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Is Discrimination Biblical?

THE "NO DISCRIMINATION" PHRASE has taken hold with the American public to such an extent that even preachers (preachers who would know better if they knew their Bibles) are now heard repeating, parrot like, this no discrimination phrase, thus participating in the selling out of our God given freedoms and privileges and playing right into the hands of foreign schemers.

The phrase "no discrimination because of race, creed or color" is not only communistic in all its implications and objectives, but it is also the key idea, the touchstone, of the United Nations program for setting up a world government. And since communists also have world government as their objective, the one subtle scheme behind them both is very apparent.

There is a world government coming, the Kingdom of God on earth. But it isn't patterned after the communistic United Nations lines. In the Kingdom of God on earth, as revealed in the Bible, the phrase "no discrimination because of race, creed, or color," will not be the modus operandi. No indeed! The citizens of the Kingdom of God on earth will not consist of people of indiscriminate religious beliefs and creeds.

Kingdom citizenship will demand certain spiritual qualifications found only in those of the Christian faith, all other religious beliefs (creeds) being excluded. But the scheme for world government planned by the communists and the United Nations does not discriminate as to spiritual values and religious beliefs. Instead it insists that Christianity is on the same level, and of no more importance or value than the pagan, idolatrous worship of the heathen nations.

A "creed" is a formal summary of fundamental points of religious belief and authoritative statement of doctrine on. Points held to be vital. That being the definition of a creed, how can any Christian minister, who knows and believes the plan and purpose of God for His Kingdom on this earth, lend his voice and influence to emphasizing, popularizing, and sanctioning the communist and U. N. catch phrase of "no discrimination because of a person's creed?"

No wonder Paul wrote to Timothy that the time would come when people would be turned unto fables. (11 Tim. 4:4.) A fable is fiction related as though it were true. And any preacher who prates about "no discrimination as to race, creed, or color," as the solution for the world's problems and the ushering in of peace, is a preacher of fables. Any person who has confidence in such preaching is putting his faith in a lie that will ultimately destroy him if its objective is attained.

The Bible is a most discriminatory Book, especially as to what one believes, and as to who shall be entitled to citizenship in the Kingdom of God on earth. He that believeth that Jesus is the Christ is born of God. (I John 5:1)

`And it was Jesus Christ Himself who declared with positive and discriminatory emphasis that Except a man be born again...except a man be born of water and of the Spirit, he cannot enter into the kingdom of God. (John 3:3, 5.)

THAT IS DISCRIMINATION OF THE MOST EXACTING KIND, and having to do with the most vital matter that could possibly confront mankind. Yet communists and the proponents of the United Nations program would have Christian people believe that discrimination as to what a man believes is unchristian, and not according to the Bible and the teachings of the Christ whom we worship.

Any man who lends himself to the support and spreading of this deceptive propaganda, is aiding and abetting an antichrist counterfeit of the Kingdom of God on earth. Do not be "taken in" and become a peddler of this propaganda for the subverting and destroying of this most God blessed nation on earth, your own United States of America.

Whoever parrots the phrase "no discrimination" is singing the communist tune, either wittingly or unwittingly.

1). GOD DISCRIMINATED when He called Abraham and made a covenant with him, and again when He confirmed that covenant with Abraham’s son Isaac, and grandson Jacob. (Genesis 12‑1‑3, 26:3, 4 and 28:3, 4.)

2). God DISCRIMINATED when He selected the offspring of Jacob/Israel to become a Kingdom of Priests and an Holy Nation. (Exodus 19:6.)

3), GOD DISCRIMINATED when He gave His perfect Law to Israel, and to no other peoples or nations. (Psalm 147:19, 20.)

4). GOD EXERCISED DISCRIMINATION when He declared that a Bride for Isaac was to be taken from among Abraham’s own people, and from none other.

5). GOD WAS DISCRIMINATING when He ordained that the Israel people should become the “Sons of the Living God” or Christians. (Hosea 1:10; Romans 8:29.)

6). GOD USED DISCRIMINATION when He said that His people should make no covenants with the Canaanites, and that they should not intermarry with them. (Deuteronomy 7:2.)

7). CHRIST DISCRIMINATED when He said, I am not sent but unto the Lost Sheep of the House of Israel. (Matthew 15:24.)

8). CHRIST ALSO DISCRIMINATED when He selected the twelve apostles, and when He said to those who believe in Him, ye have not chosen me, but I have chosen you. (John 5:16.)

In fact, God's Word, the Bible, is a very discriminatory Book from Genesis to Revelation. And that God is discriminatory is clearly seen in the fact that in certain nations and peoples He has planted and nourished the Christian faith.

God has shown discrimination in race, creed and color. He selected the  offspring of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob to be His human instrumentality, His witnesses, His chosen people, a chosen race. (Deuteronomy 7:6; 1 Peter 1: 1, 2 and 2:9.) America is the result of that selection. And this is the people whom evil forces are attempting to convert to the unscriptural idea of "no discrimination because of race, creed or color."

The Creator of this world and all that is therein, made the white, the black, the red, and the yellow races. Had it been the intention of the Creator that there be but one race, it would have been.

No one can contradict the fact that the white race has led the world in progress and achievement. And who would be illogical enough to declare that this was not the intention of the Creator?

Since the advent of the United Nations Organization there has been a great emphasis on "no discrimination" and "no segregation," simultaneously declaring that "all races and peoples are equal."

"No discrimination as to race, creed or color," How often you hear those words in these days. You hear politicians use them, men who are seeking office. Politicians have been led to believe that unless they "sing that tune" they cannot hope to be elected to office.

In industry, employers have been told that they must not discriminate because of race, creed or color in the hiring of employees.

Labor unions seem to have been sold on the idea one hundred per cent. And because organized labor wields such a powerful influence, it is a mighty force for putting over the "no discrimination" idea. A basic tenet of the United Nations is "non‑discrimination." In practically all U. N. literature nondiscrimination is the main line of thought.

In our public schools non discrimination is being fed into the thinking of the oncoming generation, indoctrinating them with the idea that our whole structure, industrially, politically, morally, socially, spiritually and every other wise will be strengthened, broadened and benefitted by the practice of "non, discrimination."

What about this, anyway? Who are the originators of this no discrimination slogan to which American people are asked to rally? How come that the nation that has done more for all races creeds and colors than any other nation on earth, now has to be told that we must not discriminate? What is back of all this?

The answer is just this; it is the brain child of Communism.

Carry this thing to its logical end, and what will result? It will result in the breaking down of the racial barriers and the mongrelizing of the white race. The proponents of " non ‑ discrimination" would have you believe that even that would work for the betterment of humanity. In fact, the communists know that if they succeed in pushing this "no discrimination" idea to its logical limits, they will have broken down the barriers which were erected of God Almighty between the various races, and their scheme for world conquest will be virtually assured.

No preacher who understands, believes and preaches the plan and purpose of God, will ever give voice to "no discrimination," unless he is reprobate. There are such, sad to say. (Taken, in part, from an article entitled “Is Discrimination Biblical?,” BY Pastor W. B. Record)

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