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"Knowing this first, that there shall come in the Last Days scoffers, walking after their own lusts, and saying, where is the promise of His coming? for since the fathers fell asleep, all things continue as they were......."

                                                                         The End of the World!


                                                                                | PREFACE |


    The average  person who calls himself a christian knows very little about the Bible. What he knows, or what he "THINKS" he knows, is what some pastor or priest has told him, or what he has heard from some christian radio station. If you ask them something about the scriptures, they will simply repeat whatever they have heard, or been taught. And if you question them on it, they will simply retort, well that's what I believe.

    The purpose of this study is to bring home the point that GOD is the authority, not our teachers, not our priests, not our pastors, and not ourselves. When we want to know what the Bible REALLY says, there is only one way to find out. ONE WAY! And that is to search it out in scripture. In other words, let God Himself tell you. Man is not smart enough to explain what God meant when He says something. God must explain what He meant, and He does so through His Holy Word. 2nd Timothy 2:15 says "Study to shew thyself approved unto God a workman, that needeth not to be ashamed, RIGHTLY dividing the word of Truth." There, God has given us the answer of how to rightly understand His word. The answer is, Study the scriptures. Do as the Bereans did when confronted by paul with doctrines they hadn't heard before (acts 17). They searched the scriptures daily to see if those things Paul was telling them were true. That is our example my friends. Just because something is different from what you have been taught (as the Bereans) doesn't mean it's not true. Search the scriptures and find out for yourself if they agree with What is said.

    A lot of faithful Christians, believe that the return of Christ is imminent. We believe 1994 is the year that will see the church raptured, and the judgement sit. We believe God has already sent some judgement upon the Unfaithful Churches in preparation for His return. The way of the Kings of the East has been prepared.

    In this study, we will take you through the scriptures showing you how this is all declared in God's word. None of this is out of my own head, it comes directly from scripture. I ask only that you read the whole book. If you skip over things, you'll be wondering where the Bible says 1260 days or where it says that's the end, or how I come to this conclusion, or that conclusion, etc. I only ask that you carefully consider what is written here. And make the determination yourself of if it's true to the scriptures or not. Just be faithful to God's word (Not What I say) and I believe you will see that all these things are Justified and the return of the Lord is Imminent. Even at the Doors. Be as the 5 wise Virgins and have oil in your lamps, because if not it means your light (CONTINUAL) is gone out........

                                                       God Bless you in the Study of His Holy Word.

                                                          T H E   E N D   O F  T H E   W O R L D !

                                                                                C H A P T E R  I

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                                                                                                       ONLY ONE SAVIOUR

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    There is anger in the voice of many people today. But their anger is not directed so much at christians, as it is at God. They most often say things like, If there is a God, why do children die, or why is there wars, or suffering. Their thinking is that God should stop it. What they don't realize is that they are trying to make a God of their own, designed after what they think is best for him to do. God is not "SUBJECT" to man, man is subject to God. God doesn't have to answer to Man, Man has to answer to GOD. Questions like, why did God put me here if He's going to send me to hell, this is the rebellion in the heart of man against God, which is what is really "SENDING" him to Hell. God is the creator of Heaven and earth, Holy. True, and Trustworty. It is utterly foolish for Man to question Him like a suspect of some kind. But that is what man does. That's like a criminal saying to a righteous judge, "Sure I killed someone, but that's what I like to do. I don't deserve to be punished." Shall the righteous Judge set him free? NO WAY! Not until the punishment has been paid. It's not God who is unrighteous in His judgements, it is man. Who is man to reply against God that He has done something wrong.

    In Romans 9:20 The word of God declares, "Nay but O MAN, who art thou that repliest against God? Shall the thing formed say to HIM that formed it, why hast thou made me thus?"

    The answer to that question is, we are "NOBODY!"  And until we get that through our "THICK" skulls we have no chance of escaping the judgement. Salvation begins at that point. It's the realization that you can do nothing but throw yourself upon the Mercies of God, the Judge. And He will have compasion on you, He will abundantly "PARDON" you through the Blood of His dear Son, His Gift to all of us (who don't deserve it). You don't ask for it, You don't "GET" it! You're to proud to beg, The Lord Resisteth the proud. But if you get down on your Knees (humble yourself) and say, Lord Forgive me, a Miserable rotten sinner, then the Lord will answer your prayers.

    But just as the lord is Merciful, He is also a God of Wrath. If you don't believe it, you just pick up the Old testament and start reading. I've got news for you! That's the "SAME" God as in the New testament, and He "WILL" Judge the unrighteous. There will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.

    This Idea that God will save everyone is foolish and Crazy and comes out of man's desire to "MAKE GOD" in the image of what man would like Him to be. You see man "LIKES" his sin, but he doesn't want to go to hell either, so he makes himself this God who will allow him to do both. All he has to do is say, "I'm a Christian." But you see, that type of Church is not the true church, and that type of christian is not a true christian. God says, "He that says he knows me and KEEPETH not My word is a LIAR and the truth is not in him."

    STRONG STUFF! It doesn't mean that we are saved by works, it means true saving faith will show in our works. I didn't make that quote, that's what GOD says. Now who are you going to listen to? The Church, The Pastor, Yourself, or GOD? Your church can't save you. And neither can these other religions that people find so exotic or new and different. Religion doesn't save us. We don't worship a religion. We worship GOD. I judge no man/woman, I leave that up to God. My faith is not in the Corporate Church, but in the Invisible church, which is the Group called "TRUE" Believers. It's not my Job as a christian to judge other people on if they are saved or not. On the other hand, my God has said there is only "ONE WAY" to salvation. SIN, must be punished. And the penalty of sin is Death. Since we all sin, No one will escape, for GOD the Judge, is not Unjust like Man, the judge. Justice "MUST" be served. The Penalty must be paid. There is no Probation. There is no time off for good behaviour. There is no suspended sentence. A Holy GOD Demands that Justice "MUST" be served. The Penalty must be payed.

   Ony One GOD answers the question of How can this punishment of death, that justice demands, be paid. No Other God, religion, philosopghy, answers the "SIN QUESTION." Only one offers a "WAY", A substitute. A God/Man who if we knock, will come unto us and take upon Himself Our Sins, leaving us clean in the eyes of God. Laden with Our sins, He would willingly go and die, that we might escape death. No mere man could do it. It Would take a "GODMAN". God, because no mortal man could go to the cross with the sins of the world, and die and be raised again. Man, because man sinned, man had to be the one to pay. "ONLY" a GODMAN could do it. In The History of the world, there is only "ONE" recorded GODMAN. The Lord Jesus Christ. Also known as The Way, The Truth and The "LIFE". Without our sins being paid for by Christ, they must be paid for by US!...One "WAY" or the Other.

   So, when anyone asks, what's the difference between the Christian faith (Not Religion) and "ALL" of the others, The Clear answer is that it is the only one that truly answers the SIN question. It is the only faith where the REQUIRED Death, for sin, is paid for. Without which, No one can be saved. That is why Our Lord Clearly stated, There is "NO OTHER NAME" by which men can be saved. Without the Penalty of death being paid, no one can be saved. And without a GODMAN paying it for us, we can't be saved. And there is Only been one GODNAN. The Lord Jesus Christ. No one will have an excuse come judgement day. Not Athiests, not agnostics, nor snake Oil salesmen. For God knows the heart. He made it. He knows He put there a inner knowledge of Himself in our minds, and in Creation.

   Once again. It's a matter of Belief. I believe that. All True  Christians Believe that. That's what faith is. Many unbelievers say they are sick and tired of religions saying they are the only true religions. That Claim has to be examined in light of scripture and considered. Sin has to be paid for and someone has to do it. Only Christ can! End of debate about religions. They all come up lacking Compared to Christ. They all leave the sin question, unanswered as to it's payment.

    I'm distressed to hear religions deceiving people into thinking if they worship a cow they'll be happy in the hereafter. Or if they kill many people in the battlefild, they'll please god/Ali whatever, and be in glory. I'm mournful seeing people worship statues, smoke hallucinaginic leaves, talking to supposed spirits, drinking blood,  etc. All in the name of some God that will bring them happiness when they die. Do I judge these people? No, That's God's job. My Job is to spread the gospel of Truth that they would at least hear the word. Tell them what the Lord God says. If they will hear, well, if not, It's all in God's hands. The Worst and the best I can tell them is what God says. There is no other name whereby men may be saved. I don't condemn them, I witness in truth that maybe they may hear.

    If not, God is in control. He knows those who are His Lost sheep and who are not. If I am persecuted and reviled for doing this, so be it. I'll count it a Blessing of the Lord. In the Next few chapters, we'll be looking at how God has put in His Holy Word a plan and a timing of the end of the world. He has given us some knowledge of when The End will occur. I Know, I know! People are going to start screeching DATESETTER! DATESETTER! But My only concern is in putting forth God's word faithfully. If what I say can't be substantiated with scripture, I won't say it. You read this Study carefully, and check out what I say with the scriptures. Do as the Bereans did in acts 17:11, and search the scriptures to see whether these things are so or not. That's the only faithful way. For when God speaks through His word, The Bible, who can but Prophesy again. And if God's word doesn't say what i say it does, ignor it. But if God's word does say these things, then you had better listen........

                                                                                                                Chapter II

                                                                                                       THE ISRAEL OF GOD!

                                                                                                                ‑‑‑ ‑‑‑‑‑‑ ‑‑ ‑‑‑‑

  Is The Israel of God made up of Jews and Gentiles alike? That is a question we hope to shed some light on in this chapter. There is only one way to tackle a question like this, and that is to go to the Word of God for answers. Let the Bible tell us. Make the Bible our authority instead of men, or what men have taught us, or church  tradition, or what we heard on TV last sunday. In Roman's Chaper 9, Paul is in sorrow for the Jews (Israelites) and in verse 6 we read: "Not as though the word of God hath taken none effect. For they are not all Israel, which are of Israel."

Now that's an interesting statement. "They are not all Israel which are of Israel." Why is Paul saying this? It's because God had made certain Promises concerning ISRAEL. God hath an everlasting Covenant with Israel. They are the Children of God. But Paul knows that Judgement has come upon "THE NATION" Israel. The Nation Israel is "NO LONGER" the representation of the congregation of God. That Ended at the cross. So the question is, what about all those promises to Israel? Have those promises become null and void? Hath the word of God become of none effect? And Paul is saying, "NO" it has not. We have to understand "WHAT" Israel those promises, and that everlasting Covenant was with. that's why he says "They are not all Israel which are of Israel."

    You see, God is saying, just because they were born in the nation Israel, and Literally were the seed of Jacob, DIDN'T MAKE THEM ISRAEL! That's an important point which tends to get passed over by those who don't want to face it. But we must take GOD seriously and His word equally seriously. And the word says just because you are the seed of Israel doesn't make you Israel.

    You see Paul is in sorrow for His kinsmen according to the flesh (as verse 3 calls them). To whom is the adoption (verse 4) and the Glory, and the covenants and the giving of the law, and the service of God, and the promises. Why? Because He knows blindness in part has happened to them. But He also knows that this doesn't mean that the word of God was made of no effect concerning Israel. GOD Shall Save all Israel, but they are not all Israel which are of Israel. Israel is who GOD defines as Israel. Being born in Israel doesn't mean you're Israel according to God's word. According to "MEN" today it does. They say all sorts of things including that the whole nation will be saved. They simply don't understand that Israel is not defined by geographical borders, or physical posterity. Not anymore! Not according to scripture. The Israel that God made these promises to, and everlasting covenants with, are a different Israel from The "NATION." In other words, it is "GOD" who will define Israel, Not Man. We will see this clearly as this Study progresses.

    Verse 7 of Romans Chapter 9 continues in the same vein of defining the Children, (the seed) not literally, but SPIRITUALLY. It says: "Neither, because they are the seed of Abraham, are they all children: but in Isaac shall thy seed be called."

    Here it is again. Just because Abraham was literally their progenitor, or just because they literally might say they are his seed, didn't mean that "GOD" defined them that way. Once again the same contrast of God's definition and Man's definition. You see, in our thinking, we look at people born in Israel and say these are the Israelites. God made the promises and prophesies to them. God says, NOT NECESSARILY, I'll define who are Israelites. In our thinking, we look at the people in israel and say, these are the seed of abraham, the Jews. God says, Not necessarily, I will define who are the Seed.

    The language of "In Isaac shall thy seed be called" speaks clearly of the believers. This goes back to genesis chapter 21, where abraham had fathered a son by a bondwoman named Hagar, and also fathered a son by a freewoman named Sarah, which things are an allegory and CLEARLY explained to us in galatians 4:22‑31. Read it. Learn what it means. It is the Church to whom the phrase "In Isaac shall thy seed be called" refers. Once you understand Galatians 4, you can better understand what Roman's 9:7 is speaking about.

    And the next verse (8) of Romans goes on again in the same vein: "That is, they which are the children of the flesh these are not the children of God: but the children of the promise are counted for the seed."

    Israel is the Children of the Flesh. The Jewish people of that nation are the Children of the flesh. But clearly this tells us, just being born a jew does not make you a child of God. I've heard many theologians say that the Literal seed, the Israaelites are the Children of God and that's all there is to it. well, they obviously didn't read this verse. I didn't say it, the word of God did. It says they of the flesh are not the Children of God, but they of the promise are counted for the children. Does that mean Jews are not the children of God? NO! Absoloutly not! That means the NATION of Israel is not the children of God. BIG difference. Jews are the children of God the same as any other believer is. by Promise!!!!! Not by Land, Nation, Birth or Heritage!

  Remember Paul said in Romans chapter 9:6 "Not as though the word of God hath taken none effect." He said that because the Promises to Israel would be kept. But he explains that all are not israel which are of Israel. You see, the promises would be kept to Israel, but they will be kept with the Israel of God. Not Israel according to the flesh. The children of the promise are "COUNTED" for the seed.

    Galatians 3:26: "For ye are all the children of God by faith in Christ Jesus. For as many of you as have been baptized into Christ have put on Christ. There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nore female: for ye are all ONE in Christ Jesus. And if ye be Christ's then are ye abraham's seed, and heirs according to the promise."

    Those are God's words. Jews and Greeks and all are the seed, and heirs according to the promise. It doesn't matter what nation you come from, if You are in Christ, you are Children of God and of the promise.

     Now lets look at the verse which says "In Isaac shall thy seed be called." Now some have tried to say, Yes that's the Church, but that's not speaking of Israel. They say the church is not the seed of Israel. But how can that be. CLEARLY it says, in Isaac shall thy seed be called. Well the seed of Isaac is Israel, is it not? The only other ALTERNATIVE is the seed of ESAU. We know that can't be true! So if we are being "true" to the word of God and also true to logic, not to mention honesty, then Isacc's seed is Israel. NO QUESTION ABOUT IT! And that is the line "In Isaac shall thy seed be called" refers. In fact, before Jacob (Israel) and Esau were born, they struggled in the womb, and GOD told Rebekah Two nations are in her womb. What did these two nations symbolize? They symbolized the kingdom of Believers (jacob/Israel) and the Kingdom of the unbelievers (Esau). They have struggled against one another "FROM THE BEGINNING." Now, what seed of Isaac are we called in? Esau? Absoloutly Not! God says, Jacob have I loved, Esau have I hated! The seed is called through Jacob, through Israel. Of that there can be NO Doubt. And so we can begin to get a better understanding of how the promise is fullfilled. Not through Israel in the flesh, which is why Paul was sorriful, his kinsmen according to the flesh remained in unbelief. But israel would be defined by GOD and not man. All Israel would be saved, but it will not be all israel according to the flesh, but all Israel according to the promise.

    We as believers are the nation israel. Of the same nation that struggled within rebekah's womb. Not a Politial nation, but a Spiritual nation. And you know, that's where many of the Jewish people made their mistake when Jesus came the first Time. They were "LOOKING" for a Political KING to come and rule a LITERAL Israel! They MISSED the point. Literal Israel is not in view, A far greater nation called Israel is in view. A Spiritual kingdom, not a earthly Kingdom. Christ "DID" come as King. He "DID" come to rule the Kingdom Israel. They just simply didn't understand. It appears even the disciples didn't understand in the beginning, as they ask Christ (Acts 1:6) if He will at this Time restore the Kingdom. Even though Christ had "PLAINLY" told them, His Kingdom was not of this world, they hadn't yet grasped what He was saying. But they would recieve Power as the Spirit of TRUTH would be poured out at pentecost and they would be wittnesses.

    The same thing is happening today as teachers and pastors are "LOOKING" for the Kingdom of Israel to be fullfilled Literally, for the Temple to be rebuilt Literally, for sacrifice to take place in it again Literally. Don't they understand that would be abomination. The literal nation Israel, the literal sacrifices, the circumcisions, the Temple, all these things are passed away with the coming of Christ. They were pointing to a better Holy Nation, a better sacrifice, a better cutting off of Sins, a better Temple. they don't mean anything now!

   Galatians 6:15: "For in Christ Jesus neither circumcision availeth anything, nor uncircumcision, but a new creature. And as many as walk according to this rule, peace be on them, and mercy, and upon THE ISRAEL OF GOD."

    It doesn't matter if you're circumcised or not, if you are a Jew or Not, if you are in Christ, then You are The Israel of God, and heirs, and Children, and the seed of Isaac. Not in the flesh, But in the Spirit.

    While there are some that think The people of the land Israel "TODAY" are God's special or Chosen People, this is a misunderstanding of scripture. The Congregation of Israel was God's special People. And that was before the cross. After the cross, The Special people are still the Congregation of the Lord. They are still Israel. Not of the flesh, but of the spirit. Salvation went to the jew first, and then to the gentiles, but as Romans 2:11 tells us, there is no respect of persons with God. People hear that verse, but it doesen't seem to register with them. They will continue to say Israel has special promises. The Jews

are The Children of God. To that I say yes. But only under God's definition of Jews. Jews in the Spiritual sense, and not in the letter.

  Romans 2:28: "For he is not a Jew, which is one outwardly; neither is that circumcision, which is outward in the flesh: but he is a Jew, which is one inwardly; and circumcision is that of the heart, IN THE SPIRIT, and not in the letter; whose praise is not of men, but of God."

    Now what does this verse say? It says someone can be born an israelite according to the flesh, but in "GOD'S DEFINITION" he is not a jew at all. Being a Jew, "GOD SAYS", is being one INSIDE. So while all the teachers and pastors of the day may say the Bible refering to the Jews, refers to a blood line, GOD says otherwise. God says in His book (the BIBLE) a jew is not a Jew by the flesh, but in the Spirit. Look also at verse 26 where it says if the uncircumcision keep righteousness, shall it not be COUNTED for circumcision?" In Other words, if God wants to call a Gentile, "of the circumcision" because he is righteous, that's GOD's "SOVERN RIGHT" to do. He Defines terms. Not preacher Joe, or dr. I.HAVE P.H.D. Don't you see, Christ "DID" come to be the KING of the Jews! He "DID" set up a kingdom! He didn't fail, He was successful and we as part of that kingdom are living proof. He Never came to set up a political nation, He came to set up a Spiritual nation. They are not all Israel which are of Israel, but this is the Israel of God.

    Yet when you tell people these things, they go into denial and say, No, No, the children of Israel are The Chosen People. They are the Holy Nation, a kindom of priests a peculiar treasure as God perscribes in Exodus chapter 19 verses 5 and 6. They say that proves it. You know what I say? I say, THEY'RE RIGHT! It proves that the Children of Israel are everything stated there, and of the covenant (verse 5). It also proves that this ISRAEL in view, this nation, is the Church, and the covenant, the everlasting covenant. They are always surprised to hear that. but let's let the Bible do the talking. Let's compare scripture with scripture and see what God has to say about it. Let God tell us what Israel exodus is talking about and what covenant (Testament).

