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Ricky L. Cox

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Dear Ricky:

I used Corel Word Perfect 8 in typing these things up and will help you to view the material better. The disk is loaded with about 100 mgs of books that I have written or compiled as one would say, because no one is the author of history, for most of us have to rely on someone that was there at the time and left a written record of what they saw and experienced. Therefore, the word compiled comes into play.

I have tried this disk out on my computer and it works perfectly, so it should work on yours. If you have any trouble with it let me know, just send me your phone number via email and I will call you and see if we can work out in problems.

Now when you install Corel Word Perfect 8; go to your dos prompt and you will find:


type cd\ and hit return

that will bring up the


then type

CD Myfiles

this will bring up the myfiles portion of Word Perfect. So then you place the disk with the information on it into whatever drive you use for that purpose, usually named D: drive. Then type copy D:*.* C: and all of the disk will be downloaded into myfiles. After you have done this click on Word Perfect and bring up the processor. Once you have done that click on the little envelope you see on the left side of the tool bar and it will bring up the different files for your review. Then highlight whichever file you want to look at and then click your right mouse button and up will pop a box. At the bottom of the box you will see a Read Only box that will have a check mark in it. Click on that mark and remove it. Then cancel out of that window and click on open file and it will bring it up for your review. If you should have any difficulty with any of this give me a call and I will help you walk through it.

I remain Sincerely yours,

In His Service

Willie Martin

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