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IN SEARCH OF TRUE ISRAEL.................................................................................................. 1

THE JEWS ARE NOT ISRAEL!.................................................................................................. 3

KOL NIDRE................................................................................................................................. 12

THE "SACRED" STAR OF DAVID.......................................................................................... 15

JEWS USE ANTI-RELIGIOUS PROSELYTIZING................................................................. 28


ANTI-MISSIONARY LAW 5738-1977...................................................................................... 28

RUSSIA LAND OF THE KHAZARS......................................................................................... 43

CONVERSION OF THE KHAZARS (CHAZARS) TO JUDAISM......................................... 43


JEWISH RITUAL MURDER..................................................................................................... 72

JEWS PROTEST SACRIFICE TALE........................................................................................ 73

ON OPRAH SHOW..................................................................................................................... 73

COULD JEWISH RITUAL MURDER STILL EXIST?........................................................... 73

THE HISTORY OF JEWISH HUMAN SACRIFICE............................................................... 74

ESAU MARRIED A CANAANITE WOMAN.......................................................................... 75

THE SONS OF JUDAH............................................................................................................... 77

HEROD WAS ON THE THRONE............................................................................................. 78

IN PALESTINE............................................................................................................................ 78

JOANNES CHRYSOSTOMUS.................................................................................................. 81

ATTACK ON JEWS.................................................................................................................... 82

KIMYARITE (HIMYARITES) KING ADOPTS JUDAISM................................................... 83

       and CONVERTS HIS ARMY and PEOPLE....................................................................... 83

ARE THE JEWS ISRAEL?......................................................................................................... 86

THE BIBLE RELATES THAT THE KHAZAR (ASHKENAZ)................................................ 91

JEWS WERE THE SONS OF JAPHETH NOT SHEM............................................................ 91

HAVE ALREADY INVADED AND CONQUERED PALESTINE!........................................ 92

ABRAHAM AND HIS SEED................................................................................................... 102

THE BIRTH RIGHT................................................................................................................. 103

EPHRAIM AND MANASSEH................................................................................................. 103

JUDAH'S BLESSING................................................................................................................ 104

SELECTIONS AND REJECTIONS......................................................................................... 105

SAMUEL ANOINTED DAVID................................................................................................ 105

DAVID'S HOUSE...................................................................................................................... 105

ESTABLISHED FOREVER...................................................................................................... 107

THE THRONE........................................................................................................................... 107

THRONE OVER ISRAEL........................................................................................................ 112

THRONE IN ISRAEL............................................................................................................... 113

USE OF TERMS........................................................................................................................ 113

JEWS REJECT CHRIST.......................................................................................................... 114

POLITICAL ZIONISM............................................................................................................. 115

JUDGMENT UPON ZIONISM................................................................................................ 116

PROMISED RETRIBUTION................................................................................................... 117

FROM THE BOTTOMLESS PIT............................................................................................ 117

EVIL MACHINATION............................................................................................................. 118


       THEM SAFE REFUGE FROM A WORLD THAT HATES THEM.............................. 118

MALIGNANT EVIL.................................................................................................................. 125

UNHOLY ZIONISM.................................................................................................................. 126

JEWS UNDER A CURSE......................................................................................................... 126

ISRAEL AND THE JEW........................................................................................................... 127

NAME AS A CURSE................................................................................................................. 127

THE RETURN FROM BABYLON.......................................................................................... 127

EVIL FIGS.................................................................................................................................. 128

THE FIG TREES........................................................................................................................ 128

CONDEMNED FOR UNFRUITFULNESS............................................................................. 128

MODERN ISRAEL................................................................................................................... 129

NOT HIS PEOPLE..................................................................................................................... 129

ENDEAVOR TO FULFILL PROPHECY................................................................................. 129

THE VERDICT IS A FAILURE............................................................................................... 130

MESSIANIC COMPLEX.......................................................................................................... 131

PUBLIC LAW 102‑14 and Its IMPLICATIONS..................................................................... 132

TO CHRISTIAN AMERICANS............................................................................................... 132

JEWISH ZADDIK HAS POWER OVER LIFE AND DEATH............................................... 137

A JEWISH CHRONOLOGY..................................................................................................... 141

OF JEWISH MESSIAHS.......................................................................................................... 141

ISRAEL'S WITHDRAWAL...................................................................................................... 142

PROPHECY REGARDING THE HOUSE OF ISRAEL......................................................... 143

WHERE IS THE "APPOINTED PLACE"?............................................................................. 144

ASSYRIAN CAPTIVITY .......................................................................................................... 151

of the Northern Ten Tribes of Israel 740 to 689 B.C............................................................... 151

BABYLONIAN CAPTIVITY 604 B.C...................................................................................... 153

NOW, GOD HAD A PROBLEM.............................................................................................. 157

ISRAEL A NATION ALWAYS................................................................................................. 163

A CURSE AND A REPROACH............................................................................................... 163

ISRAEL REVOLTS................................................................................................................... 163

KINGDOM TAKEN FROM DAVID....................................................................................... 164

BENJAMIN REMAINED........................................................................................................ 164

THE CAPTIVITIES................................................................................................................... 165

THE WESTWARD TREK......................................................................................................... 165

THE LATTER DAYS................................................................................................................. 167

ISRAEL CHRISTIANIZED...................................................................................................... 167

CHRISTIANITY RELIGION OF THE WEST........................................................................ 168

WEST AND CHRISTIANITY SYNONYMOUS..................................................................... 168

ESTABLISHED FACTS ARE UNDENIABLE........................................................................ 170

WESTERN CIVILIZATION UNEXPORTABLE.................................................................... 170

TRANSFORMATION BY CANNON...................................................................................... 171

MILITARY FORCE ‑ NOT LOVE........................................................................................... 171

WHITE MISSIONARIES MURDERED................................................................................. 172

CHRISTIANITY IS BEWILDERING...................................................................................... 172

TO PRIMITIVE NATIVES....................................................................................................... 172

ISRAEL ESCAPES.................................................................................................................... 173

NEW NAMES FOR ISRAEL.................................................................................................... 177

SPARTANS WERE ISRAELITES........................................................................................... 180

JESUS THE CHRIST................................................................................................................ 182

ISRAEL ARRIVES IN AMERICA.......................................................................................... 184

THE SCOTTISH DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE................................................... 185

RIGHTEOUSNESS IS DISREGARDED................................................................................ 189

DESOLATE HERITAGES........................................................................................................ 192

SAILING TO THE NEW WORLD........................................................................................... 194

A MAJOR BLUNDER.............................................................................................................. 197

MISAPPLICATION OF PROPHECY...................................................................................... 198

                                               IN SEARCH OF TRUE ISRAEL

Who are the chosen people of the Bible? This question is worthy of your time and consideration. This will be an honest attempt to make investigative discovery into the identification of Abraham's children in this present world. Who are the seed of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob‑Israel, and where are they located in the earth?

This may be one of the most imperative theological questions of this century. Who are the chosen people and where are these people living? The response made to this question could not only have tremendous theological and religious significance, but it could also alter the geo‑political status of our world. Anyone who has carefully read the Bible from Genesis to Revelation can document that God did indeed choose a people unto Himself, above all the people that are upon the face of this earth.

The people designated as the chosen of God in the Bible are Israelites. The word "Israel" appears more than 2,500 times in the total Bible, and this is the generic name given to the family of people descending from Abraham, Isaac, and promises which God made with these people. The primary theme of the Bible is the promise of a Messiah/Savior who would come into the earth to redeem Israel, confirm the covenants, restore the validity of the Law, and proclaim the way of Salvation for the Elect in God, chosen in Christ, from the foundation of the world.

The first eleven chapters of the Bible cover the entire story of Creation, the Fall, the genealogical tables of Adam's seed and Cain's seed, the Genesis Flood, the development of the Adamic nations in the post‑flood history of the Bible, and the building of the tower of Babel.

Beginning with Genesis Chapter 12 and going through the remainder of the old Testament all of the New Testament, the Holy Bible chronicles the history of Abraham and his family of people descending through Isaac and Jacob‑Israel. The purpose of God in His plan for the divine restoration of His chosen people through the blood of Jesus Christ is the central theme of the Bible.

The history of the Israelite people can be traced in a straight line from Genesis Chapter 12 through every book in both the Old and New Testament portions of the Bible. Every covenant, promise, and purpose of God that is recorded in Scripture is connected with the Israelites of the Bible.

If we fail to identify the chosen people of the Bible and establish positive reference of these people in terms of the covenants and promises of it, we risk nothing less than the veracity of a Holy God and the truth and inspiration of the Bible. We dare not cast aside the question of the chosen people, for if we do, our testimony and witness regarding the Holy Bible and the incarnation of Jesus Christ as God in human flesh falls in death to the ground.

If in apathetic indifference to the question "Who are the chosen people of the Bible?" we say, "What difference does it make?" we are rending asunder the covenants and promises of the Bible, the Virgin Birth, the Crucifixion, and the Resurrection of Jesus Christ are all rendered null and void. We must seek and search for the true seed of Abraham; if this discovery will identify these people, the Holy Bible will be the story of Jesus Christ and His shed blood will take on a new and precious meaning. We must therefore hasten forward to discover Biblical Israel in the earth.

Any search for the chosen people of the Bible must begin with Abraham. Abraham is the beginning of this great mystery, and only in a careful examination of this celebrated figure of Scripture can we find the genuine seed of Abraham. Abraham was the father of eight sons.

Hagar was the mother of Ishmael. Sarah was the mother of Isaac. Keturah was the mother of Zimran, Jokshan, Medan, Midian, Ishbak and Shuah. The Bible clearly restricts our search of Abraham's seed to that of Isaac. Paul, in Romans 9:6‑8, limits the chosen people to the seedline of Isaac.


The chosen people of God are limited, then, to Isaac who was the seed of promise. Romans 9:7; Hebrews 11:18; and Genesis 21:12 all declare that the Seed of Abraham would be called only in Isaac.

Our search for Abraham's seed becomes a search for Isaac's seed and for Jacob-Israel descended from Isaac. The chosen people can be descended ONLY from Isaac. Any excursion into contemporary history will reveal several claimants for being heirs to father Abraham.

We shall now examine a number of people who cannot possibly be lawful claimants to the promises and covenants of the Bible by genetic link to Abraham. Our search will of necessity force us to reject a number of groups that cannot be the chosen people of the Bible.

Our search for the TRUE seed of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob‑Israel cannot take us to the Arabic nations of Islam. Ishmael, the oldest son born to Abraham and Hagar, is the father of the Arabic nations; but Ishmael was not made heir to the Abrahamic Covenant of promise. This promise made to Father Abraham was confined to one son, Isaac. Ishmael and the millions of Arabs descended from Abraham through this genetic link cannot be the chosen people of the Bible. The Bible does have much to say about Ishmael and his descendants, who are identified today among the Arabic Nations of the Middle East. Genesis 16:1‑12; 17:18‑21; 21:9‑11, and Genesis 25:12‑18 will provide much insight into the Arabic peoples of Islam.

For hundreds of years the Arabic people have had their own scripture {the Koran}, their own prophet {Muhammad}, and their own god {Allah}. This is a very important branch of the Abrahamic family but it is not and will never be the chosen people descended from Isaac.

Still another group of Abraham's seed which must be rejected as the chosen people is the ancient Brahmans of the high caste seed of ancient Indian and its present descendants, now more commonly known as Hindus. The original high caste Brahmans that brought the India culture to flower were descendants of Abraham's wife, Keturah. The word "Brahman" is taken from Abraham and one or more of the sons of Keturah who were sent away into the east at the death of Abraham [1]; from this genetic branch of Abraham's seed developed the ancient culture of India.

The Hindus, though making up a very important branch of Abraham's family, can and never will be chosen people of the Bible. These people have always had their own independent religion {Brahman or Hindu} with their own gods {Brahma, Vishnu, and Siva} and their own scriptures, known as the Vedas. These people, though very important in ancient and contemporary history, cannot be the chosen people of the Bible, for they are not descended through Isaac. A third group of claimants to the position of chosen people status are the people known as the Jews. It is commonly believed and taught in religious and political circles throughout the world that the Jews of today are one and the same with Biblical Israel.

Most Christian people have been taught to believe that modern Jews are Israel and that they are descended from one or more of the thirteen tribes of Israel. In our search for the true seed of Abraham, it will be necessary for us to discover who the people calling themselves Jews today are to determine if they indeed are descended from Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob-Israel.          

                                               THE JEWS ARE NOT ISRAEL!

What is the actual objective of the Jews? It is certainly not benevolent and peaceful for their utterances and actions prove otherwise. What, then, is their goal?

"The two internationales of Finance and Revolution...are the two fronts of the Jewish Internationale. There is a Jewish conspiracy against all nations." [2]

The Scriptures are very clear concerning a diabolical conspiracy to destroy the way of peace and enslave mankind.

"And the Lord said unto me, A conspiracy is found among the men of Judah, and AMONG THE INHABITANTS OF JERUSALEM." [3]

This entire program of evil would have been clearly recognized by Christian men and women long ago but for the skillfully prepared, deceptive teachings of those who had everything to gain, materially, thereby which have falsified the facts regarding the identity of the race of the Book and assigned to the Jews the promises and blessings which belong to the House of Israel.

     "Of course, you do resent us. It is no good telling me you don't. So let us not waste any time on denials and alibis...We understand each other perfectly. I don't hold it against you...We are the stiff-necked people who never accepted Christianity, and we are the criminal people who crucified its founder...your...contradictory charges against us are not a patch on the blackness of our proved historic offense. You accuse us of stirring up revolution in Moscow. Suppose we admit the charge. What of it?...You make much noise and fury about the undue Jewish influence in your theaters and movie palaces. Very good; granted your complaint is well founded. But what is that compared to OUR staggering INFLUENCE IN YOUR CHURCHES, your schools, your laws and your government, and the very thoughts you think every day? 'THE PROTOCOLS OF THE ELDERS OF ZION' which shows that we plotted to bring on the late World War. You believe that book. All right...

     WE WILL UNDERWRITE EVERY WORD OF IT. IT IS GENUINE AND AUTHENTIC. BUT WHAT IS THAT BESIDES THE UNQUESTIONABLE HISTORICAL CONSPIRACY WHICH WE HAVE CARRIED OUT, WHICH WE NEVER HAVE DENIED BECAUSE YOU NEVER HAD THE COURAGE TO CHARGE US WITH IT, AND OF WHICH THE FULL RECORD IS EXTANT FOR ANYBODY TO READ? If you really are serious when you talk of Jewish plots, may I not direct your attention to one worth talking about? What use is it wasting words on the alleged control of your public opinion by Jewish financiers, newspaper owners, and movie magnates, when you might as well also justly accuse us of the proved control of your whole civilization have not begun to appreciate the real depth of our guilt.

     We are intruders. We are disturbers. We are subverters. We have taken your natural world, your ideals, your destiny, and played havoc with them. We have been at the bottom of not merely the latest great war but of nearly all your wars, not only of the Russian but of nearly every other major revolution in your history.

     We have brought discord and confusion and frustration into your personal and public life, we are still doing it. And no one can tell how long, we shall go on doing it. Look back a little and see what has happened...Disporting yourselves on the hillsides and in the valleys of the great outdoors, you took to speculating on the wonder and mystery of life laid the foundations of natural science and philosophy. Yours was a noble, sensual culture, unirked by the prickings of social conscience or by any sentimental questions about human equality.

     Who knows what great and glorious destiny might have been yours if we had left you alone. But we did not leave you alone. We took you in hand and pulled down the beautiful and generous structure you had reared, and changed the whole course of your history. We conquered you as no empire of yours ever subjugated Africa or Asia ...we did it solely by the irresistible might of our spirit, with ideas, with propaganda. We made you the willing and unconscious bearers of our mission to the whole world, to the barbarous races of the world, to the countless unborn generations. Without fully understanding what we were doing to you, you became the agents of our racial tradition. In conclusion; you want to deal effectively with the Jewish problem. The go forth teaching, proclaiming, and promoting the great news of Identity and the Kingdom of Christ. Within this message lies the beginning of the Western Christian rule and the death of world Jewry." [4]

Ezekiel also recognized this conspiracy of the INHABITANTS OF JERUSALEM:

"Moreover the spirit lifted me up, and brought me unto the east gate of the Lord's house, which looketh eastward: and behold at the door of the gate five and twenty men...Then said he unto me, Son of man, these are the men that devise mischief, and give wicked counsel in this city [Jerusalem]...Son of man, thy brethren [Israelites], even thy brethren, the men of thy kindred, and ALL THE HOUSE OF ISRAEL WHOLLY, ARE THEY UNTO WHOM THE INHABITANTS OF JERUSALEM HAVE SAID, GET YOU [Israelites] FAR FROM THE LORD [Ba'al #1167 Strong's Concordance]: UNTO US IS THIS LAND GIVEN IN POSSESSION." [5]

This caused the Jews to brag:

"Thus saith the Lord God; BECAUSE THE ENEMY HATH SAID AGAINST YOU [Israel], AHA, EVEN THE ANCIENT HIGH PLACES ARE OUR'S IN POSSESSION: Therefore prophesy and say, Thus saith the Lord God; Because they have made you [Israel] desolate, and swallowed you [Israel] up on every side, that ye might be a possession unto the residue of the heathen, and ye are taken up in the lips of talkers and are an infamy of the people." [6]

Then we have proof that Ezekiel is talking about the Jews:

"Therefore, ye mountains [nations] of Israel, hear the word of the Lord God; Thus saith the Lord God to the mountains [nations] and hills [small nations], to the rivers, and to the valleys, to the desolate wastes, and to the cities that are forsaken, which became a prey and derision to the residue of the heathen that are round about; Therefore thus saith the Lord God; Surely in the fire of my jealousy have I spoken against the residue of the heathen, AND AGAINST ALL IDUMEA [the Jews, Esau/Edom - Esau is Edom [7] Edom is in modern Jewry (Jewish Encyclopedia)], WHICH HAVE APPOINTED MY LAND INTO THEIR POSSES­SION WITH THE JOY OF ALL THEIR HEART, WITH DESPITEFUL MINDS, TO CAST IT OUT FOR A PREY." [8]

The result has been to give the Jew and entirely false position of supposed pre-eminence in the light of the prophetic word which actually he will never be able to occupy.

Theologians have completely failed to examine the evidence to see whether the Jews are really entitled to the position of the modern Judeo-Christian Church has assigned to them. The assumption that the Jews are all of Israel today has closed much of the Bible to Christian understanding.

Furthermore, it has had far-reaching results in blinding men to the meaning of current world developments and it has materially assisted those who are endeavoring to acquire world rulership by furthering their subversive activities. This Christian leniency in regard to Jewish aspirations has been based upon the expectation that the Jews are to eventually come into world rulership.

Thus the Zionists, unsupported by any Scriptural evidence whatever to substantiate their claims, are moving toward the consummation of their plans for world rulership. In doing so they are making world revolution and war inevitable which will climax in a reign of violence and bloodshed bringing the present age to its close.

"We will have a world government whether you like it or not. The only question is whether that government will be achieved by conquest or consent." [9]

The pity of it all is that the Christian world is responsible for much of this planned chaos, at least to the extent that they have extolled the Jews as God's people who are chosen to rule the world.

Actually, the Zionists are seducing the nations of the world and they have deceived Christian people everywhere into believing they are the Israel of God so that no active protest is made as they boldly pursue their aim to gain world control.

Ample evidence has been furnished demonstrating the fallacy of assigning to the Jews the prophecies and blessings pronounced upon the House of Israel.

The present, so-called return of the Jews to Palestine, is not in conformity with the great prophecies of the restoration of the House of Israel to the land of their forefather, a restoration which is to be accomplished by peaceful means alone after a sincere change of heart and genuine spiritual revival on the part of God's Israel people.

The Zionists, however, are fulfilling ominous prophecies which foreshadow the coming of evil, not the coming of peace. Their move toward Palestine is a harbinger that the Great and Terrible Day of the Lord is very near.

Zionist activities in Palestine and the establishment of the new state of the Israelis have led many Christians to assume that Israel is being restored to her land again in fulfillment of the prophecies of the prophets of the Lord. If such a supposition were true, then all the activities of the Zionist Jews would be found to be in conformity with every requirement set forth by the prophets concerning the marks which were to identify latter-day Israel.

Also, they would be following the method by which the prophets predicted the restoration would be accomplished. Actually, the Zionists are not in possession of any of the necessary identification marks; nor are they proceeding to possess the land according to Biblical requirements.

Therefore, THEY CANNOT BE ISRAEL RETURNING TO THE LAND OF THEIR FOREFATHERS. The mere fact that they undertook to establish a nation in Palestine is in itself no evidence that they are Israel. History abounds with accounts of the activities of people who have undertaken to establish themselves in Palestine, but that did not make them Israel.

The activities of the Zionists have a prophetic significance, though they are not fulfilling the prophecies which forecast the return of the House of Israel to the land of their inheritance.

It must not be overlooked that the Israeli state was founded upon a systematic program of violence, deceit and murder and this fact alone should place everyone on guard against assigning to the Zionists what rightfully belongs to the House of Israel.


"Therefore, behold, I WILL HEDGE UP THY [Israel] WAY WITH THORNS, AND MAKE A WALL, THAT SHE [Israel] SHALL NOT FIND HER PATHS [back to where they came from]." [10]

Truth may seem severe when it is not, and he who speaks it, like the skilful surgeon at an amputation, calmly cuts, but only to save life or reputation. The man who will not do so is a moral coward. He is unfit to speak, or write, or act. He is selfish, and a selfish man is ready to do anything. He only fears the law, or sword, or pistol. But little mean minds looks only at the present apparent good, regardless of all greater good and evil in the future. And there must ever be a war between the dispositions of the classes who look only at the present, and only at the future. We must look at both at once. But to effect a great and good result, all things must be TRUE TO NATURE.

The simplest carpenter's apprentice can tell you from experience, that if the joints of any frame work are not true, the parts will not fit well when put together, and it will break down, and shake to pieces, at the first storm, which may arise. But the unwise think that they are wise, when they are only cunning.

They know not the sublimity of simple truth, and when a man with the full consciousness that he has done a noble work, may seem to fee its dignity, they cry "behold how vain!" Not seeing the great work which does ennoble him, they think him vain even of the merest trifles. They judge others by themselves. Still let us speak the truth, if not in works of fiction, at least when great interests are at stake.

Learned men have long contended that it was impossible for any human intellect to grasp what has been here attempted, that a Cyclopedia only, could embrace in one view, all the arts and sciences, which minister to man's necessity and happiness, and that they give but little credit for, as a Cyclopedia is a mere arbitrary alphabetical arrangement. We would not say we have done even what we have, without much toil and sacrifice. It has cost the best ten years of the writer's life, to settle its great principles, and give it form and substance.