    1st Peter 2:9 speaking of the Church says: "But ye are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, an Holy Nation, a peculiar people; that ye should shew forth the praises of him who hath called you out of darkness into His marvelous light: which in time past were not a people, but are now THE PEOPLE OF GOD: which hath not obtained mercy, but now have obtained mercy."

    Now compare that with Exodus 19 where it speaks of the covenant with Israel and you will see what Israel was in view. And that's why paul said, was the word of God made of none effect? NO! Because these promises to Israel will be kept. But not with Literal Isarel, with the Israel of God. In Exodus 19:5 God said "IF" you obey my voice and keep my covenant (KEEP THE WORD OF GOD), you'll be a peculiar treasure above all people, and shall be a kingdom of priests, and a Holy nation. Guess what? it's the EXACT same thing He says to the Church (Israel) Today, "IF" ye "KEEP THE WORD OF GOD." So you see, while it may appear at first glance to be talking about promises to the literal NATION of Israel, it was actually a promise to those who KEEP God's word. The Israel of God. A Holy Nation. A nation (Kingdom) not of this world. The Holy nation 1st Peter tells us all believers enter into.

    The question always boils down to the same thing. Are we going to

ACCEPT God's word, or are we going to follow after our teachers and

pastors who teach error. Who do we trust, God's word, or man's? When

we look, it soon becomes abundantly clear that the Israel of prophesy

in many places is the Church. There can be No Question about that.

take Jeremiah 31:31:

       "Behold, the days come, saith the Lord, that I will make a new

         covenant with the house of Israel, and with the house of


Let's stop right there for a minute. A New Covenant (TESTAMENT) with

who? With Israel and Judah! That's pretty clear isn't it. You bring

this verse up to people and they read it and say, weeeell

....phash, Phash, Phash, they can't tell ya. Yet they cling to their

belief because that's all they know to do. I try and tell them that

that is who the New Testament is with...Israel. That's the New

Testament Church. But they don't want to dwell here, they want to move

on to some other verse as fast as they can. But let's read on.

Verse 33:

     "But this shall be the covenant (Testement) that I will make

      with the house of Israel; After those days, saith the LORD, I

      will put My law in their inward parts, and write it in their

      hearts; and will be their God, and they shall be My people."

What New Covenant or Testament is this? It's the New Testament Church.

The Word Covenant is the word testament. You see the Church is the

House of Israel with whom this New Testament is. You see, the Old

testament was full of faults, and Jesus came as the Mediator with a

New Covenant. But let's get this DIRECTLY from the word of God. Let it

tell you what this is talking about.

  Hebrews 8:6:

         "But now hath He obtained a more excellent ministry, by how

          much also He is the mediator of a better covenant, which was

          established upon better promises. For if that first covenant

          had been faultless, then should no place have been sought

          for the second. For finding fault with them, He saith,

          BEHOLD, the days come, saith the Lord, when I will make a New

          Covenant with the House of Israel and with the House of


And if you read on in Hebrews you will see that this is the same

covenant. It's the New Testament of christ and it's spoken of here as

the Covenant with Israel. Check the scriptures out yourself! Now there

should be NO QUESTION, no question at all about this right? ...Wrong!

Because people today just will not accept God's word. They will cling

to a belief no matter what the Bible says. God can say something is

Blue and they will sit down for hours until the rationalize it away,

and then come back and tell you it actually says it's yellow. But for

Him that "KEEPS" the word of God, this can't get much clearer. The New

Testament is with Israel. Not LITERAL Israel, but, the Israel of God.

Clearly Hebrews chapter 8 is a commentary of Jerimiah chapter 31.

Jesus Christ came as the fullfillment of Jerimiah 31. We are the

Israel who He has put His law into our minds, and written it on our

hearts, and He is our God, and we His People. Not Literal Israel of

the flesh, but The Israel of God.

   Where some people seem to be a little hesitant is in the language

of Hebrews 8:11:

      "And they shall not teach every man his neighbor, and every

       man his brother, saying, know the Lord: for all shall know Me,

       from the least to the greatest."

But you see, this is the language of the Believers "NOW" being taught

by the Holy Spirit of God. When people hear the Word of God, it is not

truly the brethren who have shown them or taught them, it is the Holy

Spirit of God. Jesus Christ Poured out the Spirit to guide us into all

Truth, at Pentecost. In the old days they didn't have Bibles. A

prophet would stand up and say, Thus sayeth the Lord. But Now, we all

have Bibles. we read it and all know the Lord not by the words of a

prophet, but by The Holy spirit of God. Therefore we all can know the

Lord, for the Spirit of God hath gone out to the Ends of the earth.

Didn't Jesus tell us, When I am gone I will send you the comforter,

and he will teach you all things. No one has to teach us, The

Comforter (The Holy Spirit) teaches us all things. That is what this

language of all knowing the Lord without being taught means.

These thigs are fullfilled in Christ.

     There is another verse which is almost always quoted by those

who believe all Israel (the Country) will be saved, and a verse which is

many times misunderstood. That is Roman's chapter 11 where Israel is

pictured as an Olive Tree and the jews pictured as the branches that

grow out of the olive tree. Then we read that some of the branches of

the tree (some Jews of Israel) were broken off, and branches from

another tree (gentiles) were grafted into the Tree. Well, if The Tree

is ISRAEL, (and it is Because Ultimately it's Christ, Israel), then when

the gentiles are grafted in, they become part of Israel. We are now

Israel with the branches that were not broken off. We are Israel with

Peter, John, Luke and all jewish people who are not broken off.

Together, we make up the Tree. The Israel of God. Together we are in

Christ, Israel. Jew and gentile in the "SAME" tree. There is not two

Trees, one for the Jews and one for the Gentiles, there is one Tree.

One Israel and we both are together in it. there is not a salvation

program for the gentiles and a separate one for the jews, There is

"ONE" salvation program, Christ came once to set up His Kingdom for

all, One Tree and One Israel.

Now comes the verse where many "WANT" it to say something it will

not say.

  Romans 11:25:

         "For I would not, brethren, that ye should be ignorant of

          this mystery, lest ye should be wise in your own conceits;

          that blindness in part is happened to Israel, until the

          fullness of the gentiles be come in. And so all Israel shall

          be saved: as it is written, there shall come out of Sion the

          Deliverer, and shall turn away ungodliness from Jacob. For

          this is My covenant unto them, when I shall take away their


Israel is in part blinded. What Israel is this? Well, we've got to

remember, Paul is talking to the Romans, the gentiles, saying they may

not boast! The Israel that is in part blinded is literal Israel

(of the flesh), since spiritual Israel could "NEVER" be blinded. Paul

is talking about the judgement that has come upon Israel. The same

reason he was sorriful when he was explaining that all are not Israel,

who are of Israel. Judgement has come upon Israel and branches have been

broken off, but Paul warns the gentiles that they may not boast, lest

they be broken off in like manner and the jews grafted back in.

But what does the phrase Blindness in part has happened unto Israel


about what paul has just said. The Gentiles are coming in. They are

being grafted into the tree. And when the fullness of them come in, so

all Israel will be saved as it is written in the scriptures.

  Now some people want to try and make this say, after all the

gentiles come in, THEN all Israel is going to be saved. Well, even on

the face of it that makes no sense. "ALL" Israel will never be saved.

there is only going to be a remnant saved as has already been stated

in Many scriptures. Would someone please explain to these people what a

Remnant means. It doesn't mean a Whole nation. Another point is that

though the language may seem ackward here, it "DOESN'T" say "THEN" all

Israel will be saved. It says when the fullness of gentiles are come in

so, all Israel will be saved. In other words, that's how all Israel will

be saved. By the fullness of the gentiles coming in. If GOD had wanted

to use the word "THEN" He would most certainly have used it. There is a

perfectly good word that is translated then. God DOES NOT use that word

here. The Word SO is "NEVER" Translated then. It means, IN THIS WAY, or

in this manner. When the fullness of Gentiles be come in, SO all Israel

will be saved. And the following words confirm it, as it tells how they

are saved, as it was written. The Deliverer out of sion. Who is that?

It's Christ of Course. Are they to think Christ is coming again to

deliver Israel? Not So, Christ already came to deliver Israel.

Furthermore, the words in verse 26 say,

      "..As it is written, there shall come out of Sion the

       Deliverer, and shall turn away ungodliness from Jacob; for this

       is My covenant unto them, when I shall take away their sins."

This should alert any good Bible student that this is refering to the

"CROSS" not some long future event. Simply ask yourself, When did the

Deliverer come out of Zion and turn ungodliness from Jacob and take

away their sins? When did this happen? It happened at the cross of

course. Or do they think Christ is coming back to go to the cross

again? The whole idea, once examined, is Crazy. As it is written! Let's

compare scripture with scripture. Let's see where it is written. Well,

it is written in Isaiah chapter 59. read chapter 59 verses 16 to 21.

in fact read as it goes into the next chapter 60 talking about the

light to the gentiles. How can anyone think this is not the cross?

This is the prophesy and there is no question but that it was

fullfilled at the cross. Sin was taken away once, transgression was

taken out of Jacob once. It happened at the cross. When we believe God

we know that that verse in Romans, is this verse in Isaiah. As it was

written in Isaiah, the deliverer came out of zion and took away the

sins of Israel (Jacob) at the cross, and "SO" all Israel shall be

saved. In other words, Romans 11 is saying that blindness in part has

happened to Israel until the fullness of the gentiles come in, and so

all Israel shall be saved. "So" means thus, not then. The gentiles

grafted in, as it is written. They are saved by the Deliverer out of

zion who it was prophesied would take away their sins. You see, just

as Paul said. Has His word become void? NO! The Israel of God will be

saved, by the Deliverer out of Sion? Remember at Pentecost Peter

said this was the fulfillment of Joel?

Joel 2:32

     "And it shall come to pass, that whosoever shall call on the name

      of the Lord shall be DELIVERED: for in mount ZION and in

      Jerusalem shall be deliverance, as the Lord hath said, and

      in the REMNANT whom the Lord shall call."

You see, this is the Deliverer out of Zion, and it's "CLEAR" this took

place at the cross. Deliverance to the Remnant whom the Lord shall

call. You see, there is a remnant, and not "ALL" Israel (of the flesh)

will be saved. It's MAN who comes up with these warped Ideas, but God

has other Ideas. So Romans 11 of, as it is written, the deliverer out of

Sion, is speaking of What Jesus did at the cross, not some future event.

   Romans 11:27 says "For this is My covenant unto them, when I shall

take away their sins."  Again, Is Christ going to the cross a second

time? That's Crazy! of course not, so then, when is this talking about?

It says Covenant and "WHEN" He'd take away their sins? Well, as we've

already seen, it's the New Testament/Covenant, and sins were taken

away at the cross. I don't see how it could get much clearer.....

   Jesus said, I am come but to the Lost sheep of the House of

Israel. Are we to say that Jesus was Lying and He didn't come for

those of Israel? Acts chapter 13:23 tells us (speaking of david) "of

this man's seed hath God ACCORDING TO HIS PROMISE raised unto ISRAEL a

Saviour, Jesus."  Are we to say, NO, He didn't! Jesus will come as the

saviour to Israel at a later time. It's foolishness to say such

things, and yet people say them. And "NOTE" it was according to His

promise TO ISRAEL! Don't let anyone tell you God hasn't fullfilled His

promise to raise unto Israel a saviour. Don't Let anyone tell you that

the Deliverer of Romans 11 is yet to come. Forsake the word of man for

the word of God. I find that whenever there is a dispute on scripture

it is generally because someone wants to Ignor certain scriptures so

that they can hold to views they have been taught. Don't fall into that

snare. Trust God's word. It won't lead you wrong. Man will.

   Ask yourself, how many New Testaments or New Covenants are there?

The answer is "ONLY ONE!" One salvation program. Jew and Gentile

together. People have this idea that God is a respector of persons and

He is going to save all Israel because they are His Chosen People. The

funny part is they're half right! But the, ALL ISRAEL, being saved, is

not the children of the flesh, rather it is a Spiritual nation, a

Spiritual Kingdom of Jews. There is No future salvation program for

national Israel. The Time of salvation is the same for Jew as well as

gentiles. The Time to be grafted back into this Tree is the same as the

time gentiles are brought in, not after the tree is full with Gentiles.

If the tree is full of gentiles, then there will be no more room. The

tree will be complete. And "ALL" Israel will have been saved, as it is

written. Ultimately Israel is Christ. We are in Christ. Anyone doubting

that just read Isaiah chapter 49 verses 1, 2 and 3 of He who has a sword

for a mouth named Israel. That is Christ. That is the Israel that the

branches are in. That is the tree. Now if christ is Israel, then how can

we be in christ and not be in Israel. GOD's Not playing word games. If

Christ is Israel, then we as the body of Christ are Israel. This isn't

a game, God wants us to know these things. That's why we are Exhorted

in 2nd Timothy 2:15 to Study to shew ourselves approved unto God a

workman that needeth not to be ashamed rightly dividing the word of

Truth. These words are not put here so we can practice our reading

skills. God wants us to Study and Learn. Man thinks he is right no

matter what, but God's thoughts are not man's thoughts. Man get's an

Idea in his head and it takes a jackhammer to get it out. But we've got

to start leaning on the word of God and not man. Unfortunately, just

the opposite is happening. But if we let the scriptures tell us, then

we know we are on the right path.

   Jesus came already as the King of Israel. But don't take my word

for it, search the scriptures. How about John 12:13:

           "Took branches of Palm trees, and went forth to meet Him,

             and cried, Hosanna: Blessed is the King of Israel that

             cometh in the name of the Lord. And Jesus, when He had

             found a young ass, sat thereon; as it is Written, fear

             not daughter of Sion: Behold, thy King cometh, sitting on

             an ass's colt."

How many times do they have to see it before they realize Chirst

"ALREADY" came as King of Israel. This verse says Christ fullfilled

this "As IT WAS WRITTEN."  But it doesn't matter how many times you

prove it to them, they will generally still hold the view Christ must

come as deliverer to Israel because that's what they have been taught.

Was Jesus The King of Israel? INDEED He was. This was the fulfillment.

Just as we read in Romans 11. of the the deliverer of Sion.

  In Romans 11 Paul knows how the jews are to be saved. If only

people would read the chapter in context they'd know also. paul says

in verse 14:

          "If by any means I may provoke to emulation them which are

           my flesh, and might save some of them."

Paul is saying he hopes some of the Jews will see his works and seek

to emmulate him that some of them might be saved. You see, He knows

that their salvation is now. He knows that they are saved the same way

and the same time, that the gentiles are.  We've got to start searching

God's word for answers, not man. Those who hold that Christ is coming

again to Rule in Israel must not have read verses like Matthew chapter

22 verses 1 to 14. Have you read it? They must not have read verses like

Luke Chapter 20 verses 9 to 18. Do you know what that means? I'll tell

you what it doesn't mean. It doesn't mean that when He's done he's

coming back again to be the deliverer of a literal Kingdom of Israel.

And so for all these reasons and more, lot's more, the whole idea is

based on nothing, and is worth as much. The Israel that the promises

were to is the Church. The "ALL" Israel that will be saved is the

Israel that the Deliverer redeamed at the cross, and that the fullness

of Gentiles come into, and when they do, so all Israel will be saved.

  We're going to move on, but think about this. If The olive tree

represents Israel, and it's branches Jews, and some branches were

broken off, and where they were, gentiles were grafted in. The question

is, after the gentiles are grafted in, where is there room for "ALL"

Israel to be put in the tree? It makes no sense, It's not even logical.

The Notion that Christ is coming again as a King to Israel is silly.

Christ already came and set up His Kingdom. His Kingdom is not a

Earthly kingdom, but a Heavenly Kingdom which shall Never pass away.

Christ came first to Literal national Israel, and now comes to all the

world that the fullness of gentiles will come in. And when it does All

Israel will be saved and He will return to rapture it, and to judge.

rapture who?   ........The Israel of GOD!

What is the Timing of Christ's second Coming to rapture Israel (The

Church), and how does numbers in the Bible fit into this. We shall see.

                         C H A P T E R   III

Do Numbers Carry any Spiritual Significance?

‑‑ ‑‑‑‑‑‑‑ ‑‑‑‑‑ ‑‑‑ ‑‑‑‑‑‑‑‑‑ ‑‑‑‑‑‑‑‑‑‑‑‑‑

    I don't know what makes people think that when "GOD PUT" numbers in

the Bible that it is spiritually insignificant. Our common sense

should tell us (even if we look at it just superficially) that

there is some method to the madness (so to speak).  For example

the number 12. It is foolish to think that God didn't use this number

to show us some spiritual Truth. Are we to believe it has no meaning

and it's just coincidence the places it is found. The 12 brothers,

who were the 12 sons of Jacob, who were the progenitors of the 12

tribes of Isreal, which was the old testament congregation. And then

the passing it on after the cross to the 12 apostles who were the New

testament representation of the church. And how about the picture of

the Bride of Christ, the New Jerusalem (THEE CHURCH) with 12 gates

into the city "3" <‑(A SPIRITUALLY SIGNIFICANT NUMBER) on each side.

Are we to assume that this number 12 is "NOT" Spiritually significant

number, and it's just coincidence that there were 12 tribes and then

12 apostles representing the congregation? 12 gates? Etc. Well then

if it's not coincidence, then the number 12 "HAS" as Special meaning

there. GOD Specifically made the numbers 12 match, and He is using

the number symbolically. That means He did it for a reason. To show

us something. Anyone who says that the number 12 has no special

significance, does not fully understand that God's word is not just

words. They're numbers also. And GOD puts importance on "EVERY" Jot

and tittle, meaning in the literal, EVEN DOWN TO THE LEAST PARTICLE!

That means each and every word and that would include, down to the

last number. The word of God is Inspired and the Numbers written in

the word are Inspired. And just as we can take a word like Sheep and

look at every place in the scriptures where it is found and come to

some spiritual understanding of the word sheep, So we can also look at

a number wherever it is found in scripture and come to some spiritual

understanding of what it is indicating. That's not called numerology,

that's called scriptural Study. Numerology is the belief in the occult

influence of numbers upon the life of an individual. On the other

hand, this is called "IN DEPTH" Bible study. The accusers can call it

whatever they want, but to borrow a phrase, A rose, by any other name,

would smell as sweet. If we were to listen to these (and SOME of them

may mean well, but nevertheless, they are in error) who say leave the

numbers alone, then we would have to disobey GOD HIMSELF, as "HE"

Commands us who have "UNDERSTANDING" to "COUNT" the number of the

beast! (666). Now in case anyone wants to simply pretend they didn't

read that, I'll repeat it for EMPHASIS!!!

     REVELATIONS Chapter 13:18:

         "Here is Wisdom. Let him that hath understanding COUNT the

        number of the beast: For it is the number of man; and his

         number is six hundred threescore and six."

Now how do these people who say it's improper to assign spiritual

significance to numbers get around this verse. The way they get around

it is to ..."IGNOR" what it says. I WILL NOT IGNOR THE WORD. I'll

repeat it, again and again, and again until purhaps the Spirit of God

will cause some to take down that wall of Spiritual ignorance and

start listening to the word, and not people. It says "COUNT" the

number 666! When I tell people that, they tell me, Oh, that's a

computor debit card. Of course then I say, ok, please direct me to

scripture where it indicates that. Of course, they don't want to HEAR

that, because they have "NO" scriptural basis for saying it, so they

become ruffled and have an urgent meeting they have to attend. There

are ONLY two ways to Understand scripture. The Right way (Understand

it by searching it out IN scripture) and the Wrong way (Coming to some

conclusion based on your own understanding). Shall We call GOD a

"NUMEROLOGIST" because He commands us to "COUNT" the number of the

beast? Is He telling us to dabble in NUMEROLOGY? Of couse not, He's

telling us to search the scriptures and count the number to come to


everyone does not have understanding, and that Everyone will not

RECIEVE His word, and everyone is not "WISE" Spiritually. Because

Everyone does not read His word with an eye to "KEEP" it. Some read

His word with an eye to try and make it "FIT" into whatever they

already believe. Some of us go to the word looking for TRUTH, and then

others of us go to it seeking justification. This is a very serious

question. This is a very serious Topic. We can't ignor scripture, we

have to obey it. We can't come to conclusions based on our own ideas,

or politics, or History books, or what this nation or that nation is

doing, or what someone taught us it means. We have to come to

conclusions based on what the Bible says. Not based on what people say

it says. Check it out yourselves, Be a scriptural WORKMAN, that you

will not be found ashamed at our Lord's coming. Again, these people

who say that there is no Spiritual significance assigned to numbers,

they are not looking to follow scripture, they are trying to lead it.

