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                                                                                                             Chapter Two

Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite (America).

Ancient and Accepted Rite (England).

1761: The Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite (America) and Ancient and Accepted Rite is of Jewish origin, has 33 degrees. and they are named as follows: Symbolic or Blue Masonry: The Craft Degrees. These are practically the same as in Lodges under the Grand Lodge of England, Scotland and Ireland.

1. Entered Apprentice

2. Fellow Craft

3. Master Mason

Red Masonry or Chapters: These degrees are conferred in a Lodge of Perfection, the presiding officer must be of the 16th degree at least.

4. Secret Master: of Illuminati Origin

5. Perfect Master: of Illuminati Origin

6. Intimate Secretary: of Illuminati Origin

7. Provost and Judge: of Illuminati Origin

8. Intendant of the Building: of Illuminati Origin

9. Elu of the Nine: of Jewish Origin

10. Elu of the Fifteen: of Jewish Origin

11. Elu of the Twelve: of Jewish Origin

12. Master Architect: of Illuminati Origin

13. Royal Arch of Solomon: of Illuminati Origin

14. Perfect Elu: of Illuminati Origin

A Council of Princes of Jerusalem confers the next two degrees:

15. Knight of the East: of Illuminati Origin

16. Prince of Jerusalem: of Illuminati Origin

A Chapter of Princes of Rose‑Croix confers the next two degrees:

17. Knight of the East and West: of Illuminati Origin

18. Knight Rose Croix: of Templar Origin

Black masonry, or Philosophical Lodges or Areopagi: These degrees conferred in a Consistory of Princes of the Royal Secret.

19. Pontiff: of Templar Origin

20. Master of the Symbolic Lodge: of Templar Origin

21. Noachite or Prussian Knight: of Jewish Origin

22. Knight of the Royal Axe or Prince of Libanus: of Unknown Origin

23. Chief of the Tabernacle: of Templar Origin

24. Prince of the Tabernacle: of Templar Origin

25. Knight of the Brazen Serpent: of Templar Origin

26. Prince of Mercy: of Templar Origin

27. Knight Commander of the Temple: of Templar Origin

28. Knight of the Sun or Prince Adept: of Unknown Origin

29. Scottish Knight of St. Andrew: of Templar Origin

30. Knight Kadosh: of Templar Origin

31. Inspector Inquisitor: of Unknown Origin

32. Master of the Royal Secret: of Unknown Origin

33. Sovereign Grand Inspector General [1]

In A sketch of the Philosophy, Traditions, and records of the Masonic Order of the Red Cross of Constantine by the Editor,[2] where we read:  "The Premier Conclave of England, which has existed from time immemorial, gave rise, it is said, to the foundation of the Council of 'Emperors of the East and West,' a body which was established in Paris about the year 1758 and is considered as the parent of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite. The Scottish Rite,' according to Le Forestier, 'issued from the Chapter of Clermont, as a development of the Ramsay Rite. Its foundation dates from 1748 at which period it was introduced into Germany by Count de Schmettau.'" [3] The Supreme Council is the arch‑stone of this edifice of degrees.

It is composed of a minimum of nine and a maximum of thirty‑three members, Grand Inspectors General of 33o. Is that a secret 33? [4] "But the one 'mission and object' (Mackey) of masonry is kept steadily in view; which is the worship of the god of this world, who is Satan, as the 'Grand Architect of the Universe;' and to accomplish this by inventing 'a religion in which all mankind agree;' and this, by putting all earth's religions upon a level, and uniting them together in Masonic worship, which is boldly avowed in ritual, lexicons, and philosophical degrees. This is [5] called the image of the beast, made by 'them, that dwell on the earth' that is, everybody; every creed, and no creed; all who join the secret lodges.

But this world‑religion must have some form, and shape, to hold together; and be taxed; hence, it takes the form, or image, of the beast. Lodge despotism is as absolute as Romish despotism, and is the image of it...Note now the profound craft, by which this is to be accomplished, viz, masonry promises men salvation by ceremonies invented by men [just as Judaism the origin of Masonry], administered by priests, and inhabited by devils. This is the sum and substance of all the false religions on earth, and will ultimately unite them against Christ. But the only opponent Masonry dreads is Christ, who refused to worship Satan, and his followers."

In its present form, the Rite in France dates from 1804. "At that date the pecuniary situation of the Grand Lodge was however not up to its preten­sions. It was already in debt. Brother de Grasse had personal debts and Brother Abraham was a man of venal character. The Grand Orient paid the debts of the Grand Scottish Lodge and of Brother de Grasse, making a life pension of 800 francs to Brother Abraham and proposing the annexation of the Grand Central Lodge to the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite among those recognized by the Grand Orient." [6]

In 1804, in France, a Supreme Council of Sovereign Grand Inspectors General of the 33rd degree of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite was duly constituted. In the construction of this Council, Comte Alexandre F.A. de Grasse‑Tilly, [the son of the Admiral] played a leading part. He had been initiated in Paris several years before he went to America where we find him a colonist of San Domingo.

His successor was the Duc Decazes. In regards to the development of Scottish Rites in England, Stillson and Hughan state that: "After the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite had been established in England, the Templar body resigned control over the degrees of the 'Rose‑Croix' and 'Kadosch,' which then became incorporated with the rite, as the 18th and 30th; it was therefore necessary to suppress the old ceremonies and relegate them to Templar history, but they were still retained in some of the older English encampments."

A revised ritual was issued in 1851 consequent on the omission of the 'Rose‑Croix' and 'Kadosch.' [7] Presidents of the United States are honored by being made 33rd degree masons, Scottish Rites. King Edward VII and countless other magnates were 33rd degree Masons.

What does this prove? Unfortunately nothing! This is the great deception. The success of the entire system depends on the solid integrity and political and social prominence of its affiliates whose virtues make them valuable as decoys. "Ancient and Accepted Scottish rites" runs its own Secret Service which cooperates with the national Secret Services of all countries, serving the aims and purposes of Internationalism.

Another authority, Paul Rosen makes the following comment: "The philosophy of the degree of Kadosch (30o), the apotheosis and real aims of Masonic teaching, can be summed up in the following words: I, I alone, All mine, All for me, by any and every means." There are seven different ways of carrying out this program and consequently seven different grades of Knight Kadosch which are:

1. The Jewish Kadosch

2. The Primitive Christian Kadosch

3. The Kadosch of the Crusades

4. The Kadosch of the Templars

5. The Kadosch of the Puritan

6. The Kadosch of the Jesuit

7. The Scottish Kadosch (alone true Freemasonry).[8]

Blanchard, himself was a high mason whose Masonic studies were induced by a keen desire to fathom the truth and impart the result of his discoveries to those whom he feared might also be duped, thus sums up Scottish Rites: "Let the authoritative teaching of Dr. Mackey be continually borne in mind, that: 'the mission and object of Masonry is the worship of the Great Architect of the Universe.' It follows that the lodges must have something for their dupes to do, called worship. And what could wicked men and devils invent craftier or better suited to deceive the simple, than this very scheme of 'the Ancient Scottish Rite,' which now rules the rites of the world. It seizes and appropriates all of religion but its holiness and justice; and all of Christ but His truth and His atonement. It mixes things sacred with things profane, till the whole compound is profanity; and quoting the Bible as if it believed it true, which notoriously it does not, it has furnished a dark system, which angels flee from and which devils inhabit [9] Every Lodge is a Synagogue of Satan; its ritual is Sorcery." [10]

Anyone interested in the rituals etc., of this rite will find much that is interesting in D. Margiotta's Le Culte de la Nature dans la Franc‑Maconnerie Universelle. Masonic philosophy is well summarized in the following expose made of it by a Jewish Mason, Paul Rosen, in Satan et Cie: Official ritual of the 33rd and last degree of Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rites. "For the Sovereign Grand Inspector General the 33rd is the last degree of the Rite. The Order is the Great Avenger of the assassinated Grand Master and the grand champion of humanity, for the innocent Grand master is man, man who is Master, King of Nature, man who is born innocent and unconscious. Our innocent Grand Master was born for happiness and for the enjoyment of all rights without exception. But he has fallen under the blows of three assassin, three scoundrels have thwarted his hap­piness and rights and have annihi­lated him. The three infamous assassins are Law, Property and Religion. (Esoteric explanation of the legend of Hiram). Law, because it is not in harmony with the rights of the individual man and the duties of social man in society, rights which belong to all. Duties are but the immediate conse­quence of the right inherent in all, for the enjoyment of all rights.

Property, because the earth belongs to nobody and its fruits belong to all in proportion as they are required by each for the needs of his own well being. Religion, because religions are but philosophies evolved by men of genius and adopted by the people in the belief that they would increase their well being.

Neither law, property nor religion can be imposed on man and as they annihilate him by depriving him of his most precious rights they are assassins on whom we have sworn to wreak vengeance, enemies against whom we have declared war to the death and without quarter. Of these three infamous enemies it is on religion that we must concentrate our most deadly attacks, because no people has ever survived its religion. Once Religion is dead, Law and Property will fall to our mercy, and we shall be able to regenerate society by founding on the corpses of the assassins of man, Masonic Religion, Masonic Law, and Masonic Property." [11]

The Rite of Zinnendorf

1760: This rite was founded in 1766 by Zinnendorf, the chief surgeon of the general staff of Berlin and a Knight Commander in von Hund's Strict‑Observance. Zinnendorf received the rituals and instructions for this order from a Swede named Cklack. On December 27, 1770, Zinnendorf formed a Grand Lodge in Berlin with the cooperation of twelve lodges which had adopted his opinions. On March 29 of the following year, he demanded a constitution from the Grand Lodge of London. This he finally obtained in 1773 through the influence of Prince Louis George Charles of Hesse‑­Darmstadt, the Grand master of the Lodges following his system. [12] The Rite of Zinnendorf was absorbed at the Convent of Wolfenbuttel in 1778 into the Lodge of the Three Globes of Berlin.

                                                                                                         The Tugendbund

1786: The Tugendbund was founded in 1786. The name of Tugendbund or Union of Virtue was first given to the association of men and women who met at the house of the Jewess Henrietta Herz whose husband, Marcus Herz, a Jewish Illuminatus, was the disciple, friend and successor of Moses Mendelssohn. Noted Illuminati were frequenters of this abode of licentiousness about which Graets, the Jewish historian, wrote: "The salon of the beautiful Henrietta Herz became a sort of Midianite tent. Here a number of young Jewish women assembled whose husbands were kept away by their business. The most prominent male member of this circle was Frederick von Gentz, the embodiment of selfishness, licentiousness, vice and depravity whose chief occupation was the betrayal of women." [13]

A so‑called Band of Virtue (Tugendbund) was formed of which Henrietta Hers, two daughters of Moses Mendelssohn [Dorthea and Rebecca Mendelssohn] and other Jewesses together with Christian profligates were members. He also adds that, "Mirabeau, in whose mind the storm‑charged clouds of the Revolution were already forming, and to whom the Jews owed so much during his secret diplomatic embassy (1786) to Berlin, was more in the society of Henrietta Herz than in that of her husband."

Later, in 1807, a second Tugendbund or Union of Virtue was formed, a purely political league of which Thomas Frost wrote: "The nucleus of the Association devised by von Stein which received the name of Tugendbund, or League of Virtue, was formed during the latter months of 1807...The initia­tions multiplied rapidly, and the League soon numbered in its ranks most of the Councillers of State, many officers of the army, and a considerable number of the professors of literature and science. By the active and zealous exertions of Stein, Hardenberg and Jahn, its ramifications spread quickly from the Balitc to the Elbe, and all classes were drawn within its influence. A central directorate at Berlin, presided over by Stein, had the supreme control of the movement, and exercised, through provincial committees, an authority all the more potent from emanating from an unknown source, and which was obeyed as implicitly as the decrees of Emperor or King." [14]

With Heckethorn, we follow the Tugendbund further, for he tells us that after its suppression by the police of Napoleon I, the Tugendbund continued, "...concealing itself however more strictly than before in the Masonic brotherhood." [15] One of its first acts,  "...was to send auxiliary corps to assist the Russians in the campaign of 1813. Prussia having, by the course of events, been compelled to abandon its temporizing policy, Gneisenau, Scharnhorst and Grollmann embraced the military plan of the Tugendbund. A levy en masse was ordered. The conduct of the patriots is a matter of history. But, like other nations, they fought against Napoleon to impose on their country a more tyrannical government than that of the foreigner had ever been. They fought as men only fight for a great cause, and those who died fancied they saw the dawn of German freedom. But those who survived saw how much they were deceived. The Tugendbund, betrayed [as all Jewish organizations do] in its expectations, was dissolved; but its members increased the ranks of other societies already existing, or about to be formed, such as the 'Black Knights' under Jahn, The Knight of the Queen of Prussia,' 'The Concordists' under Dr. Lang and the Deutscher Bund, founded in 1810." [16]

The Illuminati of Bavaria

1776: The sect of the Illuminati of Bavaria was founded on May 1, 1776 by the Jew, Adam Weishaupt, a professor at the University of Ingolstadt, educated by the Jesuits. We know that much has already been said, and more will be said about the Illuminati but it is such an important Secret Society that it would be hard to learn too much about it.  As it is the most powerful of all the Secret Societies, for its very foundation and leadership is made up of the "Learned Elders of Zion" and controls every facet of the Jewish conspiracy. So please bear with us. This society seems to have borne a close resemblance to the Order of the Golden Cross which was reorganized in 1767. According to Le Forestier, Illuminism was just as much masonry as the system of the Rose Croix, that of the Templars or the crowd of Masonic French degrees, and it is wrongfully accused of having taken in Bavaria the cloak of Masonry.[17] It was composed of three classes of adepts, each of which was again subdivided into degrees, in the following manner:





Illuminatus Minor


Symbolic Fellow Craft

Master Mason

Masonry Illuminatus Major, or

Scotch Novice


Illuminatus Dirigens, or Scotch Knight

Epopt, or Priest

LesserPrince, or Regent

Mysteries Magus, or Philosopher,

GreaterRex, King, Homme Roi, or Areopagite

In the March issue of the occult "Revue Internationale des Societes Secretes," began a French translation of the two most important collections of the original documents relating to the Bavarian Illuminati of Weishaupt:

"(1) Einige Originalschriften des Illuminatenordens. Munich, 1786.

 (2) Nachtrag von weitern Originalschriften, welche die Illuminaten‑secte...betreffen en 2 parties, Munich, 1787."

Speaking of the occultists of Haute Maconnerie of the eighteenth century, the R.I.S.S. writes: "These Illumines were in fact the secret rampart of the Sect. The Illumines of France, with Martinez Paschalis, the unknown philosopher, Pernetty, and the whole school, which has left such deep roots in Lyons and its surroundings; the Illuminati of Bavaria, with Weishaupt and his accomplices. It was in these secret Lodges that the French Revolution was conceived and prepared; today it is in the Temples of the same Order, Jewish Cabalistic and Satanist, that the World Revolution has germinated and ripened...The plans of yesterday will better assist us to grasp the intentional and methods of today."

The documents are thus described: "Some Original Writings of the Order of the Illuminati which were found at the House of Zwach, former Councillor of Government, in the domiciliary visit carried out at Landshut, October 11‑12, 1786. The present collection has been published by the Supreme order of His Highness the Elector in order to convince the public of this and foreign countries of the undoubted falsity of the reasons given for the ceaseless outcry from the Illuminati against the injustice, violence, and prosecution to which they are subjected in Bavaria, and also at the same time to put them on their guard in Bavaria, and also at the same time to put them on their guard against this epidemic sect, and against all other such illegal and clandestine societies. For these merely set themselves to deceive credulous people and get money out of them ‑‑ and in place of spreading the truth and morality, as they profess to do, absolutely ruin the latter and suppress or completely falsify the former. If anyone doubts the authenticity of this collection, let them present themselves at the secret archives of this town, where orders have been given to show the originals. Munich, March 26, 1787."

The scheme of this Order is apparently to form a united machine absolutely controlled by the Superiors [The Learned Elders of Zion], who alone know its true aim. For this purpose there must be complete harmony among its members, no hatred, no jealousy, no unworthy egoism; having one spirit, one consideration, and one will! To help to bring about this desired orientation, a special list of books is prescribed upon which the members must build up their outlook. In one document Zwach speaks of the proposal to form a woman's order, to consist of two classes, each constituting a separate society, each remaining unknown to the other: one class of virtuous women, a means of obtaining money, secret information, and benefits for the real Order; the other of light women, to satisfy the passions of F.M. so inclined. "Both should be kept in ignorance that they are directed by the men's Order."

Of their camouflaged and supposed aim Spartacus (Weishaupt) writes: "As in the past, the future aim of the Order remains ‑‑ to interest man in bringing to perfection his mind and moral character; to develop humane and social sentiments, to oppose wicked designs in the world, to fight Agaustice, to help the unfortunate and oppressed, to encourage men of merit who are useful to the Order, and to spread knowledge of the sciences; and they are faithfully and solemnly assured that this is the real and not merely the supposed aim of the society. That it is vain to hope to gain greater power and riches by entering this Order."

But we can see this was for external consumption, for by reviewing Marie‑Antoinette et le Complot Maconnique, 1910, by Louis Daste, who quotes a rare brochure, The Role of Freemasonry in the XVIIIth Century, by F. Brunelliere, which said: "Weishaupt aimed at nothing less than the complete overthrow of authority, nationality, and the whole social system, in a word, the suppression of property, etc...As to his principle, it was absolute and blind obedience, universal espionage, the end justifies the means. This system of conspiracy so strongly organized which would have upheaved the world, spread through Germany, where it seized almost all the Masonic Lodges. Weishaupt sent to France Joseph Balsamo, so‑called Comte Cagliostro, to illuminize French Masonry. Finally he assembled a Congress at Wilhelmsbad in 1782, to which he convoked all German and foreign lodges...In 1785 the Illuminati were revealed to the Bavarian Government, who terrified, appealed to all Governments, but the Protestant Princes showed little haste in suppressing it. Weishaupt found refuge with the Prince de Saxe‑Gotha. He had for the rest taken great care not to tell everything to the Princes, or even to many of his initiates; he had hidden from them the appeal to the force of the masses; he had hidden from them the Revolution." [18]

Here we have the same sinister methods as found in all similar societies of today! Weishaupt further writes that the adept must learn the art of dissimulation, observing and probing others. Discovering secrets he must disclose them to the Superiors, who in turn promise not to make use of the information unless permitted by the informer! The Order exacts complete submission in whatsoever concerns the affairs of the Order. They must practice perfect circumspection and discretion with regard to the world outside. Silence and secrecy constitute the soul of the Order, and even the Frater's grade is kept secret, save with equals, among whom there are signs for recognition. As to the true aim of this Order, a document drawn up by Zwach shows its political progress for one year in Bavaria.

Jesuits removed from all professorial chairs, and entirely cleared out of Ingolstadt University; penetration by F.M. of the Church, control of German schools, charitable societies, and other university chairs. On the recommendation of the Fratres, Pyladw was to become treasurer of the Ecclesiastical Council, and in this way the Order has the revenues of the Church at its disposal. Thus it was able to assist the Fratres and save some of the from the clutches of money‑ lenders! "The widowed Duchess has organized the Institute of Cadets absolutely according to the plan indicated by the Order; all the professors are members of the Order...and all the pupils become adepts of the Order. We will draw to us all the young priests of the Bartholomew endowment...there is every chance that we may in this way be able to provide all Bavaria with instructed priests."

Also among the documents were various recipes:

1). for Aqua Toffana, a poison imperceptibly slow but deadly.

2). One to bring about abortion; and

3). One concerning herbs having deleterious properties.

The Initiation took place after one, two, or three years of probation. In the Revers de silentio, a form signed by the candidate before the initiation, submission and silence is promised, and he is assured that there is in the Society nothing contrary to "State, morals, or religion." Before the Oath is administered it is said; a sword pointed at the breast: "Shouldst thou become a traitor or perjurer, let this sword remind thee of each and all the members in arms against thee. Do not hope to find safety; whithersoever thou mayest fly, shame and remorse as well as the vengeance of thine unknown brothers will torture and pursue thee."

Then in the Oath which follows he swears: "...eternal silence, and faithfulness and everlasting obedience to all superiors and regulations of the Order. I also renounce my own personal views and opinions as well as all control of my powers and capacities. I promise also to consider the well‑being of the Order as my own, and I am ready, as long as I am a member, to serve it with my goods, my honor, and my life...If I act against the rules and well‑being of the Society, I will submit myself to the penalties to which my superiors may condemn me..."

He received a classical name, by which he was henceforth known in the Order. He was required also to keep all things appertaining to the Order in a special place, having a label attached with the address of his superior, to whom the body had to be sent in case of his sudden death. In one of the recipes is found the description of such a box which, when opened by an uninitiated person, would at once burst into flames! To such an extent was secrecy and silence demanded! After the, alleged, breaking up of his Order Weishaupt and his followers sill secretly carried on their intrigues, for by 1789 the 266 Lodges controlled by the Grand Orient of Freemasonry were all Illuminized unbeknown to the large majority of the members, and a few months later the French Revolution of that date eventuated.

In 1794 the Duke of Brunswick, Grand Master of German Freemasonry, issued a Manifesto to all the Lodges showing how Masonry had been penetrated by this International Sect, and suggesting, for a time, suppression of all Freemasonry until it was freed from this unseen cancer. It said:  "A great sect arose, which, taking for its motto the good and happiness of man, worked in the darkness of the conspiracy to make the happiness of humanity a prey for itself. This sect is known to everyone: its brothers are known no less than its name. It is they who have undermined the foundations of the Order (Freemasonry) to the point of complete overthrow; it is by them that all humanity has been poisoned and led astray for several generations. The ferment that reigns amongst the peoples in their work. They founded the plans of their insatiable ambition on the political pride of nations. Their founders arranged to introduce this pride into the heads of the peoples. They began by casting odium on religion...They invented the rights of man, which it is impossible to discover even in the book of Nature, and they urged the people to wrest from their princes the recognition of these supposed rights. The plan they formed for breaking all social ties and of destroying all order was revealed in all their speeches and acts. They deluged the world with a multitude of publications; they recruited apprentices of every rank and in every position; they deluded the most perspicacious men by falsely alleging different intentions. They sowed in the hearts of youth the seed of covetousness, and they excited it with the bait of the most insatiable passions. Indomitable pride, thirst of power, such were the only motives of this sect; their masters had nothing less in view than the thrones of the earth, and the government of the nations was to be directed by their nocturnal clubs. This is what has been done and is still being done. But we notice that princes and people are unaware how and by what means this is being accomplished..." [19]

Later, a law was passed, as a result of all this, by the English Parliament in 1799, prohibiting all secret societies with the exception of Freemasonry. Today, it is said, these secret societies are still illegal, and although some call themselves semi‑public, an oath of secrecy is still required by their chiefs, concerning the most important and secret teachings, relating, more especially, to contact with the mysterious controlling power on the astral plane. According to Monsignor Dillon, 1885 (Mrs. Webster, Secret Societies): "Had Weishaupt not lived, Masonry might have ceased to be a power after the reaction consequent on the French Revolution. He gave it a form and character which caused it to outlive that reaction to energize to the present day, and which will cause it to advance until its final conflict with Christianity must determine whether Christ or Satan shall reign on this Earth to the end."

Was Weishaupt not merely the tool of another and more formidable Sect? Of this "Overshadowing Power," which is the life, as it were, of Illuminism, we are told, in "The Victories of Israel," by Roger Lambelin: "Josheph de Maistre who was, one knows, a Freemason of fairly high grade, noted the influence exercised by the Jews. In 1811, examining the causes of the French Revolution, in a letter written to his King from St. Petersburg, he says: 'The power of this sect oriented by Jewry, to bewitch Governments, is one of the most terrible and most extraordinary phenomena that have been seen in the world."

Again, Bernard Lazare, the Jewish writer, affirms: "It is certain that there were Jews even at the cradle of Freemasonry; Cabalistic Jews, as is proved by certain existing rites; very probably during the years which preceded the French Revolution they entered in still greater numbers into the councils of the society, and themselves founded secret societies.

There were Jews round Weishaupt; and Martinez de Pasqualis, a Jew of Portuguese origin, organized numerous illuminised groups in France and recruited many adepts, whom he initiated into the doctrine of reintegration (regeneration). The Martinist Lodges were mystic, while the other Orders of Freemasonry were rather rationalist, which proves that secret societies represented the two sides of the Jewish mind ‑‑ practical rational­ism and pantheism; that pantheism which, which a metaphysical re­flection of a belief in the One God, ends at times in a Cabalistic Theurgy."

And M. Roger Lambelin adds: "They are the ferments of revolution in all ethnic groups foreign to their race." Further, Rabbi Benamozegh says: "Is it surprising that Judaism has been accused of forming a branch of Freemasonry? What is certain is that Masonic theology is only theosophy at bottom, and corresponds to that of the Cabala...Those who will take the trouble to examine with care the connection between Judaism and philosophic Freemasonry, theosophy, and the mysteries in general...will cease to smile in pity at the suggestion that Cabalistic theology may have a role to play in the religious transformations of the future...It contains the key to the modern religious problem."

In an interesting book, "Les Juifs et le Talmud," by M. Flavien Bernier, we find some light thrown on this Pantheistic creed of the Cabalistic Jews and the "Deified Man" of Illuminism. He wrote, 1913:  "Now the dominating philosophic doctrine among learned Chaldeans...was absolute Pantheism. In the vast Temple which is the Universe, the learned Chaldeans suppressed the Creator...Everything was cause and effect; the world was uncreated and itself became its own god. Even the idea of Divinity was confounded with Universal Harmony which regulated all things, and with each of the things it regulated. God was therefore in turn, and as a whole, Earth nourisher of man, the dew which fertilized it, the Sun which gave light and heat, the wind which carried the fertilizing pollen of vegetation; God was the life principle which perpetuated the species, human and animal; which caused plants to germinate, grow, die, and spring into life again, which manifested even in apparently inanimate bodies. Identified as a kind of breath of Nature, uncreated and eternal. God emanated from the world not the world from God. It is realizable that such a system, which bears the imprint of a bizarre but undeniable poetry, would, in all ages, have the power to seduce the human mind. It would seduce it all the more that the system had, as immediate result, the increase of human pride in the cult of the 'Deified Man.'

In effect, if no Supreme Being as distinct from Nature was imposed over the latter by right of creation ‑‑ if all things had in some manner an intelligence or soul, and if God was merely the sum of all these conscious or unconscious souls of the Universe, a hierarchy would necessarily exist among these souls of which each was a part of God, but which could only contain God in a very unequal manner. The divine principle would find itself distributed in less abundance in a stone than in a tree, which lives, breathes, grows, and dies; in a tree than in an animal, which thinks, perceives, and acts; in an animal than in a man who mediates on the past and future, solves the problem of Nature, corrects the latter's imperfections by his labor and ingenuity, and seeks to perfect himself indefinitely. At the summit of the ladder of beings Man, much more perfect and more intelligent than any of the others, evidently absorbed the greatest amount of the divine essence of which the Universe is composed. Having emptied the heavens of any being superior to himself, he was in truth God of the World, where all were apparently inferior and subordinate to him."

In a footnote the author adds: "Those of our readers who are familiar with the works of Hermetic Freemasonry will at once recognize the favorite ideas of the pontiffs of that sect, ideas which they have inherited from the alchemists of the Middle Ages, who held them from the Cabalistic Jews. The same may be said of the cult of the 'Deified Man,' which was the basis of Chaldean Pantheism, and which has remained that of Occultism, ancient and modern. Certain traditions give to Zoroaster, a Jewish Prophet, as Master...But, on the other hand, Chaldean thought acted powerfully upon orthodox Judaism and determined the growth of a sect in its midst which was to transform Israel...This sect was that of the 'Pharisees.'...

­What they borrowed (from the Chaldeans) in fact...was the essence of the Pantheistic doctrine...It was then that was formed from these borrowings that Kabalah (Kabbalah) of the Pharisees which was for long transmitted orally from Master to disciple, and was, 800 years later, to inspire the compilation of the Talmud, and found its completest expression in the 'Sepher ha Zohar.'...This religion of the 'Deified Man,' with which they were impregnated in Babylon, was only conceived as benefitting the Jew, superior and predestined being...The premise of universal domination found in the Law by the orthodox Jew was not interpreted by the Pharisees in the sense of the reign of the God of Moses over the Nations, but in the sense of a material domination which would be imposed by the Jews over the Universe. The expected Messiah...was to be a temporal King, all bloody from battle, who would make Israel master of the world and trample all peoples under the wheel of His chariot."

Have we not here the basis of the teaching in all these Orders and groups, mystic and occult, of the present time ‑‑ the cult of the life‑force, the I.A.O. the "Serpent Power," the all‑pervading ether? And have we not also the key to the Cabalistic Jews, in these Pharisees of old and of today; these so‑called "Divine Guardians" working behind and through these secret Orders, who profess to teach the doctrine of the deification of the adept, but who in very truth create Illuminised slaves controlled by the Cabalistic Jew, who claims to be the "Deified Man" as M. Bernier says, "the God people" rather than the "People of God."

In the Patriot, March 7, 1929, we find some interesting material in connection with Secret Societies and the French Revolution; it says: "In 1910 there was published a very remarkable book, entitled Marie‑Antoinette et le Complot Maconnique. It was written by M. Louis Daste, an erudite historian, who had spent a great deal of time in examining published and unpublished documents throwing light on the part played by secret societies in preparing the French Revolution...the extracts show, among other things, how anti‑Christian and revolutionary ideas were circulated by bodies ostensibly engaged in educating the French people. Behind these bodies was French Freemason­ry, which was and is, unlike our own Freemasonry, anti‑Christian, political, and revolution­ary."

It was the stated intention of the Founder to constitute a Protestant organization to fight Jesuitism, using Jesuitical methods [This was only a smoke screen to conceal the real objectives of the organization]. He was ably assisted in his efforts by Adolph, Baron von Knigge, Massenhausen, Bode, Anacharsis Clootz, Fischer, Zwack, Merz, Hertal, the Marquis de Constanza, Count Saviola, Bassus, Baron de Montgelas and Nicolai. Behind Nicolai was Moses Mendelssohn, and behind Mendelssohn the Jewish Kahal, the Jewish International World Government.[20]

"Nicolai had estab­lished about the year 1765 at Berlin a literary review with the object of propa­gating the pernicious doctrines of a shallow Illumi­nism, and, in that, the infancy of Ger­man liter­ature, when this periodical had scarcely a rival to encounter, the in­fluence it exerted was more extensive than can at present be even conceived. Bahardt and Base­dow, at the same time, in cheap and popular tracts, scattered among the lower classes the poison of infidelity; and they, as well as Nicolai, were in close communication with Weishaupt, carrying on with the most reckless violence, and with the weapons of a most shameless ribaldry, the warfare against Christianity. The great critic Lessing, the founder of the modern German literature, lent his powerful support to the anti‑Christian League. While librarian at Wolfenbuttel, he edited a work, composed by Reimarus, consisting of various irreligious essays entitled Fragments of Wolfenbuttel, and which, from the tone of earnest­ness and dialectic acuteness where they were written, exerted a very prejudicial influence over public opinion." [21]

As the organization of the Illuminati developed, so did its ambitions, which ended in a plot to subvert Freemasonry to its aim of world dominion by any and all means. But for the Freemason Baron Adolph von Knigge, a Templar, who succeeded in having it absorbed by Freemasonry, the order would have perished soon after its creation. After obtaining control of certain Masonic Lodges, Weishaupt and his associates recklessly vaunted their growing power.

 Their organiza­tion then, soon becoming permeated by the agents of their enemies, the Jesuits and Rose Croix Orders, they were denounced to the Elector of Bavaria, Charles Theodore, by the Duchess Marie‑Anne of Bavaria (Princess Clementine), has cousin whose secretary, Joseph Utzschneider, had, as an Illuminatus, become acquainted with certain methods of the order. Constanza had ordered him to hand over certain letters written by Frederic II to the Duchess Marie‑Anne and, suspecting blackmail, instead of complying with the request, he denounced the order.

On March 2, 1785, the Elector wrote his second and final edict, suppressing the order of the Illuminati, but it was not until July 10, 1785 that incriminating evidence was obtained on the activities of the sect when one of its members, a priest, Jacob Lang, was struck dead by lightning while walking with Weishaupt at Ratisbon [Some writers have it he was riding a horse when struck by lightning]. His body was placed in the chapel of Saint‑Emmeran and a Benedictine found some documents and a list of the members of the Illuminati sewn in his clothes.

These he handed over to the Councillor of the Government of Upper Bavaria. More papers were found when the authorities, who were watching Zwack's relations with a certain Jew, Mayer, the superintendent of Bassus' chateau of Sandersdorf, near Ingolstadt, decided to raid the place, and in 1787 the judge charged with the inventory of the succession of the valet of Baron Maendl, the Chamberlain of the Elector, found among his effect, an iron box full of papers concerning the Illuminati. This discovery, Maendl, himself an Illuminatus, was summoned to explain. Among the details of his evidence is the statement that the Lodge Bader had 97 degrees. The coincidence of this number becomes of interest when compared with the 97 degrees of Memphis sent to England in 1762 by the Grand Orient of France. When Weishaupt was banished from Bavaria by his sovereign, he was received at the court of the Duke Earnest‑Lous de Saxe‑Gotha who, besides a pension, gave him the title of Honorary Councillor.

The Marquis of Constanza, his secretary, and Count Saviola, the Keeper of the Archives of the order, two Italian accomplices, were also banished with pensions of 400 and 800 florins respectively, and as Illuminism was already said to have found its way into Italy, there is no reason to suppose that these gentlemen failed in their administration of the subsidy.

The Gospel of Revolution

We see the foundation and growth of such societies as:

1). The Strict Observance of the Baron Hund and the notorious Jew Leucht who had assumed the name of Johnson, and several other aliases. It recruited its members in the Lodges and went from occultism into political intrigue, later even formulating a plan of economic and financial rule.

2). The Martinists, which, founded by a Portuguese Marrano Jew, Martinez Depasqualy, united political intrigues, fomented for the overthrow of the monarchy, together with magical practices. It numbered among its members the chief politicians who prepared the French Revolution. These were Savalette de Lange, William Law and Marabeau.

3). The Scottish Rite.

4). The Moravian Brothers.

5). The Alta Vendita.

6). The Egyptian Rites of Cagliostro (Mizraim).

