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Dear Curtis:

I got the following off the Internet and thought you might be interested. It is in reference to our conversation on the telephone on Thursday, April, 22, 1999. I sure enjoyed talking to you and hope to do so again soon.

                       Columbine High School Massacre: Details Analysis & Questions

From: "Lloyd Miller" <lloyd@a‑

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Date: Wednesday, April 21, 1999 2:05 PM


                                                          COMMUNIQUE  #2118


This much we APPEAR to know: The 2 dead suspects HARRIS, and KLEBOLD were said and appear to have been:



2. PLAYED Dungeon & Dragons [dark role playing game]


4. Were members of a larger group [at least 12]

5. Celebrated HITLER's Birthday (April 20th)

6. Targeted Americans of African descent

7. Targeted Athletes in general

8. Photos of suspects show them to be clean cut

9. Photos show them to be good looking boys

See their photos at:

Investigate Kevin Abrams' online book on HOMOSEXUAL Nazis "The PINK

SWASTIKA"  [at:]


1. Where did suspect #3 go ?

2. WHO "introduced" these two boys to HOMOSEXUALITY ?

3. Did the 2 dead suspects really kill themselves ?

4. Why no mention of the suspects being HOMOSEXUALITY ?

5. Why no mention of HATE CRIME ?

6. Why no mention that this school was an intensive OBE site ?

7. What about the rest of the group of at least 12 ?

8. What adults were involved with this group ?

9. Why did it take over 6 hours for police to enter the BLDG

10. Who planted the huge number of bombs.

11. Why did  the SWAT/ATF? personnel let the injured boy climbing out of the broken window land on his head ! [see below]

12. What drugs were involved ? Psychiatry ?

13. Why did members of the group refer to it as the GAY ALAMO ?

14. How was Australian Profit Holmes able to predict this in 11/25/98

 Follow-up QUESTIONS based on above QUESTIONS:

Q1: All reports, [I have it on tape] showed 3 suspects, and the 3rd suspect described by students as an adult, shooting a gun, was arrested.  The Washington Post reports this morning 3 suspects. Where is this 3rd suspect now? Did he kill the other two suspects ?

Q2: Who "INITIATED" the two dead suspects to HOMOSEXUALITY? Research shows that almost all homosexuals were molested as children themselves and bear tremendous pain/wounds inside. Research also shows that victims of PEDOPHILIA are ideal candidates for MIND CONTROL. Pedophilia victims exhibit a phenomenon known as MPD, MULTIPLE PERSONALITY DISORDER, and are very good at compartmentalizing, have extremely high visual acuity, and intelligence, yet can be commandeered also via one or several of their multiple personalities. MPD is not unlike a fractured soul.  CIA via TAVISTOCK and other BRITISH INTELLIGENCE projects has dabbled heavily in turning people especially MPDs into killing machines.

Q7‑8: What about the rest of the group of at least 12, several of whom tried to enter the school after the siege began, and others of whom vary in age, what adults were involved, was this group infiltrated or even started by a national satanist/masonic/govco black ops/MOSSAD/ADL/NAMBLA/CIA group for future HEGALISM problem reaction solution scenario fabrication purposes ?  When did this group begin ?  How did it lure 2 seemingly good looking and bright [their photos reveal this] boys into their group and once lured how were they "INTRODUCED" to HOMOSEXUALITY/PEDOPHILIA, if this is what happened ? Who encouraged them to go from playing D&D to being HOMOSEXUAL or reverse order ? or what was the chronology of events, who was behind the scenes ?

Q9: NOTE: HIGHLY SPECULATIVE: Was the third gunman really a government provocateur ? Early reports said that the suspects were wearing black masks, could it be that this massacre was being done by masked agents who acted as members of the group to pin it on them and then they simply acted like police and left the scene after killing the dead suspects ? Why so long before official response took place?  i.e. maybe the group really just intended to do some pranks, and agents who had infiltrated the group used this as an opportunity to stage this massacre for real, as a dark manipulation to desensitize, confuse and sow discord. It is not as if the USA is against killing, as it promotes killing of babies, encourages homosexuality which leads to premature death [average lifespan of homosexual men is 38 years !], USA has killed at least 1 million innocents in IRAQ, many innocents in JAPAN, is killing innocents as we speak in YUGOSLAVIA via an unrelenting carpet bombing of civilians. Evil usually knows no bounds. Point is there was no OFFICIAL response in the building for over 6 hours making it possible that something was going on inside that we, and even the official local police may not be aware of, i.e. what federal presence was there, who controlled the scene, because the Sheriff who spoke most often with reporters had very little knowledge and was often incorrect, i.e. obviously NOT in the loop.

Q10: There were a tremendous number of bombs planted throughout the school, as well as a diversionary bomb detonation several blocks/miles from the school to divert police before the massacre started. Who set these bombs? Who supplied the materials know‑how etc.

Wall Street Journal has chronicled the FACT that FBI supplied the powder and even organized the WORLD TRADE CENTER BOMBING, it is a matter of PUBLIC RECORD, the FBI's "excuse" is they were not able to switch to fake powder before it took place. LOOK IT UP !

Q11: If you saw the video of a victim trying to climb over the broken glass of a window frame to two SWAT team members waiting below standing on an ambulance, you may have noticed that these heavily armed men appeared to make little if any attempt to prevent this badly shot and glass skewered punctured boy from falling on to the top of the ambulance HEAD FIRST !!!

