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This is the introduction to a book ""Beware of God"", together with another "Jewish warning" quote from another Jew]: "And yet there is hope, great hope, that this same race which has provided the evil will likewise succeed in supplying its antidote, its remedy the good. A new good as new love, a true love that calms and heals and sweetens, will then spring up among the great in Israel and overcome that sickly love, that insipid love, that romantic love which has hitherto poisoned all the strength and nobility of this world.

For hatred is never overcome by hatred: It is only overcome by love, and it wants a new and a gigantic love to subdue that old and devilish hatred of today. That is our task for the future a task which will, I am sure, not be shirked by Israel, by that same Israel which has never shirked a task, whether it was for good or whether it was for evil...(Oscar Levy) Introduction.

I wrote this book as a person of Jewish blood. It has not been easy for me and for clarity and understanding I have prayed and meditated. My reason for writing is, I believe, we are coming to the end of the present order of things, and I contend the time has come for the role of God's Chosen People to be completed. Their important play in history is over and now their power must be broken.

When the power of the holy people has been finally broken, all these things will be completed. (Daniel 12:7) Many people ask, "How can there be a God when there is so much evil in the world?" or "Why does an all powerful and absolutely good God allow so much suffering?"

For people who think about such things, this is the ultimate paradox. Some believe in God, others do not, and still others say they don't know. Nonetheless, most people - regardless of which religion, or culture they belong to - take it for granted that God is perfect and absolutely good. It is this mistaken assumption that leads to the paradox. >

The Bible teaches that God is not absolutely good but is the source of evil as well as good: I am the Lord and there is none else, I form the light and create darkness; I make peace and create evil; I, Lord, do all these things. (Isaiah 45:7) If, in fact, God is the source of everything, God must be the source of what we perceive to be evil as well as what we judge to be good.

I am not alone in coming to this conclusion from a study of the Bible. In Answer to Job, Carl Jung wrote: The Book of Job is a landmark in the long historical development of the divine drama. At the time the book was written, there were already many testimonies which had given a contradictory picture of Yahweh - the picture of God who knew no moderation in his emotions and suffered precisely from this lack of moderation.

He himself admitted that he was eaten up with rage and jealousy and that this knowledge was painful to him. Insight existed along with obtuseness, loving-kindness along with cruelty, creative power along with destructiveness. Everything was there, and none of these qualities was an obstacle to the other.

I would like you to understand that whatever you believe, God is not under attack, so please do not be offended if what I say contradicts your faith. You do not have to believe what is said in this book. You are free to believe what you like. I am writing as if God exists.

I am also writing about God, as portrayed in the Bible. If you do not believe in the Bible or in God you will still find this book a valuable read, as it will caution you to beware of cults masked as religion. If you belong to one of the religions strongly attached to the idea that God is absolute goodness, be warned, you may find this book shocking.

I took the common assumption that 'God is good' and questioned it because, in 1992, I was presented with a copy of The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion which I found to be profoundly disturbing. To me it was a total paradox that such an evil document should come from the Chosen People of God.

Like most, I would like to have dismissed The Protocols as fraud had I not found parallels in the Bible and the Talmud and a testament to their predictions in the 20th century. Whether they are true or false, The Protocols of Zion do exist. Along with the Bible, the Talmud and other related documents, they exemplify the dangers of one culture or religion viewing itself as being superior to others.

Within all religions and cultures, cults germinate which have the potential to become fanatical and extremely dangerous. This destructive core of racism and religious intolerance, particularly when backed by wealth and power has been a major source of human suffering. Historically this attitude has led to war, genocide, oppression and anthropological vandalism.

From a biblical perspective the elitism in Judaism is undeniable. Fortunately, most educated Jews today have outgrown their 'chosen people' cult, recognizing that the 'cult of chosen people' is an evil that can infect any religion or race that considers itself more 'true' or superior to others.

