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To illustrate some of the major reasons I believe the USA is predominantly Ephraim,

I am putting an article at the end of this e‑mail.  But in brief, consider:

                                  1.  As you pointed out, Ephraim was to vastly out‑number Manasseh

                              (Deut.33:17), ten to one.  The population of the USA is 280 million, compared

                                          to England's 60 million and Canada's 28 million.

                               2.  The USA is the "YOUNGER" nation to rise; England is like an OLDER

                             brother, though both dwelled together for many centuries. Of course, Ephraim

                              was the younger brother.  It only makes sense that the younger would rise up

                              later than the older brother.  Of course, when Ephraim was "fully grown," he

                               excelled his older brother, even as the USA has excelled England, and has

                                                     grown much greater.

                               3.  Many nobility also came to the USA.  Our presidents have virtually ALL

                               had links with English royalty; and our leading entrepreneurs, the Abbots,

                               Astors, Carnegies, Rockefellers, Mellons, etc., have family lies that go way


                            4.  Ephraim was to become a people who drank too much WINE (Isa.28:1).  Wine

                              is produced in abundance in the US, California, Oregon, etc. The British are

                              not known as wine‑bibbers, but their drink of choice is BEER ‑‑ a completely

                                 different beverage.  This again points to the US being Ephraim, in the


                                 5.  Ephraim was to posses the greatest natural resources and beauty ‑‑

                               including "verdant valleys" (Isa.28:1). The US is the most fertile nation in

                                 the world, called he "breadbasket" of the world. Our valleys like the

                               Shenandoah, the Piedmont, the Central Valley of California, the Willamette

                               Vallley of Oregon, are world famous ‑‑ we are a nation of awesome valleys,

                                     agricultural fruitfulness, and abundance (Deut.33:13‑16).

                            6.  Ephraim and Manasseh together have "pushed th4 peoples to the ends of the

                               earth" (Deut.33:17).  Manasseh is like a firstborn (which he was literaaly)

                                bull, and the bull is a symbol of England.  Ephraim is more like the "wild

                                 ox" of this verse‑‑ younger, wilder, less settled ‑‑ you've heard of the

                             "Wild West," and the "wild American," like many younger brothers, we tend to

                              be a little on the "wild side," and therefore many Europeans look on us with

                                       a little distrust, consternation, and even bewilderment.

                               7.  Ephraim's very name literally means "doubly fruitful."  Well, look at the

                                 evidence!  The US has been VERY fruitful during the 20th century ‑‑

                                abundantly so.  DOUGLY so.  Joseph is a fruitful bough (Gen.49:22), so

                               Manasseh is also fruitful ‑‑ but Ephraim (USA) doubly so!   So it should be:

                             Ephraim was given the BLESSING of the firstborn (Gen.48:13‑14), even though

                               Manasseh was the actual firstborn.  The firstborn historically was to inherit

                             a DOUBLE PORTION.  So it falls to reason that Ephraim ‑‑ the USA ‑‑ should

                               have a double portion of blessings, which we certainly to ‑‑ geographically,

                                agriculturally, economically, militarily, population‑wise, etc.  It is said

                                       that if America catches cold, the whole world sneezes.

                              8.  Jacob said Manasseh also would be great ‑‑ England and Canada, etc.  But

                               he said "truly his YOUNGER brother shall be GREATER than he, and his

                              descendants shall become a MULTITUDE OF NATIONS [I.E., "STATES"]"

                                (Gen.48:19).  Many have misunderstood this.  In Hebrew, the word for

                               "nations" here is goyim, and means "peoples, nations, states, a troop, a

                               flight," a word that has the sense of "massing." Thus Jacob really said the

                          descendants of Ephraim would become a TROOP of people, a MASS of people, MANY

                               states, families, or groupings.  Thus we have in fulfillment of this prophecy

                               THE FIFTY STATES of the United States ‑‑ we became 50 different states,

                            UNITED, but ONE PEOPLE.  Each state has its own constitution and government.

                              At its greatest, the British Empire or Commonwealth did control vast parts of

                               the earth, when you include India, but these were GENTILE nations under

                               British rule ‑‑ they were not Josephite people at all. The blessing of Jacob

                                was not that Ephraim would rule over many nations, per se ‑‑ it was that

                           Ephraim would reproduce and BECOME a multitude or troop or massing of people

                              ‑‑ by having a greater multitude of descendants, becoming many groupings ‑‑

                                                  i.e., fifty United STATES!

                                9.  Ephraim always was distrustful of royalty, particularly of the house of

                                David.  Jereboam, an Ephraimite, led the rebellion against the house of

                             David. On the oher hand, many Manassites were among the first men to join up

                             with David, when he was estranged from king Saul.  These same characteristics

                                are seen in the two brothers today.  English royalty can be traced back to

                                 the line of David, thus David still has descendants sitting on a throne,

                                fulfilling in part God's promise to him (Psalm 89:20, 29‑37).  So it is that

                              England/Manasseh still has an affinity for David and his throne dwells among

                                them; USA/Ephraim, however, still has a distrust of all things royal, and

                                George Washington refused to be made a "king."  Thus we have elected

                                   "presidents" as apposed to a Davidic "king" reigning over us.

                               10.  Geographically, in ancient Israel, the house of Manasseh was divided,

                              separated into East Manasseh and West Manasseh, with the Jordan River the

                              dividing line.  West Manasseh stretched to the Mediterranean Sea.  Ephraim

                               was south of Manasseh, stretching from the Jordan to the Mediterranean.

