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The Christian Family

In this day and age the war between popular culture and classical Christianity is very hot. The number of cassualtis are unfathomoble. The church is no longer on the offensive; we are merely trying to hold onto what we have left. The Christian family is one area that we still have dominion of, but we are losing ground every day. In no othe area are the numbers of wounded so high; the stakes are very high as well. If we lose in this battle the entire war will be lost. Our future rests in the strnegth of the Christian family. Remember the old adage, the chain is only as strong as its weakest link.

Without the family, there can be no church. Without the church, no civilization can survive for very long. To some these predictions may seem outrageous. However, even a cursory evaluation of history will prove them true. Throughout time Satan has sought to destroy the family and his methods have remained basically the Sme for several thousand years. It is only now, at the apex of history, that we see a concentrated assault on the family and the fruit of its success in millions of lives. The purpose of this article is to examine the war between popular culture and Biblical Christianity.

As a foundation to this study, we must answer one question. Why is Satan and his children so intent upon destroying the family? The reason is simple; the family is the first order of government. Before all of the governments of the world existed, the family existed. If the family had remained in its original state, there would have never been a need for government, as we know it today.

The family is the most powerful of all governments; it is designed to be the building block for all segments of our society. What the family is, in character and morals, the church and civil governments will be. You cannot have perversion in the family and have a healthy civil order. One is indicative of the other. It is for this reason that the family is the deciding battleground in the war for a Christian civilization.

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