The adepts of all these different rites knew but little beyond the fact that they had shaken off the yoke of Christian principles which were replaced by the cult of nature, and in almost all cases licentious­ness. They were but mere puppets manipulated by unseen men whose sinister aims were the destruction of Christianity and disruption of States and to whom all the above named orders or organizations were but so many recruiting grounds. It was only when each and all had gathered sufficient strength that the "Invisible Masters" attempted to unite them all under one supreme sway, namely that of Illuminism at the convent of Wilhelmsbad in 1782. Illuminism represented the efforts of the heads of the powerful Jewish Kahal which has ever striven for the attainment of political financial, economic and moral world dominion. The movement had been founded in 1776 by Adam Weishaupt, Bernard Lazare, himself a Jew, has written that "There were Jews behind Weishaupt," and upon a close study of Illuminism, we find that the destructive forces which culminated in the French Revolution were of three kinds; financial, intellectual and anti‑Christian.

In the first class, we come upon the names of Jewish Financiers such as: Daniel Itzig, Friedlander, Ceerfbeer, Benjamin and Abraham Goldsmid, Moses Mocatta, and Veitel Heine Ephraim. In the second category, we find Moses Mendelssohn, Naphtali Wessely, Moses Hersheim, who are the inspirers of Lessing, Frederic Nicolai, Weishaupt, Mirabeau, l'Abbe Gregoire, the Duke of Brunswick‑Wolfenbuttel and Anacharsis Clootz.

Lastly, the third class is composed mostly of the group known as the Encyclopedists: d'Alembert, Diderot, Rousseau, Voltaire and of all the Cabalists practicing magic and among whom we find: Martinez Depasqualy, Leucht, the enigmatic Count of Saint Germain, Flake and Joseph Balsamo surnamed Cagliostro. The objects of this powerful organization of the Bavarian Illuminati, were:

1). The destruction of Christianity and of all Monarchical Governments;

2). The destruction of nations as such in favor of universal internationalism;

3). The discouragement of patriotic and loyal effort branded as narrow minded prejudice, incompatible with the tenets of goodwill to all men and the cry of "Universal Brotherhood;"

4). The abolition of family ties and of marriage by means of systematic corruption;

5). The suppression of the rights of inheritance and property.

The codified correspondence of the Grand Orient was received by Savalette de Langes and dealt with by the Committee. To be admitted to these councils they had to swear, as Chevalier du Soleil, hatred to Christianity and, as Chevalier kadosch, hatred to Crowns and Papacy. They had a branch in Paris, and this was frequented by Saint‑Germain, Raymond, Cagliostro, Condorcet, Dietrich, brothers of Avignon, and students of Swedenborg and Saint‑Martin. Outside they passed as charlatans, visionaries, evoking spirits and working prodigies, while secretly searching out accomplices in the Masonic Lodges.

Consorting with the chief disciples of Weishaupt, Mirabeau was initiated in Brunswick into the final Mysteries of Illuminism. Already he knew the value of Masonry in revolution, and on his return to France he introduced these mysteries among the Philalethes. It was then decided to illuminize all the lodges of France; for this purpose the Illuminati, Bode, or Aurelius, and Baron de Busche or Bayard, pupil of Knigge, were deputed to assist.

After much discussion it was resolved to adopt the Bavarian mysteries without changing the old forms of the lodges to illuminze them without revealing the name of the sect from whom the mysteries were received, and only to use Weishaupt's code in so far as it would hasten the revolution (Le Couteulx de Canteleu). From then the political aim was accentuated, a new grade was added, preserving Masonic emblems and rites, and this was passed on to the provinces. The closest alliance was concluded, and a general Convent of Masons in France and abroad was convoked by the secret committee for February 15, 1785. Savalette de Langes was elected president, and among the deputies were: Saint‑Germain, Saint‑Martin, Etrilla, Mesmer, Cagliostro, Mirabeau and Talleyrand, Bode, Dalberg, Baron de Gleichen, Lavater, Prince Louis de Hesse, and also deputies from the Grand Orients of Poland and Lithuania.

The Duc d'Orleans was then Grand master under its jurisdiction and order lodges of 282 towns in France and abroad (Mirabeau). At this Congress the French Revolution and its propagation throughout Europe was resolved upon even to the decree of regicide. The part, according to Mirabeau, to be taken by the people is thus described in his Memoires by Marmontel: “Have we to fear the great part of the nation which knows not our projects, and would not be disposed to lend us their support? ...If they disapprove of them, it will be only timidly, without clamor. For the rest, does the nation know what it wants? We will make it want and say what it has never thought of...The nation is a large herd which thinks only of browsing, and which, with good dogs, the shepherds lead at will...One will have to impose upon the bourgeoisie who sees nothing to lose, but all to gain by the change. To stir it up one has the most powerful motives: poverty, hunger, money, rumors of alarm and fear, the frenzy of terror and rage with which we will strike their minds...What will we do with all this people while muzzling their principles of honesty and justice? Good men are feeble and timid; it is the blackguards who are determined. It is advantageous to people during revolutions to have no morals...there is not a single one of our old virtues which can serve us...All that is necessary for revolution, all that is useful to it is just ‑‑ that is the great principle."

About the beginning of the revolution a manifesto was issued from the committee of the Grand Orient addressed to all Masonic Lodges and Councils, to be used throughout Europe. By it, "...all the lodges were summoned to league together to unite their efforts for the mainte­nance of the Revolution, everywhere to seek followers, friends, and protectors, to propagate its flame, to stir up its spirit, to excite zeal and ardor for it in all countries and by all means in their power." After the receipt of this manifesto anti‑Monarchy and Republican ideas everywhere became dominant, and anti‑ religious ideas were used only to undermine nationalities.[22]

The Jew and high Mason, Cremieux, founder and president of L'Alliance‑israelite‑universelle, said in his manifesto, in 1860: "The net which Israel now casts over the terrestrial globe enlarges and extends...Our power is immense; learn to turn that power to our cause. The day is not far distant when all the riches, all the treasures of the earth, will become the property of the children of Israel."

In his book Marie‑Antoinette et le complot Maconnique, Louis Daste shows how that net was spread before and after the French Revolution of 1789. He writes: "From 1774 to 1783 we have seen Masonry unceasingly cover Marie‑Antoinette with the mud of its pamphlets. The hour approached when the sect was to strike the blow from which the Queen died."

It was the Affair of the necklace which was, according to G. Bord, "organized by the Strict Observance and the Amis Reunis of Paris." "The Jew Cagliostro," said ex‑Mason Doinel 33o, "...was the contemptible agent of this intrigue in which the popularity of the Queen foundered and the prestige of the unfortunate Louis XVI was ruined."

Further, Louis Blanc wrote, in 1848: "His initiation took place a short distance from Frankfort in a subterranean vault...(he was shown) a manuscript book in the first page of which could be read: We Grand Masters of the Templars; followed by an oath formula traced in blood. The book ...maintained that Illuminism was a conspiracy plotted against thrones, that the first blows would fall on France; that after the fall of the French Monarchy they would attack Rome. Cagliostro learned from his initiators that the secret society to which he henceforth belonged possessed a mass of money scattered in the banks of Amsterdam, Rotterdam, London, Genon, and Venice...As for himself, he handled a huge sum destined for the expenses of propaganda, received instructions from the Sect and went to Strasbourg."

On the seals of the lodge founded by him at Lyons were the three letters L.P.D. ‑‑ Lilia pedibus destrue, trample the (Burbon) lilies underfoot.[23] This, then, was his diabolical mission. When, therefore, Cagliostro arrived in Strasbourg, 1781, his first care was to control and set his tools in motion. The Cardinal Prince de Rohan, his dupe, and the Comtesse de la Motte, his accomplice, were made known to each other; the latter being in reduced circumstances, the Cardinal advised her to apply direct to the Queen, at the same time confiding to her his ambitions and his bitterness because of the Queen's refusal to see him. From then Mme de la Motte, pretending to be in touch with the Queen, under instructions from Cagliostro, acted as intermediary in a correspondence between the Queen, whose name was forged, and the Cardinal, which was nominally to bring about his restoration to the Royal favor and the realization of his ambitions, but was eventually to besmirch and compromise the unwitting Queen. Nothing was done without consulting Cagliostro.

In May, June, July 1784, the forged letters multiplied, written by Retaux de Villette and dictated by Mme de la Motte. Then at midnight, August 11, came the brief pretended interview in the park at Versailles between the Queen and the Cardinal. Nicole d'Oliva dressed as the Queen strongly resembled her; the Cardinal believed he had seen and spoken with Marie‑Antoinette. When, therefore, further forged letters twice asked him to find 60,000 livres for the Queen's bounties, both sums were willingly borrowed by the Cardinal from the Jew Cerfberr. The money was retained by Mme de la Motte!

In December, having come into touch with the Court jeweler, Boehmer, who was anxious to dispose of a diamond necklace worth 1,800,000 livres, she quickly planned to acquire it, in the same way, for herself. More forged letters from the Queen, along with advice from his oracle Cagliostro, reassured the Cardinal, and on February 1, 1785, the negotiations with Boehmer were completed; the necklace passed into the possession of Mme de la Motte, and the finest stones were sold in London by her husband.

Failing to receive the first payment of 100,000 ecus which fell due on July 30, Boehmer realized the fraud; the indignant Queen was informed of everything, and in August the Cardinal, Mme de la Motte, and Cagliostro were arrested, but not before most of the compromising letters were secretly burned. The Cardinal refused the King's offer to act as judge; they were, therefore, tried by Parliament, which was largely Masonised. The Cardinal and Cagliostro were acquitted, Mme de la Motte was condemned to be branded as a thief, whipped, and shut up, but was later secretly assisted to escape.

From London she waged her campaign of calumny against Marie‑Antoinette; in 1788 her Memoire justifi­catif was published, formed, said de Nolhac, of rage and lies, dragging the Queen through infamous mud. It was almost wholly retouched by M. de Calonne in a ferment of hatred against the Queen, whom he blamed for his disgrace from Ministerial office.

In 1789 appeared the Second memoire justificatif, again attributed to but repudiated by Mme de la Motte, and which outdid the first in filth and venom. Then followed an avalanche of indecent pamphlets, all based on the memoire with the double object of vilifying the Queen and besmirching minds with filthy pictures, killing in advance all pity in the hearts of the people and of her executioners; Lilia pedibus destrue. But Cagliostro was finished, the Secret Power, fearing disclosures, mercilessly broke him; forced to leave London, hunted through Europe, he was finally arrested in Rome by the Pontifical Police. After a long trial, recorded in Vie de Joseph Blasamo, 1791, he was condemned to death, commuted to imprisonment for life, and died in 1795. In a wretched garret in London, 1791, Mme de la Motte ended her life in terrible suffering, deserted by all. The Secret Power having no use for broken tools, had ceased to protect them.

In "La Revue," March 1, 1909, the editor wrote of an indecent pamphlet, O Marquez de Bacalhoa, published in February 1908, a month before the assassination of Don Carlos: "It is published in the form of the romances which appeared about 1780 on the private life of Louis XVI and Marie‑Antoi­nette ...It smothered the King in mud and did not spare Queen Amelia...The pages consecrated to the Queen were a mere tissue of infamous lies..." And the Portuguese Revolution of 1910 was the work of Jews of l'Alliance‑israelite‑universelle united to Freemasonry. Again we have Proudhon writing: "What mysteries of iniquity would be revealed if the Jews, like the mole, did not make a point of working in the dark."

Moses Mendelssohn, himself the head of the Haskalah [Jewish Illuminati], cooperated with the Bavarian Illuminati of Weishaupt and with the prominent members of the other revolutionary secret societies aspiring to political power, but, in 1784, the Elector of Bavaria made an abortive effort to stamp out the conspiracy which, being international, was necessarily impervious to local measures. The poison of subversion was working in France, where on January 21, 1793, it culminated in the death on the scaffold of Louis XVI, an event that in Masonic jargon is known as "The second cannon shot." The capture of Rome by Cadorna in 1870 was the third. As a further confirmation of concerted Masonic action let us bring yet another illustration: In the first days of the French Revolution (1848), 300 Freemasons, with their banners flying over brethren of every rite representing French Freemasonry, marched to the Hotel de Ville, and there offered their banner to the Provisional Government of the Republic, proclaiming aloud the part they had just taken in the glorious Revolution. M. de Lamartine made them this answer, which was received with enthusiasm by the Freemasonry Lodges: "It is from the depths of your lodges that the ideas have emanated, first in the dark, then in the twilight, and now in the full light of day, which have laid the foundations of the Revolutions of 1789, 1830, and 1849." [24]

Fourteen days later, a new deputation of the "Grand Orient," adorned with their Masonic scarfs and jewels, repaired to the Hotel de Ville. They were received by A. Cremieux (The means for the attainment of Cremieux's ambition are set forth in a book entitled Paris: Capitale des Religions, by Jean Izoulet), and Garnier Pages, attended by Pages, who also wore their Masonic emblems. The Representative of the Grand Master spoke thus: "French Freemasonry cannot contain her universal burst of sympathy with the great social and national movement which has just been effected. The Freemasons hail with joy the triumph of their principles, and boast of being able to say that the whole country has received through you a Masonic consecration. Forty thousand Freemasons in 500 lodges, forming but one heart and one soul, assure you here of their support happily to lead to the end of the work of regeneration so gloriously begun."

Brother Cremieux, a Jewish brother, member of the Provisional Government, replied: "Citizens and brothers of the Grand Orient, the Provisional Government accepts with pleasure your useful and complete adhesion. The Republic exists in Freemasonry. If the Republic do as the Freemasons have done, it will become the glowing pledge of union with all men, in all parts of the globe, and on all sides of our triangle." [25] If the wielding of power and their national political economic and financial strength over the peoples by a few hidden hands can result in such calamitous upheavals as the French Revolution, the World War of 1914 and the Russian Revolution of 1917, were it not wise to apply the lesson of experience to ascertain whether the supposed harmless Masonry of today does not again serve as a screen or curtain behind which thrive secret societies no less subversive, revolutionary and demoralizing than those which we have just so briefly sketched?

We know that most of them such as the Martinists, the Illuminatis, the Scottish Rite and the Egyptian Lodges of Memphis and Mizraim still exist today, so, on what grounds can we base our assumption of a change of their revolutionary and anti‑Christian principles? In the face of late events, namely, the Peace Conference, the creation of the League of Nations, the amalgamation of international resources, the confiscatory inheritance taxes, the development of international finance, the proposed establishment of an international non‑Christian cult, have we the right to refrain from lifting the veil of Masonry behind which subversive movements are so conveniently hidden?

The Rosicrucians

The Rosicrucians were deeply involved in the formation of the Illuminati. So much so that speculation as to the origin of the Rosicrucians, and the many fables and legends connected with the subject have but little historical value. Owing to the great discrepancy between the information contained in the following article and that given in the more modern editions of the Encyclopedia Britannica, it has been deemed advisable to reprint the former.[26]  "Rosicrucians, a name assumed by a sect or cabal of hermetical philosophers; who arose, as it has been said, or at least became first taken notice of in Germany, in the beginning of the fourteenth century. They bound themselves together by a solemn secret, which they all swore inviolably to preserve: and obliged themselves, at their admission into the order, to a strict observance of certain established rules.

They pretended to know all sciences, and chiefly medicine: whereof they published themselves the restorers. They pretended to be masters of abundance of important secrets, and, among others, that of the philosopher's stone: all which they affirmed to have received by tradition from the ancient Egyptians, Chaldeans, the Magi and Gymnosophists. They have been distinguished by several names, accommodated to the several branches of their doctrine.

Because they pretend to protect the period of human life, by means of certain nostrums, and even to restore youth, they were called Immortals; as they pretended to know all things, they have been called Illuminati; and because they have made no appearance for several years, unless the sect of illuminated which lately started up on the continent derives its origin from them, they have been called the Invisible Brothers.

     Their society is frequently signed by the letters F.R.C. which some among them interpret fratres roris cocti; it being pretended that the matter of the philosopher's stone is dew concocted, exalted, etc. Some, who are no friends to freemasonry, make the present flourish­ing society of freemasons a branch of Rosicrucians; or rather the Rosicrucians themselves, under a new name or relation, viz., as retainers to building. And it is certain, there are some freemasons who have all the characters of Rosicrucians; but how the area and original of masonry, and that of Rosicrucianism here fixed from Nadaeus, who has written expressly on the subject, conflict, we leave others to judge...notwith­standing the pretended antiquity of the Rosicrucians, it is probable that the alchemists, Paracelsists (Followers of Theophrastus Bombastus von Hohenheim (1493‑1541)), or fire‑ philosophers, who spread themselves through almost all Europe about the close of the 16th century, assumed about this period the obscure and ambiguous title of Rosicrucian brethren, which commanded at first some degree of respect, as it seemed to be borrowed from the arms of Luther, which were a cross placed upon a rose.

But the denomination evidently appears to be derived from the science of chemistry. It is not compounded, says Motheim, as many imagine of the two words Rosa and crux, which signify rose and cross, but of the latter of these words, and the Latin ros, which signifies dew...At the head of these fanatics were Robert Fludd, an English physician, Jacob Behmen, and Michael Mayer; but if rumor may be credited, the present Illuminated have a head of higher rank. The common principles, which serve as a kind of center of union to the Rosicrucian society, are the following: They all maintain that the dissolution of bodies, by the power of fire, is the only way by which men can arrive at true wisdom, and come to discern the first principles of things. They all acknowledge a certain analogy and harmony between the powers of nature and the doctrines of religion; and believe that the Deity governs the kingdom of grace by the same laws with which he rules the kingdom of nature; and hence they are led to use chemical denominations to express the truth of religion. They all hold that there is a sort of divine energy, or soul, diffused through the frame of the universe, which some call the argheus, others the universal spirit, and which others mention under different appella­tions. They all talk in the most superstitious manner of what they call the signatures of things, of the power of the stars, over all corporeal beings, and their particular influence upon the human race, of the efficacy of magic, the various ranks and orders of demons: These demons they divide into two orders, sylphs and gnomes." [27]

This article having been written in 1747 only hinted at what the Rose Croix might have been. Subsequent research upon the organization of the Fraternity, its tenets and its achievements, shows it to have been a medium for the propagation of Gnosticism and a center for political activities. Before it conquered Freemasonry, which was officially instituted in 1717, many names were already associated intimately with this esoteric organization. Among others were Faustus Socinius, Cesare Cremonini, Michael Maier, Valentin Andrea, Thomas Vaughan (Philaletes), Charles Blount, Frederich Helvetius, Richard Simon, and Theophilus Desaguliers.

It is claimed that Faustus Socinius, named after Faustus, the Manichee, nephew of Lelius Socinius, whose teacher was Camillo Renato, was an intimate of Rosicrucianism and the founder of the Socinians. Catholics and Protestants alike opposed Faustus Socinius in his efforts to graft a secret cult on the existing orthodox religions, and in 1598, the people of Cracovia, revolted by his doctrines, pillaged his house, burned his books and manuscripts and almost massacred their author.

He had sworn hatred to the church and busied himself in founding an association the aims of which were to be subversive to all its teachings, and two years before his death, he was obliged to take refuge from his enemies with one Abraham Blonski. The membership of the Rose Croix was composed of Alchemists, Astrologers and Spiritists whose quest was for the search for a process for transmuting base metals into gold and the secret of life. To most of these "generation was the root principle of Achemy." [28]

The order of the Rose Croix revealed itself in 1614 with the appearance of two books, Fama Fratern­italis and the Confessio attributed to Valentin Andrea giving the legend of the travels of Christian Rosenkreutz. According to Charles T. MacClenachan 33o, Historian, Grand Lodge State of New York, this same legend had appeared as the work of Raymond Lulli, who died in 1315. In this legend, translated into English in 1616 by Robert Fludd, a symbolic personage called Christian Rosenkreuz, destined to live 106 years on earth, traveled in the East where he studied the Cabala and, on his return to his native Germany, he revealed to three disciples the secret of secrets, the great secret of theosophy. (Fire, alias Kundalini, alias sex‑force). Finally, he retired to a cave to finish his days in solitude, dying in 1484 at the age of 106. His disciples came, enshrouded him and disappeared. His grave was to be unknown for six times twenty years at the end of which period it was to become the hearth of the light destined to illuminate the world at the time appointed by God.

In 1604, chance brought men to this cave. On entering, great was their surprise to find it resplendent with a bright light. It contained an altar bearing upon a copper plate the inscription "Living, I reserved this light for my grave." One mysterious figure was accompanied by this epigram "Never vacant." A second figure "The Yoke of the Law." A third figure "The Liberty of the Gospels." A fourth "The Glory of the Whole God." The hall still contained lamps burning without fuel, mirrors of various shapes and books. Upon the wall was written "In six times twenty years I will be discovered." The prophecy was fulfilled, adds the fable, by way of conclusion. The movement was greatly furthered by the impulse given it when, after the appearance of the Fama Fraternitatis and Confessio, a German Alchemist, Michael Maier, an English Physician, Robert Fludd and a Pietist, Julius Sperber, wrote treatises in defense or explanation of the order of the Rose Croix. It has repeatedly been stated that Michael Maier, who frequently visited England, was a friend of Robert Fludd. He was the author of Themis Aurea and Silentium post Clamores, both Rosicrucian works. His political influence may be judged from his career. Physician to Rudolf II, he was created by him Count of the Palatinate, and acted as adviser to his sovereign. In 1609, Rudolf II issued an Imperial Charter granting religious liberty to the Moravians.[29] Masonic authorities state that Maier, as a Rosicrucian, changed his official title to Summus Magister, Sovereign Master, which is that used by all his successors and borne by the principal Socinian Rose‑Croix documents, dating from the time of Faustus Socinius to that of Johann Wolff, which are preserved in the Sovereign Patriarchal Council of Hamburg.[30]

In his book "Themis Aurea," written in 1616 and 1617 and printed in 1618, Maier, the Grand master, refers to a resolution passed at a meeting in 1617 in which it was formally agreed that the Brotherhood of the Rose Croix must maintain the strictest secrecy for a hundred years. On October 31, 1617, the Convention of the Seven at Magdebourg had indeed agreed to qualify its members during the ensuing one hundred years of secrecy as "The Invisibles." It had renewed its oath to destroy the church of Jesus Christ and had decreed that, in the year 1717, it would transform the fraternity into an association which could carry on a more or less open propaganda, while adopting such measures of prudence as might then be deemed expedient by the leaders of the sect. Finally, the Seven adopted definitely, as being sufficiently original to appeal to the popular imagination, Valentin Andrea's curious story of the Rose Croix which had been secretly printed in Venice towards 1613.

Robert Fludd was the author of "Tractatus Apologelicus" (1617) and Clavis Philosophiae et Alchymiae (1633). He was greatly helped in the foundation of the Rose Croix order in England by Francis Bacon, author of "Nova Atlantis Histoire des Rose Croix." [31] Valentin Andrea to whom, as we have seen, are ascribed the works Fama and Confessio, as well as Chemycal nuptials, had, in 1640, been appointed preacher to the Duke of Brunswick Wofenbuttel, who was soon to make him his champion.

To those who know the important part played by a Duke of Brunswick during the French Revolution, this entrance of the Brunswick family into the sect is very interesting. As a Rosicrucian, Andrea was the teacher of Commenius (Amos Kominsky), who frequently visited England during his mysterious political career. Bishop of a Moravian community, Comenius was the leader of the Moravian Brethren, a sect pledged to achieve the extermination of the Catholic church and which, being considered heretical, was also suspected of practicing secret Satanism.

The Moravians were imbued with Socinianism, that is the doctrine of Lelius Socinius which had been spread among them by his nephew Faustus Socinius who had found refuge in Moravia when persecuted by the Church. Their link with Rosicrucianism had already been established in the person of the pietist, Julius Sperber, who was also one of their leaders.

When Kominsky was persecuted, he first went to London in 1641 and, early the next year, went to Sweden where he was granted refuge and help by the powerful Swedish Minister, Count Axel Oxenstiern, himself a Rosicrucian adept and protector of another initiate, Ludwig van Geer from Holland.

The combination of the pursuit of alchemy and hermeticism with political aims was frequently evidenced even before the official appearance of Rosicrucianism. The influence of adepts on the destinies of nations was immense. To Queen Elizabeth, the advice of John Dee, her alchemist, was always considered in matters affecting national policy, and to Dee, his crystal gazer, Edward Kelly, was indispensable as a medium [32]

Ludwig van Geer, (one of the Seven present at Magdebourg) had settled in Sweden and had won over the chancellor. Count Axel Oxenstiern, then the real regent, in view of the minority of Queen Christina. A great industrialist of Dutch birth, with a colossal fortune made in the manufacture of cannon, he had become a Baron, and as owner of 20 ships of the Swedish fleet, he was an indispensable man. Another striking Rosicrucian figure was Thomas Vaughan, (Eugenius Philaletes) not to be confused with his pupil, George Starkey, known as Irenius Philaletes. It is said that it was Thomas Vaughan who, inspired by the writings of Nick Stone, conceived the idea of subverting to the ambition of the sect to which he belonged, the guild of the Freemasons which, owing to its universal character, lent itself better than any other to the realization of his project.

Nick Stone was one of the Seven of the Convention of Magdebourg. As an architect, belonging to the guild of the Freemasons, he had helped Inigo Jones, the grand‑master of the English Lodges which, at this period, were non‑sectarian. On the other hand, as a Rosicrucian he had grasped, in the Luciferian sense, the idea given by Faustus Socinius, and he had composed, for the nine grades of the fraternity, rituals which the chiefs declared remarkable. His ritual of the eighth degree (Magister Templi) was really Satanic.

Thomas Vaughan, struck by these manuscripts wondered whether it would be possible to extend the teaching of the Rose Croix to all "accepted masons," who were then admitted to the lodges in an honorary capacity; the Freemasons received in their guild, under the name of "accepted masons," peers and men of letters or professional men, as well as rich bourgeois, who enhanced the brilliancy of their meetings and patronized their entertainments. These honorary members were their protectors and benefactors (This is still customary. Many of the English Guilds of today such as the Goldsmiths have honorary members who, for attending their dinners receive a box of chocolates and £3 in cash). Vaughan believed that this element, gifted with certain intellectual qualities, would lend itself better to the propagation of the principles of occult Socinianism than the workers of the Fellow Craft, and, having made up his mind that this was the solution of the problem, he hastened to put it into practice.

Max Heindel, a former disciple of Dr. Steiner, who disapproved of the demanded secrecy, broke away from Steiner and came to America, where in 1911, he, without permission, published Steiner's teachings in his book Rosicrucian Cosmo‑Conception.

Steiner soon after published his Occult Science. Max Heindel founded his Rosicrucian Fellowship in order to spread the teaching without the objectionable secrecy. Because of this betrayal of secret teaching the members of R.R. et A.C. were forbidden to work with this Fellowship! In his book, 1911, Max Heindel wrote concerning world changes:  "The caste system, which was the stronghold of England in India, is crumbling. Instead of being separated into small groups, the people are uniting in the demand that the oppressor shall depart and leave them to live in freedom under a government of, by, and for the people [Theosophical influence!] Russia, 1911, is torn by strife for freedom from a dictatorial autocratic government [exchanged for Bolshevik slavery!].

Turkey has awakened and taken a long stride toward liberty [first under the Young Turks of the Grand Orient!] [In America] we are not yet satisfied...we see that we have still industrial freedom to gain...Thus, all over the world the old systems of paternal government are changing.

Nations as such have had their day, and are unwittingly working toward Universal Brotherhood in accordance with the design of our invisible leaders, who are none the less potent in shaping events because they are not officially seated in the councils of nations."

As Rene Guenon says: "We do not believe, therefore, that Theosophists, any more than occultists or Spiritists, have the force to succeed entirely by themselves in such an undertaking; but is there not behind all these movements something much more formidable which even their chiefs perhaps do not know and of which they, in their turn, are merely instruments?"

To again quote G.G. in The Anatomy of Revolution: "Behind every revolutionary movement throughout the world there is always some secret organization. These revolutionary movements in all countries, whatever the bodies which actually organize them, have always three primary aims:

(a) The abolition of existing constitutions, whether Monarchist or Republican.

(b) The abolition of private ownership of property; and

(c) The abolition of established religion.

     Sometimes the chief aim is camouflaged under a pattern of nationalism or of internationalism; but the attack is always directed ultimately against these foundations of civilization...The same people often preach nationalism in Ireland, India, Egypt, or South Africa, when the effect is to disinte­grate the British Empire...Mr. George Lansbury, the most prominent figure connected with the Herald newspaper, and founder of the Herald League, is not only a member of the Theosophical Society, and, it is said, of the Co‑Masons also, but claims to be of the line of the prophets of revolt. In an article in the Daily Herald (November 24, 1921), on the death of Mr. Hyndman, he describes himself as a disciple of that gentleman, who in turn was the disciple of Mazzini. So that here, on his own admission, we can trace once more the political pedigree of a leading revolutionary to the  Carbonari of the mid‑nineteenth century."

Dion Fortune, states Illuminism, Masonry and the Rosicrucian order are based on the Jewish Cabala. She wrote: " one of these Mystery Schools; it is contacted on to the Western Esoteric Tradition, and it works the Christian, the Hermetic, and the Keltic aspects of that Tradition (hence its pilgrimage center at Glastonbury)...The Fraternity is an independent and self‑contained organization, and is not affiliated to any other organization on the physical plane, but holds its contacts direct from the Great White Lodge...the Great White Brotherhood, the Masters, or Elder Brethren. It is with these that the initiate of the Mysteries comes in touch when his higher consciousness is sufficiently developed."

Dion Fortune explains her real attitudes towards Christianity in her book, The Esoteric Orders, when, speaking of Hermetic traditions, she wrote: "Its highest development was in the Egyptian and Cabalistic systems, and it was blended with Christian thought in the schools of the Neo‑Platonists and the Gnostics; but the persecuting energy of the Church, long since exteriorized, stamped it out as an organized system. Its studies were only kept alive during the Dark Ages among the Jews, who were the chief exponents of its Cabalistic aspect. Its Egyptian aspect was reintroduced into Europe by the Templars after the Crusades had put them in touch with the Holy Centers in the Near East. [As we have shown, the secret doctrine of the Templars was Manichean and Johannite, and they were allied to the Assassins!]. Stamped out again by the fear and jealousy of the Church, it reappeared once more in the long line of Alchemists who flourished after the power of Rome was broken by the Reformation; and it is still alive today. [For] During the last half‑­century innumerable attempts have been made to induce the soul of the Mysteries to reincar­nate, and these attempts have met with varying success. Out of many abortive efforts a tradition is gradually being reformed; the smoldering fire of occult knowledge has been fanned to a blaze, and the gods have again drawn near to man."

Further to Dion Fortune, Christ is "Lord of the Purple Ray," classed with Krishna and Osiris. He is the Cosmic Christ, a regenerative and reconciling world‑force which can be contacted by meditation and used for Cosmic purposes; he was never a personality nor of our humanity, but Cosmic Fire, having the Sun as his symbol. And, she says, "by inspiration we can open our consciousness to it, and align ourselves with its lines of power until consciousness is suffused by it and illumination occurs." And showing its pantheistic nature she continues:  "Union with the divine aspect of the self, the god within, must precede awareness of the god of the Whole of which it is but a part. The spiritual level of man's nature is but a circumscribed portion of the One Spirit, the All, the Noumenal aspect of manifestation."

We must therefore conclude that the first aim of the Fraternity, like all illuminized groups, is to unit the Creative Principle within to the Creative Principle without, attracting and drawing down the Cosmic Christ or Fire, the illuminizing force, thus forming the magnetic link with the dominating minds of their Masters, for as she again explains: "By thinking of the Masters we attract their attention, and it is unbelievably easy to establish a magnetic link with those who are always more ready to give than we are to receive."

As the Masters said to the writer, "We have need of thee and all they gifts!" Their plan is to rule over a universal World State, and for this purpose they have need of passive yet gifted instruments. As Dion Fortune, herself, writes: "The Masters receive souls as pupils, not for the benefit of the soul, but for the benefit of the Great Work; a man is not trained for the sake of curiosity or enthusiasm, but only in so far as he is of value as a servant."

Having duly become illuminized servants, the adepts must train and initiate other dupes for a similar service in one direction or another as required by these masters. Therefore: "An officer who rightly understood his function would dwell upon the force which should act through his office till his personality became so saturated with it that he radiated its influence upon the candidate he was helping to initiate. The united action of all the officers builds a group‑mind which is capable of transmitting and focussing potencies of a much more massive or cosmic type than could be transmitted through the channel of a single consciousness."

Color and sound play an important part in transmitting these forces. As Max Heindel said: "These invisible sound vibrations have great power over concrete matter. They can build and destroy. If a small quantity of very fine powder is placed upon a brass or glass plate, and a violin bow drawn across the edge, the vibrations will cause the powder to assume beautiful geometrical figures. The human voice is also capable of producing these figures; always the same figure for the same tone. If one note or cord after another be sounded upon... preferably a violin...a tone will be finally reached which will cause the hearer to feel a distinct vibration in the back of the lower part of the head. Each time that note is struck, the vibration will be felt. That note is the 'key‑note' of the person whom it so affects. If struck slowly and soothingly, it will build and rest the body, tone the nerves, and restore health. If, on the other hand, it be sounded in a dominant way, loud and long enough, it will kill as surely as a bullet from a pistol."

Dion Fortune sums up: "All these influences are employed to construct a great thought‑form in the group‑mind of the Lodge, and into this thought‑form are poured the potencies evoked by the names of Power used in the initiatory work, and these influences are focused upon the candidate while he is in a state of exalted consciousness. This is the rationale of initiation."

This takes us back to the Order of the Elus Coens of Martinez de Paschalis and the Jewish Magical Cabala with its "fluidic magic" and the power generated by pronouncing the so‑called divine names, so much used in all magical orders, Eastern as well as Western. As the ancient Chaldean Oracles said: "Change not barbarous names in evocation, for they are names Divine, having in the sacred rites a power ineffable."

And colors, we know are the signatures of forces, therefore their vibrations are similar to their corresponding forces. The usual excuse of all such Fraternities and Orders, for the oath of secrecy, Dion Fortuen explains: "The knowledge is reserved in order that humanity may be protected from its abuse in the hands of the unscrupulous...The mind has certain little‑known powers, which are so potent and so subtle that, used for crime, they could overturn the social system of a nation. The courts recognize that undue influence can be exercised by one person over another, but they have little realization of the kind of influence a trained mind can exert over an untrained one."

