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FBI Chief Robert Mueller admitted on September 20 and on September 27 that at this time the FBI has no legal proof to prove the true identities of the suicidal hijackers. Yet in the haste to move forward on the already planned war in Afghanistan, our government and the FBI (which does not have the best record for honesty in investigations to begin with, having been caught rigging lab tests, manufacturing testimony in the Vincent Foster affair, and illegally withholding/destroying evidence in the Oklahoma Bombing case) are not taking too close a look at evidence that points away from the designated suspect, ex(?) CIA asset Osama Bin Laden.

In particular, the FBI, too busy harassing political dissenters to find spies in its midst, the long rumored mole inside the White House, or plug leaks in high‑tech flowing to foreign nations, has willfully and criminally ignored the implications of some vital pieces of information the FBI is itself waving around at the public.

We are being told that this crack team of terrorists, able to breeze past airport security as if it wasn't there, wound up leaving so much evidence in its wake that the bumbling Inspector Clouseau (or the FBI) could not fail to stumble over it. The locations where the terrorists supposedly stayed are so overloaded with damning materials that they resemble less a crimes scene, and more a "B" detective movie set, with vital clues always on prominent display for the cameras.

Yet another problem lies with the described actions of the hijackers themselves. We are being told on the one hand that these men were such fanatical devotees of their faith that they willingly crashed the jets they were flying into buildings. Yet on the other hand, we are being told that these same men spent the night before their planned visit to Allah drinking in strip bars, committing not just one, but two mortal sins which would keep them out of Paradise no matter what else they did. Truly devout Muslims would spend the day before a suicide attack fasting and praying. Not only does the drinking in strip bars not fit the profile of a fanatically religious Muslim willing to die for his cause, but the witness reports of the men in the bars are of men going out of their way to be noticed and remembered, while waving around phony identifications.

Because of the facts of the phony identifications, we don't really know who was on those planes. What we do know is that the men on those planes went to a great deal of trouble to steal the identities of Muslims, and to make sure those identities were seen and remembered, then to leave a plethora of planted clues around, such as crop dusting manuals, and letters in checked baggage (why does a terrorist about to die need to check baggage?) that "somehow" didn't get on the final, fatal, flight.

Fake terror is nothing new. According to recently released files, our government planned Operation NORTHWOODS to stage phony terror attacks against American citizens in the wake of the Bay Of Pigs, to anger Americans into support for a second invasion of Cuba. The plan was spiked by JFK. If our government has ever actually carried out such plans to stage phony terror attacks, the documents have remained classified. But given the reality of Operation NORTHWOODS, or the manner in which FDR maneuvered Japan into attacking Pearl Harbor, one cannot rule out the possibility that, once again, the people of the United States are being lied to by their own government, to manufacture consent for a war of invasion already being discussed with other nations the previous summer.

`It is also quite possible, indeed likely, that the United States is being spoofed by a third party to trigger a war. It has happened before. According to Victor Ostrovsky, a defector from Israel's secret service, Mossad, Israel decided to mount a false flag operation designed to further discredit Libya, and provoke the US to attack an Arab nation. A transmitter loaded with pre‑ recorded messages was planted in Tripoli, Libya, by a Mossad team.

The `Trojan Horse' beamed out fake messages about Libyan‑authorized bombings and planned attacks that were immediately intercepted by US electronic monitoring. Convinced by this disinformation that Libya was behind the 1986 bombing of a Berlin disco in which a US soldier died, President Ronald Reagan ordered massive air attacks on Libya, including an obvious‑ and illegal (under US law) attempt to assassinate Qadaffi himself. Some 100 Libyan civilians were killed, including Qadaffi's two year old daughter. Libyan officials had no idea why they were attacked.

It is worth remembering the motto of the Mossad is, "By way of deception, thou shalt do war."

Whether they were involved in the attacks or not, it cannot be doubted that Israel has benefitted from the attacks in New York. While world attention is focused on what the US will do in Afghanistan, Israel has escalated its attacks against Palestinians towns. Israel has repeatedly tried to claim that Palestinians were involved in the New York attacks, hoping to bury the Palestinian cause under the rubble of the World Trade Towers.

Because of the faked IDs and stolen identities, we don't really know who planned the World Trade Towers attacks. We only know who they wanted us to blame.

And we know that the United States has been tricked in the past into bombing someone who did not deserve the attack, and that those who were bombed then embarked on what from their point of view was justified retaliation that culminated over Lockerbie. And while bombs were falling and planes were crashing, Israel was laughing at us that we had been so easily fooled into bombing Israel's targets for them.

Are we being hoaxed again, by Israel, or by our own government, or by both? It's impossible to rule that out. Right now there are a lot of people who want war. Oil companies want Afghanistan's petroleum products. Our corporations want "friendlier" markets. The CIA wants all that opium. And all those war‑mongers, with all their greed and agendas, will not hesitate in the least to pour your tax dollars and your children's blood all over Afghanistan, to get those "friendlier" markets, oil, and opium.

Because of the vested interests at work here, American citizens must, more than at any other time in recent history, rely on themselves to decide what is happening in our nation. Too many of those who purport to report the "truth" to us are eager to grab more tax money and more children to pour into a war of invasion, poised at a region which has swallowed up every army that has tried to conquer it since the time of Alexander The Great.

And one more thing. Take a good look at the map of Eurasia and plot out where the United States has military deployments. They march in a straight line through the middle of Eurasia, Macedonia, Bosnia, Kosovo, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Turkmenia, Uzbekistan, Afghanistan.

The United States is prepared to cut the Russian Federation off from the oil rich middle east, and to control transportation routes from China and India into the Middle East. When Russia realizes that this is the real agenda, that's when "Dubya Dubya Three" will really get going!

Proof Of Controlled Demolition At The WTC

Steel frame towers are built very strongly. They need to withstand the pressure of gale‑force winds, the violent rocking motion of earthquakes, and the ravages of time. For this reason, they are almost impossible to destroy. Airplane strikes 'do not' destroy skyscrapers. A bomber strike to the Empire State Building during World War II 'did not' harm that building. The World Trade Center towers were designed to 'survive' a strike by a Boeing 707. The 767 is more massive, so the building was stressed near its design limits. But if a failure had occurred at that moment, it would have been at the point of highest levered stress, near the base of the tower, and the tower would have fallen over like a giant tree in a forest windstorm. That, of course, did not happen.

