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             Main Cause of America's "Great Depression"

Americans: This will be a history lesson that needs telling.  Most of you probably never have heard of it before or knew of the significance behind the creation of the Federal Reserve System by European Bankers; assisted by Members of Congress whose progeny are still playing the game today, a game in which we are all Pawns!

Most Americans over the age of 50 are probably familiar with the Great Depression of the 1930's, and those over 70 probably experienced it. Yet how many ever seek to know the real reasons for its appearance?

Most have been spoon‑fed any number of reasons, from the application of the Smoot‑Hawley Tariffs, to the Wall Street Crash of 1929, to the weather. Spoon fed false reasons by a group that well understood the root cause of the Depression:  The owners and members of the Banking community, mainly those of the European designed, built and dominated, Federal Reserve System since 1913.

Smoot‑Hawley was not responsible. It did not go into effect until 1933, long after the Depression had begun. The crash of 1929 came about because of the massive expansion of Credit promoted and granted to Citizens, enabled millions to buy stocks with minimal money; 10% or less, and the weather did not necessarily cause the dust storms in the mid‑west ‑ the misguided farming methods of that time contributed to the dust storms in a period of drought.

A little known or publicized event however, was the real catalyst that led to the Great Depression.  It was contrived in the main controlling, Federal Reserve Bank in N.Y City when the Federal Reserve System was barely 7 years along. The details of these machinations of the Federal Reserve into the economic and political life of America never appear in High School textbooks or in College courses in economics or political science, as these revelations would have initiated a revolution overnight. They still might!

Plus, a controlled Media became an important facet or adjunct to the Federal Reserve Banking structure. The Media of America and its publishing houses, and the world, emerged as party to the cloaking of the facts of history ‑‑ a tactic which has been applied to other, equally deleterious contumacious events throughout the history of the western world during the past 100+ years. Those other disturbed topics, Religion, Education, Politics and the Environment are not the subject of today's revelations however.

There is a historic parallel to these events that were instigated by the Federal Reserve Bank. They appeared a bit earlier, in Soviet Russia and were influenced by Internationalists; those running Russia after 1918.  When these Bolsheviks came to power, they quickly won the support of the Urban population and seemed well on their way to the complete Communization of all Russia. But, barely three years after a seemingly successful revolution they were stopped in their tracks, stopped cold by the Farmers and Land‑owners of the nation who refused to surrender their land or their products to the Bolshevik leadership, 90%+ of whom were atheistic Jews.

Consequently this alien crowd that had moved into Russia with the support, connivance and money of American Bankers in New York, saw that the predicament to communizing all of Russia came from the opposition of the Farmers, Land‑owners and Small Business people ‑those whom they labeled as the "Kulaks." (A middle class, or comparatively wealthy peasant who employed hired labor or possessed farm machinery)

These people were largely self‑dependent and self‑ sustaining and could shape policies that had a national impact on issues and events. Let the farmers stop buying, selling and shipping for a few months and note what happens: to transportation, to stock and bond‑holders in commercial companies including Colleges, Churches, Hospitals, etc.

Since the Russian Kulaks would neither cooperate with, or surrender to Stalin and his cohorts, he solved the problem by the simple but effective method of killing tens of millions of Farmers and deporting another ten million or so to Siberia. When the Internationalists who had funded the Bolsheviks to power in Russia began their own plan to capture the American economic System, they were well aware that in America, as in Russia, a massive resistance would come from the Farmers and Small Businessmen, and consequently, that opposition had to be removed!  But, in America, killing was certainly not an option, at least then.

It is clear that the solvency of the Kulaks hinged directly to food, raw materials, income of workers, solvency of industry, the transportation system and the value of stocks, bonds and securities issued by the industrial and transportation corporations. The same issues that lay behind the American system of Capitalism as well. But, what kept them both working and solvent was an attitude, a natural trust among the people involved, stimulated by the doctrines of Christianity as the common denominator. Destroy that trust and create Chaos. To destroy the  solvency of the Kulak, or the American Farmer, is to guarantee the destruction of the Christian basis and the entire economic structure of these nations. They are and were, tied together in a Christian basis.