What is extraordinary about the Judaic cult is that their concepts of religious and racial superiority originated from their 'God'. As one of Judeo-Christian stock, I am dragging hidden skeletons out of my own cultural and personal cupboard. I am having a really good look at my own beliefs. I invite you also to think deeply about what is going on around you and within you. What are the forces underlying the social and economic fabric of the modern world? To what extent are they a reflection of our own innermost being? We are inseparable from history because everything going on outside of us, down through the ages, is merely a reflection of what is going on inside the collective consciousness of humanity.

In this book I develop a thesis on a highly charged subject which is one of the greatest paradoxes in the history of mankind. To what extent is God, as revealed in the Old Testament of the Bible, responsible for the evils we witness in our world today? For example, if God chooses a race of people to be his own, he must take full responsibility for the evil of racial superiority he engenders within them.

From a study of the Bible it is clear that God was the cause of the racist attitude in the Hebrew people. If God knows everything he must know the outcome of racism. Furthermore, according to the Bible, the Hebrews received direct instruction from their God to commit acts which most people would consider to be murder.

God cannot wash his hands of his chosen people and say, 'they fell into evil ways,' when they were following his instruction every step of the way. For God there can be no excuses. I believe that the Chosen People of the biblical God were guided down through the ages to do what they have done. I believe that they were cult victims and their leader, Moses, was guided in his leadership by an evil manifestation of God. I ask you to draw your own conclusions from what I say in this book. It would be a relief to me if you proved me wrong, because my father was circumcised into the Jewish Faith, I was brought up as a Catholic and baptized as a born-again Christian.

Now, from an objective study of the Bible, I am confronted with an Old Testament God who appears to be more like Satan than the 'Good Lord.' If God from the Old Testament was simply a figment of Moses' imagination then, as author of the first five books of the Bible, Moses founded what would appear to have been a Satanic cult.

The biblical God was extra-terrestrial as he was not originally 'of the Earth'. He came to the Earth from somewhere else. But he could still have been a manifestation of God. If God dons the mask of light and the mask of dark, it could be that Abraham and Moses were approached by a manifestation of the dark side of God.

If God, as portrayed in the Bible, was an extra-terrestrial imposter who led Abraham and Moses to believe that he was Almighty God then this Satan would fit the traditional picture of 'the father of lies', an evil being appearing separate from God, and in rebellion with God.

Many people today believe this to be so. If God has a bad side as well as good then when dealing with God you must be clear which side you are on. If you are good you will discover a good God to magnify and mirror your goodness. If you are evil, God will be there, as the Devil himself, to magnify and mirror your wickedness.  >There is no judgment. God is simply there to support you in your choices. If God created you, he is also testing and trying you to establish your true worth - Satan is, after all, supposed to be the tester of souls! If you are wise, you will appreciate that everything, for good or for ill, is necessary for your own learning and growth, in the divine plan of evolution. > >I do not see God as being separate from ourselves. Just as God was manifest through the 'Lord' of the Bible, so God is manifest through you and I. This is embodied in our name hu(god)-man being. If you want to see God, look in the mirror.

When theologians assumed God to be absolutely good they argued that humans can not be God because humans are not absolutely good - with the exception, of course, of the founder of their own religion! If we drop the premise that God is absolutely good, and accept that God embodies the full spectrum of duality between absolute goodness and absolute evil, then each person could be a 'God-point' in the divine spectrum of duality.

I believe there is only one God in everyone and that is their common life consciousness. However, there are many gods in the Universe - including members of the human race - manifesting the dualistic nature of the divine. Some choose to manifest the dark side of God more than the good and others vice versa. This is reflected in the Bible.

The manifestation of God in the Old Testament is predominantly evil, and apart from cursing a fig tree and upsetting the Temple bankers, the embodiment of God in the New Testament is mostly good! I am certain there is a purpose behind all the activities of God, both good and bad. If it were all just a cosmic joke, it would be in very bad taste. I also believe the Chosen People of God have been the grit at the heart of modern civilization around which the pearl of the new humanity is forming.