"Fires do not destroy skyscrapers. Never in the history of steel frame structures has a single one been destroyed by fire". How to destroy a skyscraper. So, how do you destroy a skyscraper? Suppose you need the vacant land to build another one, for example. A nuclear bomb is very effective, but it can be difficult to get permits from the city.

An early invention was the wrecking ball. A huge lump of steel and lead is swung from a massive chain at high speed. With the benefit of momentum, it is able to bend or break a few girders at a time. But it would be a hopeless task to destroy a tower the size of the World Trade Center, using a wrecking ball.

The most effective, cleanest, safest way to destroy a skyscraper is known as controlled demolition. The trick is to distribute explosives at key points throughout the structure. The explosives are detonated simultaneously, destroying the integrity of the steel frame at key points, such that no part of the building is supported against the force of gravity. The entire mass is pulled swiftly to earth, where gravity does the work of pounding the structure into tiny fragments of steel and concrete.

The gravitational potential energy of the structure is converted smoothly and uniformly into kinetic energy, and then is available very efficiently to pulverize the fragments of the building as they impact against the unyielding earth. Controlled demolitions have a striking and characteristic appearance of smooth, flowing collapse. As your eyes will tell you, the World Trade Center collapses looked like controlled demolitions. Here's the proof.

The proof. According to the law of gravity, it is possible to calculate the time it takes for an object to fall a given distance. The equation is H=(1/2)at2, where H is the height, a is the acceleration of gravity (10 meters per second squared) and t is time in seconds. Plug in the height of the building at 1350 feet (411 meters) and we get 9 seconds. That is just about the length of time it took for the very top of the World Trade Center to fall to the street below.

According to all reports, the whole thing was over in just about ten seconds. It is as if the entire building were falling straight down through thin air. As if the entire solid structure below, the strong part which had not been burned or sliced or harmed in any significant way, just disappeared into nothingness. Yet this (within a small tolerance) is what we would expect to find if there had been a controlled demolition, because the explosions below really do leave the upper stories completely unsupported. Like the Road Runner after he runs off the edge of the cliff, the entire building pauses a moment, then goes straight down.

Any kind of viscous process or friction process should have slowed the whole thing down. Like dropping a lead ball into a vat of molasses, or dropping a feather into the air, gravitational acceleration cannot achieve its full effect if it is fighting any opposing force. In the case of the World Trade Center, the intact building below should have at least braked the fall of the upper stories. This did not happen. There was no measurable friction at all. This proves controlled demolition.

We have been lied to. We have been lied to about this, at multiple levels. The first lie was that the load of fuel from the aircraft was the cause of structural failure. No kerosene fire can burn hot enough to melt steel. In point of fact, most of the fuel in the jets was contained in their wing tanks. The thin aluminum of the tanks was pierced or stripped as the airplanes penetrated the walls of the towers, and the result was the huge fireball which was seen on national TV, where most of this fuel was burned. A hot, vigorous fire would have blown out many windows in the building and would have burned a red or white color. This was not what happened.

The fire in the World Trade Center was an ordinary smoldering office fire. But let's suppose that the fire was hot enough to melt steel. What would have happened in that case? Before it breaks, hot steel begins to bend. This redistributes the forces in the structure and puts elastic stress on those parts that are still cool. The process is asymmetric, so that the structure should visibly bend before breaking. But of course, no steel skyscraper has even bent over in a fire.

Let's suppose the structure were sufficiently weakened that it did fail catastrophically near the point of the airplane strike. In this case, the intact structure below would exert an upward force on the base of the upper story portion of the building (the part that has been broken loose), while any asymmetry would allow the force of gravity to work uninhibited on the tip of the skyscraper. Thus, the top section of the skyscraper would tip and fall sideways.

If it did not tip, it would have ground straight down through the building below. The gravitational potential energy of the upper stories would be coupled into the frame below, beginning to destroy it. The frame below would deflect elastically, absorbing energy in the process of deflecting. At weak points, the metal structure would break, but the elastic energy absorbed into the entire frame would not be available to do more destruction. Instead, it would be dissipated in vibration, acoustic noise and heat. Eventually this process would grind to a halt, because the gravitational potential energy of a skyscraper is nowhere near sufficient to destroy its own frame.

If the World Trade Center towers had been built entirely out of concrete, they might have stood for awhile before toppling in the wind. But in that case, if they had collapsed straight downwards, the energy required to pulverize the concrete would have slowed the downward progress of the upward stories. The gravitational potential energy of the World Trade Center was barely sufficient to convert its concrete into powder, and for that to happen in an accidental collapse would have been impossible, but would have taken a lot longer than 10 seconds in any case.

How it was done. The World Trade Center was leased by Westfield America and Larry Silverstein, on April 26th, 2001. Zim Israeli Shipping moved out of the buildings around that time. With a certain amount of shuffling of tenants from floor to floor, it should have been easy (with all the commotion and noise of remodeling) to plant explosives on several floors; enough for at least a sloppy kind of controlled demolition. There was more "magic" at work on 9/11, to produce the effects that were seen on the TV.

The events of 9/11, summarized. Taken all together, the evidence suggests very strongly that the attacks of 9/11 were fake terror, and quite possibly were a collaborative venture of the Israeli and US governments. Student pilots from Saudi Arabia and other Arab nations were enrolled in flight schools in Venice, Florida and other locations. The flight school in Venice is linked to CIA drug running operations, according to one researcher. A recently leaked document from the US Drug Enforcement Agency indicates that a number of Israeli intelligence operatives describing themselves as art students took up residences in close physical proximity to the Arabs as they moved about the country.

The Arab flight students boarded the flights on 9/11. Did they intend to hijack the airliners, and if so, for what purpose? Had the Israelis played in any way the role of agent provocateur in organizing whatever was planned? It seems reasonable to conjecture that the goals of these Arabs were opposed in some way to some US Middle Eastern policy. It would be very interesting to question the Israelis regarding their knowledge of the Arab flight students.