It is, therefore, reasonable to ask: Has Dion Fortune any real proof that these so‑called masters and Brethren of the so‑called Great White Lodge are not unscrupulous and ambitious occultists and magicians, using and abusing these subtle powers of the minds of men in order to bring about their own mad and fanatical world ambitions, overturning the social, religious, and political systems, not of one nation but of all? If not, is she willing to take the enormous responsibility and risk for herself and more especially her confiding candidates and dupes? She teaches that the Manus, by means of suggestion or thought, transference, planted ideas in human consciousness! Who are these supposed Manus? A name borrowed from the East and for what end! "It is for this reason [Illuminism] that the Masters found and support such organizations as the Theosophical Society, the Anthroposophical Society, the Rosicrucian Fellowship, and many others, less known but not less useful..."

Who, then, are these Masters? And what is their Great Work? Have things changed since de Luchet wrote in 1789: "There was formed in the heart of thickest darkness a society of new beings, who knew each other without being seen, who understood each other without explanation, who served one another without friendship. Their society aims at governing the world, appropriating the authority of sovereigns, usurping their thrones by leaving them the mere barren honor of wearing the Crown. It adopts the Jesuitic regime, blind obedience, and the regicide principles of the seventeenth century; from Freemasonry the tests and exterior ceremonies; from the Templars the subterranean evocations and incredible audacity. It uses the discover­ies of physics to impose upon the ignorant multitude."

The invisible manipulators of Illuminism may be few, but their methods have the secret subtlety of the serpent, and their dupes are many. It is by binding together half qualities in men and women into groups of three, five, seven, twelve, etc., that the power of magic lies; it is, as it were, the seven colors of the prism, united to form the "Divine White Light" of the Rosicrucians, each individual representing the characteristics of a color, therefore, of a force.

This applies to many other correspondences attached to each force, as shown by Crowley in "777," which when combined together add to the potency of that particular force. As Dion Fortuen expresses it:  "A system of Correspondences consists of a set of symbols which the concrete mind can apprehend and a knowledge of the association chains which connect them with each other; this knowledge is absolutely essential for occult development."

Or as the Emerald Tablet of Hermes expresses it: "What is below is like that which is above, and what is above is similar to that which is below to accomplish the wonders of one thing [manifestation]. Its father is the Sun; its mother is the Moon. It is the cause of all perfection throughout the whole earth [equilibrium]. The power is perfect if it is changed into earth [fixation of the astral light in a material basis]. Separate the earth from the fire, the subtle from the gross, acting prudently and with judgment. Ascend with the greatest sagacity from earth to heaven, and then descend again to earth and unite together the things inferior and superior; thus you will possess the light of the whole world, and all obscurity will fly away from you.[33] This thing has more fortitude than fortitude itself, because it will overcome every subtle thing and penetrate every solid thing. By it the world was formed."

A.E. Waite, in his Brotherhood of the Rosy Cross, 1924, quoting from the Transactions and History of the "Societas Rosicruciana in Anglia," recapitulates much of the above information about "the Isis Urania Temple of the Hermetic students of the Golden Dawn," the Hebrew name being "Chabreth Zerech Aur Bokher." Waite concludes that these cypher MSS, were post 180 (but possibly they were part of the reorganization of Weishaupts's Illuminati in 1880). "The grades, besides a Neophyte, were four (the four elements or the Tetragrammaton) ‑‑ Zelator, Theoricus, Practicus, and Philosophus; also a sub‑grade, the Portal, leading from the Golden Dawn" to the Rose Rubece et Aurece Crucis, the Inner Order. Apart from the cypher MSS. and MSS. found in libraries by MacGregor Mathers, most, was received clairvoyantly by Mrs. Mathers, a sister of M. Henri Bergson, the Jewish‑French writer, from the 'Hidden and Secret Chiefs of the Third Order;"

Against her wishes she was induced to take an oath of secrecy before the teaching was given, and it was later said by these unknown Chiefs: "In the case of Mathers, the former Chief, there was a human adept (as intermediary or etheric link), and also communication was given to him by clairvoyance, clairaudience, and impressional teaching, whereby the true interpretation of existing MSS, was given to him." Mathers was, we also find, doing political work under these Secret Chiefs, and was mixed up with war and military matters.

In 1897 Dr. Wynn Westcott resigned from the Order, and from then ceased to take active or official part in the work. His own account of the reason was, that the Chairman of the Corners' Society in London heard that he was teaching magic and got him to resign from the Order. Rene Guenon, in Le Theosophisme, 1921, says: "The English secret society of 'The Order of the Golden Dawn in the Outer' is a society of occultists studying the highest practical magic, somewhat akin to Rosicrucianism. Men and women are admitted on equal terms. There are three principal officers, Imperator, Premon­strator, and Cancellarius."

He further says, MacGregor Mathers writes in a letter, Lucifer, July 1889: "This society studies Western traditions ...The Theosophical Society is in friendly relation with them."

The letter bears the following mottoes: "Sapiens dominabitur astris (the continental adept), Deo duce comite ferro (Mathers), Non omnis moriar (Wescott), Vincit omnia veritas (Woodman)." It ends with these words: "Published by order of the Superior, 'Sapere Aude' (Westcott), Cancellarius in London."

Rene Guenon further continues, that much stir was created in Paris in 1899 and 1903 over an attempt made by Mr. and Mrs. MacGregor (Mathers) to restore the cult of Isis. Mr. MacGregor Mathers represented the G.D. in Paris, and was a member of the Theosophical Society. An account of this attempt was given in the Chronicle, March 19, 1989, which stated: "M. Jules Bois, the litterateur...recently discovered here a High‑Priest and High Priestes of Isis...and introduced them to go through their 'devotions' in public, at the Bodiniere theater...This couple of devotees to ancient deities profess to have been converted to the strange and passionate mysticism of the worship of Isis during their travels in Egypt. They pretend that they constituted the rites and ceremonies of the religion, and for some time past they have been carrying on their devotions in an underground chapel which they established at their residence...After preliminary prayers, the High‑Priestess performed the ceremony of 'unveiling the gods,' and then she invoked Isis with such passion and force...that she quite saved the situation...which otherwise might have turned into the conclusion...the men (in the audience) were supplied with a few grains of corn, which, deposited upon the 'altar,' would bring success in the enterprise they had in hand, even if of a political and worldly character."

A.E. Waite was an early member of the "Golden Dawn," but at a meeting held at Dr. Felkin's residence in 1903, according to Dr. Felkin's history, "a split occurred, as Waite and his followers denied the existence of the Third Order, refused to have examinations in the inner, objected to all occult work, and said they must work upon purely mystic lines."

A Concordat was drawn up between the two Temples, but in 1912 it came to an end, as it was proved unworkable by both sides. When Waite and those who seceded with him left, they took with them certain properties and retained the name "Golden Dawn," and Dr. Felkin and his supporters eventually became the politico‑pseudo‑­religious "Stella Matutina," a Temple of mediumship. Waite still used the same magical rituals, somewhat modified, to suit his mystical ideas. He ceased to be Chief of the "Golden Dawn" about 1915, and soon afterwards it went into abeyance. He, however, formed a new Temple, calling it the "Rosy Cross," and still, we have reason to believe, using the old Cypher MSS. rituals, and thus retaining the link with these unknown continental Rosicrucians and Illuminati. Since early in the nineties the "Stella Matutina" (then known as the "Golden Dawn") has been directed and instructed by unknown chiefs, acting under various pseudonyms. Curiously enough, it was at one time suggested that Dr. Falk, the cabalistic Jew who came to London in 1742, was the author of the original cypher MSS., but that cannot be vouched for. In this order we first hear of them as "The Hidden and Secret Chiefs of the Third Order," under whom Mathers and his wife worked.

In 1900 the London Temple revolted against Mathers, who had "issued a manifesto to the T.A.M. (inner) members, demanding personal allegiance to him...and this manifesto was greatly resented by the senior members in London."

A meeting was held, and he was deposed. What then is the truth about this mysterious Third Order? There is ample evidence to show that the Stella Matutina and the R.R. et A.C. are, constitutionally, in no way akin to British Masonry, but are linked up with Continental Masons and Rosicrucians, subtly and secretly subversive and controlled by these "Unknown Chiefs." Dr. Felin's in his history stated: "...The methods which (S.D.A., %) Fraulein Anna Sprengel, sanctioned were totally against the methods which were and always had been in vogue in Germany, and it may be mentioned now that the first three grades were very much like the first three grades in ordinary Masonry (yet Steiner approved of them as useful!), and, as a matter of fact, up to a date which cannot be given accurately, Masonry and Rosicrucianism went hand in hand. It was about 1597 that the Masons separated themselves entirely from the Rosicrucians, and decided to modify their procedure, and they refused in the future to admit women to their ceremonies. This was partly due to political circumstances, as both masons and Rosicrucians tried to influence the political development of the nations amongst whom they lived and worked...Practically the Masonic Lodges became very active political agencies, whereas the Rosicrucian branches were more secret in their operations, and it was, and is, an absolute rule that no one should confess to being a Rosicrucian. So strict was this that Rosicrucians who even knew one another were not allowed to speak or discuss matters connected with their society within the confines of a city or town. There were definite rules as to when a member of the Fraternity went to a new place and met a Frater or Soror. They appointed a time to meet outside the town or city with reference to certain points of the compass. It is quite true that on several occasions leakages of MSS. did occur. One was due to the action of a certain number of Roman Catholic priests who belonged to the Order; and again in 1777 a leakage of rituals took place in Paris, and this made our Continental Fratres and Sorores still more strict in their methods...F.R. had received the promise that the Council would investigate the condition of the Branch of the Order in London with which he was connected, and would if possible enter into definite relations with him...A definite arrangement was then come to between E.O.L. on behalf of F.R. and the heads of the Rosicrucian Society in Germany, that he should bring over the necessary 'processes,' for psychic development to F.R. who is alone permitted to transmit them (to his members for the purpose of arousing the Kundalini and bringing about Illuminism)."

The following letter, written to a German member by the above adept E.O.L. who was for a time trained by the German connection, is interesting, in that it shows the proposed method for the penetration of England and British Freemasonry by Continental and Grand Orient Illuminism, in 1912 [this is also almost exactly the way the American Freemasonry was penetrated!]: "Dear Sir and Brother (Baron C.A.W.), I have heard from Dr. F (Felkin) of the proposed International Bund, which seems in many ways an excellent scheme to which I wish every success. As Dr. S's name is so potent on the Continent, it is bound to prosper there. In England he has a band of admirers, but his name is not so generally known. The conditions in England are also peculiar. Dr. S. himself said to me that he recognized the difference. Therefore, I write to you for we have a double tie, the Rosicrucian Fraternity both of the Continent and in England, we can speak freely. What I say now I wish to be laid before Dr. S. by you, and the risk is mine. For if I do not speak without fear or favor, no one else can.

Dr. S. is a statesman in his schemes (?). But a statesman, when inquiring into the conditions of a country unknown to him does not go only to the members of one party of it. For Austrian politics one would not consult only Magyars, nor for German, members only of the Catholic Block. In England the few members of the Continental Order are all Theosophists, i.e. members of the T.S. They are none of them members of the English Freemasons.

They see things from the T.S. point of view, and they have to use their spectacles. I am the only member of the Continental Order who is not and never has been a T.S. member; I owe no allegiance to Mrs. Besant. I am, as the Doctor knows, entirely with him in the policy of abandoning Oriental and Indian for European or Kabalistic training: I am also an English Freemason, so that I can give him the pint of view of the other parties. English occultism is roughly divided into (1) members of the T.S., i.e, Mrs. Besant's followers headed by the co‑masons in one sense; (2) members of the Hermetic Orders and Freemasons; (3) Independents, whether in small groups or individuals.

The first class is the only one really known to the Doctor. Of the second Dr. F. is very representative. Of the third, Mr. T.P....Now when the Doctor comes to establish his Bund, there are certain considerations of great importance. With regard to Group 1, the T.S. and its branches, I cannot pretend to say what will happen. Mr. S. and Mr. C. both know the T.S. people and its style of work, by lecture, etc. The risk, however, is with regard to Groups 2 and 3. The Bund will, unless carefully managed, be regarded merely as a schism of the T.S. It will command as much attention as the Quest Society of G.R.S. Mead, and it may arouse great prejudice, for many will take it exactly in the spirit in which England took the German telegram to President Kruger. I am quite serious when I say that to many the Bund will be thus considered ‑‑ 'We don't care for Mrs. Besant any more than we cared for Jamieson and his raid, but after all, Mrs. Besant is English; who are these Germans to interfere?' It may sound ridiculous, but I know my country.

The next point, a very serious one indeed, is the attitude of the Freemasons. This must be taken into consideration. Here for a moment I must apparently digress. I wish to contrast the workings of Groups 1, 2, and 3. Group 1 works on the familiar lines of lectures, magazine publications, etc. Dr. S. does much the same. Group 1 attracts a large number of idle women who have the leisure to take a little occultism with their afternoon tea, practically all the members are people with time and money.

It attracts numbers, but each lecturer is apt to get a personal following, hence schisms, i.e., the Quest. Group 2 is small in numbers. It works by Lodges and circulates manuscripts. Its teaching is done by correspondence, by individual officers, etc. It seldom has lectures. It taps a wholly different class, gets at more varied social strata, has a far larger proportion of men. Being highly organized it has more coherence; at the same time each Temple is apt to be jealous of outside interferences. Most of its men are Freemasons. Some entire Temples are Freemasonic, e.g. the Societas Rosicruciana in Anglia. Now these people are busy, there are singularly few idle, moneyed or leisured women and men among them, they are very proud and independent.

In course of time, if they can get teaching in their own manner, by MSS. in circulation, by visits of members from Lodge to Lodge, by or through their own Chiefs, I am certain they will all, given time, join your Bund. But they will not accept any T.S. dictation, they will not tolerate Chiefs whom they do not know, they will not care for attending cycles or lectures for which they have no time or inclination. These bodies are older than the T.S. and they do not forget it. Humored they will help you. If they are not considered, they will neither oppose nor regard you. They will simply leave the Bund alone exactly as they leave the T.S. alone, the co‑Masons alone, etc. They must be got at from within, not from without. The third group I can assist with in course of time. But how they will act now I do not pretend to know. Most of them will accept no authority over them. Now I come to the Freemasonic point. Here I tread on very delicate ground. But I feel that I must state the case, as I said, without fear or favor.

The Doctor is too great a man to be vexed with me. After all, all I wish to do is to secure that the best teaching reaches those most fit for it in the easiest way. At present to establish a definite branch of the Continental Order giving grades, etc., in England will be a very difficult matter. You are not yourself a Freemason. We sometimes call our Order, the Continental Order, Esoteric Masonry. The grades are closely akin to Freemasonry. Dr. S. indeed has some link with certain English or Scotch Masons, he gave me the name from whom he derives a certain authority, a link in the physical (not etheric!).

Now English Freemasonry is not occult, though it has occult Lodges, and most English occultists not T.S. are Freemasons, if men. English Masonry boasts the Grand Lodge of 1, the Mother Lodge of the world. They are a proud, jealous, autocratic body. Co‑Masonry derives from the Grand Orient of France, an illegitimate body according to English ruling. No English Mason can work with co‑Masons. Now the Masons who gave Dr. S. his link are regarded, you had better get Dr. F. to verify me here, as eccentrics who invent spurious grades. If the English Grand Lodge bears of anything called 'Esoteric Masonry,' derived from such sources, under Chiefs once T.S. members, under a head in Berlin, it will not inquire who Dr. S. is or what is the nature of his work; it will simply say 'no English Masons of the Free and Accepted Masons may join any society working pseudo‑Masonic Rites,' i.e. no one of ordinary accepted Freemasonry can attend any meetings or take any grades in this illegitimate body! Finis! Then we who are members of Dr. S.'s Lodge and who are Freemasons will be in a sad plight.

At present this would affect only myself, well, and Dr. F. too. But if esoteric masonry is breathed of in England, and the fiat goes against it, no English Mason will wish to join the Bund.[34] After all this cold water, you will ask what useful suggestion do I imagine I have to make. Well, perhaps nothing very useful. Still, this is my practical suggestion. Let the Bund be started. Let Messrs. S. and C. get all the MSS. they can, and let them establish relations with the bodies in Group 2. Either let them supply such written teaching as can be given to the heads of the Lodges that will come in, and seek no interference with the Lodges, or let them form a definite committee under Dr. S. with representative people in it. All this must be done slowly. The system of having people in the Lodges like Dr. F. to teach 'processes' within Group 2 is the most practical, and to have Bund officials like Messrs. S. and C., one of whom should join an English Lodge, to go between England and the Continent, and to get the written teaching will probably work well enough.

But if a Lodge of the Continental Order is to be established in England, Dr. S. will be faced with the Masonic difficulty. This is really serious, and no one of the T.S. will understand it, nor even any Continental Freemasons. Look at my position and again at Dr. F.'s ‑‑ if we were banned from all association with Freemasons, i.e. from practically all Lodges in Group 2, or else from association with the Bund. Either we must be cut off again, or our usefulness for general purposes is gone.

If Dr. S. Would summon one or two non‑Theosophical persons to discuss with him, he would see this at once. The practical solution will be found in a compromise. If he avoids the name 'Esoteric Masonry' and allows perhaps a ritual like those used in the Societas Rosicruciana or in the S.M. and has for officers in England a mixed group, including the Heads of the chief Hermetic Lodges, etc. as well as T.S. people, who will join anything of Dr. S.'s it will succeed. Otherwise, I fear much that only a few T.S. people and a few whom Dr. F. and myself...can influence directly, will be all that will join at the outset. As a Theosophist schism, and a foreign intrusive Masonic schism, the Bund will arouse every possible English prejudice against it. Devoted to the Doctor as we are, we should both regret it."

In 1916, before going to New Zealand, Dr. Felkin drew up a "New Constitution," duly and astrally approved of by the hidden chiefs, and under this Constitution attempted to establish three daughter temples in England, hoping in this way to link various outside esoteric Masonic groups under the shadow of the Stella Matutina, thus helping forward the "International Jewish Bund." In this New Constitution Dr. Felkin said: "As you are aware, I can personally permit any branch of Rosicrucian Societies to be started. But as I am leaving England, I naturally feel that such branches should be in close relationship with the Stella Matutina and the R.R. et A.C. I propose, before leaving England, to form three such branches, and it will rest with you to make any arrangements which you may wish with regard to their utilizing your rooms, etc., or not...The two I propose to form in London could either pay you a yearly sum for the use of the Temple and Vault, on a definite day to be settled by you, or you might arrange for them to pay half their initiation fees to you, which should be, I think, the Mother Temple. With regard to a Branch in Bristol, which I am going to form, they can at present work their Outer entirely there, and make arrangements with you when they have any candidates for the Inner. The Conditions under which I should found these three branches are as follows:

1). Each Branch must be absolutely autonomous and ruled by three Chiefs who are at the present time full 5‑6 in the R.R. et A.C. and they must follow exactly the traditions of our Order.

2). The first three Chiefs I should appoint myself; if any one of them should relinquish office, the Ruling Chiefs and Three Adepti of the Mother Temple (Amoun) should confer with the remaining two Chiefs as to the appointment of a successor.

3). The Daughter Temples must finance their own Temples, and the Mother Temple is not responsible for their finance in any way, except in so far as above stated; they should pay dues in some form if they make use of the Mother Temple's rooms.

4). The Members of the Daughter Temples who are full 5‑6 will belong to the College of Adepti of the R.R. et A.C. in Anglia...

5). With regard to the Bristol Branch (Hermes), the first Three Chiefs will be: V.H. Sores Lux Orta est, Magna est Veritas, Benedicamus Deo, the latter only acting until a Frater in that district is qualified.

6). The first London Daughter Temple will be confined to members of the Societas Rosicruciana in Anglia, who have taken at least Grade 4. I may mention here that the reason why I was obliged to form it is as follows: When E.O.L. and I made our arrangements for recognition by our Continental Fratres, they stipulated, and he agreed, that the Masonic Rosicrucians, of whom there are large numbers, should be given the opportunity of being linked up with us. The first three Chiefs of this Temple will be: V.H. Fratres Pro Rege et Patria, Fortes Fortuna Juvat, Faire sans dire. With regard to the third Daughter Temple (Merlin), there are some fifty or sixty members of the Temple (Golden Dawn) which used to be ruled by S.R. (Waite) and a number of the members of the Anthroposophical Society who are seeking admission. It has been pointed out to me, that as these people have worked on different lines from us, it would not be well to admit them to the S.M. as they would undoubtedly cause confusion in the S.M. Temple. I therefore propose that they should form a Temple of their own, and that the first Three Chiefs should be V.H. Fratres Cephas, Benedic Animo mea Domino, and Non Sine Numine. This Frater you do not know, but he has been a member of the Society for twenty‑five years, is full T.A.M. and was for many years one of S.R.'s three Ruling Chiefs.

7). The first three ruling chiefs of the Daughter Temples would become the first three adepti in their respective Vaults should they have them. I take full responsibility for the formation of these three Daughter Temples, and it rests with you to do all in your power to help them to be an added power to the Rosicrucian Movement. Our password for the present six months is ACHAD, signifying 'Unity,' [always a Jewish buzz‑word] and it is my greatest desire that all the scattered Rosicrucian Forces within our reach should be gathered together into a harmonious whole instead of drifting off into comparative uselessness, or into undesirable channels. (Signed) Fimem Respice Chief, June 18, 1916." The above is the same as much of Weishaupt's methods of camouflage! "...The greatest caution must be exercised not to reveal to the novice doctrines that might be likely to revolt him. For this purpose the initiators must acquire the habit of 'talking backwards and forwards' so as not to commit themselves. 'One must speak,' Weishaupt explained to the superiors of the Order, 'sometimes in one way, sometimes in another, so that our real purpose should remain impenetrable to our inferiors.'"

There are three forms of initiation, individual, group, or universal, all three leading to conscious or unconscious control by a central power, who in some mysterious way makes its influence felt; often clairvoyantly and clairaudiently seen and heard, but never physically present or visible. The system in all three is the same; Cabalistic. Secretly here and there individuals are prepared; these again form groups or centers from which influences spread until they form a veritable magnetic network covering the entire world. Like rays from a hidden sun these groups are apparently divergent and detached, but in reality all issue from the same central body. The body being the Learned Elders of Zion, three hundred Jewish Talmudic followers.

Studying all these different groups and movements the system is seen to be an insidious and secret dissemination of ideas, orienting and creating the required outlook on life, etc., eventually breaking down all barriers of family, religion, morality, nationality, and all self-initiative thought always under the cloak of a new and more modern religion, new thought new morality, a new heaven and a new earth [The so‑called New Age Movement would be just one example]; until it evolves a gigantic robot merely answering to the will and commands of a secret Master Mind. They dream they are free, original, self‑determining individuals; they are but the negative moon reflecting and reproducing the light from the same hidden Jewish Cabalistic Sun. It is called regeneration by the Illuminati; it is in truth individual death and disintegra­tion, followed by a resurrection as negative "light‑bearers" of this Jewish Cabalistic Sun.

In the July occult issue 1929 of the Revue Internationale des Societes Secretes, there is an interesting and rare design called, "The Dragon and the Woman," which depicts apparently the Pentagram of illuminized and revolutionary Masonry, a symbol of the magical and potent powers by which the mysterious center would hope to obtain empire over the universe and thus govern men. The lower part is the Dragon of the Apocalypse with the seven heads; written across its body is the word "Kabalah," as also in Hebrew, "Schem Hamphoras" and "Yod, He, Vau, He" ‑‑ the Tetragrammation.

The Schem Hamphoras, the cabalistic Keys of Solomon, the keys of universal science, by whose combinations all secrets of Nature are said to be revealed. The four letters, the material basis as it were, are the four beasts of Ezekiel's vision; they are the Sphinx with the head of a man, the body of a bull, the wings of an eagle, and the claws of a lion.

Also the four properties of the astral light or Serpent Fire, dissolving, coagulating, heating, and cooling, which, directed by the will, are said to modify all nature, producing life or death, health or disease, etc., in accordance with the given impulsion. Further, it is the cross of life or generation, the Kundalini.

Death and disintegration must precede so‑called regeneration; therefore the tail of the Dragon ends with the head of the vulture of Saturn, the destroyer, who holds in his beak the magical sword of the adept with the dual crescents of unity on the hilt; this is thrust into the body of the Dragon, for the blood must be poured out. Beneath the Dragon the fire burns, it must be immolated, as the Phoenix of old, so that from the ashes it may rise renewed and regenerated.

As rabbi Saint‑Etienne has said: "Everything, yes everything must be destroyed, since everything must be remade," it is revolution. The number of the beast is 666, which cabalistically is 9, the number of generation. The seven heads represent the seven planets or powers of the Sun or colors of the prism; cabalistically they are placed on the Interlaced Triangle, the dual creative forces, each angle having a planet with the Sun in their midst. Together they represent complete magical power; the Jewish Talisman, the Shield of David!

Above this basis rises the woman Babylon, the mother of all pantheistic and abominable cults. She stands in the hermetic attitude, "as above so below," her left hand raised above holds a lighted torch shaped as the Hebrew letter Shin; this letter, together with the Tetragrammaton below, for me the Pentagram ‑‑ the "Christ" or instrument of Illuminzed revolutionary Masonry. On the torch is this curious inscription, as deciphered by M. Henri Gillebert: "As for the children [Israelites ‑ the White Race ‑ the Anglo‑Saxon, Germanic, Scandinavian and Celtic and kindred peoples of the world], kill them in great numbers. Holy, holy, holy is the act of immolating them, as also of exterminating them [the desire of the Jews, the children of Satan, since the dawn of time]. Is this not Saturn again, who ever devours his own children ‑‑ revolution and anarchy? Across her breast is written 'Democracy,' the negative and inspired instrument of all revolutions. The inspiration is shown by the letter 'M' over the pineal gland, where the head and tail of the serpent unite, producing illuminism. She is the intermediary, receiving and transmitting the influence from above. From a cup in her right hand she pours upon the fire below all abominations and impurities, thus inciting the holocaust, preparing for the domination of the unseen Powers. Old civilizations must be disintegrated and established systems destroyed.

     It is curious to note with all these illuminized instruments of the "Hidden Hand" how magnetic‑healing and magically inspired politics went hand in hand. One has only to consider the present Illuminati in England and America to see that this is the case. In the Stella Matutina, from the late Dr. Felkin, their former High Chief, to their St. Raphael Guild of Healing, run by a certain influential group of clerical members, you find magnetic‑healing joined to a subtle form of invoked political influence often ending in Communism, Socialism, and Pacifism, weakly inculcating the doctrine of peace and love your enemies at any price, all inspired by their 'hidden masters.'"

In all immuminized groups the ceremonies, exercises, teachings, and messages from the masters set in motion a magnetic current, and as the Jew Eliphas Levi explains: "The action of the current is to transport, and often exalt beyond measure, persons who are impressionable and weak, nervous organizations, temperaments inclined to hysteria and hallucination. Such people soon become powerful vehicles of magical force and project efficiently the astral light in the direction of the current itself." As seen in the meteoric figures of all revolutions! To fight successfully against such a current steady concentrated will and initiative are required. Together these many groups form the magnetic chain transmitting the forces of the Cabalistic Jews into social, religious, political, economic, art, healing, and educational life. As the late Dr. Felkin wrote in 1917: "We are the little leaven that leaveneth the lump." According to Weishaupt, artists are among the most desirable instruments!

The power used in Illuminism is largely based on a deep understanding of the science of light, form (geometric symbols), movement (rhythm), numbers, sound, color (Minutum Mundum), scents, etc. All these, in the form of correspondences, are used in occult societies, to awaken forces, vibrations which act upon the mind and nervous systems of men and women. De Quincey has said: "This Temple (Solomon's) is to be built of men, of living stones, and the true method and art of building with men it is the province of (Rosicrucian) magic to teach."

It is interesting to find Dr. Felkin's teacher was also a builder using living stones, for he said:"The stones must all be there before the circle can be of use. Each stone must first be hewn into proper shape. Each must be able to stand upright hand in hand with the others. The Light within each must become strong so as to radiate far enough, and blending with the others a rainbow will be formed (uniting and forming the so‑called 'Divine White Light or Brilliance,' the Serpent Power). There must be harmony among the members and self‑reliance. Each stone will intuitively perceive within itself a symbol which will at once denote the function of the individual stone and its fitness to fulfil it..."

Some brothers of the Rose Croix were already mingling with the Freemasons. Among the members of the Warrington Lodge were Richard Penkett, James Collier, Richard Sankey, Henry Littler, John Ellam and Hugh Brewer and in London, the Whartons and their friends had slipped into a lodge as "accepted masons."

Thomas Vaughan encouraged them to spread the principles of Socinius. Finally, at a meeting on the 14th may 1643, he announced that their desultory efforts at restrained proselytizing should be supplanted by a definite programme of entering the guild lodges with the object of using them as instruments to an end. The account of this meeting of the 14th may 1643, is given in full in the Memoirs of Philaletes and the whole plan of the Freemasonry of today is therein revealed. So blended are truth and fiction in the active career of this adventurous adept that Vaughan must always remain one of the most mysterious characters of Rosicrucianism. "When the plague of 1665 drove the Court from London to Oxford, Thomas Vaughan went thither with his patron (the king) and, a little later, took up his residence with the Rector of Albury, the Rev. Sam. Kem, at whose house, on February 27th of that year, he was killed by an explosion in the course of chemical experiments." [35]

His work in masonry however has remained as his monument. Together with Elias Ashmole, pupil of Rabbi Solomon Frank and protégé of James Pagitt, Thomas Vaughan worked up the Masonic system of the first three degrees. These degrees, those of Entered Apprentice, Fellow Craft and Master Mason were devised for the temptation of the masses, while outside and above them continued the former secret system of the Rose Croix, four degrees of which belonging to the Gold Cross were known as: 1st, Zelator; 2nd, Theoricus; 3rd, Practicus; and 4th, Philosophus; teaching merely the principles of alchemy, while the degrees of the Rose Croix were: 5th, Adeptus Minor; 6th, Adeptus Major; 7th, Ademptus Exemptus, 8th, Magister Templi and 9th, Magus.

Contemporaneous with the evolution of free thought against revealed religion broke the revolution against civil authority plunging England into the throes of civil war, Oliver Cromwell was successful at the head of the Parliament troops while Charles I was everywhere betrayed by men on whom he relied. Henry Blount (Henry Blount, 1602‑1680, Father of Charles Blount, the Rosicrucian) was among the traitors accruing to Cromwell after the battle of Edgehill; at least the defeat of the king was his pretext, for treason was everywhere premeditated.

The word of order was given by the Rose Croix, which had spread rapidly among the Puritans. The year 1644 ended with the destruction of the Royal power, and February 9, 1649, the day on which the head of Charles I fell at Whitehall, consummated its ruin.

The Royal power had, in fact, been wrecked when the troops of Parliament were victorious, when the queen was obliged to take refuge in France, when the Prince Palatine, Robert, had been defeated, when York had been taken, and when the Commons had obtained against Laud, the Protestant Episcopal Bishop of London, Archbishop of Canterbury, the bill of attainder which declared him guilty of the crime of treason.

 Laud had stood for resistance to the Puritans. The connection of the Cromwell family with that of the celebrated Thomas Cromwell, Earl of Essex, whose political ideas, formed in Italy, under the guidance of Machiavelli, had so greatly affected the trend of English history, is here not devoid of interest.

In 1767, a document was discovered which revealed the existence of a society of Freemasons in Italy with about 64,000 members.[36] The document said: "At last the great mine of the Freemasons of Naples is discovered, of whom the name, but not the secret, was known. Two circumstances are alleged by which the discovery was brought about: a dying man revealed all to his confessor, that he should inform the king thereof; a knight, who had been kept in great state by the society, having had his pension withheld, betrayed the Grand Master of the order to the king. This Grand Master was the Duke of San Savero.

     The king secretly sent a confidential officer with three dragoons to the duke's mansion, with orders to seize him to the palace. The order was carried out; but a few minutes after, a fire broke out in the duke's mansion, destroying his library, the real object being, as is supposed, to burn all writings having reference to Freemasonry. The fire was extin­guished, and the house guarded by troops. The duke having been brought before the king, openly declared the objects, system, seals, government, and possessions of the order.

     He was sent back to his palace, and there guarded by troops, lest he should be killed by his former colleagues. Freemasons have also been discovered at Florence, and the Pope and the Emperor have sent thither twenty‑four theologians to put a stop to the disorder. The king acts with the greatest mercy towards all implicated, to avoid the great dangers that might ensue from a contrary course. He has also appointed four persons of great standing to use the best means to destroy so abominable a sect; and has given notice to all the other sovereigns of Europe of his discovery, and the abominable maxims of the sect, calling upon them to assist in its suppression, which it will be folly in them to refuse to do.  For the order does not count its members by thousands, but by millions, especially among Jews and Protestants. Their frightful maxims are only known to the members of the fifth, sixth, and seventh lodges, whilst those of the first three know nothing, and those of the fourth act without knowing what they do. They derive their origin from England, and the founder of the sect was that infamous Cromwell, first Bishop, and then lover of Anne Boleyn, and then beheaded for his crimes, called in his day 'the scourge of rulers.' He left the order an annual income of L10,000 sterling. It is divided into seven lodges: the members of the seventh are called Assessors; of the sixth, Grand Masters; of the fifth, Architects; of the fourth, Executors (here the secret ends); of the third, Ruricori (!); of the second and first, novices and Proselytes. Their infamous idea is based on the allegory of the temple of Solomon, considered in its first splendor, and then overthrown by the tyranny of the Assyrians, and finally restored ‑‑ thereby to signify the liberty of man after the creation of the world, the tyranny of the priesthood, kings and laws, and the re‑establishment of that liberty."

As for Oliver Cromwell, Lord Protector of England, there is no record of his having been an "accepted mason." He was however on the best of terms with Richard Penkett and is supposed by many to have been secretly affiliated to the Rose Croix but whether an adept or not he served the purpose of the sect, destruction of the Royal and Ecclesiastical Christian Power! After the death of Charles I, Cromwell appointed an assembly of lawyers and divines to consider the petition of Manasseh ben Israel (1604‑1657) demanding the abolition of the legal exclusion of the Jews from England. In December 1655 the legal prohibition was removed. Eleven year after (1666) occurred the great fire of London.