Well what does Revelation 13 tell us? It tells us that there is some

spiritual significance assigned to the NUMBER 666. What is the

Spiritual Significance? It signifies that those who are Spiritually

branded (Same as a cow is branded, but in a spiritual sense) with

this number, belong to Satan (just as a cow belongs to whoever brands

it). 666 is the number assigned to the "UNSAVED" of the world. They

are those who belong to satan. That is what the Lord is symbolizing

by the number 666. When you count the number 666, as when the Lord

"IN SCRIPTURE" numbers the saved and the Unsaved, he numbers the

saved as 1/3 and the unsaved as 2/3 (For example in Zechariah 13:8‑9)

The Saved are numbered as 1/3 and the "UNSAVED" are numbered as

2/3. Why is the Unsaved symbolized by 2/3?  Well, 2/3 counted as a

number to nearest 100's is .666. Of course the scoffers will tell you

that's just a coincidence and we shouldn't take any significance from

that. But those who have studied scripture as long as I have know that

there are no coincidences like this in scripture. "ALL" scripture is

given by inspiration of God and is profitable for correction and

reproof. Not some, ALL! So once again we see "IT ALL FITS" together

just like some gigantic Living Picture puzzel. Every piece falls

perfectly in place. There is no pushing or shoving, or forcing

necessary. GOD's Numbers "DO" have spiritual significance. Is it a

coincidence God counts the unsaved as 2/3 and then counts those who

are marked of satan (The UNSAVED) as 666? Not to the "SERIOUS" Bible

student it's not. But to those trying to Poo‑Poo the idea that God

uses numbers this way it is. Just like in Daniel 12 where God says

"The Wise" will understand, but the Wicked will not, and He talks

about the Time, Times ans a half, and the 1290 days and the 1335

Days. The "WISE"  GOD says, will Understand. We'll get to those

numbers later in our Study, but the point is that the wicked will

not understand, but the wise will. Same thing in Revelations of the

number 666. He says when speaking about this number, HERE IS WISDOM,

Let him that hath UNDERSTANDING count the number of the beast, it is

666. GOD Knows that all will not understand. God knows that only the

"WISE" will Recieve this! Wisdom is in those who are of "GOD."

So that when you hear the scoffers and the people making fun of things

like 2000 Cubits of space (Joshua 3:4) God commanded to be between

Israel and The ark of the Covenant (Symbolizing God), being a picture

of 2000 years between the birth of Christ (The Israel we are in) and

God & the covenant, you might not find it so amusing, but consider it.

Be a "WISE" Virgins and trim your lamps at the call that the

Bridegroom cometh. You won't have to look for oil when that time

comes, beacuse you will have been "WISE" and have "KEPT" your lamps

full that the lamps burn "CONTINUALLY".

     The number 3 is often used in the scriptures to symbolize God's

Purpose or God's Will! In other words, it means that something has

been ESTABLISHED as the purpose. If I could use an EARTHLY analogy,

of a Biblical principle, It's like in baseball. When someone goes to

the plate. he gets 3 strikes, and after the 3 strikes, then he is out.

The 3 strikes have established that he is not destined to get a hit.

If he doesn't get a hit in 3 strikes, then it's established that it

just wasn't meant to be. Now that may be a bad analogy, but that is

the way the number 3 is often used in scripture. It symbolizes the

establisment of God's purpose or will. For example when the Lord smote

the apostle Paul with Blindness for 3 days (acts 9:9). Was that just a

number picked out of a hat. No, it was God Breathed. He was Blinded

"OF THE LORD" for 3 days. It was God's purpose for him to be blind,

and neither eat nor drink for 3 days. For He was bringing Paul to the

LIGHT! Why not 4 days? Why not 2 days? Because God wanted to indicate

by the number 3 days that it was for His own good purposes that Paul

be blind. Same thing in Acts Chapter 10 when a voice from heaven told

Peter to rise kill and eat the beasts of the earth, that were on a

sheet decending from heaven. And Peter says No, for I have never eaten

anything that is common or unclean. And then the voice says, What God

has cleansed, don't call it common. And then we read in scripture

(Acts 10:16) that this was done "3" times and then the sheet was

recieved up again into heaven. Now when we study scripture we find

that this was to indicate that The gospel was going out to the

gentiles as well as the jews. Why is it meticulously pointed out that

this was done "3" times and "THEN" recieved up again unto heaven?

Just another number? NO! Because it is to Indicate that This is God's

purpose or Will that salvation go to the gentiles as well as the jews.

The 3 times it's done, gives us an indication that it is established

as God's will and purpose. Christ spoke a parable in Luke 13:6 which

was about a fig tree in a vineyard (Symbolizing Israel) and the

man of the vinyard came "3" years seeking fruit and found none, and so

said cut it down, why cumbereth it the ground. Why didn't he say cut

it down after 1 year, or after 2? Well the 3 years he came seeking

fruit is symbolizing the purpose of God. He gave it 3 chances

before he said Cut it down. There is One God, yet there are 3 in the

GODHEAD, the Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit. The Purpose or will

of God is worked out in "3." Look, read the Bible and understand.

These things are here for our understanding. Paul sought God to remove

the Thorn in the flesh, but it wasn't God's purpose or will to do so.

We read in 2nd Corinthians 12:8:

     "For this thing I besought the Lord thrice, that it might depart

      from me. And he said unto me, My Grace is suffcient for thee.."

Here we see it again "3" Times Paul besought the Lord! Why not 5,6 4

or 2? Because GOD wants to indicate here by this number 3 that it is

not His purpose, or not His Will that this be removed. He says to

Paul, My Grace is sufficient for you. In other words, My grace is

enough for you. Remember the 3 strikes and your out. He besought God 3

times, but it was Established as God's will that this not be removed.

His Grace was sufficent for Paul. So again the number 3 was an

indication to us that it's God's Will that this be.

   There are just so many indications of the number 3 being used to

symbolize the will and Purpose of God. None more "MARVELOUS" than the

atonement that the Lord made at the cross. The Atonement has the

number "3" all around it and we can readily understand why. That's

because though Christ was Crucified, it was God's will, or purpose

that Christ go to the Cross.  For example, Jesus sat with the elders

in the Temple 3 days being about His father's work, there were 3

Crosses, there were three men crucified, there was writing in 3

different languages on the cross, Jesus prayed 3 times that if it

was possible could this cup pass from me, 3 appostles went into

the garden to pray with Him, Peter denied Our lord 3 times, Pilate

sought 3 times to let Jesus go, it was the "3rd" hour when they

crucified Him, Jesus was in the heart of the earth "3" days and

"3" nights,   When Jesus was Risen He asked Simon 3 times

Loveth thou me, and on and on, the number 3 is indicated in the

atonement that christ made for us. Are these "ALL" just coincidence.

An unbeliecer would say so. But God put's this nuber 3 in these places

to gve us a Spiritual picture that this is God's purpose. His will.

Christ "HAD" to go to the cross in order for us to be saved. It is a

Gift of God. It was HIS will. The number 3 being used this way is a

coincidence like the sheep being used as an indication of a believer

is a coincidence. They were "BOTH" put there by God to give us a Great

Spiritual, or symbolical picture we could learn from. Unfortunately

some people choose to remain Spiritually Ignorant. We are not to

ignor numbers in scripture any more than we are to ignor the letters,

alpha or Omega! They all have a Story to tell. It is not wise, but

foolish to think otherwise. As the Lord hath said. Here is Wisdom! Let

him that hath understanding count the number of the beast....

                       C H A P T E R    I V

The Numer 1000 of Revelation Chapter 20

‑‑‑ ‑‑‑‑‑ ‑‑‑‑ ‑‑ ‑‑‑‑‑‑‑‑‑‑ ‑‑‑‑‑‑‑ ‑‑

We would like to now look at the number 1000 used in Revelation

Chapter 20 to symbolize the length of time that the beast is bound up

with chains by the messenger, before he must be loosed a little season.

MANY have reasoned that this is a literal 1000 years. That

interpretation "WILL NOT STAND" when compared to scripture. It is

contradictory, because it is an ERROR of interpretation. Let's go over

this word 1000 (CHILIOI) carefully comparing scripture with scripture.

Every place this particular greek word thousand (CHILIOI) is used it

is speaking in Symbolic terms. EVERY SINGLE PLACE. Now I'm sure some

might consider that a gigantic coincidence, but to those who study

scripture carefully it is just another "EXAMPLE" of the consistancy of

God's word. We will go over every single place it is found. The first

place we find the word is 2nd Peter 3:8,

      "But, beloved, be not ignorant of this one thing, that one day is

      with the Lord as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one


The word Thousand there is CHILIOI. And God is telling us that "THAT"

thousand as we see it, is not as God see's it. We may see it as a

thousand years, and God may see it as 1 day. It's what Ive been trying

to teach for years. GOD will give the definition of words in His Book,

not man. We are to define things by God's terms, not man's.

You can sit there and say a thousand years means a thousand years or

else God is a liar, BUT GOD HAS SOMETHING TO SAY ABOUT THAT. "HE" will

define terms, NOT YOU!!!!!!  It's "HIS" book. He wrote it! If He wants

to make one thousand years in scripture 1 day, then it's His sovereign

RIGHT to do so. If He wants to make 1 day equal to 1000 years, that's

His right also. And it's "NO" coincidence that He uses this word CHILIOI

to illustrate that. God is "ALL" seeing. If He wants 1000 years to

symbolize the fullness or completeness of time, He can do that. His

ways are not our ways, they're above our ways. We define terms by His

word, not webster's dictionary, nor Oxford Math.

The second and third place that this word CHILIOI is used is in

Revelation 11:3 and Revelation 12:6 where it speaks of the 1260 days.

The word thousand in both chapters is the word CHILIOI. It is

"OBVIOUSLY" Symbolic of the entire New Testament period, as it says

this woman of Revelation 12 (Israel) fled into the WILDERNESS and was

fed there 1260 days. That's the Wilderness sojourn of Israel (The

Church) and it is the Entire New Testament period. OBVIOUSLY "NOT"

Literally one thousand two hundred and sixty days. Anyone can see it's

not Literal. Same thing in Revelation chapter 11, the two candlesticks

(Again, The Church) are given POWER (Acts 1:8) and prophesy in Mourning

1260 days. The 1260 days is the Entire New Testament Period, the

wilderness Journey, not a LITERAL 1260 days. So once again we see in the

consistancy of God's Word, that it is evident. The Word Thousand there

(CHILIOI) is illustrating a symbolical length of time.

    The fourth/Last place outside of Revelation chapter 20 this word is

found is in Revelation 14:19 where we read of the Angel with the sharp


      "And the angel thrust in His sickle into the earth, and gathered

      the vine of the earth, and cast it into the great winepress of

      the wrath of God. And the winepress was trodden without the City,

      and blood came out of the winepress even unto the horse briddles,

      by the space of a thousand and six hundred furlongs."

Again, an obviously Symbolical number. The HORSE the WINEPRESS the

BRIDLES and the SPACE are all Symbolical. This is God giving a Spiritual

or symbolical PICTURE of Judgement. The Space of 1,600 furlongs is

"OBVIOUSLY" symbolical, illustrating the completeness or fullness of

the terrible judgement.

  And so we see in "EVERY CASE" where this word has been found, God has

seen fit to use it symbolically. COINCIDENCE? ...HARDLY!  God knows what

He is doing, even when we do not. It's not what Tony thinks, or what

teacher thinks, it's What "GOD" Says that counts.

  When we look at revelations Chapter 20 where it says satan is bound

for 1000 years, the question should be, when will this take place? And

the answer is found Clearly in God's word. It has already taken place.

Maybe not according to preacher Bob, but according to the word of God

it has. Jesus "BOUND" satan at the cross so that He could free his

captives and Build His Church. Israel (The Church) was held captive

by satan, and in order for Christ to free the captives He first had to

"BIND" Him. remember Jesus told the Jews, "If I shall make you FREE, ye

shall be free indeed." Well, they didn't understand Him, they said we be

abraham's seed and were never in bondage to any man (John 8:33). They

didn't realize Jesus was speaking of the Bondage that the unsaved are in

to satan. Jesus came to set those captives free. Jesus Speaking of satan

said CLEARLY in Matthew 12:20,

           "Or else how can one enter into a strong man's house, and

           spoil his goods, except He first BIND the STRONG MAN? and

           then He will spoil his house."   ^^^^     ^^^^^^ ^^^

Anyone who has the WISDOM to UNDERSTAND this parable "KNOWS" that the

Strong man is Satan, Christ is the one who had to BIND him before he

could spoil His Goods, and The BELIEVERS are the Goods Christ came to

spoil or capture. He who hath eyes to see let him see. Here is Wisdom!

Everyone "MUST" Check this verse out themselves!  Christ Bound the

strong man to spoil His house, or in the language of today, Christ Bound

The strong man satan, so that He could release (set Free) his captives.

He took a Bounty from satan, this strong man. He Redeamed them from his

hand. Read Jeremiah 31:11 where it speaks of Christ's coming,

            "For the Lord hath REDEAMED Jacob, and RANSOMED him from him

            that was STRONGER than He."

Christ paid the price on the cross, to redeam these from the hand of

SATAN the stong man. They were made "FREE" from him because of Christ's

sacrifice. And when was this? AT THE CROSS. Satan the strong man was

bound at the cross, and his captives set free by Christ. That is what

Jesus was saying in Matthew chapter 12:29. And satan will stay bound

1000 years, after which he must be loosed for a season near the End of

the world. Often spoken of as the GREAT TRIBULATION. This idea that

Christ will come in the future and bind satan is misguided and not

backed up in the scriptures. It denies that Christ has already bound

satan. If this was true, What is withholden that it be revealed in

it's time (2nd Thess 2:6). The answer is it's "NOT TRUE" and what is

being withholden is Satan. He was bound at the cross, therefore is he

witholden, to be revealed at his "TIME." He is LOOSED at his time.

Yes, that matthew 12 tells us clearly that Christ bound satan at the

cross and has taken the prey out of his hand. Now we see what Jesus

meant when He told the Jews that if I will make you free, you shall be

free Indeed. Free from Sin, Free from captivity to satan. When we serve

sin, we are captives of satan.

Isaiah 49:24

            "Shall the prey be taken from the MIGHTY, or the lawful

             captive DELIVERED? But thus saith the Lord, even the

             captives of the mighty shall be taken away, and the prey

             of the terrible shall be DELIVERED: For I will contend

             with him that contendeth with thee, and I will save thy


But as Jesus said, How could this be done except He first bind this

strong man SATAN, then He could plunder his house and free his

captivity. This happened at the cross.

    Revelation Chapter 20 is often misunderstood by people because of

 things they have been taught over the years that it meant. Wrong

 things. It says the messenger bound The Dragon 1000 years. Well,

 people look at that and say, well it's been more than 1000 years

 since christ went to the cross, so that can't be right. They say

 that because they are thinking of this chapter in literal terms.

 Revelations chapter 20 is not speaking "LITERALLY" it is speaking

 in Symbolic or Spititual language. All we need to do is look at the

 rest of the chapter to CLEARLY see this. First of all, this

 messenger came with a key. Is This Literal? Of course not. Second

 He came with this GREAT Chain. Is this Literal? No WAY! Satan

 cannot be bound with a literal Chain and locked up with a literal

 master lock or something. Satan is a Spirit being. This Language is

 Spititual language. So if everything is not Literal, what makes

 people think the 1000 years is a literal number of years? Is the

 bottomless pit literal? Is there someplace in Arizona where there

 is a hole in the ground that goes down forever? Of course not. we

 understand this as Symbolic language to show us that satan is being

 Held down, or Bound up so that he cannot do certain things. Not

 that He is Literally in a pit somewhere. So why do we pick the 1000

 years out of all this, and say this is literal? Well, some people

 have the idea that when Christ comes back, He's going to reign on

 THIS EARTH 1000 years. This despite the FACT that it is contrary to

 other CLEAR passages in scripture. When Christ comes back, He will

 rapture His church, and Destroy Satan, and the unsaved will stand

 for judgement. There is "NO" 1000 year reign ON EARTH when Christ

 returns. But let's look at the number 1000 first.

      When we study scripture we will find that GOD often uses certain

 number relationships to symbolize things. For example the number 40

 for testing, as in the people of Israel spending 40 years in the

 wilderness, or moses on the mount 40 days or Jesus being tempted of

 the devil when in the wildernes 40 days, etc., etc.  Or the number

 5 for the gift of salvation, or either Judgement, as in the 5 fishes

 feeding the 5000, or the 5 talents that gained 5 talents, or the 5 wise

 and 5 foolish virgins, or in revelations of 5 kings had fallen, or

 power of the locusts was to continue 5 months, etc. 5 symbolizes

 either the gift of salvation, or the judgement. The number 1000 is

 often used in s spiritually significant way also. It is used

 to symbolize the Completeness or Fullness of whatever is being

 spoken about. Just as an example, as you might say to your wife,

 I'll love you 1000 years. Well, You are not saying you'll literally

 love her 1000 years and then it's over, that's a figure of speach

 to indicate you'll love her from now until forever. In other

 words, it indicates the fullness of time, whatever that time may

 literally be. 10 years, 20 years 50 years, whatever. Whatever

 fullness of time you have together, that is the 1000 years that you

 said you'd love her for. It's not literal, it's just a number to

 indicate fullness of time. In scripture for example The LORD GOD

 says in Psalms 50:10 that the cattle upon 1000 hills are His. Is

 that Literal? Does that mean that the cattle upon 1001  or 1002

 hills are NOT His. NO! Then it "CANNOT" be a literal number,

 GOD's not saying that He has Cattle LITERALLY on 1000 hills. it's a

 symbolic number, a figure to indicate completeness. read the verse

 PLEASE!. It means every beast of the forest is his and ALL the

 cattle are his also. That's what it means, does it NOT? He uses the

 term 1000 to show us something. Nothing is in the Bible by

 accident. The 1000 cattle indicates the fullness of them, the

 completeness of them, ALL, of Them are the Lord's. Again, when we

 look at a verse like Psalms 105:8 where it tells us that the LORD

 hath remembered His covenant FOREVER, and the word which He

 commanded to 1000 generations. Is This Literal? Is His word

 commanded to 1000 generations and not 1001 or 1002? How about 999

 generations? Again, look at the context of the verse. His covenant

 is remembered how long? FOREVER! And His word commanded to who?

 1000 generations! Context tells us that these two lengths of time

 are the same. the 1000 has been put there BY GOD to show us a

 certain consistancy in His use of the number 1000. It is Symbolic

 of the Fullness, or Completeness. His Covenant is Forever and His

 commandments to the FULLNESS of Generations. Look at the verse

 PLEASE! 1000 is not literal, It's to ALL Generations, is it Not?