At any rate, if the Arab flight students had been ordinary hijackers, they might have taken the controls of the airplane, but their plot should have quickly been foiled for two reasons. FIRST OF ALL, THE BOEING 757 AND 767 AIRCRAFT ARE EQUIPPED WITH REMOTE-CONTROLLED FLIGHT COMPUTERS FOR PURPOSES OF HIJACK RECOVERY. This was stated by a British intelligence operative and was also suggested by a former German secretary of defense. The technology needed for such systems is well known, and its utility is obvious. If these systems had been operative on 9/11, then they should have been used to take control from the hijackers.

Secondly, the US air force has standard operating procedure to send jet to intercept hijacked aircraft within minutes after they are reported. These fighters may be armed and are certainly very maneuverable, and an airliner cannot hope to match them. For these reasons, the Arab hijackers' mission should have been an ignominious failure. These measures (as well as pre‑9/11 airport security measures) have been effective enough that hijacking has rarely been a problem for many years now.

But on 9/11, the remote control systems were not used to bring the planes home, nor did fighters scramble to escort. Instead, the airplanes executed highly skilled aerobatic maneuvers (well beyond any known educational background of the Arab student pilots) and crashed into the World Trade Center towers and the Pentagon. If the remote controls were used, who was operating them?

The World Trade Center towers were 'designed to withstand aircraft impact, which they did for about an hour'. Then they collapsed directly to the ground, with remarkably little collateral damage to surrounding buildings, in a manner strikingly resembling the appearance of controlled demolitions. The U.S., government claims that fire was responsible for the collapse, and this is certainly possible, but many reports have overstated the likely heat of the fire and the amount of fuel from the airplanes which was not consumed in the fireballs outside the towers.

If explosives had been planted in the World Trade Center towers, they could have been used to trigger the collapse of the towers. Building 7 was destroyed later in the afternoon. It was never hit by any airplane, so there is no known reason (besides explosives) for it to have collapsed into rubble. However, a cloud of dust was seen in the area of building 7 immediately before the collapse of the south tower, which has not been explained. While the whole attack was going on (a period well over an hour) George W. Bush sat in a classroom and listened to a story about goats, and the US military did not respond to the first three attacks. A fourth flight was also "hijacked" that day, but it was apparently struck down by some sort of missile or bomb before crashing in Pennsylvania.

Within hours, a massive media campaign to blame the attacks on Arabs and specifically on Osama Bin Laden was begun, and this campaign has continued to the present day. Our traditional American form of government, unfortunately, may not survive, the Patriot Act appears poised to supersede the Bill of Rights.

Given the many uncertainties about these events, it certainly seems that there should be more questions, more investigations, and more thoughtfulness about the responsibilities of the various parties involved. A little bit of logic will reveal that the Arabs alone could not have been solely responsible for the entire chain of events. It is equally unlikely that the Israelis could have pulled it off alone. Yet instead the US government is gathering up support for war against Middle Eastern nations, a tragic response to the enigmatic events of that day.

WTC Bombing 1993: A History of US Complicity

"...the FBI denied Salem's request to use phony explosives in the bomb he was helping to build under FBI supervision..."

FBI Linked To Bombing

Tapes made secretly by an FBI informant of conversations between him and his agency handlers have linked the nations largest law enforcement agency to the "the most destructive terrorist act in U.S. history."

Emid Ali Salem, an FBI informant used hidden microphones given him by Federal Bureau of Investigation agents to record his conversations with agents of the bureau. A Los Angles Times article on 10/28/93 revealed to shocked readers details of FBI involvement in the terrorist act. FBI spokesmen in Washington refused comment.

The tapes became public knowledge when they were ordered released by a federal judge presiding over the case of the indicted suspects. The Justice Department fought hard to prevent their release. The terrorist bombing of the World Trade Center left six dead and over a thousand people injured. The tapes which have been published by the New York Times reveal that Salem warned his FBI bosses that the World Trade center was soon to be bombed and urged them to prevent it.

Speculation is now rampant in political circles that certain factions within the government may have desired the bombing in order to speed passage of new "anti‑crime legislation." This suspicion was further fueled by the startling revelation that the FBI denied Salem's request to use phony explosives in the bomb he was helping to build under FBI supervision, the bomb ultimately used in the World Trade Center explosion.

Former Watergate associate prosecutor Richard Ben‑Veniste warned that these tapes pose "an absolute night‑mare for federal prosecutors." One high‑ranking law enforcement officer who insisted on secrecy said that in less than a years time the FBI has been linked to criminal abuse of power and the mishandling of cases in three different instances. "First we had Weaver, where an HRT member shot a mother with a baby in her arms, then Waco, where mishandling led to the deaths of a hundred people, and now the World Trade Center, where it appears the bombing could not have happened unless the agency let it."

All of this comes on the heals of a internal affairs report by the Justice Departments Office of Professional Responsibility, linking FBI agents to everything from drug abuse to shoplifting. OPR's annual report provided further startling proof that the agency formally most respected for it's law enforcement skills ‑ has gone bad. The report compiled by Michael Shaheen, the only person ever to hold the position of counsel to the Office of Professional Responsibility, cites drug use, bribery, brutality, and other crimes as "representative examples of misconduct investigated by the office." Shaheen dutifully noted that his office also monitored several hundred misconduct cases being handled by the internal investigative unit of the FBI. The FBI is facing wide spread criticism that the bureau has become a police state agency enforcing political programs considered unpopular by the American people.

Sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman will probably spend the rest of his life in prison. Sentenced on Jan. 18 for "hatching" a grandiose anti‑Western conspiracy that included planting bombs all over Manhattan, the 57‑year‑old cleric faces a future of almost total isolation. Most likely, he will serve out his days at the supermaximum‑security prison in Florence, Colorado, where, blind and unable to communicate with English‑speaking guards, Rahman will pass some 23 hours a day in his cell alone.

Many reckon that this fate is an appropriate dose of American justice. The New York Daily News applauded the sentencing, and that of nine co‑defendants, as a blow "against the forces of darkness ... who seek to write their will across the world in blood."

These defenders of "what America is all about," however, might not be so smug if they stopped to consider what makes Rahman's religious and political sermons more than isolated cries in the desert. Throughout the sheikh's career, his supposed foes (including the U.S. government) not only used Rahman to further their own political agendas, but they also created divisive social conditions that helped his message spread like fire in the wind.

