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Love: The Key to Rightewousness, by Pastor Dave Barley: Part 1

Righteousness exalteth a nation...(Proverbs 14:34) It exalst the body of christ. If righteousness exalteth a nation and the body of christ, then it also exalts you, as a member of that nation and of that body. Righteousness will exalt all who seek it. Each of uis are in great need of righteousness, and by extension, the corporate body is in need of it also. I believe it is imporant that we search for the key to righrteousnmess.

Unrighteiousness Prevailed: At the time of Christ, there were power sects of righteousness and power sects of unrighteousness; just as there aretoday. There were the Sadducees, Pharisees, and publicans among others. The Pharisees were both a religious and a political sect. They were always tempting Jesus, looking for some type of technicality by which they could cause Him to tumble.We have that type among us today; people whose focus isz to nit-pick or find fault with othersin an effort to bring them down whey they themselves give the appearance of embodied truth.

This spirit ofPhariseeism has crept into the Judeo-Christian church today, and it is seeking a way of strife and confusion, rather than help, servanthood, love, restoration, and a desire to please Christ.

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