I ask you to be discerning, but also to enjoy my ideas for whatever understanding, stimulation or inspiration they bring. As my mentor, Sir George Trevelyan, said: "Live an idea as though it were real but reserve judgment..." Though this book contains disturbing material, I sincerely hope it will bring you understanding and support you on your own path of enlightenment. If you experience fear or anger in the course of the read, I recommend you reserve judgment. Pray, meditate or focus on your breath for a few minutes to restore your peace of mind. Before you begin I would like to share with you my own version of 'The Beginning...'

I believe in one God the Origin of All - the origin of the duality of life and death, male and female, good and evil, light and dark; but mistake not the light for the good! In the beginning, the 'Origin of All' split into the duality of Creator and Creation, male and female, light and dark, 'God the Father' and 'God the Mother.' The Father envisioned the stars and the Mother the planets; his was the quintessence of physics in light, hers was chemistry in matter. From the divine Mother came the creation of the atom from which she built her worlds and birthed the biological Child. But the Father was proud and envious of the Mother, because of her creation and the love of her children. Within him there arose a thought of jealous hatred. 

The thoughts of God are living beings. They are the spirits of the Universe. And so it was, the jealousy of the Father for the Mother and her children sprung forth as a mighty being of living light, with a rage of jealousy and murderous hatred for the Mother and all of her creation. And the Father regretted his first thought as he saw the suffering it inflicted on his beloved.

But his firstborn son, this Lucifer of his mind, lived and had to find reconciliation within the Universe. And so it was that ages and worlds passed with unending war, rape and abuse as the divine masculine plundered the divine feminine. He forever followed her into her creations. Thus she led the Spirits of the Universe, the eternal thoughts of God, deep into the womb of her materiality until eventually, incarnating in matter upon the Earth, they became man and woman; there to attempt a final reconciliation of their conflict.

                       'We Hold the Real Power'

             A Jewish Appeal to Russia's

                          Jewish Elite

         Most Russians have suffered terribly during the Yeltsin years. According

         to Harvard University scholar Graham Allison, who is also a former US

         assistant Secretary of Defense, ordinary Russians have experienced, on

         average, a 75 percent plunge in living standards since 1991 ‑‑ almost

         twice the decline in Americans' income during the Great Depression of

         the 1930s. But in the midst of this widespread economic misery, a small

         minority has grown fabulously wealthy since the end of the Soviet era.

         Although Jews make up no more than three or four percent of Russia's

         population, they wield enormous economic and political power in that

         vast and troubled country. "At least half of the powerful 'oligarchs' who

         control a significant percentage of the economy are Jewish," the Los

         Angeles Times has cautiously noted. (See also: D. Michaels, "Capitalism

         in the New Russia," May‑June 1997 Journal, pp. 21‑27.)

         Almost certainly the most important of the "oligarchs" is Boris A.

         Berezovsky, a former mathematics professor who heads the Logovaz

         financial‑industrial group, which includes automobile imports and sales,

         aviation, oil and media. In 1997 Forbes magazine ranked him as one of

         the 100 richest people in the world, with an estimated net worth of $3

         billion. His extensive media holdings include ORT television, the daily

         Nezavisimaya Gazeta ("Independent Journal"), and the weekly

         magazine Ogonek.

         The second most powerful business figure is probably Vladimir

         Gusinsky. In addition to heading the "Most" banking group, he is also

         called "the Russian Rupert Murdoch" because of his large media

         empire, which includes the daily newspaper Sevodnya, the weekly

         news magazine Itogi, and the NTV television network. Gusinsky is also

         chairman of the Russian Jewish Congress.

         Russia's current prime minister is Yevgeny Primakov, who was

         promoted from his post as foreign minister in September 1998. During

         the final phase of the Soviet era, he headed the KGB intelligence and

         security service, and served as a Politburo member. Early in his career,

         he dropped the obviously Jewish‑sounding name he was born with,

         Yevgeny Finkelstein.

         Many other Jews have played major roles in Russia's governmental and

         political life in recent years, among them Alexander Livshitz and

         Grigory Yavlinsky, presidential chief of staff Anatoly Chubais, deputy

         prime minister Boris Nemtsov, and prime minister Sergei Kiriyenko.