Most concretely, while Rahman assailed secularists, nonbelievers and Muslim moderates, he often did so under the sponsorship of major governments. When Anwar Sadat sought to bolster his rightist regime in the 1970s, for instance, he enlisted conservative clerics, including Rahman, to help crush the Egyptian left.

According to legal documents, the CIA first turned to Rahman in 1989. Building a world army to fight their $10 billion jihad in Afghanistan, the Agency sent Rahman first to Pakistan and then to the United States to inspire mujahideen recruits.

In New York and New Jersey, many of Rahman's eager followers learned to be all that they could be. The Green Beret's Psychological Operations Group in Fort Bragg provided advanced military training. And, once the new soldiers were ready, the CIA shipped them off to the Afghani front, where they waged guerrilla, and often‑terrorist, warfare against Soviet occupation. As one defense attorney described it, Rahman's followers were "on Team America."

Trouble is, Team America tended to get a little out of hand. "After every covert war," explains Jack Blum, a former investigative counsel for the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, "there is an unintended disposal problem." In spook jargon they call it "blowback."

Unfortunately, we may never know just what blew black from Afghanistan, because the Rahman trial was among the most farcical in memory. None of the defendants were convicted of actually bombing the World Trade Center, but only of "seditiously conspiring" to do so, a crime defined by a Civil‑War‑era statute that allows innuendo, hearsay and taped phone conversations to replace material evidence.

Dr. Frederic Whitehurst revealed that the FBI's crime lab tried to taint key evidence in the case. And federal judge Michael Mukasey barred expert testimony on Islamic thought, despite the fact that Rahman's conviction rested on his unorthodox interpretations of Islamic law. Most dubiously of all, the prosecution's case relied almost entirely on the actions and testimony of Emad Salem, a shadowy figure who worked simultaneously for U.S. and Egyptian intelligence agencies and was paid up to $1 million for his services.

Salem not only informed on Rahman's inner circle for years but also made key logistical arrangements and even suggested bombing targets. It was Salem who rented the infamous "safe house," where defendants ostensibly concocted their "witches brew" (later revealed to be nonexplosive). Highlighting the issue of entrapment, Salem bragged to his wife, "I am the shepherd [of the group]...They are the sheep."

Indeed, reviewing the irregularities of Rahman's trial lends credence to the defense's assertion that the case was not about any direct crimes (for which he was not even accused) but about Rahman's intemperate view of the world. As he told his attorney, Lynn Stewart, after the sentencing, "I am not the first person to go to jail for his beliefs and I won't be the last."

But even if Rahman and his co‑defendants were involved in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing; which is near impossible to determine from the travesty of their trial, the most unsettling questions remain. Why did Rahman's message of religious zealotry and antipathy toward the West resonate so powerfully with his audience? Why was Rahman's claim that the United States and the West are "enemies of Islam" so easy for many to believe?

These, unfortunately, also are among the easiest questions to answer; for a review of headlines just over the last few weeks highlights a march of events in the Muslim world that could incite paranoia even among the most skeptical.

On December 31, for example, Congress approved an $18 million covert operation to destabilize the government of Iran (a country, incidentally, whose government already was overthrown once by the United States in 1953).

Some two weeks later, Russian forces leveled the Dagestani village of Pervomayskoye in their ongoing war against predominantly‑Muslim Chechnya. Already the colonial conflict has killed more than 30,000 people, but it has yet to illicit even diplomatic condemnation from other Western powers. Justifying U.S. silence after the most recent attack, Defense Secretary William Perry explained, "I don't want to...second‑guess...the Russian military."

In Algeria, some 40,000 people have lost their lives since 1992, when the French‑supported government annulled democratic elections to block the victory of the conservative Islamic Salvation Front.

In Egypt; which, along with Israel ranks among the top recipients of U.S. foreign aid, the governing party overwhelmingly won parliamentary elections in December, after banning religious opposition parties and sentencing non‑violent dissidents to long prison terms from sequestered military tribunals.

And the list goes on and on: war crimes investigators unearth mass graves filled with mostly Muslim men and boys in Bosnia; Israel blows the head off a military leader of Hamas; Bahrain seizes Shiite activists in order to dismantle "a subversive organization;" and so on.

Thus, it is no small wonder that there might be significant blowback from Western powers' recent adventures abroad. The United States spared no expense to create an expansive army of true‑believing mercenaries in its contest against the Soviet Union; it has fostered a world economic order that makes local cultural autonomy increasingly difficult to preserve; and it has tacitly approved, and at times directed, a long list of anti‑Muslim bloodbaths over the last half‑century.

Thus, while Sheikh Abdel‑Rahman may rot his life away in silence, his fiery rhetoric is unlikely to be forgotten anytime soon. Instead, as Jerusalem Post editorialist Moshe Zak recently observed, "these mistakes are creating a dynamic of rage...of which the end cannot be foreseen."

FBI Pressures Scientists to Lie.

In the aftermath of the world Trade Center bombing of February 26, 1993, the FBI concocted misleading scientific reports and pressured two leading scientists to perjure their testimony in order to support its prosecution of the men accused of the bombing.

The process was described by senior FBI explosives expert Dr. Frederic Whitehurst during his testimony at the trial on August 14, 1995.

Sewage pipes in the skyscraper broke during the explosion. depositing 80 gallons of sewage throughout the wreckage. The Treasury Department's Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) asked Dr. Whitehurst to analyze some of this sewage, thinking it was an explosive substance. "Transcript. pg. 16333".

Dr. Whitehurst concluded that there was no sound scientific basis for the government's public claim that a urea nitrate bomb had been the source of the explosion. When he refused to recant or to doctor his reports to support the urea nitrate bomb theory, the FBI used an unqualified lab technician to testify that the so‑called urea nitrate found at the scene was consistent with a urea nitrate bomb.

Dr. Whitehurst submitted two blind test samples to the lab technician. Whitehurst had prepared one sample by urinating into a laboratory flask. The other was a sample of commercial grade fertilizer prepared by FBI Agent Burmeister. The lab technician found that both samples tested positive for urea nitrate, the explosive component of the infamous fertilizer bomb. In other words, Dr. Whitehurst proved that the lab technician, like the ATF, couldn't tell a bomb from sewage.