Does the following letter help to solve the mystery of this historical disaster? It was one of many written by the Secretary‑ Interpreter of the Marquis de Louvois, an English spy, to his chief in England, published in London in 1697 by D. Jones. Gent. the firing of the City of London, in 1666: "My Lord, I am fully satisfied by what I have both seen and heard at Paris and elsewhere, that the Duke of York (Afterwards James II) was in the Year 1666 brought quite over to the French Interest; and I have heard strange Stories related concerning his conduct at the time of that dreadful conflagration of the City, looking upon it Janus‑like, with one face seeming concerned for the lamentable disaster, and with the other rejoicing to see that noble pile reduced to ashes, and its citizens ruined; who had at all times been the greatest propagators for liberty and property, and opposers of that religion which he now not only secretly profess, but was even ready publicly to own, and rewarding those incendiaries at St. James, who then were suspected generally to be Frenchmen, as your Lordship well may remember; but by our Minutes it does appear they were not such; but they were persons, at least many of them, set on work by French councils, and such as at that time were of all men least suspected; I mean Jews, of which they had then several in pay, not only in England, but all over Christendom; not only to give them Intelligence in which they are wondrous active, but likewise to promote and act the worse of mischiefs, as which they make no balk.

These fires have been kindled, not only in England, but in Germany, Poland Emissaries, though they were Jews hired with French money, the Turkish Policy not being so refined in mischief, these sorts of Jews put on the shape of what Christians they pleased, and of this sort employed by France, there were and are still several in England, the names of one or two of which I think I shall be able to give your Lordship in sometime, though they go by several, as time and occasion doth require, and so at present I remain. My Lord, Your Lordship's most Humble Servant, Paris, April 7, 1676. N. St."

More shadows of the past! More strange suggestions to shake the foundations of our belief in things as they seem! The last of the Grand Masters of the Rose Croix was Johann Christian Wolff [37] the last master of Rose Croix died in 1750. His name was Brun). Masonry, which as a secret association had maintained its existence for years had uncovered itself and become an avowed organization with the proclamation of the Anderson Constitution (Grand Lodge of England).

Once in the open it was to be the universal screen behind which all secret societies, whether theurgic or political, would operate clandestinely. Masonry with its proclamation of three philanthropic and altruistic degrees, with no apparent real secret, declaring itself Christian and non‑political, would become the center in which ignorant men, recruited and duped, could act like puppets animated by unseen hands pulling unseen strings. Thus it came about that all blows dealt to Christianity and States were prepared by the Secret Societies acting behind the veil of Masonry. [38]

1773: During a meeting in the Rothschild's home in 1773, the following statement was reported in the French Newspaper at the time: "But is has paid us even though we have sacrificed many of our own people. Each victim on our side is worth a thousand Goyim."

1776: A powerful, ruthless, Satan‑directed, international conspiracy has captured our government and every segment of our entire economy and is right now in the process of enslaving or liquidating 97 percent of the population of the United States. This conspiracy, which originated in the heart of Satan and manifested itself many times both secular and Biblical history, began its deadly, final, desperate, blood‑stained march in 1776 almost simultaneously with the birth of our great nation. It was founded by Adam Weishaupt, known by his contemporaries as the "Human Devil."

Illuminati 1776‑1876

Out of Germany was hatched a Diabolical Plot that has deceived untold millions of people ‑ and which, even, now, threatens to destroy Western Civilization. In the years following the Reformation a new school of thought known as German Rationalism came to the forefront in circles of "higher learning." Rationalism developed first in Germany as that was the only country with relative freedom of religion and thought. In other countries, free thinking was verboten and church leaders persecuted or killed those who expressed their opinions.

Scholars were freed from the stifling restrictions placed on academic pursuits during the Dark Ages ‑ and the winds of investigation and intellectual curiosity began to rustle refreshing­ly through the "hallowed halls" of universities. Many were motivated to question the cherished beliefs which had come to be accepted at face value by society at large.

From the beginning Satan was frantically busy among the leadership of these "emancipators." Having failed to keep all humanity bound with his Simonian form of "baptized paganism," Satan {the Great Deceiver, [39]} tried another ruse. These "thinkers" could clearly see that corruption and depravity had decimated the strength of the church which had promulgated many of the ideas now proved to be totally fallacious. They saw that the church ‑ commonly believed to be the body of Christ ‑ held its adherents in subjection by means of fear and superstitious ritual.

They falsely assumed that the myths and superstitions of the Dark Ages were based on the Bible. When they proved that these superstitions were false, they assumed ‑ without any real proof ‑ that they had proved the Bible to be false. The teachings of that church were based on the Satan‑inspired Mystery Babylonian Religion; not on the Bible. The German Rationalists openly attacked all of the established beliefs with the deep seated conviction that all religion was false, foolish and weird [40]. One of their leaders arrogantly announced that; "The turning point in History will be the moment man becomes aware that the only god of man is man himself." [41]

Another authority defined Rationalism as, "...that manner of thought by which the human reason is considered to be the only source and the only judge of all kinds of knowledge." [42] Under an unending barrage of such "enlightened" scholarship the "intelligentsia" of Europe were prepared by the second half of the eighteenth century for the advent of Illuminism; The Secret Society called the Illuminati.

Illuminati: What does that name mean to you? Most people answer that question with a blank stare, a total lack of comprehension. Regardless of how various people may respond to that question, there is one fact of which we may be assured: The Order of the Illuminati was founded on May 1st, 1776, by Dr. Adam Weishaupt, Professor of Canon Law at the University of Ingolstadt, Bavaria. Weishaupt {born a Jew and a convert to Roman Catholicism} was a former Jesuit priest who broke with that Order to form his own organization.

He was a man of unusual talent and ability. After giving up the priesthood for which he had prepared, he studied law and became a Professor of Law in one of Germany's leading universities. He began dabbling in occultism and Satanism and finally turned against the Bible, became a bitter enemy of Christianity and dedicated himself completely and unreservedly to the Devil, who gave him great illumination and supernatural evil powers. This evil supernatural power and illumination has been passed with unbroken continuity down through succeeding generations and organizations to the conspiratorial elitists who have captured our government, our people, our country, and everything in it.

"Our Motto is power and hypocrisy. Violence must be the principle, hypocrisy and cunning the rule. We must not hesitate at bribery, fraud, and treason when these can help us to reach our objective. By the severity of our doctrines, we shall triumph and shall enslave all governments under our super government. To control public opinion it is necessary to perplex people by the expression of numerous contradictory opinions until they get lost in the labyrinth, and come to understand that it is best to have no opinions on political questions. Land or Property owners are harmful to us because they can be independent in their resources of life. For this reason, we must deprive them of their land at all cost.

We have misled, corrupted, fooled, and demoralized the youth by education along principles and theories known by us to be false but which we ourselves have inspired. In countries so‑called advance, we have created insane, dirty and disgusting literature. We must extract the very conception of God from the minds of the Christians. We must destroy all professions of faith. We will destroy family life. We will also distract them by various kinds of amusements, games, pastimes, passions, public houses." [43]

All members took an oath to bind themselves to perpetual silence and unshaken loyalty and submission to the order. In this oath they completely surrendered their individual, private judgment, will, and personal talents, powers, influence, and ability to the control and common good of the organization and to the attainment of its objectives. Any disobedience or exercise of personal freedom to act or think or speak independent of the mind or will of the group inevitably meant the sudden death or mysterious disappearance of that unfortunate member.

Only the bold, daring, ruthless members who were willing to sacrifice personal religious and political convictions, all individualism and patriotism, and every traditional concept of right and wrong, and give themselves fully and completely to the superior, intellectual illumination of Lucifer, ever rose to the highest offices.

The Illuminati always has, through infiltration, subversion, strategy, and deliberate falsehood, monopolized and controlled the writing, publication reviewing, and distribution of literature, including textbooks in schools, colleges, and universities. They also control the news media and practically every part of the entertainment world. These evil conspirators from the very beginning have said, "Land and Property owners are very harmful to our program because they are independent and hard to conquer. We must, therefore, work unceasingly to deprive people of their homes and land at all costs."

This explains the numerous deceptive, treasonable land use bills. In 10 years, the evil conspiracy infiltrated and threatened the entire Germany economy. The brave, heroic, Christian patriots discovered, unmasked and forced the conspirators to flee the country. Some went underground and many fled to France where they subtly and treasonably infiltrated the entire economy of France, used every diabolical means to destroy Christianity, marriage, family, home, and everything pure and good. They took pornography and immorality and atheism, one‑worldism, and sexual filth into the schools just as they are doing in the United States now. On every hand, there was rape, murder, pillage, devastation, brutality, and terrorism just like they are currently bringing to America.

They planned, caused and financed the French Revolution. blood ran in the streets as 1,500,000 of the best and noblest citizens of France were beheaded. Remember, these evil Satan‑directed conspirators did identically the same in Russia, China, Cuba, Cambodia, and in 45 other countries and that the United States has been taken over, concentration camps, torture cells, and gas chambers built, and nearly 100,000,000 names fed into the computers; and that it is time to pray and work.

Many otherwise educated people have assumed that just because the Illuminati is no longer an openly acknowledged organization called, say, "The Council on Illuminati Affairs" or "Illuminist International" that it, or more correctly the Satanically‑inspired philosophy behind it, is no longer a threat to Western Civilization. Such an assumption would be naive in the extreme.

It would be equally naive and foolish to assume that the great apostate religious movement started under Satan's direction by Simon Mangus in 33 A.D. has somehow "folded up its tent and crept away into the night." No way. On the contrary, we should expect to find Simon's operation very much to the fore in our society of today which is so obviously deceived ‑ and so clearly under the direction of Satan.[44] It should go without saying that the latter‑day manifestation of Satan's Simonian church wouldn't peddle its deceitful wares under the banner of, say, "Simon's Spiritual Seduction Society," "The Foursquare Church of the Babylonian Mysteries" or "Satan's Church of Baptized Paganism." Such names wouldn't lead too many people to believe that such groups were truly Christian in origin.

As many Bible students have recognized for hundreds of years, this church is unmistakably identified in the 17th chapter of Revelation as the great church {the Bible calls it the Great Whore} which has spawned numerous "daughters" {offspring} and which has; "...the inhabitants of the earth {spiritually} drunk with the wine of her {spiritual} fornication." Notice that this powerful, world‑wide organization has deceived and corrupted all nations. A deceived person doesn't know that he is deceived: if he was aware of the true facts he wouldn't be deceived. A Deceived person is totally sincere, but Sincerely Wrong.

There is evidence now extant that proves that the Simonian forces have joined the Illuminist {at the highest level} in an unholy alliance to achieve their mutual goal ‑ total world conquest. [45] It is important that we clarify the real meaning to the name of Weishaupt's Secret Society ‑ The Illuminati. This is very significant. The name implies that those individuals who are members of the Illuminati are the only members of the human race who are truly enlightened and know "what it's all about."

Weishaupt and his followers considered themselves to be the cream of the intelligentsia ‑ the only people with the mental capacity, the knowledge, the insight and understanding necessary to govern the world and bring it peace. Their avowed purpose and goal was the establishment of a "Novus Ordo Seclorum" ‑ a New World Order, or One World Government. The name Illuminati is derived from the word Lucifer, which means Bearer of the Light or a being of extraordinary brilliance.[46] Note the direct parallel between the presumptuous, totally vain and egotistical attitude of Weishaupt and his followers and the attitude displayed by Satan when he, and the angels under his control, tried to take over the universe from their Creator ‑ Almighty God and the Lord Jesus Christ. Illuminism is clearly Satanism in one of its latter‑day manifestations: their goals are virtually identical. In fact, Satan was the first Illuminist. Public attention was first drawn to the existence of the Illuminati and their diabolical plan for world conquest as the result of a bizarre accident in 1785. History records that a courier for the Illuminati, named Lanze, was racing on horseback from Frankfurt to Paris carrying documents relating to Illuminati activities in general, and specific instructions for the planned French Revolution in particular.

The documents originated with Jewish members of the Illuminati in Germany and were addressed to the Grand Master of the Grand Orient Masons in Paris. As the courier galloped through Ratisbon {Regensberg} he was struck by lightning and killed. All of the papers he was carrying fell into the hands of the local police who turned them over to the Bavarian Government. The authorities ordered the police to raid the headquarters of the Illuminati and this resulted in additional documents being captured: these revealed that the Conspirators had world‑wide aims. All of the carefully documented evidence was brought to the attention of the governments of Britain, Germany, Austria, France, Poland and Russia. But for one reason or another, possibly inside Illuminati influence, they chose to turn a deaf ear to the warnings contained in these dreadful documents. Four years later the French Revolution exploded on the European scene in all of its hideous fury.

Sir Walter Scott, in the second volume of his "The Life of Napoleon," points out that the events leading up to the French Revolution were all created by the Money Barons ‑ the Illuminati ‑ whose agents then led the mob in creating the famous Reign of Terror. For more detailed information on the causes behind the French Revolution, one should consult the book of that name by Nesta Webster. Commander William Guy Carr's book, "Pawns in the Game," gives the facts regarding this important period of history in digest form.

The first real "break," as far as inside information on the Illuminati is concerned, came when these "great intellectuals" were foolish enough to invite Professor John Robison to join their ranks. Robison, Professor of Natural Philosophy at Edinburgh University, was Secretary General of the prestigious Royal Society in that Scottish city: he was recognized by his contemporaries {and especially by Adam Weishaupt} as one of the truly great intellectuals of his day. In inviting Robison to join his conspirators, Weishaupt probably felt that the British professor would prove to be his "ace in the hole" in expanding his organization in the British Isles.

Weishaupt completely misjudged Robison's character. Instead of finding a person with billowing vanity, tremendous esteem and an insatiable lust for power, he discovered a man of great integrity ‑ a man deeply concerned for the welfare of his fellow human beings and for his own country in particular. Robison was a man who couldn't be "bought." Robison didn't fall for the lie that the goals of the Illuminati were pure and honorable. He kept his reactions to himself, however, and played along with the conspirators. Subsequently he was entrusted with top secret Illuminati documents and was able to scrutinize the inner workings of the Secret Society at close range. As a result Professor Robison wrote a startling book entitled, "Proofs of a Conspiracy," which was published in 1797.

All of what is currently known about the early Illuminati comes from Robison's book and one written by the Abbe Barruel in 1798 entitled "Memoirs Illustrating the History of Jacobinism." Both books, although the authors were unknown to each other, give us a very clear‑cut picture of the organiza­tion. Both books quote extensively from The Original Writings of the Order and Sect of the Illuminati, an official report of the Bavarian government issued in 1786 following a lengthy investigation.

The following facts emerge: "Adam Weishaupt was born on the 6th of February, 1748. His early training by the Jesuits had inspired him with an intense dislike of that Order. When he broke with the Jesuits he immersed himself in the subversive and anti‑Christian teachings of the French philosophers and other writers who appealed to his innate sense of superiority.

The next five years were devoted to meditation, during which time he devised a plan to overthrow civilization and establish what he termed, a 'Novus Ordo Seclorum' ‑ a New World Order. He constructed the actual machinery for revolution itself. On the first of May, 1776, Weishaupt founded the secret society of the Illuminati, the instrument by which he planned to accomplish his goal. All of the members were required to adopt classical names. Weishaupt took the name Spartacus, the leader of an insurrection of slaves in ancient Rome; his chief assistant, Herr von Zwack, counselor to the Prince von Salm, became Cato; Baron Mengenhoffen, Sylla, etc.

The Encyclopedia Britannica, 11th edition, 1910, tells us that the Order was divided into three main classes: the first included 'novices,' 'minervals' and 'lesser Illuminati;' the second consisting of Freemasons, 'ordinary' and 'Scottish Knights;' 'the third of 'mystery' class comprised of two grades of 'priest' and 'regent' and of 'magus' and 'king.' The 'king,' of course, was Weishaupt himself. The initiates who made up the outer rings were told that the great purpose of the Illuminati was 'to make of the human race, without any distinction of nation, condition, or profession, one good and happy family.'"

All initiates were required to take an oath to bind themselves; " perpetual silence and unshakable loyalty and submission to the Order, in the persons of my superiors: here making a faithful and complete surrender of my private judgment, my own will, and every narrow‑minded employment of my own power and influence. I pledge myself to account the good of the Order as my own and am ready to serve it with my fortune, my honor, and my blood...The friends and enemies of the Order shall be my friends and enemies; and with respect to both I will conduct myself as directed by the Order...{and} devote myself to its increase and promotion, and therein to employ all my ability...without secret reservation." [47]

By way of warning as to the consequences of betraying the Order, the initiate took part in a ceremony during which he was warned; "If you are only a traitor and perjurer learn that all our brothers are called upon to arm themselves against you. Do not hope to escape or to find a place of safety. Wherever you are, shame, remorse, and the rage of our brothers will pursue you and torment you to the innermost recesses of your entrails." [48]

By the time the member had reached the "inner circle" his oath of absolute secrecy and unquestioning obedience had become deadly serious. Only at this stage was he allowed to finally see the ultimate aims of the Order:

1). Banish God from the heavens and Christianity from the earth.

2). Allow no private ownership of property or business.

3). Abolish marriage, family and home. Encourage sexual promiscuity, homosexuality, adultery, and fornication.

4). Completely destroy the sovereignty of all nations and every feeling or expression of patriotism.

5). Establish a one‑world government through which the Luciferian Illuminati elite can rule the world. All other objectives are secondary to this one supreme purpose.

6). Take the education of children completely away from the parents. Cunningly and subtly lead the people into thinking that compulsory school attendance laws are absolutely necessary to prevent illiteracy and to prepare children for better positions and life's responsibilities. Then after the children are forced to attend the schools get control of normal schools and teacher's colleges and also the writing and selection of all text books. Take all prayer and Bible instruction out of the schools and introduce pornography, vulgarity, and courses in sex. If we can make one generation of any nation immoral and sexy, we can take that nation.

7). Completely destroy every thought of patriotism, national sovereignty, individualism, and a private competitive enterprise system.

8). Teach that all Christianity is an evidence of insanity and have Christians either liquidated or committed to mental institutions.

9). Circulate vulgar, pornographic literature and pictures and encourage the unrestricted sale and general use of alcoholic beverage, and drugs to weaken and corrupt the youth.

10). Foment, precipitate and finance large scale wars to emasculate and bankrupt the nations and thereby force them into a one‑world government.

11). Secretly infiltrate and control colleges, universities, labor unions, political parties, churches, patriotic organizations, and governments. These are direct quotes from their own writings [49].

12). The creation of a World Government.

Naturally, most members were never allowed to see the real goals of the Order. They were assured that the sole purpose for the society was to assure "the happiness of the human race." Weishaupt had a subtle but clear‑cut plan to destroy religion: "I have contrived an explanation which has every advantage; is inviting to Christians of every communion; gradually frees them from all religious prejudices; cultivates the social virtues; and animates them by a great, a feasible, a speedy prospect of universal happiness, in a state of liberty and moral equality, freed from the obstacles which subordination, rank, and riches continually throw in our way. My explanation is accurate, and complete, my means are effectual and irresistible. Our secret association works in a way that nothing can withstand, and man shall soon be free and happy." [50]

This plan proved extremely successful not only with the novices, but with men of all ranks and ages: "The most admirable thing of all," wrote Weishaupt to Cato, "is that great Protestant and reformed theologians {Lutherans and Calvinists} who belong to our Order really believe they see in it the true and genuine mind of the Christian religion. Oh man, what can not you be brought to believe?" [51]

Weishaupt was a master criminal of the type that appears at rare intervals in world history, who alone can aspire to attaining mastery over the world by utter ruthlessness. He undertook to be all things to all men, and women, and promised everyone fulfillment of his or her hopes and desires, no matter how contradictory. Weishaupt was the prince of confidence men.

He demanded blind obedience to the "party line" as dictated by himself. Lies, contradictions and deceit were the order of the day. He had no scruples about saying that he sought to lure dupes into his organiza­tion. He wrote: "These people swell our numbers and fill our treasury; get busy and make these people nibble at our bait...but do not tell them our secrets {they were not to be admitted to the 'secret degrees' and knowledge of the conspiracy to enslave them, the true purpose of the Order}. They must be made to believe that the low degree that they have reached is the highest."

The Protestant princes and rulers of Germany and Europe were pleased with Weishaupt's plan to destroy the Catholic Church, and they sought to join the Order. These men brought with them control of the Masonic Order, into which they initiated Weishaupt and his co‑conspirators in 1777. To prevent the rulers from realizing the true purpose of the Illuminati, Weishaupt limited them to the lower degrees.

On the 16th of July, 1782, at the Congress of Wilhelmsbad, an alliance between Illuminism and Freemasonry was finally sealed. This pact joined together all the leading secret societies of the day and united "not less than three million members all over the world."

The actual affect of this merger on the subsequent history of the world has never been appreciated by historians. "What passed at this terrible Congress will never be known to the outside world, for even those men who had been drawn unwittingly into the movement, and now heard for the first time the real designs of the leaders, were under oath to reveal nothing. One honest Freemason, the Comte de Virieu,...when questioned on the 'tragic secrets' he had brought back with him, replied: 'I will not confide them to you. I can only tell you that all this is very much more serious than you think. The conspiracy which has been woven is so well thought out that it will be, so to speak, impossible for the Monarchy and the Church to escape from it.' From that time on, says his biographer, M. Costa de Beauregard, 'the Comte de Virieu could only speak of Freemasonry with horror.'" [52]

During the next few years there was a strong movement which brought about the emancipation of the Jews in Europe. Prior to that time Jews had been barred from joining the Masonic Order: that ban was lifted. It was decided to move the headquarters of the illuminized Freemasonry to Frankfurt, which was the stronghold of Jewish finance. The Order expanded rapidly but was soon troubled by dissension. One of Weishaupt's henchmen, Krigge, who held the post of director of the provinces, attempted to usurp some of his boss' "glory" and was relieved of his position. Consequently, he left the Order. People became intensely interested in the activities of the Illuminati as a result of information leaking out regarding their diabolical plans.

In 1785, four more leading members of the Illuminati left the Society and testified before a Court of Inquiry called by the Elector of Bavaria. Their startling evidence removed all doubt regarding the Satanic nature of Illuminism. On the 11th of October, 1785, the Bavarian authorities raided Zwack's house and discovered a mountainous array of Illuminati documents which showed quite clearly that they planned to bring about a; "...universal revolution that should deal the death‑blow to society...this revolution will be the work of the secret societies, and that is one of our great mysteries."

The dreadful danger posed by the Illuminati became clear to the Bavarian Government. They decided to let the documents speak for themselves by having them published and circulated as widely as possible. This official document was entitled Original Writings of the Order and Sect of the Illuminati. The governments of Europe ignored the warning contained in it. Shortly afterwards, Zwack left the country and Weishaupt, with a price on his head, took refuge with one of his royal adepts, the Duke of Saxe‑Gotha. This apparent breakup of the Order served well the cause of the conspirators, who now got busy circulating the news that Illuminism was a thing of the past. This lie has been perpetuated ever since by "historians" anxious to cover the truth about the Illuminati's subsequent activities. It now became more important than ever that the names "Illuminati" or "Illuminism" be removed from public use. As the instructions for the degree of Regent put it:  "The great strength of our Order lies in its concealment: never let it appear in any place in its own name, but always covered by another name, and another occupation." [53]

We will now see how exact­ly these in­struc­tions have been carried out. The Order of the Illuminati started when the American Revolu­tion was already under way, and ther­efore played no significant part in it. However, before the Colonies were united, the Constitution adopted, and our Republic established, fifteen lodges of the Order of the Illuminati were formed in the thirteen Colonies.

The Columbian Lodge of the Order of the Illuminati was established in New York City in 1785: members included Governor DeWitt Clinton, and later Clinton Roosevelt, Charles Dana and Horace Greeley. The following year a lodge was established in Virginia. Many strong warnings were issued about the activities of the Illuminati in America. On July 19th, 1798, David Pappen, President of Harvard University, issued a strong warning to the graduating class and lectured them on the influence Illuminism was having on the American scene.

President Timothy Dwight of Yale University issued a similar warning. Also, in 1798, George Washington sent a letter to a G.W. Snyder in which he stated: "It is not my intention to doubt that the doctrine of the Illuminati and the principles of Jacobinism, had not spread in the United States. On the contrary, no one is more satisfied of this fact that I am. The idea I meant to convey was that I did not believe the Lodges of Freemasons in this country had, as societies, endeavored to propagate the diabolical tenets. That individuals of them may have done it, or that the founder or instruments employed to found the democratic societies in the United States may have had this object, and actually had a separation of the people from their government in view, is too evident to be ques­tioned." [54]

The fact that George Washington was gravely concerned about the threat posed to the United States by the Illuminati is amply demonstrated in his famous Farewell Address, delivered September 17, 1796. This document ranks second only to the Constitution in national importance. He expressed his heartfelt wish that; "...heaven may continue to give you the choicest tokens of its beneficence" and..."that the free constitution which is the work of your hands may be sacredly maintained: That its administration in every department may be stamped with wisdom and virtue." He then declared "the apprehension of danger" that prompted him to "offer to your solemn contemplation, and to recommend to your frequent review, some sentiments which are the result of much reflection, of no inconsiderable observation, and which appear to me all‑important to the permanency of your felicity as a people...But as it is easy to foresee that from different causes, and from different quarters, much pain will be taken, many artifices employed, to weaken in your minds the conviction of this truth: as this is the point in your political fortress against which the batteries of internal and external enemies will be most constantly and actively {through often covertly and insidiously} directed, it is of infinite moment that you should properly estimate the immense value of your national union to your collective and individual happiness...

All obstructions to the executions of the laws, all combinations and associations, under whatever plausible character, with the real design to direct, control, counteract, or awe the regular deliberation and action of the constituted authorities, are destructive of this fundamental principle, and of fatal tendency.' Such 'combinations and associa­tions...are likely in the course of time and things, to become potent engines by which cunning, ambitious, and unprincipled men will be enabled to subvert the power of the people and to usurp for themselves the reins of government: destroying afterwards the very engines which have lifted them to unjust dominion...One method of assault may be to effect in the forms of the constitution alterations which will impair the energy of the system, and thus to undermine what cannot be directly overthrown...The jealousy of a free people ought to be constantly awake, since history and experience prove that foreign influence is one of the most baneful foes of Republican government.

The great rule of conduct for us in regard to foreign nations is, in extending our commercial relations, to have with them as little political connection as possible. So far as we have already formed engagements, let them be fulfilled, with perfect good faith. Here let us stop...Why forego the advantages of so peculiar a situation? Why quit our own to stand upon foreign ground? Why, by interweaving our destiny with that of any part of Europe, entangle our peace and prosperity in the toils of European ambition, rivalship, interest, humor or caprice? It is our true policy to steer clear of permanent alliance with any portion of the foreign world...'

For one hundred and twenty years this document formed the basis of our foreign policy; as a result we prospered as no other nation in history. One year later, Professor John Robison published his famous 'Proofs of a conspiracy' in which he warned the world of Illuminati infiltration of Masonic Lodges.

In 1796, John Adams, who had been instrumental in organizing Masonic Lodges in New England decided to oppose Thomas Jefferson in his bid for the presidency. He made a major issue of the fact that Jefferson ‑‑ who had been minister to France, 1785‑1789, and was frankly sympathetic to the Illuminist‑ fomented Reign of Terror ‑ was using Masonic Lodges for subversive purposes. John Quincy Adams wrote three letter to Colonel William L. Stone giving details of the charges. The information contained in these letters is credited with winning John Adams {his father} the presidency. The existence of these letters was first brought to the public's attention by Commander William Guy Carr in his book 'Pawns in the Game.' Until recently they were in the Rittenburg Square Library in Philadelphia. They have now mysteriously vanished.

In 1826, William Morgan decided it was his duty to inform his fellow Masons and the American public regarding the Illuminati and their secret plans. Morgan, 'who had passed through all the degrees of Masonry and held a very high position in the Order,' began to write a book on the subject. He arranged with a printer in Batavia to have it published. He 'was engaged in completing it when he was arrested on a false charge of larceny...His house was searched, and his manuscripts were seized and destroyed.' A couple of days later he was released from jail 'by the interference of some of the conspirators' and kidnaped while on his way home. At a meeting a few days later Morgan was sentenced to die as a traitor. Five men were selected to carry out the sentence. They were, according to one eye witness, 'all men of correct habits and good character, and all, I doubt not, were moved by an enthusiastic but most misguided sense of duty.' They loaded Morgan into a boat and when they had rowed out into Lake Ontario they 'wound a rope around him, attaching to each end of it a heavy weight, and threw him overboard...' The body of Morgan was found a year afterwards...None of the murderers were ever brought to justice." [55]

As a result of the public scandal that followed the murder of William Morgan, the Masonic movement in the United States suffered a server setback. Nearly 40 percent of the members belonging to the Northern Jurisdiction seceded. It is interesting to note in passing that mention of this very important historical event has been deleted from the "history" books.

As we shall see, such deletions are not "accidental." It is difficult, if not impossible, to uncover a clear picture of Illuminati activities in the early part of the last century. To trace their activities further, it becomes essential that we look for prominent individuals and groups who adhere to the Satanic tenets of Illuminism. It is "by their fruits" that we will know them. They will all be working towards the attainment of the goal of the Illuminati, the destruction of national sovereignty and the establishment of a One‑World Government, a "Novus Ordo Seclorum."

In 1829, American Illuminsts sponsored a series of lectures in New York by English Illuminist Frances "Fanny" Wright. She advocated the entire Weishauptian program of her auxiliary of the Order of the Illuminati including Communism made more palatable by the label of "equal opportunity and equal rights," atheism, emancipation of women and free love.

Those present were informed that the Illuminati intended to unite the Nihilist and Atheist groups with all other subversive organizations into an international organization to be known as Communism. This new destructive force was to be used by the Illuminati to foment future wars and revolutions.

Clinton Roosevelt

Clinton Roosevelt {a direct ancestor of FDR}, Charles Dana and Horace Greeley were appointed a committee to raise funds for this new undertaking. Roosevelt and his group posed as the champions of the working class. They advocated "noble and worthy" causes and, at least in their early writings, pretended that they were seeking to uphold the U.S. Constitution. They declared their intention to "kick the moneylenders out of the temple" and their opposition to monopolies. All of these declared aims appealed to the moronic mentality of the "peasants." Clinton Roosevelt was so taken by his own "importance" that, in 1841, he published a book entitled "The Science of Government Founded on Natural Law." In the preface to his small book, Roosevelt leaves no doubt in the reader's mind and with regard to his superior wisdom and infallibility. He states, "A larger work would have been more imposing in appearance, but the truth is, large works and long speeches are rarely made by men of powerful thought. The giant draws up by the roots the tree, which the pigmy hacks upon the livelong day...The giant says the work is done and points him to his prostrate enemy."

He was truly an "Illuminated" one. Roosevelt's book is clearly in line with Weishaupt's instructions; "Superiors of the Order {of Illuminati} are to be regarded as the most perfect and enlightened of men; they must not even permit any doubts of their infallibility."

The title of the book is interesting also, for it adheres to Weishaupt's teachings. Weishaupt decreed that all arts, sciences and religions must be abolished and replaced by the "social(ist) science of government" as taught by himself and pronounced by him to be the only true science. Weishaupt further stated that it must be founded on "natural law."

In the Science of Government Roosevelt outlines the plans of the Illuminati for the regimentation of mankind, under the control of those who, like himself, are the "enlightened" ones. He reveals their plans to emasculate and then destroy the Constitution which he likens to a "leaky vessel" which was, "...hastily put together when we left the British flag." He declares his contempt for his Creator with the declaration; "...there is no God of justice to order things aright on earth; if there be a God, he is a malicious and revengeful being, who created us for misery."

Just how well aware the latter day Roosevelts were of plans to create such a "New World Order" is evidenced by the following passage from Roosevelt.[56] It is an account of a conversation that took place in the late 1890's: "How long do you give the government at Washington to last?' I asked (Teddy) Roosevelt and (Cabot) Lodge as we sat lunching. Those two students and writers,  and makers, of history, well versed in the causes which have led to the downfall of empires, kingdoms and Republics that have had their day and gone into the night, were both silent for a moment; then one of them said: 'About fifty years.' Which of the two set this limit, I do not recall; I remember only that the other did not contradict him."

In 1830, Adam Weishaupt died at the age of 82. In an effort to convince the world that Illuminism was dead and so no longer a threat, he staged an impressive death‑bed "repentance" and rejoined the Catholic Church.

Illuminati ‑ Goals

As the United States grew in wealth and numbers, we began to turn against God the Father and His Son Jesus Christ. God has built into our system on planet Earth what is termed "cause and effect." Leviticus 26 and Deuteronomy 28 relates the principle that Obedience to God's Law produces good. Disobedience to God's Law produces the opposite effect ‑ evil. [57]: "See, I have set before thee this day life and good, and death and evil; In that I command thee this day to love the Lord thy God; to walk in his ways, and to keep His Commandments and His Statutes and His Judgements, that thou mayest live...and the Lord thy God shall bless thee...But if thine heart turn away...I denounce unto you this day, that ye shall surely perish...I call heaven and earth to record this day against you, that I (Jesus Christ ‑ [58]) have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing: therefore choose life, that both thou and thy seed may live..."

Hosea prophesied concerning our day ‑ the Twentieth Century. Notice this horrifying prediction and WHY it was spoken! [59] "My people {Israel} are destroyed {cut off} for the lack of knowledge: Because thou has rejected knowledge, I will also Reject Thee, that thou shalt be no priest to me: seeing thou hast forgotten the Law of thy God, I will also Forget Thy Children. As they were increased, so they sinned against me: therefore will I change their glory into shame."

The ultimate aims of the Order of the Illuminati were/are:

   1). Abolition of all ordered government;

   2). Abolition of private property;

   3). Abolition of inheritance;

   4). Abolition of patriotism;

   5). Abolition of all Religion;

   6). Abolition of the family {marriage morality and the proper education of children};

   7). The creation of World Government.

The leaders of the Illuminati realized from the beginning that if they were to succeed in their plan to conquer and rule the world, they had to gain control of the schools, colleges and universities. They also recognized the need to infiltrate and strongly influence newspapers, magazines and publishing houses. The United States, Britain {which has been under their control for many years} and other nations with a tradition of liberty and freedom were zeroed in on for special "treatment" in this regard!

As Lady Queenborough wrote in 1921: "A mind that is positive cannot be controlled. For the purpose of occult dominion, minds must therefore be rendered passive and negative in order that control may be achieved. Minds consciously working to a definite end are a power for good or for evil." [60]

Some years ago the President of a small independent college stated that at the turn of the century the "educational system jumped the tracks of sanity and went careening off into the wilderness...{and since then the educators have been funneling poison} into the plastic, unsuspecting minds" of those entrusted to their care. Those statements are absolutely right except for one vitally important point: Education didn't "jump the tracks"; it was deliberately derailed.