         Recently there has been considerable discussion among Russian

         intellectuals of a pointed appeal and frank warning to the Jews who

         now hold decisive power in that sprawling country. It was written by

         Eduard Topol, a gifted Jewish writer born in the former Soviet Union

         who now lives in the United States, where he has become a successful

         author. Among his English‑language novels are The Jewish Lover (St.

         Martin's Press, 1998), Dermo! (Plume, 1997), Red Square (Quartet

         Books, 1983), Deadly Games (Quartet Books, 1983), and, Submarine

         U‑137 (Quartet Books, 1983).

         In his appeal, Topol urges Boris Berezovsky and the other Jewish

         magnates to forsake their lust for wealth and power, and start to show

         some concern for the Russian people who have suffered so much at the

         hands of these pitiless masters.

         Here is the complete text of Topol's extraordinary "Open Letter to

         Berezovksy, Gusinsky, Smolensky, Khodorkovsky and other Oligarchs,"

         translated for the Journal by Daniel Michaels from the text published in

         the respected Moscow paper Argumenty i Fakty ("Arguments and

         Facts"), No. 38, September 1998:

           'Start To Love Russia, Boris Abramovich!'

         It all started with a fax I sent to Boris Abramovich Berezovsky on June

         26. It read:

         "Dear Boris Abramovich! My publishers are of the opinion that the

         success of my books has been the direct result of the avid interest of

         Western readers in the actual personalities who have shaped

         contemporary Russian history: Brezhnev, Andropov, Gorbachev, Yeltsin

         and the people around them.

         "I am now working on a book completing the Russian panorama at the

         end of the 20th century, and it is quite obvious that a writer can find no

         better a story than your phenomenal biography, and no better a main

         character in the flow of today's cataclysmic events in Russia than Boris

         Berezovsky. I hope that you will understand how important our meeting

         would be in helping me to describe the individual most affecting the

         course of Russian history at the close of the 20th century ..."

         Just two days later Berezovsky received me in his "Reception House" at

         40 Novokuznetskaya Street. In this private residence, restored in

         modern luxurious Russian style, the best trained secretaries served me

         tea while passing to Berezovsky telephone receivers and notes from

         various ministers and presidential administrators.

         Responding to my thanks for granting me the audience at such a hectic

         time, Boris Abramovich commented with a faint smile: "You would be

         writing the book in any case ..."

         I understood that my visit was somewhat imposed on him so I got right

         to the point:

         "Boris Abramovich, the real reason for writing this book is this. As you

         probably know there is a television show called 'The Puppets.' Puppets

         of Yeltsin, Yastrzhembsky, Chernomyrdin, Kulikov, and others perform.

         But the main puppeteer is behind the scenes ‑‑ his name is

         Shenderovich. And in real life there are Yeltsin, Kiriyenko, Fedorov,

         Stepashin and the others. But the main puppeteer has a long Jewish

         name: Berezovsky‑Gusinsky‑ Smolensky‑Khodorkovsky, and so on.

         "This is to say that for the first time in a thousand years, since the first

         Jews settled in Russia, we hold the real power in this country. I want to

         ask you straight out: How do you intend to use it? What do you intend

         to do in this country? Cast it into the chaos of poverty or raise it from

         the mud? Do you understand that a chance like this comes only once in

         a thousand years? Do you understand your responsibility to our [Jewish]

         people for your actions?"

         Boris Abramovich responded with some difficulty: "Of course, as you

         see, financial power is in Jewish hands, but we have never looked at

         this from the point of view of historical responsibility."

         "You have never discussed this matter among your closest associates?"

         "No. We have taken note of the disproportionality and have tried to put

         a strong financial oligarch of Russian ancestry in power. But nothing has

         ever come of it."

         "Why not? And, by the way, how did it happen that almost all the

         money in this country has ended up in Jewish hands? Are there really

         no competent Russian financiers? In old [Tsarist] Russia there were

         some exceptional Russian commercial figures ‑‑ Morozov, Tretyakov ..."