Two cassette tape recordings, obtained by SHADOW reporter Paul DiRienzo of telephone conversations between FBI informant Emad Salem and his Bureau contacts reveal secret U.S. Government complicity in the February 26, 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center in New York City in which six people were killed and more than a thousand were injured.

After careful deliberation, the SHADOW believes the question regarding the bombing boils down to the following: Did the FBI do the bombing, utilizing informant Salem as an "agent provocateur" or did it fail to prevent an independent Salem and his associates from doing it? The taped conversations obtained by the SHADOW seem to indicate the former:

FBI Informant Edam Salem: "...we was start already building the bomb which is went off in the World Trade Center. It was built by supervising supervision from the Bureau and the DA and we was all informed about it and we know that the bomb start to be built. By who? By your confidential informant. What a wonderful great case!"

Who is Emad Salem? FBI bomber, Arab double‑agent or just greedy? Possibly a combination of all three. Salem is a former Egyptian Army officer who is currently the U.S. government's star witness against Egyptian cleric Dr. Omar Abdel Rahman, whom the FBI says was the ringleader in several bombing plots, including the World Trade Center. Shortly after the bombing at the Twin Towers (World Trade Center) the U.S. government moved to take Salem into the Witness Protection program.

According to the FBI, Salem was aware of the plot ostensibly because he had infiltrated Sheik Rahman and his associates. He was recruited as a government informant shortly after the 1991 assassination of of right‑wing militant Rabbi Meir Kahane. As an associate of Rahman, Salem traveled in the cleric's inner circle, surreptitiously recording conversations, and selling his information to the Bureau. But unknown to his FBI handlers, Salem was also secretly recording his conversations with them, most likely to protect himself.

According to attorney Ron Kuby, after Salem was taken into the Witness Protection program on June 24, 1993, he told the feds about the more than 1,000 conversations he had recorded sometime between December, 1991 and June, 1993. Kuby says that while some of these tapes are not significant, others contain substantive dealings with Salem and his FBI handlers. Salem was actually bugging the FBI.

The World Trade Center bombing, along with subsequent alleged plots to bomb prominent targets in New York City, spawned a number of federal indictments and trials resulting in the conviction of more than a dozen men, all of Arabic descent. Salem's exposure as a government informant who had a year earlier infiltrated the group of men later charged in the bombing conspiracy caused many to wonder why he and the FBI failed to provide any warning of the pending World Trade Center bombing.

The answer now appears self‑evident. According to William Kuntsler, attorney for Ibrahim El‑Gabrowny, one of those accused in the larger bombing case, the entire conspiracy was the product of Salem, the government informant. Kuntsler's law partner Ronald Kuby told the SHADOW that within hours of the World Trade Center blast, Salem checked into a midtown hospital, complaining of a loud ringing in his ears. There is a growing belief that some of the four men charged and since convicted and jailed for the World Trade Center bombing, Mohammed Aboulihma, Mohammed Salameh, Nidal Ayyad and Ahmad Ajaj, may be innocent [victims] of a government frame‑up.

Attorneys for those convicted have maintained that the government's case is circumstantial at best, with no evidence or motive linking the accused with the bombing. The FBI and federal prosecutors have not as yet responded to questions over the lack of warning of the attack on the Twin Towers, despite the strategic placement of their informant.

Two possible scenarios emerge. One: Salem is a rogue FBI informant who created the conspiracy to bomb the World Trade Center for the money his information about the plot (minus his role) would bring. An attorney for one of the convicted men told the SHADOW that Salem was an FBI informant from November of 1991 to the summer of 1992. The attorney says that the FBI became aware of the World Trade Center bombing plot through informant Salem during this period, but they refused to believe his information or pay Salem's exhorbitant fees. In fact, the feds claimed that they dropped Salem as an informant during the summer of 1992 after he refused or failed a lie detector test. This left Salem with a bombing plot but no one to sell it to.

According to the attorney, Salem let the plot that he hatched go forward and the World Trade Center was bombed so that he could get money and publicity. The attorney says that within 48 hours of the bombing, the FBI requested Salem to help them solve the case. Salem quickly pointed the fingers at the defendants, all followers of Sheik Rahman.

So, who did it? From the above point of view, Salem constructed the bomb plot with those whom he subsequently set up. The U.S. government and its FBI were innocent bystanders who failed to prevent the carnage due to their unwillingness to take Salem's claims seriously, despite his close collaboration with Bureau agents for the better part of a year.

The other scenario looks like this: Informant Salem organized the bomb plot with the "supervision" of the FBI and the District Attorney as part of a classic entrapment setup. He befriended certain individuals, possibly some of the defendants, convinced them that his intentions to bomb the World Trade Center were sincere, and convinced them to get involved. The bomb goes off. Greedy Salem, with his ears still ringing, sells out his accomplices while attempting to sell more information to the Bureau. In order to protect him and their relationship, the FBI sequesters Salem and utilizes him against the real target of the FBI, Sheik Rahman.

In one of the taped conversations between Salem and "Special Agent" John Anticev, Salem refers to him and the Bureau's involvement in making the bomb that blew up the World Trade Center. As Salem is pressing for money while emphasizing his value as a Bureau asset, the conversation moves in and out of references to the bombing and the FBI's knowledge of the bomb making:

FBI: But ah basically nothing has changed. I'm just telling you for my own sake that nothing, that this isn't a salary but you got paid regularly for good information. I mean the expenses were a little bit out of the ordinary and it was really questioned. Don't tell Nancy I told you this. (Nancy Floyd is another FBI agent who worked with Salem in his informant capacity. The second tape obtained by the SHADOW is of a telephone conversation between Salem and Floyd ‑Ed.)

SALEM: Well, I have to tell her of course.

FBI: Well then, if you have to, you have to.

SALEM: Yeah, I mean because the lady was being honest and I was being honest and everything was submitted with receipts and now it's questionable.

FBI: It's not questionable, it's like a little out of the' ordinary.

