a massive heart attack. Police never found the black murderer.

PC Patrick Dunne 44, 20 October 1993 Clapham. Local Clapham community officer PC Patrick Dunne was attending a minor domestic disturbance across the street at 28 Cato Road when he heard the sound of gunfire. As he went outside to investigate he was shot once in the chest. Three blacks left the scene laughing and firing shots into the air in triumph. He was pronounced dead on arrival at St. Thomas's Hospital.

Philip Gosling 13, February 1994 Handsworth, Birmingham. Young Philip was the only white boy in his class, and was one of only five whites out of 500 at Handsworth Wood Boys' school. He was constantly racially bullied and had been burned on the neck with a match and threatened with a knife. He was chased into the path of a van by a gang of Asians from the school and killed.

Emmanuel Hand 35, 15 May 1994 Holloway Tavern, Holloway Road. London N7. Warren Mathurin (also known as Warren Desmangles, now 43), of Jamaican parents, was sitting at the bar and insulting bar staff and asked to leave. He ran home, returning with a knife with a 9‑inch blade and loudly challenged the Ulsterman landlord to come outside. Emmanuel did and Mathurin stabbed him three times in the heart. As Emmanuel was carried to the ambulance the already over‑powered Mathurin taunted him "I warned you Manny, I warned you."

Richard Everitt 15, August 1994 Kings Cross London NW1. Schoolboy known as a gentle giant attacked by a gang of Bengalis (East Pakistanis). Stabbed to death. Main suspects helped to escape to Bengal by their families and† community. One gang member in prison for assault, an active 'Justice for Kings Cross One' campaign operating to get him released. Warrants still in operation for the murderers. Richard's family refused admittance to Bengali† protest meeting in Camden Town Hall, trying to speak on Richard's behalf.

Leslie Watkinson 66, 9 December 1994 Peckham, South London. Former Salvation Army major killed for his pension by three black youths, ran away shouting "I bust his head." Killers never found.

Frank Dempsey 56, 7 February 1995 South London. Had pleurisy, spat on ground, passing Negro turned round shouting abuse and stabbed him. Killer never found.

PC Philip Walters 28, April 1995 Ilford, East London. PC Walters was trying to arrest Yardie gangster Ray Lee, who shot him in the chest. Lee got 18 years but later tried to sue the Met for the value of a gold toothcap he lost in the struggle during his arrest.

Thomas Kidd 61, 6 May 1995 Tulse Hill, South London. Returning from a VE Day celebration when assaulted by two black youths for £100. Later died from internal bleeding. Proceeds spent in part on designer jeans.

Michael Dooher,19, 2 September 1995 Lichfield, Staffordshire. Michael was beaten by a rabid gang of Asians with iron bars, he was dead on arrival at Walsall's Manor Hospital. The post‑mortem showed that he died of severe† injuries to his head and upper body. Mushtaq Khan of Birmingham was charged with his murder.

Ted Howell 75, 9 November 1995 Lewisham, South London. World War II veteran stabbed five times by 15 year old black for his pension.

Danny Westmacott 16, 8 February 1996 Edmonton, London. A fight broke out between Noel Sayles, a 15 year old Negro, and Daniel Westmacott outside the local McDonalds. Neither had any weapons and Sayles came off second best. Sayles returned with two friends to take revenge, entering the eatery armed with bottles and a knife. Sayles fatally stabbed Westmacott. There were other customers in the McDonalds at the time, including a party of young children. Jason Honeyghon was freed on appeal and Sayles has had his sentence reduced to 11 years.

Andrew Steventon 17, June 1996 Birmingham. Hit twice on the head with a bottle, punched three times and knocked unconscious to the ground with a fractured skull in an unprovoked assault. Black Royston Worrell, who "wanted to show that he was cock of the walk," was convicted of manslaughter and sentenced to four and a half years.

Elizabeth Pinhorn 96, 9 June 1997 Herne Hill, South London. Pulled to ground from her doorstep for her handbag. Black killer never found.

Nina MacKay 25, 24 October 1997Stratford, East London. WPC MacKay died of knife wounds she received when entering the flat of deranged Somali illegal immigrant Magdi Elgizouli, whom she was going to arrest and deport. She died later in Newham General Hospital.

Louie Wade 53, 1998 Newham, East London. A gang of Asians were heard shouting anti‑white racist abuse, then they surrounded Louie and stabbed him to death.