The Carnegie Endowment For International Peace Scenario

"Norman Dodd was Director of Research for the Reece Committee's investigation into tax exempt foundations of which the Carnegie Endowment is one. Parts of a speech given by Dodd in Washington, D.C., October 14, 1976, are reproduced in The Freeman Digest of May 1978, p. 9‑11. As part of his investigation, Dodd had received access to the minute books of the Carnegie Endowment. Those books revealed that from 1908 until 1909 the trustees of the corporation debated what would be the most effective way of changing the lifestyle of the entire nation. Their conclusion was that war would be the most effective.

Their next question was how to involve the United States in a war so their process of change could begin. Their answer was, 'We must control the diplomatic machinery of the United States.' Their next question was how to accomplish this. Their answer was, 'We must control the State Department.' That was in 1909.

With the entrance of the United States into World War I, the trustees {of the Carnegie Endowment Foundation} sent a telegram to President Wilson urging him not to end the war too quickly. They could see the alteration to our national life being magnified by our participa­tion in the conflict. When the war was over, the trustees {of the Carnegie Endowment Foundation} confronted a new problem: how to prevent life in the United States from reverting back to what it was prior to 1914. Their conclusion was that they 'must control education in the United States.' According to the Carnegie minute books as quoted by Dodd, the trustees divided the task between themselves and the Rockefeller Foundation. The Rockefeller Foundation would alter education pertaining to domestic subjects and the Carnegie Endowment would alter education bearing on International Relations.

Together they decided that the teaching of American history must be revised. To do this, young aspirants were taken to London at the expense of the Guggenheim Foundation, which specialized in awarding fellowships, and there they were groomed in what was expected of them.

When they returned, they became the New Force in the American Historical Society. 'This coincides with the appearance {which perhaps you will remember} of book after book, the contents of which cast aspersion on the Founders of this country, cast aspersion on the ideas which prompted the founding of this country and relegates them to the realm of myth.'[61] As America entered the decade of the '30's the Commission of Social Studies of the American Historical Society issued the Conclusions and Recommendations {1934} report, funded by the Carnegie Corporation. Excerpts of this report can be found in Rene' A. Wormser's Foundations, p. 146‑148. The report states {even though it was NOT true} that 'the age of individualism and Laissez Faire in economy and governments is closing and that a new age of collectivism is emerging.' It goes on to say that this collectivism is one of 'integration and interdepen­ which individual economic actions and individual property rights will be altered and abridged.' In their recommendations they call on teachers to free themselves from traditional academic pursuits and convert schools into agencies to create a New Society. The school boards were 'to support a school program...marked by transition to some form of socialized economy." [62]

Professor Harold J. Laski, philosopher of British Socialism, in his testimony to the Reece Committee, said of the Commission's report:  "At bottom, and stripped of its carefully neutral phrases, the report is an educational program for a Socialist America." [63]

On April 24, 1920, the joint Legislative Committee Investigating Seditious Activities filed in the Senate of the State of New York a four‑volume report known as the "Lusk Report." The general introduction of Volume I states: "...Those representing the Socialist point of view are the Socialist Party of America, the Communist Party of America, the Communist Labor Party, and the Socialist Labor Party...A study of their platforms and official pronouncements show they do not differ fundamentally in their objectives. These objectives are: the establishment of a co‑operative common wealth in place of the present {Republican} form of government in the United States; the overthrow of what they are pleased to call the Capitalist system, namely, the present system under which we live, and the substitution in its place of collective ownership, and the management of the means of production and distribution by the working class.'"

Socialism via Legislation

Centralization of power in Washington is a prime Communist/Socialist objective. If the Socialist/Communists can destroy the States {States rights completely} as effective units of government and centralize all power in Washington, they have only one battle to win. Let's examine the Tenth Amendment to the United States Constitution. It states; "...the powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution...are reserved to the States respectively or to the people."  Nowhere in the Constitution does it give the Federal Government any power or control over education, health, welfare, labor, dams and public power projects, agriculture, unemployment or housing.

According to the Constitution, the regulation of all these areas is to remain within the jurisdiction of the states or the people. Remember the predictions of both Socialists and Communists that they would pass legislation to Socialize America Without us Knowing how it happened? When Federal funds are used to support education, health, welfare, labor, dams, public power projects, agriculture, unemployment and housing, etc., the Federal Government uses control over these areas to varying degrees. Notice why the Liberals-Socialists-Communist-Jewish Zionists-Illuminati want the Federal Government to subsidize every area of government; the U.S. Supreme Court, in the case of Wickard vs. Filburn, 1942, included the following statement as part of its decision: "It is hardly a lack of due process for Government to regulate that which it subsidizes."

Each new Federal Law passed by Congress which invades the rights of the individual States further strengthens the control the government exercises over its citizens. To control education, there must be trained personnel to administer the program.

What is A Change Agent?

A change agent is a person, organization, or institution that changes or helps to change the beliefs, values, attitudes or behavior of people without their knowledge or consent. The purpose of most of the activity that takes place in public, and often in private and church schools, is not to change the child by developing his intellect, teaching him skills and a traditional body of knowledge. Rather, the purpose is to eliminate existing traditional beliefs, values, attitudes and behavior and to replace them with new beliefs and behavior that will render the child susceptible to manipulation, coercion, control and corruption for the rest of his life. It should also be kept in mind that the term "change agent" is the creation of the government and education establishment.

Humanism: depth of the Problem

Public schools? They don't exist. "Public" implies belonging to or controlled by the people. Schools are thought to be places where children study and learn "the wisdom of the ages" and are exposed to civilizing influences. Public Schools don't fit that description! If "public schools" are not controlled by the people in a community, and if "public schools" are not primarily places of academic education, then what are they and who controls them?

Who controls them? The Government, directly or indirectly, at the state and/or federal level controls the direction and content of local "public schools" through control and disbursement of funds given out for curriculum development, teacher training, materials, research, etc.  Because of the Wickard vs. Filburn, 1942, Supreme Court decision, local school systems are mere administrative agencies of state and/or federal governments, and local boards of education are merely window dressing. Therefore, it would be more accurate to call such places "Government Schools;" or to be even more accurate, they would be better called "Government centers of indoctrination." And what are they, if they are not places of academic learning? They are places where: "...the concept of learning a particular amount of content as a preparation for life is obsolete, and must be abandoned." [64]

If, "...learning a particular amount of content as a preparation for life is obsolete..." then what are schools doing with children between 9:OO A.M. and 3:00 P.M., 5 days a week, for the better part of the year? Here is the answer: "...The goal of education is the facilitation of change..." [65] So, what are government schools? They are administrative government agencies that exist to promote change. What kinds of change? Social Change, Political Change, Economic Change, Cultural Change, Religious Change, Change in our form of government.

Total Change. But specifically, change from what to what? Change from a Christian, sovereign nation to a Humanist Socialist/Jewish Interdependent Nation-State in a Dictatorship Euphemistically called a "Global Community," with "World Citizens" content with enslavement. In particular, government schools are striving to destroy the status, structure and stability of the family, just like Adam Weishaupt laid down in 1776 for the Illuminati. Strong families make a strong nation and they must be eliminated if the proposed dictatorship is to be established and maintained.

Look at your family and the families you know. How stable are they? The breakdown you see is not "just happening;" the chaos is planned. Public schools? They don't exist. But there are government schools. The incredible hoax and ultimate tragedy ‑‑ government schools that serve as change agents for the destruction of Christian Western civilization and to establish instead, a Humanist­-Communistic-Socialist-Jewish "New World Order."

Socialism and Humanism

Let's make sure we understand what is meant by Socialism and Humanism. Under political Socialism, there is collective or government ownership and control of all production and distribution of goods and property. There is also corporate Socialism, which to a great degree, exists in the United States. Humanism is more difficult to define, primarily because the word has been so misused. Basically, there are two types: humanism with a small "h" and Humanism with a capital "H." Humanism with a small "h" is manifested in "humane" behavior toward animals and in common everyday behavior between people. This "humane humanism" is a civilizing quality that stabilizes society and could just as easily be called "the golden rule." Then there is Humanism with a capital "H," and it is this Humanism that is promoted in the government schools {and all too often in private and church schools} and to which our country has already been converted to a great degree. This Humanism is a religious philosophy with "articles of faith" expressed in the Humanist Manifesto.[66]

Humanism as a Religion

That Humanism is a religion has been recognized in the courts as well as by Humanists. The reference often cited is found in the courts and Humanists. The reference often cited is found in the case of Torcaso v. Watkins 367 U.S. Reports, p. 495 footnote 11: "Among religions in this country which do not teach what would generally be considered a belief in the existence of God are Buddhism, Taoism, Ethical Culture, Secular Humanism and others." [67]

In the Washington Ethical Society case, the Society wanted the building in which it held meetings, to qualify for tax exemption, and contended that a belief in a Supreme Being is not essential to qualify for tax exemption given to a church or religious corporation or religious society. The court held that the petitioner qualified as a religious corporation or society.

In the March, 1978, Education Leadership, James K. Uphoff cited a "narrow" definition of religion which centers around belief in and worship of a deity. He also gave a "broad" definition of religion which: "...envisions religion as any faith or set of values to which an individual or group gives ultimate loyalty... Ethical Culture, secularism, humanism, scientism...illustrate this concept of religion." [68] The author went on to admit that the broad definition: "...applies to all of us...we educators have placed our faith in the critical thinking process as a means of improving our world, {and} we may have adopted it as a religious value..."  He continued: "My own faith in the value of and need for rationality makes me become a missionary and undertake the task with great zeal."

Humanists in the schools are a dedicated lot who do indeed display as much, if not more zeal in the promotion of Humanism than do Christian missionaries in promoting Christianity. Educator Harold C. Lyon described a course he gave in "effective education" which he claimed resulted in his students functioning as missionaries. He said: "The intangible product of the course is fifteen humanistically enlightened individuals who are now either teaching their own humanistically oriented classes or working as missionaries to influence others to deal with feelings in the classroom and in curriculum development." [69]

Humanists are just as protective of their religion as are Christians, if not more so. In the Winter, 1970, issue of Religious Humanism, the author of an article in another magazine was chastised for calling Humanism a "false religion." Exception was taken to the charge with the exhortation, "Faithful humanists are challenged by these assaults to speak and write in defense of the Humanist Faith." [70]

Humanistic Education

Schools are said to be promoting "humanistic education" or to be developing "humane" qualities, or other benevolent sounding conditions that bear the prefix "human." To most people, "humanistic education" means schools are exerting a civilizing influence on children. Schools may very well be promoting "humane" qualities {in the traditional meaning of the word "humane"} and concern for others, but we should be aware that "humanistic education" is not what it appears. There are those who would argue that "H(h)umanistic education" means nothing more than the study of the great classics. But such is NOT the case, according to William Russell, Program Officer for the federally funded National Endowment for the Humanities.

In August, 1975, he clarified the matter: "An initial clarification to make is that the term 'humanistic' is not the objective form of the noun 'humanities': Humanistic education does not mean education in the humanities disciplines." [71] Another admission that Humanistic education is not "education in the humanities disciplines" appeared in To Nurture Humaneness: " is not enough that we simply teach the humanities. Instruction in English, social studies, art, music, and drama is not enough. Humanism and the humanities are by NO means synonymous." [72]

If we know what Humanistic education Is Not, then what is it? A good explanation was unintentionally provided by California  Assemblyman John Vasconcellos. In March, 1974, he wrote: "...humanizing education isn't easy. It's at least controversial, and at most subversive. It's subversive because attempts at truly humanizing the public schools must run smack up against the fundamental social realities...It's controversial because it necessarily raise, even challenges, the very deepest held values and assumptions about human beings...It includes the effective and the cognitive domains. It recognizes a child has a mind of his own...has feeling...has a body, physical and sexual...needing to touch and be touched..." [73]

He elaborated on self‑determination and autonomy; the need for children to look inward instead f outward and upward to God or to parents for guidance. He lauded evolution over creation. In essence them, Vasconcellos promoted the major tenets or "articles of faith" as expressed in the Humanist Manifesto as his idea of Humanistic education. What is supposed to be the benefit of such Humanistic education? According to educator Morrel J. Clute, "Humanistic schools work to free people..." [74] The obvious question is, free people from what? Educator William D. Hedges answered the question by giving a "common core of values" that society must adhere to if it is to survive. This "common core of values" projects Not Christian values, but humanist values. He explained: "...this view of humankind requires the educative process to free people to be themselves. It values autonomy and...inter­dependence. It decries...the imposition of constraints and conventions...which can retard the individual's growth." [75]

So finally, the answer to the question, "from what do Humanist schools free people?" must be, From Christian Values, From Christian Behavior and From Christian Constraints and Conventions. In a single word, then Humanist schools Free Children from Christianity! Indeed, Humanistic education is not "value‑free," and this was readily admitted by educator Harold C. Lyon:  "Humanistic education is not 'value‑free.' If it is to be in any way a personal, humanizing experience, one accepts the fact that both students and teachers have a World View or Value set through which each interprets facts..." [76]

A "world view" is very much a part of Humanist belief. But additionally, the Humanist interprets facts ‑‑ he does not accept facts because for Humanists, facts can change. There are no absolutes. Truth is relative. Truth can mean anything one wants it to mean to suit immediate needs and the situation at hand ‑‑ "situation ethics." As we move along it will become clear in many ways that Humanistic education is not "value‑free."

It can't be "value‑free" because it is not intended to develop the "cognitive" ‑‑ the learning of academic skills and information nor to develop the "affective" ‑‑ values, attitudes and behaviors.

The "Humanist Movement"

"Humanistic Education is a movement, rather than a discipline. It lacks a sound theoretical base, and there is little research to prove, disprove, or improve the efficacy of its techniques. Those of us who are presently working in the field are anxious to see it legitimized." [77]

Humanism in the schools did not "just happen." It is the result of a movement, led and promoted by John Dewey. Humanistic education did not start with John Dewey, of course, but it was he, more than anyone else who has influenced and determined the status of present day education. A more contemporary missionary of Humanism in the schools is the well known and influential educator, Arthur W. Coombs, who in 1966, defined the "Humanist movement" with a small "h": "The humanist movement finds expression in many places. Internationally it appears in the rise and independence of the underdeveloped nations, in the United Nations, the World Court, or the freedom of women..." [78]

Bear in mind the above appeared in 1966. In 1978, the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development published a report, credit for which was given to several authors, with Arthur W. Coombs named as chairperson.

The introduction to the report, obviously written by Coombs, defined the Humanist {with a capital "H"} Movement in a way that was amazingly like his 1966 definition: "The Humanist Movement came into being very largely in response to this fundamental change in human problems, such as ecology, starvation, conservation, atom bombs ...One sees the fruits of this movement in such world‑wide developments such as the decline of colonialism, the rise of the have‑not nations...the world court, the United Nations, UNESCO ...public education...equal rights legislation...women's liberation." [79]

So you can see we had small "h" humanism in 1966, and capital "H" Humanism in 1978. Is it significant or a printer's error? More than likely, it is significant. The Humanists are bolder now in all that they do. They no longer feel the great need to mislead. The time is right for them to be out in the open about what they are and what they are doing. It is of interest that the concerns of the Humanist Movement expressed by Coombs are also the concerns expressed in the Humanist Manifesto. The Humanists are fiercely determined to achieve the aims of their Movement. So determined, in fact, that Arthur Coombs was moved to declare: "...the tide of human affairs is running with us. The humanist movement is inexorable. It will not be stopped. Though habit and tradition may kick up waves of opposition from time to time, these are but surface manifestations...those great tides in human affairs...are disastrous to oppose. I believe the Humanist Movement is one of those tides and it is coming in." [80]

That was Arthur Coombs speaking in 1966. In 1978, his missionary zeal had not cooled a bit: "The Humanist Movement is not fad or frill. It is an absolute necessity for our times. If it did not exist, we would have to invent it." [81]

Clearly the Humanists are determined not to be stopped. There is a viable Humanist Movement and the schools are the primary areas for it to take hold, and in true missionary fashion, for it to flower and grow. Imagine what would happen if Christians were as determined to propagate Christianity in the schools!

But the Humanist Movement is not carried on only by Humanist Educators. Humanists are in positions of power and great influence in entertainment, the mass media, and particularly, in our legislatures. We have already seen one example ‑‑ California Assemblyman, John Vasconcellos ‑‑ an ardent champion of Humanism in education. Higher up yet, we have California Congressman, Don Edwards, who on October 23, 1973, gave a talk in which he said in part: "...I wish I was able to...tell you that the Humanist Manifesto II has been read by 535 members of Congress, by the Supreme Court, by the CIA, by the Pentagon and by all those various people at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and that further they have declared unanimously that henceforth it would be the cornerstone of American foreign and domestic policy. I wish I could say that, but I can't (sic) does not mean that this very important document is not on Capitol Hill, that it is not going to have a great deal of influence in the dialogue that will go on for many years." [82]

Perhaps the Supreme Court already considers the Humanist Manifesto the "cornerstone of American­...domestic policy," for hasn't that same Court decreed there shall be no prayer or Bible reading in the government schools? And what of the abortion decision? In fact, hasn't the Supreme Court made many decisions that are supportive of Humanist beliefs? The Humanists have been very effective with their Movement to "humanize" education. At a convention of atheists in San Francisco, Madalyn Murray O'Hare claimed the climate for atheism has changed since she won her Supreme Court decision. She exulted: "Let's face it, there is no way we could have had an atheist convention 10 years ago. Everything today is much better. Part of the reason is public education." [83]

At the same convention Mrs. O'Hare was quoted as describing Vice President Mondale as "an undercover atheist." Does she know something the public doesn't know? In any case, she's right about the improved climate for atheists, and part of the reason for the improved climate is public education and a lot of help from more than a few important people in important places.

Humanist "Articles of Faith"

Just as Christians accept the teaching of Jesus Christ and the Bible, so the Humanists have their "bible" in the Humanist Manifesto II. The first Manifesto was published in 1933 and was brought up to date in 1973, as the present Humanist Manifesto II. It's a very short document which can be understood by anyone of average intelligence. upon reading it for the first time, anyone who has kept up with current events will immediately see the Manifesto as a "blueprint." To a great degree, the "articles of faith" expressed in the Manifesto have been worked into every facet of our lives: religion, politics, social and personal mores, and above all, What is taught or promoted in the government schools. Let's take a look at the situation as it relates to the tenets of the Humanist Manifesto.


Humanist Manifesto: "We believe...that traditional dogmatic or authoritarian religions that place revelation, God, ritual or creed above human needs and experience do a disservice to the human species...As non‑theists, we begin with humans, not God..."

How many Protestant denominations or Catholic churches have become totally man‑centered, with Jesus Christ accorded no more veneration than would be due just another human brother? In how many ways has your church put "human needs" ahead of worship of God? And in schools, children are no longer permitted to recite the Lord's Prayer or read the Bible. The schools DO "begin with humans not God."

Humanist Manifesto: "Promises of immortal salvation or fear of damnation are both illusory and harm­ful...There is no credible evidence that life survives the death of the body."

How many Christians no longer believe sin is possible? How many Christians now believe that regardless of how they live in this life all will be forgiven at the end? As we shall see, Humanistic death education in schools and churches is helping people to accept death as a finality ‑‑ helping them believe that this life is all there is and there is nothing to be hoped for or feared at death.


Humanist Manifesto: "...Ethics is autonomous and situational, needing no theological or ideological sanction...We strive for the good life, here and now."

Because government schools cannot teach or promote Christian morality, Humanist situation ethics is promoted. Many clergymen of all faiths no longer believe it is possible to commit a sin, and they too preach and teach the use of situation ethics. Because sin is no longer recognized and because people now live by a personal code of morality, based on situation ethics, our society is in a state of moral anarchy and decline. Many people can no longer recognize right from wrong or good from bad, and their confusion is reflected in their behavior and their toleration of uncivilized behavior. Young people taught to live by situation ethics are in a state of despair and alienation because they have no structure or standards to guide them. This is obviously a contributing cause of youthful suicides, but there is an unwillingness to admit it because the right to suicide is a Humanist belief that is accepted and promoted.

Individual Behavior

Humanist Manifesto: "...We believe in maximum individual autonomy..."

This Humanist belief is actively promoted in government schools and is responsible for the terrifying amount of youthful rebellion, alienation and violence. A child who is encouraged to exercise "maximum individual autonomy" uses situation ethics, and he decides what is right or wrong behavior. Parents and other authority figures cannot influence a child who has been led to believe he has been liberated from laws, rules and regulations established by any authority higher than himself, including God.

Humanist Manifesto: "The right to birth control, abortion and divorce should be recognized...neither do we wish to prohibit by law or social sanction, sexual behavior between consenting adults...individuals should be permitted to express their sexual proclivities and pursue their life‑styles as they desire."

Most parents know that sex education in the schools often extends from kindergarten through grade 12 and that it has caused a furor in many communities. Why do parents object to sex education? No because it teaches the "facts of life," but because it inculcates Humanist attitudes about sex and sexual activity, which is contrary to traditional morality.

In most states, Minors can obtain contraceptives, treatment for Venereal Disease and have Abortions; all without parental consent or Knowledge. Children can be directed to such services by a school counselor or by anyone in the school who by law is allowed "privileged communication" with students.

 It's a full circle. Schools teach children they have a right to express their sexual proclivities ‑‑ be they homosexual or heterosexual. If as a result of pursuing their "rights" they become infected with VD {many forms of which are becoming increasingly difficult to cure} or if contraception fails or is not used, then such "minor" problems can be fixed with "Back-up" Services and parents will never know. If this isn't destructive to family relationships, then what is?

Humanist Manifesto: "...the individual must experience a full range of civil liberties...This includes...a recognition of an individual's right to die with dignity, euthanasia, and the right to suicide."

Ever wonder why so much legislation has been introduced into state legislatures to legalize "death with dignity," and why there is so much discussion of the merits of positive euthanasia or "mercy killing?" Or why the right to suicide is more openly discussed as a viable option for those who no longer want to live?

The reasons are to be found in the beliefs stated in the Humanist Manifesto and promoted in the schools and in society at large. In the schools, these "Civil Liberties" are made acceptable in death education and through other anti-life indoctrination.

Humanist Manifesto: "All persons should have a voice in developing the values and goals that determine their lives... Alienating forces should be modified or eradicated...People are more important than decalogues..."

This particular "article of faith" is more devastating than realized at first glance. Schools across the country, be they government, church or private ‑‑ are providing "values education," "values clarification," "moral development" and an assortment of other values‑changing techniques.

The purpose is to help children find their "own" values. In reality, these programs are designed to implement the Humanist belief that, "all persons should have a voice in developing the values and goals that determine their lives." In essence, values education declares that parents are no longer permitted to instill their values in their children. If they attempt to do so, the school negates their efforts by teaching their children a process for deciding how they should behave and what they should believe.

Values education and moral development programs respond to the Humanist belief that "alienating forces" {the home and church} "should be modified or eradicated." Remember also, according to Humanist belief, "people are more important than decalogues." And what are those decalogues? Why, The Ten Commandments, of Course!


Humanist Manifesto: "We believe in the right to universal education...The schools should foster satisfying and productive living. They should be open at all levels to any and all; the achievement of excellence should be encouraged. Innovative and experimental forms of education are to be welcomed."

The educators make much of fostering "satisfying and productive living." But what does it mean? It means that schools, in keeping with Humanist belief, provide students with the bare minimum of "survival skills" that will enable them to merely 'get by' in adult life ‑‑ to be satisfied with a government definition of what is considered "enough" and to accept dead‑end jobs that provide just enough income to pay for "satisfying living," enough food, amusements, sex and shelter. "Achievement of excellence" can mean anything and has no relation to academic excellence. A child can "achieve excellence" in getting along with his peers or in any other non‑academic effort. As for the "innovative and experimental forms of education" ‑‑ this is about all that exists in government schools, and failing SAT scores prove it.

National Sovereignty

Humanist Manifesto: "...the best option is to transcend the limits of national sovereignty...we look to the development law...We believe courts...the arts of negotiation and compromise...It is a planetary imperative to reduce the level of military expenditures...Commitment to all human kind is the highest church, state, party, class or race...What more daring goal for humankind than for each person to become...a citizen of a world community..."

With the help of federal funds and in accord with government policy, schools are indoctrinating children with "peace studies," "global perspective" and similar sounding programs ‑‑ all with the same intent ‑‑ to promote acceptance of "the limits of national sovereignty."

Learning "the arts of negotiation and compromise" are considered "new" basic skills. Expenditures for defense are down to an alarmingly low level. In other words, the U.S. is well into accepting and promoting the Humanist demand for a "world community."

Humanist Manifesto: "We must expand communication and transportation across frontiers. Travel restrictions must cease."

To reach this goal, former President Carter had announced the intention of his administration to deregulate international air fares. Is it just a coincidence that his intention satisfies the demand of the Humanist Manifesto?

The Environment

Humanist Manifesto: "The world community must engage in co‑operative planning concerning the use of rapidly depleting re­sources. The planet earth must be considered a single ecosystem...excessive population growth must be checked...Exploitation of natural resources...must end."

Do you now understand why there is an "energy crisis?" The crisis isn't that there aren't enough natural resources ‑‑ the "crisis" had to be created to satisfy the Humanist demand for "co‑operative planning" to save "depleting resources." Actually, it has been determined by reputable scientists that natural resources are not being depleted. Even if a shortage of energy sources existed, the problem could be remedied by a free, productive nation, such as the United States used to be.

The next time you hear a complaint about the "planet earth" and the terrible fate that is about to befall our "single ecosystem" because of "excessive population growth" and "exploitation of natural resources" ‑‑ remember it is propaganda to further the Humanist-Communist-Jewish Zionist/Socialist Goal of a World Dictatorship.

Change Agents and Change Techniques

Educators do not deny that the purpose or goal of "education" is to bring about change. Of course, they do not admit it for general public knowledge, but they do admit it in their journals and books. The problem, however, is that parents generally do not have the time nor inclination to read such publications. If they did, here is an example of what they might find: "The basic goal of education is change ‑‑ human change in desirable directions...This issue...focuses attention upon the school as a change agent ‑‑ and the specific focus is on changing people." [84]

If uninformed parents were to read such an incredible definition of the goal of "education," surely they would have many questions. What kind of change are they talking about? What do they mean by "human change in desirable directions?" What do they mean when they call the school a "change agent?" One of the most influential change agents in education is Carl Rogers. Here is his view of the goal of education:  "...the goal of education must be to develop individuals who are open to change...The goal of education must be to develop a society in which people can live more comfortably with change than with rigidity. In the coming world the capacity to face the new appropriately is more important than the ability to know and repeat the old." [85] Again, a puzzled parent might ask, Change from what to what? Why must schools develop people who are "open to change?" For what purpose? Should the goal of education be to develop society or to educate individuals? Why must people feel more comfortable with change than with rigidity?

What is meant by "rigidity?" How can educators claim to know what kind of people the future world will require? A common theme expressed in the writing of educators is the need to wipe out tradition, to eliminate the past or to minimize its importance: "We need to de‑emphasize tradition and the past... Educators can no longer afford to deplore and resist change. Too many teachers are still insisting that things must be done the 'right way'...Messiness, noise, confusion and mistakes, out of which may come originality, creativity and genius, are suppressed in favor of neatness, quiet, order and 'being right,' out of which can come conservatism...rigidity..." [86]

Again a parent might ask, Why must tradition be de‑emphasized, which is to deny our culture, our heritage and our roots? The answer is that knowledge of our history and emotional ties to the past deters the establishment of the new world order. Furthermore, the educators would have us flounder in noise, confusion, disorder, messiness and mistakes because they know full well it is only under such stress and chaos that the changes the one‑worlders seek is possible.

The above excerpt also tells us that teachers must be changed; that we must now have a new kind of teacher, and indeed, as we shall see, the desired "new breed" is being turned out of the universities. To add to the confusion, they are still called "teachers," but in fact they are considered "facilitators," "managers of the learning environment" and just plain "change agents."

The NEA and Change

The most powerful lobby forcing change in the schools is the National Education Association {NEA}. The goal of the NEA is not to improve the quality of academic education, but to bring about social and political change and financial security for its members.

If parents were to read even a few of the publications churned out by the NEA, they would have no difficulty understanding the role that has been and continues to be played by this change agent operation. Over the years, the NEA journal, Today's Education has provided an inside track on revolutionary events to come in the schools. The reading of the NEA book, Schools For The 70' And Beyond would convince any doubting parent that promotion of traditional academic education is about the last goal of the NEA.

But the NEA doesn't just write books. It is also actively involved in teachers training and revision and in particular, in curriculum development. For instance, in celebration of the U.S. Bicentennial, the NEA made available to schools a one‑world propaganda program titled A Declaration of Interdependence: Education for a Global Community. The NEA did not wait for schools to ask for the program ‑‑ 17 different projects were launched to implement it, according to NEA advertising. In spite of the educators' insistence that every facet of education must be non‑Political, the NEA is very much involved in politics.

In 1974, it was reported that the {then} 1.5 million member outfit expected to spend about $4 million through its local, state and national affiliates to elect candidates who would support NEA programs. [87] In 1976, the NEA admitted it had 169 members serving as full delegates to the Democratic National Convention and 89 serving as alternates. [88] The NEA has a predictable liberal bias on every controversial issue that comes along. In 1975 the NEA's 127‑ member Resolutions Committee met in Washington, D.C., to forge the future orientation of the organiza­tion. The proposed radical resolutions drafted by the committee included approval of homosexual teachers and it was resolved that no person should be "dismissed or demoted because of...sexual orientation." [89]

The resolution in favor of keeping homosexual teachers on the payroll is an indication of the hostility the NEA bears toward parents who oppose sex education, which, as we shall see, includes favorable treatment of the "alternate lifestyle" of homosexuality. The NEA publication, Working With Parents, [90] a guide for teachers and other educators, advised teachers that using a citizen advisory committee at every stage of planning a sex education program..."can be a strong force in quieting parent protests."

But the publication also cautioned that in spite of very careful preparation, some parents and citizens "...whose personal attitudes are warped, may complain or may try to sabotage the program." This is a typical NEA defensive posture. Any intelligent protest or questioning of any program is immediately construed as the result of "warped" attitudes. Unfortunately, such subtle questioning of the sanity of parents is usually sufficient to cause the more faint‑hearted types to back down. The NEA has another "dirty trick" that often works very effectively to silence opposition. Recognizing that many people crumble and give up when subjected to a name‑calling attack, parents are often labeled "extremists" or "right‑wingers."

In the February, 1970, NEA publication The National Elementary Principal, [91] principals were urged " resist the biased and unreasonable attacks of extremist groups." This tactic is particularly effective with parents who have no particular orientation ‑‑ who in fact pride themselves on being "middle of the road" and who cherish an unblemished social reputation. They fold up the fastest, and the educators know it. The true aims and goals of the NEA could not have been more clearly articulated than they were by former California Governor and President Ronald Reagan.[92] Speaking before a Florida rally, he charged the NEA really wants "a federal educational system, a national school system, so that little Willie's mother would not be able to go down and see the principal or even the school board. She'd actually have to take her case up to Congress in Washington. I believe this is the road to disaster and the end of academic freedom."

He continued his charge, comparing the NEA goals to the system that existed in Nazi Germany. In Hitler's Germany, he explained, "where they had a nationalized school system...when he {Hitler} said 'Burn the books' they burned the books." (But no one goes to the trouble to point out the books he ordered burned were Communist propaganda).

The fact is, U.S. education has already become so nationalized that "little Willie's mother" and many other mothers have found it necessary to go to Congress to protest funding of programs that in effect are "nationalized programs" as a result of federal funding they are disseminated to schools across the country with little differences among them. And heaven help "little Willie's mother" and all the other mothers who protest. They may well end up on a blacklist of those who criticize NEA‑style education. As with any other organization with revolutionary goals, the NEA is sensitive to criticism, to put it mildly. The NEA brochure titled Commission on Professional Rights and Responsibilities,[93] lists among the purposes of the Commission, the intent to "Gather information about the various individuals and groups who criticize or oppose education, and made resumes of their activities." Now remember, this is not the CIA, but the National Education Association that will not hear or tolerate any criticism of "education."

The "storm trooper mentality" of the NEA is made chillingly clear in an Inquiry Report (Inquiry Report, Kanawha County, West Virginia, A Textbook Study On Cultural Conflict, National Education Association, Washington, D.C.) prepared as a result of the revolt that took place in West Virginia after parents realized what was going on in the schools. Parents should read this document to get a good idea of the viciousness that can be employed by the NEA when its kind of "education" is questioned. The NEA is determined to protect its "turf." Proposed 1977 NEA resolutions included the following warning to dissidents: "The public school system is not expendable. Any movement that would diminish this vital asset will be opposed by the Association." Very ominous, indeed.

Change Agents: Their Preparation, Purpose and Duties

If the purpose of "education" is to change people and society, then teachers must be change agents. The kind of teacher parents remember is no longer wanted or needed in Government Schools. The older teacher who wants to teach is an undesirable anachronism. This was made clear in the NEA book, Schools for the 70's And Beyond: [94] "...teachers who conform to the traditional institutional mode are out of place. They might find fulfillment as tap‑dance instructors, or guards in maximum security prisons or proprietors of reducing salons, or agents of the Federal Bureau of Investigation ‑‑ but they damage teaching, children, and themselves by staying in the classroom."

The above statement is an accurate description of the situation that exists. Teachers who want to teach in the "traditional mode" are definitely undesirable. They are replaced as quickly as possible by "clinicians" as described in the Feasibility Study: Behavioral Science Teacher Education Program, [95] commonly known as the B STEP program. This study was published with federal funds by Michigan State University in January, 1970. The program has three major goals and the first is as follows: "Development of a new kind of elementary school teacher who...engages in teaching as clinical practice...and functions as a responsible agent of social change."

Note the reference to "clinical practice." Such medical terminology is rampant in the writings of educators. In the January, 1969 NEA publication, Today's Education, [96] educators June and Harold Shane echoed the idea that in schools in the 70's, teachers would function as "learning clinicians" and that schools would become "clinics" to provide psycho‑social 'treatment' for the student. The mental health approach of the change agents goes back a long way. In 1946, G.B. Chisholm wrote the following: [97] "The re‑interpretation and eventually eradication of the concept of right and wrong, which has been the basis of child training, the substitution of intelligent and rational thinking for faith in the certainties of the old people, these are the belated objectives of all effective psychotherapy. Would they not be legitimate objectives of original education?..."

Chisholm also stated: "Can such a program of re‑education or a new kind of education be charted?...the sciences of living should be...taught to all children...while the study of such things as trigonometry, Latin ...should be left to the universities. Only so...can we help our children to carry their responsibilities as world citizens..."