 If it is, then it's "NOT" Literal! In Revelations chapter 20 where

 everything else is symbolic language, the 1000 years that Satan is

 bound is symbolic language also. It indicates, the fullness, or

 Completeness of time. In other words, from the Time that He is

 bound by Christ at the cross, to the time that He is loosed, this

 is the 1000 years, whatever literal amount of time it may actually

 be. It is symbolized by being bound 1000 years. It indicates, GOD

 has a seal on him, GOD is in control, HE will be held till the

 FULLNESS of time that GOD has SET. Remember 2nd thessalonians, that

 He be withhoden that he be revealed "IN HIS TIME."  Well, GOD has

 set the time. How long? 1000 years. The time that it takes to build

 the church. (Remember, Satan was bound in the first place so Christ

 could spoil His house?). How long will it take to build the church,

 before satan is loosed to decieve the 4 quarters of the earth? 1000

 years! Not Literally, but that's symbolical of the fullness of

 Time that the captivity remains captive. For when it is released,

 this GREAT decieving (The Tribulation) of satan and his cohorts

 will take place, and many, many are decieved thinking they worship

 God, but do not. They worship the man of sin sitting in the Temple.

 This verse 3 of Revelations tells us that When he was bound by this

 messenger, He set a seal on him. That indicates that The Purpose is

 Clearly of GOD that he remain bound till his time. When the LORD

 sets His seal upon something, you can be sure that it won't get out

 until "THE TIME." It's the purpose of GOD that he remain sealed,

 Held down, Bound, Withholden, whatever, until the FULLNESS of the

 believers come in. In other words, until the Church is built. 1000

 years! And there with Christ are the souls of the saints, who lived

 and reigned with Christ 1000 years. Of course, these are the dead in

 Christ. When we die, in our souls we go to be with the Lord. You will

 note that it "DOESN'T" say he saw the saints! It says he saw the souls

 of the martyrs, and they lived and reigned with Christ. Big difference

 between souls of saints, and people reigning, isn't it? So satan is

 bound 1000 years then it says, he must be loosed  a little season. Why

 a little season? Because When the Church falls, and abomination is

 seated therein, it signals that Christ is returning soon and will

 destroy the destroyer.

    So letting Scripture be our guide, we can see that the number

 1000 "IS DEFINATELY" used in a symbolical or Spiritual way.

 We already saw thay "EVERY" place this word was used it was

 speaking of something symbolical, not literally 1000.

 We must let scripture decide what is Literal and what is

 Symbolical. For example We look at the beast of rev. 13

 and we by scripture know by scripture that it, and it's 10

 horns and 10 crowns on the 10 horns are symbolical. We

 can't just say "well, because God is consistant these 10 horns

 and 10 crowns are literally 10 horns and 10 crowns."  No Way! We

 have to look at scripture, compare scripture with scripture, do

 as 2nd Timothy 2:15 tells us. Study to show ourselves approved a

 workman that needeth not to be ashamed, RIGHTLY decerning the

 word of Truth. That is how we know the 10 horns are Symbolical,

 and that is how we know the 7 days of creation is literal, and

 that is how we know that the 1000 years of Revelation 20 is

 symbolical. By being a workman to study to "RIGHTLY" understand

 as GOD hath commanded us. As I've said, I do know that the 1000

 years being symbolical goes contrary to things that a lot of people

 have been taught, therefore it is "VERY HARD" for them to turn away

 from those teachings, but we should be interested in truth, not

 tradition. If someone shows me (By Scripture) where I hold a wrong

 Interpretation, I will check those verses and gladly change it, giving

 thanks to the Lord for his giving me the wisdom to change. Never will I

 blindly hold onto doctrine simply because it is what I have been

 taught. For one simple reason. I understand that The HOLY SPIRIT is the

 teacher. I am simply the vessel. I must Obey God rather than be

 true to my teachers. Faithfulness, is to God.

   The 1000 years of Revelation is symbolic of the time from the

 cross, that Christ bound satan, to the time when God has come near to

 the completion of building His church. Then Satan must be loosed a

 little season. When he is loosed, he comes against the camp of the

 saints to make war with them. Who are the camp of the saints? Now some

 have tried to say it's literal jerusalem over in the country Israel.

 they still seem to think that's a Holy City. They fail to realize that

 after the cross, that was no longer the Holy City. The Holy City is

 now the Church. That's the City Jesus was talking about when He said

 that a "City set upon a hill cannot be hid". He was talking about the

 Church. That is the camp of the saints. Who are saints? They are

 believers. Their camp is the church. We need to start studying the

 word more, and stop depending upon man to tell us what to believe.

 TRUTH is from God, not man. The Time when satan is loosed, and then

 makes war against the Church, is tied to the feast days, and in

 Particular, the feast of Tabernacles, which celebrates the End of the

 Children of Israel's Wilderness sojourn. To better understand exactly

 how this all works out. we should look at the 3 major feast days.

                       C H A P T E R   V

The 3 Major feast days

‑‑‑ ‑ ‑‑‑‑‑ ‑‑‑‑‑ ‑‑‑‑

   I've been thinking about the many voices of people who have cast

 doubts on whether the 3 major FEAST DAYS that God commanded Israel

 to observe during the year point to specific events or Times. I just

 thought I'd go over this and point out the Folly in this thinking,

 because the scriptures, when studied "CAREFULLY" show clearly their

 significance in pointing to specific TIMES and EVENTS!! We particularly

 want to look at the Feast of TABERNACLES, which Feast days seem to

 point to the end of the world. Well, let's let the Bible tell us and

 let's be faithful to scripture. You decide if the feast of tabernacles

 points to the End of the world "BASED" not on my teachings, but on

 scripture. We must always trust God's word as the Authority, not the

 teachingss of man. Thus saith the Lord unto Israel in Exodus 23:14,

      "Three times thou shalt keep a feast unto me in the year."

 The number three symbolizes God's Purpose or God's will. As we will

see, His purposes will be made known in these three feast days. The

feast of unleavened Bread, which is generally called the Passover

feast. The Feast of Harvest which is also called the feast of

Firstfruits. And the feast of Ingathering, which is also called the

feast of tabernacles. We shall now look at these three Feast days and

what they represent.

              The Feast of Unleavened Bread (Or Passover)

   The First of the 3 major feast days that was to be celebrated in a

year was the Feast of Unleavened bread. Better known as the Passover.

The jews were commanded to sacrifice a Lamb, without blimish and put

it's blood of the door posts of their houses, and when the Lord came

in judgement of Egypt, He would PASS OVER the houses that had the

blood of the Lamb on it, (exodus 12:13) and not bring His judgement

upon it. Well this sacrifice lamb was a "PICTURE" of christ Jesus who

would come and by His blood we would be passed over by God at

Judgement time. Just as the Children of Israel were passed over as

God judged Egypt, We the Church (Israel) will also not come under

judgement because of the blood of the Lamb. That's what the

happenings in exodus chapter 12 symbolized. And God ordained that

after the children left egypt, they were to continue to celebrate

the passover feast on his prescribed days.

This is pretty much accepted "UNIVERSALLY" that this was pointing to

Christ our passover, and was fulfilled when Christ hung on the cross,

so I won't dwell on this one. I will point out, and we should "ALL"

note that God had a "SPECIFIC" time for this to be fulfilled and He

fulfilled it. when? ON The "EXACT" day that the jews were celebrating

the Passover Feast that God had Instituted. God had ORDAINED that

the passover feast was to begin on the evening of the 14th day of

the first month (leviticus 23:5) and go for 7 days. It Pointed to

Christ, so When the Passover feast ROLLED around, it was the Lord's

Time to hang on the cross as our passover lamb. The Jews of that day

were celebrating the passover feast as Jesus hung on the cross. Not

a coincidence, it was HIS HOUR! The Significance of that is "NO"

small consideration. It's an important fact. All those years that the

passover was observed, it was pointing to "THAT" particular Time, and

that particular Event. In other words, the passover lamb and blood

POINTED to the day Christ would be our passover lamb and shed His

blood, that God's judgement would pass over us. And that day when

Christ hung on the cross, scripture of the passover was fulfilled.

We no longer are to celebrate the passover because Christ fulfilled

it by hanging on the cross.

             The Feast of Firstfruits (or harvest)

   The Feast of Firstfruits was the second of the 3 major feasts to be

observed by Israel in a year. This feast pointed to the firstfruits of

the Harvest. It was "ORDAINED" by God to be celebrated 50 days

after the passover sabbath (Leviticus 23:15,16). Because it was 50

days it is called Pentecost. Pentecost is in the greek language

"PENTEKOSTE," which means fiftieth. Low and Behold, the word of God

tells us that When the day of Pentecost was "FULLY" come (Acts 2:1)

that this was the day that the Holy spirit of God was poured out.

Now as you probably know, there are scoffers who question whether

this means anything in relationship to the feast of firstfruits, or

whether the firstfruits "ACUTUALLY" point to the pouring out of the

Spirit. Hard to believe huh? Somehow they don't connect the two

together, even though GOD does. It's no coincidence the Spirit of God

was poured out when the day of the feast of firstfruits was fully

come, anymore than it was a coincidence Christ hung on the cross on

the feast of Passover. It was "GOD ORDAINED." There is a time for

everything in God's Plan. And the time for the pouring out of the

firstfruits of harvest, was the feast of Firstfruits. Indeed, the

feast POINTED to it.

   Acts 2:16 tells us it's the fulfillment, as Peter stands up and says

           "But this is that which was spoken of by Joel; And it shall

           come to pass in the last days, saith God, I will pour out of

           My spirit upon all flesh:.."

Well that tells us. It's not an accident it occured on the Feast of

firstfruits, It was a fulfillment of scripture. Well, let us Go to the

book of Joel and see exactly what this is talking about. Acts 2:16 was

taken from Joel 2:28‑32. Does Joel talk about the Firstfruits of the

harvest? Indeed he does. Look at verse 22, the pastures do spring, the

tree beareth her fruit, the fig tree and vine yield their strength. Is

that the language of Firstfruits of the harvest? Indeed it is!

Look at verse 24, God says the floors shall be full of wheat, and the

fats shall overflow with wine and oil, and restore the years the

locusts have eaten. Is that the Firstfruits of the harvest? You bet it

is!! That is what Peter says is the fulfillment at Pentecost. Joel is

talking about afterward, after the locusts that have destroyed, God

will pour out a blessing and the floors shall be full of wheat. You

really need to study Joel chapter 2 to get a good understanding of

what is being said. It's not talking about "LITERAL" Wheat, and

locusts and fruit. It's speaking Symbolically. It's talking about the

firstfruits of the church. Peter said, this is what's fulfilled!

He that hath ears to hear, let him hear. We are the firstfruits of the

harvest. We are Wheat that has been restored that the locust had

devoured before. Because God poured out His Spirit at the Feast of

Firstfruits, we become the firstfruits.

      James 1:18,

         "Of His own will begat He us with the word of TRUTH, that we

        should be a kind of FIRSTFRUITS of His creatures."

      Jerimiah 2:3

         "ISRAEL was HOLINESS unto the Lord, and the FIRSTFRUITS of His


      Romans 8:23

         "And not only they, but ourselves also, which have the

        FIRSTFRUITS of the Spirit."

Well, how did we get those FIRSTFRUITS of the Spirit. It was Poured

out on the Feast of Firstfruits, (Pentecost) as was Ordained from the

beginning. GOD had a "SET" time that He wanted to Pour out the

firstfruits of the Spirit, and that Time was the feast of the

Firstfruits. The feast of Firstfruits POINTED to the Pouring out of

the Spirit of Firstfruits. It's no coincidence. It was fulfilled in

the FULLNESS of the day prescribed (Acts 2:1). As Peter told us (GOD

Told Us Really) this is the fulfilment of Joel. Because the

firstfruits of harvest are poured out, the wheat that the locusts had

destroyed are restored. The Congregation of the Lord is restored.

Because of this pouring out of the firstfruits the sons and daughters

prophecy. The Lord has given a bounty.

               The Feast of Tabernacles (or Ingathering)

    The Third and final feast that was commanded Israel to observe in a

year was The feast of tabernacles. It also was commanded to be

observed on a "SPECIFIC" date. It was to be observed from the 15th day

of the 7th month for seven days (We're talking the jewish calendar of

course). On our calendar the feast of Tabernacles this year would have

fallen on the "EVENING" of the 20th to the 27th, with the 28th being

the assembly. This is the feast day most often argued against as

Pointing to the End of the Harvest, of the End of the world. Well,

let's go to scripture and let it tell us what it is pointing to, just

as it does the feast of Firstfruits and the feast of Unleavened bread.

    First of all, It's interesting to look at how this term "THE LAST

DAY" is used in scripture. It is found "ONLY" 8 times in all of God's

Holy Word, and they all refer either to the End of the world, or the

feast of tabernacles. "NEVER" think that such things in the scriptures

are coincidence. As I've said 100 times, God knows what He is doing,

even when we do not. In "ALL" of the Bible that phrase is found ONLY

when talking about the Feast of tabernacles or the End of the world.

That's very significant. God does NOTHING by accident. Let's not

forget, this is GOD'S WORD. He authored it.

    Second, the feast of tabernacles is the END OF YEAR HARVEST. The

End of the year harvest points to the end of the world. It is the

harvest when all of our labours are gathered in out of the field.

Remember when Jesus told us the parable of the wheat and the tares,

(Matthew 13:29) and how they would remain in the field till the time

of the harvest, and the harvest He explained to us was what? (Matthew

13:39) He said it was the End of the world. Does God equate the

harvest with the End of the world just by accident? Of couse not. But

it's important to distinguish between the harvest which is the harvest

of firstfruits, and the End of year harvest which is the harvest at

the end of the world. For example in Exodus 23:16 we read,

           "And the feast of harvest, the firstfruits of thy labours,

           which thou hast sown in the field: and the feast of

           ingathering, which is in the end of the year, when thou hast

           gathered in thy labours out of the field."

You see here God puts the two feasts together. The feast of the

harvest of the firstfruits, and the feast of Tabernacles or

ingathering, which is the End of year harvest. NOTE also how God

"MARVELOUSLY" uses the wordings here for firstfruits of harvest as

labours that are sown in the field, and Ingathering or tabernacles as

when thou hast gathered labours out of the field. GOD is contrasting

one as sowing in the field, and the other as gathering out of the

field. Is this language in GOD's Holy Word coincidental? NOT A CHANCE!

Because you see, the feast of tabernacles points to the End of the

world, and so GOD makes sure that His word is Consistant. The feast

of ingathering is the gathering of labours "OUT" of the field.

Remeber what Jesus said about the harvest and the gathering out of

the field. It's the End of the World. He that hath eyes to see, let

him see. Feast of Ingathering and Tabernacles are the same feast.

    Let's look at the Feast of tabernacles from another perspective.

The first thing we look for in determining what it's pointing to is

to look for any information as to why it was to be observed. We find

that information in Leviticus 23:42, as it tells the Israelites,

          "Ye shall dwell in booths seven days; and all that are

          Israelites born shall dwell in  booths: that your generations

          may know that I made the children of Israel to dwell in

          booths, when I brought them out of the land of egypt: I am the

          Lord your God."

We should note that the word booth is also the translated Tent and

Tabernacle. So here in this verse we see that they were to dwell in

booths 7 days, as a indication of their wilderness sojourn from egypt

to the promised land. And on the 8th day was a Holy Convocation

(leviticus 23:36). Why is the Lord telling Israel to dwell in

Tabernacles/Tents/Booths (same meanings) 7 days? Well, because it

typlifies their wildernes journey from egypt to the promised Land.

These booths were "TEMPORARY" habitations in their journey. That's why

it's called the feast of tabernacles/tents (same word). Well, does

this relate to the End of the world? Because like Israel (We are

Israel rembember), we are on a wildernes journey (the World) to the

promised land (Heaven). Like Israel, we are Strangers and pilgrims.

In other words, this is not our home. Our Home is at the end of our

wilderness journey. Remember in Revelation chapter 12 where it speaks

of the woman who gave birth to the man child. That Woman represents

the Congregation (Israel, the Congregation of the Lord), and verse 14

says she was given wings of an eagle to fly into her place in the

wilderness. The wings symbolize the Protection and care of the lord

God. You see christ went to the cross, and cast down satan, delivered

this woman from bondage, just like Israel was freed from Bondage to

egypt. Israel had a wildernes journey before she could enter into the

promised land. This woman also has a wilderness journey, just like the

children of Israel had. That will be where she must temporarily live

until she goes to be with the Lord. We (The Church) are that Woman. We

are the congregation of the Lord (Israel). And as Israel dwelt in

temporary tabernacles, so we dwell in temporary tabernacles which is

our bodies. when our wilderness sojourn is through, we'll put off

these tabernacles and receive our permanent habitation. This is the

"MARVELOUS" way that God uses Types almost like a picture puzzle

to Illustrate truths to us in His word. As Israel of Old sojourned in

tabernacles in the wilderness, so we (The Israel of God) must do the

same. This is our temporary home. we look for a better, REAL home. As

Hebrews 11 speaks of Abraham who sojourned in a strange country,

dwelling in tabernacles, who looked for a city whose builder and maker

is God, and he confessed that he was a stranger and a pilgrim on

earth. You see, His home was in heaven. Earth was his temporary abode.

He looked for a city made by GOD, not of bricks and Mortar. Or again,

    2nd Peter 1:14 says,

          "Yea I think it meet, as long as I am in this tabernacle, to

          stir you up by putting you in remembrance;

          Knowing that shortyly I must put off this tabernacle, even as

          our Lord Jesus Christ hath shewed me."

He was talking about his decease. He knew that his tabernacle (Body)

was a temporary home in his wilderness sojourn to the promised land.

    2nd Corinthians 5:1

          "For we know that if our earthly house of this tabernacle were

          desolved, we have a building of God, an house not made with

          hands, eternal in the heavens. For in this we groan, earnestly

          desiring to be clothed upon with our house which is from


The Beautiful TRUTH of God's word. That's what the Israelites coming

out of bondage to egypt and their wilderness Journey in tabernacles

was pointing to. It pointed to our (Believers) freedom from bondage to

satan and our wilderness journey in our temporary tabernacles (our

Bodies) on our way to the promised land.

He that hath ears to hear let him hear.

    So we see that the Promised land "HAS" to be the End of the world

when our sojourn in our tabernacles will be over. These are our

temporary homes, but then we will have a house not made with hands,

eternal in the heavens. Now we can "SEE" the significance of the feast

of tabernacles. It's the fulfillment of the final Feast day, when the

wilderness sojourn will be over.

    Now we can better understand why God "ONLY" uses the words LAST DAY

in connection with the End of the World and The Feast of tabernacles.

NOWHERE else in scripture! Now we can Better understand why God uses

the Feast of Tabernacles as the "End of Year" harvest of the gathering

of our Labours out of the field. As Jesus said, The harvest "IS"

the End of the world. Now we can Better understand why When Israel was

freed from bondage, they had to spend time in the wilderness as

strangers in tabernacles before they could Enter into the promised

land. It's a type (Symbolism) of our wilderness sojourn in earthly

tabernacles before we come into heaven. The Word of God is like a

"Gigantic Spiritual Picture Puzzel" and when you have it right,

every piece "FITS." That's how you know you've got it right. It

testifies of itself, Which is the "TRUE" meaning of 2nd Timothy 2:15

       "Study to shew thyself appoved unto God a workman that needeth

         not to be ashamed, RIGHTLY dividing the word of Truth."

In these times when we are so very near the End of the world, EVEN

at the DOORS, we need to study scripture with a eye to obey it. So

much in the bible has been misunderstood and interpreted any way

people saw fit, it's now time to RETURN unto the Lord and "KEEP"

his word. God requires faithfulness. Like the verse above says, we

need to RIGHTLY understand God's word. Our Lord is returning soon,

VERY SOON, and we all need to be the watchman and sound the alarm.

Be faithful to God's word, Trust God as your authority and lean not

unto thine own understanding. Trust the Bible, it is The Word of

God and It testifies of itself that it is True and Trustworthy.

All the signs are in place for the coming of the Lord. strengthen

the things that remain.

     When is the wildernes journey over? Does the scriptures tell us

this? Only by searching the scriptures, will we find out........