                               Today, we have the same juxtaposition of the two tribes. Manasseh is once

                              again in the north ‑‑ West Manasseh is Canada, north of the US, with both of

                             them stretching from the Atlantic to the Pacific Oceans; and East Manasseh is

                               England, lying EAST of the Atlantic Ocean.  The Atlantic, like the ancient

                                          Jordan River, divides East and West Manasseh.

                               11.  Ephraim was prophesied to become "joined to idols" (Hos.4:17).  Idols

                               abound in modern USA ‑‑ Hollywood stars, rock music stars, sports stars,

                               automobiiles, and physical things of every description. We are a nation of

                              idolaters, as Ephraim was prophesied to become. "Harlotry" is so rampant it

                              is another sign of Ephraim ‑‑ we qare the pornography capital of the world ‑‑

                              the San Fernando Vallley in California, just west of "Hollyweird" (verse 18).

                                  Bribery of government officials is rampant ‑‑ only they call it 'pollitical

                                contributions" (verse 18). Ephraim was to be "broken in judgment"

                               (Hos.5:11).  American courts of justice are a travesty:  witness the O.J.

                                  Simpson trial, the trial of the police who arrrested Rodney King, the

                                ridiculous sham of the Florida Supreme Court wanting to count "chads,"

                             "dimpled chads," "hanging chads," "pregnant chads," etc., etc.  America truly

                                            fits the end‑time description of Ephraim.

                            12.  Ephraim was to be a "mixed" people.  God said "Ephraim has MIXED himself

                              among the peoples; Ephraim is a cake unturned [burnt on one side, white on

                                the other].  Aliens have devoured his strength, but he does not know it"

                              (Hos.7:8‑9).  America, the USA, is the "melting pot of the world."  We have

                              mixed ourselves weith Gentiles more than any other nation. Eluropeans tend

                                to be xenophobic, like Japan; racial mixing is frowned upon, and foreign

                               laborers are distrusted and persecuted.  Whereas in America, we welcome

                               foreigners of every description ‑‑ blacks from Africa, Europeans, Chinese

                             immigrants who helped build our intercontinental railroads, and Vietnamese,

                                Cuban refugees, and of course many people from Central America, not to

                                mention millions of Mexicans, both legal and illegal, without our borders.

                                Truly we fulfill this prophecy of being "mixed" ‑‑ moreso than any other

                               nation!  Plus the fact that "aliens" in our midst are devouring our strength,

                                getting free education, medical benefits, and bringing their own polluting

                                                   customs and practices.

                              I could go on and on.  But just two more "proofs" that the US is predominatly


                               13.  Ephraim was the 13th tribe.  He was born last, of the tribe heads, born

                                to Joseph in Egypt, after Manasseh, the 12th tribe.  The US flag has 13

                                stripes, the US originally had 13 colonies, in the US seal we find 13 stars

                              above an eagle [symbol of the "king of the air," or airpower], also 13 arrows

                                 clutched in his left claw, and an olive branch with 13 leaves in its right

                              claw, with a shield of 13 red and white stripes.  The number 13 is associated

                                               with Ephraim AND with America!

                                14.  The northern tribes of Israel were taken into captivity by Assyria in

                                718‑721 B.C.  God foretold Israel would be punished for "seven times"

                                (Lev.26:18, etc.; see also Dan.4:23).  Prophetically, a "time" can equal a

                              "year" in fulfillment (Num.14:34; Ezek.6:4‑5). A perfect "prophetic year" is

                               360 days; each day is a year in fulfillment.  This apparently is based on the

                                original year, as it was in the days of Noah.  Noah was in the ark from the

                                17th day of the second month till the 17th day of the seventh month ‑‑ a

                               total of 150 days (see Gen.7:11‑13; 7:24l 8:3‑4).  Thus five months equalled

                              150 days ‑‑ or 30 days per month.  Obviously, Noah was not using the modern

                               Jewish calendar!  If we extrapolate, then a year of 12 30 day months would

                              equal 360 days.  Therefore, Israel's punishment was 360 X 7 = 2520 years in

                              fulfillment.  If we count 2520 years from 718‑721, we come to A.D. 1800‑1803.

                                 At that time the punishment would be terminated, and God would begin to

                              BLESS the tribes with their intended blessings ‑‑ the blessings He gave to>

                                 Abraham, Isaac, and Israel ‑‑ and the tribal fathers, including Joseph.

What happened in 1803 in the world that was of any prophetic significance?

What great blessing occurred in that year?  Who received it?

In 1803 Thomas Jefferson, the third US president, purchased the Louisana

Purchase from Napoleon of France ‑‑ all the land stretching from the

Mississippi River to the Pacific Ocean.  This vast tract was bought for

pennies to the acre.  The Lewis and Clark Expedition traversed this huge

tract, finally arriving on the Pacific Coast, at the mouth of the Columbia

River. Never in history has a nation expanded so quickly, so vastly, and for

so little.  The birthright promises were to accrue to Ephraim ‑‑ and this was

a mighty geographical extension of the United States of Ephraim!

So, Yair, perhaps you see more clearly now why I truly believe the U.S. of A.

is and must be, by all rights, and prophetic understanding, the nation that

best represents the younger son of Joseph ‑‑ Ephraim ‑‑ with a mixture of all

the tribes dwelling in her, including of course many of Manasseh!


William F. Dankenbring

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