Now perhaps, this historic parallel of the destruction of the Russian and then the American economic system is exactly what the

Internationalists planned for these once Free‑enterprise systems before setting up their own Socialist system of a regimented economy under the aegis of aliens to Christianity.  This "dominion" is a main theme of the Talmud and from this ancient Babylonian set of instructions came those other, more detailed sets of instructions, the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, and the two Manifesto's, the Communist and the Humanist.

Now, perhaps we can see clearly that the Internationalists chose wisely when they directed their first attacks against the Foundation of our American System ‑ the solvency of the Farmer, first the Russian, and then the


But, to find out how they did it, we shall quote from a well documented and obscure little booklet written in 1944 by a member of the Republican National Committee, T.W. Hughes, titled, "Forty Years of Roosevelt’s."

This author well understood the actions of Franklin Roosevelt during his Administrations and sought to prevent a fourth term from becoming a reality. But unfortunately, the War obscured and cloaked much of the facts and the truth about what Roosevelt had been doing to the Bill of Rights and the sovereignty of America. War, as a cohesive tactic is always used by some elements of society to cloak their deviancies. Those who light the fires that create the ashes of turmoil and chaos have a mission of their own, and Christianity is not included!

Today’s war on Terrorism is no different. Its true targets are not semetic Arabs, but the knowledgable Christian of America. He is being forced to suffer indignities applied by internal forces and agencies that a deflated Congress refuses to inhibit.

But, I digressed a bit there, as the real issue remains the historic cause of the Great Depression. T.W. Hughes offers facts that are well corroborated, even in the Congressional Record.  Here is what Hughes has to say about the parallel events in Russia and in America of the 1920's and 30's.  His first reference is made to an unprecedented edict issued from the Federal Reserve of New York that the Re‑discount rate to small banks of America was to be raised, and raised dramatically; from the historic minimal, 2% to a massive, 8%!

Quoting: P.30:  “When this described order was being debated at a secret conference of the Federal Reserve Bankers, Mr. John Skelton Williams was Comptroller of the Currency ‑ one of the most important offices in the Federal Government; and hearing that this secret order was being  considered by the Deflation Committee of the American Bankers Association, he did everything in his power to prevent its passage (see Congressional Record, May 2, 1933).

In relating his efforts to the late John A. Simpson, Mr. Williams said, "I told the other members of the Board, 'Do you know that this will break lots of the little country banks?' They cold‑bloodedly answered me, "THEY OUGHTTO BREAK, THERE ARE TOO MANY OF THEM."

“I then told them, "Don't you know it is going to ruin lots of farmers?" and they cold‑bloodedly replied to me, "THEY OUGHT TO BE RUINED, THEY ARE GETTING SO PROSPEROUS THEY WON'T WORK."

But, like they treated the Kulaks these Internationalist Bankers realized that the American Farmers, the local Kulaks, could be disposed of far easier and without the blood‑shed. By a completely LEGAL method: by Bankruptcy. And that by bankrupting the American farmer they could end, both his independence and his contributions to the national welfare, the real backbone of America. So, to achieve this end, they set their plans in order.  Lets go back to T.W. Hughes.

“To achieve this end the International Bankers in May 1920 began their long‑range plan which is still in effect and which will certainly and completely succeed should the 1944 election again return the New Dealers to power.”

“It was on that date, May 18th, 1920, that the International Bankers made their first move toward the destruction of the American Farmers; the order to the Federal Reserve Banks to raise the Re‑discount rates to the small banks (the country banks of the nation), from 2% to 8%!  The trick involved, in this secret order may be explained as follows:  If a country bank loaned $1000 to a Farmer on a Promissory Note bearing 6% interest, and thereafter the small bank needed additional funds, the small bank could take the Farmers note and collateral to a Federal Reserve Bank where the Farmer's note would be re‑discounted at 2% and the $1000 in cash handed to the country banker.