         "You know," Boris Abramovich said, "of course there are some very

         competent bankers among the Russians. But this profession requires a

         second very important factor ‑‑ the will power to do the job. Because of

         our history Jews know how to lose and then get back up on their feet

         again. This is probably a result of our historical experience. But even the

         most talented Russians don't have this ability. They can't take the blow,

         and they're completely out of the game after their first loss. It's


         "Let's say that is true [I replied]. But now, it's so happened that we the

         Jews have all the financial power, while the government is run by

         half‑Jews like Kiriyenko and Chubais. Don't you realize the full measure

         of danger to which we subject our [Jewish] people in the event of

         Russia's total collapse? Anti‑Semitic pogroms could turn into a new


         "That's out of the question," Boris Abramovich said. "Do you know the

         percentage of anti‑Semitism in Russia today? It is just eight percent!

         And that has been scientifically verified!"

         Boris Abramovich, I am not going to publish at this time the entire

         content of our two meetings. There's no purpose in that. But in the two

         months that have elapsed since we first met, Russia has fallen into the

         financial abyss and is now but one step from the nightmare of social

         madness. And neither you (I mean you personally) nor any of the other

         Jewish oligarchs recognize this as a Jewish tragedy. It so happened

         that with the collapse of the USSR and the breakdown of the Soviet

         regime, you were able to come closer to the threshold than anyone

         else. Talent, Jewish acumen, and will power have enabled you to

         secure this success and to multiply it. But if you think that this is your

         personal due, you are tragically mistaken. And if you simply assume

         that you were chosen by God to become a super‑financier and a

         super‑oligarch, you are committing a grave sin.

         Yes, we are God's chosen people ‑‑ we really are the people chosen by

         Him. But we were not chosen for personal enrichment, but only for the

         purpose of leading the peoples of the world out of barbarism and

         paganism into the world of the Ten Commandments of civilization:

         Thou shalt not kill, thou shalt not steal, thou shalt not covet thy

         neighbor's wife ... And this process has not been completed by a long

         shot. Oh no! For that reason we have been given our talents, our

         acumen, quickness of mind, and that will power of which you are so

         proud. When each of us is up there, He the Almighty will not ask

         whether we have done well or poorly on Earth. He will only ask one

         question. He will say: "I gave you this talent. How did you use it?" Did

         you use it for the purpose I sent you, namely, to bring them into

         humanity, to civilize the people, to enlighten them? Or did you use My

         gift to fill your safe with a billion dollars and sleep with a million

         beautiful women?"

         And we shall respond in accordance with the measure of the gift

         received, and our abilities to use it.

         Of course, both you and I are atheists, Boris Abramovich, as are your

         fellow oligarchs. Therefore we do not fear punishment after death; we

         are above these childish and vulgar fears. As the people are wont to say

         "Don't teach me how to live, help me materially." All right, I will tell

         you quite materially. Let us forget for a moment the tens of thousands

         of Jews whom the new Russian Black Hundreds [Tsarist‑era

         nationalists] will cut down in the first wave of pogroms, let us forget

         about their children and mothers. But even if, after having put them out

         of your mind, and you are able to fly out of Russia on your private

         aircraft, you will be finished. You will lose access to the levers of power

         and to the economy of this country; you will simply become refugees in

         a land with a foreign language. Believe me, for you this will be like

         death ‑‑ even if you have accounts in Swiss banks.

         And because you still do not use your money, nor the gift God gave you

         for the good of this country and its people, the path you are following is


         And now let us remember, Boris Abramovich, all the other Jews and

         half‑Jews living in this country. You know very well what happened in

         Germany when all German money fell into the hands of Jewish

         bankers, who were concerned only with power and multiplying their

         profits. Hitler appeared and it culminated in the Holocaust.