The world has been the book, the teacher, God. The mere writing is most unimportant. The thought is all. These remarks are made, that none may lightly damn the work. Let them, we repeat, examine first their own hearts and minds, and learn if they are qualified to speak or write upon it. The poorest and most ignorant, with sound moral and mental powers, has faculties to judge, far better than he, who with envious and contracted feelings, seeks only to detract from good, and embitter the existence of such as they may envy, but not emulate, with all of their advances of Greek, and Latin, Hebrew, Chaldee, and Arabic, nouns, and pronouns.

There is such a thing as learned verbose folly, and also pygmies in long gowns on stilts; and they may nod or shake their heads, like plaster Chinese mandarins, as dealers in small wares may pull the wires for effect; but the people need not care, and to the people we appeal from all self-constituted arbiters.

But liberal criticism will be accepted as a favor; and writers who may undertake the task, will confer an obligation by directing a copy of their articles, to the author, at New York, from England, France, or Germany, or any part of our own country, where this work may reach. Such as may take the trouble will receive the author's best acknowledgments. His tone may seem not strictly according to known science, and he must claim indulgence from the men of real judgment and good feeling, while he lashes out the money changers from the temples of just criticism. They expect a tribute, and we pay them in advance.

"The inward thought of Moscow [the Jews] indeed appears to be that for twenty centuries while humanity has been following Christ, it has been on the wrong word. It is now high time to correct this error of direction BY CREATING A NEW MORAL CODE, A NEW CIVILIZATION, FOUNDED ON QUITE DIFFERENT PRINCIPLES (Talmudic Principles). And it appears that it is this idea which the communist leaders wished to symbolize when a few months ago THEY [The Jews] PROPOSED TO ERECT IN MOSCOW A STATUE TO JUDAS ISCARIOT, TO JUDAS, this great honest misunderstood man, who hanged himself, not at all, as it is usually and foolishly believed, because of remorse for having sold his master, but because of despair, poor man, at the thought that humanity would pay for by innumerable misfortunes the wrong path which it was about to follow." [11]


"In 1923, Trotsky, and Lunatcharsky presided over a meeting in Moscow organized by the propaganda section of the Communist party TO JUDGE GOD. Five thousand men of the Red Army were present. THE ACCUSED [Almighty God - Yahweh - the Most High] WAS FOUND GUILTY OF VARIOUS IGNOMINIOUS ACTS AND HAVING HAD THE AUDACITY TO FAIL TO APPEAR, HE WAS CONDEMNED BY DEFAULT!" [12]

It is always impossible to come to grips with the essence of greatness. There are the known facts of a great life, but facts are dead and almost mute when we seek the essential reality of a creative personality.

Like the great majority of Americans, many have made a study of events leading up to World War II and the degeneracy and immorality which followed, the author has grown to despise the men who led America into the war. Post war Europe was a war-ravaged continent, not the prosperous continent we see today through the eyes of television.

Viewing the carnage, and understanding the unspeakable evil Morgenthau Plan, which had a goal the starvation of 30 or more millions of Germans, and was being put into effect at the end of the war by the American Jewish General Dwight D. Eisenhower. Makes one, who truly thought about the events as they unfolded; ignoring the deceptions being presented by the, then, as now Jewish controlled news media: Whose interests were served by the war?

Senator Robert A. Taft [whose pro-American ideas, views and writings cost him the presidency later] and many other responsible and thinking men of the day and had the courage to state their convictions, concluded that the entire procedure of the so-called "war crimes trials" was serving only the interests, AND WAS MEANT TO SERVE THE INTERESTS OF INTERNATIONAL JUDAISM BUT SOLD TO THE WORLD AS COMMUNISM.

Rabbi Stephen Wise once stated:

     "Some call it Communism. I call it Judaism!"    

The Rabbis of Judaism understand this just as do the leaders in the Christian movement.

Rabbi Moshe Maggal of the National Jewish Information Service said in 1961 when the term Judeo‑Christian was relatively new,

"THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A JUDEO-CHRISTIAN RELI­GION. We consider the two religions so different that one excludes the other." [13]

The use of torture, doctored evidence and ex-post-facto laws; before a court which, through the influence and power of the International Jewish Conspirators, was judge, jury, prosecutor and defence were only a pretence at being a judicial preceding [As in the trials in Russia, after 1917, and Germany, after World War II].

     "Yes, certainly your Russia is dying [Next on the agenda is The United States of America]. There no longer exists anywhere, if it has ever existed, a single class of the population for which life is harder than in our Soviet paradise...We make experiments on the living body of the people, devil take it, exactly like a first year student working on a corpse of a vagabond which he has procured in the anatomy operating‑theater.       Read our two constitutions carefully; it is there frankly indicated that it is not the Soviet Union nor its parts which interest us, but the struggle against world capital and the universal revolution to which we have always sacrificed everything, to which we are sacrificing the country, to which we are sacrificing ourselves. (It is evident that the sacrifice does not extend to the Zinovieffs)...Here, in our country [Russia], where we are absolute masters, we fear no one at all. The country worn out by wars, sickness, death and famine (it is a dangerous but splendid means), no longer dares to make the slightest protest, finding itself under the perpetual menace of the Cheka and the army...Often we are ourselves surprised by its patience which has become so well‑ known...there is not, one can be certain in the whole of Russia, A SINGLE HOUSEHOLD IN WHICH WE HAVE NOT KILLED IN SOME MANNER OR OTHER THE FATHER, THE MOTHER, A BROTHER, A DAUGHTER, A SON, SOME NEAR RELATIVE OR FRIEND. Very well then! Felix (Djerjinsky) nevertheless walks quietly about Moscow without any guard, even at night...When we remonstrate with him for these walks he contents himself with laughing disdainfully and saying: 'WHAT! THEY WOULD NEVER DARE' psakrer, 'AND HE IS RIGHT. THEY DO NOT DARE.' What a strange country!" [14]

Then we are told what happened in Russia and WILL HAPPEN IN AMERICA, IF THE


     "All the cement floor of the great garage (the execution hall of the departmental {Jewish} Cheka of Kief) was flooded with blood. This blood was no longer flowing, it formed a layer of several inches: it was a horrible mixture of blood, brains, of pieces of skull, of tufts of hair and other human remains. All the walls riddled by thousands of bullets were bespattered with blood; pieces of brains and of scalps were sticking to them. A gutter twenty‑five centimeters wide by twenty‑five centimeters deep and about ten meters long ran from the center of the garage towards a subterranean drain. This gutter along, its whole length was full to the top of blood...Usually, as soon as the massacre had taken place the bodies were conveyed out of the town in motor lorries and buried beside the grave about which we have spoken; we found in a corner of the garden another grave which was older and contained about eighty bodies. Here we discovered on the bodies traces of cruelty and mutilations the most varied and unimaginable. Some bodies were disemboweled, others had limbs chopped off, some were literally hacked to pieces.

     Some had their eyes put out and the head, face, neck and trunk covered with deep wounds. Further on we found a corpse with a wedge driven into the chest. Some had no tongues. In a corner of the grave we discovered a certain quantity of arms and legs..." [15]

     "During the winter of 1920 the Union of Socialist Soviet Republics comprised 52 governments with 52 Extraordinary Commissions (Cheka), 52 special sections and 52 revolutionary tribunals, Moreover numberless 'Este‑Chekas,' Chekas for transport systems, Chekas for railways, tribunals for troops for internal security, flying tribunals sent for mass executions on the spot. To this list of torture chambers the special sections must be added, 16 army and divisional tribunals. In all a thousand chambers of torture must be reckoned, and if we take into consideration that there existed at this time cantonal Chekas, we must add even more. Since then the number of Soviet Governments has grown: Siberia, the Crimea, the Far East, have been conquered. The number of Chekas has grown in geometrical proportion.

     According to direct data (in 1920, when the Terror had not diminished and information on the subject had not been reduced) it was possible to arrive at a daily average figure for each tribunal: the curve of executions rises from one to fifty (the latter figure in the big centers) and up to one hundred in regions recently conquered by the Red Army. The crises of Terror were periodical, then they ceased, so that it is possible to establish the (modes) figure of five victims a day which multiplied by the number of one thousand tribunals give five thousand, and about a million and a half per annum!" [16]

America will be divided into 10 sections under Jewish courts of law, just as in Russia:

     "The Red Terror became so wide‑spread that it is impossible to give here all the details of the principal means employed by the [Jewish] Cheka(s) to master resistance; one of the most important is that of hostages, taken among all social classes. These are held responsible for any anti‑Bolshevist movements (revolts, the White Army, strikes, refusal of a village to give its harvest etc.) and are immediately executed. Thus, for the assassination of the Jew Ouritzky, member of the Extraordinary Commission of Petrograd, several thousands of them were put to death, and many of these unfortunate men and women suffered before death various tortures inflicted by cold‑blooded cruelty in the prisons of the Cheka. This I have in front of me photographs taken at Kharkoff, in the presence of the Allied Missions, immediately after the Reds had abandoned the town; they consist of a series of ghastly reproductions such as: Bodies of three workmen taken as hostages from a factory which went on strike. One had his eyes burnt, his lips and nose cut off; the other two had their hands cut off. The bodies of hostages, S. Afaniasouk and P. Prokpovitch, small landed proprietors, who were scalped by their executioners; S. Afaniasouk shows numerous burns caused by a white hot sword blade. The body of M. Bobroff, a former officer, who had his tongue and one hand cut off and the skin torn off from his left leg. Human skin torn from the hands of several victims by means of a metallic comb. This sinister find was the result of a careful inspection of the cellar of the Extraordinary Commission of Kharkoff. The retired general Pontiafa, a hostage who had the skin of his right hand torn off and the genital parts mutilated.

     Mutilated bodies of women hostages: S. Ivanovna, owner of a drapery business, Mme. A.L. Carolshaja, wife of a colonel, Mmo. Khlopova, a property owner. They had their breasts slit and emptied and the genital parts burnt and having traces of coal about them.

     Bodies of four peasant hostages, Bondarenko, Pookhikle, Sevenetry, and Sidorfehouk, with atrociously mutilated faces, the genital parts having been operated upon by Chinese torturers in a manner unknown to European doctors in whose opinion the agony caused to the victims must have been dreadful. It is impossible to enumerate all the forms of savagery which the Red Terror took. A volume would not contain them. The Cheka of Kharkoff, for example, in which Saenko operated, had the specialty of scalping victims and taking off the skin of their hands as one takes off a glove...At Voronege the victims were shut up naked in a barrel studded with nails which was then rolled about. Their foreheads were branded with a red hot iron A FIVE POINTED STAR. At Tsaritsin and at Kamishin their bones were sawed...At Keif the victim was shut up in a chest containing decomposing corpses; after firing shots above his head his torturers told him that he would be buried alive. The chest was buried and opened again half an hour later when the interrogation of the victim was proceeded with. The scene was repeated several times over. It is not surprising that many victims went mad." [17]

Natural born citizens of The Republic of the United States of America enjoy gifts, privileges, and blessings of liberty that no one dares to take for granted. We must never assume that we are born with the inherent rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. 

The blessings and privileges that we have long enjoyed as citizens of the Republic of the

United States diminish daily from our lives as the public policy of government reaches its strong arm out to control and police:

"The Jewish race will maintain its hold upon us by our needs. It will rely on a strongly organized and carefully chosen police so generously paid that it will be ready to do anything." [18]

Instruction in Christian Citizenship is clearly lacking today. Time is running out. Let us pray that Godly repentance under the Blood of Christ, Baptism for remission of sins, which leads to a restoration of beloved nation under Bible Law will return the years that the palmerworm, caterpillar, locust, and cankerworm have consumed.

Americans living today have taken freedom for granted. Most assume that America will be here forever, that freedom is something that will always be in effect in America, and that liberty is a guaranteed reality at birth.

As grateful as we may be for the freedom we still enjoy, the reality is that long standing liberties are being swallowed up and eliminated ever faster by the ever growing public policy and police state power of the Federal, State, County and City governments. There is a direct relationship between the loss of liberty and the righteousness and Christian morality of the majority of the population of our country.

The more wickedness abounds, the less freedom there is to enjoy. Politics is the administration of the religious tenets of the people. The morality of the people is always reflected back in the public policy that governs the nation. When the hearts of the people have been turned away from God's Laws by Talmudic Judaism to wickedness, the hearts of civil rulers will grow hardened and oppressive. When righteousness prevails among the people, morality and accountability issue forth in government.

"Now the Lord is that Spirit: and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty." [19]

Americans are taught from birth to believe they live in a free country. However, times change, and America has been changed in many ways by the combined efforts of Judaism, Zionism, Communism and the other enemies of the United States.

Often, old formalities are still observed, but the meaning and inner Christian morality of America has changed, and no one has seen these changes more clearly the author of this work; The Texan A Christian Israelite.

The press, for instance, loves to brag to ITS VICTIMS, the readers and viewers, about its freedom. Yes! The press (media) is free to lie, distort, and suppress, deceive, and malign: BUT IT IS NOT FREE TO TELL THE TRUTH!

Are we free when an American citizen, in spectacle of a man being framed, and his 13 year old son and wife were murdered by Federal Agents, near Naples, Idaho in August of 1992; his only crime was the "alleged" possession of a shot gun with a barrel 1/4 of an inch too short?; as in the case of Gordon Kahl, murdered by government assassins and the house set on fire to cover up the murder.

Are we free when a citizen can be arrested without a warrant and held in jail without bail on the "unsupported" word of "any" government employee that the person in question is a threat to society.

Are we free when the vultures of the "media" can, with impunity, swoop down upon a victim and deposit lies and scorn upon him and accuse him of things he never did and/or saying things he never said, in an effort to build up "public opinion" against him?

Is America a free country when a patriot can be held in the filthiest of jails with Negro and White Criminals, degenerates and perverts and subject to their abuse when his only guilt was being a White Christian who loves his God, Savior, family and country?

Are we free when such a "criminal" is given the so-called diesel treatment [being moved from jail to jail in an effort to prevent him from contacting his family and friends or even his lawyer], at the same time a group which was supposedly set up to defend the constitutional rights of Americans, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), would rather defend the "rights" of queers, traitors, murderers, rapists, perverts, deviates, pornographers and every other anti-Christian degenerate known to man than a sincere, true Patriot?

Are we free when a judge can rule that a "political" prisoner is not to have a "speedy and public trial by an impartial jury of his peers..." as granted by the Bill of Rights, but, instead, MUST HAVE A MENTAL EXAMINATION FOR THE OBVIOUS PURPOSE OF ELIMINATING A JURY TRIAL ALTOGETHER?

Are we free when a citizen can be stopped for no reason and searched under the auspices of looking for drugs or illegal items, and if they have more money on their person than the police officer or agent thinks they should have; can have that money taken from them and almost never returned? And finally, are we free when a certain group, vastly more powerful than the ACLU or even the government itself, so powerful that most men dare not speak its name above a whisper, unless in terms of the most groveling and enduring praise; are we free when this same group is able to dictate to the government the exact procedure to be used in disposing of troublemakers. Living in a time when wickedness and sin of every kind abound in the hearts of the people and the public policy and police force of the nation reflects that unrighteousness, it becomes urgent that the Christian remnant addresses the events which are unfolding right before their eyes.

All too often Christians retreat into a psychological state of intimidation (waiting for a so-called rapture that will never come) and simply retire from the battle. Thousands of good Christian people simply have given up.


The Bible teaches:

"Ye shall not steal, neither deal falsely, neither lie one to another. And ye shall not swear by my name falsely, neither shalt thou profane the name of thy God: I am the Lord." [20]

One of the most useful devices provided the Jews to offset Moses' laws against swearing falsely, is found in the Talmud Book of Nedarim (Vows), and is put into practice yearly on the Day of Atonement in every synagogue across the world as the "Kol Nidre" (all Vows prayer).

The text of the Kol Nidre is found in "The Jewish Encyclopedia" and published by Funk and Wagnalls Co., The History, Religion, Literature, and Customs of the Jewish people from the earliest times to the present day, page 539.

This is a typical Talmudic situation: Knowingly, in advance, every shred or TRUTH is to be cast away, with religious support. A Scriptural verse of no relevance whatsoever is used for justification. Christian Americans and non-Christians have been drenched with propaganda concerning "brotherhood" between Christian, non-Christians and Jews. Such propaganda could never be effective if THE TRUE NATURE OF TALMUDIC JUDAISM WERE KNOWN!

KOL NIDRE: It is the prologue of the Day of Atonement services in the synagogues. It is recited three times by the standing congregation in concert with chanting rabbis at the alter. After the recital of the "Kol Nidre" (All Vows) prayer the Day of Atonement religious ceremonies follow immediately. The Day of Atonement religious observances are the highest holy days of the "Jews" and are celebrated as such throughout the world.

The official translation into English of the "Kol Nidre" (All Vows) prayer is as follows:


The implications, inferences and innuendoes of the "Kol Nidre" (All Vows) prayer are

referred to in the Talmud in the Book of Nedarim, 23a-23b as follows:


A footnote (1) relates:

"(1) This may have provided a support for the custom of reciting Kol Nidre (a formula for dispensation of vows) prior to the Evening Service of the Day of Atonement (Ran) ...Though the beginning of the year (New Year) is mentioned here, the Day of Atonement was probably chosen on account of its great solemnity. But Kol Nidre as part of the ritual IS LATER THAN THE TALMUD, and, as seen from the following statement of R. Huna b. Hinene, THE LAW OF REVOCATION IN ADVANCE WAS NOT MADE PUBLIC." (Emphasis in original text)

The greatest study of the "Kol Nidre" (All Vows) prayer was made by Theodor Reik, a pupil of the [I]nfamous Jewish Dr. Sigmund Freud. The analysis of the historic, religious and psychological background of the "Kol Nidre" (All Vows) prayer by Professor Reik presents the Talmud in its true perspective. This study is contained in "The Ritual, Psycho-Analytical Studies."

In the chapter on the Talmud, page 163, he states:


The Universal Jewish Encyclopedia confirms that the "Kol Nidre" (All Vows) prayer has no spiritual value as might be believed because it is recited in synagogues on the Day of Atonement as the prologue of the religious ceremonies which follow it.

The SECULAR significance of the "Kol Nidre" (All Vows) prayer is forcefully indicated

by the analysis in Vol. VI, page 441:

"The Kol Nidre HAS NOTHING WHATEVER TO DO WITH THE ACTUAL IDEA OF THE DAY OF ATONEMENT...­it attained to extraordinary solemnity and popularity by reason of the fact that it was THE FIRST PRAYER RECITED ON THIS HOLIEST OF DAYS."

On the Chicago Illinois Television Station, on the Day of Atonement in 1992,the announcer said in effect:

"Synagogues and temples throughout the city were crowded yesterday as the 24 hour fast began. As Rabbis called on the Jewish people TO JOIN THE FAST, TO SOUND THE KOL NIDRE, THE TRADITIONAL MELODY USED AT THE START OF YOM KIPPUR, AS A GESTURE OF GOODWILL."

That Christians accepted this as a true statement, without any question at all, is amazing.

For THE "KOL NIDRE" PRAYER IS A "LICENSE" FOR THE JEWS TO DECEIVE AND CHEAT CHRISTIANS AND NON-JEWS FOR THE NEXT YEAR, as they have obtained forgiveness in advance from "their" god to lie, cheat, steal and deceive. Therefore, it is clear for all to see, by the Jews own admission.

The Kol Nidre permits the Jews to commit murder, steal, robbery, lying, child molestation, murder of the unborn, sodomy, false swearing (under oath). A Jew is, thus,  free to commit all of the above and many other such acts with impunity. Every oath a Jew takes whether in a court of law, or before a public official (whether their hand is on the Holy Bible or not), they can and will lie to cause harm to Christians and non-Jews. Every Jewish Judge, attorney, court recorder or Government employee is free to doctor or change official records or testimony for their benefit and/or to cause harm to Christians or non-Jews, at any time, at any place on earth.                            

This may come as a shock and surprise many, but Dr. Abner Shaki, who was formerly a member of the Ministry of Education in the State of Israel, and was later the Dean of the Faculty of Law at Tel Aviv University has stated:

"The six‑pointed star is NOT Israelitish or Davidic, but PAGAN!"

He was quoting from a biblical historical writer, Mr. Hirsh Goldberg, from the book, "The Jewish Connection," which says this symbol, the HEXagram, was used in connection with the Hebrew Children was in 922 B.C. when Solomon got involved in magic and witchcraft! Have you not heard of a prominent saying of so‑called witches and warlocks and others who dabble in the occult, "I'll put a HEX on you!?" Well, America, you have a "HEX" on you politically, economically and spiritually!

And we pray desperately that God will remove it. Does it make sense that we send more foreign aid to the "Bandit" State of Israel, THE NATION OF THE HEX a country about the size of New Jersey, than we spend on our own farmers? Is it truly in the best interests of America, a CHRISTIAN Nation, politically and fiscally? OF COURSE NOT!


Non‑Jews have been drenched with propaganda that the six‑pointed "Star of David" is a sacred symbol of Jewry, dating from David and Solomon, in Biblical times, and signifying the pure "monotheism" of the Jewish religion. In actuality, the six‑pointed star, called "David's Shield," or "Magen David," was only adopted as a Jewish device in 1873, by the American Jewish Publication Society, it is not even mentioned in rabbinical literature. MAGEN DAWID ("DAVID'S SHIELD"):

     "The hexagram formed by the combination of two equilateral triangles; used as the symbol of Judaism. It is placed upon synagogues, sacred vessels, and the like, and was adopted as a device by the American Publication Society in 1873, the Zionist Congress of Basel, hence by 'Die Welt (Vienna), the official organ of Zionism, and by other bodies. The hebra kaddisha of the Jewish community of Johannesburg, South Africa, calls itself 'Hebra Kaddisha zum Rothn Magen David,' following the designation of the 'red cross' societies...

      IT IS NOTEWORTHY, MOREOVER, THAT THE SHIELD OF DAVID IS NOT MENTIONED IN RABBINICAL LITERATURE. The 'Magen Dawid,' therefore, probably did not originate within Rabbinism, the official and dominant Judaism for more than 2,000 years. Nevertheless a David's shield has recently been noted on a Jewish tombstone at Tarentum, in southern Italy, which may date as early as the third century of the common era. The earliest Jewish literary source which mentions it, the 'Eshkol ha‑Kofer' of the karaite Judah Hadassi (middle of the 12th cent.) says, in ch. 242: 'Seven names of angels precede the mezuzah: Michael, Garield, etc... Tetragrammation protect thee! And likewise the sign called 'David's shield' is placed beside the name of each angel.' It was therefore, at this time a sign on amulets.

     In the magic papyri of antiquity, pentagrams, together with stars and other signs, are frequently found on amulets bearing the Jewish names of God, 'Sabaoth,' 'Adonai,' 'Eloai,' and used to guard against fever and other diseases. Curiously enough, only the pentacle appears, not the hexagram.