Only now is it becoming clear to many parents that universities do not train traditional teachers to teach basic skills and to impart academic information. It has become common knowledge that many young "certified" teachers cannot adequately read or write nor are they competent in their chosen fields. Then how, it might be asked, can they become certified? The simple answer is that "certification" has little to do with accumulation of knowledge or teaching ability.

Teachers who have become certified to teach are those who have received the required change agent training. And only those who continue to be processed through "in service training" retain their certification. What are some of the duties that go with the job? According to Social Studies for the Seventies [98] which is a, "...volume...intended primarily for the pre‑service through grade eight,' the change agent teacher must serve as a diagnostician, goal‑setter and developer. The would‑be teacher learns that 'If children are to change and grow and become, then someone must know about them as they can become." [99]

What that really means is that the teacher must learn "where they are" in their attitude and value formation so they can be manipulated to "where they ought to be." The teacher is given 31 ways of..."discovering a great deal about the children we teach" and includes such manipulative and prying techniques as the following:

   * Encourage role playing "and seeing children's reactions."

   * Read stories without any ending and have children complete the stories.

   * Visit the homes of children.

   * Keep diaries.

After the teacher has diagnosed and discovered all that she can about a child, and has set the desired goals, then she must put on another hat ‑‑ that of developer: "In a sense teachers are social engineers...but it cannot be done without the previous steps of discovery and diagnosis as well as of goal‑setting." [100]

The social engineering begins the day the child enters school for the first time. It must begin at once because: "...the basic personality patterns may have been formed before children ever enter school. They can be changed but the later that is postponed the more difficult is the process." [101]

Of course "basic personality patterns" are formed before children enter school, and obviously, these "basic personality patterns" are a reflection of the personality patterns of parents. Therefore, it is the parental influence ‑‑ the arrogant, elitist, change agents want to eradicate.

To be more explicit, those "basic personality patterns" that must be changed are seen in: "The child of suburbia {who} is likely to be a materialist and somewhat of a hypocrite. He tends to be a striver in school, a conformist, and above all a believer in being 'nice,' polite, clean and tidy...He is often conspicuously self‑centered. In all these respects, the suburban child patters his attitudes after those of his parents." [102]

We are also told; "If we do not alter this pattern...our society may decay." If teachers are to keep track of the progress of their social engineering, then they must keep files. In Social Studies for the Seventies [103] teachers are cautioned: "One last word of warning...all records which teachers have of children should be kept confidential and placed in a safe place where no one can find them...Attention to this...can save teachers many a bad moment and in some cases their jobs."

When teachers function as "social engineers;" when they must hide confidential records: all of this must go on behind closed doors, and that's what we'll look at next.

                                                                                      Change Agents Behind: Closed Doors

"When a teacher closes the classroom door in the morning and is alone with the students, the real curriculum begins...eventually the time of reckoning may come with cries and community furor." [104]

Chances are that most parents will go on believing that "teachers" "teach" and that all schools provide an "education." Belief in this fantasy will continue because the change agents have become so skillful with deceptive "educationese" and adept at the art of using the "closed classroom door."

Recognizing the existence of resistance to change, guidelines were drawn to help the teacher function as an effective change agent without parents or even other teachers knowing about what was going on. In an article, How Teachers Can Innovate and Still Keep Their Jobs,[105] ten guidelines were proposed including the following:

* "Keep the Door Closed...The successful teacher...innovates quietly and without fanfare."

* "Use a Special Vocabulary...Avoid 'change,' 'fun,'...'new,'...'sensitivity,' 'students rights,' 'students choice,'... Publicly stress instead 'mastering basics,' 'students responsibility,' 'hard work,' respect,' 'traditional values,' 'proven,' 'discipline,' and 'results.'" Can there be any doubt they know what parents expect of them?

* "Enlist the Students in your game plan. Make a rule and gain students' agreement that they will not ask other teachers why they do what you are doing..."

* "Carry a book around...potential blockers will give you more latitude to operate if you appear to know what you are doing..."

* "Name your program as early as you feel you can...Use titles which will not alienate the general public."

In the final paragraph, teachers were given this hucksterish challenge: "You too can become a change agent."

Hopefully, all parents can understand the significance of the above guidelines. What they advise "educators" to do, in a word, is Lie about what they are doing. This is the payment parents and the public receive for the trust that is obviously misplaced.  Any lingering doubt that educators do indeed consider themselves "undercover" change agents was dispelled by the March 22, 1974 Newsletter of the Prince George's County Educators' Association Inc. {Maryland}. In that issue teachers were warned to oppose pending legislation that would have given parents access to their children's textbooks. Teachers were ordered, "Oppose SB 196 The Parental Rights For Public School Children. Tell legislators that this legislation is not needed. May render schools ineffective as change agents since it would place all curriculum in the hands of parents." And wouldn't that be just too bad? The change agents and their cohorts are determined to eliminate any parental participation that is seen as a deterrent to efforts to change children.

In 1976, legislation to establish parental rights to review educational materials again surfaced in the Maryland legislature. As would be expected, the education establishment was in opposition, and they had quite a bit of support. On March 3, 1976, the Executive Director of the American Civil Liberties Union of Maryland sent a letter to the Maryland Congress of Parents and Teachers in which he stated: "We applaud the Maryland Congress of Parents and Teachers position in opposition to SB 165 and HB 470, pertaining to public access to educational materials...we believe that the provisions for public hearings present a serious threat to freedom of inquiry and expression. The primary problem with regard to textbooks is not denial of parental access but dullness, lack of variety and avoidance of controversy. We hope that we may be able to work with you in the future against other threats to academic freedom."

Can you see the significance of all this? What parents want for their children is of absolutely no importance. The only concern of the  educators is that they have "academic freedom" to function as change agents. Obviously, they cannot do "their thing" out in the open, so they rely on the protection of the closed classroom door, the elimination of any legislation that would hamper their efforts, and upon more than a little help from their friends. Every "good" change agent recognizes the value of the closed classroom door. Values educator Sidney Simon has declared that teachers have had "major success by closing their doors and doing things they believe in." [106] Simon also recalled that when he was teaching at Temple University: "I always bootlegged the values stuff under other titles. I was assigned to teach Social Studies in the Elementary School and I taught values clarification. I was assigned Current Trends in American Education and I taught my trend."

More "behind closed doors" guidelines were published in 1977 in Social Change (Pacesetters In Innovation, OE‑20103‑69, U.S. Government Printing Office, Washington, D.C.) a newsletter from the NTL Institute for Applied Behavioral Science. Here are just a few of them:

* "The more visible change is, the more threatening it becomes, and the more it will be resented."

* "Couch the language of change in the language of the status quo."

* "Emphasize the new program's similarity to familiar programs."

* "Use the stated objectives of the status quo. They are almost broad enough to encompass innovation."

* "Unobtrusively change one unit; the innovation, if successful, will spread."

Parents should not underestimate the value educators place on being able to function autonomously after the classroom door is closed. In spite of all the educators' rhetoric about wanting parental involvement, it should be understood that the only kind of involvement educators want is on their terms and only when they want it. Parents should not automatically assume they are welcome or that they have an absolute right to visit their child's classroom.

For instance, parents are not welcome in classrooms in at least one school district {Renton} in the state of Washington. Parents there can ask to be admitted to a classroom to observe three times a month, but the request does not have to be granted. Before a parent, Mrs. Anita Smith, went to court over the matter, a teacher didn't have to admit a parent at all.

The right to visit became an issue a couple of years ago when Mrs. Smith asked to sit in on a class. Her child had been out sick and upon returning, had difficulty understanding a week‑long game the class was playing. Thinking she could help her child if she watched the classroom activity, Mrs. Smith asked for and was denied permission to observe. When she asked why her request was denied, she was told her presence "would be disruptive." Mrs. Smith asked to be told why it was assumed her presence would be disruptive, but the teacher would not explain. She wrote letters to the principal, superintendent and the school board, asking the same question. Her letters went unanswered.

Was Mrs. Smith a chronic complainer, a "troublemaker?" Hardly. She had visited a classroom only once in three years. She had served as president of the PTA and had been given an award by the PTSA for service to youth and the community. She is one of those people who likes to work within the system and observe rules and procedures. But regardless of her record of co‑operation and service, she nevertheless found it necessary to go to court. She lost her case; the court ruled it was a matter to be decided by the legislature. Legislation was subsequently introduced that would have established the right of all parents to visit their child's classroom, but predictably, the Washington Education Association lobbied against the bill and it died in committee.

In the meantime, the local education association took the school board before the Public Employees Commission for an assortment of unfair practices charges. One of those charges was that in response to the court suit, the board of education had established "three times a month" {but with strings attached} visitation privileges. The education association protested the policy on visits was established without negotiation! The education association took the position that visits negatively affected working conditions. Mrs. Smith countered that they weren't dealing with the manufacture of cars or washing machines, but with children, who do not belong to the state. Backed up to the wall, the educators flatly stated parents did not have a right to visit classrooms. It was a privilege that could be withheld or granted.

At the time this is written, that's where the matter stands. After the expenditure of several thousand dollars and a lot of aggravation, parents still do not have the right to visit classrooms. If educators were teaching children what parents want taught, and which taxpayers pay for, there would be no reason to object to parental visits.

Clearly, in light of all the evidence that exists, it is understand­able why the change agents want to keep their activities hidden behind closed doors and the classroom off limits to those who might be "disruptive."

                                                                                                         Change Agents:

                                                                                              The Washington Connection

Much is made of education being controlled by local school boards that reflect the wishes of the local community. Local control may have existed at one time, but today it is a fantasy. Just about local education is controlled by the federal government through money funneled to government agencies such as the National Science Foundation {NSF} and the National Endowment for the Humanities {NEH}.  In turn, the NSF, NEH and other government agencies contract with change agent curriculum developers who produce curricula that win the approval of federal bureaucrats who control the purse strings.

For instance, it was through a NSF contract with the Education Development Center that we now have the infamous Man: A Course of Study {MACOS} curriculum. A grant from NEH assisted development of the values‑changing curriculum Ethical Quest in a Democratic Society currently being piloted in Washington state schools and slated for use nationwide. Another NEH funded curriculum, developed by the Center for Global Perspectives is called Global Perspectives: A Humanistic Influence on the Curriculum. It is being piloted in several areas around the country preparatory to being used in schools nationwide. This program and others very much like it satisfy the Humanist Manifesto calls for, "...each person to become, in ideal as well as in practice, a citizen of a world community."

Federally funded change agent programs and curricula were ushered in soon after passage of the federal Elementary and Secondary Education Act {ESEA} in 1965. By 1969 the federal government had published [107] a nearly two‑inch thick volume of all innovative projects in operation in schools as of February, 1969. Here are a few examples of projects listed in Pacesetters In Innovation that deal with changing teachers and children:

1). Project ES 001 996: Describes how "experienced teachers from the model school will serve as change agents" through staff rotation.

2). Project ES 001 783: Describes teachers as "in‑house change agents" who participate in "a 5‑day resident laboratory in human relations-sensitivity training..."

3). Project ES 002 010: Explains how emphasis will be placed on creating behavioral change in students through a combination of guidance counseling and occupational training.

4). Project ES 001 230: Explains how emphasis will be placed on creating behavioral change in students through a combination of guidance counseling and occupational training.

It is interesting that resistance to change was anticipated, and that it would not be tolerated:

5). Project ES 002 230: "Forces which block the adoption of new ideas will be identified and ways to overcome these forces will be explored."

Other evidence of the schools functioning as change agents with the help of the federal government can be found in information offered by the Educational Resources Information Center {ERIC}. This federally funded operation of the U.S. Office of Education provides materials to help educators function as change agents. For instance, it sells such documents as ED 056 345: Humanism: The Counselor's Role as a Change Agent; ED 058 664: Change Agent Teams Changing Schools: Case Studies; ED 054 513: Emotional Arousal and Attitude Change During Simulation Games.

In a document titled Report To The President's Commission on School Finance,[108] the concern was expressed that the majority of our youth hold the same values as their parents and that this pattern must be altered.

The report also stated that the use of "conventional wisdom as a basis for decision‑making is a major impediment to educational improvement." For educational improvement, the report recommended;  "...that the change agent is the decision‑maker about the innovation. That is, it is assumed that he decides what the adopter will change to."

But there is concern expressed about willingness of people to change: "...people cannot be forced to change until they are psychologically ready."

To help make people psychologically ready for the change, U.S. government grants have been given to universities for the training of change agents. In August, 1973, the U.S. Department of Health, Education and Welfare {HEW} awarded $5.9 million to 21 institutions to train 500 educational personnel to become leaders of educational change. [109]

It should be clearly understood that such "leaders of educational change" do not engage in value‑free activity [110], challenged the "value‑free" position as a myth. They said: "The issue becomes what values and therefore whose values are to be served by change. There is a natural tendency for the change agent to promulgate his values, and in such circumstances we must ask whether these values are representative of those possessed by the target system."

Zaltman and Duncan then asked the question parents should ask of every change agent educator: "Is the change agent really concerned about the welfare of the target system, or does the change activity satisfy his or her needs for power and control? If the latter motives are operating, this might cause the change agent to be more manipulative in dealing with the target system."

If you look at the scope of the change process in the schools, it is evident that the change agent is not "really concerned about the welfare of the target system." "The target system" is the children. Children are to be changed for a particular purpose with a particular goal in mind. When the federal government spends millions of dollars to train "leaders of educational change" it is obvious the purpose is not to perpetuate the status quo.

The purpose is to satisfy the desire of the Government to amass power and control in order to facilitate the Humanist New World Order. And how could any of it be done without the government school curriculum? Indeed, the curriculum, be it math or home economics, vocational training or guidance counseling ‑‑ must be a tool for change.

Therefore, curricula cannot be designed or developed by those who think in the "traditional mode" or who use "conventional wisdom." Funding goes only to those curriculum developers who do not block the adoption of new ideas, but in fact, facilitate change.  "...A curriculum...whether it is a textbook, a complete set of materials and activities, or a whole school program must have some ends in view. It must be constructed in relation to some purposes. Ideally, these should be formulated in terms of the change in students the curriculum is intended to bring about."

Why aren't more parents aware of the "change in students the curriculum is intended to bring about?" Because they are not aware of the mechanics and facets of the change process ‑‑ the use of misleading "educationese;" the federally funded curricula; the federally funded programs that transform teachers into zealous missionary change agents.

Most of all, parents are not aware of the "change in students the curriculum is intended to bring about" because they don't want to know what is happening behind those impenetrable closed classroom doors. "A wonderful and horrible thing is committed in the land; The prophets {teachers} prophesy falsely, and the priests bear rule by their means; and my people love to have it so: and what will ye do in the end thereof?" [111]; "Then the Lord said unto me, The prophets prophesy lies in my name: I sent them not neither have I commanded them, neither spake unto them: they prophesy unto you a false vision and divination, and a thing of nought, and the deceit of their heart. Therefore thus saith the Lord concerning the prophets that prophesy in my name, and I sent them not, yet they say, Sword and famine shall not be in this land; By sword and famine shall those prophets {teachers} be consumed." [112]

If they "invaded" the alien territory of the classroom where they are not wanted, they might be forced by conscience to act upon what they see and hear. Sadly, many parents would rather not fight, not even for the welfare of their own children. "For that they hated knowledge, and did not choose the fear of the Lord: They would none of my counsel: they despised all my reproof. Therefore shall they eat of the fruit of their own way, and be filled with their own devices. For the turning away of the simple shall slay them, and the prosperity of fools shall destroy them." [113]

Increasingly, the degree and scope of change agent activity that goes on behind closed classroom doors will be decided in Washington, D.C., by a carefully chosen panel of 22 elite change agents. Our society has been built on the Christian ethic. Our laws have reflected the admonitions of the Ten Commandments and are the God‑given rights and guarantees enumerated in the federal and state constitutions. Gradually, as social standards and religious beliefs were allowed to be cast aside to satisfy the demands of "pluralism," non‑theists made great strides. We are not in open conflict. We now have nothing less than a revolution taking place. Schools have become open agents of social change, working steadily to enthrone the "articles of faith" of the religion of Humanism. At the same time, parents, who for the most part are remnant of Christianity, are fighting to return the schools to institutions of academic learning. What success they achieve is always short‑lived. Attitudes, values and behaviors must be changed for the coming new world order that will involve at the same time, the worship of man and the enslavement of mankind.

Paul foretold of a human being, "...who opposite and exaltata himself above all that is called God, or that is worshiped; so that he as God sitteth in the temple of God, showing himself that he is God." [114]

The prophet Daniel foretold of the same man <‑Humanist‑> who will Exalt man as God: "And the King shall do according to his will; and he shall exalt himself and magnify himself above every god, and shall speak marvelous things against the God of gods, and shall prosper till the indignation be accomplished: For that that is determined shall be done." [115]

Thus, by the above we can see clearly that our society is gripped by the humanism of eighteenth‑­century French philosophers like Voltaire and Roussouw: That man is basically good; that human nature is improving and perfectible. For this reason thieves, rapists and murderers are treated as "victims of society," needing treatment and rehabilitation, instead of villains needing retribution and punishment.

That the present world climate is one of "negotiation" {meaning compromise}, "unity" {meaning: conformity}, "love" {meaning: passive acceptance of evil}, and "peace" {meaning: non‑resistance to terrorism}. The scandal is that under these delusions, terrorists can be freed even while patriots are jailed. Murderers can be granted indemnity even while soldiers are prosecuted. Clergymen and politicians can campaign to save murderers by ending the death penalty, while condemning babies by promoting abortion {which is nothing but murder!}.

In this age of appeasement, personal and public policy does is not to be decided by "what is right?" but by "what is popular?" Our society no longer is faithfully building every area of life in obedience to the Word of God. The "new America" is abandoning Biblical principles and embracing humanism at a breathtak­ing pace. Francis Schaeffer defines humanism as: "...the placing of man at the center of all things and making him the measure of all things."

Alexander Solzhenitzyn described it as: "...the proclaimed and practiced autonomy of man from any higher force above him."

According to humanist thought, there is no clear‑cut standard of right and wrong. So the inevitable results of humanism are seen in the totalitarianism and massacres of the communist East and in the permissiveness and decadence of the so‑called democratic West.

Humanists have to take responsibility for the abortion holocaust, the pornography plague, the drug epidemic, the crime wave, and the proliferation of perversion. These disasters are the logical result of rejecting God's Law and promoting situation ethics, evolution, permissiveness and "alternative lifestyles."

The Biblical doctrine of the total depravity of human nature ‑‑ that man is by nature sinful and unable to please God ‑‑ led the Reformers to hold an opposite position to the humanists. The Reformers believed that human nature is basically evil and selfish. Therefore they favored a form of government with strict laws and strict punishments for criminal behavior. They recognized that the government needed to be powerful enough to restrain the evil impulses of sinful people.

However, believing that "power corrupts; and absolute power corrupts absolutely," they knew that rulers could not be trusted with absolute power either. Their solution was not the pagan Greek utopia of democracy, where man rules, but a constitutional republic, where law rules. Therefore the reformers strove to build their republic upon the unchangeable law of God's Word. Instead of rulers, they elected servants; civil servants bound down with the chains of the constitution. And they erected a system of checks and balances to divide the power and responsibility into Trinitarian model of Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches of civil government. Being cautious of the human nature of foreign powers, they also favored a strong military defense to be a deterrent against attacks and to preserve liberty and security for their inhabitants.

Reformed Christians believe that God's Law, as revealed in His Word, the Bible, contains the absolute and unchanging principles by which all areas of life must be governed. The Laws of God reflect the eternal and unchanging character and Will of God and therefore can not be ignored. Our concern to apply God's revealed law to everyday life flows from the Biblical doctrines of the Sovereignty of God and the sinfulness of man.

                                                                                                     The Need For Revival

We in America have been warned by great Christian writers like Alexander Solzhenitzyn, Richard Wumbrand and Francis Schaeffer. Our people are morally corrupt and in rebellion to God's Word. We are in danger of incurring the wrath of God in judgment upon our sin saturated country. The murdering of the unborn through abortion, the glamorizing of adultery by Hollywood, the proliferation of drug addiction, the promotion of perversion, the increase in theft, murder, rape and terrorism, child abuse and Satanism.

Queers run through our streets demanding preferential treatment because they have an alternate life style, such as running their fist up each others rectum or inserting various species of small rodents {Hamsters} in their anas. How can we avoid the just condemnation of our Holy Creator?

"Does the church have a future in our generation?...I believe the church is in real danger. It is in for a rough day. We are facing present pressures and a present and future manipulation which will be so overwhelming in the day to come that they will make the battles of the last forty years look like child's play."[116]

                                                                                            More History of The Illuminati

In 1834, Giuseppe Mazzini, the Italian revolutionary leader, was appointed by the Illuminati as director of their revolutionary program around the world. He held this position until he died in 1872. At about this time an obscure intellectual by the name of Moses Mordecai Marx Levy, alias Karl Marx, joined one of the branch organizations of the Illuminati Conspiracy known as the League of the Just. In 1847, he was hired to write what later became known as the Communist Manifesto. It was basically, a policy statement of their overall plans for the future. Marx was of such little importance that for the first twenty years after the publication of the Manifesto his name didn't even appear on it. He was just a pawn in the "game" being played by the real powers behind the scenes. Unbiased historians have long since recognized that there was nothing "new" or "original" in the Communist Manifest: it is plainly a plagiarized rehash of the writings of Adam Weishaupt and his disciple Clinton Roosevelt.

The next important personality to emerge on the American scene as a leader in the Satanic Conspiracy was Albert Pike. He was selected by Mazzini to head their operations in the United States. Pike was born in Boston on December 29, 1809. His parents, though of moderate circumstances, succeeded in sending him to Harvard. He later went to join his family at Newbury port. While there he taught in a primary school.

During the Civil War, Albert Pike served as a brigadier‑general in the Confederate Army. The Confederate Government appointed him Indian Commissioner charged with conducting negotiations with the most savage tribes to raise an army of their warriors. To help him in the creation of this new army he was made governor of Indian Territory. When the army, composed of Chickasawa, Comanches, Creeks, Cherokees, Miamis, Osages, Kansas and Choctaws came into being, it was placed under his command. Among all of these tribes he was known as; "...the faithful pale‑face friend and protector."

Pike and his army of savages participated in an orgy of atrocities under the cloak of legitimate warfare. Their barbarism was so terrible that the foreign powers intervened. Representations made by England, threatening intervention in the name of humanity, finally compelled Jefferson Davis to disband his auxiliary Indian troops.

Albert Pike was an evil genius of the first magnitude. He was a man of many talents who invariably used his abilities to destructive ends. He was very literate, being able to both read and write in 16 ancient languages. He was a Worshiper of Satan by name; practiced necromancy, all forms of sorcery! As top Illuminists, Pike and Mazzini worked in unison. Pike took control of the theosophical side of their operations, while Mazzini was in charge of the political.

When the Grand Orient Lodges of Masonry became suspect as a result of Mazzini's revolutionary activities in Europe, Mazzini presented a Master Plan to Pike who was by then the head of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry. Mazzini's plan was simple. Being a practical man, he understood that it was inadvisable to favor one rite to the exclusion of all the others. In a letter to Pike, dated January 22, 1870, he wrote: "We must allow all of the federations to continue just as they are, with their systems, their central authorities and their diverse modes of correspondence between high grades of the same rite, organized as they are at present, but we must create a super rite, which will remain unknown, to which we will call those Masons of high degree whom we shall select. With regard to our brothers in Masonry, these men must be pledges to the strictest secrecy. Through this Supreme Rite, we will govern all Freemasonry which will become the one international center, the more powerful because its direction will be unknown." [117]

Historian Dominico Margiotta tells us that: "It was agreed that the existence of this rite would be kept strictly secret and that no mention of it would ever be made in the assemblies of the Lodges and Inner Shrines of other rites, even when by accident, the meeting might happen to be composed exclusively of brothers having the perfect initiation, for the secret of the new institution was only to be divulged with the greatest caution to a chosen few belonging to the ordinary high grades." [118]

Pike organized this ultra‑secret organization under the name of The New and Reformed Palladian Rite {Worship of the goddess Pallas}. He established three supreme councils; one in Charleston, S.C., another in Rome, Italy and the third in Berlin, Germany. Historian Dr. Bataille wrote; "...this super rite, which is Masonic Luciferian Spiritism, must not be confused with the machinery of high Masonry. Palladism is the Cult of Satan in the inner shrines of a rite superimposed on all the rites. It is a cult, a religion." [119]

                                                                                                          Arcula Mystica

Evidence gathered from a number of sources strongly indicates that scientists working with the Illuminati had discovered the secrets of wireless telephony decades before Marconi invented the radio. Bataille, for example, wrote in 1894 that Gallatin Mackey {a top Illuminst} once;  "...showed me that Arcula Mystica {the Magic Box}, of which there are only seven examples in existence, at Charleston, Rome, Berlin, Washington, Monte Video, Naples and Calcutta. When the Supreme Dogmatical chief wishes to communicate, for example, with the head of political action, he presses his finger on the Statuette Ignis and on the Statuette Ration: these sink into their sockets and at the same instant, a strong whistling is heard in Rome, in the office where Lemmi keeps his Arcula Mystica; Lemmi opens his box and sees the statuette Ignis sunk, while tiny, harmless flames issue from the throat of the silver toad. Then he knows that the Sovereign Pontiff of Charleston wishes to speak to him. He presses down the statuette of Ratio in his box and from then on, the conversation between the two chiefs proceeds, each one speaking directly into the mouthpiece, while at the same time holding to his ear the small silver ball. At the end of the conversation, each chief replaces the golden statuettes by pulling them up by the head. Each Sovereign Grand Master of a Directory travels with his Arcula Mystica. The box is personally confided to him." [120] It was the discovery of this secret that enabled intelligence officers to understand how seemingly unrelated "incidents" took place simultaneously around the world which aggravated a situation and developed into a war or revolution.

One of Albert Pike's most famous works is the 861‑page Morals and Dogma of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, published in 1871. Following the example of Clinton Roosevelt, the "Supreme Pontiff" of Universal Freemasonry "lets it all hang out" at the beginning of the book.

He leaves no doubt as to what he has in mind:  "Force, unregulated or irregulated, is not only wasted in the void like that of gunpowder burned in the open air, and steam unconfined by science; but striking in the dark, and its blows meeting only the air, they recoil and bruise itself. It is destruction and ruin...not growth and progress...The blind Force of the people is a Force that must be economized, and also must be regulated by intellect.

To attack the citadels built up on all sides against the human race by superstitions, despotisms, and prejudices, the force must have a brain and a law. Then its deeds of daring produce permanent results, and there is real progress. Then there are sublime conquests­...When all Forces are combined, and guided by the Intellect {Illuminati}, and regulated by the Rule of Right, and Justice, and of combined and systematic movement and effort, The Great Revolution prepared for by the Ages will begin to march...It is because Force is ill regulated, that revolutions prove failures." [121]

The theological dogma of Albert Pike is laid out in the "Instructions" issued by him on July 14, 1889, to the 23 Supreme Councils of the world: "That which we must say to the crowd is: 'We worship a God, but it is the God one adores without superstition.' To you, Sovereign Grand Instructors General, we say this, that you may repeat it to the Brethren of the 32nd, 31st and 30th degrees: 'The Masonic Religion should be, by all of us initiates of the high degrees, maintained in the purity of the Luciferian Doctrine. If Lucifer were not God, would Adenine {The Christian God} whose deeds prove his cruelty, perfidy, and hatred of man, barbarism and repulsion for science, would Adonay {Jewish god} and his priests, calumniate him? Yes, Lucifer is God, and unfortunately Adonay is also God. For the eternal law is that there is no light without shade, no beauty without ugliness, no white without black, for the absolute can only exist as two Gods: darkness being necessary to light to serve as its foil as the pedestal is necessary to the statue, and the brake to the locomotive...The doctrine of Satanism is a heresy; and the true and pure philosophic religion is the Belief in Lucifer, the equal of Adonay; but Lucifer, God of Light and God of Good, is struggling for humanity against Adonay, the God of darkness and evil." [122]

In his book, Morals and Dogma, Pike states it this way:  "The true name of Satan, the Kabalists {Jews} say, is that of Yahveh reversed; for Satan is not a black god, but the negation of God. The Devil is the personification of Atheism or Idolatry. For the Initiates, this is not a Person, but a Force, Created for Good {He is saying Satan was created for good}, but which may serve for evil. It {Satan ‑ not God} is the instrument of Liberty or Free Will. They represent this Force, which presides over the physical generation, under the mythologic and horned form of the God Pan; thence came the he‑goat of the Sabbat, brother of the Ancient Serpent, and the Light-Bearer or Phisphor, of which the poets have made the false Lucifer of the legend. Gold, to the eyes of the Initiates, is Light condensed. They style the sacred numbers of the Kabalah 'golden numbers,' and the moral teachings of Pythagoras his 'golden verses.' For the same reason, a mysterious book of Apuleius, in which an ass figures largely, was called 'The Golden Ass.'

The Pagans accused the Christians of worshiping an ass, and they did not invent this reproach, but it came from the Samaritan Jews, who, figuring the data of the Kabalah in regard to the Divinity by Egyptian symbols, also represented the Intelligence by the figure of the Magical Star adored under the name of Remphan, Science under the emblem of Anubis, whose name they changed to Nibbas, and the vulgar faith or credulity under the figure of Thartac, a god represented with a book, a cloak, and the head of an ass. According to the Samaritan Doctors, Christianity was the reign of Thartac, blind Faith and vulgar credulity erected into a universal oracle, and preferred to Intelligence and Science.

Synesius, Bishop of Ptolemais, a great Kabalist {Jew}, but of doubtful orthodoxy, wrote: 'The people will always mock at things easy to be misunderstood; it must needs have impostures.' 'A Spirit {God},' he said, 'that loves wisdom and contemplates the Truth close at hand, is forced to disguise it, to induce the multitudes to accept it...Fictions are necessary to the people, and the Truth becomes deadly to those who are not strong enough to contemplate it in all its brilliance. If the sacerdotal laws allowed the reservation of judgments and the allegory of words, I would accept the proposed dignity on condition that I might be a philosopher at home, and abroad a narrator of apologies and parables...In fact, what can there be in common between the vile multitude and sublime wisdom? The truth must be kept secret, and the masses need a teaching proportioned to their imperfect reason.' Moral disorders produce physical ugliness, and in some sort realize those frightful faces which tradition assigns to the demons.

The first Druids were the true children of the Magi {Israelites}, and their initiation came from Egypt and Chaldea, that is to say, from the pure sources of the primitive Kabalah {This is not true, as the Jews are the sources of the Kabalah}. They adored the Trinity under the names of Isis or Hesus, the Supreme Harmony; of Belen or Bel, which in Assyrian means Lord, a name corresponding to that of Adonai; and of Camul or Camael, a name that in the Kabalah personifies the Divine Justice. Below this triangle of Light they supposed a divine reflection, also composed of three personified rays: first, Teutates or Teuth, the same as the Thoth of the Egyptians, the Word, or the Intelligence formulated; then Force and Beauty, whose names varied like their emblems. Finally, they completed the sacred Septenary by a mysterious image that represented the progress of the dogma and its future realizations. This was a young girl veiled, holding a child in her arms; and they dedicated this image to 'The Virgin who will become a mother; ‑‑ Virgini Pariture.'"

Here Pike is relating that the Druids, who were actually Israelites, which had lost their identity as God said they would; were looking forward to the birth of the Lord Jesus Christ! Just as the ancient prophets had prophesied! Continuing with his blasphemous writings about Almighty God, the Lord Jesus Christ and Christiani­ty:  "Hertha or Wertha, the young Isis of Gaul, Queen of Heaven, the Virgin who was to bear a child, held the spindle of the Fates, filled with wool half white and half black; because she presides over all forms and all symbols, and weaves the garment of the Ideas.

     One of the most mysterious pentacles of the Kabalah, contained in the Enchiridion of Leo III., represents an equilateral triangle reversed, inscribed in a double circle. On the triangle are written, in such manner as to form the prophetic Tau, the two Hebrew words so often found appended to the Ineffable Name... Alohayim, or the Powers, and Tsabaoth, or the starry Armies and their guiding spirits; words also which symbolize the Equilibrium of the Forces of Nature and the Harmony of Numbers. To the three sides of the triangle belong the three great Names...Iahaveh, Adonai, and Agla. Above the first is written in Latin, Formatio, above the second Reformatio, and above the third, Transformatio. So Creation is ascribed to the Father, Redemption or Reformation to the Son, and Sanctification or Transformation to the Holy Spirite, answering unto the mathematical laws of Action, Reaction, and Equilibrium.

Iahaveh is also, in effect, the Genesis or Formation of dogma, by the elementary signification of the four letters of the Sacred Tetragram; Adonai is the realization of this dogma in the Human Form, in the Visible Lord, who is the Son of God or the perfect Man; and Agla {formed of the initials of the four words Ath Gebur Laulaim Adonai} expresses the synthesis of the whole dogma and the totality of the Kabalistic science, clearly indicating by the hieroglyphics of which this admirable name is formed the Triple Secret of the Great Work. Masonry, like all the Religions, all the Mysteries, Hermeticism and Alchemy, conceals its secrets from all except the adepts and sages, or the elect, and used false explanations and misinterpretations of its symbols to mislead those who deserve only to be misled; to conceal the truth, which it calls light, and from them, and to draw them away from it {Can you not see, Masonry is not to draw one to light but to draw them {Away} from it!}.

Truth is not for those who are unworthy or unable to receive it, or would pervert it. So God Himself incapacities many men, by color blindness, to distinguish colors, and leads the masses away from the highest Truth {Can you believe this ‑‑ Albert Pike says that Masonry believes God draws men {Away} from the Truth. What blasphemy. What an abominable liar he was!}, giving them the power to attain only so much of it as is profitable to them to know. Every age has had a religion suited to its capacity. The Teachers, even of Christianity, are, in general, the most ignorant of the true meaning of that which they teach. There is no book of which so little is known as the Bible. To most who read it, it is as incomprehensible as the Sohar {A sickening Jewish Talmud Book}.