                      C H A P T E R    V I

Revelation 11 and 12

‑‑‑‑‑‑‑‑‑‑ ‑‑ ‑‑‑ ‑‑

    Let's take a look at revelation chapter 12. A lot of pastors,

teachers, theologians have said that this woman is Israel, the physical

posterity. We will show that this cannot be, and this woman is in fact

Israel, the church or congregation of the Lord. She goes from old

testament congregation (Israel) to new testament congregation. Note

first in Revelation chapter 12 that this woman gave birth to a child.

That child is the lord Jesus christ, the deliverer. He came out of

national Israel. But note that this Manchild (Christ) was caught up

unto God and to his throne. That took place of course after the cross,

when Christ ascended up to the Throne in a cloud. But Notice the woman.

The Dragon (satan) wants to destroy this woman, but she is given two

wings of a great eagle (Symbolizing the protection of the Lord God) and

she flys into the wilderness where she has a place prepared for her and

where God feeds and nourishes her there for 1260 days. The 1260 days

are Symbolical of the entire new testament period. That is to say, the

entire time that the church is working in the world. She is nourihed

from the face of the serpent. In other words, satan can't harm The woman

(Israel, the church). The Lord provides for the church the entire new

testament period, which is symbolically typed as 1260 days. But after

that 1260 days, satan is able to come after the woman as we see in

verse 17.

  Let's look at Revelation chapter 11 where it speaks of the building

of the Temple of god (Church) and says that the court outside, was not

to be measured as part of the building because it was "GIVEN" unto the

gentiles and the Holy City they would tred down 42 months. You see, the

building of the Lord's church has exact dimentions, and when that

temple is completely built, the end of the world will come. This

building started at the cross with christ. He is the Chief corner stone

and we, the believers who have come in, are the bricks or stones in this

Temple of God.

  You see, Christ came as the Corner stone to build this Temple, but

He was rejected by Israel, but nevertheless, is the chief corner stone

of God's Temple, because "GOD will have a People".

1st Peter 2:4 speaking of Christ says,

           "To whom coming as unto a living stone, disallowed indeed of

            men, but chosen of God, and precious, YE ALSO, as lively

            stones, are built up a spiritual house, an Holy priesthood,

            to offer up spiritual sacrifices, acceptable to God by Jesus

            Christ. Wherefore also it is contained in the scriptures,

            behold I lay in Sion a chief corner stone, elect,


You see, we are these lively, or LIVING stones in the house of God.

Jesus is the chief corner stone upon which we are built. That's the

language of revelation chapter 11 of the measuring of the temple.

Compare scripture with scripture and you will see that the bible uses

the wording measuring, indicating building. The building of this

Temple started at the cross with jesus Christ being the chief corner

stone and we built upon him.

  Ephesians 2:20

           "And are built upon the foundation of the Apostles and

            prophets, Jesus Christ Himself being the chief corner stone

            in whom all the building fitly framed together groweth unto

            a Holy Temple in the Lord."

We are built upon Christ and groweth unto a Holy Temple. It can't get

much clearer than that. We are this temple being built. But what does

it mean in Revelation chapter 11 verse 2 when it says don't measure the

court as part of the Temple? well, that means that in "GOD'S" plan,

these are not part of His Temple. God will draw the dimentions of this

Temple, and those who are outside in the court, are not considered His

Temple, and the gentiles will tred upon the Holy City. The jews are

typed as God's people, and the gentiles typed as unbelievers. Remember,

He is not a jew who is one outwardly, but He is a jew who is one

inwardly. God will define the Jews and the Gentiles. Those that make

up the court are those who IDENTIFY with the church, say they are the

church, but who "GOD" defines as outside, and not in the dimentions of

His Church. They are not BUILT up a Temple in the Lord. Remember the

parable of the 5 wise virgins and the 5 foolish virgins? well, those of

the court are as the foolish virgins. Those not "TRULY" saved, but who

say Lord, Lord. They are unbelievers, (not Jews) and the holy city they

shall tred down.

  And then, it speaks of these two witnesses. This is where there

has been a lot of misunderstanding. These two witnesses are not, Moses,

Enoch, or Elijah. The two witnesses are symbolic of the Church. I hope

to show you that in the following chapters and verses.

  First of all it says the two witnesses are the two olive trees.

well, when we go to scripture to find out what the olive tree

symbolizes, we find that it symbolizes the Belivers, and the church.

For example in psalms 58:2 it says "but I am like a green olive tree in

the house of God." Who is the green olive tree in the house of God? the

believers. The Church. No clearer can that symbolism be seen than in

Roman's chapter 11. It speaks of those of Old Testament Israel as being

branches broken off of a olive tree, and the gentiles as branches

grafted into the olive tree. People! This, is the Israel of God. Those

in Christ are those in this olive tree. They are Israel. The Jews

naturally, and the gentiles because God makes them Jews. He is able to

graft them into the tree Israel, the Church! in this manner, ALL ISRAEL

SHALL BE SAVED. No question, this olive tree is the Church, the Israel

of God.  That's just a few of the many verses that show this.

  Second of all, Revelation chapter 11 says that these two witnesses

are the two candlesticks. Well what does that symbolize? AGAIN, we let

God tell us, not our teachers, and we see the word of God says the

candlesticks represent the Church also. In Revelation chapter 1 the

Lord speaks of 7 candlesticks and one in the Midst of them like the son

of man. God Himself reveals the mystery of this symbolism in verse 20

or chapter 1. He says,

          "The mystery of the seven stars which thou sawest in My right

           hand, and the seven golden candlesticks. The seven stars are

           the messengers of the seven churches, and the seven

           candlesticks which thou sawest are the seven churches."

The Mystery has been REVEALED! the stars represent messengers and the

candlesticks represents churches. Now we can better understand the

Symbolism in God's word. For example in revelation chapter 12, that we

just looked at. When it says the dragon (satan) by his tail cast some

of the stars of heaven to the earth, we know the mystery of this

symbolism has been revealed. It means he cast some of the messengers of

the church down. Stars are Symbolic of messengers. In other words,

revelation 12 is telling us satan was attacking and casting down those

messengers of the church before Christ was born. It's a symbolic

picture there of this woman (The O.T. Church) in pain and looking to be

delivered, and then Christ comes from the woman, and prevails against

Satan, and the woman is nourished in the wilderness from the face of

the serpent 1260 days. You see that's what the star being cast down, was

symbolic of. It was satan casting down the messengers of the Church.

Which is why satan had to be bound, so that the lord could build His


  The point being, when Revelation chapter one reveals the Mystery of

what the Stars and the candlesticks are symbolic of, then we had better

be faithful to God's word. That is the "ONLY" way that we can come to

CORRECT interpretation of scripture. Let God define terms. And God says

the mystery is revealed, the candlesticks symbolize the Church. So

again we see the Consistancy of God's word. the Olive tree is the

church, the candlestick is the church.

  Why does revelation chapter 11 say that there were two of them?

Again, I believe that is to alert us that this is symbolic of the

church. Those who bring the TRUTH. Remember Jesus said in John 8:17,

          "It is also written in your law, that the testimony of two

           men is TRUE."

Well, this is the Testimony of two. That's why these are pictured as

two witnesses. Because their Testimony is TRUE. What is a winess? It's

he who brings testimony of course. In fact, Revelation 11 says they

testify 1260 days clothed in sackcloth. Sackcloth symbolizes mourning

or lamentation. The church brings the word of God with Power and in

sadness, because they know it is a word of Judgement to all those who

do not heed it. The Church is the witness to the world. Or again,

remember when Jesus sent the 12 disciples out two by two? he gave them

Power over satan (Mark 6:7), or remember when Jesus sent the 70 out. He

sent them out also two by two (Luke 10:1). Why is that? Because these

are the TRUE witnesses, the Church, which goes forth with the power of

God. And it's the same message in the two witnesses of revelation. It's

the Church sent forth with the power of God's word. And their Testimony

lasts 1260 days. Which is from the cross, until their testimony is

finished. That is the two witnesses. Jesus said, where two or three are

gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them (Matt.

18:20) That is "GOD'S" definition of the church. Two gathered in His

name, and He in the midst. That's the Church. Remember we saw in

Revelation chapter 1 of the candlesticks, and one in the midst like the

son of man? Well, that's christ in the midst. That's the church. And

so is these two candlesticks who are called 2 witnesses.

  Revelation chapter 11 says these two prophesy and out of their

mouths come fire to devour their enemy. well, that fire out of the

mouth of the church is GOD'S WORD. God's word is like a fire and it

will burn all God's enemies as if they were wood. That's the POWER that

the church has. It's the Power of God's word that by the Holy Spirit

they bring. Their prophesy is one of judgement. Because they bring

God's word, they speak with Fire.

       Jeremiah 23:29,

            "Is not My WORD like a fire? saith the Lord; and like a

             hammer that breaketh the rock in pieces?

Indeed it is! The word of God is as a Fire, and because the Church

brings the word, they are bringing this Fire that will devour the

Lord's enemies.

       Jeremiah 5:14

            "Wherefore thus saith the Lord God of hosts, because YE

             speak this word, behold I will make My words in THY mouth

             FIRE, and this people wood, and it shall devour them."

You see, that's what the Lord's servants do. When they bring the word

of God, it is as a Fire to devour. That is the language of revelation

Chapter 11.

Those people who think the two witnesses are talking about two men

are kidding themselves. They are not carefully considering the

scriptures. First of all, how can two literal men have fire coming out

of their mouths? That should tell you right there that it's not

literal, but symbolical. There are no fire Breathing Prophets! the Fire

is the word of God. They who prophecy are the Church.

Second, these two witnesses, the Word declares, prophesy for 1260

days. We've already seen in revelation chapter 12 that the 1260 days

Symbolize the entire New Testament period, from the cross. How can two

literal men live from the cross until today prophesing? The answer of

course is, they can't!  "ONLY" the church could have been prophesing

from the time this woman gave birth to the manchild until now. "OMLY"

the church! Undisputable truth. That should end the debate, right?

...WRONG!  Because people are so hard headed that they will not

turn from error. They would rather believe their teacher (A MAN) rather

than listen to the Word of God, and it is just this type of

UNFAITHFULNESS to the word of God that is the churches downfall. The

falling away takes place because people are listening to men and not

the Scripture.  These two aren't Moses, or elijah, or enoch. These two

symbolize the church.

  Revelation goes on to say these two candlesticks can smite the earth

with all plagues as often as they will, and can turn waters to blood,

that there be no rain in the days of their prophecy. What does this

mean? Well, it simply means they come with the word of God of

judgement, so it's as if they bring it. It's the same idea as the fire

out of their mouths. It's the word of God of judgement. When they say,

Thus saith the Lord, God will turn the waters to Blood, and it happens,

then they have brought that word of judgement. Remember God said "I"

will make "MY" words as a fire from "YOUR" mouth? That's the language

of the POWER of His word. These are "TRUE" witnesses, It will Come to

pass. They prophesy saying Christ is coming, the judgement will come

upon the Church for unfaithfulness, and they are scoffed at and ignored.

  Now comes the verse we've been looking to. Verse 7. It says

"AFTER" their testimony is finished, the beast that ascends out of the

bottomless pit shall make was against them and kill them. It's

important to make sure you have the time frame correct. It is "AFTER"

their testimony is finished. Remember it says they testify or witness

1260 days? Well, it is only after their testimony is finished that they

are killed.

  Now I know everyone is probably saying, well how can the Church be

Killed? Didn't God say I shall build My church and the gates of Hell

shall not prevail against it? Indeed He did! And the gates of Hell

shall "NOT" prevail against God's Church. But that doesn't mean that

the Church can't be silenced. Especially "AFTER" their testimony is

finished!!!! In other words, their Job is done. and now Satan is loosed

and must continue a short space to bring in the Abomination of

Desolation. And then Christ will return to Rapture the church.

   There is no contradiction here. When the Lord says "I will build my

Church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it." That means

that Satan "CANNOT" harm the True Believer. In other words, he cannot be

snared into satan's clutches. Satan CANNOT prevail against him in the

sense that he cannot conquer him, or triumph over him. Because He will

always be of the Lord, no matter if satan Kills him or not. Even in

bringing about the death of a true Believer, satan, has not

prevailed. BUT it does not mean Satan can't kill believers (Who are

the Church). Scripture tells us that clearly. Many of the Believers

were killed of satan. Does that mean that satan prevailed against

them? NO! Not even in death did satan prevail, or overcome them. That

is what the verse means about the gates of Hell not prevailing. It

does not, for example, mean that satan can't take over a church and

cause it to turn apostate. FACT is, GOD Himself, warned those of the

Churches in revelation Chapter 2 that if they Didn't repent from their

evil, He Himself would remove their church out of it's place. He

spoke of the False Gospels and False doctrines that were in the

churches and brought great warnings to these Churches of what would

happen if they didn't repent. Now if you look at those 7 churches of

Asia today, you will see that they no longer exist! Does that mean

that the gates of Hell prevailed against THEE Church? NO! Could it

mean that Satan overcame the churches there? YES IT COULD!

  Don't let anyone tell you that this is wrong, and the church can

"NEVER" be overcome, or overrun by false gospels. If that were true,

why did God warn the churches about these things in Revelation 2 and 3?

You see, that idea, makes no sense. A church can become apostate, and

it does so by falling away from God. It does so by being unfaithful to

God's word. Revelation chapter 13  verse 15 tells us that all

those who didn't worship the image of the beast were killed. Who are

these who were killed, if not the Believers? Clearly it says "ALL" that

didn't worship the beast were Killed. Not some, not a handfull, it

says ALL! Revelations 20 tells us those who didn't worship the Beast

are the Believers who reign with Christ, so Clearly, they "ARE" the

believers, The Church. And if this is true, Clearly it is spoken of as

them "ALL" being killed. You see, that is the Inconsistancy of

what you get into whenever you try and make scripture say something

that it doesn't say. But when you Interpret scripture by scripture,

then it all falls into place like a giant Picture Puzzel. Yes, the

Believers (Those who will not Bow down and worship the Image of the

beast) the church, the 2 candlesticks, will be killed. Have the gates

of Hell prevailed against them? NO! But some sure think that they have

as Revelations 11 shows them rejoicing. But they do not rejoice for

long, as the Church is raptured and they watch as these ascend up to

heaven in a cloud (Rev. 11) and great fear comes upon them. This is

scriptural consistancy.

  The Church is Killed, or overcome by Satan near the end Time

"ONLY" in the sense that They have been persecuted and run out of

the congregations because of their Faithfulness to scripture. The

man of sim takes a seat in the Temple and the church becomes

abominable and desolate. And the believers come out of her so that

they will not be partakers of her sins. Yes, the church is killed.

The Church (the 2 wittnesses/candlesticks/Olive trees) were

Killed because they would not worship the beast. The churches then

becomes Dry. There is a famine of hearing the Word of God.

Spiritually speaking, the church has been killed. But Has the gates

of HELL prevailed against them? NO! The gates of hell hath prevailed

against those decieved outside, who come to tread down the holy city,

but NOT the "ELECT" who cannot be decieved. It's NOT POSSIBLE (matt.

24:24). The gates of Hell cannot prevail against these. Because they

are THEE Church. But in the Symbolic sense, the sense that their light

has been extinguished, and the churches are left desolate. Dead!

  When Revelations chapter 11 tells us that the 2 wittnesses (the

Church) are killed, it says their dead Bodies lie in the streets and

no one comes to bury them. What does that mean? Normally, when

someone dies, and we care for them, we Take them up and we bury them

and we mourn for them. But When the church is killed (2 wittnesses)

No one comes to bury them. Symbolizing, No one cared about them. No

one mourned for them, in fact revelations tells us they rejoiced that

these were dead. That is telling us that these were happy that God's

Witnesses were dead. Because the word of God that they brought was

like a fire, and this people like wood and it burned them. They were

tormented by the word of GOD. they didn't like it, They didn't want

it, and now that it was gone they rejoiced. They have their churches

with the man of Sin ruling in them, letting them say and do whatever

they want, instead of what the word of God declared, and these

rejoice. They didn't want the love of truth, but had pleasure in

unrighteousness (2nd thess 2:10‑11), And these that brought the TRUTH

tormented them. But note that after 3 and a half days the two

wittnesses (The Church) is raised and ascended up to heaven (The

Rapture) and great fear falls on those of the earth, and what happens

next? The seventh angel sounds his Trump and the end! TOTAL

CONSISTANCY! That's what these Bodies being rejoiced over means. It

means that The Beast has killed all those who would not worship him,

and the people of the world didn't mourn for them but left their

bodies unburied. They rejoiced that they didn't have to listen to

these Non‑compromising, Bible believing, word of God'rs. That's the

language of their Bodies lying dead in the street and no one burying


  Have you Ever wondered what OUR LORD was talking about when He

said in matthew Chapter 24:28 when He was telling the disciples

when it was that He would return? And Jesus made what might seem to

be a curious statement. he said:

       "For wheresoever the carcase is, there will the eagles be

       gathered together."

A carcase is a Body. "He That hath ears to hear, let him Hear."

He is telling us that the End will come and He will return when there

is a dead carcase and the eagles are gathered. It's Judgement my

friends. This is part of the Lord's marvelous symbolisms of His word.

  Now there are many different interpretations of the two witnesses of

 revelation 11, but only one that can be substantiated by scripture.

 And that's the bottom line. The word of God is just that. The Word of

 God. No man can interpret what god has written. We don't have the

 mind of God. We have to let "HIM" do the interpreting, and we do that

 by following His word, not dreaming up our own interpretations.

 We can't believe something just because it sounds good. Take for

 example the two Candlesticks. Can We read the Bible and arbitrarily


          "I know what that Symbolizes. It symbolizes that in 1260 days,

          a man named John Candlestick will become president of the

          united states, and light the way for mankind, and plant 2

          Olive trees in the rose garden, and appoint 2 judges who

          he will label the 2 wittnesses, because they speak with fire,

          and they'll change the balance of power in the supreme court,

          to swing the laws back to righteousness..."

And of course we would say, (Well, Most of us would say) "NO WAY" We

can't interpret the candlesticks like that. Well then, the question

comes back ...WHY NOT????  And the answer is, because There is nothing

in scripture to substantiate it! There is "NO" scriptural evidence to

back it up. In other words, it is MAN'S Interpretation, ie, something

out of the mind of man. It may "SOUND" good, but it is nothing more

than "false prophecy"  ..That's what happens when you rely on man for

your understanding. The BIBLE gives ample examples of this. On the

Other hand, for the same reason that you can't rely on this

interpretation as being true (NO BIBLICAL EVIDENCE), is the reason

that you "CAN" rely on GOD'S Word to Explain Scripture (it's backed up

by scripture). I won't go all over this again, but it's been clearly

seen I've given ample evidence that the candlesticks of Revelation

Symbolize the Church. All that evidence came from "SCRIPTURE." Not

once, did I say, I believe this is the Church because a three pronged

candlestick is kinda shaped like the Tops of a church, or because the

word Candlestick in the greek was luchnia, which sounds like

look‑near, which might point to the closeness of the church to a city

in Rome. Not Once!  Rather, I've given scriptural verses that point to

the fact that, this is, in fact the church. That is called "BACKING IT

UP WITH SCRIPTURE" and is the "ONLY" way we can be "SURE" that we have

correct interpretation. That's Right, I'm being ABSOLOUTE. It's THEE

"ONLY" way we can be SURE we have correct Interpretation. By comparing

scripture with scripture, we come to Rightly divide (Decern or

Understand) the word of truth. Yes, The Bible is it's own Interpreter.

Fact is, If you didn't compare Revelations chapter 11 with revelations

chapter 1, how would we know what the candlestick symbolized. If you

didn't compare Revelations Chapter 11 with Romans chapter 11, and many

other chapters and Books, how would we know that the olive tree was

symbolic of the church. If we didn't compare the 1260 days of

revelation chapter 11 to the 1260 days of revelation 12, how would we

know that it's symbolic of the entire new testament period. The answer

is .....WE COULDN'T!  The Reason we believe that they symbolize what

they do, is because we have Compared scripture and found it to be so,

not because some preacher said it was so. That is called letting the

Bible Interpret itself, and not relying on man for our understanding

of it.