     In the great magic papyrus at Paris and London there are twenty‑two signs sided by side, and a circle with twelve signs, but NEITHER A PENTACLE NOR A HEXAGRAM (Wessely, i.e. pp. 31, 112), although there is a triangle, perhaps in place of the latter. In the many illustrations of amulets given by Budge in his 'Egyptian Magic' (London, 1899) NOT A SINGLE PENTACLE OR HEXAGRAM APPEARS. THE SYNCRETISM OF HELLENISTIC, JEWISH, AND COPTIC INFLUENCES DID NOT THEREFORE, ORIGINATE THE SYMBOL. IT IS PROBABLE THAT IT WAS THE CABALA THAT DERIVED THE SYMBOL FROM THE TEMPLARS. THE CABALA, IN FACT, MAKES USE OF THIS SIGN, ARRANGING THE TEN SEFIROT, or spheres, in it, and placing in on AMULETS. The pentagram, called Solomon's seal, is also used as a talisman, and HENRY THINKS THAT THE HINDUS DERIVED IT FROM THE SEMITES [Here is another case where the Jews admit they are not Semites. Can you not see it? The Jew Henry thinks it was derived originally FROM THE SEMITES! Here is a Jew admitting that THE JEWS ARE NOT SEMITES!] ('Magic dans l'lude Antique,' p. 93, Paris, 1904), although the name by no means proves the Jewish or Semitic origin of the sign. The Hindus likewise employed the hexagram as a means of protection, and as such it is mentioned in the earliest source, quoted above. In the synagogues, perhaps, it took the place of the mezuzah, and the name 'SHIELD OF DAVID' MAY HAVE BEEN GIVEN IT IN VIRTUE OF ITS PROTECTIVE POWERS. The hexagram may have been employed originally also as an architectural ornament on synagogues, as it is, for example, on the cathedrals of Brandenburg and Stendal, and on the Marktkirche at Hanover.

     A pentacle in this form, (a five pointed star is shown here), is found on the ancient synagogue at Tell Hum. Charles IV, prescribed for the Jews of Prague, in 1354, A RED FLAG WITH BOTH DAVID'S SHIELD AND SOLOMON'S SEAL, WHILE THE RED FLAG WITH WHICH THE JEWS MET KING MATTHIAS OF HUNGARY in the fifteenth century showed two pentacles with two golden stars. The pentacle, therefore, may also have been used among the Jews.

     It occurs in a manuscript as early as the year 1073. However, the six‑pointed star has been used for centuries for magic amulets and cabalistic sorcery."      

Christians have not been taught these things. Because they have spiritual leaders who have

sold out to the enemy, as God has shown us.

"Woe be unto the pastors that destroy and scatter the sheep of my pasture! saith the Lord. Therefore thus saith the Lord God of Israel against the pastors that feed my people; Ye have scattered my flock, and driven them away...the land is full of adulterers; for because of swearing the land mourneth; the pleasant places of the wilderness are dried up, and their course is evil (they murder thousands of unborn babies every day), and their force is not right. For both prophet and priest are profane; yea, in my house have I found their wickedness, saith the Lord...I have see folly in the prophets...they prophesied in Ba'al, and caused my people Israel to err. I have seen also in the prophets of Jerusalem an horrible thing: they commit adultery (race mixing), and walk in lies: THEY STRENGTHEN ALSO THE HANDS OF EVILDOERS, THAT NONE DOTH RETURN FROM HIS WICKEDNESS: they are all of them unto me as Sodom, and the inhabitants thereof as Gomorrah...I have not sent these prophets, yet they ran: I have not spoken to them, yet they prophesied. But IF THEY HAD STOOD IN MY COUNSEL, AND HAD CAUSED MY PEOPLE TO HEAR MY WORDS, THEN THEY SHOULD HAVE TURNED THEM FROM THEIR EVIL WAY, AND FROM THE EVIL OF THEIR DOINGS." [21]

Also, Ezekiel 22:26-30 accurately describes the total spiritual condition of America today:

"Her priests have violated my law, and have profaned mine holy things: they have put no difference between the holy and the profane, neither have they shewed difference between the unclean and the clean, and have hid their eyes from my sabbaths, and I am profaned among them. Here princes in the midst thereof are like wolves ravening the prey, to shed (INNOCENT) blood (MURDER OF UNBORN BABIES, etc.), and to destroy souls, to get dishonest gain. And her prophets have daubed them with untempered mortar, seeing vanity, and divining lies unto them, saying, Thus saith the Lord Yahweh, when Yahweh hath not spoken. The people of the land have used oppression, and EXERCISED ROBBERY, and have vexed the poor and needy...I sought for a man among them, that should make up the hedge, and stand in the gap before me for the land, that I should not destroy it: BUT I FOUND NONE." 

Christians living in America have been lied to, by those who knew better. We are/were citizens of the Republic of the United States of America. A Republic is not to be confused with a Democracy. Noah Webster's 1828 Dictionary of the English Language defines a Republic as;

"A commonwealth; a state in which the exercise of the sovereign power is lodged in representatives elected by the people. In modern usage, it differs from a democracy or democratic state, in which the people exercise the powers of sovereignty in person."

The original Constitutional Republic of the United States of America restricted voting rights to Caucasian males. Webster's 1828 Dictionary of the English Language defines a Democracy as

"...a form of government, in which the supreme power is lodged in the hands of the people collectively, or in which the people exercise the powers of legislation. Such was the government of Athens."

It is important to review the distinction between a republic and a democracy by examining a U.S. Army Training Manual (TM 2000-25) issued by the U.S. War Department, November 30, 1928; to clearly see the degeneration that has occurred in our once Christian Nation.

This publication, was used to educate American soldiers on the distinction between a republic and a democracy, was withdrawn from circulation and publication by the U.S. Government long ago.

However, it contains excellent information for those seeking to understand what good Citizenship is all about.

The following information was taken from the 156 page book officially compiled and issued by the U.S. War Department, November 30, 1928, setting forth exact and truthful definitions of a democracy and a republic and explaining the differences between the two. These definitions issued by authority of the U.S. Government should be acceptable as authentic in any court in America.

     CITIZENSHIP Training Manual 2000-25, Sect. 118-121 on Democracy: A government of the masses. Authority derived through mass meeting or any other form of "direct" expression. Results in mobocracy. Attitude toward property is communistic -- negating property rights. Attitude toward law is that the will of the majority shall regulate, whether it be based upon deliberation or governed by passion, prejudice, and impulse, without restraint or regard to consequences. Results in demagogism, license, agitation, discontent, anarchy.

     CITIZENSHIP Training Manual 2000-25, Sects. 118-121 on Republic: Authority is derived through the election by the people of public officials best fitted to represent them. Attitude toward property is respect for laws and individual rights, and a sensible economic procedure. Attitude toward law is the administration of justice in accord with fixed principles and established evidence, with a strict regard to consequences.

A greater number of citizens and extent of territory may be brought within its compass. Avoids the dangerous extreme of either tyranny or mobocracy. Results in statesmanship, liberty, reason, justice, contentment, and progress. It is the "standard form" of government throughout the world.

A republic is a form of government under a constitution which provides for the election of (1) an executive and (2) a legislative body, who working together in a representative capacity, have all the power of appointment, all power of legislation, all power to raise revenue and appropriate expenditures, and are required to create (3) a judiciary to pass upon the justice and legality of their governmental acts and to recognize (4) certain inherent individual rights. Take away any one or more of those four elements and you are drifting into democracy. (Atwood).

     CITIZENSHIP Training Manual 2000-25, Sect. 121: Superior to all others. Autocracy declares the divine right of kings; its authority can not be questioned; its powers are arbitrarily or unjustly administered.

Democracy is the "direct" rule of the people and has been repeatedly tried without success.

Our Constitutional fathers, familiar with the strength and weakness of both autocracy and democracy, with fixed principles definitely in mind, defined a representative republican form of government. They "made a very marked distinction between a republic and a democracy...and said repeatedly and emphatically that they had founded a republic." A.G. 014.33 (4-28-28).   

It is important to point out that a republic, as good as it may be, is not the very best type of government, the best being a theocracy under which Yahweh rules by virtue of His Law. The Commandments, Statutes, and Judgments of the Living God as contained in the Holy Bible constitute the Law for a theocratic nation. Under this there is no need for a legislative body to enact thousands of unjust laws, since Almighty God, the only Lawgiver, has already legislated His Law government.

The expression "What difference does it make?" is frequently heard today, mostly, in two very different ways, which convey entirely different meanings. When used with a question mark  "What difference does it make?" it can simply be the expression of a person who is not sure which of two or more beliefs, opinions, options, actions or positions is the correct one. He still has a sincere desire to find the correct answer, and is diligently searching for the truth. On the other hand, these same words can, and, is used by most Judeo‑Christians flippantly to imply that it probably doesn't make very much difference what one believes, thinks, says, or does. Unfortunately, the latter usage of this expression is the most popular one today.

Furthermore, it is important to realize that such an attitude usually winds up with using this expression followed by an exclamation point ‑ "What difference does it make!" ‑ implying that the speaker has reached the place where "anything goes," that there is no absolutes, no certainties, no unchanging standards. For such an individual, it is obvious that a personal opinion and human reasoning outweigh the plain and eternal truths of God's Word, the Bible and eternal truths of racial characteristics.

Of course it is true that many of the decisions and choices people make in their daily lives are merely the expression of their own personal beliefs, personal preferences; and will differ considerably from person to person, such differences being of little consequence.

But it is vitally important to recognize the fact that any personal choice or preference which goes contrary to the Bible is of an entirely different character and should be called by its proper name: SIN.


A major part of Satan's deceptive arsenal of weapons involves challenging God's Word; then denying God's Word; and finally offering by believing and obeying God. Satan used this tactic to deceive Eve in the Garden of Eden:

"Yea hath God said?...Ye shall not surely die...Ye shall be as gods, knowing good and evil." [22]

Both Adam and Eve soon learned: IT DOES MAKE A DIFFERENCE WHAT ONE BELIEVES: ACTUALLY WHO ONE BELIEVES! Cain was also to learn this bitter lesson as he was guilty of the first murder in contrast to his brother Abel who became the first martyr. [23]

All the people in Noah's day (except for his own family) were to discover IT WAS A FATAL MISTAKE TO IGNORE GOD'S WARNING THROUGH NOAH OF THE IMPENDING WORLD‑WIDE FLOOD instead they listened instead to their pleasure‑mad, race‑mixed, families and friends. [24] At the Tower of Babel, an ecumenical spirit of false unity and self effort led the majority of the people of that day to seek their own way to heaven and follow human wisdom in seeking to preserve their society on earth. [25] In each of these instances, people learned the hard way: IT DOES MAKE A DIFFERENCE WHAT ONE BELIEVES!

Most Judeo‑Christians today have been brainwashed into believing that the Jews are God's Chosen People; that fellowship with false teachers, disobedient brethren, and the things of the world is not only permissible but advisable.

If a Scripture questions arises, they do not study it out for themselves, trusting in Almighty God, and Christ for guidance; they stupidly go to a Jewish Rabbi (an Anti‑ Christ in every sense of the word [26]) to tell them the meaning. This, in spite of the fact that God's Word specifically forbids and warns about the dangers of all such relationships. [27] The Rabbis of Judaism understand this just as do the leaders in the Christian movement. And with statements from the Jews such as:

"THE JEW is not satisfied with de‑Christianizing he Judiazes. He destroys Catholic or Protestant faith. He provokes indifference, but he imposes his idea of the world; of morals; of life upon those whose faith he ruins. He WORKS AT HIS AGE OLD TASK, THE ANNIHILATION OF THE RELIGION OF CHRIST." [28]

Of course, many believers seek to excuse such disobedience on the false assumption that such broadening of fellowships is necessary for effective evangelism and missions in today's world.

But, note how God specifically warns about the deception of just such a policy in 1 Corinthians 15:33:

"Be not deceived: evil communications [fellowship(s)] corrupt good manners [Godly living]."

This divine principle has been stated, re‑stated and re‑emphasized from Genesis to Revelation; yet, the majority of Judeo‑Christians still base their fellowships on personal choice and beliefs rather than on the clear‑cut commands of God.

Compromised fellowships always result in disaster no matter how attractively they may be initially presented. Abraham's nephew, Lot, is a prime example of the tragic consequences suffered by all who follow the path of compromise. Lot's first mistake came from his choice of the "well watered plain of Jordan" as his dwelling place. [29]

Obviously this was a choice made by him on his own personal desire and belief, even though he might have justified it (as many Judeo‑Christians of today) on the basis of, supposedly, desiring to take the best possible care of his wife and family. However, walking by his own "beliefs" instead of seeking the "truth" and walking in Spirit and seeking Yahweh's guidance, always brings disappointment, physical and spiritual disaster.

Furthermore, in Lot's case, his selfish choice at the beginning opened the door for him to "pitch his tent toward Sodom" even though he knew that "the men of Sodom were wicked and sinners before the Lord exceedingly." [30] Was Lot trying to influence the wicked for good and for God? Perhaps, but he was to find out to his sorrow and shame that God's servants CANNOT LEAD THE WICKED TO GOD. FOR THE WICKED, THE JEWS, CANNOT BE SAVED!

Now, read Genesis 19:1‑38, which not only records God's complete destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah by fire from heaven [God did not send in a swarm of so‑called Evangelists, Missionaries and etc., to convert them did He? No! He destroyed them for He knew they could not be saved!], but also reveals how much Lot lost through his original and continuing compromises, no matter how well intentioned he might have been at first.

Lot lost his testimony, his sons‑in‑law, his earthly possessions, and his wife. Furthermore, his two daughters, undoubtedly morally corrupted by their associations with the Queers, the Sodomites and the Wicked, led their father into drunkenness and moral depravity.

There is a great need for every believer today to carefully read every verse in the book of Jude and realize that the Spiritual and moral depravities prophesied there, are happening before our very eyes today, right here in America. How can any true believer, be he ecumenical, evangelical, charismatic, fundamentalist or protestant, remain silent and fail to contend earnestly for the faith when so many ungodly and anti‑Christ men have crept into the church? How can anyone who claims to be a true believer, go along with the rapidly growing trend of considering queers (so‑called) homosexuals, lesbians and other heinous, despicable, detestable, degenerate sins of immorality as either "irreversible genetic conditions," "alternative life styles" or, worst of all, "gifts of God?" [31]

It has been said:

"A man who loves another country more than the country he was born in, is like a married man who loves another woman more than his wife!"

"Why should we believe in God? WE [Jews] HATE CHRISTIANITY AND CHRISTIANS. Even the best of them must be regarded as our worst enemies. They preach love of one's neighbor, and pity, WHICH IS CONTRARY TO OUR PRINCIPLES. Christian love is a hinderance to the revolution. Down with love of one's neighbor; what we want is hatred. We must know how to hate, for only at this price can we conquer the universe...The fight should also be developed in the Moslem and Catholic countries, with the same ends in view and by the same means." [32]

"The strongest supporters of Judaism cannot deny that JUDAISM IS ANTI-CHRISTIAN!" [33]

"ONE OF THE FINEST THINGS EVER DONE BY THE MOB WAS THE CRUCIFIXION OF CHRIST. Intellectually it was a splendid gesture. But trust the mob to bungle the job. If I'd had charge of executing Christ, I'd have handled it differently. You see, what I'd have done WAS HAD HIM SHIPPED TO ROME AND FED HIM TO THE LIONS. THEY COULD NEVER HAVE MADE A SAVIOR OUT OF MINCEMEAT!" [34]

"Judaism and Christianity are two worlds, BETWEEN YOU CHRISTIANS AND US JEWS THERE LIES AN UNBRIDGEABLE GULF...There are two life forces in the world: Jewish and non-Jewish...I do not believe that this primal difference between Christians and Jews is reconcilable...The difference between us is abysmal...You might say: 'Well, let us exist side by side and tolerate each other. We will not attack your morality, nor you ours.' But the misfortune is that the two are not merely different; they are opposed in mortal enmity. No man can accept both, or, accepting either, do otherwise than despise the other." [35]

International gangsters close entire factories [such as the huge number of automobile plants were closed by General Motors since November 1987, putting thousands out of work ‑ then General Motors opened NEW plants in Mexico and is now importing cars into the United States, where is the union? For it was strangely quiet; while all this is going on the closed automobile factories are being made unfit for making defensive war equipment and their previous workers are left to subsist on food stamps and other welfare programs].

God is being trampled. Men are perishing from and by decrees from company board-rooms where the destruction of Christian America is being planed and carried out; morality is ridiculed and mocked, while honest citizens have become a laughingstock.

The J.D.L. [Jewish Defense League], A.D.L [Anti‑Defamation League of B'nai B'rith] have put America, Germany and the Western World on a mind‑depressing guilt trip with their constant barrage of deception and lies. There is a great need for all true believers today to hear and heed the warnings God gave His people in the Old Testament through the prophet Ezekiel:

"There is Edom [Esau is called Edom in [36]. And Edom is in 'Modern Jewry' [37]], her kings, and all her princes, which with their might are laid by them that were slain by the sword: they shall lie with the uncircumcised, and with them that go down to the pit.' [38] 'There is a conspiracy of her prophets in the midst thereof, like a roaring lion ravening the prey; they have devoured souls; they have taken the treasure and precious things; they have made her many widows in the midst thereof. Her priests have violated my law, and have profaned mine holy things: they have put no difference between the holy and profane, neither have they shewed difference between the unclean the unclean and the clean...' [39] 'Remember, O Lord, the Children of Edom {the Jews} in the day of Jerusalem; who said, Rase it, rase it, even to the foundation thereof. O DAUGHTER OF BABYLON {Edom - the Jews} WHO ART TO BE DESTROYED; happy shall he be, that rewardeth thee as thou hast served us. Happy shall he be, that taketh and dasheth thy little ones against the stones.' [40] 'Concerning Edom [the Jews], thus saith the Lord of hosts: Is wisdom no more in Teman? is counsel perished from the prudent? is their wisdom vanished? Flee ye, turn back, dwell deep, O inhabitants of Dedan; for I will bring the calamity of Esau upon him, the time that I will visit him. If grape-gatherers come to thee, would they not leave some gleaning grapes? if thieves by night, they will destroy till they have enough. BUT I HAVE MADE ESAU BARE, I HAVE UNCOVERED HIS SECRET PLACE, AND HE SHALL BE ABLE TO HIDE HIMSELF {the Jews always change their names, in an effort to hide themselves from the other races} HIS SEED IS SPOILED, AND HIS BRETHREN, and his brethren, and his neighbours, and he is not...For I have sworn by myself, saith the Lord, that Bozrah shall become a desolation, a reproach, a waste, and A CURSE; and all the cities thereof shall be perpetual wastes. I have heard a rumour from the Lord, and an ambassador is sent unto the heathen, saying, Gather ye together, and come against her, and rise up to the battle. FOR, LO, I {God} WILL MAKE THEE {Esau/Edom - the Jews} SMALL AMONG THE HEATHEN, AND DESPISED AMONG MEN. Thy terribleness hath deceived thee, and the pride of thine heart, O thou that dwellest in the clefts of the rock that holdest the height of the hill: though thou shouldest make they nest as high as the eagle, I will bring thee down from thence, saith the Lord. ALSO EDOM SHALL BE A DESOLATION: EVERY ONE THAT GOETH BY IT SHALL BE ASTONISHED, AND SHALL HISS AT ALL THE PLAGUES THEREOF. As in the overthrow of Sodom and Gomorrah and the neighbour cities thereof, saith the Lord, no man shall abide there, neither shall a son of man dwell in it. Behold, he shall come up like a lion from the swelling of Jordan against the habitation of the strong: but I WILL SUDDENLY MAKE HIM RUN AWAY FROM HER: and who is a chosen man, that I may appoint over her?...Therefore hear the counsel of the Lord, that he hath taken against Edom [the Jews]; and his purposes, that he hath purposed against the inhabitants of Teman [grandson of Esau]: Surely the least of the flock shall draw them out: surely he shall make their habitations desolate with them. The earth is moved at the noise of their fall, at the cry the noise thereof was heard in the Red sea. Behold, he shall come up and fly as the eagle, and spread his wings over Bozrah: and at that day shall the heart of the mighty men of Edom be as the heart of a woman in her pangs.' [41] 'Thus saith the Lord; For three transgressions of Edom [the Jews], and for four, I will not turn away the punishment thereof: because he did pursue his brother with the sword, and did cast off all pity, and his anger did tear perpetually, and he kept his wrath for ever. But I will send a fire upon Teman, which shall devour the palaces of Bozrah.' [42] 'And the house of Jacob shall be a fire, and the house of Joseph a flame, AND THE HOUSE OF ESAU {Edom - the Jews} for stubble, and they shall kindle in them, and devour them {Edom ‑ the Jews}; and THERE SHALL NOT BE ANY REMAINING OF THE HOUSE OF ESAU {Edom ‑ the Jews}; for the Lord hath spoken it." [43]

Then, as now, there is a great shortage of faithful leaders, pastors, missionaries, teachers, and other believers who not only refuse to go along with the modern day "conspiracy of the prophets," but who are willing to lift their voices in warning against those who have become mixers to please men rather than separators to please God. Without exception, the most highly regarded leaders of our day, both evangelical, charismatics and etc., are men who fellowship and work with Roman Catholics, Jews, Orthodox and Ecumenists who preach a false gospel and use worldly music and methods in their ministries.

So‑called evangelical leaders such as Billy Graham [a Jew], Benny Hinn [a Jew], Mike Evans [a Jew], Jim Bakker [a Jew], Oral Roberts [a Zionist], Pat Robertson [a Zionist], Paul Crouch [a Zionist], Jerry Falwell [a Zionist] and others, are giving "NO" emphasis to sound doctrine while placing a "GREAT" emphasis on fellowship with every perverted form of religion on earth.

It is a wrong, unscriptural, dangerous fellowship which they preach and practice; it is a false gospel of race‑mixing and ungodly doctrines they espouse. It is time to recognize just how dangerous and deceptive it is to think or say WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE? when it relates to any matter on which God has spoken. Those who truly study the Word, search the Scriptures in a sincere desire to know God's Will and to obey His Word can escape being,

"...carried about with every wind of doctrine, by the sleight of men, and cunning craftiness, whereby they lie in wait to deceive." [44]







A few years ago, and Americans were considered to be the salt of the world. Under todays "Democracy" which is simply a Talmudic government in disguise, Americans are fast becoming the most despised people on earth. Fulfilling the Words of God:

"Ye are the salt of the earth: but if the salt have lost his savour, wherewith shall it be salted? it is thenceforth good for nothing, but to be cast out, and to be trodden under foot of men." [46]

We have been warned:

"The final goal of world revolution is not socialism, or even communism, it is not a change in the present economic system, it is not the destruction of civilization in a material sense. The revolution desired by the leaders is moral and spiritual, it is an anarchy of ideas in which all the bases established nineteen centuries ago shall be overthrown, ALL THE HONORED TRADITIONS - OF CHRISTIANS - IS TRODDEN UNDER FOOT, and, ABOVE ALL, THE CHRISTIAN IDEAL FINALLY OBLITERATED." [47]

In 1949 M.A. Levy, Secretary of the World League of Liberal Jews, made a speech in Los Angeles, California, in August, stated:

"Today the Christians who claim of holy right HAVE BEEN LED IN THE WRONG PATH. We, of the Jewish Faith have trued for centuries to teach the Gentiles a Christ never existed, and that the story of the Virgin and of Christ is, and always has been a fictitious lie. IN THE NEAR FUTURE, WHEN THE JEWISH PEOPLE TAKE TOTAL CONTROL OVER THE RULE OF THE UNITED STATES...WE WILL CREATE A NEW EDUCATION SYSTEM (in which) CHRISTIANITY WILL BE ABOLISHED."