So Masonry jealously conceals its secrets, and intentionally leads conceited interpreters astray. There is no sight under the sun more pitiful and ludicrous at once, than the spectacle of the Prestons and the Webbs, not to mention the later incarnations of Dullness and Commonplace, undertaking to 'explain' the old symbols of Masonry, and adding to and 'improving' them, or inventing new ones. To the Circle inclosing the central point, and itself traced between two parallel lines, a figure purely Kabalistic {Jewish}, these persons have added the superimposed Bible, and even reared on that the ladder with three or nine rounds, and then given a vapid interpretation of the whole, so profoundly absurd as actually to excite admiration." [123]

Pike also relates: "The Apocalypse, that sublime Kabalistic {Jewish} and prophetic Summary of all the occult figures, divides its images into three Septenaries, after each of which there is silence in Heaven. There are Seven Seals to be opened, that is to say, Seven mysteries to know, and Seven difficulties to overcome, Seven trumpets to sound, and Seven cups to empty. The Apocalypse is, to those who receive the nineteenth Degree, the Apotheosis of that Sublime Faith which aspires to God alone, and despises all the pomps and works of Lucifer. Lucifer, the light bearer! Strange and mysterious name to give to the Spirit of Darkness! Lucifer, the Son of the Morning! Is it he {Lucifer} who bears the Light, and with its splendors intolera­ble blinds feeble, sensual, or selfish Souls? Doubt it not!..." [124]

Illuminist propaganda would have us believe that all those who oppose Christianity are atheists. This is a deliberate lie circulated to hide the secret plans of those who are directing the Luciferian Conspiracy. They remain behind the scenes ‑ their identity and true purpose hidden even from the vast majority of those they deceive into doing their will.

They know that the final success of their diabolical plans to usurp the powers of world government depends on their ability to keep the truth hidden from the people until it's too late to stop its execution. As we shall see, the Illuminati has been working on a definite step‑by‑step plan for the systematic destruction of civilization and the establishment of their despotic rule.

In a remarkable letter dated August 15, 1871, which until recently was on display in the British Museum Library in London, Pike gave Mazzini details of the Luciferian plan for world conquest. In graphic detail he outlined plans for three world wars. He stated that in the third of these wars; "...we shall unleash the Nihilists and Atheists, and we shall provoke a formidable social cataclysm which in all its horror will show clearly to the nations the effect of absolute atheism, origin of savagery and of the most bloody turmoil. Then everywhere, the citizens, obliged to defend themselves against the world minority of revolutionaries, will exterminate those destroyers of civilization, and the multitude, disillusioned with Christianity, whose deistic spirits will from that moment be without compass {direction}, anxious for an ideal, but without knowing where to render its adoration, will receive the pure light through the universal manifestation of the Pure Doctrine of Lucifer, brought finally out in the public view, a manifestation which will result from the general reactionary movement which will follow the destruction of Christianity and atheism, both conquered and exterminated at the same time."

The Bible confirms this Satanic rise to world power. Revelation 13:1‑2, "I...saw a beast {government} rise up out of the sea {of humanity[125]}...and the dragon {Satan‑`[126]} gave him his power, and his seat, and great authority." Political and religious philosophers have long since recognized the fact that the most effective way to conquer a man is to conquer his mind. Education, then, is "where the action is" in the battle to conquer the world. The leaders of the Illuminati realized from the beginning that if they were to succeed in their plan to conquer and rule the world, they had to Gain control of the schools, colleges and universities.

They also recognized the need to infiltrate and strongly influence newspapers, magazines and the publishing houses. The United States, Britain and other nations with a tradition of liberty and freedom were zeroed in on for special "treatment" in this regard! As Lady Queenborough wrote some forty five years ago: "A mind that is positive cannot be controlled. For the purpose of occult dominion minds must therefore be rendered passive and negative in order that control may be achieved. Minds consciously working to a definite end are a power, and power can oppose power for good or for evil. The scheme for world dominion might be doomed by the recognition of this principle alone, but, as it is unfortunately unrecognized, it remains unchallenged. Destruction, Materialism, Imposition. These are the three points of Albert Pike and they seem to be ruling the world today." [127]

Some years ago the President of a small independent college stated that at the turn of the century the educational system jumped the tracks of sanity and went careening off into the wilderness...{and that since then the educators have been funneling poison} "into the plastic, unsuspecting minds" of those entrusted to their care.

Those statements are absolutely right except for one vitally important point: Education didn't "jump the tracks" it was deliberately derailed. Let's understand the facts. Professor Carroll Quigley, in his book Tragedy and Hope, openly boasts that he has been for many years an elitist "Insider" and has a first‑hand knowledge of how the conspiracy has developed around the world. Regarding education in England, he states: "Until 1870 there was no professorship of fine arts at Oxford, but in that year, thanks to the Slade bequest, John Ruskin was named to such a chair. He hit Oxford like an earthquake, not so much because he talked about fine arts, but because he also talked about the empire and England's down‑trodden masses, and above all because he talked about all three of these things as moral issues." [128]

John Ruskin (1819‑1890) was born in London, the son of a prosperous wine merchant from whom he inherited a large fortune. His biographer, Kenneth Clark, tells us that Ruskin; "...saw that the state must take control of the means of production and distribution, and organize them for the good of the community as a whole; but he was prepared to place the control of the state in the hands of a single man. 'My continual aim has been to show the eternal superiority of some men to others sometimes even of one man to all others.' He had a very low opinion of democracy...In spite of its materialistic philosophy, he would, I think, have approved of Communism; the peasant communes in China, in particular, are exactly on his model. He would not have thought the cure worse than the disease because he could not imagine a worse disease than the capitalist society of the nineteenth century." [129] In short, Ruskin's doctrine was Illuminism ‑ pure and simple! This fact was largely hidden behind a carefully erected facade. "Ruskin spoke to the Oxford undergraduates as members of the privileged, ruling class. He told them that they were the possessors of a magnificent tradition of education, beauty, rule of law, freedom, decency and self discipline but that this tradition could not be saved, and did not deserve to be saved, unless it could be extended to the lower classes in England itself and to the non-English masses throughout the world. If this precious tradition were not extended to these two great majorities, the minority of upper‑class Englishmen would ultimately be submerged by these majorities and the tradition lost. To prevent this, the tradition must be extended to the masses and to the empire." [130]Ruskin and his secret backers had thrown out some juicy bait and it was hungrily seized upon by his students, all of whom came out of the "top drawer" of British Society.

"Ruskin's message had a Sensational impact. His inaugural lecture was copied out in longhand by one undergraduate, Cecil Rhodes, who kept it with him for thirty years. Rhodes (1853‑1902) feverishly exploited the diamond and gold fields of South Africa, rose to be prime minister of the Cape Colony (1890‑96), contributed money to political parties, controlled parliamentary seats both in England and South Africa... Rhodes inspired devoted support for his goals from others in South Africa and in England.

With financial support from Lord Rothschild and Alfred Beit, he was able to monopolize the diamond mines of South Africa as Debeers consolidated mines and to build up a great gold mining enterprise as consolidated gold fields. In the middle of the 1890's, Rhodes had a personal income of at least a million pounds sterling a year {then about five million dollars} which was spent so freely for his mysterious purposes that he was usually overdrawn on his account. These purposes centered on his desire to federate the English‑speaking peoples and to bring all the habitable portions of the world under their control. For this purpose, Rhodes left part of his great fortune to found the Rhodes Scholarships at Oxford in order to spread the English ruling‑class tradition throughout the English speaking world as Ruskin had wanted." [131]

Dr. Quigley goes on to tell how many of the members of the British ruling class become "devoted disciples" of Ruskin and "devoted the rest of their lives" to carrying out his ideas. On February 5, 1891, Rhodes' group joined with one from Cambridge University, led by William Stead, " ardent social reformer," to form a "secret society of which Rhodes had been dreaming for sixteen years." [132] This secret society, just like Adam Weishaupt's Illuminati, had "outer circles" known as the "Association of Helpers." "In 1909‑1913 Lord Alfred Milner 'organized semi‑secret groups, known as Round Table Groups, in the chief British dependencies and in the United States. These still function in eight countries. They kept in touch with each other by personal correspondence and frequent visits, and through an influential quarterly magazine, The Round Table, founded in 1910, and largely supported by Sir Abe Bailey's money. In 1919 they founded the Royal Institute of International Affairs {Chatham House} for which the chief financial supporters were Sir Abe Bailey and The Astor Family {owners of The Times}...After 1925, a somewhat similar structure of organizations, known as the Institute of Pacific Relations, was set up in twelve countries holding territory in the Pacific area, the units in each British dominion existing on an interlocking basis with the Round Table Group and the Royal Institute of International Affairs...The power and influence of this Rhodes Milner Group in British imperial affairs and in foreign policy since 1889, although not widely recognized, can hardly be exaggerated. Similar Institutes of International Affairs were established in the chief British dominions and in the United States {Where it is known as the Council on foreign Relations} in the period 1919‑27." [133]

Rockefeller's General Education Board

At the turn of the century, one of the most despised names on the American scene was that of Rockefeller. Old John D. Rockefeller[134] had earned his reputation with unprecedented guile, deceit and greed. His name was synonymous with ruthless exploitation. He often stated; "Competition is a sin." In an effort to change his image {But not his character}, John D. hired Ivy Lee, one of the nation's leading ad men. At Lee's suggestion, Mr. Standard Oily carried a pocketful of dimes around with him and handed them to young children when he made his rare public appearances.

As part of his "image improvement" program, Rockefeller set up a series of foundations and trusts. Outwardly, these were presented to the public as an effort on Rockefeller's part to better the lot of the American people, by financing projects in education, medicine and religion. But, true to John D's "deeply conspiratorial nature," there was always a catch! As Gary Allen points out in his best seller, "The Rockefeller File," "...he had an even more Machiavellian scheme in mind. He would 'give' money away to foundations under his control and then have those foundations spend the money in ways which brought even more power and profits to the Rockefeller Empire. The money 'given' away would be bread cast upon the waters. But bread that almost always had a hook in it. John D. was to refer to this as the 'principle of scientific giving.'"[135]

This fact was clearly demonstrated when it came to Rockefeller's relationship with education. John D. enrolled the aid of Fred Gates, who earlier had enjoyed immense success as a front man for the Pillsbury flour company, to organize his General Education Board.

The real purpose of this board was not, as some were led to believe at the time, to upgrade the standard of American education and so benefit the nation as a whole. Just like Clinton Roosevelt and Albert Pike before them, they showed their hand in their first publication. They followed a pattern laid out over a hundred years earlier by Adam Weishaupt, who wrote; "It is necessary to gain the common people to our order. The best means to that end is influence in the schools."

It would be difficult to express more precisely the objectives of Weishaupt's conspiracy in the field of education propaganda than was done in Occasional Letter No. 1 of Rockefeller's General Education Board issued in 1904. It states, "In our dreams, we have limitless resources and the people yield themselves with perfect docility to our molding hands. The present education conventions fade from their minds, and unhampered by tradition, we work our own good will upon a grateful and responsive rural folk. We shall not try to make these people or any of their children into philosophers or men of learning, or men of science. We have not to raise up from among them authors, editors, poets or men of letters. We shall not search for embryo great artists, painters, musicians nor lawyers, doctors, preachers, politicians, statesmen, of whom we have an ample supply. The task we set before ourselves is very simple as well as a very beautiful one, to train these people as we find them to a perfectly ideal life just where they are. So we will organize our children and teach them to do in a perfect way the things their fathers and mothers are doing in an imperfect way, in the homes, in the shops and on the farm."

All the important elements of Weishaupt's Illuminism are found in this letter. First, we see the pose of "philanthropy;" second, the intent to brain‑wash or "mold" the people; third, the elimination of tradition, science and real learning; fourth, the dictatorship objective; fifth, the intent to regiment the peasants in a caste system "just as they are;" sixth, the plan to reduce national intelligence to the lowest common denominator and to destroy parental influence {and so break up the family}; seventh, total contempt for the peasants; eight, the element of subversion and un‑Americanism ‑ the declared intent to overthrow accepted customs to serve the purposes of the Rockefellers; and, lastly, "perfectibilism," the "perfecting of human nature," which was also Weishaupt's fake "aim."

The corruptive influence that the Rockefeller foundations have had on the American school system is thoroughly documented. When a Congressional Committee, headed by Carroll Reece of Tennessee, tried to hold an open investigation into the activities of the Foundations, they ran into a solid wall of opposition from all the "powers that be" in the nation's capital, and it had to be disbanded. [136]  Four years later, the committee's general counsel, Rene A. Wormser, wrote a very revealing book on the subject called Foundation: Their Power and Influence. He stated that the facts this committee developed; "...leads one to the conclusion that there was, indeed, something in the nature of an actual conspiracy among certain leading educators in the United States to bring about socialism through the use of our school systems...A very powerful complex of foundations and allied organizations has developed over the years to exercise a high degree of control over education. Part of this complex, and ultimately responsible for it, are the Rockefeller and Carnegie groups of foundations."

Rockefeller and his "allies" understood that in order to control the school system they had to gain control of the teachers' colleges. This was accomplished over a period of years by making grants to the leading universities for the alleged purpose of helping them develop and grow. But, true to Rockefeller's "principle of scientific giving," there was a "hook" in every grant. Rockefeller "fronts" always ended up on the boards of the institutions being "helped." This gave them a big "say" in how things were run.

"Progressive" educator John Dewey was a leading figure in their overall plans. As head of the Teachers College at Columbia University he became prominent, and was later the most influential man in American education. In 1919, with Rockefeller money, he founded the Progressive Education Association to promulgate the ideas of his masters. As time went by, Dewey was joined by Ruggs, Counts, Kilpatrick and other "one‑world" Socialists. They succeeded in worming their way into positions of authority and set out to use the educational system as a tool to accomplish their political goals. In their writings and speeches they made no effort to hide the fact that their main objective was to lead the American nation ‑ like a flock of dumb, unsuspecting sheep in a Pied Piper procession into a socialist "one‑world" Utopia where they would, like in every other fairy tale, "live happily ever after." A few quotations should serve to prove this point.

In 1933, Dr. Harold Ruggs, in his book The Great Technology, revealed how they planned to bring America into the bondage of a Socialist state: "A new public mind is to be created. How? Only by creating tens of millions of new individual minds and welding them into a new social mind. Old stereotypes must be broken up and new 'climates of opinion' formed in the neighborhoods of America." [137]; "...through the schools of the world we shall disseminate a new conception of government ‑ one that will embrace all the collective activities of men, one that will postulate the need of scientific control and operation of economic activities in the interest of all people." [138]

Dr. George Counts, a professor of education and a leading member of Dewey's "Frontier Thinkers," wrote that; "...the teachers should reach for power and then make the most of their conquest...To the extent that they are allowed to fashion the curriculum and procedures of the school will definitely and positively influence social attitudes, ideals and behavior of the coming generation." [139]

In the 1934 Report on Education, produced by the American Historical Association and sponsored by the Carnegie Foundation, Counts wrote,  "...the age of individualism and laissez‑faire {freedom} in economy and government is closing and a new age of collectivism is emerging."

In an article in the New Republic, July 29, 1936, the leading British Socialist, Harold Laski, stated; "...stripped of its carefully neutral phrases the Report is an educational program for a Socialist America."  Counts and his associates never denied this fact. They stated that to achieve their objective, basic "changes in our ideals" were needed. [140] How are the changes in the ideals of a nation brought about?

Simply by changing WHAT is taught in the schools, colleges and universities ‑ in the churches and in the mass media. To accomplish the former goal, the new authorities in education had most of the basic textbooks scrapped or rewritten to plug the new Socialist line. Many new textbooks made their appearance in classrooms all specifically designed to undermine traditional values and to brainwash the students into the acceptance of Socialism in which "big brother" government would influence or control virtually every phase of peoples' lives.

The battle was on for the minds of the nation's youth, and the Socialists threw everything into their Blitzkrieg‑ type assault: no holds were barred. Newspapers, magazines and radio stations, all of which had been infiltrated by Leftists, Communists and owned and controlled by the anti‑Christ Jews, which took up the Socialist {Read that Communist} cause and the public was subjected to a subtle propaganda bombardment to further; "The Creation of a New Social Mind."

At first there were loud protests from those alert enough to realize that something was drastically wrong. The "progressive" educators changed their tactics: their attacks on the nation's heroes, customs and heritage were changed from being open to being implied and were thus much harder to detect by those who were not analyzing and weighing every word. From being nation‑building institutions ‑ foundational pillars in a basically sound society ‑ the school and college systems were transformed into what has rightly been termed "incubators of degeneracy."

When we look at "education" today we see a situation which is very encouraging, even inspiring ‑ To our Enemies! The creators of "a new social mind" have done a through job! Take, for example, the inroads made by pornography in our society: "What are the real motives of the intellectual pornophiles?

They appear to be mixed. Some, no doubt, genuinely believe it should be available 'by right' as a 'harmless' ingredient of a free society. But there is little doubt that others are defending it as a tool to ultimately help destroy the free society that spawns it, and thus destroy the truly worthwhile values of that society. If they can use pornography to help erode and sap the strength of a society whole present structure they wish to see swept away, well and good...It is an ideal weapon to use to weaken Western civilization, to undermine the foundations of our society, and thus to pave the way for a new ‑ presumably Marxist ‑ society...

Why is it that the millions of upright, law‑abiding citizens who do not go along with this boon in pornography just sit back and do nothing while our once stable society is being mauled by the media to the applause of the ignoramuses of the intellectual fringe and the Conspirators of the far left?" [141]

One has only to listen to the average "man {or woman} in the street" ‑ or question their beliefs {or lack of them} ‑ to understand the reason, and to realize the stunning and frightening success of the Conspiracy's onslaught through the schools and other media. Mostly, their reasoning processes have been so warped and bent out of shape by having liberal propaganda pumped into their plastic, unsuspecting minds from their earliest consciousness, that they have no real foundation on which to base decisions relating to real life.

They have not been trained to face up to real life situations ‑ life as it really is. The educational process has taught them to earn a living but it has never taught them how to live. There is a vast difference. Admiral Hyman Rickover summed up the situation well when he said: "America is reaping the consequences of the destruction of traditional education by the Dewey‑Kilpatrick experimental philosophy...Dewey's ideas have led to the elimination of many academic subjects on the ground that they would not be useful in life...

The student thus receives neither intellectual training nor the factual knowledge which will help him understand the world he lives in, or to make well‑rounded decisions in his private life or as a responsible citizen." [142] The awful truth of the Admiral's words should be startlingly evident when we look closely at society "like it really is." The aims expressed in Rockefeller's Occasional Letter Number One are being fulfilled!

Karl Marx

It has been said with good reason, the origin of Leninism and Bolshevism was firstly the Encyclopedists, and secondly, Marxist and other Socialist systems. The first were the atheists, philosophies, and economists of the Hotel d'Holbach, a lodge or literary academy founded about 1769, of which Voltaire was honorary and permanent president, having d'Alembert, Condorcet, Diderot, La Harpe, and others as members.

Most books and pamphlets against religion, morals, and the Government were written and controlled by them; in this lodge they were revised, added to, cut, and corrected to suit their revolutionary propaganda, creating the mental, moral, and political outlook which brought about the French Revolution of 1789. Further, we have shown how Freemasonry, Carbonarism, and Martinism spread their cankers, secretly initiating the ideas which eventually led in part to the Russian Revolution of 1917.

Out of this secret Masonry was built up the simpler outside manifestations, the Marxist and other Socialist systems, which in Russia culminated in the present Society regime of collectivism, slavery, immorality, and atheism. Their aim was that of Weishaupt ‑‑ liberty and equality of the forests, upon the ruins of religion and property. In 1850 several towns of Germany possessed workers' associations called communes. The heads of this conspiracy were Engels and Marx, and at the head of their manifesto, 1851, was written: "Proletarians of all countries unite!"

In 1862 the association developed immensely under the name of the International Association of Workers, and finally in 1864, at an assembly of workers in London, a committee was nominated of fifty members, who elaborated the statutes. Mazzini's manifesto and statutes were rejected and those of Marx unanimously adopted and ratified later at the Congress of Geneva in 1866. The International had two characteristics: the simple, non‑political Socialists, and the political Jacobin Socialists; it is also curious to note that the latter almost inevitably eliminated or absorbed the former. Each year the all‑supreme Congress indicated the seat of the General Council and nominated its members. This seat was at first in London, but in 1873 it was transferred to New York.

From 1864 to 1870 the International continued to develop; at its congresses the most revolutionary motions were heard and applauded, and in 1870 it was the promoter of the short‑lived Paris Commune. Everywhere it was felt; the poison of its doctrines ate into the social life of all countries. As Dupont said at the Brussels Congress: "We no longer want Governments, for Governments crush us with taxes...we no longer want armies, for armies massacre us; we no longer want religion, for religion stifles the intelligence."

And at a meeting of the International in London, 1869, Vezinier said: "The negation of Divinity is to affirm man in his strength and liberty. As for the family, we repudiate it with all our force in the name of the emancipation of mankind..."

Besides the proletarian International and the universal republican International, there was that of L'Alliance Internationale de la democratie‑socialiste, organized by Bakunin, 1850‑1860, which published its manifesto in 1868. It aimed at the complete leveling of all men, it declared itself atheist, it desired the abolition of cults, the substitution of science for faith, and human justice for Divine justice. The workers' International inscribed on its banner: "Community of Property;" the republicans' International: "Community of Power;" the democrats' International: "Community of Property, Power, Women, and War Against God." This last was more terrible because of its advanced negations. In 1860 this Socialist‑Democrats' International was affiliated to the International of the Workers, retaining a secret organization, becoming a state within a state. Trouble arose, and the alliance was dissolved, but was soon reorganized by Bakunin as the Federation jurassienne, and was excommunicated later by the International Congress at The Hague. Of these anarchists the Nihilist Kropotkin wrote: "Two great currents of ideas were found, the popular State and Anarchy ‑‑ 'an‑archy,' that is to say, complete abolition of States and organization of free federation of popular forces, production, and consumption."

In Russia the Nihilists were what the Socialist‑Democrats, or the Federation jurassienne, were elsewhere, only they increased to the utmost the principles of anarchy and destruction. Their dogma, which has given them their name, is that all is nothingness, zero, such as we find among the Manichaeans and Martinists; they profess gross materialism, a return to nature. As Winterer wrote: "Nihilism is not a system, it is a negation of all religious, moral, political, and social order." It spread like the canker it was throughout Russia, and deeply attacked all organs of the social body; it included all ranks of Russian society ‑‑ nobility, clergy, bourgeois and officials, but few peasants. Its most valuable members were the cultured women of the universities.

The heads of Nihilism were not in Russia, but in Western Europe, chiefly Switzerland. As Winterer continued: "If Nihilism could for a short time only have at its disposal the enormous resources of the immense Empire, we would see a devastating torrent such as the world has never seen before precipitate itself from east to west, carrying upon the entire continent its terrible ravages."

The creators of theoretic Marxism were Jews, or of Jewish families, from Karl Marx to Trotsky and his band. The Jew, Dr. Angelo Rappoport, member of the Bund and of the Poale Sion, in his book, The Pioneers of the Russian Revolution, in 1918, wrote: "The Bund, or General Union of the Jewish Workers, was founded in 1897. it is a political and economic association of the proletarian Jews...It carried on active propaganda in Yiddish...[it] served as model to those who fought for liberty and were pioneers of the Russian Revolution. There was not a political organization in the vast Empire which was not influenced by the Jews or directed by them ‑‑ the Social‑Democrats, the Revolutionary Socialist parties, and the Polish Socialist Party, all had Jews among their directors..."

Moreover, The Jewish World, June 25, 1931 said: "The real author of the Five‑Years' Plan, Kaganovitz, is a Jew, and what is more, a great favorite of Stalin."

Are we not, in Bolshevism, witnessing that devastating torrent, feared by Winterer, having at its disposal the enormous resources of the immense Empire, pouring its ravages ‑ economic, social, religious, and political into the life of all countries, working for this Jewish World Revolution and World Domination. In his book, "Le Temps de la Colere," 1932, R. Vallery‑Radot writes: "It is well to observe that in April 1917, the Judeo‑Mason and financier of Wall Street, Jacob Schiff head of the firm of Kuhn Loeb and Co., had publicly boasted of having had a share in the Russian Revolution."

And of the Bolshevik philosophy, M. Pierre Dominique, editor of "La Republique," said: "The Bolsheviks have therefore a philosophy. Let us ask from whence have they got it? To be frank, they have drawn this philosophy from L'Encyclopedie, which was a vast enterprise of atheism and which, politically speaking, expressed itself in a precise way at the end of the eighteenth century by the French Revolution. They are attached to a philosophy which we find at the root of all socialist systems propagated during the nineteenth century, and particularly at the root of the Marx system. Thus its early source: L'Encyclopedie; later source and very diverse: the series of contemporaneous socialist systems... Such are the deep origins of Leninism and of the Soviet revolution."

Further, both Bolshevism and Judeo‑Masonry work for a Universal Republic by World Revolution. In his Catechism, as given in the Revue des Deux Mondes, June 1, 1889, Bakunin describes the revolutionary tool: "The revolutionary is a man dedicated. He must have nether personal interests, business, sentiments, nor property. He must be absolutely absorbed in a single exclusive interest, a single thought, a single passion, revolution. He despises and hates actual morals; for him all is moral which favors the triumph of revolution, and immoral and criminal which impedes it. Between him and society there is a fight to the death, incessant and irreconcilable. He must be prepared to die, to endure torture, to put to death with his own hands all those who are obstacles to revolution. So much the worse for him if he has in this world links of family, friendship, or love. He is not a true revolutionary if his attachments stop his arm. Nevertheless, he must live in the midst of society feigning to be what he is not. He must penetrate everywhere, among the upper classes as among the middle, in the shop, the Church, the Army, the literary world, the secret police, and even the Imperial parlour. He must consider his subordinates as part of the revolutionary capital placed at his disposal, and he must dispose of it economically so as to draw all possible profit from it."

Further one reads in the statutes of L'Alliance humanitaire universelle: "Kings, nobles, the aristocracy of money, employees of the police or of the administration, priests, and permanent armies are the enemies of mankind. Against them one has every right and every duty. All is permitted to annihilate them: violence, ruse, shot and shell, poison, and the dagger; the end sanctifies the means."

The mind is delicate and it can be manipulated. It doesn't make any difference if it is the followers of the Jim Jones cult or a President of the United States or a Prince of Wales. When a secret society, using the occult, initiates a member, he or she is almost always captured for life. There hasn't been a war or a revolution that has occurred since Oliver Cromwell that hasn't used the secret societies and the occult to prepare, not only the target country but the invading country, for the onslaught that is to follow.

The late war with Iraq was a prime example. The propagandizing of the American people was a wonder to behold. It is beyond description as to how successful the propaganda was. Another factor that is common to this new system of using the secret societies and the occult to control the world is the total disregard for human life. This system is totally ruthless and it pales by comparison any technique used in past times. "There is scarcely an event in modern history that cannot be traced to the Jews. We Jews today, are nothing else but the world's seducers, its destroyer's, its incendiaries." [143]

This was also demonstrated in Iraq, when the Iraq solders believed President Bush when he told them, if they would lay down their arms and return to Iraq they would be left unharmed. So they did. Then after they began leaving and had a caravan about 20 miles long, President Bush ordered the air-force to attack the unarmed troops. Almost 300,000 were totally destroyed.  "If a man vow a vow unto the Lord, or swear an oath to bind his soul with a bond; he shall not break his word, he shall do according to all that proce­edeth out of his mouth." [144]

So, it is the occult that is the driving force behind the secret societies and it is the secret societies that penetrate and manipulate the governments of the world for their own sinister purposes. That sinister purpose is to force the world into a one‑world government and the important part of this phenomenon is that the peoples of the world will also be driven into a one‑world religion (Judaism) and the occult along with the world government. What is meant by the word occult, anyway? In the most simple terms it means the misuse of the supernatural. One may even question the term "supernatural." To do so would be a grave mistake. In the Book of Deuteronomy, Chapter Eighteen, we read this, beginning with verse nine: "When thou art come into the land which the Lord thy God giveth thee, thou shalt not learn to do after the abominations of those nations. There shall not be found among you any one that maketh his son or his daughter to pass through the fire, or that useth divination, or an observer of times, or an enchanter, or a witch, Or a charmer, or a consulter with familiar spirits, or a wizard, or a necromancer."

It is simple deduction to realize that such occultish practices are possible, at least to a degree, or God wouldn't have said that we shouldn't do them! When Moses tried to get Pharaoh to let the people of Israel go, God caused Moses and Aaron to use powers that were not commonly used. Pharaoh and his magicians could do the same thing.

Some people think therefore that Moses and Aaron were into the occult. No, they were given the ability for good. Pharaoh and his magi used the power for evil. A few years ago a pastor in New Mexico gave a message titled "Resolve to Understand the Evil Forces" that showed the technical use of some of this unseen energy. One must think the world is still flat to deny that the atomic structure of every creature and material is made up of electrons, protons and free electrons. And those free electrons can be very readily manipulated, either for good or for evil. You receive electricity in your house wiring because free electrons are being manipulated in the wires. That is energy and it can be manipulated for good or for evil.

The occult is as old as the hills. It predates Adamic man by many ages of time. Some of it has utilized the knowledge of the "body electric." [145] but much of it uses the manipulation of the mind. This is accomplished through incantations, charms and psychedelic drugs such as LSD or the natural root of the Pyote plant. There are many different forms of these drugs. As you can see, some of this can be used for good and all of it can be used for evil. With man's propensity for the evil, since we are all born with a carnal mind, the occultists realize the power is available to them to rule the world if they control those forces.

When we don't understand something, it can easily be called the supernatural. When we understand it we consider it just a part of science and engineering. A short one hundred years ago people would have called it the supernatural if they had seen a television, a radio, an airplane, an automobile and the list could go on and on. Any of these things can be used for good or for bad. There is power in the skill and hands of a nurse. She can make a sick patient feel so much better simply because she is there, touching, smiling, talking in a sweet and reassuring voice. A reflexologist is manipulating the body electric.

The heart specialist installs a pace‑maker to force the body electric to operate the heart properly. The electrocardiograph measures the body electric with respect to the heart functions. The electric functions of the brain are measured in the same way. The electroencephalogram is a tracing showing the changes in the electric potentials within the brain. All of these things are considered to be good. But they can be used for evil. We all know that the earth has a magnetic North and South pole. The magnetic line‑of‑force flowing between those two poles radiate outward into the near space as well as through the center of the earth.

The ionosphere which surrounds the earth is a form of magnetic barrier. For the purpose of explanation, consider the ionosphere like a basket ball. Consider the earth, which is totally within the ionosphere, as a smaller soccer ball. These two balls are suspended from each other and the magnetic lines‑of‑force within the space between the two balls is constantly undulating, so‑to‑speak, at a rate of between seven and eight cycles per second. All the creatures on earth, as well as all the life forces such as the weather, are in consonance with that undulating magnetic force. If there is any force, either external to the earth or local, that forces a change in the natural frequency of seven to eight cycles per second, we physically and mentally react.

There are two parts within the brain that react to any magnetic change that is forced upon it. First, any direct magnetic energy is received in the front part of the surface of the brain, which is called the cerebral cortex. It is thought that the RNA [which is the Amino Acid that is said to feed the DNA] is the receptor for the magnetic pulses. The pulses are received directly by the RNA and are transmitted to the body electric.

The second means of a receiving energy which modifies the magnetic forces within the body is by light pulses through the eyes. When a bright light is pulsed and seen by the eye, the pulse is transmitted via the nerves of the eye to the rear portion of the brain, called the occipital cortex. There it is changed into a magnetic pulse and transmitted throughout the body electric.

If the pulses of magnetic energy go below the normal seven to eight undulations per second, the human body becomes depressed. This depression can be so severe that a form of epileptic seizure takes place. Pilots of propeller‑driven airplanes are subject to a phenomenon called flicker vertigo or photic stimulation when the engine is powered back to an idle speed of about 500 revolutions per minute. If the pilot looks through the turning propeller into the sun, he is subject to blacking out because it would have been a harmonic of that critical frequency. The ancient Romans tested for this epileptic type phenomenon when buying slaves by rotating a spoked wheel in front of a fire. The slaves who blacked out were destroyed. On the other hand, if that strobed pulse is raised above the seven to eight cycles per second, an elated feeling is realized. This is the reason why at rock dance halls the strobe lights cause all sorts of bizarre responses form those in attendance.

Now with that brief quasi‑technical explanation of how external magnetic and light pulses effect the body electric, we can continue with the explanation of the occult powers for evil. One can say that the occult can be defined as using that energy that God provided in a manner that can be considered evil.

There are hundreds and hundreds of such organizations and probably the most comprehensive listing of such groups can be found in Lady Queenborough's Occult Theocracy, The Trail of the Serpent, by Miss Stoddard, Father of Lies by Warren Weston and The Occult Philosophy by Frances A. Yates. From The Trail of the Serpent we read in the foreword, "Going back to Patriarchal times, we attempt to trace, step by step, the worship of the ancient Serpent, the Creative Principle, the god of all initiates, from the early Cabiri, through Paganism to the pseudo‑Christianity of the Gnostics and the Cabalists, these latter largely emanating under the influence of the Hellenized Jews of Alexandria. We have endeavored to prove that the aim, in the higher grades of these varied mysteries and cults, is to awaken this serpent, the Sex Force or 'god within' man, raising it by processes and yogi methods, uniting it with the Universal Creative Principle without developing the latent senses or, so to say, deifying the adept, but only that he may be enslaved by some astute, outside and stronger mind or group of minds, who, it would seem, seek to rule the nations through Hypnotically controlled adepts. For one and all of these modern mysteries are dominated and ruled by some unknown hierarchy, just as in the Ancient Mysteries the Egyptian high‑ priests were the masters of the old world through their knowledge and power to manipulate these invisible serpent forces, the Magnetic Forces of all nature, by means of which they bound and dominated the mystics (mysteries) and even the epoptes (Greek for one initiated in the mysteries) and through them the masses.

     These revolutionary mysteries first appear as pseudo‑religio­ns, until by means of some kind of seemingly religious uplift the necessary link with the master‑mind is formed. Then it becomes openly political and revolutionary, subverting all aspects of the nation's life, seeking by internationalism and universalism to unify all peoples, socially, economically, politically, in arts and religion, preparing for some New Era, some New Heaven and New Earth. We have finally sought to materialize these invisible masters and, allowing the Cabalists to speak for themselves, we arrive at the revolutionary and cabalistic Jew, the most cosmopolitan of peoples, who look for the coming of their Messianic Era. To some of these the Messiah is their race and their race is their god, the Tetragrammation, the Creative Principle, this Serpent Power, binding and unifying, leading to the hope of merging all races, all faiths under the Law of this their Unity of Race, thus creating the 'Greater Judaism' spoken of by the Jewish World, February, 9 and 16, 1983."