         Today new Russian black shirts [nationalists] and fascists are rising up

         around you on the fertile soil of Russian misery. And if you want to

         know how this will end, watch the films of Auschwitz and look into the

         eyes of the children standing there behind the barbed wire. And the

         Germans were a highly civilized, great European people. Not one of

         their poets said: "A German uprising is frightful, senseless, and


         So, do you seriously believe that in Russia today only eight percent of

         the people is anti‑Semitic? Or do you really believe that pogroms are

         merely historical phantoms, anachronisms or, as you put it, "It's out of

         the question."

         Crap, Boris Abramovich (pardon my Russian).

         In 1953 I survived a pogrom in Poltava [Ukraine]. It was during the

         time of the "doctors' plot," and real pogroms had already started in the

         Poltava Podole. After barricading themselves in their apartments,

         several Jewish families in the center of the city were unable to go out

         onto the streets for three days. And when they finally dared, they could

         read on their front steps: "Jews, we're going to paint the roofs with your

         blood!" Therefore I know and remember how easily it starts. Just give

         the destitute and the aggrieved a guarantee of immunity from penalty,

         and they will commit arson, rape, and steal anywhere ‑‑ in Poltava,

         Moscow, and even Los Angeles.

         I was born and grew up in Baku [Azerbaijan], Boris Abramovich. I have

         a friend who was fantastically rich even during the Soviet period, at a

         time when you were living on 120 rubles as a [Ph.D.] candidate of

         science, and using your friend's one‑room flat for your carnal pleasures.

         However, one day in the middle of the night his family woke him up

         and said: "Some people have come and want to talk to you." He got up,

         dressed and went outside. Two sobbing Azerbaijani women were

         standing in the entrance way. They said: "Leonid, help us. Our father

         has died and is in the hospital morgue, and the doctors are about to

         open him up [autopsy] before burial. But our Muslim law forbids it. We

         beg you, we beseech you ‑‑ stop them. Help us get our father's body

         back undisturbed!"

         My friend went to the hospital and found the physician on duty, who

         also happened to be Azerbaijani. My friend said to him: "How can you,

         an Azerbaijani yourself, violate the laws of your own people. How can

         you bear it that I, a Jew, has come here to ask you to respect your own

         Muslim traditions?" He gave the doctor a bribe and ransomed, as it

         were, the body of the girls' father. It couldn't have been otherwise.

         Those women knew who to turn to for help. My friend had a reputation

         in all of Baku for his acts of charity. Do you know how this favor was

         returned? Years later, when pogroms against Armenians began in Baku,

         my friend's fiancee, who happened to be Armenian, fled her home and

         hid in her grandmother's flat. He came for her to get her out of Baku.

         But on the way to the airport she said that she wanted to see her home

         again for the last time. "It's all smashed up, destroyed, I was there." "I

         don't care. Please take me there. I want a final farewell look at my

         home." He took her to her home.

         The fence was broken, the garden torn up, the house had been torched

         and was destroyed. She walked about in the ruins and retrieved some

         family photographs and crockery that was still intact. At that very

         instant, an infuriated mob of pogromists entered the courtyard. One of

         her neighbors had informed them that the Armenian woman had

         returned. "Have you ever seen the face of an enraged mob?" Leonid

         asked me.

         "They went directly at us. My fiancee stood behind me and I felt sure

         that we would be murdered. There were about two hundred in the

         mob. Their hands clutched hammers, pipe sections, clubs. I was

         carrying a pistol, but I knew that I would not even be able to get my

         hand in my pocket in time.

        "Suddenly, at the last moment, when someone was already waving his

         club or pipe at us, an old man jumped out in front and shouted in

         Azerbaijani: 'Stop it. I know this man. He has always been good to us. I

         swear on my ancestors, all Baku knows this. He must leave here

         unharmed.' And, just imagine, the pogrom mob began to step aside and

         make a free path through which Ada and I could pass through to my

         automobile. We got in and left for the airport."

         You are an intelligent man, Boris Abramovich. I'm sure you already

         understand why I've told the story about my friend. Every Jew should

         act in the same way. The money that God has granted us, whether

         during feudalism, socialism, or capitalism, was not in fact given to us,

         but rather it is to be funnelled through us to the peoples among whom

         we live. Only then will our riches truly multiply according to His will.

