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Don’t Blame God

One of the prime questions after the destruction of the World Trade Center is summed up in one word: Why? It is not hard to find out what motivated the hijackers (evidence has come forth since 9-11 that shows there were no hijackers, but that some Mossad and CIA agents took control of the airplanes by remote control and guided them into the buildings without the pilots or the people on the planes knowing it; the supposed phone calls were fabricated by the CIA and to Mossad to deceive people and make them think there were Arab agents involved) However, it is not hard to find out what motivated the hijackers, if there had really been any, their associates have repeatedly told us that it was because of the U.S. foreign polcy that has resulted in the deaths of thousands of their people in places like Iraq and Palestine at the hands of the jews and the American airforce. Whatever justification for such actions the State Department may have, these Middle Easterners consider them to be acts of war and reason enough for such an attack on September 11.

However, there is another “why” that is even more prominent in the minds of many Judeo-Christians. “Why did God allow it?” Religious publications echo this question, and then answer it by listing the sins that are rampant in our country. Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson agreed, on a TV program, that it was because of the millions of abortions and the national approval of homosexuality. They later realized that this was a comdemnation of victims of the attack as though they were guilty of these sins. They apologized, but many people still say that it was God’s judgment on our country.

Such a thought raises more questions. Why the penalty on the WTC employees rather than on Hollywood, which is the chief promoter of said sins? Also, we understand that there were Christians on the hijacked planes. Does God make Christians to become involuntary participants in a scheme to kill others, both Christians and non-Christians. Hardly likely.

But He does allow it to happen; this we know because He let the jews kill millions of Christians in Russia and Eastern Europe after they took control of Russia in 1917.

There is a popular idea, held as a religious tenet, often heard in the expression, “God is in control.” Indeed, God is all-powerful, but does this mean that terrorist acts, war, and all the evil taking place is accordint to God’s purpose and will? Does He contrtol all events that take place? Was He in control of the men who flew the planes into the buildings? If so, then why should the people on the planes be punished for the deed?

God certainly has power over His creation and power to control all people and all events. The question is does He exercise that powre to control all things?

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