     Now you may say, "that's not correct" and that Nowhere does the

Bible say it is it's own interpreter, and we should not rely on man.

But it "IS" CORRECT! God DOES say we should not rely on man, and He

does say that we should rely on His word. And He says it in many, many

different ways, for those who will RECIEVE it. What do you Think God

is saying when He says many, Many times, "KEEP MY WORD" or "IF YE KEEP

MY WORDS." What is He saying? He's saying Trust in, and Rely on My

Words, not someone elses. What do you think the Bible means when it

says "Let God be True and every Man a Liar." It means, rely on GOD'S

Word, not man's. What do you think that will happen at the end

when a guy stands before the judgement throne of GOD and says, I'm

sorry God, I was deceived by my pastor/priest/teacher. I didn't check

it out in scripture, I relied on him for truth? Do you think the Lord

will say, Oh Well, OK, No Problem? ...NO! Because He has already

WARNED us about his word of Truth. Where? In His Holy Word. Did

He write, Thou shalt not rely on your pastor? No He Didn't. ....Did He

write, Thou shalt not rely on Historians nor scientific Proofs? ..No

He didn't ...Did He write, Thou Shalt Not have an Abortion? No He

Didn't. Did He Write, Thou shalt not sanction a man marrying another

man? No He Didn't, ...Did He Write, Thou shalt not Punch your wife in

the head several times if you get home and dinner is not ready?  ...NO

HE DIDN'T.  But It's all there Nevertheless, and those who do such

things will not escape by saying "where does it say that in scripture"

just because they don't "SEE" it. We have a CLEAR Choice. Rely on man,

or rely on God. Interpret scripture by whatever we think it means,

or interpret it by comparing scripture with scripture (The Bible "IS"

it's own Interpreter). We can Trust in our pastor/priest/bible

teachers to guide us into truth, or let the Holy Spirit of GOD do it

Through the Scriptures. In Other words, get your Interpretations from

the SOURCE. We don't need a go between anymore. GOD has poured out His

Spirit upon us, and We can, By That Spirit, Decern The scriptures, by

the scriptures. Just as the Bereans did when they heard Paul teach

things that they had not heard, nor understood before. They searhed

the scriptures DAILY to see if these things were so (Acts Chapter


     Once again:

          2nd Timothy 2:15..

              We MUST,

                   "Study to shew ourselves approved unto GOD, a workman

                   that needeth not to be ashamed, RIGHTLY dividing the

                   word of Truth."

  That verse Tells us 3 very important things.

          #1. It is by Studying the scriptures that we are shown to be

              approved unto GOD.

          #2. Studying the scriptures "IS" the way that we will RIGHTLY,

              and I Emphasis the word RIGHTLY, decern the scriptures and

              come to Truth.

          #3. We will have need to be ashamed, IF WE DO NOT!

Where does the Bible say that it is it's own interpreter?

Everywhere!! You only have to decern it.

   Some people want to point to Zechariah chapter 4 to try and prove

 that the olive trees represent two literal people. But I don't

 think they know very much about "TYPES" and figures in the

 scriptures. Here, the candlestick is a figure of Christ, and it's 7

 pipes are a figure of The Holy Spirit of God, as it's also typed as 7

 eyes of the Lord running to and fro through the whole earth. This is

 a picture of the "CONTINUAL" (Light) that was to burn continually in

 the Temple. Read Exodus chapter 25:31‑40 where this Candlestick was

 commanded of God to be built. Then read in Exodus chapter 27:20‑21

 where it was Commanded the "CHILDREN OF ISRAEL" bring pure olive oil

 beaten for the lamp, that it Burn "CONTINUALLY" in the tabernacle.

   Don't you "GET" the picture here? That's "WHY" the candlestick

 represents the Churches. It's the LIGHT that was to be continually

 kept burning. Note GOD said, the children of Israel were to bring the

 oil to keep the lanp burning continually? Well, that was their job.

 And that's the symbolism of what you read in Zechariah 4 of the two

 olive branches (verse 12) of the olive tree, empying oil out of

 themselves. That's the Job of the Church (Children of Israel) to keep

 the light burning continually. And they do it by the Spirit of God.

 That's the Typology there. You can't just pick a verse out of the

 bible and build a case out of it, you have to consider "EVERYTHING"

 that the Bible has to say about an issue.  And it also helps to "NOT"

 go to the scripture seeking to prove you are right, but seeking the


 Enoch and Elijah?  ...Moses and Elijah?  How about Enoch and Moses?

 That would work also wouldn't it? And since we're guessing, how about

 Jerry falwell and Pat Robinson? that would work? I mean if we're

 just going to guess at it. That is no way to "CORRECTLY" understand

 scripture. We "MUST" get our answers from the Bible, not by guessing

 what seems to fit. Nowhere in the Bible does it mention anything

 about Moses, Enoch, or Elijah being the two

 witnesses/candlesticks/olive trees..  That's all Speculation, and as

 such is worth "NOTHING."  The candlestick is symbolic of the Light of

 Christ. The Church! Which we, as God's  children, had a job to keep

 burning Continually. But I'm here to tell you, that "CONTINUAL" light

 is gone out...........

    When the Bible speaks about the daily sacrifice being taken away,

 the word "SACRIFICE" does not belong. That's why it is italicized in

 your King James Bibles.  It is "NOT" a part of the Bible. It was put

 there by the translators to "possibly" help with the understanding.

 Also the word there translated daily, is the Hebrew word TAW‑MEED'and

 means "CONTINUAL." It's talking about something perpetual. When you

 read of the daily sacrifice, what it really says is the CONTINUAL.

 It's the Exact same word, make no Mistake. For example, remember as

 we were looking at Zechariah chapter 4 about the golden candlestick

 and the olive brances that fed oil for it to burn? we saw in Exodus

 27:20 that the children of Israel were to bring the olive oil

 that the lamp burn always? Well, that word "ALWAYS" is the Hebrew

 word Taw‑weed' meaning Continual. Exact same word as is Daniel

 chapter 12:11 where it talks about the Time that the Continual

 (daily sacrifice) will be taken away. It is translated Perpetual or

 Continual in the accurate translations. Same word God uses in

 describing the lamps on the candlesticks that the children were to

 Keep burning always, or continually. Understanding God's use of this

 word, we can come to the true meaning of the Daniel 12:11 passage. When

 the continual is taken away, and the abomination of Desolation is

 setup, it is noted by God as at 1290 days. Now do you get a better

 understanding of why God labels the church that is to be killed by the

 beast, the candlesticks? God is saying the same thing. The Continual

 light will be taken away. The candlesticks will be killed. It's the

 "CONSISTANT" way that God interprets His word. Man couldn't make this

 consistancy in 1000 years. ONLY GOD could have written the Bible. It's

 Consistancy with itself, testifies of Itself, that it is of God.

   And so "ONCE AGAIN" we see that it all "FITS" together wonderfully.

 The Continual will be taken away, and the abomination setup. the

 candlesticks will be killed by the beast after their testimony (1260)

 is finished. The abomination is the fact that the light has gone out.

 You Get it? The "CONTINUAL" (candlestick) that was to be kept burning

 is gone out. Darkness. Remember revelation 8 of the sun was darkened by

 reason of the smoke of the botomless pit when it was opened? Are people

 "FINALLY" getting any of this? The man of sin is in the Churches. that

 is abomination. That is darkness where light once was. That is the

 CONTINUAL going out. These of the church are fed with "WORMWOOD"

 because they received not the Love of "TRUTH" that they might be saved.

 The language of the 2 candlesticks being Killed, is symbolic of the

 Continual Light going out. The Abomination of desolation is setup. The

 candlesticks are dead in the street, but no one mourns for them. why

 not? Because they're to busy in these fallen Churches, happy that those

 who brought the Light of the word are no longer a source of torment.

                       C H A P T E R   VII

The 1260, 1290, and 1335 Days

‑‑‑ ‑‑‑‑‑ ‑‑‑‑‑ ‑‑‑ ‑‑‑‑ ‑‑‑‑

  Study of the scriptures and Prayer has convinced me more than ever,

that we have been "RIGHT" and are very, very near the End.

Everything is in place, all is being fulfilled, we just wait on the

Lord to call an End. I'm convinced it has to do with the 1260 days, the

1290 days and the 1335 days spoken of in scripture. The Bible speaks of

the wildernes journey ending at 1260 days. It speaks of the abomination

of desolation as at 1290 days. And then it says, Blessed is he that

"WAITETH" and cometh to the 1335 days (Daniel 12:12). The 1335 days, I

believe is the End of the world. The ones who "WAIT" and cometh to the

1335 days are called Blessed. They are, I believe, the "TRUE" Believers.

The Faithful. At this time, they are simply to WAIT, and in their

patience possess them their souls (Luke 21:19). Though the Lord tarry,

He will not tarry. Interesting numbers here. Check them out for yourself

and see what you think. From the end of the wilderness journey, to the

abomination of desolation is 30 days. From the abomination of Desolation

to the end of the world, I believe is 45 days; and from the end of the

wilderness journey end to the end of the world is 75 days. "3" Times 10,

15, 25. Church, Purpose, Judgement/Grace, or 2, 3, 5.

The number 2 symbolizing the Church as we've seen in the 2 Candlesticks

of revelation 11, or where Jesus said, "Where 2 or 3 are gathered in My

name there am I in the midst of them", or where Jesus sent the 70 out 2

by 2 with power doing the Lords work, etc. The number 2 symbolizes the

Church. The number 3 symbolizes the Purpose of God, and the number 5

symbolizes the judgement, or the Gift/or Salvation of God.

   15       15       15                10       15      25

  x 2      x 3      x 5               x 3      x 3     x 3

‑‑‑‑‑‑   ‑‑‑‑‑‑   ‑‑‑‑‑‑            ‑‑‑‑‑‑   ‑‑‑‑‑‑   ‑‑‑‑‑‑

   30       45      75               30        45      75

 2 ‑ Symbolizing the Churches wilderness    1260  days   ‑‑     ‑‑

    journey is finished. Their testimony                /\     /\

    is finished and the beast that                      ||     ||

    ascends from the bottomless pit shall            30 Days   ||

    make war against them and shall                     ||     ||

    overcome them and Kill them.                        \/     ||

 3 ‑ Symbolizes God's Purpose/Will.         1290 days   ‑‑   75 Days

    Given by God that His will be                       /\     ||

    fulfilled (Rev 17:17) & the                         ||     ||

    Kingdom given to the beast. The                  45 Days   ||

    FALL, The abomination of Desolation.                ||     ||

 5 ‑ Symbolizes Judgment/Grace                           \/     \/

    End of the world                      1335  days   ‑‑     ‑‑

   2=Church as in 2 candlesticks

   3=Purpose/will of God


1260 ‑ 1290 = 30      30 days between End of journey & Abomination

1335 ‑ 1290 = 45      45 days between abomination & End of World

1335 ‑ 1260 = 75      75 days between End of Journey and End of world

Wildernes reference Rev 12:6

Abomination reference Daniel 12:11

End reference Daniel 12:12

So I Believe we were 100% correct that the Feast of tabernacles

symbolized the End of the Wilderness Journey. We used to think that

it also signaled the End of the World as well. Obviously, it does

not. And we can see why. The wilderness journey is spoken of as 1260

days (Revelation 12:6). After The wilderness journey (testimony

Finished) the church is killed (Revelation 11:7). We know for sure

that this is after the 1260 days because Revelation 11:3 gave the

length of their prophesy as 1260 days. So that's no speculation,

that's a fact!  OK, so we have 2 facts. #1. The wilderness journey is

spoken of as 1260 days, and #2. the 2 candlesticks prophesy 1260 days

before they are killed. A third thing we "NOW" know is that the end of

the world is not right after the wilderness journey. If we go to

Revelation chapter 12 it speaks of the Wilderness journey as Time,

times and a half.

     Revelation 12:14

           "And to the woman were given two wings of a great eagle that

           she might fly into the wilderness, into her place, where she

           is nourished for a time, and times and a half a time, from

           the face of the Serpent."

Also as we already saw, this time is also symbolized by 1260 days. And

so we know that the church is fed (verse 6) or nourished (verse 14) by

God in the wilderness 1260 days also symbolized by the phrase time,

times and a half. And after this time (End of wilderness journey)

after her testimoney is completed, she is killed by the beast

(Revelation 11:7) and lay dead symbolically 3 and 1/2 days.

    The Feast of tabernacles (Sept, 27th) symbolized the End of the

wilderness journey. The Question now is, How long, oh Lord Holy and

True? And we'll see that God "Not Tony" has a lot to say about that


    When we go to the Book of daniel Chapter 12, we begin to find some

answers. When we study Daniel chapter 12, we find that Biblical

knowledge would be increased, and the "WISE" would understand, but the

"WICKED" would not understand? Check it out for yourself. This "TIME"

of trouble spoken of here is a period of Great Tribulation for the

believers, because they are scoffed at, persecuted, run out of their

churches, reviled, called false prophets, mocked, etc. all for the

Kingdom of heaven's sake. All because they are faithful to the word of

God. For this, they are despised. And in verse 6 the question that

keeps popping up in scripture is asked again. It says, ...How Long????

           "And one said to the man clothed in linen, which was upon the

           waters of the River, How Long shall it be to the end of these

           wonders? and I heard the man clothed in linen which was upon

           the waters of the river, when He held up His right hand and

           His left hand unto heaven, and sware by Him that liveth for

           ever that it shall be for a time, times, and a half; and when

           He shall have accomplished to scatter the Power of the Holy

           people, all these tings shall be finished."

I remember someone telling me "YA SEE, The Lord didn't want us to

know how long, because He didn't give us a number!" But in fact, God

has given us a number. He gave it in Revelation chapter 12, that we

just saw. The Time, times and a half time, we saw was the same as 1260

days, and it symbolized the New Testament wilderness journey of the

Church. So once again the Mockers and scoffers are proven wrong.  God

has put a number on it, but He did so in a way that "ONLY" those who

Study to show themselves approved unto God, a workman that needeth

not to be ashamed, would see. A Lesson for "ALL!" There is more in

God's word, than meets the eye. This isn't a frivilous book, It's the

Writings from the finger of God. We don't "TELL" Him what He can and

Can't put in His Book, we search it out! If it's there, then He

wanted us to know.

    OK, So we see that here in this chapter that the time, times and a

half signals the End of the Time of trouble for the Believers. In

other words, the testimony is finished. The 1260 days have been

accomplished. And we saw in Revelation that after the time, times and

a half that the woman (Church) was nourished/Fed in the wilderness,

she is Killed. Her Testimony is finished. And "CONSISTANTLY" that is

what we are seeing Here in Daniel 12. After the Time of Trouble for

the believers (Church), time, times and a half (1260 days) brings an

end to their testimony. Then there is war with them to bring in the

Abomination of Desolation. The FALL of the church to satan. It hath

been acomplished. The Power of the Holy people has been scattered.

    Revelation 12:11 says,

              "And from the time that the daily sacrifice shall be taken

              away, and the abomination that maketh desolate set up,

              there shall be a thousand two hundred and ninety days."

"GOD" is telling us WHEN the Abomination of Desolation is set up. He

says it's at 1290 days. For those of you who were pulling pigtails

instead of listening in math class <G>, that is 30 days after the end

of the Wilderness journey. 1290‑1260=30.  Judgement of God comes upon

the Churches and they fall. The Light is put out in the Churches.

Satan takes His seat in them. This is the abomination that leaves the

Temple Desolate. The Continual, the LIGHT is taken away because the

wilderness journey of the church is complete. Their testimony is


    In Matthew when I earlier looked at chapter 24 of the Great

Tribulation period, and read that "IMMEDIATELY" after the tribulation,

the sun would be darkened, and the moon shall not give her light, the

"INITIAL" thought was that it would be something LITERAL. Signs in the

skies! Although I was Cautious that I wasn't exactly sure, and it

could be something symbolical. Well, I Believe that this is Symbolic

language to indicate that the Light is gone out of the world. The

Church has been silenced and the Light of the gospel has been put out.

The Sun is is darkened by the man of Sin taking a seat in the Temple

(Church). He becomes the False Christ and there is no light. It's the

Abomination of Desolation. The Lampstand has no lamps of light. It was

to be the "CONTINUAL" light, The Light of Christ, but by reason of

transgretion it is cast down. It's God's judgement upon the church.

In other words, Immediately after the tribulation of those days, the

Church will be brought down so that there is no more Light. The

Testimony is finished, the light is made dark. It is the judgement of


    So we see that the wildernes journey Ends, the testimony of the

church is finished (1260) and so the beast makes war with the church

Silences the Gospel truth in the churches. Effectively the beast KILLS

the Church, leaving it desolate and abominable (1290). The True

believers come out of the false church, that they not be partakers of

her sins, and the End of the world comes at (1335). That's what these

numbers show when compared in scripture. 30 days after the

wildernes journey The Sun is made dark, the Abomination is set (1290).

    The Judgement of God begins at the House of the Lord. Do we

think that it's mere coincidence that God speaks in Revelation chapter

7 of not hurting the world until He has sealed (SAVED) all the Tribes

of Israel (Church), and then when they are all seal, in Chapter 8 we

read that there was SILENCE in heaven about the space of 1/2 hour (30)

and then Judgement is brought upon the Churches (The 1/3) and they are

made dark, waters dried up, SHIPS being destroyed. No Sir! This is

God's judgement upon the Church. Their light is turned unto darkness,

their waters are made Bitter. Remember when we talked about the number

666 which was 2/3's. We saw that the 1/3 symbolized the church. So

that is this language of the 3rd part being burned up, etc. It's The

Abomination of desolation. God has brought The Chrch to desolation

because "they Received not the Love of truth that they might be


     That is the 30 day silence between the End of their Testimony

(When they are being Killed) and the abomination of desolation.

Think about it. If their testimony is FINISHED, there would be

silence wouldn't there? And Revelation 11 says it's finished after

the 1260 days.

     Then God says, BLESSED is He that "WAITETH" and cometh to the 1335

days. That is 45 days after the abomination of desolation. Not many

will "WAIT" upon the Lord, but blessed are they that do! That's where

that number 5 comes in, symbolizing the judgement, and the gift/grace

of God. Those that wait for the 1335 (The Blessed), will receive the

grace of God's salvation, those who don't, JUDGEMENT!

Look at Isaiah Chapter 30 where it speaks of God's coming Judgement.

verse 16,

     "But ye say NO: for we will flee upon horses; therefore shall ye

      flee; and we will ride upon the swift; therefore shall they that

      pursue you be swift. One thousand shall flee at the rebuke of

      one; at the rebuke of FIVE shall ye flee: till ye be left as a

      beacon (tree bereft of branches) upon the top of a mountain, as

      an ensign on a hill. and therefore will the Lord WAIT, that He

      may be GRACIOUS unto you, and therefore will He be exhalted,

      that He may have MERCY upon you: for the Lord is a God of

      judgement: BLESSED are all they that WAIT for Him."

 What God says about 1994 "STANDS" and it is just a matter of remaining

 faithful and and WAITING upon the Lord.

              Habakkuk 2:3

                "For the vision is yet for an APPOINTED time, but at the

                End it shall SPEAK, and NOT LIE: though it tarry, WAIT

                for it; because it will SURELY COME, it will not tarry."

                        C H A P T E R   VIII

How Does Revelation 7 and 8 Fit?

‑‑‑ ‑‑‑‑ ‑‑‑‑‑‑‑‑‑‑ ‑ ‑‑‑ ‑ ‑‑‑‑

    I am asked, how does Revelation 7 and 8 relate to all this? Matthew

chapter 24 says IMMEDIATELY after the tribulation the sun shall be

darkened. That tells us the light will be put out. Revelation chapter

11 tells us that "AFTER" their testimony is "FINISHED" the church (2

                    ^^^^^                      ^^^^^^^^

candlesticks) are Killed. Inportant language here. Keep it in mind. It

is AFTER the witness of The Church is finished, that they are Killed.