         And only then are we truly Jews.

         Today, the people among whom we reside live in a calamitous state.

         Poverty, chaos, desperation, hunger, unemployment, and looting by

         officials and bandits alike prevail. Our beloved Russian women walk the

         streets. For God's sake, chip in a billion or two.

         Don't act like a Jew. Help this nation along in its bloody transition from

         Communism to civilization. And don't just give money, contribute your

         brains, talents, skills, your God‑given and natural acumen. Use all your

         strength, will power, position, and wealth to save Russia from total

         collapse and rid Russia of its Soviet‑camp morality and ethics. The

         people you save will protect you from pogroms, and your mothers, your

         Jewish mothers, will wish you a quiet mazel tov.

         Otherwise, another Klimov [a familiar anti‑Jewish writer] will one day

         write a book called "Jewish Power" about how the Jews exterminated

         the Russian people. Do you really want that, all you Boris


           Some Reactions to Topol's 'Open Letter'

                             Daniel W. Michaels

         For reasons both historical and contemporary, relations between

         Russians and Jews are now so tense and emotion‑laden that many

         Jews, both in Russia and the United States, fear that Topol's appeal will

         promote anti‑Jewish sentiment among Russians, and could even

         provoke new pogroms.

         The nationally‑circulated New York Jewish weekly Forward (October

         9, 1998, p. 5) reports that the chief editor of the paper's Russian edition,

         Vladimir Yedidovich, suspects that Topol's appeal is part of an

         anti‑Jewish conspiracy. Unnamed parties may have commissioned

         Topol to write the article, the Forward editor believes, to direct Russian

         wrath against Jews. "Doesn't it seem to you," says Yedidovich, "that the

         idea behind the article is a provocation of such a large scale that it

         simply could not have been born in a 'writer's lab' of even such a

         scandalous writer like Topol?"

         Indeed, some Russians have already responded to the "open letter" with

         bitter but perhaps understandable anti‑Jewish hostility. Writing in

         Zavtra ("Tomorrow"), the main opposition newspaper (No. 40/ 253,

         Sept. 6, 1998), Vladimir Bondarenko comments:

              This [open letter] is not a Russian‑Jewish dialogue. This is

              an argument between Jews on how best to protect Jewish

             interests. Personally I have nothing against Eduard Topol in

              this matter. Every true patriot is naturally concerned

              foremost about his own people. But, why on Earth does a

              Russian mass‑circulation newspaper, rather than, say,

              Tankred Golenpolsky's Yevreyskaya gazeta ["Jewish

             Journal"], publish this Jewish‑Jewish argument?...

              I can see only one good thing in this, and that is that it is

              time to do away with censorship concerning the Jewish

             question. Because Argumenty i Fakty has seen fit to raise

              the question of Jewish domination of our government and

              of Jewish financial power in our country, it is long since

              time to have a normal, open Russian‑Jewish dialogue on

              these most sensitive topics in all of Russia's major

             newspapers. If today the Jew Topol can discuss these

             problems, the Russian Klimov should have the same

              opportunity ...

             Arrogance, Jewish racial arrogance permeates Topol's

              article ... He is convinced that the Jews should rule the

              world ...

              Topol is patently wrong when he says that this is the first

              time in a thousand years that the Jews have had real

              power in Russia. Lev Trotsky's power in 1918 far exceeded

              that of Berezovsky today. Jewish commissars and Cheka

              agents at that time determined almost everything in this

              country for an entire epoch. That was in fact the first

              attempt at totally remaking the Russian Orthodox

             mentality ...

              Topol does not conceal the fact that both he and

              Berezovsky are atheists. For this same atheist writer to

              refer to himself as chosen by God shows he knows nothing

              about his own history or religion ... The Jews still argue

              among themselves as to whether Jewry is a nationality or a

              religion ... And just what is the relationship of adherents to

              Judaism to modern civilization and, more specifically, to

             Christian civilization?... Christ came to the Jews, but they

              rejected him. Jews do not accept Christ, and are still

              waiting for their Messiah. But because they have rejected

              Him, they are no longer the chosen people ... What does

              Eduard Topol mean by the expression "chosen by God," and

              into what civilization does he want to force the Orthodox

              Russian people? We don't need your services to civilization.

