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Why is it considered nothing more than "conspiracy nut rhetoric" when anyone outside the government or its media asks perfectly reasonable questions about the bombing in Oklahoma City? The answer to this question is because the government simply cannot allow America to get the answers.

1). The report by retired Brigadier General Benton K. Partin, a 31 year veteran of the U.S. Air Force and one of the premier experts on this subject. Ben served as Commander of the Air Force Armament Technology Lab, was the first Chairman of the Office of the Secretary of Defense Joint Service Air Munitions Requirements and Development Committee and was responsible for munitions development for the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines. He is a recognized expert as a major guiding force of our modern precision guided weapons systems. A real "right‑wing, anti‑government wacko."

2). Is there any visual confirmation of a truck blown up in front of the Murrah building? None, pages from the Denver Post and New York Times, April 20, 1995 through April 23, 1 995.

Page 10A of the April 20, 1995 Denver Post, taken off micro‑film at the Denver public library is one of the most amazing photos of the crime scene. The stunningly clear details shown in this photo

of a fire truck sitting on a flat street where there is supposed to be a 30' x 8' crater, tells it all. No crater, no exploded truck bomb, level ground.

A car parked in front of the building is still visible but the damage is from the building, not a bomb. A truly remarkable visual picture of about 10 ‑ 15 minutes after the second bomb ‑ no truck. No truck remains. There could be a car in front of the one you see in the picture, but only a photo from the other direction will tell us this. It could have been a car bomb in that location that  caused a small indention in the pavement. One things for certain, there were thousands and thousands of photographs taken that day, why haven't we ever seen one of the alleged 30 x 8 crater? The June 1, 1995 issues of Time and Newsweek, the May 7, 1997

issue of the Denver Post and all subsequent mention of the crater all use only artist's line drawings of the big crater. Why no photographs? Because it is a lie.

3). In these articles previously mentioned, you will read the confirmation of a car bomb by Mayor, Ron Nordick which then turns into a van and THEN into a truck bomb. Mayor Nordick is on the video previously mentioned. He's standing right there ‑ you mean to tell me that he couldn't see with his own eyes there was no big yellow Ryder truck? Mayor Nordick specifically says that the ATF and other law enforcement have confirmed to him ‑ again, standing right in front of the building ‑ that it was a car bomb.

Now we're told by the government and their media that it took three days to figure out it was a yellow Ryder truck? Come on. The leads to the truck rental facility turned cold and then all of a sudden, the facility in Junction City is the place where the alleged truck was rented? Front Page of the NY Times, April 21, 1995: The Trail: Federal agents raced to a truck rental agency in Kansas in pursuit of suspected bombers but the trail quickly grew faint.

How is it that within 24 hours after the bombing the government comes up with sketches of two suspects that could have been drawn from the suspect's sitting right in front of the artist? I mean, the accuracy is uncanny. Why did the government call off the search for more John Doe's?

4). During the trial, America was shown surveillance film from the Regency Towers, a 20‑story building across and down the street from the Murrah Building.

Consider this coincidence: Martin Keating, brother of Oklahoma Governor Frank Keating, claims he has/had copies of the surveillance film from the Southwest Bell building across the street from the Murrah building. The film from the Regency Towers survived completely intact. The government claims the Southwest Bell film didn't it is obvious that the government is lying  and they're lying to protect their assets and their invented


5). Many people ‑ all heard two bombs with the second being the most powerful. We were told that the axle was found on the other side of the YMCA building. During the trial, the jury, and this was shown on local TV, saw pictures of a truck axle on the hood of the car of the man waiting inside the Regency Towers for his wife. This location was said to be 575' from where the alleged Ryder truck blew up and in the opposite direction that it was said the axle was found. The government states that they traced this axle to the Junction City Ryder truck rental facility by the VIN [vehicle identification number]. This is a reprehensible lie. These rental truck companies don't put the VIN on interchangeable parts because they so frequently exchange them for repairs. The VIN numbers are on the frame or non‑removable parts, i.e. the inside dashboard window. More lies.

6). Recall the statements from Hoppy Heidelberg former foreman of the original grand jury back in 1995 which eventually indicted Mr. McVeigh and Mr. Nichols. Hoppy said there had to be two yellow Ryder trucks that day for the government's inventive tale to work.

7). Close to the end of McVeigh's trial, the government suddenly springs a key they claim was the key belonging to this alleged yellow Ryder truck. They maintain that this key was found in an alley near the YMCA building. Remember earlier ‑ we were told May 18, 1995 by the locals that the axle was found on the other side of the YMCA building. Mr. McVeigh's prints were not on the key. Were there any prints found on the key, if so, whose were they and do you have actual photos of the key in the exact location where it was found? Guess what? This question about whose fingerprints were found on the key were never even raised during McVeigh's trial. What kind of defense counsel would ignore such an important point?

8). The blackest smoke seen from the first photos taken and seen on the video, Cover‑up in Oklahoma, is from two cars parked across the street from the building. The fire trucks are parked where the alleged Ryder truck was supposed to have blown up on level ground.

9). On day one of Mr. McVeigh's trial, the government's own witness caused them extreme heart palps. Mr. Williams testified under cross by the defense team that the day of the bombing, approximately 60‑80 large blue drums were inside the Murrah building for purposes of trash collection. Pieces of blue plastic drums were found on adjacent rooftops. The government maintains that blue plastic drums full of fertilizer flew hundreds of feet in the air, like Superman, and came from inside a Yellow Ryder truck that blew itself into a 30 x 8 crater that no one can

see. We need the names of those entering the building from that firm within 48 hrs of the bombing and samples of the blue plastic drums they use. My money is that the pieces found on the rooftops came from the ones inside the building and that's how the bombs were brought in.

10). How did Mr. McVeigh get the yellow Mercury Marquis and the yellow Ryder truck in front of the building and on a side street at the same time? The Merc was seen leaving the scene on the side street. If Mr. Nichols wasn't there, who was? McVeigh couldn't have driven both vehicles at the same time. How come the newspaper accountings in the days following the bombing, talk about McVeigh "look‑alikes"?

                    THE 20/20 EPISODE

20/20 ran an episode January 17, 1997 that so strongly supported that the government knew in advance that an act of terrorism was going to occur somewhere against some government building, nothing was ever said again by 20/20. Colonel Roger Charles (USMC, ret.) was the lead researcher for this story. On February 6th, this investigative reporter and his team were about to present a follow‑up to that story which involved Carol Howe, the ATF informant who spent considerable time inside Elhoim City. It didn't happen because ABC caved in under pressure from the U.S. Department of InJustice. Being a man of integrity, Col. Charles took it upon himself to call into the Don Imus morning show and blow the whistle on the cowardice of ABC in covering up the story. As expected, Charles was "released" by ABC. Reprehensible.

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