Rabbi Benamozegh, quoted in J. Creagh Scott's Hidden Government, on page 58, is reported to have stated:

"The Jew is not satisfied with de-Christianizing, he Judaises; he destroys the Catholic or Protestant Faith, he provokes indifference, but he imposes his idea of the world, of morals and of life upon those whose faith he ruins; he works at his age-old task, THE ANNIHILATION OF THE RELIGION OF CHRIST."

Christ was a rabid "anti-Pharisee" or as He would be called today "anti-Jew." Since the "Jews" were a mixed race from the very beginning, the term "Semites" which has been applied to them, is totally stupid.

Christians who realize this can understand the hatred borne for Christ by modern Jewry. Christ's excoriations of Pharisaism and all that it stands for, in terms of liquid fire, are unequalled by any phillipic in history.

One familiar with Matthew 23 and John 8:37-44, can realize that the Pharisees were justified in having such a fiery opponent Crucified, for every doctrine, every aim and ethical ideal He taught, is the exact opposite of every principle of Pharisaic Judaism.

As Christ's teachings spread, it is not strange that the Talmud "Sages" came to decry and decree that He deserved not One death but Five deaths and an eternity in hell. They incorporated this in the Talmud which was declared complete about 500 A.D. in Babylon.

Those five deaths are taught in every Talmud/Torah, Yeshiva, and synagogue in the world today. Sneering at Christianity, holding up the myth of a Jewish race (instead of a mixed breed of all races and nations dedicated to the "Synagogue of Satan"), extolling the Talmud and delegating Moses to the inferior rule given him therein [48], the whose cry is for Jewish rule from Palestine "between Europe and far Asia,the roads that lead to India and China, and he tells Jewry:




The term "religious proselytizing" is being used to prejudice the public against Christian evangelism. They are endeavoring to make it conjure up images in the masses of Moonies in airports or religious fanatics ranting on street corners.

The very sound of the term (similar to "parasitizing") is threatening. Most people don't know what the word means, but of one thing they are sure: THEY ARE AGAINST IT! Where did this perfidious, deceitful and insidious phrase come from?

It is used most frequently in the Zionist country known as Israel, which became common with the passage on December 25, 1977, of Israel's infamous "Anti-Missionary Law," which the Knesset passed on Christmas Day so it would be perfectly clear against whom it was directed. IT IS A STATUTE WHICH DECREES A PRISON TERM OF UP TO FIVE YEARS FOR ANYONE ATTEMPTING TO PROSELYTIZE A JEW AWAY FROM HIS FAITH.

     ANTI-MISSIONARY LAW 5738-1977: Strictly speaking, "proselytizing" under this law involves a gift, no matter how small (such as a tract) given to a Jew by a Christian. Under Israeli law it is a crime to "give or promise to give money, the equivalent of money or any other material benefit in order to entice a person to change his religion."

Yet realistically, the word "proselytize" is much more loosely interpreted. As a case in point, evangelical Christians showed a film about the second coming of Christ in Jerusalem's largest hotel, the Shalom.

This outraged Israel's chief rabbi, Yitzhak Kolitz, who forbade them to further "proselytize." However, the manager reassured the Christians that "they are welcome if they do not violate the law." [49]. Such ambiguity keeps Christians in Israel on edge, vulnerable to accusations that they violate the law.

Speaking in defense of evangelicals, Charles Kopp, Chairman of the United Christian Council in Israel, said such Christians

"do not engage in proselytizing...we do not give out leaflets in the streets or witness at our job." [50]

The government remains suspicious, and ANTI-CHRISTIAN! Daniel Rossing, head of the

Department of Christian Churches for the Israeli Ministry of Religious Affairs, summarized his government's position:

"The government, by all available means, discourages missionary activity." [51]

Proponents say this law is vital to the survival of Israel because so many young Jews are being seduced away from the fold, largely by Christianity. The severity of the sentence, they argue, is warranted because such a theft of a Jewish soul is tantamount to genocide, or the extinction of a (sic) race.

Yet Judaism resents the encroachment of Christianity not just in Israel, but throughout the world. With 40% of American Jewish boys marrying Christian girls, and the Jewish birth rate not keeping up with the rest of humanity, Jewish leaders are desperate that the physical and spiritual unity of Jews be preserved. They are concerned that apathy, secularism, and materialism, coupled with intermarriage and conversion to other religions, could do more to threaten Judaism than all the pogroms of history.

Considering such a mind set against Christianity, we may understand why Christian evangelists have NEVER held a crusade in the State of Israel. They have held many meetings throughout the Soviet bloc and even in Russia, yet not in Israel.

Despite the feinted friendliness, and appearance of almost worship of such Christian leaders and the Israeli tourist industry, the fact remains that all religious affairs of the state of Israel are controlled by the chief rabbinate in Jerusalem, who enforces the strictly orthodox Jewish point of view.


Since American Jewry reflects Israeli attitudes, it is not surprising that official Jewish groups in the united States should also oppose the public advancement of Christianity. This is nothing new. Since modern, or "rabbinic," Judaism is directly descended from the ancient Sanhedrin, it is not strange that Judaism's underlying antagonism remains.

Thus we see Jewish dominated "civil liberties" organizations consistently opposing the proliferation of Christian symbols and traditions. Such traditions included the right to read the Bible or pray in the classroom, at commencement, swearing-in ceremonies, or at the beginning of court sessions.

Invariably, the American Civil Liberties Union, led by Jewish National Director Ira Glasser, comes out to do battle with public Christianity. Although not entirely Jewish (an ACLU poll found 21.4% of its members and 27.3% of its leaders to be Jews), THE ACLU IS EMPHATICALLY ANTI-CHRISTIAN!

As a direct result of ACLU harassment, prayer and Bible reading in the schools of America have been largely outlawed, as well as official prayers on tax-supported properties. Even a Christian judge will be taken into court by the ACLU if he opens his court with prayer.

Another Christian right under attack is the privilege of school children to hear the creationist point of view, as well as that of the evolutionist.

The most visible opponent to creation science is People for the American Way, founded and controlled by Jewish television producer Norman Lear. PAW, like the ACLU stands ever vigilant, not just to protest the spread of Christian ideas and values, but to resist Christians all the way to the Supreme Court. One would think certain Christian customs so harmless, so benign, that even Jewish watchdog groups would look the other way. Don't count on it!

Should a local Christian be so bold as to put a cross in the town square of a manger scene

on public property, or sing hymns or Christmas carols in public, they are in for a rude

awakening. The Anti-Defamation League of B'Nai B'Rith (ADL) and the American Jewish Congress (AJC) will not permit it. These Jewish groups shout.

"This violation of separation between church and state! This is discrimination by the Christian religion against others!"

The result is that crosses and nativity scenes are disappearing across the nation during holidays. Curiously, while the Cross of Christ is effectively banned on public property, FEDERAL COURTS HAVE UPHELD THE RIGHT OF THE MENORAH, SYMBOL OF JUDAISM, TO BE DISPLAYED IN PUBLIC. And Christians cower down like whipped dogs.

In Israel it is easy to enact and enforce anti-missionary or anti-Christian legislation. In America it is necessary for antichrist Jewish groups to veil their true motivations as they work to establish an American equivalent of Israel's Anti-Missionary, Anti-Christian Law. Rather than give the impression that they oppose Christianity, they say it is racism, prejudice, intolerance which they are against.

Yet THE JEWS HAVE ONE TARGET, AS THEY HAVE IN THE ZIONIST OUTLAW, BASTARD STATE ISRAEL: CHRISTIANITY! To weaken its influence over Jews, Jewish leadership continues an aggressive, many-faceted program to discourage its outward expression, especially in public places. For it is in the public arena, in businesses, in higher education, in government, that Christian Missionaries such as "Jews for Jesus" find lonely, searching, young Jewish men and women and move to belief in Christ. The message is clear. JEWISH ANTI-CHRISTIAN GROUPS ENVISION A WORLD IN WHICH IT WILL BE NOT JUST IMPOLITE, BUT ACTUALLY ILLEGAL, FOR CHRISTIANS TO EXIST!

With this objective, such groups are working feverishly on both federal and state levels to establish "anti-hate" legislation, laws which could eventually make it illegal to condemn homosexuality or to say that the Jews are lost without faith in Christ. Such traditional Christian attitudes they label as "bigoted," a form of "prejudice," "religious harassment," or "verbal violence."

So far, Jewish groups have been successful in passing anti-hate legislation because of one main reason: CHRISTIAN LEADERS ARE TERRIFIED OF BEING LABELED ANTI-SEMITIC OR RACIST SHOULD THEY RESIST A "CIVIL LIBERTIES" PROGRAM WHICH THE JEWS ARE PROMOTING! Such fear of the Jews must subside if our basic liberty to preach the whole gospel is to be preserved. Americans need to be educated, and fast, concerning Jewish "anti-hate" laws, statutes which will criminalize and cause religious discrimination against the simple duty of the Christian to witness publicly and to reprove sin, including abortion and homosexuality.

While planet Earth spins toward the (sic) "kinder, gentler" society of the New World Order, the ADL, AJC and the Jewish owned media are working feverishly to portray "crimes of prejudice" as escalating out of control, while they commit their own particular form of prejudice against everyone that is not Jewish; and complete their ultimate goal of destroying Christianity.

As the ADL, AJC and the Jewish community begin to put the screws on our state legislatures to pass "hate crimes laws, it is critically important that Americans in general and Christians in particular warn our people what these antichrist people have in mind for us. For if the Jews are successful in getting the hate laws passed, America will be under Jewish laws, just as Christ and His Disciples were in His day.

"But that it {Christianity} spread no further among the people, let us straitly threaten them, that they speak henceforth to no man in this name {Christ}. And they called them {Christians}, and commanded them not to speak at all nor teach in the name of Jesus...So they further threatened them..." [52]

Now let us take note of a major authoritative source taken from a well‑ known Jewish

author, Mr. Arthur Koestler, who wrote the book title "The Thirteenth Tribe," published in 1976 by Random House and widely circulated throughout America and the Western World.

This 225 page book is a documented source to prove that most of the people calling themselves Jews today are neither Israelites nor Semites, but are instead Khazars, Mongols, and Huns. This book was reviewed in major newspapers and magazines throughout 1976. Random House quoted the following reviews:

"Mr. Koestler's excellent as readable as it is thought‑provoking. Nothing could be more stimulating than the skill, elegance, erudition with which he marshals his facts and develops his theories..." [53]

"You do not have to be Jewish to be interested...Are today's western Jews really ethnic, Semitic, Biblical Jews, or are most of them descen­dants of converted Khazars? ...This compact, interesting book...examines tragic‑ironic implications in (this question) for modern should fascinate." [54]

"Koestler marshals the evidence in a clear and convincing way. He tells a good story, pulling together materials from medieval Muslim and Jewish travelers, scholarly controversy and mysterious lore of the Khazars." [55]

Robert Kirsch of the Los Angeles Times stated in his lengthy review;

"that Arthur Koestler publicizes with his customary kills a daring hypothesis: that THE KHAZARS JEWS MIGRATED TO POLAND AND BECAME THE FOREBEARS OF EASTERN EUROPEAN JEWRY..."

Then Kirsch quoted Prof. A.N. Polliak of Tel Aviv University, who stated "the majority of world Jewry is descended from the Jews of Khazaria." Then he again quoted Koestler in "The Thirteenth" Tribe:

"If so this would mean that their ancestors came not from the Jordan but from the Volga; not from Canaan but from the Caucasus, once believed to be the cradle of the Aryan race; and that GENETICALLY THEY ARE MORE RELATED TO THE HUN, UIGUR, AND MAGYAR TRIBES THAN TO THE SEED OF ABRAHAM, ISAAC AND JACOB..."

Here is perhaps one of the most remarkable and shocking historical documents to surface in this century. One of the most authoritative Jewish writers in contemporary history has traced modern Jews to a people known as the Khazars, Mongols, and Huns and has concluded that they are not the seed of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Every Christian minister in search of the true seed of Abraham should want to carefully research "The Thirteenth Tribe" by Arthur Koestler.

This book will document that most of the people known as Jews today are not descended from Abraham at all. A vast majority of all modern Jews are from Western Asia and Eastern Europe and are descended from the Khazars, Mongols, and Huns according to the best documented sources available to the Jewish historian Arthur Koestler.

The San Diego Union on August 28, 1966, printed an article, by Leo Heiman: with Copley News Service, titled, "The Jews That Aren't" by Leo Heiman: Copley News Service. This article reported the findings of Nathan M. Pollock, an elderly Russian Jew who worked as a translator of scientific texts and a proofreader in a publishing firm.

"Mr. Pollock has devoted some forty of his sixty‑four years to trying to prove that six out of ten Israelis and nine out of ten Jews in the Western Hemisphere are not real Jews; but descendants of fierce Khazars tribes which roamed the steppes of southern Russia many centuries ago."

Serious students in search of Abraham's Children will want to carefully follow the entire report.


     "Nathan M. Pollock has a beef with the Israeli government. His elaborate plans to celebrate this September the 1,000th anniversary of the Jewish-Khazar alliance were summarily rejected. An elderly, meek-looking man who migrated to Israel from Russia 43 years ago. Pollock ekes out a living as a translator of scientific texts and proofreader in a publishing firm.

     But his great passion, hobby and avocation is historic research. He has devoted 40 of his 64 years to trying to prove that SIX OUT OF 10 ISRAELIS AND NINE OUT OF 10 JEWS IN THE WESTERN HEMISPHERE ARE NOT REAL JEWS' JEWS, BUT DESCENDANTS OF FIERCE KHAZAR TRIBES which roomed the steppes of southern Russia many centuries ago. For obvious reasons the Israeli authorities are not at all eager to give the official stamp of approval to Pollock's theories.


     But who can tell today what percentage of Khazar blood flows in our veins, if at all? And who can declare with any degree of scientific accuracy which Jews are Jews and which descendants of this Tartar-Mongol race? As a matter of fact, our alleged descent from the Khazars is the central theme of Arab propaganda,' he added. 'The Arabs claim most European Jews have no right to be in Israel in the first place because they are not descended from Biblical Hebrews, but from Tartar-Mongol nomad tribes, INCLUDING THE KHAZARS WHO WERE CONVERTED TO JUDAISM EN MASSE 1,000 YEARS AGO.' Scientific opinion in Israel is divided on the subject. No one argues the basic premise: that a group of 12,000 Jews, fleeing from persecution and wars in the Holy Land, in the wake of Byzentime and Moslem conquests, made the long overland trek to Persia, crossed the territory of today's Turkestan in Central Asia and found asylum in the Khazar Kingdom, which occupied a vast area between the Caspian Sea, Volga River, Ural Mountains, Black Sea and the Polish borderlands.

     In the year 965 the Khazars were defeated for the first time in 500 years, by Prince Sviatoslav of Kiev. King Bulan III of Khazaria concluded that PRINCE SVIATOSLAV emerged victorious from the war BECAUSE HIS TROOPS AND MERCENARIES WERE CHRISTIANS, while his nomads were pagan worshipers. THE KING {Bulan} AND HIS NOBLES EMBRACED JUDAISM IN 965, AND IN 966 A ROYAL EDICT WAS PASSED ENFORCING JUDAISM AS THE ONLY LEGAL RELIGION IN THE KHAZAR KINGDOM. TRIBESMEN HAD TO UNDERGO CIRCUMCISION, LEARN HEBREW PRAYERS AND RECOGNIZE JEWISH RABBIS AS THEIR SPIRITUAL LEADERS - ON THE PAIN OF DEATH. {King Bulan did this because he had learned that Judaism was the most likely enemy of Christianity to win in a conflict}.     

     As other Jews who were persecuted in the Middle East, medieval Europe and Spain at that time, heard of the new Jewish-Khazar kingdom, rumors spread that the Messiah had arrived at long last. There were several consecutive migration waves to Khazaria, via Persia, Greece and Poland.

     Pollock believes the traditional Russian anti-Semitism probably stems from that epoch WHEN HEBREW-SPEAKING KHAZAR RAIDERS ATTACKED RUSSIAN VILLAGES, KILLED THE MEN FOLK, ABDUCTED WOMEN, FORCIBLY CONVERTED THEM TO JUDAISM AND MARRIED THEM IN FULFLEDGED RELIGIOUS CEREMONIES. This also would explain why so many European Jews are blond and blue-eyed, WITH A SLIGHT MONGOL SLANT TO THEIR EYES. As well as the total absence of Semitic creatures among many Israelis of European descent. The flourishing Jewish/Khazar Kingdom was destroyed in 1239 by the Mongol invasion of Batu Khan. Following the Mongol invasion and conquest, SURVIVING MEMBERS OF JEWISH-KHAZAR TRIBES TREKKED WEST AND SETTLE IN POLAND, HUNGARY, BOHEMIA, AUSTRIA, ROMANIA AND THE UKRAINE. How can one find out if he is a 'Khazar Jew' or a 'Hebrew Jew?'

     According to Pollock, whose parents came from Poland, if your name is Halperin, Alpert, Haipern, Galpern, etc., you are a 100 percent Khazar. 'Alper' means 'brave knight' in the Khazar tongue, and the name was granted by the king to the most distinguished warriors. Names like Kaplan, Capion, Koppei, and the like and positive proof of Khazar descent, according to the scholar. 'Kaplan' means 'fierce hawk' in the Khazar language. Kogan, Kagan, Keganovich show aristocratic descent from Kagan-Hagan, King Bulan's chief minister."

In seeking to properly identify the people who call themselves jews today, it would be very worthwhile to review a quote from "The Jewish Almanac" published in October, 1980, by Bantam Books, Inc. On page 3 under a headline titled "Identity Crisis," the Jewish Almanac declares:

"STRICTLY SPEAKING, IT IS INCORRECT TO CALL AN ANCIENT ISRAELITE A 'JEW' OR TO CALL A CONTEMPORARY JEW AN 'ISRAELITE' OR A 'HEBREW.' The first Hebrews may not have been Jews at all, and contemporary Palestinians, by their own definition of the term 'Palestinian,' have to include Jews among their own people..."

Jewish author Alfred M. Lilienthal, in "The Zionist Connection II" on pages 757‑764, states:

     "...most Jews and even their remotest ancestors could not trace their way back to the land of Canaan...The existence of Israel is not founded on logic. It has no ordinary legitima­'s Jews were, for the most part, descendants of the Khazars, who converted to Judaism seven centuries after the destruction of Jerusalem in 70 A.D. and the dispersion of the small original Judaic Palestine population by Roman Emperor Vespasian and his son Titus.

     The Khazars, a semi-nomadic Turko‑Finnish people who settled in what is now southern Russia between the Volga and the Don, spread to the shores of the Black, Caspian, and Azov seas. Jews who had been banished from Constantinople by Byrantine ruler Leo III (Constantine VI, the son of Leo III, married the Khazar Princess Irene) found a home among the pagan khazars and then in competition with Muslim and Christian missionaries, won Khagan Bulan, the ruler of Khazaria, over to the Judaic faith around 740 A.D. (For more details see Alfred M. Lilienthal, What Price Israel?, Chicago: Henry Regnery, 1953, pp. 220‑22). His nobles followed suit, and somewhat later so did his people. Some details of these events are contained in letters exchanged between Khagan (King) Joseph of Khazaria and R. Hasdai Ibn Shaprut of Cordova, doctor and quasi‑Foreign Minister to Sultan Abd al‑Rahman, the Caliph of Spain. (This correspondence {circa 936‑950 A.D.} was first published in 1577 to prove that Jews still had a country of their own, namely, the Kingdom of Khazaria. Judah Halevi knew of the letters even in 1140, and their authenticity has since been verified).

     When Khazaria fell to Mongols in the 13th century, its popula­tion of 'Jewish' convert Khazars fled northwest to become the progenitors of Ashkenazim (Russian­-German-Baltic-Polish) Jewry. These Khazar Jews greatly outnumbered racially Jewish Jews who had reached Europe by other routes and at other periods of history. Therefore, the great majority of Eastern European Jews are not Semitic Jews at all, and as most Western European Jews came from East Europe, most of them also are not Semitic Jews...

     What Price Israel?, published twenty‑three years before the Koestler work, pointed out that the lineal ancestors of Eastern and Western European Jewry were these 8th‑ century Khazar converts, and noted how this was being kept a dark secret because it tended to vitiate the principal prop of the Zionist claim to Israel: 'For all that anthropologists know, Hitler's ancestry might go back to one of the ten Lost Tribes of Israel; while Weizmann might be only a descendant of Khazar converts to Judaism who were in no anthropologi­cal respect related to Palestine. The home to which Weizmann, Silver, Ben‑Gurion and so many other Ashkenazim Zionists have long yearned to return has most likely never been theirs. 'Here's a paradox, a paradox, a most ingenious paradox': in anthropological fact, many CHRISTIANS MAY HAVE MUCH MORE HEBREW‑ISRAELITE BLOOD IN THEIR VEINS THAN MOST OF THEIR JEWISH NEIGHBORS. Ironically enough, too, Volume IV of the Jewish Enc., (as of the time of research, 1952), because this publication spelled Khazars with a 'C' instead of a 'K,' is titled 'Chazars to Dreyfus.'

     And it was the famed trial of Captain Alfred Dreyfus, as interpreted by Theodore Herzl, that made the modern Jewish Khazars of Russia, most of the intrepid Zionist leaders, forget their descent from converts to Judaism and accept anti‑Semitism as proof of their Palestinian origin ‑ the hearthstone of their right to establish the State of Israel...

     But the 'historic connection' upon which Zion­ists have staked their claim that Palestine belongs to them, and to them alone, turns out to be but a racial myth, which a further glance back into history exposes. Twelve tribes started in Canaan thirty‑five centuries ago; not only did ten of them disappear, more than half of the other two never returned from exile in Babylon. How can anyone claim descendancy directly from that relatively small communi­ty that inhabited the Holy Land at the time of Abraham's covenant with God? (And if there was such a covenant, Arabs are part of the seed of Abraham through Hagar, who gave birth to a son, Ishmael).     