              We understand your fears perfectly. For the financial

             suffocation of Russia, for the cold and the hunger

             attributable to Berezovsky and his ilk, [you fear that] the

             dispossessed, tormented people might take their revenge

              on your innocent fellow Jews. However, you will not be

              saved merely by the Jews assuming a more humane

              attitude to the Russian barbarians, as you propose, but only

              when your fellow Jews, especially those in power, have

              adopted a sincere respect for Russian civilization, Russian

              culture, and Russian traditions. Long ago it was said that

              "he who comes to us with the sword, shall perish by the

             sword." [All the same,] the experience and knowledge of

              Russian Jews who really do consider themselves a part of

              Russian society is always beneficial for the rebirth of our

              great nation.

         Also writing in the weekly Zavtra, Vladimir Galushin notes that if a

         piece like Topol's open letter had appeared in the patriotic Russian

         media, one could expect it to be widely condemned as anti‑Semitic.

         But given that Jews themselves acknowledge that they do indeed

         control Russia today, this fact cannot be refuted or discounted. Galushin

         sees elements of a "Jewish fascism" in such writings. This fascism is

         manifest in the small group of oligarchs who want to rule Russia.

         Fascist philosophy, he contends, means the racial superiority of one

         group over another, the ideology of power over other countries, even

         over the world. When the Yeltsin government and the Western media

         express fears of fascism in Russia, Galushin argues, it is not Russian

         fascism they should address, but Jewish fascism.

         Jewish power in Russia, Galushin continues, has resulted in millions of

         homeless children, widespread tuberculosis and cholera, a shortage of

         medicines, cheating retirees of their pensions, suicide in the armed

         forces, and the death of science. What do the Gusinskys, the

         Berezovskys, the Chubais, the Nemtsovs, the Kiriyenkos, the

         Smolenskys, the Livshits, and the Gaidars say about this? Millions of

         Russians have perished under their rule. Are the Russian people ready

         to judge these scoundrels for their crimes, Galushin asks.

         And Viktor Trostnikov, likewise responding to Topol in an article

         entitled "The World Will Not Belong to You," states bluntly and

        unambiguously: "The world is still not yours, and it will never be yours,

         because Russia will never be yours."

         It would be a mistake to suppose that such sentiments are highly

         unusual, or represent only extreme right‑wing views.

         The newspaper Zavtra is the voice of the nationalists who hold the

         great majority of seats in Russia's Duma (parliament). These include the

         deputies of the reconstituted Russian Communist Party, headed by

         Gennady Zyuganov, which has abandoned internationalism and

         orthodox Marxism‑Leninism, and might be more accurately be called

         the "National Communist" party. In the Duma, "reformers" and those

         who support Yeltsin's government are in a decided minority.

         And in addition to such periodicals as Zavtra, today in Russia there are

         scores of truly "extremist" publications that may aptly be described as

         fascistic or neo‑Nazi.

         Thus, Berezovsky's remark that anti‑Semites make up only eight

         percent of Russia's population is off the mark. While this figure may

         accurately reflect the percentage of Russians who are openly hostile to

         Jews, the percentage of those who are covertly anti‑Jewish, or who

         hate the (mostly Jewish) oligarchs, is certainly much higher.

         In sharp contrast to the intense feelings expressed by such Russian

         writers over the catastrophic situation in their country today is the

         seeming indifference of American and German taxpayers who have

         unwittingly channeled billions of dollars and marks to the oligarchs ‑‑

         who in turn have transferred this largesse to secret Swiss accounts. Who

         monitors the distribution of these billions through the World Bank, the

         IMF, the financial houses, and various banks? Who is responsible for

         this terrible injustice?

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