SALEM: Okay. I don't think it was. If that what you think guys, fine, but I don't think that because we was start already building the bomb which is went off in the World Trade Center. It was built by supervising supervision from the Bureau and the DA and we was all informed about it and we know what the bomb start to be built. By who? By your confidential informant. What a wonderful great case! And then he put his head in the sand I said "Oh, no, no, that's not true, he is son of a bitch." (Deep breath) Okay. It's built with a different way in another place and that's it.

FBI: No, don't make any rash decisions. I'm just trying to be as honest with you as I can.

SALEM: Of course, I appreciate that.

On February 26, 1993, the World Trade Center in New York City was bombed. Six people were killed and more than one thousand were injured. When the smoke had not yet cleared, a five‑headed monster who ate children was the culprit. It's name was "Islamic Fundamentalism." Terror struck this land of freedom as parents threatened that the "Islamic Fundamentalism" monster would get them if they did not say their prayers. And to top it off, the man pulling the strings of this monster was none other than a blind doctor who preached Islam. In the end, 12 monsters were convicted, all of Arab descent.

Here are some of the facts in the Trade Center Bombing. Fact. There was secret U.S. government complicity in the bombing. The FBI probably utilized an informant, Ehmad Salem, as an "agent provocateur" (which is illegal). Salem is a former Egyptian Army officer who was the "star witness" against Dr. Omar Abdel Rahman, whom the FBI says was the ringleader in several bombing plots, including the World Trade Center. Salem was an associate of Rahman and was secretly recording his conversations and selling them to the FBI. But Salem was also recording his conversations with the FBI. There is a growing belief that some of the four men convicted for the World Trade Center Bombing may be victims of a government cover up. The government's case was circumstantial at best, with no evidence or motive linking the accused with the bombing.

Fact. Either Salem constructed the bomb plot with those he later set up, with the U.S. government and FBI being innocent but stupid for failing to prevent the bombing due to Salem's unreliability (despite his close collaboration with the Bureau agents for over a year), or the informant Salem organized the bomb plot under FBI and District Attorney "supervision" as part of an entrapment setup (Salem recorded FBI agents telling him to use real explosives instead of fake ones). With the evidence, it seems the latter is more likely. Salem probably befriended certain individuals, possibly some of the convicted, and convinced them that his intentions to bomb the World Trade Center were actually sincere and he convinced them to become involved. The bomb went off and Salem sold out his accomplices while selling more information to the FBI (he was getting a lot of money for this information). The FBI had to protect him and their relationship, so they utilized him against the real target of the FBI, Dr. Rahman.

Although Dr. Rahman was not found guilty of the bombing (they had absolutely no evidence), they did find him guilty of "seditious conspiracy to oppose the U.S. government by force and violence." This was actually never proven in court, but based solely on the testimonies of ridiculously paid FBI informants. As ex‑Attorney General Ramsey Clark stated, "Sheikh Rahman committed no crime and the United States knows it...the United States wants to falsely label him as a terrorist."

So why is Dr. Rahman currently being held as a political prisoner since the authorities aren't claiming that Rahman did anything? It's because he's an internationally known Arab Muslim scholar with a PhD, one who has very different political ideas than the U.S. government. It was an excuse to make Islam and Arabs look evil so the U.S. could have a good excuse (besides the FBI wanting a scapegoat for their major screw‑up in the World Trade Center bombing) to oppose Third World Muslim regimes and label them terrorists and then, possibly (this is just a thought), exploit the countries through imperialistic policies with little U.S. opposition...when the time is right.

Many Arab Americans have pointed out that since the two major bombings in the U.S. there has been a series of legislation and various orders enacted to deprive Arab Americans and other legal Arab residents of their freedoms and rights. With the enactment of the Omnibus Anti‑Terrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act of 1996, the Executive Order of 1995 (which basically labels Palestinian groups who have different views than the U.S. concerning the Israeli‑Arab peace processes as terrorist organizations) and legislation which deprives people of due process such as the use of "secret evidence" are examples of unfair targeting. This has silenced and stifled Arab activism. Many Arab Americans have indicated how the government is manipulating the grand jury system to basically serve foreign interests and to incriminate Arabs because of their political beliefs.

It is now a criminal offense to internationally fundraise and give humanitarian aid because of the Anti‑Terrorism Act of 1996. The law makes it illegal to raise and contribute funds, donate educational and humanitarian aid, or provide lodging or material support to certain foreign groups. Ten years in jail is the penalty. Also, certain political groups abroad were designated as terrorist organizations. Terrorist is defined as any group that partakes in hostage taking, sabotage of a vehicle, and the use of a firearm or explosive with the intent to endanger directly or indirectly the safety of someone or cause damage to property. Thus, now any liberation movement that takes up arms against a repressive regime that is friendly with the U.S. government might receive a terrorist label (Nelson Mandela's ANC would have been considered terrorist under apartheid).

Once an organization is deemed "terrorist," anyone who makes donations or funds to a school or clinic funded by that organization could get 10 years. And for some odd reason, five out of the six countries the State Department considers supporters of international terrorism are Arab or Muslim. The law thus ignores repressive regimes that are pro‑U.S. (there are dozens) such as Israel which engages in state sponsored terrorism against the Palestinians, Syrians, and Lebanese under its rule or occupation, and which has legalized torture.

If I send money to the Democrats, Republicans, Likud (who has ordered the bombing of Lebanon and has assassinated many leaders) or Labor parties of Israel, I will suffer no consequences. But if I send money to the Hamas that may fund hospitals for children suffering against Israeli brutality, it is illegal. This is a violation of the First Amendment, for I am expressing my opinion when I support a certain party, such as I could be supporting the right of Israel to occupy Palestine if I give money to the Likud Party. The difference between giving to Likud or Hamas is the political message, one of which the U.S. government supports, the other which it does not.

This Anti‑Terrorism Law and purposeful poor depiction of Arabs and Islam with the World Trade Center Bombing are nothing more than the U.S. government chilling and controlling political expression, the free exchange of ideas, and the right to associate politically and religiously throughout the U.S. and the world. Political prisoners are created in numerous numbers because of these bigoted policies. These laws must be repealed if there is to be any justice and freedom to express one's own political and religious beliefs.

Major 911 Oddities Revealed In NY Firehouse Documentary

On March 11, 6 months after the September 11 destruction of the World Trade Center, CBS aired a film consisting largely of documentary footage on the firefighters of the FDNY's Engine 7, Ladder 1. Engine 7's firehouse is just several blocks from the WTC.

