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Dracula Most are familiar with the science-fiction movies on the "Vampires" with Dracula being the most common one seen on T.V.

The fictional character Dracula was created in the 1800s by the author Bram Stoker, whose description of this vampire would fit the typical Jew. In fact, the story of Dracula is about the Jews. Stoker was a member of several small esoteric organizations which were in part anti-Jewish.

The next time you view one of the Dracula movies on T.V. (the first one or two, made in the 1930s) look for the Star of David around the neck of Bela Lugosi, who plays Dracula.

You will note that in the movies Dracula Must return to his abode before daylight. This is reminiscent of the Jews who were locked in the ghetto every evening and allowed to leave in the morning. The Jew going after Christian blood for his ritual murders had to sneak out at night undetected and return undetected before dawn when the Jews were counted by the authorities. If he were found missing, he would likely be arrested and tried for ritual murder.

Another thing you will note in the Dracula movies is that the vampire cannot see himself as others see him, but always, rather,  as the benefactor of humanity who is hounded, tricked, abused, and betrayed by those whom he seeks to help. He never sees himself as the meddling parasite and outsider whose aid and advice are not wanted by those among whom he exists.

Dracula always takes his coffin (and dirt from his natural habitat) with him wherever he goes. This represents the Orthodox Jew who, until recently, always carried dirt from Palestine in a leather pouch around his neck wherever he went, as a reminder of his eventual return to the "Holey Land."

The victims of Dracula fall into two classes: Those whom he drains of their blood (money) and immediately destroys, and those whom he attacks and contaminates by mixing his blood with theirs. The vampires then drink each other's blood as well as the blood of others in order to continue their existence. This has two meanings: The proselytes the vampire wins (seduces) Become Like Him and prey on others while he preys on them. Also, those women of different races with whom he mingles his blood, he forever separates from their people and makes them jews like himself. In real life, the result of the vampire's mixing his blood is in the half-breed Jewish offspring that come from the adulteration of the blood.

We note that Dracula only operates at night. This is typical of the Jew who never works out in the open, but always by craft and stealth behind the scenes.

The vampire Cannot enter into any place where he is Not invited. The early Catholic Church forbade Christians to let Jews enter their homes and admonished Christians to stay out of Jewish places. The Jew cannot take Christians for all they are worth if he cannot get their confidence. If he is not allowed to associate with them, then he cannot work his treachery against them.

Finally, the only protection Christians have against the vampire is strict adherence to the true Christian religion, represented by the Christian Cross. As long as the intended victim has the Cross evident, the evil one is held at bay. The vampire always tries to get his proselytes to compel the intended victim to give up the Cross. You will notice that whenever he has a Cross around his neck, Dracula gets someone whom he has hypnotized (a proselyte) to cause the intended victim to part with the Cross so that he can do his evil work. The vampire knows that the Christian Church has been the protection for the non-Jews since early times. This is seen, as the unwavering absolute display of the Cross causes him to recede in terror.

Now, the next time you watch a Dracula movie, you will know that Dracula the vampire represents the anti-

Christ Jew.

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