     Who can say for sure that many CHRISTIAN READERS OF THIS BOOK MIGHT NOT IN FACT HAVE A BETTER CLAIM, WHICH THEY DO NOT CHOOSE TO EXERCISE, TO GO BACK 'HOME' TO PALESTINE than Hannah Semer, Menachem Begin, or Golda Meir? Queen Victoria herself belonged to an Israelite society that traced the ancestry of its membership back to the lost tribes of Israel. The descriptive name 'Judaism' was never heard of by the Hebrews or Israelites; it appears only with Christianity...When the word 'Judaism' was born, there no longer a Hebrew‑Israelite state. The people who embraced the creed of Judaism were already A MIXTURE OF MANY NATIONS, RACES, AND STRAINS, and this diversifica­tion was rapidly growing...

     Those who would step forward today to advance the heritage of Judaism and battle the mighty Zionist‑­Israelist array {those who profess to be Christian and so‑called Messiahic Jews, but will defend the Zionist in their false claims of identification to the death} will have to do so without the warmth and comfort that tribalism affords. They will be forced to look beyond narrow confines and strive to impart perspective from the larger, total picture. But they will have great figures who came before them to light the road on which they must make their way. Like many of God's more fortunate human beings, anti‑Zionist Jews have had excellent forebears of whom they may justly be proud. The roots of anti‑ Zionism go back to the very beginnings of Judaism."

With a close study of this presentation from the Jewish Encyclopedia, about the Khazars (Chazars), one can see that THERE WAS AN INFUSION OF THE EDOMITE (Esau's) BLOOD LINE IN TO THE KHAZAR (Chazar) BLOOD LINE.

"You cannot be English Jews. We are a race, and only as a race can we perpetuate. OUR [Jewish] MENTALITY IS OF EDOMITISH CHARACTER, and differs from that of an Englishman. ENOUGH SUBTERFUGES! LET US ASSERT OPENLY THAT WE ARE INTERNATIONAL JEWS." [56]

Which would make them, descendants of Jappeth and also a mixed breed of Canaanite and Israelite mixture. And would explain their fanatical hatred of Christ, True Israelites and


"...THE BULK OF THE JEW'S ANCESTORS 'NEVER' LIVED IN PALESTINE 'AT ALL,' which witnesses the power of historical assertion over fact." [57]

That Jewish hatred against the White Race, the true descendants of Jacob/Israel is without question. And can be seen in the following:

"The final goal of world revolution is not socialism, or even communism, it is not a change in the present economic system, it is not the destruction of civilization in a material sense. The revolution desired by the leaders is moral and spiritual, it is an anarchy of ideas in which all the bases established nineteen centuries ago shall be overthrown, all the honored traditions trodden under foot, and, ABOVE ALL, THE CHRISTIAN IDEAL FINALLY OBLITERAT­ED." [58]

"The Jew is the living testimony to the disappearance of the state which had as its basis theological principles, a State which anti‑semitic Christians dream of reconstruct­ing. The day when a Jew occupied an administrative post the Christian State was in danger: that is true and the anti‑smites who say that the Jew has destroyed the idea of the state could more justly say that THE ENTRY OF JEWS INTO SOCIETY HAS SYMBOLIZED THE DESTRUCTION OF THE STATE, THAT IS TO SAY THE CHRISTIAN STATE." [59]

The following by the Jewish writer Charles A. Weisman is very clear and exacting: Just as with any villain or murderer in a play or story, there is a motive or reason why the Jews [Esau-Edom] has been trying to kill Jacob/Israel [The White Race] all these years. When one looks at the scenes and event in the Script, they find some underlying motives why THE EDOMITE JEWS WISH TO KILL AND DESTROY THE CHRISTIAN ISRAEL PEOPLE:

   1). Since Esau had sold both his birthright and blessing to Jacob, who was thus               given dominion and prosperity in the entire world by Yahweh, Esau has had a              perpetual desire to take revenge against Jacob. The Jews wish to regain the                 dominion and the blessing, and their envy and anger for Jacob and his                        descendants possessing them in his stead has motivated the Edomite Jews to                 destroy Jacob's descen­dants. The Jews must destroy and kill Israel [the White              Race] because they believe that is the only way to avenge Esau their father.

   2). Jacob/Israel's birthright and blessings include a status of dominion in the earth           with Yahweh as their head. This dominion conflicts with the Edomite Jews' plan           of one-world dominion. If they cannot have dominion according to Yahweh's                plan, they will have it according to their plan. The two dominions cannot co-               exist. If all the Israelites can be killed, then Yahweh's plan for Israel to have               dominion in the earth under Him cannot be fulfilled.

   3). If Esau could have killed Jacob as he originally planned [60], then as the only                surviving heir Esau would have regained the birthright. Similarly, if Esau would          have died when he still hand the birthright, the birthright would have fallen to             Jacob as the next oldest or only surviving son of Isaac. Because of this law of              inheritance, the Edomite Jews in the world today believe that if they can kill off           every Israelite, they can regain the birthright and its blessings as the only                   surviving heir.

The Edomite Jews may have other motives to kill off Yahweh's Israel people, but none are truly well-founded on the law. Jacob lawfully possessed the birthright, and Edom, as a mongrel, can no longer possess it.

As with most motives for killing, the motives of the Edomite Jews for killing Jacob's children are based on passion and revenge, not on any lawful right to action. There is a plan or "conspiracy" to kill all of the White Christian people from off the planet. Esau's motives for killing Jacob are all part of a plot in Yahweh's Script. This is why we often see aggressive and harmful actions being staged against the White Race, the possessors of the birthright. It now becomes clear that the birthright plays a central role in understanding many of the conflicts, wars, adversities and problems in the world today.

     "There is in existence a plan of world organization about which much has been said for several years past, in favor of which determined propaganda has been made among the masses, and towards which our present rulers are causing us to slide gradually and unconsciously. We mean to say the socialist collectivist organiza­tion. It is that which is the most in harmony with the character, the aptitudes and the means of action of the Jewish race; it is that which bears the signature, the trade‑ mark of this new reigning people; it is that which it wishes to impose on the Christian world because it is only by this means that it can dominate the latter.         

     Instead of wearing a military or political character, the dictatorship imposed by the Jewish race will be a financial industri­al, commercial dictatorship. At least for a time, it will show itself as little as possible. The Jews have endowed the commercial, industrial and financial world with the Joint‑Stock Company, thanks to which they are able to hide their immense riches. They will endow the entire Christian world with that which they have bestowed on France: the Joint‑Stock Company for the exploitation of nations called Republic, thanks to which they will be able to hide their kingship.

     We are moving then towards the Universal Republic [New World Order - One World Government] because it is only thus that Jewish financial, industrial and commercial kingship can be established. But under its republican mask this kingship will be infinitely more despotic than any other. It will be exactly that which man has established over the animal. The Jewish race will maintain its hold upon us by our needs. It will rely on a strongly organized and carefully chosen police so generously paid that it will be ready to do anything just as the presidents of republics, who are given twelve hundred thousand francs and who are chosen especially for the purpose, are ready to put their signature to anything.

     Beyond the policy, nothing but workmen on one side, and on the other engineers, directors, administrators. The workers will be all the non‑Jews. The engineers, directors and administrators will, on the contrary, be Jews; we do not say the Jews and their friends; we say, the Jews; for the Jews then will have no more friends. And they will be a hundred times right, in such a situation, to rely only upon those who will be of the 'Race.' This may all seem impossible to us; and nevertheless it will come about in the most natural way in the world, because everything will have been prepared secretly, as the (French and Russian) revolution was.

     In the most natural way in the world, we say, in this sense that there must always be engineers, directors and administrators so that the human flock may work and live and that, furthermore, the reorganization of the world which we shall have disorganized cannot be operated savvy by those who will have previously gathered in wealth everywhere. By reason of this privileged situation, which we are allowing to become established for their benefit, the Jews alone will be in a position to direct everything.

     The peoples will put their hand to the wheel to bring about this state of things, they will collaborate in the destruction of all other power than that of the State as long as they are allowed to believe that the State, this State which possesses all, is them­selves.     

     They will not cease to work for their own servitude until the day when the Jews will say to them: 'We beg your pardon! You have not understood. The State, this State which owns everything, is not you, it is us!' The people then will wish to resist. But it will be too late to prevent it, because ALL MORAL FORCES HAVING CEASED TO EXIST, all material forces will have been shattered by that same cause. Sheep do not resist the sheepdog trained to drive them and possess­ing strong jaws. All that the working class could do, would be to refuse to work.

     The Jews are not simpletons enough not to foresee that. They will have provisions for themselves and for their watch‑dogs. They will allow famine to subdue resistance. If the need should arise they would have no scruple in hurling on the people, mutinous BUT UNARMED, THEIR POLICE MADE INVINCIBLE BECAUSE THEY WILL BE PROVIDED WITH THE MOST UP TO DATE WEAPONS AGAINST POWERLESS MOBS. Have we not already a vision of the invincibility of organized forces against the crowd (remember Tenamin Square in China, Ruby Creek in Idaho and Waco, Texas).

     Russia has known, and they have not forgotten the rule of the Masonic Terror. She will know, and the world will know with her THE RULE OF THE JEWISH TERROR." [61]

When Esau heard that Isaac had given Jacob the blessings of the birthright,

"he cried out with an exceedingly great and bitter cry" [62]

This is exactly what the Jews do when they hear someone say they are not Israel, which means they do not have the birthright. They cry out bitterly against them with wails of "anti-Semitism." 

Meanwhile, these Edomite Jews seek ways to kill the real heir to the birthright. Many throughout history have recognized this peculiar characteristic of the Jews to destroy Christians but could never supply an adequate explanation as to why. Without understanding who the characters on stage are and how they relate to the birthright, the play being acted out on the earth becomes quite confusing to most observers.

Edom's desire for revenge against Jacob was revealed by Edom's desire to see Jerusalem destroyed when Israel possessed it, as revealed by the writer of Psalms:

"Remember, O Lord, the children of Edom in the day of Jerusalem; who said, Raze it, raze it, even to the foundation thereof." [63]

The word "raze" means "to tear down completely; level to the ground; demolish." [64] When Jacob/Israel was at it zenith in terms of national status and prosperity, Esau-Edom desired to see its capital city destroyed. Therefore, as America is restored Israel, the Edomites Jews are working frantically, night and day, for its destruction and the annihilation of the White Race, the Israelites who, today, possess the birthright.

The Edomites, being fewer in number and subservient to Jacob, had not the ability or might to take out their revenge against Israel and Judah until they were weakened by a civil war between them (734 B.C. - now you know why the Jews instigated the American Civil War. It was to begin the weakening of the nation for it eventual destruction). Judah had suffered the loss of 120,000 men in one day (2 Chronicles - Germany, which is composed mainly of the Tribe of Judah today, lost over 15,000,000 men, women and children during World War I, and World War II - this is shown in the following:

"Israel [the Jews] won the war [WW I]; we made it; we thrived on it; we profited from it. It was our supreme revenge on Christianity." [65]

This can be said for all the wars in the last two centuries) The Edomites took advantage of Judah's weakened condition and in their vengeance "had come and attacked Judah, and carried away captives." [66] Thus, when Judah was torn by the ravages of civil war, it was Edom who had rushed in and ransacked the land and took the inhabitants into captivity. The ways and characteristics of actor Esau/­Edom do not change, and thus this treachery against Yahweh's people can and did reoccur again in another act and another scene of the Script. The scene was America, the time was the 1860's, the act was the American Civil War.

Here was a war not only planned and instigat­ed by Jews, such as the Rothschilds, but both sides were financed by Jewish banks. When the Southern states lay devastated in the aftermath of the war, the Jewish plan of reconstruction was established to further destroy the White rule and culture. The South was put under military government and Whites were deprived of their rights, their Constitutions, and their property. Entire plantations were destroyed, burned and pillaged by Jewish Carpetbaggers and their lackeys, to deny the White Southerners their inheritance.

Jewish carpetbaggers from the North, such as the Lehmans, the "seven liberal-minded" Seligman brothers, the Baruchs, and other special emissaries of the Rothschilds came to seize from the widows and orphans of the Confederate dead their last savings, their last possessions, and their lands and homes.

Another episode of the Jews treachery and revenge occurred when Judah was undergoing its final siege from Babylon. After the enemy armies had captured Jerusalem in 586 B.C., Edom had treacherously participated in its destruction. Rather than render aid when the enemy was upon Yahweh's people, Edom, out of revenge, invaded Jerusalem and took part in the plunder of the stricken city.

This violence of Edom upon Judah was condemned by Yahweh in the Book of Obadiah. The Edomite Jews took advantage of Judah's captivity so as to wreak their revenge and hatred upon Yahweh's people. The prophet Ezekiel also spoke against the Jews treachery,

"against the house of Judah by taking vengeance, and has greatly offended, and revenged himself upon them." [67]

Again in Ezekiel chapters 35 and 36, the Jews are denounced for their actions in helping Israel's enemies in the final overthrow of Jerusalem, where the Jews [Edom] had,

"shed the blood of the children of Israel by the force of the sword in the time of their calamity." [68]

The Jews [Edom] acted with great vengeance in their treacherous plan to invade Israel's land, to burn and pillage it, and to destroy and kill the remnant of Yahweh's people that were left in Jerusalem. [69]


Russia is, we would point out, the land of the Khazars ‑ who converted to Judaism between 700 A.D. and 800 A.D. The story is related in over three hundred books. However, the knowledge of these books have been kept from the American people so that the Jewish "Chosen People" myth could be implemented by the Jews for political, religious and economic advantage. It is knowledge that has been hidden and kept a secret for many years.


Following is the story of the conversion of a tribe of people in Russia to Judaism and is the origin of more than 95% of the Jews of Eastern Europe.

     "Without a complete and accurate knowledge of the origin and history of the 'Jews' in Eastern is impossible for [Christians] to intelligently understand the harmful influence the Jews have exerted for ten centuries...These two little known factors are the hub and the spokes of the 'big wheel' rolling merrily along the road to complete world Domination in the not distant future, without arousing suspicion, and wearing the innocent disguise of an alleged religious belief as their only defense mechanism.

     This insidious intrigue creates a most effective camouflage for the conspirators. The virility of their plot presents a problem in the defense of the political, economic, social and cultural ideologies developed under a Christian Civilization.

     You will probably be astonished as many Christians were years ago when I electrified the nation with the first publication by me of the facts disclosed by my many years of research into the origin and the history of the 'Jews' in Eastern Europe.

     My many years of intensive research established beyond the question of any doubt, contrary to the generally accepted belief held by Christians, that the 'Jews' in Eastern Europe at any time in their history in Eastern Europe were never the legendary 'lost ten tribes' of Bible lore. THAT HISTORIC FACT IS INCONTROVERTIBLE.


     Research also revealed that the 'Jews' in Eastern Europe WERE NEVER 'SEMITES,' are NOT 'SEMITES' NOW, NOR CAN THEY EVER BE REGARDED AS 'SEMITES' AT ANY FUTURE TIME BY ANY STRETCH OF THE IMAGINATION. Exhaustive research also irrevocably rejects as a fantastic fabrication the generally accepted belief by Christians that the 'Jews' in Eastern Europe are the legendary 'Chosen People' so very vocally publicized by the Christian clergy from their pulpits.

     Maybe you can explain to me, the reason why and just how the origin and the history of the Khazars and Khazar Kingdom was so well concealed from the world for so many centuries? What secret mysterious power has been able for countless generations to keep the origin and the history of the Khazars and Khazar Kingdom out of history text‑books and out of class‑room courses in history throughout the world? The origin and history of the Khazars and Khazar Kingdom are certainly incontestable historic facts.

     These incontestable historic facts also establish beyond any question of doubt the origin and history of the 'Jews' in Eastern Europe.

     The origin and history of the Khazars and Khazar Kingdom and their relationship to the origin and early history of the 'Jews' in Eastern Europe was one of history's best kept secrets until wide publicity was given in recent years to my research on this subject. Do you not think, that it is time this whole subject was dragged out of its hiding place?

     Then as now that area of the world was a potential threat to the peace of the world and to the security of this nation. I explained to them fully the origin of the Khazars and Khazar Kingdom. It is not possible to understand or to evaluate properly what has been taking place in the world since 1917, the year of the Bolshevik [Jewish] revolution in Russia. It is the 'key' to that problem. That must give you some idea, of how successful that mysterious secret power was with their plot to 'black out' the origin and the history of the Khazars and Khazar Kingdom in order to conceal from the world and particularly Christians the true origin and the history of the 'Jews' in Eastern Europe.

     The Russian conquest in the 10th‑13th centuries of the little‑known‑to‑history Khazars apparently ended the existence for all time of the little‑known‑to‑history 800,000 square mile sovereign kingdom of the 'Jews' in Eastern Europe, known then as the Khazar Kingdom...Prior to the 10th century the Khazar Kingdom had already been reduced by Russian conquests to an area of about 800,000 square miles...the territory of the Khazar Kingdom in the 10th century was still by far the largest of any nation in Europe. The population of the Khazar Kingdom was made up for the most part of Khazars with the addition of the remnants of the populations of the 25 peaceful agricultural nations which had inhabited this approximate 1,000,000 square miles before their conquest by the invading Khazars.

     In the 1st century B.C. the Khazars had invaded Eastern Europe from their homeland in Asia. The Khazars invaded Eastern Europe from their homeland in Asia. The Khazars invaded Eastern Europe via the land route between the north end of the Caspian Sea and the south end of the Ural Mountains.

     The Khazars were not 'Semites.' They were an Asiatic Mongoloid nation. They are classified by modern anthropologists as Turco‑Finns racially. From time immemorial the homeland of the Khazars was in the heart of Asia.

     They were a very warlike nation. The Khazars were driven out of Asia finally by the nations in Asia with whom they were continually at war.

     The Khazars invaded Eastern Europe to escape further defeats in Asia. The very warlike Khazars did not find it difficult to subdue and conquer the 25 peaceful agricultural nations occupying approximately 1,000,000 square miles in Eastern Europe. In a comparatively short period the Khazars established the largest and most powerful kingdom in Europe, and probably the wealthiest also.

     The Khazars were a pagan nation when they invaded Eastern Europe. Their religious worship was a mixture of phallic worship and other forms of idolatrous worship practiced in Asia by pagan nations. This form of worship continued until the 7th century...In the 7th century King Bulan, ruler at that time of the Khazar Kingdom, decided...[to] make one of the three monotheistic religions, about which he knew very little, the new state religion.

     After a historic session with representatives of the three monotheistic religions King Bulan decided against Christianity and Islam and selected as the future state religion the religious worship then known as 'Talmudism,' and now known and practiced as 'Judaism.' THIS EVENT IS WELL DOCUMENTED IN HISTORY.

     King Bulan and his 4000 feudal nobles were promptly converted by rabbis imported from Babylonia for that event...The Khazar kings invited large numbers of rabbis to come and open synagogues and worship. It was now the state religion. The converted Khazars were the first population of 'Jews' in Eastern Europe. 'Jews' in Eastern Europe after the conversion of the Khazars are the descendants of the Khazars converted to 'Talmudism,' or as it is now known 'Judaism,' by the 7th century mass conversion of the Khazar population. After the conversion of King Bulan none but a 'Jew' could occupy the Khazar throne. The Khazar Kingdom became a virtual theocracy. The religious leaders were the civil administrators also. The religious leaders imposed the teachings of the Talmud upon the population as their guide to living.

     The ideologies of the Talmud became the axis of political, cultural, economic and social attitudes and activities throughout the Khazar kingdom. The Talmud provided civil and religious law." [70]

If this is true, and it is, then there should be more evidence to support this position, and there is. The American People's Encyclopedia for 1954 at 15‑292 records the following in reference to the Khazars:

     "IN THE YEAR 740 A.D. THE KHAZARS WERE OFFICIALLY CONVERTED TO JUDAISM. A century later they were crushed by the incoming Slavic‑speaking people and were scattered over central Europe WHERE THEY WERE KNOWN AS JEWS.

     It is from this grouping that most German, Polish and Hungarian Jews are descended, and they likewise make up a considerable part of that population now found in America. The term Aschenazim is applied to this round‑headed, dark‑ complexioned division."

From the above, we can clearly see that the Jews fully understand their Khazarian heritage as the third edition of the Jewish Encyclopedia for 1925 records:

     "CHAZARS [Khazars]: A people of Turkish origin whose life and history are interwoven with the very beginnings of the history of the Jews of Russia. The kingdom of the Chazars was firmly established in most of South Russia long before the foundation of the Russian monarchy by the Varangians (855).

     Jews have lived on the shores of the Black and Caspian seas since the first centuries of the common era [after the death of Christ].               

     Historical evidence points to the region of the Ural as the home of the Chazars. Among the classical writers of the Middle Ages they were known as the 'Chozars,' 'Khazirs,' 'Akatzirs,' and 'Akatirs,' and in the Russian chronicles as 'Khwalisses' and 'Ugry Byelyye.'...

     It was probably about that time that the chaghan of the Chazars and his grandees, together with a large number of his heathen people, embraced the Jewish religion.

     According to A. Harkavy, the conversion took place in 620, according to others, in 740. King Joseph, in his letter to Hasdal ibn Shaprut (about 960), gives the following account of the conversion: 'Some centuries ago King Bulan reigned over the Chazars. To him God appeared in a dream and promised him might and glory.             Encouraged by this dream, Bulan went by the road of Darian to the country of Ardebil, where he gained great victories [over the Arabs]. The Byzantine emperor and the calif of the Ishmaelites sent to him envoys with presents, and sages to convert him to their respective religions.

     Bulan invited also wise men of Israel, and proceeded to examine them all. As each of the champions believed his religion to be the best, Bulan separately questioned the Mohammedans and the Christians as to which of the other two religions they considered the better. When both gave preference to that of the Jews, that king perceived that it must be the true religion. He therefore adopted it.

     This account of the conversion was considered to be of a legendary nature. Harkavy, however, proved from Arabic and Slavonian sources that the religious disputation at the Charzarian court is a historical fact.          

     Even the name of Sangari has been found in a liturgy of Constantine the Philosopher (Cyrill). It was one of the successors of Bulan, named Obadiah, who regenerated the kingdom and strengthened the Jewish religion. He invited Jewish scholars to settle in his dominions, and founded synagogues and schools. The people were instructed in the Bible, Mishna, and Talmud, and in the 'divine service of the hazzanim.'

     In their writings the Chazars used the Hebrew letters. Obadiah was succeeded by his son Hezekiah; the latter by his son Manasseh; Manasseh by Hanukkah, a brother of Obadiah; Hanukkah by his son Isaac; Isaac by his son Moses (or Manasseh II); the latter by his son Nisi; and Nisi by his son Aaron II. King Joseph himself was a son of Aaron, and ascended the throne in accordance with the law of the Chazars relating to succession. On the whole, King Joseph's account agrees generally with the evidence given by the Arabic writers of the tenth century, but in detail it contains a few discrepancies. According to Ibn Fadlan, Ibn Dastah, and others, only the king and the grandees were followers of Judaism...