In other words, their work has been done. Their mission has been

acomplished. God has saved all His sheep. Now we don't know who those

sheep are, but we know two things. #1, the testimony or wittness of

the church is finished, and #2, The Church is killed, and then the

Light is gone out. This would follow, would it not? If there is no

"TRUE" witness in the churches, then the churches are obviously

not of light, but dark. They don't have the gospel of light anymore.

This seems to be confirmed in Revelation chapter 7 as the 4 messengers

are "COMMANDED" What? They are commanded "NOT" to hurt the earth, sea,

or trees until what? UNTIL we have "SEALED" all the servants of God in

their forheads. Sealed means "SAVED!" Now do you understand what It's

saying? It's saying This judgement "CANNOT" happen until God has saved

all He has to save. When you TRUST the scriptures and not man, you'll

understand that this is true. I didn't say it, GOD DID! This Judgement

(the Judgement in Chapter 8) "CANNOT" take place until "ALL" the

servants of God are sealed in their forheads. Until they are saved, or

spiritually branded as one of God's Elect. This mirrors the verse that

says the Church isn't killed until "AFTER" their testimony is

"FINISHED!" You see what I'm saying? Or I should say, do you see what

GOD is saying.

    These 12,000 from each of the twelve tribes of Israel spoken of in

Revelation 7 is the fullness of the Church. Remember when we studied

the significance of numbers in scripture? We saw the number 12 played

prominently in the completeness of the Church. The 12 tribes of Israel

represented the Old Testament church or congregation of the Lord. The

12 Disciples Represented the New Testament Church or congregation of

the Lord. We saw in Revelation Chapter 21, the Holy City, New

Jerusalem, the "BRIDE" of Christ was a Spiritual Picture of The

Church. There is only one BRIDE of Christ. It's the Church. This

New Jerusalem is the "FINISHED" congregation comprised of ONLY the

Truly saved. God has put the number 12 all over this City. Notice the

12 gates into the city. 3 on each side North, south, east and west,

symbolizing believers come in from the 4 corners of the earth.

Universality!  Salvation is to peoples from all over the World. And at

the 12 gates were twelve messengers and names written thereon of the

12 tribes of Israel. There we have it. These gates are for the 12

tribes of Israel, and only the 12 tribes will Enter. If your name is

not on that messenger at the gate, you don't Enter. The 12 tribes are

defined by GOD'S Terms, not man's. They are the Church. No one but the

TRUE Church, The Israel of God, will Enter into these gates. They are

defined by "GOD" as the Bride of Christ. The 12 Tribes.  Note the City

has 12 foundations and in them the name of the 12 apostles of the

lamb. Again symbolic language to Indicate that The Church (Remember

this is the True Church) is built upon the believers, This is a

Spiritual City, not a Literal one with bricks and Mortar. It's 12,000

foulongs High, wide, and long. This "TELLS" us this is symbolic or

spiritual language. It's a perfect square. In other words, it's all

equal all the way around. 12,000 on every side. You get the idea God

is trying to tell you something about this church and the number 12?

There is neither jew or greek or male or female, we are all equal in

christ. God is no respector of persons. 12,000 on all sides, equal.

The wall was 144 cubits. Yup, that's 12 times 12. This is 144 cubits,

the measure of a man that is of the messenger. What does that mean?

First of all, a man that is of the messenger is someone who is of

Christ, the messenger of the covenant. In Revelation 7 there are

12,000 sealed from each of the 12 tribes symbolizing the fullness of

Israel. It says 144,000 were saved. That is the measure of a man of

the messenger. 144 or 12 times 12. All those who are the Bride of

Christ. God is using the number 12 to show us those under the

covenant, or those who are Israel according to God's definition of

Israel. In Revelation 21 the wall of the city is 144 cubits the

measure of a man of the messenger, because this whole City is the

  Congregation. It's a Picture of the True Church and some of it's

aspects. God "ULTIMATELY" is protecting this City. He is the

wall. But because these in the City are of the Messenger, they can be

like a wall 144 cubits. Only because they are of Christ. Note that the

foundations of the wall is garnished with all manner of precious

stones. 12 precious stones symbolizing God makes this wall precious.

and the 12 gates were 12 pearls, and the streets of Gold. Again, this

all is to symbolize that this city is made precious by God. It's His

Preciousness, His Glory that makes this City a Glorious City. Not a

literal city, but the BRIDE of Christ.

    So you see, in Revelation chapter 7 the 144,000 sealed (saved) are

a picture of the israel of God of whom God has promised He would save,

and of whom the covenant is with. We went through this in the chapter

about Israel. This is the Israel of God. Not "LITERALLY" 144,000.

The 12,000 from each tribe is symbolic of the fullness of the church,

  just as the 12 apostles symbolized the same thing. Notice again it's

all "EQUAL". That is to say, 12,000 from each tribe symbolizing all

tribes of the earth are equal in God's church. It's not literally

144,000, but a great multitude of Believers from all corners of the

world. Now we can get a CLEARER understanding of why God commands

that this judgement upon the earth, sea, and trees could not happen

until after these were saved. I keep emphsizing that because it's very

important. After the testimony of the church is FINISHED, then they

are killed. After the Israel of God is saved, then the hurt can come,

upon these of the earth, but not a minute before!!!  We already know

(from Scripture) that the testimony is complete after 1260 days. We

already know that the wilderness journey is 1260 days. we already

know the feast of Tabernacles celebrates the End of the wildernes

journey. The question is, when does this judgement of Revelation 8

take place after the 1260. The answer, from scripture, is 1290 or 30

days later. That is when Daniel 12 tells us that the abomination of

Desolation is set up. Revelation tells us that after the 12 tribes are

sealed, there is silence in heaven for 1/2 hour. Doesn't take a

mathematical genius to figure out a number for 1/2 hour. It's equal to

30 minutes before the judgement is poured on the 1/3 which represents

the church. Again, we see the number 30 between the End of wilderness

journey (Church Completed), and the Sun turned to darkness. Judgement

on the church.

   But Let's briefly look at Revelation chapter 8.

    Verse 7, the first angel sounded and judgement was cast to the

earth and the 3rd part of of trees were burnt up. We've already seen

where trees symbolize people, or nations, as in a Tree is knowen by

it's fruit, (symbolizing peoples works) or as in, we will be as a tree

planted by the rivers of Life. Well, the 3rd part of trees would be

the church. 1/3 represents the church (Zech. 13:9) and the 2/3 or

(666) represent those unsaved. having 1/3 being burnt up means

the fire of God's judgement has come upon them. Green grass being

burnt up symbolizes the same thing. Green grass is symbolic of living

grass. ie, the church. We are often equated with the grass, as in

1st Peter 1:24,

       "For all flesh is as grass, and all the glory of man as the

       flower of grass. The grass witherth, and the flower thereof

       falleth away: but the word of the Lord endureth forever..."

man is as grass of the earth, and as grass he will endure for awhile

and then he's gone. As contrasted to the word of God which if a man

obey, he shall live foever. If the judgement of God comes down upon

man, this man as grass will wither away. He is nothing without God.

  To think that this green grass is literally green grass is not to

understand how god puts symbolism in His word. Are we to think God

has some grudge against only GREEN grass, or trees, that He wants

to burn it up? No Way, it's men that are in view, not LITERAL grass.

James 1:10,

       "But the rich, in that he is made low: because as the flower of

       the grass he shall pass away. For the sun is no sooner risen

       with a burning heat, but it withereth the grass, and the flower

       thereof falleth, and the grace of the fashion of it perisheth:

       so also shall the rich man fade away in his ways. Blessed is the

       man that ENDURETH temptation: for when he is TRIED, he shall

       receive the crown of life, Which the Lord hath pronmised them

       that Love Him."

Remember Jesus spoke about the seed falling on rocky ground and

endures for a while, but when tribulation or persecution arieth,

because he hath no root he falleth away? Well, same principal. This

green grass that is burnt up, hath no root. It is not "TRULY" in

christ. It is scorched by the sun. TRUE Believers are "NOT" scorched

by the sun.  This is just an overview so I'm not going to go over

every verse of Revelation chapter 8 and give scriptures to show what

it's talking about, but you can be sure there are scriptures to back

this up.  The 3rd part and the green grass burnt up is symbolic of the

Church and Judgement.

    Verse 8 and 9 says a mountain afire was cast into the sea and the

3rd part of those in the sea "AND HAD LIFE" died. Why does it say the

creatures "THAT HAD LIFE?" Doesn't all creatures of the sea have life?

Yes, but God is "DISTINQUISHING" between regular creatures of the sea

(the Unsaved of the world) and creatures that had life (those who were

of the church). They had life only in the sense that they endured for

awhile, or that they were part of the church of life. They were not

"TRULY" saved. The same way God was highlighting GREEN grass, as

opposed to any other grass. God is letting us know the grass had life.

It is the Church. The ships I have found, in previous studies, are

symbolic of the Church. We're like a ship on the raging seas. The sea

is the world. From those ships (Churches) we are sent to be "FISHERS

OF MEN!" (remember those creatures of the sea that had life?), But now

judgement has come upon the ships and they are destroyed. Verse 10, a

star called wormwood fell on the 3rd part of rivers and fountains of

waters and they became bitter. The rivers and fountains of waters is

symbolic of the waters of the Gospel of salvation. The Gospel is

symbolized by water. Remember Jesus said out of our bellies shall flow

living waters?  remember Jesus said drink this water and you'll never

thirst again? well this is the waters of salvation. It's the gospel

waters. But when this judgement "HITS" there is NO MORE RIVERS AND

FOUNTAINS of waters of the gospel. The water has changed. It has been

made bitter. A NON‑SAVING water. This wormwood goes back to the Lord's

judgement upon jerusalem. It seems the church "NEVER" learns from

Biblical History do they? They (As demonstrated in congregation after

congregation) continually go after the imagination of their own heart,

to do whatever they want, instead of what God says. They are "UNWISE"

to figure things out themselves, or "WAYS" to get around the word of

God. They DO NOT understand that they will not get away with this.

That God will judge. As He brought the city of Jerusalem to DESOLATION

so he will bring the Church (Spiritually the City of Jerusalem) to

desolation. God hath warned about the abomination of Desolation all

through his word, but they choose to look the other way, Ignor it, say

it's 70 AD, whatever their little heart desired, they did, and said.

They persecuted those who brought the testimony of God, and who tried

to tell them to remain faithful. They ridiculed the word of the Lord

that his servants brought picking it apart at every turn.  And they

mocked his prophets as they tried to warn of the coming Judgement upon

the church. Even today they do the same. But the Word of God will not

return void. The Waters "WILL" be turned to wormwood. And it is not

Tony who is saying it, it's God who is saying it and who will perform

it. Read carefully Jeremiah chapter 9 of what this wormwood is, and

what the Lord will do.

       verse 11,

           "And I will make jerusalem heaps, and a DEN OF DRAGONS; and I

           will make the cities of Judah DESOLATE without an inhabitant.

           Who is the WISE man that may UNDERSTAND this? and Who is he

           to whom the mouth of the Lord hath spoken, that he may

           DECLARE it, for what the land perisheth and is BURNED up like

           a wilderness, that none passeth through? And the Lord saith,

           BECAUSE they have forsaken My law which I set before them,

           and have NOT OBEYED My voice, neither walked therein; But

           have walked after the IMAGINATION of their OWN HEART, and

           after baalim, which their fathers taught them: Therefore thus

           saith the Lord of hosts, the God of ISRAEL; behold, I will

           FEED them, even this people, with WORMWOOD, and give them

           water of gal to drink."

This is the wormwood spoken of in Revelation chapter 8. It's God's

judgement upon the unfaithful congregation. Why? Because they wouldn't

listen to the reasoning of God. They ignored His word. They turned to

the right hand and to the left in order not to come face to face with

it. They have learned to rationalize away their disobedience, and

chalk it up to bad translations, old customs, symbolism, technique,

even going so far as to say they do it because of love of brethren,

and a desire that all be forgiven. But "LOVE" is obeying God's word.

That's according to scripture. GOD is our FIRST Love. There is no end

to the excuses for disobeying God's word. And that is the reason for

the "FALL" of the church. They saw the word, they read it just as

surely as I did, but they "CHOSE" to look away from it in favor of

their own rationalizations. And for this reason, God will feed them

with wormwood. That's the wormwood falling upon the waters in

revelation. It's symbolic of the same Judgement of God. The Church

is left Desolate  just as jerusalem was, and for the same reasons.

The Congregation "NEVER" seems to learn from the Bible.

    Revelation 8 verse 12 says the 3rd part of the sun, moon and stars

were smitten that the 3rd part of them was darkened. Do you get the

"IDEA" yet? God is highlighting the 3rd part. The Church!  the Sun,

Moon, and stars are symbolic of the Light. Remember Genesis. They were

put in the heavens for time keepers and for the light of the world,

both in day and night. The moon and stars by night, the sun by day.

but here we see they give no light. Not for the 3rd part (The Church).

You see, for the church the light has gone out. It shows not for them.

When I looked at Matthew 24, I originally thought that after the

tribulation the sun being made dark, etc., might be literal. That was

because I made the mistake of understanding this as we've always been

taught it would be. I was always taught that was the end of the world,

and I assumed it must be.  So I just didn't bother to look further

into it. A big "MISTAKE!" We have to train our minds to follow the

word, not what we believe, or have been taught. It's not always an

easy thing to do, I realize that. But it's what we have to do. So that

is the language of after the tribulation (after the 2 candlesticks

witness is finished and they are killed) the church becomes desolate.

That is the abomination of desolation standing in the Holy place. No

more Light, no more christ there. Satan takes a seat there and those

in the churches are deceived into worshiping him. "BECAUSE" (2nd thess

2:10) they would not receive the Love of TRUTH. Therefore did the Lord

as judgement "SEND" them strong delusion (2nd Thess 2:11) that they

believe a lie and be condemned!!!!!!!!!!!

    Some people have told me the man of Sin taking a seat in the Temple

is not abomination. Well, If it isn't, I don't know what is. You have

Men taking the place of God as the ruler in the church/Temple,

that's about as abominable as you can get. And the Unfaithful church

is Left Desolate. When you see it, Flee to the mountains. Flee to the

Kingdom of God. And pray your flight be not in Winter when the sea and

the waves are roaring and it's to late to get out. Pray your flight be

not on the sabbath day, because it is the day of Rest. Remember the

1260 when their testimony is FINISHED????  In other words, pray you

become "TRULY" saved before the Lord rests from the works of

Salvation. These things are an allegory and the Wise will understand,

but the wicked will not, and continue their wickedness.

      In revelation chapter 9 when the pit is opened, that's the same

  as revelation 20 when Satan is loosed from the Pit. It's using

  Symbolism to give us a picture of what happens when God brings his

  wrath and looses satan. Verse 2 says when the bottomless pit was

  opened, smoke from that pit darkened the sun, and plagues came out

  upon the earth. You'll note also that the plagues were like those

  the Lord sent upon Egypt when He punished Pharoah for not harkening

  unto His voice. Egypt hardened their heart and would not harken unto

  the lord, and so the lord sent plagues among them. The unfaithful

  church is spiritually like Egypt, and that is the language of the

  Plagues of Locusts, so great they DARKEN the sun, and the turning

  waters to Blood. The Church has become spiritually as Egypt. Anyone

  who thinks that's Far‑Fetched, just read Revelation chapter 11 where

  it speaks of the 2 candlesticks (the Church) killed, and their

  Bodies lying dead for 3 and 1/2 days in the city of the street

  "SPIRITUALLY" called sodom and "EGYPT" where also our Lord was

  Crusified. You see, God says Spiritually, or symbolically it's

  called Egypt because their disobediance to God is typlified by

  what Egypt did. When Jesus was crusified, Spiritually it was in

  Egypt because He was crusified by the unsaved. Spiritually the saved

  are Israel, and the Unsaved are typed as Egypt. I'd like to hear the

  "Understand everything Literal"  crowd try to explain why God says

  the city was spiritually called sodom and egypt. Only way they can

  is to say what it sayys. Spiritually it was Egypt, not LITERALLY.

      And so this is what brings on the Abomination of desolation. It's

  the Loosing of Satan from the pit. It brings the world into darkness.

  Judgement of God upon the unfaithful church, as He warned them/us in

  Revelation 2:5.  Go back to revelation 11 where it says the beast

  that assendeth from the bottomless pit shall kill them? You see, it's

  only "AFTER" their testimony is finished that this takes place. and

  the time between the end of their testimony and the abomination of

  desolation they bring, God has ascribed it as 30 days. 1290 days

  minus 1260 days equals 30.  Now, once again. These aren't "NUMBER

  MANIPULATIONS" this is what God has ascribed to this period. Clearly

  shown in God's word. The testimony finished 1260. The abomination set

  up at 1290 and Blessed is he who "WAITETH" and cometh to the 1335.

  Thus saith The Lord, Not Tony. These aren't My NUMBERS, They're

  God's. And dispite what the "hand wringers" have been screetching

  about, He wouldn't have put them in His "HOLY WORD" and said, the end

  of testimony is at 1260, and the abomination of desolation is setup

  at 1290, if He didn't want us to know. Now that's a "FACT" isn't

  It??????  Yet these who think they "KNOW ALL" dare to say what God

  "WILL" reveal and what God "WILL NOT" reveal. I've got news for them.

  He's revealed a lot more than they Know. Which should be a lesson to

  all of us. Don't Try and tell "God" what He wants us to know. "HE"

  will tell us what He wants us to know.

  Let the Mockers Mock, let the scoffers scoff, let the hunters shoot

  their slings and arrows. But God will have the Last word. He will

  avenge His servants swiftly. The days of vengeance will be


       How long oh Lord Holy and true doest thou not judge and

  avenge..... Rest yet a season, till your brethren are killed as you


          Habakkuk 2:3,

             "For the vision is yet for an appointed time, but at the

             end it shall speak, and not lie: though it tarry, WAIT for

             it; because it will SURELY come, it will not TARRY."

   I echo these words. This is why I always tell people not to think to

   highly of themselves/ourselves. Don't ever think we know what God

   will reveal and what He won't. We're not that smart. We can only

   know what we are "GIVEN" to know and at the time "APPONITED" to

   know it. The verse of the time, times, and a half lay hidden for us

   until God wanted us to know it. Before, it was a obscure reference

   to time, times and a half. We might have thought from that, that

   it wasn't telling us much. But "NOW" we understand it's a

   reference to 1260 and we now "REALIZE" that we were wrong, and it

   DOES in fact tell us more than we ever thought it could. My Point

   Exactly! We shouldn't "EVER" call someone a false Prophet, unless

   what He is saying goes "CONTRARY" to what is written in God's word.

   It's not only dangerous, it's unbiblical.

   I think a lot of us first thought that Revelation chapter 8 might

 be speaking about a nuclear strike. Especially after the 60's and the

 cold war. It just goes to point out the error of interpreting scripture

 by the politics of the day. Whether it's of 70 AD theology, or Israel

 being attacked by Russia theology, or nuclear war theology, it's all

 wrong theology. Because we "MUST" get our interpretations from the

 Bible. Not from looking upon history or politics. The Biblical

 "PRINCIPLE" is that we let the Bible be it's own interpreter. Just

 like we were talking about with the 2 candlesticks of Revelation 11.

 People come to the wrong conclusions about it because they interpret it

 by what they "THINK" it means, instead of by comparing scripture with

 scripture to let God define what it means. When we do that, the Truth

 becomes Clear.

   For example, in Revelation 8:8 where it says,

       "And the second angel sounded, and as it were a great mountain

       burning with fire was cast into the sea: and the 3rd part of the

       sea became blood."