Q14:  Robert Holmes' prophecy for the USA that was published on this List [SHEEP TRAX] in November 25, 1998. In it concerning USA, Robert specifically wrote: "There will be youth murders in Jefferson county (the state was not specified)..." Apparently the High School in which 15 students were tragically murdered today is in Jefferson County? For The entire word, contact

Date: Wed, 25 Nov 1998 03:28:18 ‑0600

From: Holmes <[email protected]

                                                            END of QUESTIONS

In this horrible massacre, we still cannot conclude much but these are the leads to pursue before the trail goes cold. Although this massacre was bad, a disarmed populace will produce massacres of millions, as exhibited in NAZI GERMANY [yes HITLER DID disarm his populace], COMMUNIST RUSSIA CHINA, CAMBODIA AFRICA etc etc, all less than 55 years ago! GUN CONTROL KILLS!

                  XXXXX DRUDGE REPORT XXXXX 04/20/99 23:51:49 UTC XXXXX


Everywhere you looked Tuesday night ‑‑ a different explanation. Less than 90 minutes into the tragedy, students claiming to be from the high school could be found on local TV and radio stations [which went national] claiming the gang was gay and angry at jocks. One caller aired on CNN said the killers are known for wearing fingernail polish.

But the storyline appeared to change hours later with reports from students that the group was filled with white supremacists into Nostradamus and Doomsday.

The ASSOCIATED PRESS claimed late Tuesday night that the followers were actually into shock rocker Marilyn Manson. Gay Marilyn Manson fans who are white supremacists that wear fingernail polish?

The LOS ANGELES TIMES printed details from a suspect's AOL profile listing his Personal Quote as "Kill em AALLLL!!!!"

This report early on Tuesday highlighted an apparent warning found on another AOL profile: "Preparing' for the big April 20!! You'll all be sorry that day!"

MSNBC showed what claimed to be a trenchcoat website that was filled with Goth details and horror. But an older member of the Trenchcoat Mafia and friend of the gunmen tells Wednesday's DENVER ROCKY MOUNTAIN NEWS that the killers weren't Goths. They wore trench coats because they liked them. The paper also reports that Eric Harris, one of the dead gunmen, belonged to a web group that engaged in vampire games and lore.

The WASHINGTON POST reports on Wednesday that the Trenchcoat Mafia members wore confederate flag patches ‑‑ and  threw a twisted celebration on Hitler's birthday.

It became increasingly clear going into Day Two of the Columbine High massacre that news consumers could fill in their own blanks...

                                                                     X X X X X

According to Matt Drudge: A notice posted on the Internet on Tuesday read: "Greetings Gay Bikers,

Today, a bunch of our fellow homosexuals at Columbine HS in Denver Colorado, known as the Trench Coat Mafia, decided that they had taken enough crap from the straight community that had been abusing them and have decided to take matters into their own hands. We should all applaud their bravery and hope that they can hold out as long as possible in their fight for gay people everywhere.  We can only hope that they can turn this into the gay Alamo and hold out for 13 days of glory.  If they can hold out for two days I think gay bikers everywhere should considering riding into Denver as a relief force to fight alongside them. We need to show solidarity!!! Queen Jeff"

[The message is found at:[ST_rn=qs]/getdoc.xp?AN=468757180&CONTEXT=924646229. 364052583&hitnum=0 ]

                   XXXXX DRUDGE REPORT XXXXX 04/20/99 16:59:33 ET XXXXX


Members of a gang called TRENCHCOAT MAFIA may have been planning today's shooting at a suburban high school in Colorado. One user profile found on AMERICA ONLINE states: "Preparing' for the big April 20!! You'll all be sorry that day!" The AOL   handle "LCaress" warns of the April 20 date.

Another AOL member, using the handle "AzMstr17" warns about a fight against the "Power Boyz" ‑‑ and declares that "cOlUmBInE HigH ScHoOl SuCks."

Member Name: Jessie

Location: 7th layer of hell NeAr DeNver Yo'

Birthdate: August 13, 1982

Sex: Male

Marital Status: ToSsInG My bItCh QuEeN's SalAd

Hobbies: hAnGinG PoPpErs ExTaSSeeY BoYYee Ya Ya FloCkO SEaGuLLs Yo yO

Computers: RhYdIn RUlZ ThE LAnD UnDer hiS BlA C K BooTz

Occupation: TRENCH COAT MAFIA iN Da HoUse BoYeEeeeEeeEEEEEEsss, hAnGiN,

baNgInn, fStiNg, ToSSin Da' SAlAd Yo yO

Personal Quote: "fIgHt Da PoWeR BoYz.. tReNcH CoAt MaFiA RULZ!!!!

cOlUmBInE HigH ScHoOl SuCks

One 10th‑grader at the school says that he heard gunmen say "they were gonna kill all the jocks," seconds before one of them held a gun to his head.  A student identifying himself as Aaron Cahon told KOA radio that he believes the gunmen belong to a group in the school known as the "Trenchcoat Mafia."

Jefferson County Sheriff John Stone said 25 people may have been killed in the shooting. Two suspects were found dead inside the library hours later, he said. The gunman who were found dead in the library at Columbine High School were students. "It appears to be a suicide mission," Stone told reporters. Developing...

Filed by Matt Drudge

Reports are moved when circumstances warrant for steaks and breaks


                                                     END COMMUNIQUE  #2118

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