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Rudyard Kipling.

And The World Trembled In Fear

"It was not part of their blood,

It came to them very late

With long arrears to make good,

When the Saxons began to hate.

They were not easily moved,

They were icy‑willing to wait

Till every count should be proved

Ere the Saxons began to hate.

Their voices were even and low,

Their eyes were level and straight

There was neither sign nor show,

When the Saxons began to hate.

It was not preached to the crowd,

It was not taught by the State,

No man spoke it aloud,

When the Saxon began to hate.

It was not suddenly bred,

It will not swiftly abate,

Through the chilled years ahead,

When Time shall count from the date

That the Saxons began to hate."

Roll the Thunder

When will the blaze of lightning strike;

That rends the air, and rolls the thunder?

When will the hearts of men unite;

Whose race has long been torn asunder?

When shall we forge the destinies;

Of those who spring from our desires?

When shall the promise of our God

To Israel withstand the fires

Of Satanís child, whose promise kept;

Would lead us to our certain death?

Roll the thunder, Israel;

Split the heavens with Godís might.

He sacrificed His Son for you;

And gave the power of the light.

To all who hear and follow true,

And know the glory in His race;

Who war against the synagogue

Of Satanís spawn, who have no place

In Israel- which you are told-

By Godís own words, and by his Grace.

Kindred - heed the word of God.

Roll the thunder, Israel.

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