     From the work 'Kitab al‑Buldan,' written about the ninth century, it appears as if all the Chazars were Jews and that they had been converted to Judaism only a short time before that book was written. But this work was probably inspired by Jaihani; and it may be assumed that in the ninth century many Chazar heathens became Jews, owing to the religious zeal of King Obadiah. 'Such a conversion in great masses,' says Chwolson. 'May have been the reason for the embassy of Christians from the land of the Chazars to the Byzantine emperor Michael.

     The history of the kingdom of the Chazars undoubtedly presents one of the most remarkable features of the Middle Ages. Surrounded by wild, nomadic peoples, and themselves leading partly a nomadic life, the Chazars enjoyed all the privileges of civilized nations, a well‑constituted and tolerant government, a flourishing trade, and a well‑disciplined standing army. In a time when fanaticism ignorance, and anarchy reigned in Western Europe, the kingdom of the Chazars could boast of its just and broad‑minded administration; and all who were persecuted on the scorn of their religion found refuge there...Taking a keen interest in everything relating to the kingdom of the Chazars, hasdai begs the king to communicate to him a detailed account of the geography of his country, of its internal constitution, of the customs and occupations of its inhabitants, and especially of the history of his ancestry and of the state. In this letter Hasdai speaks of the tradition according to which the Chazars once dwelt near the Seir (Serir) Mountains [Which is where Esau dwelt Genesis 36]; he refers to the narrative of Eldad ha‑Dani, who thought he had discovered the Lost Ten Tribes; and inquires whether the Chazars know anything concerning 'the end of the miracles' (the coming of the Messiah)..."

The Encyclopedia Judaica, Vol. 10, (1971) relates the following about the Khazars (Chazars):

     "KHAZARS, a national group of general Turkic type, independent and sovereign in Eastern Europe between the seventh and tenth centuries A.D. During part of this time the leading Khazars professed Judaism. The name is frequently pronounced with an a‑vowel, as in the Greek Xazapot and Arabic Khazar (Hazar), but there are traces of a different pronunciation in Hebrew (Kuzari, pl. Kuzarim). Greek (Xorztpoi), and Chinese (K'o‑sa). The name has been explained as having derived from Turkish gazmak ('to wander,' 'nomadize (?)'), or from quz ('side of mountain exposed to the north'). The latter etymology would account for the o/u‑vowel in some forms of the name, for which no satisfactory explanation has been given.

     The Origin of the Khazars. The Khazars, a Turkic stock, originally nomadic, reached the Volga‑Caucasus region from farther east at some time not easily determinable. They may have belonged to the empire of the Huns (fifth century A.D.) as the Akatzirs, mentioned by Priscus. This name is said to be equivalent to Aq‑Khazar, i.e., White Khazars, as opposed to the Qara‑Khazar or Black Khazars mentioned by al‑Istakhri. The Khazars probably belonged to the West Turkish Empire (from 552 A.D.), and they may have marched with Sinjibu (Istami), the first Khaqan of the West Turks, against the Sassanid (Persian) fortress of Sul or Darband.

     In the time of Procopius (sixth century) the region immediately north of the Caucasus was held by the Sabirs, who are referred to by Jordances as one of the two great branches of the Huns (Getica, ed. Mommsen, 63). Mas'udi (tenth century A.D.) says that the Khazars are called in Turkish, Sabir (Tanbih. ed. Cairo 1938, 72).

     In 627 (Theophanes, Chronographia. ed. De Boor, I (1883), 315) 'the Turks from the East whom they call Khazars' under their chief Ziebel passed the Caspian Gates (Darband) and joined Heraclius at the siege of Tiflis.

     In view of what is known of a dual kingship among the Khazars, it would be natural to assume that Ziebel, described by Theophanes as 'second in rank to the khaqan,' was the subordinate Khazar king or beg.

     However, there are grounds for thinking that Ziebel stands for yabgu, a Turkish title ‑ in the parallel Armenian account (Moses of Kalankatuk, trans. Dowsett, 87) he is called Jebu Khaqan and that he is T'ung‑ye‑hu, He‑hu Khagan, the paramount ruler of the West Turks, who is represented as second in rank to 'the King of the North, the lord of the whole world,' i.e., the supreme khaqan of the Turks. In the narratives of Theophanes and Moses of Kalankatuk respectively, the Khazars are also called Turks and Huns.

     From 681 A.D. we hear much in the latter author of the Huns of Varach'an (Warathan), north of Darband, who evidently formed part of a Khazar confederation or empire. Their prince Alp Hutver was often in attendance on the Khazar khaqan and was converted to Christianity by an Albanian bishop.

     It will be seen that the question of the precise racial affinities of the Khazars is not readily solved. There appears to be insufficient evidence to warrant the conclusion of K. Czegledy that the Khazars were of Sabir origin and distinct from the Caucasian Huns and West Turks, since it is not known how far these ethnic names mean the same thing...

     The conversion of the leading Khazars to Judaism perhaps took place toward 740 A.D. It seems at all events certain that the Khazars successfully resisted the Arabs for several decades, and that they were only reduced with difficulty and at a time when the internal situation of the caliphate prevented the Arabs from exploiting their victory: Marwan was called away to become the last Umayyad Caliph (744) and to struggle against ever‑growing opposition, until his death in 750 at the hands of Abbasid soldiers in Egypt.      

     The dynastic crisis probably saved Khazaria. At the same time the situation had wider implications, for if Marwan had been able to hold the Khazar territory permanently, the history of Eastern Europe might have been very different. The Khazar Double Kingship. This was a phenomenon found among other Turkic peoples, e.g., the Qara‑Khanids, and not unknown elsewhere; compare the double kingship at Sparta in antiquity, and the Shogun and Mikado of medieval Japan. How far back the institution goes among the Khazars cannot be exactly determined. Ya'qubi (ninth century) speaks of the Khazar khaqan and his representative (khaltfa) apparently in the sixth century. Arabic accounts, in Tabari, ibn al‑Athir, etc., of the Arab‑Khazar wars afford no precise evidence of the dual kingship, yet the Arabic geographers regularly mention it.

     The account of al‑Istakhri, written 320/932, is as follows: 'As to their politics and system of government, their chief is called khaqan of the Khazars. He is greater than the king of the Khazars [elsewhere called by al‑Istakhri the bak or bak, i.e., beg], except that the king of the Khazars appoints him. When they wish to appoint this khaqan, they bring him and throttle him with a piece of silk, till, when his breath is nearly cut off, they say to him, 'How long do you wish to reign?' and he says, 'So‑and‑so many years.' If he dies short of them, well and good.

     If not, he is killed when he reaches that year. The khaqanate is valid among them only in a house of notables. He possesses no right of command nor of veto, but he is honored, and people prostrate themselves when they enter his presence...

     The khaqanate is in a group of notables who possess neither sovereignty nor riches. When the chief place comes to one of them, they appoint him, and do not consider his condition. I have been informed by a reliable person that he had seen a young man selling bread in one of the sugs. People said that when their khaqan died, there was none more deserving of the khaqanate than he, except that he was a Muslim, and THE KHAGANATE IS NOT CONFERRED ON ANY BUT A JEW.'...

     Date of Khazar Conversion to Judaism. This has already been referred to above (see Bulan and below Khazar Correspondence). The date of 740 is suggested by converging considerations, namely, the circumstances of the reported conversion to Islam in 737 and the dating given by Judah Halevi in the Kuzari (Cosri).

     The absence of distinct references to the Judaism of the Khazars in the biographies of St. Abo of Tiflis, who was in Khazaria 780 A.D. and of Constantine (Cyril), who was there 860, should not be pressed as proof that the conversion to Judaism took place only later. Mas'udi states positively that the king of the Khazars became a Jew in the caliphate of Harun al‑Rashid (786‑809 A.D.). This may well refer to the reformation 800 under Obadiah of which the Reply of Joseph speaks. S.P. Tolstov has sought to explain the Khazar conversion to Judaism as a result of the conquest of Khwarizm (Khorezm) by the Arab general Muslim ibn Qutayba in 712...

     The Downfall of Khazaria. The Reply of Joseph mentions that the Khazars guarded the mouth of the Volga before 961 A.D. and prevented the Russians from reaching the Caspian. On several occasions, notably 913 and again in 943, the Russians made raids down the Volga, passing through Atil. Later apparently in 965, Khazaria was the object of a great Russian attack, which was aimed at the Khazar capital and reached as far as Samandar, as we know from Ibn Hawqal. From this disaster the Khazars appear to have recovered only partially. Again at this time we hear of a Khazar khaqan adopting Islam. His motive is said to have been to secure the help of the people of Khwarizm.

     After 965 the Khazars are still mentioned occasionally, but scarcely for long as an independent people. We cannot use the Cairo Genizah document published by J. Mann concerning a messianic movement supposedly in Khazaria in the time of al‑Afdal, the great Fatimid vizier who ruled 1094-1121, as proof of continued Khazar existence until this time, since it has been shown that the movement in question took place in Kurdistan.

     Furthermore, Oleg, the same who, according to the Russian Chronicle, established himself in Tmutorokan in 1083, is called in a seal of the 11th ‑ 12th century 'archon of all Khazaria.' Whatever is precisely indicated here by 'Khazaria' ‑ e.g. the Khazar country in the Crimea ‑ such a claim could not have been made prior to 965. We must therefore see the Khazar state as having subsisted until the second half of the tenth century, or the 11th century at most. By the 12th century the Qipchaqs or Cumans (identified also with the Polvtsi) appeared in the steppes once ruled by the Khazars. At the time of the Mongol invasions in the 13th century, it was they, not the Khazars, who were in possession...

     Khazar Jews After the Fall of the Kingdom. The artifacts of the Khazars appear to be scant. A number of sites have been excavated, and though details of the archaeological activity in Russia are difficult to obtain the Russians hold a monopoly on digs in ancient Khazaria. It appears that there have not been any sensational discoveries to date. No royal burial sites have been unearthed hardly surprising since, according to Ibn Fadlan, the Khaqans were buried under a stream, and no inscriptions, public or private.

     Prior to 1914 archaeological excavations were conducted in successive years, especially at Verkhnii Soltov on the Donets. Since then, scholars have been divided on whether or not Saltov is a Khazar site.

     Additional work has been done at Bulghar and at the neighboring town of Suwar, which was mentioned in al‑Istakhri. A tenth‑century two‑stories palace, in which many coins were found, was discovered at the latter site, but this, the only building of a public character which has come to light, might possibly be Bulgar rather than Khazar.

     Belaya (Bela) Vezha, the ancient Sarkii, near the village of Tsimlyanskaya on the left bank of the lower Dan, has been the site which has attracted the most interest in recent years. Though not the Khazar capital, as had been erroneously attested, it was an important settlement. Nothing specifically Jewish has been found there. Nevertheless, discoveries analogous to the culture of Saltov and Mayatskoe Gorodishche, both at least presumed Khazar sites, were unearthed, as well as ceramics engraved with markings of the type found in the Don inscriptions. No traces of the fortress constructed by the Greeks for the Khazars have been found.

     In spite of the negligible information of an archaeological nature, the presence of Jewish groups and the impact of Jewish ideas in Eastern Europe are considerable during the Middle Ages. Groups have been mentioned as migrating to Central Europe from the East or have been referred to as Khazars, thus making it impossible to overlook the possibility that they originated from within the former Khazar Empire. Even though the 12th‑century traveler Benjamin of Tudela did not mention Khazaria as such he did refer to Khazars in Constantinople and Alexandria. Aside from the Kabars (Khazars) who migrated earlier to Hungary, the Hungarian duke Taksony (tenth century) is said to have invited the Khazars to settle in his lands.

     In about 1117 Khazars appear to have come to Vladimir Monomakh, Prince of Kiev, after fleeing from the Cumans, building a town they named Bela Vezha (near Chernigov). If this assumption is correct, these Khazars previously lived in Bela Vezha (Sarkil) and then settled near Chernigov. Prior to this time Jews who were possibly Khazars were introduced by Svyatopolk into Kiev.

     The Khalisioi in the 12th century, who were mentioned as fighting against Manuel I Comnenus, retained, according to John Cinnamus, 'the Mosaic laws but NOT IN THEIR PURE FORM.' As late as 1309 a council of the Hungarian clergy (at Pressburg) forbade Catholics to marry those people who were at that time described as Khazars; papal confirmation of this decision was given in 1346.

     Both the Mountain Jews and the Karachais seem to be connected with the Khazars of the Caucasus region. It is also possible that there were Khazar Jews in the Crimea, which was known to the Italians in the late Middle Ages and perhaps still later as Gazaria. The Turkish‑speaking Karaites of the Crimea, Poland, and elsewhere have affirmed a connection with the Khazars, which is perhaps confirmed by evidence from folklore and anthropology as well as language. There seems to be a considerable amount of evidence attesting to the continued presence in Europe of descendants of the Khazars. The story of the conversion of the Khazar king to Judaism formed the basis for Judah Halevi's famous philosophical dialogue, Kuzari." [71]


     "The Caspian‑Black Sea steppelands have long attracted the pastoral nomads, both Iranian and Altaic (Turko‑Mongolian), of central Asia. This interaction of the nomads with the Finno‑Ugrian and eastern Slavic populations is one of the constant factors in the evolution of these peoples. Altaic nomads, primarily Turkic, were brought to the western Eurasian steppes with the migrations of peoples associated with the formation and expansion of the Hunnic state (fourth century A.D.). A decade after the Hunnic collapse in 454, new Turkic tribes, the Oghurs, Onogurs, and related peoples, entered the region and, joining with Hunnic remnants, gave rise to the Bulgars and other confedera­tions. In the mid sixth century, the Avars, coming from inner Asia, briefly dominated the western steppes, only to be replaced by their mortal enemies, the Turks. The latter created an empire stretching from the borders of China to the Black Sea. An offshoot and successor state of the Turks in this territory was the Khazar Kaganate (650‑965). Ruled, apparently, by a dynasty of Turkic origin, the Khazars continued the pattern of cooperation with Byzantium established by their Turkic predecessors.

     This alliance, initially directed against Sasanian Iran, continued with the appearance of the Arabs in the Caucasus. Arabo‑Khazar warfare began in 652 and lasted, with brief interludes, for almost a century. Following the victory of the Umayyad general Marwan in 737, the north Caucasus became the border between the two empires.

     In the late eighth to early ninth centuries, the Khazar ruling strata and elements of the leading clans and tribes converted to Judaism. The conversion, never fully elucidated in the surviving sources and still the subject of much speculation, provided a necessary autonomy in relations with Byzantium and the caliphate. Islam, Christianity, and paganism, however, continued to flourish alongside of Judaism. Atil, the Khazar capital on the lower Volga, became a major commercial center with a large, polyglot population. Khazar government closely followed the usages of its Turk progenitor. A particular development, known to other Turkic states, was the transformation of the Kagan into a religio‑sacral figurehead while actual direction of the state was placed in the hands of a deputy (called variously the shad, yilig, or beg).

     Khazaria served as Byzantium's first line of defense against nomadic incursions. In the ninth century, however, its power was weakened by foreign invaders (Hungarians and Pechenegs) and internal strife (the Kabar revolt). By the tenth century, the Khazars were no longer able to contain the steppe pressures. Byzantine policy, which now sought to turn 'barbarian' against 'barbarian,' only exacerbated the situation.

     In 965, Svyatoslav of Kiev, responding to Khazar attempts to curb Russians raiding via Khazaria into the Caspian Islamic lands, and delivered the fatal blow. A now greatly reduced Khazaria lingered on as a Khwarizmian protectorate. More importantly, the barrier to westward steppe incursions had been removed, thus contributing to those events that culminated in the Byzantine disaster at Manazkert (Manzikert, 1071).

     The Hungarians and the Pechenegs were the nomads disturbing Khazaria in the ninth century. The Hungarian tribal union, consisting of Ugrian and Oghur Turkic elements, had been pushed westward from their Uralo‑Bashkir homeland by repeated assaults from the Pechenegs. The latter, a Turkic tribal union formerly located in the Kang area (Middle Syr Darya), were in conflict with the Oghuz Turks, who had entered central Asia about 775.

     When Khazaria weakened, the Pechenegs, under Oghuz pressure, migrated from the Volga‑Ural mesopotamia and entered the Pontic steppes in the early tenth century. Here, they were used by Byzantium to check the Rus, (for instance, in the ambush and killing of Svyatoslav in 972).

     The ongoing Pecheneg‑Rus struggle, frequently little more than localized raiding, prompted Svyatoslav's son Vladimir I (980‑1015) to create a series of fortifications on his southern frontiers to contain the nomads.

     In 1036, however, the Pechenegs made a serious attempt on Kiev. Decisively defeated by Yaroslav (1036‑1054) and still faced with Oghur pressure, they now migrated toward the Byzantine Balkan holdings. Subsequently, in 1091, masses of them were slaughtered there by joint Byzantine‑Cuman forces. The Oghuz, involved in central Asian political turbulence and themselves under great internal pressures (in part reflected in the Seljuk movement), were also caught up in the migration of yet another mass of Turkic tribesmen from the east (the Cuman‑Qun migration, 1017‑1018). While many Oghuz entered Iran under Seljuk leadership, others appeared in the Pontic steppes after 965 (they aided Svyatoslav in his Khazar campaign). More followed by the mid eleventh century, when the full impact Cuman movements was felt. The Torki (Oghuz‑Rus) appear in considerable numbers in 1054‑1055, just ahead of the Cuman advance. They were then defeated by the Rus and again suffered defeat in 1060.

     Like the Pechenegs, they migrated to the Byzantine borders (1064‑1065). Those remaining in the steppe were joined with remnants of the Pechenegs and other nomads to form, ultimately the Chernye Klobuki (Russian: Black Hoods), the Turkic border guards of the Kievan princes.

     The dominant steppe people from the mid eleventh century until the Mongol conquest was the Cuman/Kipchak tribal union, whose immediate antecedents are still much in dispute. The Cuman steppe (Russian: Pole Polovetskoe; Persian: Dasht‑ iQipchaq) extended from the Danube to kazakhtan. Although they periodically raided Byzantine lands, supported the Asenids in the creation of the Second Bulgarian Empire, and helped Georgia to withstand the Seljuks, they most frequently enmeshed themselves in the domestic squabbles of their closest neighbors, the Rus.

     Warfare here, however, complicated by a variety of marital and military alliances, tended to be on a small scale and never assumed the aspect of a life‑and‑death struggle. Rus political fragmentation was almost matched in Cumania. The efforts of Konchak khan and his son Yurii to unite the Cuman subconfedera­tions in the late twelfth and early thirteenth centuries were undone by the Mongol conquest in 1237. The Mongols reorganized the Cumans (now called Tatars), but the latter quickly Turkicized the resultant Golden Horde. Some Cumans fled to Hungary, where they settled in regions that now bear their name. Others were sold on the steppe as military slaves in the Islamic world, where they seized power from the Ayyubids (Egypt-Syria) and formed their own state in 1250, that of the Mamluks." [72]


     "'The religion of the Hebrews,' writes Bury, 'had exercised a profound influence on the creed of Islam, and it [falsely said] been a basis for Christianity; it had won scattered proselytes; but the conversion of the Khazars to be undiluted religion of Jehovah is unique in history.' [73]

     What was the motivation of this unique event? It is not easy to get under the skin of a Khazar prince covered, as it was, by a coat of mail. But if we reason in terms of power ­politics, which obeys essentially the same rules throughout the ages, a fairly plausible analogy offers itself. At the beginning of the eighth century the world was polarized between the two super‑powers representing Christianity and Islam.       

     Their ideological doctrines were welded to power‑politics pursued by the classical methods of propaganda, subversion and military conquest. The Khazar Empire represented a Third Force, which had proved equal to either of them, both as an adversary and an ally. But it could only maintain its independence by accepting neither Christianity nor Islam ‑ for either choice would have automatically subordinated it to the authority of the Roman Emperor or the Caliph of Baghdad.

     There had been no lack of efforts by either court to convert the Khazars to Christianity or Islam, but all they resulted in was the exchange of diplomatic courtesies, dynastic inter‑marriages and shifting military alliances based on mutual self‑interest. Relying on its military strength, the Khazar kingdom, with its hinterland of vassal tribes, was determined to preserve its position as the Third Force, leader of the uncommitted nations of the steppes...At the same time, their intimate con­tacts with Cyzantium and the Caliphate had taught the Khazars that their primitive shamanism was not only barbaric and out­dated compared to the great monotheistic creeds, but also unable to confer on the leaders the spiritual and legal authority which the rulers of the two theocratic world powers, the Caliph and the Emperor, en­joyed.

     Yet the conversion to either creed would have meant submission, the end of independence,and thus would have defeated its purpose. What could have been more logical than to embrace a third creed, which was uncommitted towards either of the two, yet represented the venerable foundation of both? The apparent logic of the decision is of course due to the deceptive clarity of hindsight. In reality, the conversion to Judaism required an act of genius. Yet both the Arab and Hebrew sources on the history of the conversion, however varied in detail, point to a line of reasoning as indicated above.

     To quote Bury once more: 'There can be no question that the ruler was actuated by political motives in adopting Judaism. To embrace Mohammadanism would have made him the spiritual dependent of the Caliphs, who attempted to press their faith on the Khazars, and in Christianity lay the danger of his becoming an ecclesiastical vassal of the Roman Empire. Judaism was a reputable religion with sacred books which both Christian and Mohammadan respected; it elevated him above the heathen barbarians, and secured him against the interference of Caliph or Emperor. But he did not adopt, along with circumcision, the intolerance of the Jewish cult. He allowed the mass of his people to abide in their heathendom and worship their idols.'

     Though the Khazar court's conversion was no doubt politically motivated, it would still be absurd to imagine that they embraced overnight, blindly, a religion whose tenets were unknown to them. In fact, however, they had been well acquainted with Jews and their religious observances for at least a century before bibliography written 987, A.D., informs us that in his time the Khazars used the Hebrew alphabet.

     It served the dual purpose of scholarly discourse in Hebrew (analogous to the use of medieval Latin in the West) and as a written alphabet for the various languages spoken in Khazaria (analogous to the use of the Latin alphabet for the various vernaculars in Western Europe).

     From Khazaria the Hebrew script seemed to have spread into neighboring countries. Thus Chwolson reports that 'inscriptions in a non‑Semitic language (or possibly in two different non‑Semitic languages) using Hebrew characters were found on two gravestones from Phanagoria and Parthenit in the Crimea; they have not been deciphered yet.' [These inscriptions are a category apart from the forgeries of Frikovitch, notorious among historians] (The Crimea was, as we have seen, intermittently under Khazar rule; but it also had an old‑established Jewish community, and the inscriptions may even pre‑date the conversion).

     Some Hebrew letters (shin and tsadei) also found their way into the Cyrillic alphabet, and furthermore, many Polish silver coins have been found, dating from the twelfth or thirteenth century, which bear Polish inscriptions in Hebrew lettering (e.g., Leszek krol Polski ‑ Leszek King of Poland), side by side with coins inscribed in the Latin alphabet. Poliak comments: 'These coins are the final evidence for the spreading of the Hebrew script from Khazaria to the neighboring Slavonic countries. The use of these coins was not related to any question of religion. They were minted because many of the Polish people were more used to this type of script than to the Roman script, not considering it as specifically Jewish.'