                                                                                               The Communist Catechism


     "One cannot fully understand communism without understanding thoroughly the towering importance of this 'Catechism.' Here is the real secret that makes communism work so effectively in fomenting revolution in every land. One will never truly comprehend the psychology of the communist as a person, nor the amazing success communism as a movement has achieved without first weighing Nechayev's contribution to Marxism-Leninism through his advocacy of self-destruction as a fundamental principle of revolution! Nechayev's name is, today, almost unknown. Yet it should be added Marx's and Lenin's as those of the major geniuses of evil whose impact upon history has forever changed the world. Marxism would be only another sterile economic theory without Lenin's practicality. Lenin would himself have been only an ineffective socialist revolutionary without Marx and Nechayev. In a word, it is socialism pluw 'Nechayevism' which equals communism! There is no single document in the possession of the serious student of communism that approaches Nechayev's 'Catechism' in importance for deep insight into the actual nature of communism. It surpasses in significance even the writings of Marx himself. The Revolutionary Catechism transformed Lenin into a worthless, murderous monster.

It gave him the dreadful instrument that has made communism the most important and sinister movement of the 20th Century. It is the guide to power, the means of the transformation of ordinary men into the 'New Communist Men,' and much more. When you read the 'Catechism' you will hear (horribly perverted) echoes of the blazing missionary zeal and self denial of early Christianity.

More than any other document, the 'Catechism' is the illustration of the fact that 'communism is the perversion of Christianity.' Any person who reads and understands the importance of the 'Catechism' will never again refer to communism as merely another political movement. It is vastly more than politics.

     Nothing could possibly be more useful than that everyone who seeks to combat communism become fully acquainted with the Revolutionary Catechism. It is still today the dreadful secret behind communism. It is the reason that there can be no compromise with the communists, no negotiations, no appeasement. Read it for yourself and fear! This is the true measure of your enemy!

     People who have wondered as to the source of the astounding power of communism need do so no longer. The secret is out! It begins by the transformation of the spiritually destitute individual into a destructive revolutionist, using a strange process called dehumanization. In 1873, Sergey Nechayev, an obscure Russian Jewish revolutionary, aged 24, stood trial before a court in Moscow, charged with murder. His real crime was even greater. 'He discovered the key to the box containing the forces of dissolution which destroy the state. He knew this and the court was perfectly aware that he knew it. Every day the minutes of the trial were laid before a Czar...' [146]

     Nechayev, though very young, was already an important leader of the vast conspiratorial revolutionary movement that was secretly spinning its spider's web across the whole of Russia. Abut 1873, he wrote a document which Lenin was to read and follow to the letter all the days of his life. It was this document called, 'The Revolutionary Catechism,' which provided Lenin with the formula with which he made Marxism into what communists call, 'Marxist-Leninism.' Nechavyev died in prison in 1882 but his associates had brought the Revolutionary Catechism to the personal attention of Lenin.

'The Bolshevik revolution in Russia was the work of Jewish brains, of Jewish dissatisfaction, of Jewish planning, whose goal is to create a new order in the world. What was performed in so excellent a way in Russia, thanks to Jewish brains, and because of Jewish dissatisfaction and by Jewish planning, shall also, through the same Jewish mental an physical forces, become a reality all over the world.' [147]

     Lenin later spoke of Nechayev as, 'this titanic revolutionary who gave his every such startling formulation that they were forever printed on the memory.' Lenin himself added, 'All of Nechayev should be published. It is necessary to learn and seek out everything he wrote." Lenin used the principles of this brutal Revolutionary Catechism to come to power. More importantly, he used them to insure that communism would stay in power (a historically unique secret which no other tyranny has known), and to spread the communist revolution throughout the earth.

The Revolutionary Catechism

                                                                                (The Communist Catechism, by Sergey Nechayev (1847-1882)).

The Duties of the Revolutionary Toward Himself

from The Life and Death of Lenin by Robert Payne

1). The revolutionary is a doomed man. He has no personal interests, no business affairs, no emotions, no business affairs, no emotions, no attachments, no property and no name. Everything in him is wholly absorbed in the single thought and the single passion for revolution.

2). The revolutionary knows that in the very depths of his being, not only in words but also in deeds, he has broken all the bonds which tie him to the social order and the civilized world with all its laws, moralities and customs and with all its generally accepted conventions. He is their implacable enemy and if he continues to live with them, it is only in order to destroy them more speedily.

3). The revolutionary despises all doctrines and refuses to accept the mundane sciences, leaving them for future generations. He knows only one science: the science of destruction. For this reason, but only for this reason, he will study mechanics, physics, chemistry and perhaps medicine. But all day and all night he studies the vital science of human beings, their characteristics and circumstances, and all the phenomena of the present social order. The object is perpetually the same; the surest and quickest way of destroying the whole order.

4). The revolutionary despises public opinion. He despises and hates the existing social morality in all its manifestations. For him, morality contributes to the triumph of the revolution. Immoral and criminal is everything that stands in its way.

5). The revolutionary is a dedicated man, merciless toward the State and toward the educated classes; and he can expect no mercy from them. Between him and them there exists, declared or concealed, a relentless and irreconcilable war to the death. He must accustom himself to torture.

6). Tyrannical toward himself, he must be tyrannical toward others. All the gentle and enervating sentiments of kinship, love, friendship, gratitude and even honor must be suppressed in him and give place to the cold and single-minded passion for revolution. For him there exists only one pleasure, one consolation, one reward, one satisfaction, the success of the revolution. Night and day he must have but one thought, one aim, merciless destruction. Striving cold bloodedly and indefatigably toward this end, he must be prepared to destroy himself and to destroy with his own hands everything that stands in the path of the revolution.

7). The nature of the true revolutionary excludes all sentimentally, romanticism, infatuation and exaltation. All private hatred and revenge must also be excluded. Revolutionary passion, practices at every moment of the day until it becomes a habit. It is to be employed with cold calculation. At all times and in all places the revolutionary must obey, not his personal impulses, but only those which serve the cause of the revolution.

The Relations of the Revolutionary

Toward His Comrades

8). The revolutionary can have no friendship or attachment except for those who have proved by their actions that they, like him, are dedicated to revolution. The degree of friendship, devotion and obligation toward such a comrade is determined solely by the degree of his usefulness to the cause of total revolutionary destruction.

9). It is superfluous to speak of solidarity among revolutionaries. The whole strength of revolutionary work lies in this. Comrades who possess the same revolutionary passion and understanding should, as much as possible, deliberate all important matters together and come to unanimous conclusions. When the plan is finally decided upon, then the  revolutionary must rely solely on himself. In carrying out acts of destruction each one should act alone, never running to another for advice and assistance except when these are necessary for the furtherance of the plan.

10). All revolutionaries should have under them second-or third-degree revolutionaries, i.e., comrades who are not completely initiated. These should be regarded as part of the common revolutionary capital placed at his disposal. This capital should, of course, be spent as economically as possible in order to derive from it the greatest possible profit. The real revolutionary should regard himself as capital consecrated to the triumph of the revolution; however, he may not personally and alone dispose of that capital without the unanimous consent of the fully initiated comrades.

11). When a comrade is in danger and the question arises whether he should be saved or not saved, the decision must not be arrived at on the basis of sentiment, but solely in the interests of the revolutionary cause. Therefore, it is necessary to weigh carefully the usefulness of the comrade against the expenditure of the revolutionary forces necessary to save him, and the decision must be made accordingly.

12). The new member, having given proof of his loyalty not by words but by deeds can be received into the society only by the unanimous agreement of all the members.

13). The revolutionary enters the world of the state, of the privileged classes, of the so-called civilization, and he lives in this world only for the purpose of bringing about its speedy and total destruction. He is not a revolutionary if he has any sympathy for this world. He should not hesitate to destroy any position, any place, or any man in this world. He must hate everyone and everything in it with an equal hatred. All the worse for him if he has any relations with parents, friends or lovers, he is no longer a revolutionary if he is swayed by these relationships. "We Jews, we are the destroyers and will remain the destroyers. Nothing you can do will meet our demands and needs. We will forever destroy because we want a world of our own." [148]

14). Aiming at implacable revolution, the revolutionary may and frequently must live within society while pretending to be completely different from what he really is, for he must penetrate everywhere, into all the higher and middle class, into the houses of commerce, the churches and the palaces of the aristocracy, and into the worlds of the bureaucracy and literature and the military, and also into the Third Division and the winter Palace of the Tsar.

15). This filthy social order can be split up into several categories. The first category comprises those who must be condemned to death without delay. Comrades should compile a list of those to be condemned according to the relative gravity of their crimes; and the executions should be carried out according to the prepared order.

16). When a list of those who are condemned is made and the order of execution is prepared, no private sense of outrage should be considered, nor is it necessary to pay attention to the hatred provoked by these people among the comrades or the people. Hatred and the sense of outrage may even be useful in so far as they incite the masses to revolt. It is necessary to be guided only by the relative usefulness of these executions for the sake of the revolution. Above all, those who are especially inimical to the revolutionary organization must be destroyed, their violent and sudden deaths will produce the utmost panic in the government, depriving it of its will to action by removing the cleverest and most energetic supporters.

"All communists, whether they know it or not, are still following Nechayev's soul-shattering covenant with death and destruction." [149]

17). The second group compresses those who will be spared for the time being in order that, by a series of monstrous acts, they may drive the people into inevitable revolt.

18). The third category consists of a great many brutes in high positions distinguished neither by their cleverness nor their energy, while enjoying riches, influence, power and high positions by the virtue of their rank. These must be exploited in every possible way; they must be implicated and embroiled in our affairs, their dirty secrets must be ferreted out, and they must be transformed into slaves. Their power, influence and connections, their wealth and their energy will form an inexhaustible treasure and a precious help in all our undertakings.

19). The fourth category comprises ambitious officeholders and liberals of various shades of opinion. The revolutionary must pretend to collaborate with them, blindly following them, while at the same time prying out their secrets until they are completely in his power. They must be so compromised that there is no way out for them, and then they can be used to create disorder in the state.

20). The fifth category consists of those doctrinaire, conspirators and revolutionists who cut a great figure on paper or in their cliques. They must be constantly driven on to make compromising declarations: as a result the majority of them will be destroyed, while a minority will become genuine revolutionaries.

21). The sixth category is divided into three main group. First, those frivolous, thoughtless and vapid women, whom we shall use as we use the third and fourth category of men. Second, women who are ardent, capable and devoted, but who do not belong to us because they have not yet achieved a passionless and austere revolutionary understanding; these must be used like the men of the fifth category. Finally, there are the women who are completely on our side, i.e., those who are wholly dedicated and who have accepted our program in its entirety. We should regard these women as the most valuable of our treasures; without their help we would never succeed.[150]

There can be no doubt in anyone's mind that he had been introduced to the plans of the Learned Elders of Zion, by the Jewish Hidden Hand! The words sex‑force was emphasized to show that the occultists believe that the sex‑force is the most powerful force in the world, even surpassing the power of God Himself. It is through this belief that another phenomenon surrounding the secret societies and the occult can be discussed. The sex‑force they believe in is not necessarily limited to the normal relationship with man and woman, husband and wife. The sex‑force that the occultist believes in is that of the male aggressiveness towards sex in general.

Thus, we can readily see why phallic worship, represented in the obelisk, is so prevalent throughout the world. Who is it that provides some cities of the United States with the obelisk? Who provided the Washington monument? It was the Masons, a secret society and heavily into the occult. That sex‑force they describe supersedes normal sexual relationships. The Masonic review L'Accacia wrote: "Between Church and Freemasonry it is a war to the death, without mercy."

And comparing this Judeo‑Masonry and Revolution, M. Xavier Vallat aptly explains: "Therefore we have on one side an organization in appearance essentially anti‑religious, Freemasonry, and it is found that in addition it follows a revolutionary, social, and political aim! On the other side a Revolution in appearance political and social, today unveils itself as being profoundly atheistical! This singular meeting behind the mask of violent antagonism is of a nature to cause awakened minds to think." [151]

The revolutionary means of propaganda differs from that of yesterday only in its increased and extended field and facilities, including such international intercommunications as press, radio, movies, etc. We have also our modern Encyclopedists, who are not a bit less powerful or persistent than those of the eighteenth century. Writing of that century in his Paroles d'un revolte, the noted Nihilist Kropotkin said:  "The brochure placed within reach of the masses the ideas of the philosophies and economists, precursors of the Revolution; pamphlets and leaflets stirred up agitation by attacking the three principal enemies: the King and his court, the aristocracy, the clergy.

They did not theorize, they derided...the police in vain raided the libraries and arrested colporteurs; the unknown authors escaped to continue their work...Placards printed or written by hand appeared on every occasion when something happened to interest the public...It awakened in the hearts of the peasants, workers, and bourgeois hatred against their enemies, it announced the day of liberation and vengeance...It overran the villages and prepared minds."

Today in every country the Moscow‑directed, Zionist controlled Communists have their centers of activity, their pamphlets, and their journals of revolt against capital, civil, and religious authority; their single though, their single passion, the creation of a Soviet machine working for World Revolution which would bring in, not as they think, the reign of democracy, but that of unknown taskmasters whose slaves they would eventually become. To quote M.R. Vallery‑Radot again: "Having exiled the gods from the city, the modern world seeks for something to replace them, they know not what, which exists nowhere...As on the eve of the Revolution, we perceive on the surface a diffused odor of heresy: the same treachery of words, the same confusion of principles...strange apostles try to reconcile with Christianity the Masonic ideologies of Democracy, Humanity, Society, Progress, Pacifism, and Internationalism; by unavoidable but unilateral endosmose their dogmas dilute themselves into abstractions, their mysteries into politics."

Again: "It is, that the Peace, whose fruits we are tasting today, should have nothing in common with former Treaties. It would accomplish the great Masonic plan sketched in 1789, taken up again in 1830, then in 1848 and in 1870, by proclaiming the coming of Universal Democracy."

What was said by Disraeli in 1876 might still be applied to present world conditions:  "The Governments of this country have to deal, not only with Governments, emperors, kings, and ministers, but also with secret societies, elements which must be taken into account, which at the last moment can bring all plans to naught, which have agents everywhere, agents without scruples, who incite assassinations and can, if necessary, lead a massacre."

And according to Disraeli men of the Jewish race were found at the head of every such political secret society. George Sand also wrote: "There are moments when the history of Empires only nominally exists, and when there is nothing really alive but the sects hidden within them."

The mother of all these secret societies is Judeo‑Masonry, whose principles are identical with those realized with Revolution. As Claudio Jannet says: "It extends itself throughout the entire world, covering itself with mystery, acting in all parts of the social body...binding within it, by secret links, individual societies apparently most different. Its doctrines are everywhere the same; its unity, its universality thus explains the unity and universality of Revolution."

As to the directing power, in the report of the Third Congress at Nancy, 1882, the orator, Knight Kadosch, believed that the last degrees carried on an International Masonic work of very great penetration, and that probably from there came those mysterious words which in the center of uprisings passed at times through the crowds, setting them on fire "for the good of humanity."

This secret hierarchy was also said to be Rosicrucian, a kind of Third Order, such as the "Hidden Chiefs" of the Stella Matutina. Rene Guenon, orientalist, moreover explains in the Voile d'Isis, January 1933: "Even if certain of these organizations, among the most outside, find themselves in opposition to each other, that will in no way prevent the effective existence of unity of direction. To sum up, there is something comparable to the role played by different actors in the same play in a theater, and who, although opposed to each other none the less agree in the progress of the whole; each organization also plays the role to which it is destined; and this can extend also to the esoteric domain where the elements which fight against one another none the less all obey, although quite unconsciously and involuntarily, a single direction whose existence they do not even suspect."

And as Henri Misley, who took an active part in Italy's revolutions about 1830, said: "I know the world a little, and I know that in all this great future that is being prepared, there are only four or five who hold the cards. A greater number believe they old them, but the deceive themselves."

Again, in the Congress at Nancy, 1882, it was said: "What force will not Masonry have upon the outside world, when around each lodge will exist a crowd of societies whose member, ten or fifteen times more numerous than the Masons, will receive inspiration and aim from the Masons, and will unit their efforts with our for the great work which we pursue. Within this circle once founded, one must perpetuate with care a nucleus of young Masons in such a way that the young people of the schools will find themselves directly subjected to Masonic influence."

In the Convent, Grand Orient of France, 1923, it was resolved: "An active propaganda is urgent, so that Freemasonry shall again become the inspirer, the mistress of the ideas through which democracy is to be brought to perfection...To influence social elements by spreading widely the teaching received within the institution." Some of these elements were, "sports societies, boy scouts, art circles, choral and instrumental groups. All organizations which attract Republican youth to works of education, physical and intellectual."

But as Mazzini exclaimed: "The difficulty is not to convince people, some great words, liberty, rights of man, progress, equality, fraternity, despotism, privilege, tyranny and slavery, are sufficient for that; the difficulty is to unite them. The day when they are united will be the day of the new era."

In La Temps de la Colere, M. Vallery‑Radot, 1932, further elucidates the methods: "What has been called the conquest of revolution is in reality only an implacable dogma affirmed by one party to the exclusion of all others...this party has known how to extend its conquests with admirable method, sometimes subterranean, as under the First Empire; sometimes combining infiltration with violent demonstration, as under the Restoration, the July Monarchy, the Republic of 1848; then again taking up its hidden intrigue under the Third Republic...This intangible general Will revealed to the world by a half‑fool as the sacred emanation of an autonomous humanity, who has to render account to no one but itself, this general Will calls itself Democracy, Progress, Revolution, Republic, Humanity, Laicity, but it is always the same Power, which shares it with none, jealously guarded by its priests and doctors."

And showing what may happen in the world if the nations do not awaken and realize the secret undermining force which is seeking the destruction of Christian civilization, he says: "There are in the tropics houses which appear solid, although slowly and surely the white ants are busy gnawing the internal structure. One day the inhabitants sit on the chairs, the chain to dust; they lean against the walls, and the walls crumble away. Thus it is with our civilization, of which we are so proud."

The following is taken from an article by O. de Fremond, in the Revue Internationale des Societies Secretes, July 1, 1932: "Now, let us not forget, even in the opinion of the most optimistic, the people themselves are almost entirely de‑Christianized...[152]

And according to Cardinal Verdier: 'Every day we see the number of Pagans increase.'...The causes... Without going back to the Renaissance or even to the Reform, which have both prepared the ground, we find as first cause the Revolution, called French, but in reality European, world even; the Revolution everywhere spreading nationalistic ideas and applying, more apparent than real, the false principles of the 'Rights of Man': Liberty, Equality, and Fraternity...Let us not omit the Regency, which preceded by so little the Revolution.

The great crisis, says Demolins in his Histoire de France, 1880, a propose the system of law, has had deplorable consequences: it developed above all in the higher classes, cupidity, craving for material powers, love of speculation; it displaced fortunes and rendered them unstable by detaching them from real estate in order to found them on the money‑changing operations of the Bourse; it produced also in the organization of property and public fortune an upset which should soon contribute to the entire collapse of society. Where are we a half‑ century later?

The enormous material progress realized, thanks to the great discoveries of the nineteenth century and the leap they have still more made in the twentieth by bringing these discoveries to perfection; the new facilities of existence which flow from them instead of keeping people in admiration of such marvels, by reasonable use of them, in gratitude in short towards the Creator, upon whom they depend and who dispenses them to us, the people have, on the contrary, turned their backs upon religious practices and even on belief.

Does this movement act of itself spontaneously and because of human passions of pleasure and pride, etc.? No! For the great part, a power has intervened which has pushed the wheel more and more: that which, systematically, credits all to man, his sagacity, his power to bring to perfection, and thus substitutes him, gradually and almost imperceptibly, in place of the Divine Creator, suppressing at the same time all obligation towards Him. First indifference, then unbelief. The mixture of rationalist and materialist ideas...It places all religions on the same equality: that is to say, recognizes no religion...What is the result? A society unbalanced and demoralized, where crimes abound, all the more so that the provocation of the Press more often remains unpunished, where general materialization accentuates itself day by day...From top to bottom of the social ladder there is no longer any but one motive, pleasure, but one agent, money..."

Is it not "the greater Judaism, gradually casting non‑Jewish thoughts and systems into Jewish molds." as described in the Jewish World on February 9, 1883? Of which Karl Marx and Engles were only pawns. The image of Karl Marx as a "humanist" concerned with the plight of the underprivileged, the downtrodden and the "masses" is one which the Jews have carefully cultivated in the years since his death. The fact, however, are quite different.

Karl Marx's Racial Views

Little has been written about Marx's racial views, the contempt in which he held not only non‑whites, but whole groupings of Europeans, especially the Slavic peoples. In his book, Karl Marx: Racist, Nathaniel Weyl showed how Marx privately developed an entire racial hierarchy and racial view of history by the 1860's. In the middle of that decade, Marx was casting about for some scientific or pseudo‑scientific justification for his racial notions, which he found in the work of P Tremaux. He and his friend and financial benefactor Friedrich Engels went so far as to advocate wars of extermination against the White Race and the destruction of the Russian people.


"Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels," Weyl writes, "were neither internationalists nor believers in equal rights of all the races and peoples. They opposed the struggles for national independence of those races and peoples that they despised. They believed that the 'barbaric' and 'ahistoric' peoples who comprised the immense majority of mankind had played no significant role in history and were not destined to do so in the foreseeable future." They regarded them as obstacles to the forward sweep of history. They considered them as objects rather than subjects. They were people who ought to be conquered and exploited by the more advanced nations. Some of these inferior stock, "...were people who ought to be eradicated and swept from the earth."

Marx took from Georg Hegel, another German philosopher, the idea that certain raced, peoples and nations were "ahistoric." Either they had never played any role in history and never would, as in the case of the African Negro, or they were insignificant peoples whose history was irrelevant, or they were frozen at civilizational levels at which the more advanced portions of mankind had already left them behind.

Private Racists

"These were ideas," the author notes, "which Marx would adopt and transform...Publicly and for political reasons, both Marx and Engels posed as friends of the Negro. In private, they were anti‑black racists of the most odious sort. They had contempt for the entire Negro Race, a contempt they expressed by comparing Negroes to animals, by identifying black people with 'idiots' and by continuously using the opprobrious term 'Nigger' in their private correspondence."

Marx, for example, wrote to Engels on July 30, 1862, about one of the leaders of socialism in Germany and his rival, Ferdinand Lassalle, who he referred to as "that Jewish Nigger, Lassale." He wrote: " is now completely clear to me that he, as is proved by his cranial formation and his hair, descends from the Negroes from Egypt {assuming that his mother or grandmother had not interbred with a nigger}. Now this union of Judaism and Germanism with a basic Negro substance must produce a peculiar product. The obtrusiveness of the fellow is also Nigger‑like."

It was a great joke between Marx and Engels, those two great lovers of humanity that their fellow‑Jewish‑ socialist Lasalle was suffering from syphilis. Marx wrote to Engels, May 10, 1861: "Apropos Lassale‑Lazarus. Lepsius in his great work on Egypt has proved that the Jews of Egypt was nothing but the history which Manetho narrates of the expulsion of the 'leprous people' from Egypt. At the head of these lepers was an Egyptian Rabbi Lazarus, the leper, is therefore the archetype of the Nigger Jew {Black Jews}, and Lassalle is the typical Lazarus."

Quite outside the offensive tone of these letters, Weyl points out, they; "...illustrate Marx's tendency to twist and invent evidence to express the envy and hatred he felt for his successful contemporary. Judging by surviving photographs, Marx was so swarthy that he was called 'The Moor' by acquaintances ever since his university days. He had a thick, flattened nose. One observer described his complexion as 'dirty yellow.' Nobody in his right mind would have though Marx's physiognomy German."


Marx even championed slavery in North America. When Pierre‑Joseph Proudhon, probably the leading French socialist at the time, published a book called The Philosophy of Poverty, Marx replied with a vitriolic rebuttal entitled The Poverty of Philosophy (1874). Proudhon had been childish enough to advocate the emancipation of Negro slaves in the United States. Marx answered contemptuously: "Without slavery, North America, the most progressive of countries, would be transformed into a patriarchal country. Wipe out North America from the map of the world and you will have anarchy ‑ the complete decay of modern commerce and civilization. Abolish slavery and you will have wiped America off the map of nations."

The interesting thing about this paragraph, says Weyl, was that Marx again makes it abundantly clear the Jew has no interest whatsoever in the fate or welfare of the Negroes. The second is his preposterous prediction that, were slavery abolished, America would become a "patriarchal country." What does that mean? A nation of primitive shepherds? American Socialists early in the 20th Century adopted Marx's racist views. On September 14, 1901, the Social Democratic Herald characterized Negroes as "inferior, depraved elements" who went around "raping women and children."

In an article in the paper dated May 31, 1902 Victor Berger, one of the national leaders of the Socialist party, wrote that, "There can be no doubt that the Negroes and mulattos constitute a lower race."

Enemy of Russia

Marx called the Slavic people a "rabble" and looked forward to the time when the Christians of Russia would be destroyed. Marx called for "the most determined terror against the Slavic peoples." Weyl writes: "...again the phrase sounds as if it had been uttered a century later by Adolf Hitler. When Hitler was a half‑ vagabond, half‑artist, living in Vienna and soaking up an enormous amount of racist hate literature, did he come across these early appeals for genocide by Engels and Marx? It would be interesting to know the answers."

While people who call themselves "Marxists" today claim that they are against "imperialism," Karl Marx himself supported the control of the non‑white peoples by European and American Jews. Concerning the annexation of California after the Mexican‑ American War, Marx wrote in 1894: "Without violence nothing is ever accomplished in history...Is it a misfortune that magnificent California was seized from the lazy Mexicans who did not know what to do with it?...All important nations must in the last analysis owe a debt to those who, under the laws of historic necessity, incorporate them in a great empire, thus allowing them to take part in an historic development which would otherwise be impossible for them. Evidently, such results cannot be achieved without crushing a few sweet little flowers."


Marx more a chauvinistic Jewish nationalist than most of his race of that era, urged Jewish control over Belgium, the Netherlands, Silesia and Alsace‑Lorraine. Nathaniel Weyl, whose previous books include The Creative Elite in America and The Geography of Intellect, has painted a picture of Karl Marx which most of his biographers have sought to avoid. The Karl Marx who emerges from these pages is one filled with hate and rancor against Slavs, blacks, Asians and "lesser" nationalities such as the Belgians and the Dutch. Few would argue with Nathaniel Weyl's characterization of him as a "racist." That such a man has emerged as the symbol of the oppressed is one of history's proof of Jewish propaganda.

New Faith of a 'Creed of Hate'

None is more dangerous to the Marxist cause than a disillusioned former communist! Take former activist David Horowitz. Son of devout Communist parents, he grew up to become a fervent New Leftist, heavily involved both in the anti‑Vietnam war campaign and the radical Black Panther movement. Too intelligent to be permanently hoodwinked by the Communist doctrine, he is today an articulate and extremely active anti‑Communist. Writing in the Washington‑based political journal, Human Events, earlier this year, he said, about Marx:  "The founding prophet of the leftist faith, Karl Marx, was born in 1818, the son of a Jewish father who changed his name from Herschel to Heinrich and converted to Christianity to advance his career. The young Marx grew into a man consumed by hatred for Christianity.

Internalizing the worst anti‑Christ stereotypes, he incorporated them into his early revolutionary vision, identifying Jews as symbols of the system of private property and bourgeois democracy he wanted to further. 'The god of the Jews has been secularized and has become the god of this world,' Marx wrote. 'Money is the jealous god of the Jews, beside which no other god may stand.' Once the Revolution succeeds in 'destroying the empirical essence of Christianity, he promised, 'the Jew will become the rulers of the world. This early Marxist formulation is the transparent seed of the mature vision, causing Paul Johnson to characterize Marxism as 'the anti‑Christian of the intellectu­als.'

The international Communist creed that Marx invented is a creed of hate. The solution that Marx proposed to the Christian 'problem' was to eliminate the system that 'creates' the Christian. The Jews, he said, are only symptoms of a more extensive evil that must eradicate capitalism. The Jews are only symbols of a more pervasive enemy that must be destroyed: capitalists. In the politics of the left, racist hatred is directed not only against Christian capitalists but against all capitalists; not only against capitalists, but anyone who is not poor, and who is White; and ultimately against Western civilization itself. The Marxist Revolution is anti-Christ elevated to a Global Principle."

Using Marx as a "front," the Illuminati attempted to implement their plan for a world‑wide social revolution, but it proved a total failure. Marx's teachings never really fired the imagination of the people at any level of society ‑ least of all the working class! In London, in 1864, Marx organized the International Workingman's Association {later known as the First Socialist International}. Their headquarters was moved to New York eight years later. Shortly afterwards they merged with the Socialist Party that had been founded there in 1868. In his own personal life Marx was a total failure. He was a leech {like most of the rest of his race} who lived off other people: it is doubtful if he ever did an honest day's work in his life. His marriage resulted in six children, Marx, however, was so busy formulating theories to "uplift the downtrodden" that he never found time to support his own family. Three of his children died of starvation in infancy. Two other committed suicide. Only one lived to maturity.

When he died in 1883, six people attended his funeral!

The Second Socialist International, founded in Paris on July 14, 1889, resulted from the realization that the "workers of the world" would not rally to the call of socialist leadership but had to be manipulated through penetration, organization, and control of labor unions. It met with very little success!


It was at this juncture that the Fabian Society and Lenin's Bolshevik Jews made their entrance on the world scene and began to make real headway in achieving the goals outlined by Weishaupt, Roosevelt, Marx and Pike. The only real difference between these two groups were the methods they employed in working towards the same overall goal ‑ the creation of a classless, socialistic one‑world society as envisioned by Marx [153]. Since that time, the Bolsheviks {Communist ‑ Jews} have been working to bring it about by violent, revolutionary means. Of the Fabians, the Encyclopedia Britannica 1973 edition, article on Fabian Socialism, Vol. 20. pp. 750‑751 tells us; "...the name is derived from that of the Roman General...Fabius, the Delayer, because of his deliberate, long‑range strategy."

As a result, from the very outset, the Fabians worked for a "New World Order" through indoctrination of young scholars in the belief that eventually these intellectual revolutionaries could gain power and influence in the various opinion making and power wielding agencies of the world and so achieve their aims. Their tactics became known as the "doctrine of the inevitability of gradualism." It must be noted that these were just two of the MANY "front" organizations through which the International Conspiracy was working. The real power has always been held by The International Jewish Bankers! Professor Quigley tells us that during the last part of the nineteenth century, the International Bankers and their American counterparts moved into "commercial banking and insurance on one side and into railroading and heavy industry on the other" and "were able to mobilize enormous wealth and wield enormous economic, political and social power. Popularly known as 'Society' of the '400,' they lived a life of dazzling splendor."

Sailing the ocean in great private yachts or traveling on land by private train, they moved in a ceremonious round between their spectacular estates and town houses in Palm Beach, Long Island, the Berkshires, Newport, and Bar Harbor, assembling from their fortress‑like New York residences to attend the Metropolitan Opera under the critical eye of Mrs. Astor; or gathering for business meetings at the highest strategic level in the awesome presence of J.P. Morgan himself.

"The structure of financial controls created by the tycoons of 'Big Banking' and 'Big Business'...was of extraordinary complexity, one business being built upon another, both being allied with semi‑independent associates, the whole rearing upward into two pinnacles of economic and political power, of which one, centered in New York, was headed by J.P. Morgan and Co., and the other, in Ohio, was headed by the Rockefeller family. When these two co‑operated, as they generally did, they could influence the economic life of the country to a large degree and could almost control its political life, at least at the Federal level.' They caused the 'panic of 1907' and the collapse of two railroads, one in 1914 and the other in 1925." [154]

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  The publisher of "The Grandees" is the Jewish owned publishing firm of "Harper and Row" of New York City. Mr. Birmingham also wrote the book "Our Crowd" about the family background of America's wealthiest and most successful Jews. Both books have been hailed by Jewish publications as first class works in the documentation of Jewish history.

  In "The Grandees" Stephen Birmingham reveals the existence of a very rare book which was published only for Jews some years ago. The work was published only for Jews some years ago. The work was compiled by the Jewish historian Malcolm H. Stern and entitled "Americans of Jewish Decent." That book weighed 10 pounds and gave the history of 25,000 Jewish individuals in America. It is extremely interesting to note that only 550 copies of the book were printed and each copy was consecutively numbered. The book was delivered to the top Jewish community leaders in America for their personal reference files in dealing with and contacting Jews who are "Marranos" (those Jews who "PRETEND" to be Christians in their community but secretly hold to their Jewish faith and race when among their own kind).

  Mr. Birmingham in "The Grandees" reports: "Who would expect to find the Rockefellers in the book." Stern's work traces what he calls the "Nobility of Jewry - the Sephardim who lived in Spain and Portugal as princes of the land." Many centuries ago the Jews flooded into Spain in great numbers and through usury and stealth became vast land owners. The Jews controlled both Spain and Portugal through their monopoly over the finances of the country. It was in 1492 that King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella of Spain expelled the Jews from their country and confiscated their ill-gotten wealth. It was during this period that the Rockefeller family moved to the Turkish Empire which welcomed the Jews at that time, believing them to be a "poor persecuted people."

  The grandfather of our former Vice-President Nelson Rockefeller, admitted that his family once moved from Turkey to France. It was from France that they moved to America. John D. Rockefeller, Sr., was a wealthy man even before he took over Standard Oil Co., which made their family one of the richest in the world. No one has ever explained how this family came into such wealth as soon as they arrived in America from France.

  There is no known information on how the Rockefellers came into huge amounts of money in France. Some thing they got their money from the Rothschilds and were originally their agents in buying up Christian businesses in America. "Marranos" are Jews who "PRETEND" to convert to Christianity so as to deceive Christians in their business dealings, but secretly continued to practice Judaism in private rituals. For this reason, a Marrano family like the Rockefellers would make the perfect tool for the Rothschilds of France who have for centuries used secret agents to carry on their work.

  "The Thunderbolt" was the first publication to bring Vice-President Nelson Rockefeller's Jewish ancestry to public attention. This information finally explains why he has always been able to work so closely with Jewish interests and why his administration as governor of New York was loaded down with Jews from top to bottom. His political campaigns of the past were always directed by Jews and he was always the support of the Jewish community in all of his political races.

  Normally the Jews would not support a Christian multi-millionaire for political office because they would be afraid they could not control him after the election. The fact that Jewish community leaders have long known that the Rockefellers were fellow Jews goes a long way in explaining why the organized Jewish community has always supported the Rockefeller's political ambitions. Now we can see why Nelson and David Rockefeller boosted his fellow Jew Henry Kissinger into the Nixon administration and Kissinger in turn has used his position to bring his fellow Jew Rockefeller into power.

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