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Bastard: Strong’s Concordance: #4464  mamzer (mam‑zare'); from an unused root meaning to alienate; a mongrel, i.e. born of a Jewish father and a heathen mother: KJV‑‑ bastard.

Bastard: Brown-Driver-Briggs’: #4464  mamzer‑a bastard, a child of incest, an illegitimate child

a) a bastard

b) MIXED POPULATION (figurative)

c) born of a Jewish father and a heathen mother or vice versa


“A person of illegitimate birth. The term may refer to the offspring of incest. Such a person was not allowed to enter the Lord's assembly: “A bastard shall not enter into the congregation of the Lord” (Deuteronomy 23:2), (KJV). “A bastard shall dwell in ASHDOD” (Zechariah 9:6), (KJV) refers to the “MIXED RACE” (other translations are “mongrel people” and “HALF-BREEDS”) who would settle in the Philistine city.” (from Nelson's Illustrated Bible Dictionary) (Copyright (C) 1986, Thomas Nelson Publishers)


“(bas'‑tard) (mamzer; nothos): In (Deut 23:2) probably the offspring of an incestuous union, or of a marriage within the prohibited degrees of affinity (Leviticus 18:6‑20; 20:10‑21). He and his descendants to the tenth generation are excluded from the assembly of the Lord. (See Driver, ad loc.). Zechariah (Zechariah 9:6), after prophesying the overthrow of three Philistine cities, declares of the fourth: “And a bastard (the Revised Version, margin “a bastard race”) shall dwell in Ashdod,”MEANING PROBABLY THAT A “MIXED POPULATION” (Brown‑Driver‑Briggs' Hebrew Lexicon) of aliens shall invade and settle in the capital of the Philistines.”(from International Standard Bible Encylopaedia, Electronic Database Copyright (C) 1996 by Biblesoft)

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