     Thus while the conversion was no doubt inspired by opportunistic motives ‑ conceived as a cunning political manoeuvre ‑ it brought in its wake cultural developments which could hardly have been foreseen by those who started it.

     The Hebrew alphabet was the beginning; three centuries later the decline of the Khazar state is marked by repeated outbreaks of a messianic Zionism, with pseudo‑ Messiahs like David El‑Roi (hero of a novel by Disraeli) leading quixotic crusades for the re‑conquest of Jerusalem.

     After the defeat by the Arabs in 737, the Kagan's forced adoption of Islam had been a formality almost instantly revoked, which apparently left no impression on his people. In contrast to this, the voluntary conversion to Judaism was to produce deep and lasting effects...The story also implies, as Bury has pointed out, that Jewish influence at the Khazar court must already have been strong before the formal conversion, for the Bishop and the Muslim scholar have to be 'sent for,' whereas the Jew is already 'with him' (the King)...Joseph then proceeds to provide a genealogy of his people. Though a fierce Jewish nationalist, proud of wielding the 'Scepter of Judah,' HE CANNOT, AND DOES NOT, CLAIM FOR THEM [the Khazars] SEMITIC DESCENT; HE TRACES THEIR [Khazars] ANCESTRY NOT TO SHEM, BUT TO NOAH'S THIRD SON, JAPHETH; OR MORE PRECISELY TO JAPHETH'S GRANDSON, TOGARMA, THE ANCESTOR OF ALL TURKISH TRIBES. 'We have found in the family registers of our fathers,' Joseph asserts boldly, 'that Togarma had ten sons, and the names of their offspring are as follows: Uigur, Dursu, Avars, Huns, Basilii, Tarniakh, Khazars, Zagora, Bulgars, Sabir. WE [Khazars] ARE THE SONS OF KHAZAR, THE SEVENTH...' The identity of some of these tribes, with names spelt in the Hebrew script is rather dubious, but that hardly matters; the characteristic feature in this genealogical exercise is the amalgamation of Genesis with Turkish tribal tradition. It also throws a sidelight on the frequent description of the Khazars as the people of Magog. Magog, according to Genesis X, 2‑3 was the much maligned uncle of Togarma...This indicates that, about a couple of generations after Bulan, a religious revival or reformation took place (possibly accompanied by a coup d'etat on the lines envisaged by Artamonov).

     It seems indeed that the Judization of the Khazars proceeded in several steps. We remember that King Bulan drove out 'the sorcerers and idolaters' before the angel appeared to him; and that he made his Covenant with the 'true God' before deciding whether He was the Jewish, Christian of Muslim God.

     It seems highly probable that the conversion of King Bulan and his followers was another intermediary step, that they embraced a primitive or rudimentary form of Judaism, based on the Bible alone, excluding the Talmud, all rabbinical literature, and the observances derived from it. In this respect they resembled the Karaites, a fundamentalist sect which originated in the eighth century in Persia and spread among the Jews all over the world, particularly in 'Little Khazaria,' i.e., the Crimea. Dunlop and some other authorities surmised that between Bulan and Obadiah (i.e., roughly between 740 and 800) some form of Karaism prevailed in the country, and that orthodox 'Rabbinic' Judaism was only introduced in the course of Obadiah's religious reform.

     The point is of some importance because Karaism apparently survive in Khazaria to the end, and villages of Turkish‑speaking Karaite Jews, obviously of Khazar origin, still existed in modern times. Thus the Judaization of the Khazars was a gradual process which, triggered off by political expediency, slowly penetrated into the deeper strata of their minds and eventually produced the Messianism of their period of decline. Their religious commitment survived the collapse of their state, and persisted in the Khazar‑Jewish settlements of Russia and Poland..." [74]


"It is highly probable that the bulk of the Jew's ancestors 'never' lived in Palestine 'at all,' WHICH WITNESSES THE POWER OF HISTORICAL ASSERTION OVER FACT." [75]    

In addition, under the heading of "A brief History of the Terms for Jew" in the 1980 Jewish Almanac is the following:


The World Book omits any reference to the Jews, but under the word Semite it states:

"Semite...Semites are those who speak Semitic languages. In this sense the ancient Hebrews, Assyrians, Phoenicians, and Cartaginians were Semites. The Arabs and some Ethiopians are modern Semitic‑speaking people. Modern Jews are often called Semites, but this name properly applies ONLY TO THOSE WHO USE THE HEBREW LANGUAGE. The Jews were once a sub‑type of the Mediterranean race, BUT THEY HAVE MIXED WITH OTHER PEOPLES UNTIL THE NAME 'JEW' HAS LOST ALL RACIAL MEANING."

There are hundreds of books {most of which are Jewish Encyclopedias and history books} available for study, which prove that over 90% of the Jews of the world ARE NOT A SEMITIC PEOPLE, but few people other than historians ever bother to read them.

Following are just a few:


     "...Our first question here is, When did the Khazars and the Khazar name appear? There has been considerable discussion as to the relation of the Khazars to the Huns on the one hand and to the West Turks on the other. The prevalent opinion has for some time been that the Khazars emerged from the West Turkish empire. Early references to the Khazars appear about the time when the West Turks cease to be mentioned. Thus they are reported to have joined forces with the Greek Emperor Heraclius against the Persians in A.D. 627 and to have materially assisted him in the siege of Tiflis. it is a question whether the Khazars were at this time under West Turk supremacy. The chronicler Theophanes {died circa A.D. 818} who tells the story introduces them as 'the Turks from the east whom they call Khazars.' On the other hand, the West Turks appear in the Greek writers simply as Turks, without special qualification. The Syriac historians mention the Khazars earlier than A.d. 627. Both Michael Syrus and Bar Hebraeus tell how, apparently in the reign of the Greek Emperor Maurcie (582-602), three brothers from 'inner Scythia' marched west with 30,000 men, and when they reached the frontier of the Greeks, one of them, Bulgarios, crossed the Don and settled within the Empire. The others occupied 'the country of the Alans which is called Barsalia,' they and the former inhabitants adopting the name of Khazars from Kazarig, the eldest of the brothers. if as seems possible the story goes back to John of Ephesus {died circa A.D. 586}, it is contemporary with the alleged event. It states pretty explicitly that the Khazars arrived at the Caucasus from central Asia towards the end of the 6th century.

     In the Greek writer Theophylact Simocatta {circa 620} we have an almost contemporary account of events among the West Turks which can hardly be unrelated to the Syriac story just mentioned. Speaking of a Turkish embassy to Maurice in 598, this author describes how in past years the Turks had overthrown the White Huns (Hephthalites), the Avars, and the Uigurs who lived on 'the Til, which the Turks call the Black River.' (Unidentified. Til is apparently the same as atil, itil, 'river.' Cf. Atil, Itil=the Volga. Zeuss denied that the Volga was meant. Marquart, followed by Chavannes, suggested the Tola, a tributary of the Orkhon, which is probably too far east). These Uigurs, says Theophylact, were descended from two chiefs called Var and Hunni. They are mentioned elsewhere as the 'Varchonites.' Some of the Uigurs escaped from the Turks, and, appearing in the West, were regarded by those whom they met as Avars, by which name they were generally known. The last part of this is confirmed by another Greek author, according to whom Justinian received representatives of the pseudo-Avars, properly Uigurs, in A.D. 558, after which they turned to plundering and laying waste the lands of eastern and central Europe. If the derivation from Uigur is right, the word 'ogre' in folklore may date from this early period.

     Theophylact also tells us that about the time of the Turkish embassy in 598 there was another emigration of fugitives from Asia into Europe, involving the tribes of the Tarniakh, Kotzagers, and Zabender. These were, like the previous arrivals, descendants of Var and Hunni, and they proved their kinship by joining the so-called Avars, really Uigurs, under the Khaqan of the latter. It is difficult not to see in this another version of the story given by Michael Syrus and Bar Hebraeus. The Kotzagers are undoubtedly a Bulgar group, while Zabender should be the same name as Samandar, an important Khazar town, and hence correspond to Kazarig in the Syriac. Originally, it seems, Samandar derived its name from the occupying tribe. We appear to have confirmation that the Khazars had arrived in eastern Europe by the region of Maurice, having previously been in contact with the West Turks and destined to be so again.

     On the other hand, the older view implied that the Khazars were already on the outskirts of Europe before the rise of the Turks {circa A.D. 550}. According to this view, the affinities of the Khazars were with the Huns. When Priscus, the envoy to Attila in 448, spoke of a people subject to the Huns and living in 'Scythia towards the Pontus' called Akatzir, these were simply Aq-Khazars, i.e., White Khazars, Jordanes, writing circa 552, mentions the Akatzirs as a warlike nation, who do not practice agriculture but live by pasturing flocks and hunting.

     In view of the distinction among some Turkish and the remainder as 'black,' when we read in the Arab geographer Istakhri that the Khazars are of two kinds, one called Qara-Khazars (Black Khazars), the other a white kind, unnamed, (Istakhri's account of the Khazars is translated in Chapter V) it is a natural assumption that the latter are the Aq-Khazars (White Khazars). The identification of the Akatzirs with 'Aq-Khazars' was rejected by Zeuss and Marquart as impossible linguistically. Marquart further said that historically the Akatzirs as a subject race correspond rather to the Black Khazars. The alternative identification proposed is Akatzirs=Agacheri. But this may not be very different from the other, if Zeki Validi is right in thinking that the relation between the Agacheri and the Khazars was close. There are one or two facts in favor of the older view which have not been explained away effectively. If the Khazars had nothing to do with the Akatzirs and appeared first as an off-shoot of the West Turks at the end of the 6th century, how do they come to be mentioned in the Syriac compilation of circa 569, going under the name of Zacharias Rhetor? The form Kasar/Kasir, which here comes in a list of peoples belonging to the general neighborhood of the Caucasus, refers evidently to the Khazars. This would fit in well with their existence in the same region a century earlier. We have also the testimony of the so-called Geographer of Ravenna (? 7th century) that the Agaziri (Acatziri) of Jordanes are the Khazars.

     The Khazars, however, are nowhere represented simply as Huns. The question arises, If they were subjugated by the latter shortly before A.D. 448, as Pricus tells, how long had they existed previously? Here we must consider the views of Zeki Validi, which are put forward exclusively on the basis of Oriental sources and are quite independent of the considerations which have just been raised. He believes that he has found traces of one and the same Urgeschichte of the Turks, not only in Muslim but also in Chinese sources, the latter going as far back as the Wei dynasty (366-558). (The Later Wei is meant (Zeki Validi's dates)). In the story the Khazars play a leading part and even claim to be autochthonous in their country. Yet on the basis of the same tradition, the original home of the Khazars is represented as the lower Oxus, Zeki Validi cites a story in Gardizi, according to which the eponymous ancestor of the Kirgiz, having killed a Roman officer, fled to the court of the Khazar Khaqan, and later went eastward till he found a permanent settlement on the Yenissei. But as the Kirgiz in early times are believed to have lived in eastern Europe and to have been south of the urals before the beginning of the Christian era, Zeki Validi would assign a corresponding date to this episode and is unwilling to allow that the mention of Khazars this early is an anachronism. These are remarkable claims to make for the antiquity of the Khazars.

     The principal Muslim sources which Zeki Validi relies on are relatively late, Gardizi, circa A.D. 1050, and an anonymous history, the Mujmal al-Tawarikh w-al-Qisas, somewhat later (though these doubtless go back to ibn-al-Muqaffa' in the 8th century, and through him to pre-Islamic Persian sources), nor does his Chinese source mention the Khazars explicitly. But the view that the Khazars existed anterior to the Huns gains some confirmation from another quarter.

     The Armenian History going under the name of Moses of Chorene (5th century) has a story which mentions the Khazars in the twenty years between A.D. 197 and 217. (The chronology of the text is confused, suggesting both these dates and an intermediate one. Ency. Brit. (14th ed.), s.v. Khazars, has the date 198. Carmoly (Khozars, 10, in Itineraries de la Terre Sainte, Brussels 1847) must refer to the same incident when he speaks of the Khazar Juluf, who ruled seventeen nations on the Volga, and, pursuing some rebel tribes, burst in to Armenia between A.D. 178 and 198. The source of Carmoly's information is quite unknown to me. According to this, the peoples of the north, the Khazirs and Basilians, made an agreement to break through the pass of Chor at the east end of the Caucasus 'under the general and king Venasep Surhap.' (In the Whistons' 18th century translation, ii, 62 (65) 'sub duce ac rege eorum Venasepo Surhaco.' Kutschera thought that the two kings of the Khazars were intended Having crossed the river Kur, they were met by the Armenian Valarsh with a great army and driven back northward in confusion. Some time later, on their own side of the Caucasus, the northern nations again suffered a heavy defeat. Valarsh was killed in this second battle. His son succeeded him, and under the new king the Armenians again passed the Caucasus in strength, defeating and completely subjuga-ting the Khazirs and Basilians. One in every hundred was taken as a hostage, and a monument in Greek letters was set up to show that these nations were under the jurisdiction of Rome.

     This seems to be a very factual account, and by Khazirs certainly the Khazars are to be understood. it is, however, generally held that the Armenian History is wrongly ascribed  to Moses of Chorene in the 5th century and should be assigned to the 9th, or at any rate the 8th, century. (For a summary of the views about Moses of Chorene, see an article by A.O. Sarkissian, J.A.O.S., Vol. 60 (1940), 73-81) This would clearly put quite a different complexion on the story of the Khazar raid. Instead of being unexceptionable evidence for the existence of the Khazars at all events in the time of Moses of Chorene, it would fall into line with other Armenian (and also Georgian (A favorable example of the Georgian accounts in Brosset, Inscriptions Georgiennes etc., M.R.A. 1840, 329) accounts which though they refer to the Khazars more or less explicitly in the first centuries of the Christian era, and even much earlier, we do not cite here. Thigh interesting in themselves, these accounts, in view of their imprecision and lack of confirmation, cannot be regarded as reliable.

     The Muslim writers provide us with a considerable amount of material which may be expected to throw light on the date of the emergence of the Khazars. As already indicated, some of this demonstrably derives from Pehlevi sources, composed before the Arab conquest of Persia. What the Arabic and Persian writers have to say about the Khazars deserves careful scrutiny, as liable to contain authentic information from an earlier time. It is not surprising that these accounts, written when the Khazar state north of the Caucasus was flourishing, distinguish them from the Turks encountered by the first generations of Muslims in central Asia. But a passage like the following, where the Khazars are set side by side with the leading types of contemporary humanity, is somewhat remarkable. In a discussion between the celebrated ibn-al-Muqaffa' and his friends the question was raised as to what nation was the most intelligent. It is significant for the low state of their culture at the time, or at least for the view held by the Arabs on the subject (ibn-al-Muqaffa' died 142/759), that the Turks and Khazars were suggested only after the claims of the Persians, Greeks, Chinese, Indians, and Negroes had been canvassed. Evidently in this respect the Turks and the Khazars shared a bad eminence. But they are given quite different characteristics: 'The Turks are lean dogs, the Khazars pasturing cattle.'...Though the judgment is unfavorable, we get the impression of the Khazars as a distinct, even important, racial group. How far this corresponds with the fact is not certain. Suggestions have been made connecting the Khazars with the Circassian type, taken to be pale-complexioned, dark-haired, and blue-eyed, and through the Basilians or Barsilians already mentioned, with the so-called 'Royal Scyths' of Herodotus. All this is evidently very speculative. Apart from the passage where the Black Khazars are mentioned, described as being dusky like the Indians, and their counterparts fair and handsome, (See Istakhri's account of the Khazars in Chapter V, infra) the only available description of the race in Arabic sources is the following, apparently from ibn-Sa'id al-Maghribi: 'As to the Khazars, they are to be left [north] of the inhabited earth towards the 7th clime, having over their heads the constellation of the Plough. Their land is cold and wet. Hence their complexions are white, their eyes blue, their hair flowing and predominantly reddish, their bodies large and their natures cold. Their general aspect is wild.' This reads like a conventional description of a northern nation, and in any case affords no kind of support for Khazar affinity with the 'Circassian' type. If we are to trust the etymology of Khalil ibn-Ahmad the Khazars may have been slant-eyed, like the Mongols, etc. Evidently nothing can be said positively in the matter. Some of the Khazars may have been fair-skinned, with dark hair and blue eyes, but there is no evidence that this type prevailed from antiquity or was widely represented in Khazaria in historical times.      

     A similar discussion on the merits of the different races is reported from the days before Muhammad, in which the speakers are the Arab Nu'man ibn-al-Mudhir of al-Hirah and Khusraw Anushirwan. The Persian gives his opinion that the Greeks, Indians, and Chinese are superior to the Arabs and so also, in spite of their low material standards of life, the Turks and the Khazars, who at least possess an organization under their kings. Here again the Khazars are juxtaposed with the great nations of the east. It is consonant with this that tales were told of how ambassadors from the Chinese, the Turks, and the Khazars were constantly at Khusraw's gate...and even that he kept three thrones of gold in his palace, which were never removed and on which none sat, reserved for the kings of Byzantium, China and the Khazars. In general, the material in the Arabic and Persian writers with regard to the Khazars in early times falls roughly into three groups, centering respectively round the names of (a) one or other of the Hebrew patriarchs, (b) Alexander the Great, and (c) certain of the Sassanid kings, especially, Anushirwan and his immediate successors.

     A typical story of the first group is given by Ya'qubi in his History. After the confusion of tongues at Babel [77], the descendants of Noah came to Peleg [78], son of Eber [79], and asked him to divide [80] the earth among them. He apportioned to the descendants of Japheth [81] - China, Hind, Sind, the country of the Turks and that of the Khazars, as well as Tibet, the country of the (Volga) Bulgars, Daylam, and the country neighboring on Khurasan. In another passage Ya'qubi gives a kind of sequel to this. Peleg [82] having divided the earth in this fashion [83], the descendants of 'Amur ibn-Tubal [84], a son of Japheth, went out to the northeast. One group, the descendants of Togarmah [85], proceeding farther north, were scattered in different countries and became a number of kingdoms, among them the Burjan (Bulgars), Alans, Khazars (Ashkenaz - [86]), and Armenians.

     Similarly, according to Tabari, there were born to Japheth Jim-r (the Biblical Gomer [87], Maw'-' (read Mawgh-gh, Magog [88]), Mawday (Madai [89]), Yawan (Javan) [90]), Thubal (Tubal), Mash-j (read Mash-kh, Meshech [91]) and Tir-sh (Tiras [92]). Of the descendants of the last were the Turks and the Khazars (Ashkenaz). There is possibly an association here with the Turgesh, survivors of the West Turks, who were defeated by the Arabs in 119/737, [93] and disappeared as a ruling group in the same century. Tabari says curiously that of the descendants of Mawgh-gh (Magog) were Yajuj and Majuj, adding that these are to the east of the Turks and Khazars. This information would invalidate Zeki Validi's attempt to identify Gog and Magog in the Arabic writers with the Norwegians. The name Mash-kh (Meshech) is regarded by him as probably a singular to the classical Massagetai (Massag-et). A Bashmakov emphasizes the connection of 'Meshech' with the Khazars, to establish his theory of the Khazars, not as Turks from inner Asia, but what he calls a Jephetic or Alarodian group from south of the Caucasus.

     Evidently there is no stereotyped form of this legendary relationship of the Khazars to Japheth. The Taj-al-Artis says that according to some they are the descendants of Kash-h (Mash-h or Mash-kh, for Meshech), son of Japheth, and according to others both the Khazars and the Saqalibah are sprung from Thubal (Tubal). Further, we read of Balanjar ibn-Japheth in ibn-al-Faqih and abu-al-Fida' as the founder of the town of Balanjar. Usage leads one to suppose that this is equivalent to giving Balanjar a separate racial identity. In historical times Balanjar was a well-known Khazar center, which is even mentioned by Masudi as their capital.       It is hardly necessary to cite more of these Japheth stories. Their JEWISH origin IS priori OBVIOUS, and Poliak has drawn attention to one version of the division of the earth, where the Hebrew words for 'north' and 'south' actually appear in the Arabic text. The Iranian cycle of legend had a similar tradition, according to which the hero Afridun divided the earth among his sons, Tuj (sometimes Tur, the eponym of Turan), Salm, and Iraj. Here the Khazars appear with the Turks and the Chinese in the portion assigned to Tuj, the eldest son. Some of the stories connect the Khazars with Abraham. The tale of a meeting in Khurasan between the sons of Keturah [94] and the Khazars (Ashkenaz [95]) where the Khaqan is Khaqan is mentioned is quoted from the Sa'd and al-Tabari by Poliak. The tradition also appears in the Meshed manuscript of ibn-al-Faqih, apparently as part of the account of Tamim ibn-Babr's journey to the Uigurs, but it goes back to Hishim al-Kalbi. [96] Zeki Validi is inclined to lay some stress on it as a real indication of the presence of the Khazars in this region at an early date. Al-Jahiz similarly refers to the legend of the sons of Abraham and Keturah settling in Khurasan but does not mention the Khazars. Al-Di-mashqi says that according to one tradition the Turks were the children of Abraham by Keturah, whose father belonged to the original Arab stock. Descendants of other sons of Abraham, namely the Soghdians and the Kirgiz, were also said to live beyond the Oxus..."


"CHAZARS: A people of Turkish origin whose life and history are interwoven with the very beginnings of the HISTORY OF THE JEWS OF RUSSIA...driven on by the nomadic tribes of the steppes and by their own desire for plunder and revenge...In the second half of the sixth century the Chazars moved westward...The kingdom of the Chazars was firmly established in most of south Russia long before the foundation of the Russian monarchy by the Varangians...At this time the kingdom of the Chazars stood at the height of its power and was constantly at war...At the end of the eighth century...the chagan (king) of the Chazars and his grandees, TOGETHER WITH A LARGE NUMBER OF HIS HEATHEN PEOPLE, EMBRACED THE JEWISH RELIGION"


"Khazar, an ancient Turkic‑speaking people who ruled a large and powerful state in the steppes North of the Caucasus Mountains from the 7th century to their demise in the mid‑11th century A.D...In the 8th Century it's political and religious well as the  greater part of the Khazar nobility, abandoned paganism and converted to Judaism...(THE KHAZARS ARE THE ANCESTORS OF MOST RUSSIAN AND EASTERN EUROPEAN JEWS)."


"Khazars, confederation of Turkic and Iranian tribes that established a major commercial empire in the second half of the 6th century, covering the southeastern section of modern European Russia...In the middle of the 8th century the ruling classes adopted Judaism as their religion."


"Ashkenazim, the Ashkenazim are one of the two major divisions of the Jews, the other being the Shephardim."


"Ashkenazim, the Ashkenazim are the Jews whose ancestors lived in German was among Ashkenazi Jews that the idea of political Zionism emerged, leading ultimately to the establishment of the state of Israel...In the late 1960s, Ashkenazi Jews numbered some 11 million, about 84 percent of the world Jewish population."