 Well, back then, we thought that was a perfect description of a nuclear

 bomb falling upon a mountain by the sea, and devastating it so much

 that the sea around it would be contaminated, thus the language of it

 becoming blood. ....well, it sounded good at the time <G>.

   but that was man's interpretation of God's word. Man cannot

 interpret God's word, GOD "MUST" do it, and He does it through the

 Bible. ie, The Bible is it's own interpreter.

   As we "NOW" know from the scriptures, GOD uses mountains to

 symbolize Kingdoms or Nations as we'd call them today. This Mountain or

 Kingdom, was removed from it's place, and cast into the sea. It's

 judgement of God. Thus the language of it burning with Fire. God hath

 set it afire and cast it into the sea. Remember when Jesus told the

 disciples in matthew chapter 21 that if they had faith they could say

 unto the mountain, be thou removed and cast into the sea, and it would

 happen? Some people look at that and say, YA SEE! The Lord is telling

 us we can do any Miracle if we just have enough faith. That is "NOT"

 what the Lord was telling us there. To better understand Revelation

 8:8, purhaps we should look more closely at Matthew 21:18,

       "Now in the morning as He (Jesus) returned into the city, He

       hungered. And when He saw a fig tree in the way, He came to it,

       and found nothing thereon, but leaves only, and said unto it,


       the fig tree withered away. And when the disciples saw it they

       marvelled, saying, How soon is the fig tree withered away! Jesus

       answered and said unto them, verily I say unto you, if ye have

       faith, and doubt not, ye shall not only do this which is done to

       the fig tree, but also if ye shall say unto this mountain, be

       thou removed, and be thou cast into the sea; it shall be done."

 You see, the "FIG TREE" was symbolic of Israel. They were the tree He

 came seeking fruit from but found none, and so cursed it. What is the

 Curse? Romans 11:8

       "According as it is written, God hath given them the spirit of

       slumber, eyes that they should not see, and ears that they

       should not hear; unto this day. And David saith, let their table

       be a snare, and a trap, and a stumblingblock, and a recompence

       unto them: Let their eyes be darkened that they may not see, and

       bow down their back ALWAY.."

 That is the curse that came upon the FIG tree because there was no

 fruit when Christ came looking. Look at the language God uses as He

 talks about the calamities of Jerusalem, as He says in Jeremiah 8:13,

       "I will surely consume them, saith the Lord: there shall be no

       grapes on the vine, nor figs on the fig tree, and the leaf shall

       fade; and the things that I have given them SHALL PASS AWAY FROM


 The language of israel as the Vine and the Fig tree being made desolate

 is Clear. The things GOD had given then would PASS AWAY from them.

 They've had judgement come upon them. In fact, Jesus talks about this

 Fig tree again in the parable of Luke 13:6,

       "He spake also this parable; A certain man had a fig tree

       planted in His vineyard; and he came and sought fruit thereon,

       and found none. Then said He unto the dresser of his vineyard,

       behold, these three years I come seeking fruit on this fig tree,

       and find none: cut it down; why cumbereth it the ground? And He

       answering saith unto him, Lord, let it alone this year also,

       till I shall dig about it, and dung it: And if it bear fruit,

       well: and if not, then after that thou shalt cut it down."

 Any Student of scripture knows that He is talking about Israel. Israel

 is this Fig tree whom He has come seeking Fruit and found none. Then

 the dresser, Jesus Christ is come to fertilize it and see if it would

 bear fruit, but we all know it didn't. And so the Fig tree was cursed,

 Let no fruit grow on thee forever Jesus says. And "TO THIS DAY" there

 is no fruit. The Curse Stands! Israel (for the most part) is as

 oppossed to christ as they ever were. You would think that the Most

 famous Jew in the world, and the most recognized name in the world

 (JESUS) being born in Israel would be a source of pride and joy. But

 It's not. And "NEVER" will be, because no fruit will grow on the nation

 of israel forever. There is a remnant coming out of israel just as

 there is a remnant coming out of any other country, but as a nation,

 they will Not all be saved (as some claim). Blindness in part has

 happened to them, till the fulness of the gentiles come in. And when

 that happens, the Tree (Olive Tree) will be full and all Israel will

 be saved.

  If there is anyone who has a hard time understanding this Biblical

 truth, then they should read Matthew 21:33 to verse 46. It's as Clear

 as day! If you still don't understand it, then you can probably also

 look at a tree, and say it isn't wood.....

  So getting back to Matthew chapter 21:19 we better understand the

 symbolism of Jesus coming seeking fruit on the fig tree and Finding

 none and cursing the Fig tree. Or did you think by any stretch of the

 imagination that Jesus just liked going around cursing plants!!!!!

 Of course not, the Symbolism is clear.  Now when Jesus does this, then

 later when the diciples see this they marvel, and Jesus tells them,

 have faith, and you will not only do this, But if you shall say unto

 the mountain, be thou removed and cast into the sea, it will be done.

 That's a powerful statement. One which has been misunderstood, and

 misapplied. It's not telling the disciples they have Miraculous powers

 to move literal mountains. It's saying they have the power of

 Judgement. What Christ did to the Fig tree was judgement upon old

 testament Israel. The language of a mountain being cast into the sea,

 is "ALSO" the language of judgement, as we clearly saw in Revelation 8.

 Christ is saying, have faith and you shall have judgement. Yes Indeed!

 The believers come with the Judgement of God, because they come with

 the word of God. We saw that when we looked at revelation 11 of the two

 witnesses who had fire coming out of their mouths. That fire was the

 Word of God. Judgement! Remember the power they had?

     Revelation 11:6,

       "These have power to shut heaven, that it rain not in the days

       of their prophesy: and have power over waters to turn them to

       blood, and to smite the earth with all plagues, as often as they


 Well This is the same thing. The same way the church had this power to

 shut heaven, and turn waters to blood (the Power of the word) is the

 same way they have power to remove a mountain out of it's place and

 cast it into the sea. "UNDERSTAND," When a "TRUE" Believer comes

 saying, THUS SAITH THE LORD, the Church is under the judgement of God

 and it will fall because it is unfaithful, then "IT WILL HAPPEN!"  Why?

 Because GOD said it would, that's why!  Remove a mountain and cast it

 into the sea? YES! When a "TRUE" believer says to the

 unfaithful, Remember therefore from whence thou art fallen, and repent

 and do the first works, or else God will come and remove your church

 out of it's place. Will it happen? You'd better believe it will. Why?

 Because it's the POWER of God's word, not his own. It's a fire out of

 his mouth. It's the word of Judgement. And when He has said that, and

 has faith (means he's a TRUE Believer, only they are faithful), then it

 will come to pass. That candlestick will be removed out of it's place

 (Rev. 2:5). Like a mountain on fire being cast into the sea, It "WILL"

 happen. That mountain afire is the kingdom (the Church) removed out of

 it's place. Just as the old testament church (National Israel) was

 represented by a fig tree and was cursed and left desolate, that no

 fruit would grow there, so the New testament representation of the

 church will be removed as a mountain is, and cast into the sea, a

 figure of it's Judgement.

   And when this happens, Revelation 8 says that the 3rd part of the

 sea became blood. The 3rd part, the church waters, became blood.

 Naturally! A false church brings not living waters to

 sustain life, but gives them blood for waters. It's a figure of the

 Plagues God brought upon Egypt. It's the same thing as Revelation 11

 tells us the church had power to turn waters to Blood. That's God's

 judgement. They bring the word, they sound the alarm, NOBODY listens,

 (Sound familiar) but the judgement comes JUST as they have said it

 would. They say it's "COMING" nobody believes them, they scoff,

 they mock, they laugh, but nevertheless, it "DOES" come. The thing is,

 they are so deceived by satan that they don't even know it. They

 think the church is going along just fine, thank you. they are burned

 by the fire of God and they don't even know it. But the fact is, a

 church that is "NOT" of God, cannot save. These are those who will be

 saying, Lord, Lord, didn't we do mighty works in thy name? And the

 Lord will say, depart from me ye who work iniquity, I NEVER knew you.

 So that is the judgement of God from the mouths of the 2 witnesses.

  To put it simply, the two candlesticks, the "TRUE" believers say,

 THUS SAITH THE LORD, the Church will fall to the man of sin because of

 it's unfaithfulness to God, and as a Mountain burning with fire cast

 into the sea, it will be left desolate, and it comes to pass.

 Just as Christ said it would, to those who have "FAITH."  It's the

 power of these two witnesses to "PROPHECY."  Let the Mockers mock, and

 let the scoffers scoff, and let the revilers revile. But it "Has" come

 to pass. He who has wisdom will understand, but the wicked will not

 understand, and will do wickedly.

                        C H A P T E R   IX

The Final Piece: The 3 and 1/2 days

‑‑‑ ‑‑‑‑‑ ‑‑‑‑‑  ‑‑‑ ‑ ‑‑‑ ‑‑‑ ‑‑‑‑

 The question that might arise now is, how does the 3 and 1/2 days that

the two witnesses lay dead in streets fit? well, the 3 and 1/2 days

represent the same amount of time as from 1260 (end of testimony and

death) to 1335 (time that the blessed wait for). Because the Church lays

dead in the street until the rapture. The question you are probably

thinking is, why is this described as 3 and 1/2 days? The answer is

because 3 and 1/2 days starts in the midst or middle of a week; And the

week in view is the last week of the 70 weeks of Daniel chapter 9:27,

               "And He shall confirm the covenant with many for one

                week: and in the midst of the week He shall cause the

                sacrifice and the oblation to cease, and for the

                overspreading of abomination He shall make it desolate,

                even until the consumation, and that determined shall

                be poured upon the desolate."

Do you see how in the middle of this week (3 and 1/2 days) the

sacrifice and offering (Oblation) ceases? That's the same as the

"CONTINUAL" being taken away. It's saying salvation (Christ's

sacrifice for sin) has ceased. The offering has ceased! NO MORE GIFT!

Salvation has ended. Remember we saw in revelation chapter 8 that this

Judgement of Darkness wouldn't start until all were saved that were to

be saved? God said HURT NOT the earth "UNTIL" we have sealed the

servants. Well, when those servants are sealed (Saved), then the

CONTINUAL is taken away. The Offering will cease. (Naturally, because

all are saved so what need?) When the two witnesses testimony is

"FINISHED" (meaning all are saved that are to be saved) then Christ's

offering ceases. The church is killed, and lies in the streets the

remaining 3 and 1/2 days. CONSISTANCY, always consistancy. Notice it

says when it ceases, for the overspreading of abomination He shall make

it desolate. You see, it all FITS consistantly. It's the abomination of

desolation, and we read that it lasts until the consumation and the

final judgement. From the midst (middle) of the week, until the

consumation, that's the 3 and 1/2 days spoken of in Revelation 11. It's

this final week of daniel 9.

It says He shall confirm the covenant with many for one week. That

word confirm means to make strong or strengthen. How was the covenant

made strong or Confirmed? It was confirmed by Christ going to the cross

establishing us an inheritance. We are the ones written on that will

(Covenant). We are the ones who the promise of the covenant was to.

  Galatians 3:17,

       "And this I say, that the covenant, that was confirmed before

         of God IN CHRIST, the law, which was four hundred and thirty

         years after, cannot disannul, that it should make the promise

         of none effect."

The Covenant was Confimed "IN CHRIST" and is not made of non effect by

the law. The promise was before the law. Christ is the confirmation of

the Covenant. he is it's STRENGTH!

And so we see that the confirmation of the covenant for one week

speaks about what Christ did. And the one week is the time that

the Covenant is strengthened, or made strong in Christ. How long does

this week last? the answer is, from the cross (when it was

confirmed/made strong) to the consumation (The End). That is what this

week, that the covenant is being confirmed symbolizes. That new Covenant

confirmed in Christ from the cross till the End. It Stands strong, and

shall not be broken. The "many" who it is made strong with, are all

those who are "OF" the New Covenant. The Church.

So looking at daniel 9:27, the question now is; If the week symbolizes

the New Covenant Period, in which many have this covenant confirmed with

them, (We, of the covenant or Testament) then what is the first half of

the week. What were the first 3 and 1/2 days? The answer of course is,

it's what happens to the two witnesses before their testimony is

finished. That's the first 3 and 1/2 days of this week. Think about it.

If the last 3 and 1/2 days are what happens after their testimony is

complete, then the first 3 and 1/2 days have to be what happens before

their testimony is complete. You have to keep in mind that this week is

not a LITERAL week. It's not literally seven days. The first 3 and 1/2

days is their wilderness journey. It's Time (1), times (2), and a half

(1/2). Which = 3 1/2. That's the first half of the week.

Now I can anticipate your next question. You probably want to know

why would God make the last half of a week spoken of as 3 and 1/2 days

and the first half spoken of as time, times and a half? The reason, I

believe, is to give us Clear illustration when calculating the 1260 that

it is a spiritual lenth of Time, as compared to 1290 and 1335 which I

believe are to be counted as literal days. Do you understand what I

mean? If not, go to Daniel chapter 12 again. Notice that the wilderness

journey there is spoken of as Time, Times and a half, "NOT 1260 DAYS".

Did you ever ask yourself, why that is? God could have easily said it

was 1260 days, like He does in revelation 12, but He doesn't. he

contrasts the time, times and a half, with the 1290 days and 1335 days

to let us know the time, times and a half are not to be "COUNTED"

literal days. God I believe DELIBERATELY does not give us a number there

to count, because God wants no confusion that 1260 is to be counted.

It's the wilderness journey, not literally 1260 days after anything.

How long is it? It's time, times and a half. The 1st half of the 70th

(LAST) week of daniel 9. In contrast to the other numbers 1290 and 1335

which are to be counted "LITERALLY" to the end of the wilderness

journey. And that I believe is the reason there is a time, times and

a half, and it's used in Daniel instead of the 1260. It symbolizes that

the 1260 is not a literal number of days, but Spiritually it is 3 and

1/2 days. Do you know that if you count the 1260 days up, it comes to

aproximately 3 and 1/3 years? That's right, Time, times, and a half.

But it's not literal days, as we already know, so it can't mean 3 and

1/2 years. It's a spiritual number of 3 and 1/2 signifing the wildernes

journey. Symbolically speaking, the 1st half of the 70th week

     THE                                               THE

    CROSS                                          CONSUMATION

      | <‑‑‑‑‑‑‑‑‑‑ Covenant confirmed 1 week ‑‑‑‑‑‑‑‑‑‑>|

      |                                                 |

      |                                                 |

      |                                                 |

      | <‑‑‑‑‑3 1/2  Days ‑‑‑‑‑>|<‑‑‑‑‑ 3 1/2 days ‑‑‑‑‑>|

      |                         |                        |

      |  Time, Times and 1 half |  2 Candlesticks Dead   |

      |    Wilderness Journey   |       |               |

      |                         |        |               |

      |                       1260      1290           1335

  So then, that answers two questions at once. The question of, how do

we know the 1290 and the 1335 days are literal since the 1260 days are

spiritual? The question has been answered because God Differentiates

between the 1260 and the other two numbers. He says the 1260 is to be

understood as time, times and a half, signifying it's not a literal

length of days. It's the 1st half of the 70th week, which is also not

a literal week, nor is the last half of it of 3 and 1/2 days. You see

how marvelously God's word is. This week that God divides in half is

not a literal week, but goes from the cross, to the consumation. The

first 3 and a half days are not literal (1260) and the last 3 and 1/2

days are not literal (Time the 2 candlesticks spend dead in the

streets). You see the marvelous way GOD lets us know how his word

works out so they'll be no confusion. He makes it perfectly clear to

us from two different paths, that the 1260 is not to be counted

literally. From the path of the 70th week we understand this, and

from the path of the time, times and a half we understand this. Thus

God is answering the scoffers questions even before they ask.

God is GLORIOUS! He knew the end from the beginning. He knows what He

is doing even when we do not.

  That leaves one unanswered question. We know that the end of the

wilderness journey is at 1260, and we know the abomination of desolation

is setup at 1290 and we know that the end will be 1335. but do we know

"WHEN" in terms of our time, that the wilderness journey ends? I believe

that we do.

  I believe it all hangs upon the Feast of tabernacles, that celebrates

the End of the wilderness journey. I believe that this is the year of

our Lord's return. From my studies of the scripture I believe that

Christ was born in 7 B.C., A Jubilee year. This is strengthened by what

I read in daniel Chapter 9:27 where it talks about 7 weeks and three

score and two weeks. The 7 weeks I believe signify a Jubilee year. Note

that (seemingly mysteriously) the 7 weeks are separated from the three

score and two weeks. By the way, 1994 is also a Jubilee year

(Lev 25:10). If I am correct, and Christ was born in 7 B.C the Jubilee

year, then 1994 is ACTUALLY the year 2000. 2000‑1994=6. Plus the year

added for when they erroneously counted the year zero when doing the

calendar makes it 7.  The actual year of 1994 is 2000. 2000 years from

the birth of Christ to 1994. As I noted earlier in the study, I believe

that the reference in Joshua 3:4 of the children of Israel being

commanded to keep a space of 2000 cubits between them and the ark of

the covenant, while crossing the river Jordon into the promised land,

was a Spiritual Picture of Israel, the church having a space of 2000

years between them and their promised land (heaven) as well. But if I

tried to go over everything verse by verse, of why I believe 1994 is

the year of the Lord's return, I'd have to write another Book. But I

don't have to. One has already been written. If you've ever heard of a

book called, 1994? by Brother Harold Camping, it details (From the

scriptures) how 1994 points to the End of the world. You may have heard

of it, you may not. If you have, probably what you heard was wrong. It

is actually a very EXCELLENT study in God's word and I believe accurate

in it's tracing in the scriptures the line to 1994 as the End. If you

can still get it, I'd suggest you pick it up and read it. It said (as I

originally thought) the end of the wilderness journey would probably

signal the End of the world. But careful study of the scriptures reveals

that WE were wrong. The feast of tabernacles in scripture never signaled

the End of the world, What it signaled was the End of the wilderness

journey. You can now see how these numbers fit in, and how the End of

the wilderness journey would mark the End of the 1260 days.

  The Feast of Tabernacles Ended on the 27th of September, 1994. I

believe that this was the End of the wilderness journey. I believe this

was the end of the 1260 days. 30 days after the 27th of september

brings us to October 27th, 1994. This, I believe was the 1290th day and

the fall of the Church. The abomination of Desolation took place.  A

deceiving so great, that it would deceive even the Elect if it were

possible, but it is not. Because the Elect follow the word of God, not

the man of sin. That would mean that at least 45 days after October

27th, is the return of The Lord. 45 days after October 27th would bring

us to the 1335th day. Sunday (How Appropriate), December the 11, 1994.

Sometime on or after that day "ALL" should know that the Lord is

returning. The Bible says Blessed is He that waits and cometh to this

day, but it doesn't say the Lord will "RETURN" on this day. So we don't

know the exact day or hour of the Lord's return. But by this day, we

should be well aware that the Lord is returning.

For those who will no doubt scream, DATESETTER, DATESETTER! All I can

do is tell of what I have seen in the scriptures. If GOD put it there,

then obviously He wanted us to know. Why would God give us the signs to

look for when the time is near, if He didn't want us to know the Time?

That's a question that the scoffers never seem to adequately answer.

Why Does God say the end of the wilderness journey is at 1260 and the

abomination of desolation is at 1290 and Blessed is he who "WAITS" and

comes to the 1335 days, if He didn't want us to know? Answer me that!

The Bible says, the Lord will do nothing except He first revealeth it

unto His servants the prophets. I Believe Him!

  "And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up,

   and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh."



Feel free to copy and pass this study along to anyone who would be

interested in it. All I ask is that you do not alter it in any way.

I welcome your comments. I can be reached via E‑Mail on the

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When The Trumpet Sounds, God Speaks, Everybody Listens!

God Bless you.

                          Tony Warren

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