The footage was taken by a team of two French brothers, Jules and Gedeon Naudet, who'd begun their documentary on the life and times of these particular firemen some days before.

The firefighters of Engine 7; all of whom ended up at ground zero on September 11, by incredible grace, and maybe luck, all survived and lived to see another day...And many of their days since September 11 have been spent searching for the bodies of their lost comrades and the many, many other victims at ground zero.

Truly significant; indeed crucial, oddities, anomalies and flagrantly irreconcilable contradictions with the "official" "version" of the staggering WTC devastation are brought forth in this film, which serve to further prove the UTTER FALSITY of the federal government/Bush administration/mass media's threadbare official lies on nearly every single important aspect of this tremendous, horrific tragedy.

Right off the bat, we smell something fishy in the fact that on September 11 at 8:30 AM Engine 7; the fire station closest to the World Trade Center, received what turned out to be a spurious report of an "odor of gas" about a half‑mile AWAY from the WTC to the north. This potentially serious but false report served to take the 7th Battalion's chief Joe Pfeiffer and a crew TRAINED in dealing with explosive/incendiary conditions AWAY from the Trade Center location... at the EXACT TIME the first plane impacted the tower.

However: nearly every member of this crew including filmmaker Jules Naudet, who filmed it, watched from the street with horrifying clarity at 8:46 as the first plane made a dead‑on beeline for WTC tower one and smacked right into it.

Ranking NYC fire official Chief Pfeiffer notified higher authorities WITHIN MOMENTS of the plane's impact that the incident was CLEARLY a deliberate attack; an intentional act of mass death and devastation. As the small crew that had eye‑witnessed the first plane hit the WTC was racing to the location, Chief Pfeiffer sounded red alerts over the radio and phone; specifically stating that what they witnessed was a "DIRECT ATTACK," that the plane was clearly being directed straight at the building and the incident was definitely NOT any kind of accident.

THUS: If, by some unimaginable combination of sheer stupidity, criminal incompetence, negligence, ineptitude and apparent MASSIVE concurrent near‑unilateral failure of a number of (semi‑)automatic air defense warning and alert systems, US government/military authorities charged with defending and patrolling the nation's airspace had somehow FAILED to have become aware of a SERIOUSLY suspicious and threatening ongoing situation occurring over the skies of the eastern US with a number of large, fully‑fueled passenger jets OBVIOUSLY being in serious trouble and/or under hostile control and TOTALLY out of communication with aviation authorities, then they had a DEFINITE official report that this WAS the case once Chief Pfeiffer radioed in his red alert.

The intervening TWENTY MINUTES that elapsed before the second plane hit the south WTC tower was MORE than enough time for interceptors to have reached ground zero from Air Guard bases barely TEN minutes away at LESS than maximum speed. Now we have solid proof that a NYC fire official who EYE‑WITNESSED the first plane hit the WTC DID inform higher authorities that the incident was CLEARLY A HOSTILE ATTACK!! WHY, THEN, WAS OUR MULTI‑ TRILLION DOLLAR AIR DEFENSE SYSTEM NOT AT SUCH TIME IMMEDIATELY ACTIVATED, if it had somehow NOT been activated SOONER?! What's also worth noting is that even as Pfeiffer and the others were speeding downtown, the main fireball from the exploding jet fuel had almost completely dissipated and the flames had subsided significantly, as is visible in the footage taken then by Jules Naudet.

When the above‑noted fire crew and cameraman Jules Naudet arrived at WTC's tower one along with other fire crews and entered the building's ground floor lobby, they were to a one completely puzzled ‑‑ actually astonished; to find SIGNIFICANT and widespread damage to the entire lobby area; although NOT of a deep, structural kind. Moreover, NOWHERE was there ANY indication whatsoever of an incendiary‑type explosion or ANY kind of fire in this area.

Yet the incredible number of blown‑out windows and other extensive though rather superficial damage throughout the lobby area was profoundly perplexing to these EXPERIENCED professional firefighters in relation to the impact of the plane eighty stories above. As one put it: "The lobby looked like the plane hit the lobby!" But it DIDN'T: it hit EIGHTY STORIES ABOVE. There is NO WAY the impact of the jet caused such widespread damage eighty stories below. In a building which by design had easily withstood an amazing amount of flexing and swaying from high winds, the ground‑floor damage witnessed by these men and recorded on camera could not POSSIBLY have been caused by that plane crash.

Over and over, these professional firefighters expressed their complete puzzlement over the damage in this area. However, this glaringly anomalous factor was spin‑doctored by the narrator, who said fire officials were later informed (OBVIOUSLY by "certain" federal officials) that the lobby damage occurred because "burning jet fuel" had poured eighty stories down the elevator shafts and then exploded in the lobby.

Interesting fable; but in fact there was not one SINGLE visible indication of ANY kind of burning, fire or incendiary‑type explosion in the lobby area. The Feds' complete and utter fabrication about jet fuel having "exploded" in the lobby is thoroughly nullified by the clear visual evidence on the footage of the fire‑crews in the tower one lobby.

According to this visual evidence, it is OBVIOUS and irrefutable that OTHER EXPLOSIVES (apparently of a non‑incendiary kind such as concussion bombs) HAD ALREADY BEEN DETONATED in the lower levels of tower one at the same time as the plane crash ‑‑ before ANY fire crews and rescue workers arrived at the scene!

ALL the hundreds of professional firefighters massing at tower one AND their chiefs and superiors; a number of whom had eye‑witnessed the plane's actual impact, along with other emergency services personnel familiar with and trained to deal with such disasters, were VERY surprised to find that EVERY SINGLE ONE of the north tower's elevators was OUT OF COMMISSION. Despite the obvious severity of the impact and the ensuing explosion and fire in parts of the building eighty stories above, these professional firefighters and rescue workers were at a loss to explain how EVERY SINGLE elevator could have been knocked out. Clearly, SOMETHING ELSE besides the plane crash was responsible for this truly dangerous state of affairs, which was a big factor in the large number of fatalities which ensued.

