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(1) Th.Thomas (TT_87 @ 6259398)

     [Adult[. e]ro,] [as.] To counterfeit or forge: to corrupt: to commit adultery with one:

     to mingle, to plaie the Sophist, or with Sophistrie to deprauate a thing.

(2) Th.Thomas (TT_87 @ 12237764)

     [Pro[. a]g[‑o]gium,] [gij,] [n. g.] [Suet.] Whor[[‑]] dome, adultery, baudes craft.

(3) Blount (BL_1656 @ 21415938)

     [Adulterate] [(adultero)] [to [AD] commit Adultery, to coun[[‑]] terfeit or corrupt.]

(4) Blount (_1656 @ 21416062)

     [Adultery] [(adulterium)] [pro[[‑]] perly spoken of marryed per[[‑]] sons; but if onely

     one of two persons by whom this sin is committed, be marryed, it makes

     [Adultery]. [Adulterium] seems to have taken that name, as it were [ad alterius

     thorum], [i.] to [anothers] bed, which the Adulterer always ayms at. [Minsheu.]]

(5) Blount (BL_1656 @ 21455314)

     [Alimonte] [(alimonia)] [nou[[‑]] rishment: But in a modern legal sense it signifies,

     that portion or allowance, which a marryed woman sues for, upon any occasional

     separati[[‑]] on from her husband, where[[‑]] in she is not charg['d] with [E[[‑]]

     lopement] or [Adultery].]

(6) Blount (BL_1656 @ 22509226)

     ives, as many did; The woman so divor[[‑]] ced was to have of her Hus[[‑]] band a

     writing (as [[St.] Hierom] and [Joseph], witness in [l. de ant. [DI] 4. c. 8.]) to this

     effect, I promise that hereafter I will lay no claim to thee, and this writing was called

     a [Bill of D ivorce]. But with Christians this custom is abrogated, saving onely in case

     of Adultery. The anci[[‑]] ent Romans also had a custom of Divorce, among whom

     it was as lawful for the Wife to put away her Husband, as for the Husband to dismiss

     his Wife; But among the [Israelites] this prerogative was onely permitted to the

     Husband. [Bull.] [See Repudiate]. In our Common Law, D i[[‑]] vorce is accounted

     that sepa[[‑]] ration between two [de facto] married together, which is [`a] vinculo


(7) Blount (BL_1656 @ 22889969)

     [Fornication] [(fornicatio)] [Whoredom, Leachery, spo[[‑]] ken of single persons, if

     ei[[‑]] ther party be married then #tis [Adultery].]

(8) Blount (_1656 @ 24961542)

     [Stupration] [(stupratio)] [a committing Adultery or Rape, a deflouring a Virgin.


(9) Blount (BL_1656 @ 25230075)

     To Trepan, or rather trap[[‑]] [TR] pan (from the Ital. Trappare or trappolare [i.] to

     entrap, en[[‑]] snare, or catch in a gin) [in the modern acception of the word, it

     signifies to cheat, or entrap in this manner; a whore admits a man to be naught with

     her, and in the very instant, rings a Bell or gives a watch word, and in comes a

     Pander who pretends to be her husband, and with vapouring and threats, upon the

     act of adultery, forces |money or bond from the de[[‑]] luded third person. Some

     take this word to be derived from a [Pander] that does [en[[‑]] trap], or a [trapping

     pan[[‑]] der].]

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