It will be seen that by this transaction the country bank made 4% on its loan to the Farmer, the other 2% called for  in the Farmer's note having been paid to the Federal Reserve Bank as a re‑discount.”“So long as country banks could take the notes and collateral of Farmers and Small town Merchants, and re‑discount them for 2%, the country banks would always be able to get the funds needed in their business. But when the re‑discount rate was raised from 2% to 8%, as by the order issued on May 18th, 1920, the country banker could no longer get additional funds from the Federal Reserve Bank.  For how long could a country bank stay in business if it loaned money to Farmers at 6% interest and then had to pay 8% interest to the Federal Reserve Bank?”

“Obviously it couldn't be done, and when the order raising the re‑discount rate from 2% to 8% took effect, the country banker could no longer lend any money at all to Farmers and Small‑town Merchants. Worse yet, the country banker had to call in or refuse to extend loans already made!”

It should be apparent that the International Bankers made a wise choice when they moved against the American Farmer, particularly those in the Mid‑west as their focus was primarily handled from the Chicago Federal Reserve Bank, the onus for responsibility, removed from New York and Washington to what is called today, "fly‑over country."

So it is clear that the Bankers knew against whom to direct their attack, against that part of the American System upon which all other parts depend, the Agricultural Industry, the foundation of the American System. (Now note that a similar move has been going on for the past 5‑10 years with what remains of America's industrial base: it has been moved out of the country and as a consequence, depleted the solvency of the tax base by reduced and low paid employment‑ all "planned" and "programmed" by the self same People. Perhaps that explains why the Bible calls us, “Sheep.”)

Yet, many will ask, what did Congress do and why did they not step in to resolve this massive fraud being perpetrated on America?  Why was there no reaction to these events?  Well, to get the answer, we must look at Congress today: why has there been no Congressional response to the current Tactics against Terrorism, against contrived military moves that are being used to deplete the last surviving elements of America's past, its Freedoms?  Again, let T.W. Hughes tell about what happened.

“From this testimony by the Comptroller of the Currency, as reported in the Congressional Record (Vol.64, Part V, 67th Congress, Fourth Session), and from events which immediately followed this secret conference of bankers, it is clear that the Committee which passed this  resolution knew that a panic would follow, bringing ruin to Farmers and local Banks throughout the country; in other words, "they had planned it that way."

“As a result this first attack against the Agricultural areas, came the Farmers Panic of 1921, and as a result of this panic, 5,000 country banks were closed, 150,000 small‑town Merchants failed in business, the money and savings of the 50 million people living in rural areas was  drained out of the country and INTO the big cities; and 5 million Farmers were so completely ruined that to this day 80% of them have not recovered solvency.”

“And lest the Reader think that this was the only direct attack on the American Farmer let me cite a similar incident occurring sometime earlier; and I now quote from a letter sent out by the Big Bankers to their agents throughout the Nation. "We authorize our loan agents in the Western States to loan our finds on Real Estate to fall due on September 1, On September 1, 1894; we will not renew our loans under any consideration.

On September 1st we will demand our money, and (when the Farmers cannot pay) we will foreclose and become mortgagee’s in possession. We can take two‑thirds of the farms west of the Mississippi, and thousands of them

east of the great Mississippi as well, at our own price!  We may as well own three fourths of the farms of the West and the money of the country.

Then the farmers will become tenants as in England.” (Note, modern reader, the implication of where "dominion" was sourced ‑ London) “After September 1st, the interest we receive on coupons will be accumulated. We will not lend any of our funds after that date, as we can make more money by withholding our interest income.

When it is  rememberssed that between the dates mentioned in this secret letter, the letter having been written September 1891 and to take effect on and after September 1894, that between these dates the International Bankers would spring their"1893 Panic" which would spread wreck and ruin throughout the agricultural areas, it is clear why the Big Bankers knew as stated in their letter that when the Farmers notes fell due, in 1894, the Farmer would be unable to pay.