After the attack on the first tower, which had been reported by Chief Pfeiffer and other officials to higher authorities as a DELIBERATE AND HOSTILE ATTACK, the occupants of tower two were in the process of being evacuated. But THEN, obviously issuing from some diabolical source, word was spread throughout tower two's communications system that there was NO FURTHER DANGER and that ALL OCCUPANTS should return to their offices! Thus: Although clearly and SUSPICIOUSLY there was a VERY low attendance rate in both WTC towers that day, SOME agency or other took very deliberate steps to ensure that whoever WAS there that day was almost certain to die.

Clearly heard on the soundtrack of the CBS presentation of the Naudets' footage is the sound of a TV or radio announcer stating that there were reports of a FIRE and possible explosion having occurred at the Pentagon. Absolutely NOTHING was said about any PLANE having hit the Pentagon in these initial reports!

Explosions of varying loudness can be heard going off repeatedly throughout tower one during the time fire crews had set up their command post there after the first attack. WHAT WAS CAUSING THESE EXPLOSIONS? This is never even commented upon: but what else is there to SAY about this other than OTHER EXPLOSIVE DEVICES were DEFINITELY being detonated throughout the building after the plane had hit?!

ALL firefighters and rescue workers and their superiors and chiefs were FULLY CONFIDENT at ALL TIMES; even after the attack on the south tower but before its unimaginable and unprecedented collapse, that the dwindling conflagrations on the upper levels of the twin towers WOULD be fully contained, and that the majority of those people still up there WOULD be brought to safety. These trained and experienced professionals were FULLY aware of the extent and severity of the damage and destruction; yet not ONE of them even remotely envisioned something as catastrophic as the TOTAL, UTTER COLLAPSE of these two behemoth, tremendously solid structures. They knew they had a tough job to do; and they KNEW, every one of them that they COULD do it.

But then something they could never, ever have imagined DID happen. The buildings; beginning strangely enough with the far less damaged and last to be struck south tower, crumbled and sank from the Manhattan skyline in a vast and truly apocalyptic cloud of dust and rubble.

The south tower, which suffered far less damage than tower one, somehow or other crumpled to the ground. Professional fire and rescue workers on‑site were in a state of near‑total disbelief. THIS COULD NOT HAVE BEEN CAUSED BY THE PLANE CRASH! And THEN the same thing happened to the north tower. And even MORE unbelievable: other than 3‑4 inch thick steel beams jutting out everywhere which showed NO sign at all of having become softened, melted or anything similar, there was literally NOTHING LEFT of these gargantuan structures but DUST.

Moreover: EACH of the Trade Center's twin towers had a TWO

HUNDRED THOUSAND+ GALLON water tank atop it. That's nearly a

HALF‑MILE gallons of water atop those two buildings. And not a single

drop of it reached the ground.

In the words of Engine 7's Joe Casaliggi: "You have two 110‑story office

buildings. You don't find a desk; you don't find a chair; you don't find a

telephone or a computer...The biggest piece of a telephone was half of

a keypad.

"There was nothing left of those buildings BUT DUST." And we're supposed to believe that was caused by burning jet fuel THAT'S BASICALLY KEROSENE, folks; which had LONG SINCE burned off in the initial fireballs. We don't believe it. And neither do MANY, MANY other people, including a large number of New York City firefighters ‑‑ may God bless them for their selfless, honorable and heartfelt efforts to save others; all tragically sacrificed to further the demonic and hellish agendas of the mass‑murdering within the US government so DEEPLY, deeply complicity in the carnage of 9.11.



In 89 TWA 800 Victims

Official TWA 800 Findings Challenged

The Suffolk County coroner, Dr. Wetli, found shrapnel in 89

of the bodies he examined.

The TWA Flight 800 Independent Researchers Organization, FIRO, has taken the unusual step of filing a petition with the National Transportation Safety Board, NTSB, asking for reconsideration of the findings on the probable cause of the [1996] crash of TWA Flight 800 [in the Atlantic after take off from New York]. Such petitions are entertained only if new evidence has been found or a showing that the NTSB findings were erroneous. FIRO claims that some evidence that the NTSB kept secret and which has now become available for public scrutiny is new evidence that shows that the official findings were erroneous.

Their petition cites as one important example metals of "unknown origin" that were found in the bodies of many of those who died in the crash on July 17, 1996. The FBI asked the Brookhaven National Laboratory to analyze pellets found in the bodies. They contained zirconium and barium, indicative of an incendiary device foreign to a Boeing 747 airliner. The NTSB acknowledges that the source of these pellets is unknown and that the FBI did not try to determine the source.

The Suffolk County coroner, Dr. Wetli, found shrapnel in 89 of the bodies he examined. The FBI compiled a secret eight‑page list describing the metal found in each of the bodies. FIRO has sued under FOIA [the Freedom of Information Act] to obtain this list. The court ordered the FBI to release it, but they are trying to get that reversed on privacy grounds, claiming it invades the privacy of the dead. That is a spurious argument because the dead have no privacy rights, but FIRO is not arguing that point. It says it is not interested in the names of those in whose bodies the shrapnel was found. What it wants is its description of the metal found in each of those bodies. It is believed that a lot of it will be pellets.

Retired Brigadier General Benton Partin, who helped design missiles for the Air Force, has said that the Brookhaven Laboratory's analysis of the composition of the mysterious pellets suggests to him that they came from a missile. The FBI and NTSB never showed Gen. Partin or any other missile experts the Brookhaven analysis. They were content to list the shrapnel as coming from an unknown source. Their throwing a secrecy blanket over this evidence and their failure to determine its source indicates that they knew that sourcing it accurately would undermine their claim that a spontaneous fuel‑tank explosion caused the crash.

The penchant of the FBI and NTSB for hiding, altering and finally destroying TWA Flight 800 evidence is very revealing. Last summer the NTSB, headed by a Bush appointee, secretly sold all the TWA 800 wreckage that had been kept at the Calverton hangar as scrap metal to be recycled. The buyer had to promise to keep it secret to get the contract.

The NTSB claims that the reason the buyer was asked not to tell anyone was to keep away scavengers and souvenir hunters. Why should the NTSB care about that once it was no longer their property? We believe they were determined to make sure it was all recycled so that none of it could be used as evidence to challenge their finding of the cause of the crash..

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