James McParland 49, 4 April 1998 Burnley. James "Seamus" McParland was found on a pavement in a back alley near Duke Bar, Burnley, after a night out in the early hours of April 4. He had been punched and kicked in the head and robbed. He died shortly afterwards. Sasjid Hussain, 19 and Omar Beg, 17 had murdered him for money to buy cannabis.

Brian Harvey 31, 1 August 1998 Walthamstow, East London. Brian was playing pool in the Churchill snooker club with his brother, when an Asian in his mid 20s, in an unprovoked attack, slashed him across his jugular vein. Police described it as an execution‑style killing.

Peter Harvey 26. 1 August 1998 Walthamstow, East London. Peter was eating at the bar of the snooker club with his girlfriend watching his brother Brian enjoy a game of pool. When the Asian slashed his brother, Peter went to† his assistance and was also cut across the jugular vein. Both men where described as decent and hard working and devoted to their elderly widowed mother.

Winifred Sills 79, 1 May 2000 Manor Park, East London. Miss Sills was returning home from a trip to the shops, using a walking frame as she was very frail. A 15 year old 6ft tall Asian hit her from behind for her handbag, which contained less than a pound. She hit her head against a car as she fell to the ground and went into a coma later that day. She never regained consciousness and died two weeks later at Newham General Hospital from a massive brain haemorrhage. The Asian murderer bragged, laughed and joked about the attack and got a short sentence for manslaughter.

Elizabeth Amlot 39, 1 February 2001 Woodside Park, North London. Miss Amlot was returning from a New year party when Turkish Kurd asylum‑seeker Sertan Balci dragged her into an alley, punched her to the ground and repeatedly kicked her. She died a month later in hospital. After his trial it was discovered that Balci had carried out a series of sex ambushes.

Daisy Fenton 88, 30 March 2001 South London. Mugged and knocked to the ground for £2.00's worth of groceries. Black Michael Manning got 7 years for killing 4ft 10ins tall, six & half stone Daisy, who needed the aid of a† walking stick. He left her with 5 broken ribs, fractures to the nose, cheek, arm and breast bone. She suffered for three days before she died.

Rosie Ross 16, 12 May 2001 Birmingham city centre. Rosie a policeman's daughter was stabbed to death by a mad Asian Inderjit Kainth.

Hilda Lockert 86,15 May 2001 Brixton, South London. Mrs Lockert was hurled down the stairs of her block by two black youths, who mugged her for £15 and her bus pass. She had been mugged on her estate six times before.

Anne Cypher 42, 19 May 2001 Wandsworth, South London. Anne, a mother of three, was working as a manageress of Players Snooker Club. One evening Negro crack addict Robert Alleyne entered the club and savagely bludgeoned her to death with a bar stool, after which he stole the £200 float from the till. She received 19 injuries to her head and body.

Amanda Clarke 32, 26 May 2001 Wandsworth, South London. Amanda was a friend of Anne Cypher and herself a mother of two teenage children. Negro villain Robert Alleyne, 36, also bludgeoned her in the robbery of the Players Snooker Club, where she was found lying in the foyer. She died in hospital of a fractured skull seven days after the attack.

Ross Parker 17, 23 September 2001 Peterborough, Cambridgeshire. Kicked and stabbed to death by at least eight Asians, by the time his girlfriend had returned with the police young Ross was dead. R.I.P.

Kevin Jackson 31, 1 January 2002 Halifax, West Yorkshire. Kevin, a father of two young children, was stabbed outside his home while chasing a gang of Asians who were trying to steal his father‑in‑law's car. Raees Khan, Rashad Zaman and Rangzaib Akhtar have been arrested and charged with his murder.

Anthony O'Brien 24, 27 January 2002 Walworth, South London. Stabbed outside the George IV pub by a black 6ft tall mid‑20s. Police still hunting attacker.

Owain Leeson 17, 14 February 2002 Sheffield city centre. A row broke out on a dancefloor which continued in the Uropa nightclub's rear car park. Owain was beaten around the head and face then stabbed with a large knife. He bled to death from his injuries. The group of people involved were described as aged late teens to mid 20s and of Asian or mixed race appearance. The killer is still being sought.

Gavin Hopley 19,16 February 2002 Oldham. Gavin was not from Oldham but from Rochdale and had been for a night out in Oldham town centre. When he wanted to return home he couldn't get a taxi so walked in the hope of flagging one down. Unknown to him he strayed into the Asian area of Glodwick which is a no‑go area for whites. For that mistake he was beaten to death by a gang of† 12 Asians.

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