Thereafter, as the secret letter implied, our American Farmers could either go out of business or become tenants as in England.  As a matter of fact they did both.”

Now, was Congress aware of these events? For sure, they are well documented in Congressional Records as to be beyond denial and they both occurred before the New Deal of Roosevelt and his kinsmen cronies who were shaping policies in conjunction with the International Bankers. But then T.W. Hughes was not content to cite only the events before the New Deal became the law of the land, he uses some of their own events that also played a big part in the attack against America and its economy.  Again, lets listen to Mr. Hughes.

“The next attack of the Internationalists against the American Farmer began in 1930 and continued until 1934, when the Internationalists cause Russian farm products to be dumped on the European market and sold for less then the cost of production and transportation. By this stroke they drove down farm prices in America and set in motion a new series of bank and business failures in the farm areas.”

“The next attack by the Internationalists came in March 1933, when by removal of their gold deposits from America to England, (England again) they closed every bank in the nation. And when ten days later one‑half of these banks were permitted to re‑open, 80% of the banks that were kept closed were banks LOCATED IN AGRICULURAL AREAS.  And again, a succession of business failures swept through the farm areas!”

“Finally came the Regimentation Era of 1941‑44. Here, under the pretense of being necessary, farm prices were "stabilized" at less then parity rates; farm sales were restricted by O.P.A. regimentation and the purchase of farm machinery, trucks and tires made almost impossible. And again, a series of failures swept through the farm areas and is still sweeping.” (Bernie Baruch et. al. were the instigators here)

“To these specific incidents of direct attacks on the solvency of Farmers, Bankers and Small Merchants of the rural districts, may be added the over‑all attack made for twelve years past by the New Deal, in which our Tariff Laws have been nullified and evaded to the end, that billions of dollars worth of foreign agricultural products have been imported into the United States thus robbing the American Farmer of his own and only market!”

To get a better understanding about who was doing what to whom during WW II, we saw Roosevelt appoint Bernard Baruch as the overall manager of all of America's assets, the allocation of its production and the distribution of its product, a big step in the planning processes necessary to shift into a socialized economy.

In this approach, Baruch was assisted by many other, similarly minded Zionist Jews whom Roosevelt had chosen for his assistants.  Henry Morgenthau as Roosevelt's Secretary of the Treasury, took this national position as being one to also deplete the assets and value of Germany after the war ended.  Displaying an attitude of vengeance so characteristic of the edicts of the abominable Talmud,  he wrote the Plan that Germany was to be reduced to a simple pastoral country dependent on England and France for its sustenance.

So now, American, you have discovered that those events that have come and gone, have not happened in a vacuum, they have been planned and programmed. These historic events have been dominated by "hidden hands" whose influence has affected millions of Americans, even hundreds of millions of unsuspecting people. Despite that fact that over 50 years have passed since this booklet was written, the diabolical events described by this author confirm the persistent determination of alien forces seeking to destroy Christianity in America, in the world.

Christianity is the single feature of our lives, the true cohesive factor that has bound our People together in trust, in dignity and integrity.

Even since our own Revolution the Internationalist bankers conspired to achieve a dominion over the lives of Americans. Alexander Hamilton, who himself was one half Jewish and had studied under Talmudist bankers in the Caribbean islands where he was born and schooled in Talmudic study, was the red thread of federalism who favored and sought a central banking system with its fiat funding that came from ancient Babylon; brought into favor by the Talmudists whose 70 years of Babylonian training in this credit funding became their hallmark.

The red thread of this usurious system became interwoven into America's financial structure in 1913 when alien Bankers subverted a few members of the Senate and Congress and then coerced (by blackmail) Pres. Wilson to adopt a system designed for and by these aliens to the constitutional right of Congress to coin monies.

Thus they granted to an antiChristian international cartel of Bankers, total dominion over the lives of Americans ‑ the impact of which has so insidiously infected all aspects of American life that its once Bible based Common Law and Justice system and its natural law morality may see us follow other Empires into the trash heap of history.

"My people are being destroyed for lack of knowledge, because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee."

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