"Khazars, a NON‑SEMITIC, Asiatic, Mongolian tribal nation who emigrated into Eastern Europe about the first century, WHO WERE CONVERTED AS AN ENTIRE NATION TO JUDAISM in the seventh century by the expanding Russian nation which absorbed the entire Khazar population, and who account for the presence in Eastern Europe of the great numbers of Yiddish‑speaking Jews in Russia, Poland, Lithuania, Galatia, Besserabia and Rumania."


"Khazars, a national group of general Turkic type, independent and sovereign in Eastern Europe between the seventh and tenth centuries C.E. DURING PART OF THIS TIME THE LEADING KHAZARS PROFESSED JUDAISM...In spite of the negligible information of an archaeological nature, the presence of Jewish groups and the impact of Jewish ideas in Eastern Europe are considerable during the Middle Ages. Groups have been mentioned as migrating to Central Europe from the East often have been referred to as Khazars, thus making it impossible to overlook the possibility that they originated from within the former Khazar Empire."


"Khazars, a medieval people, probably related to the Volga Bulgars, WHOSE RULING CLASS ADOPTED JUDAISM DURING THE 8th cent. The Khazars seem to have emerged during the 6th cent., from the vast nomadic Hun (Turki) empire which stretched from the steppes of Eastern Europe and the Volga basin to the Chinese frontier. Although it is often claimed that allusions to the Khazars are found as early as 200 C.E., actually they are not mentioned until 627...MOST JEWISH HISTORIANS DATE THE CONVERSION OF THE KHAZAR KING TO JUDAISM DURING THE FIRST HALF OF THIS CENTURY {A.D.}..."

The primary meaning of Ashkenaz and Ashkenazim in Hebrew is Germany and Germans. This may be due to the fact that the home of the ancient ancestors of the Germans is Media, which is the Biblical Ashkenaz...Krauss is of the opinion that in the early medieval ages the Khazars were sometimes referred to as Ashkenazim...About 92 percent of all Jews or approximately 14,500,000 are Ashkenazim. The Bible relates that the Khazar (Ashkenaz) Jews were/are the sons of Japheth not Shem:

"Now these are the generations of the sons of Noah, Shem, Ham, and Japheth: and unto them were sons born after the flood. The sons of Japheth;...the sons of Gomer; Ashkenaz..." [97]

Therefore, the Bible proves that the Ashkenaz Jews [Khazars] are not the descendants of Shem and cannot be Semite.

THE AMERICAN PEOPLE'S ENCYCLOPEDIA for 1954 at 15‑292 records the following in reference to the Khazars:

"IN THE YEAR 740 A.D. THE KHAZARS WERE OFFICIALLY CONVERTED TO JUDAISM. A century later they were crushed by the incoming Slavic‑speaking people and were scattered over central Europe WHERE THEY WERE KNOWN AS JEWS. It is from this grouping that most German, Polish and Hungarian Jews are descended, and they likewise make up a considerable part of that population now found in America. The term Aschenazim is applied to this round‑headed, dark‑complexioned division."    

ACADEMIC AMERICAN ENCYCLOPEDIA, Deluxe Library Edition, Volume 12, page 66 states:

"The Khazars, a turkic people, created a commercial and political empire that dominated substantial parts of South Russia during much of the 7th through 10th centures. DURING THE 8th CENTURY THE KHAZAR ARISTOCRACY AND THE KAGAN (KING) WERE CONVERTED TO JUDAISM."

THE NEW ENCYCLOPEDIA BRITANNICA, Volume 6, page 836 relates:


COLLIER'S ENCYCLOPEDIA, Volume 14, page 65 states:

"Khazars [kaza'rz], a seminomadic tribe of Turkish or Tatar origin who first appeared north of the Caucasus in the early part of the third century...IN THE EIGHTH CENTURY KHAGHAN BULAN DECIDED IN FAVOR OF THE JEWS AND ACCEPTED JUDAISM FOR HIMSELF AND FOR HIS PEOPLE..."

NEW CATHOLIC ENCYCLOPEDIA, Volume VIII, page 173 relates:

"The Khazars were an ethnic group, belonging to the Turkish peoples, who, toward the end of the 2d century of the Christian Era, had settl4ed in the region between the Caucasus and the lower Volga and Don Rivers...At the beginning of the 8th century, dynastic ties bound the Khazars more closely to Constantinople, which led to a limited spread of Christianity among them. They also became acquainted with Judaism from the numerous Jews who lived in the Crimea and along the Bosphorus. Whe the Byzantine Emperor, Leo the Isaurian, persecuted the Jews in A.D. 723, many Jews found refuge in the Khazar kingdom, and THEIR INFLUENCE WAS SO GREAT THAT, AROUND THE MIDDLE OF THE 8th CENTURY, THE KING OF THE KHAZARS AND MANY OF THE KHAZAR NOBILITY ACCEPTED THE JEWISH FAITH."


"Khazars (khah'-zahrz), a S Russian people of Turkic origin, who at the height of their power (during the 8th-10th cent., A.D.) controlled an empire which included Crimea, and extended along the lower Volga, as far E as the Caspian Sea. THE KHAZAR ROYAL FAMILY AND ARISTOCRACY CONVERTED TO JUDAIMS DURING THE REIGN OF KING BULAN (768-809 A.D.) AND JUDAISM WAS THEREAFTER REGARDED AS THE STATE RELIGION..."

From the above, we can clearly see that the Jews fully understand their Khazarian heritage as the third edition of THE JEWISH ENCYCLOPEDIA for 1925 records:

     "CHAZARS [Khazars]: A people of Turkish origin whose life and history are interwoven with the very beginnings of the history of the Jews of Russia. The kingdom of the Chazars was firmly established in most of South Russia long before the foundation of the Russian monarchy by the Varangians (855).

     Jews have lived on the shores of the Black and Caspian seas since the first centuries of the common era [after the death of Christ]. Historical evidence points to the region of the Ural as the home of the Chazars. Among the classical writers of the Middle Ages they were known as the 'Chozars,' 'Khazirs,' 'Akatzirs,' and 'Akatirs,' and in the Russian chronicles as 'Khwalisses' and 'Ugry Byelyye.'..."

Jewish author Alfred M. Lilienthal (THE ZIONIST CONNECTION II, pages 759‑768) relates the following concerning Jewish history:

     "...'The existence of [The State of] ISRAEL IS NOT FOUNDED ON LOGIC. IT HAS NO ORDINARY LEGITIMACY. There is neither in its establishment nor present scope any evident justice ‑ though there may be an utter need and wondrous fulfillment.'...Arthur Koestler answers this question with an emphatic 'NO!' In his 1976 best seller The Thirteenth Tribe, the Author of Darkness at Noon, Promise and Fulfillment, and The Roots of Coincidence dropped another bombshell by PROVING THAT TODAY'S JEWS WERE, FOR THE MOST PART, DESCENDANTS OF KHAZARS, WHO CONVERTED TO JUDAISM SEVEN CENTURIES AFTER THE DESTRUCTION OF JERUSALEM IN 70 A.D...Therefore, the great majority of EASTERN EUROPEAN JEWS ARE NOT SEMITIC JEWS AT ALL, and as most Western European Jews came from East Europe, MOST OF THEM ALSO ARE NOT SEMITIC JEWS. Thus, maintains Koestler, the veins of 45 percent of Israelis (save only the Arab and the Sephardic Jews), plus a big majority of JEWS AROUND THE WORLD, ARE UTTERLY VACANT OF CORPUSCULAR LINKS TO THE TRIBE OF MOSES AND SOLOMON...

     The Koestler thesis, however startling, IS IN NO WISE A NEW ONE. THE GENETIC KHAZAR DERIVATION OF MOST JEWS, ONLY THE SEPHARDIC MAY BE ACCOUNTED HEBREWS BY BLOOD, HAS BEEN LONG IF NOT WIDELY KNOWN...The home to which Weismann, Silver, Ben‑Gurion and so many other Ashkenazim Zionists have long yearned to return HAS most likely NEVER BEEN THEIRS...[it is an] anthropological fact, MANY CHRISTIANS MAY HAVE MUCH MORE HEBREW‑ ISRAELITE BLOOD IN THEIR VEINS THAN MOST OF THEIR JEWISH NEIGHBORS!

     Ironically enough, too, Volume IV of the Jewish Encyclopedia (as of the time of research, 1952), because this publication spelled Khazars with a 'C' instead of a 'K,' is titled 'Chazars to Dreyfus.'. And it was the famed trial of Captain Alfred Dreyfus, as interpreted by Theodore Herzl, that made the modern Jewish Khazars of Russia... forget their descent from converts to establish the State of Israel ...AND WITH OUT THE HUE AND CRY, 'ANTI‑SEMITISM,' PRAY WHAT HAPPENS TO THE ZIONIST MOVEMENT? Khazar conversion was not unique...


Perhaps, now, it can be understood why The World Book Encyclopedia by the following, states:

"The Jews were once a sub‑type of the Mediterranean race, but they have mixed with other peoples until THE NAME JEW HAS LOST ALL RACIAL MEANING."

     JUDEO-CHRISTIAN HERITAGE IS A HOAX: It appears there is no need to belabor the absurdity and fallacy of the "Judeo-Christian heritage" fiction, which certainly is clear to all honest theologians. That "Judeo-Christian dialogue" in this context is also absurd was well stated in the author-initiative religious journal, Judaism, Winter 1966, by Rabbi Eliezar Berkowitz, chairman of the department of Jewish philosophy, at the Hebrew Theological College when he wrote:

"As to dialogue in the purely theological sense, nothing could be more fruitless or pointless. Judaism is Judaism BECAUSE IT REJECTS CHRISTIANITY; and Christianity is Christianity BECAUSE IT REJECTS JUDAISM. What is usually referred to as the JEWISH-CHRISTIAN TRADITIONS EXISTS ONLY IN CHRISTIAN OR SECULARIST FANTASY."

There is no doubt this is true! And the fantasy exists in Christian and Secularist minds only because it was implanted there by the persistent propaganda of the masters of intrigue of the ADL-AJC Network. Nevertheless, there can be no doubt that knowledgeable theologians, Jewish and Christians who constantly allude to "our Judeo-Christian heritage" are for their own specious purposes perpetuate a grotesque and fantastic hoax.

With a close study of this presentation from the Jewish Encyclopedia, about the Khazars (Chazars), one can see that THERE WAS AN INFUSION OF THE EDOMITE (Esau's) BLOOD LINE IN TO THE KHAZAR (Chazar) BLOOD LINE.

"You cannot be English Jews. We are a race, and only as a race can we perpetuate. OUR [Jewish] MENTALITY IS OF EDOMITISH CHARACTER, and differs from that of an Englishman. ENOUGH SUBTERFUGES! LET US ASSERT OPENLY THAT WE ARE INTERNATIONAL JEWS." [98]

Which would make them, descendants of Jappeth and also a mixed breed of Canaanite and Israelite mixture. And would explain their fanatical hatred of Christ, True Israelites and Christians! This mode of treachery of the Jews [Edom] again surfaced again during World War II.

When Germany had been defeated at the end of the war, and the Allied forces had suppressed its military and rendered it defenseless, it was the Edomite Jews of the Red Soviet Union that had poured into the nation to rape, plunder, destroy and kill Germans [Judah].

This act was a typical Edomite [Jewish] style of revenge upon Yahweh's people. the Jews cowardly attacks and plunders Jacob/Israel only when they are in a weakened and helpless state.

In February, 1945, when the war was practically over, the city of Dresden was repeatedly bombed and destroyed to satisfy the hate and revenge of the Jews. Dresden was the culture center of Germany and not a military or industrial target. Over 250,000 men, women and children were slaughtered by Jewish controlled Churchill (a half Jew from England) and Roosevelt (himself an Edomite Jew, the President of the United States).

Then another Edomite Jew by the name of Dwight D. Eisenhower ordered the starvation death of over 1-million German soldiers, in American POW camps.

The events surrounding World War II have registered the largest toll of deaths of White Christian people by the acts and plans of the Edomite Jews in all of history.

The only thing which even remotely resembles this carnage of White Christians was the slaughter of Christians in Russia after the takeover of the Bolshevik Jews in 1917.

This, one of the greatest acts of revenge, treachery and hatred perpetrated by the Jews, was their destruction and takeover of the white-ruled and Christian nation of Russia. Here we have a premeditated and cold-blooded plan to destroy the White Government and people of this nation.

Russia as a nation had been populated and ruled by the "White Russians" since about 900 A.D. after they had completed their conquest of the Khazar Jews, a mixture of the descendants of Japath [99] and Esau.

These hardy settlers, being of German and Scandinavian descent, set about to establish a dynasty rich in art and culture. An economic climate developed in which Russia prospered and became the "breadbasket of Europe."      

With the Red Bolshevik Revolution Jewish revolutionaries had destroyed this stable civilization in just a few days. The Jews were free to release their ingrained hatred through mass murders of helpless White Russian victims.

Christians were dragged from their homes, tortured and killed. Some were chained to the floor and hot lead poured into their mouths. Many were tied to horses and dragged through the streets of the city. Pregnant Christian women were chained to trees and their babies cut out of their bodies.

Russia became like a slaughter house with corpses lying everywhere. The bloody massacres continued on and off through the decades of Red rule of the "Soviet Union." The Russian author, Alexander Solzhenitsyn, relates that some sixty-six million "real Russians" have been murdered since the Bolshevik Revolution at hands of the Yiddish revolutionaries.

Before the Revolution, Russia was about 75% White, today the bulk of the population is Asiatic.

The Jews took another opportunity to massacre helpless Christians during the Spanish Civil War in the 1930s. The Jew Rosenberg (Moses Israelsohn) headed murder teams called the "World Revolutionary Movement Purification Squads."

Their "purification" consisted mainly of massacres of priest, nuns, choirboys, women and children. Madrid officials estimated that one tenth of the population of Spain was murdered by Communist Jews by 1939.

The persecution and destruction of White Christian people by Jews is not a recent thing but reaches far back into history. Writing in the April, 1921 issue of the Hebrew Christian Alliance Quarterly, Rev. M. Malbert stated:

"I am going to show that real religious persecution is uniquely Jewish ...In the time of Justinian, in the sixth century, THE JEWS MASSACRED CHRISTIANS IN CAESAREA and destroyed their churches. When Stephanus, the governor, attempted to defend the Christians, the Jews fell on him and slew him. In 608, THE JEWS OF ANTIOCH FELL UPON THEIR CHRISTIAN NEIGHBORS AND KILLED THEM WITH FIRE AND SWORD...About 614, the Persians advanced upon Palestine and the Jews, after joining their standard, MASSACRED THE CHRISTIANS and destroyed their churches. Ninety thousand Christians perished in Jerusalem alone."

One other thing needs to be brought to your attention here. We must mention some other acts of revenge that have been perpetrated by the Jews to bring about the revengeful death and destruction of the White Christian Israel people. One such act is the practice of abortion, which conforms quite well with the Jewish ritual of child sacrifice to idols such as Molech. The Talmud recognizes such an atrocity as normal;

"giving one's seed to Molech is not idolatry" [100]

Molech was a god of the Canaanites and Babylonians, and Babylon is the bedrock of the

Jewish Talmud and Jewish tradition - which is presently called Judaism. This deity was the center of child sacrifice. The Talmud teaches that;


Therefore it is not surprising to find that the vast majority of abortion clinics are run by Jews or have Jewish doctors and nurses in them. Nor is it surprising that the Jews are the promoters of abortion, as a majority of Jews favor the so-called "right" of women to have abortions. Worldwide it is estimated that over 35 million White Israelite Christians have been sacrificed by the Jewish-instituted and promoted plan of abortion. The Jews have long been pressuring legislatures and courts to "legalize abortions."

In America this was achieved by judicial usurpation over the rights of the states eleven the Jewish Justice Blackmun speaking for the U.S. Supreme Court in 1973, claimed to make abortions "legal." (This was the famous Roe [a lesbian - Queer] v. Wade, 410 U.S. 113. THIS CASE WAS NOT BASED ON AMERICAN LAW BUT RATHER THE 14th AMENDMENT.

AMERICAN LAW PROHIBITS SUCH ACTS, as the dissenting opinion shows, at least 36 different states or territories had passed laws limiting abortion prior to the 14th Amendment in 1868 (pp. 175-76)) THE OPINION OF BLACKMUN WAS BASED, IN PART, ON THE MEDICAL ETHICS AND STANDARDS OF ANOTHER JEW, DR. EDELSTEIN.

Abortion has become an overt means of child sacrifice which the Jews have instituted under their de facto law. A more covert means of child sacrifice has been by their infamous "ritual murders, which Jews have been accused through the ages." In this practice "the blood of the sacrificed [Christian] gentile (child) is mixed with flour to make the unleavened bread eaten at [the Jews] Passover."[102]



On May 1, 1989, the Oprah Winfrey show had as its guest a person who, as a young girl, was forced to participate in a ritual in which a Christian infant was sacrificed. The amazing thing about this guest is that she was not affiliated with some unknown radical blood letting cult, but that SHE WAS A JEW. The news paper article is quoted below in its entirety.



                                                          Chicago Tribune, 5/7/89

                                                    New York Times News Service

     "Hundreds of television viewers and the leaders of several Jewish and civil liberties organizations have protested allegations on a popular talk show last week that some Jews practice ritual killing of children. The allegations were made by a guest using the pseudonym Rachel on 'The Oprah Winfrey Show,' a widely viewed syndicated talk show.

     During the program, broadcast Monday, Winfrey introduced the guest as someone who was undergoing long‑term psychiatric treatment for a multiple personality disorder. The woman told Winfrey that she had witnessed the ritual sacrifice of children and had been a victim of ritualistic abuse. The guest also said of such practices: 'there's other Jewish families across the country. It's not just my family.' The assertions were made during a program that focused on the cult murders of at least 13 people whose bodies were found last month near Matamoros, Mexico.

     The woman's comments provoked hundreds of angry phone calls and letters to Jewish and civil liberties groups, spokesmen for the groups said in interviews late last week. Jeffrey Jacobs, the chief operating officer of Winfrey's production company, Harpo Productions Inc., denied Winfrey had acted irresponsibly in broadcasting the interview since she had emphasized on the show that the guest spoke only for herself. He added that Winfrey and her producers would meet with representatives of the Jewish and civil liberties groups next week in Chicago, where the show is taped. Winfrey was traveling Friday, Jacobs said, and was unavailable for comment. Early in the interview Winfrey said, 'This is the first time I have heard of any Jewish people sacrificing babies, but anyway ‑‑ so you witnessed the sacrifice?'

     The woman responded: 'Right. When I was very young, I was forced to PARTICIPATE IN THAT, and which I HAD TO SACRIFICE AN INFANT.' The guest was repeatedly identified by Winfrey as being Jewish. At one point, the woman asserted that RITUAL SACRIFICES OCCURRED IN OTHER JEWISH FAMILIES AROUND THE COUNTRY AND THAT THEY WERE KNOWN TO THE POLICE."


At one time or another the Jews have been expelled from every country in Europe. And in almost every case it was over the charge of Ritual Murder. The most objective book on this subject available is "Jewish Ritual Murder" by Arnold Leese. 

The accusation was that during the Jewish feasts of Purim and/or Passover extremist Hassidic Orthodox Jewish sects would sacrifice a Christian youth for his blood. It was then dried and the powder mixed into triangular cakes or bread for eating in order for the Jews to gain atonement in the eyes of God. It is possible that Purim blood might sometimes have been held over for the Passover.


The ancient Khazar Jews along with other of that Near East era followed a common custom of human sacrifice. The practice was to burn a young person upon an altar called a Tophet. The Old Testament of the Bible mentions this practice and condemns it. Around the Tophet altar, drums would be beaten loudly to drown out the cries of the children being burned alive.

In the days of Ancient Israel the Priests of Baal would blow trumpets to drown out their screams. The Carthaginians also were worshippers of Baal and sacrificed children on a massive scale. When faced with defeat in Syracuse in 310 B.C., they cast the sons of 500 nobles into a fiery pit, or Tophet, from a scaffold shaped in the likeness of the god Baal.

One expose of the subject of Ritual Murder was written in great detail by Arnold S. Leese, entitled "My Irrelevant Defence on Jewish Ritual Murder," London, 1938. Addressing the issue of sacrifices, Mr. Leese states:

     "Let a Jew speak for us here:... 'Bernard Lazare, a Jew who was stated [104] to be 'without any religious convictions.' wrote what he himself described as 'an impartial study of the history and sociology of the Jews.' calling his book L'Antisemitisme; in the 1904 edition of this, Vol. II, p. 215, he writes, after mentioning the accusations against the Jews of Ritual Murder: 'To this general belief are added the suspicions, often justified, against the Jews addicted to magical practices.

     Actually, in the Middle Ages, the Jew was considered by the people as the magician par excellence; one finds many formulae of exorcism in the Talmud, and the Talmudic and Cabbalistic demonology is very complicated. Now one knows the position that blood always occupies in the operations of sorcery.

     In Chaldean magic it had a very great importance...Now, it is very probable, EVEN CERTAIN THAT JEWISH MAGICIANS SACRIFICED CHILDREN; hence the origin of the legend of ritual sacrifice.'"

A book entitled "The Jew, the Gypsy, and El Islam," indicates the Talmudic god of the Jews [Not the God of Christians] is a blood loving god:

"The Talmud declares that there are two kinds of blood pleasing to the lord, viz: (1) that of Paschal holocaust [Easter sacrifice ‑‑ the Feast of Purim]; (2) that of circumcision."

In other words, the Jews have a god which finds blood pleasing. In the words of Mr. Leese,

"What sort of a people is this whose god finds the blood obtained from mutilation of human genital organs as 'pleasing?'"

Even though God commanded circumcision, there is no way a reading of Scripture shows that God intended that the procedure turn into a bloody ritual. Besides that, it seems apparent that when Christ nailed the blood ordinances to the cross, he also nailed the circumcision to the cross.

"Behold, I Paul say unto you, that if ye be circumcised, Christ shall profit you nothing." [105]

Make no mistake about it, THE GOD OF THE JEWS IS NOT THE GOD OF ABRAHAM, ISAAC AND JACOB‑ISRAEL. And if it were the same God ‑‑ the manner in which the Jews worship is administered is an abomination in the eyes of the Lord our God. According to Leese there are two specific periods of time for Ritual Murders by the Jews.

     "The two principal feast days associated with Ritual Murder have been (1) Purim, and (2) Passover, the latter at Easter and the former about one month before it. When a Ritual Murder occurred at Purim, it was usually that of an adult Christian who was murdered for his blood...the blood was dried and the powder mixed into triangular cakes for eating; it is possible that the dried blood of a Purim murder might sometimes be used for the following Passover.

     When a Ritual Murder was done at Passover, it was usually that of a [Christian] child under seven years old, as perfect a specimen as possible, who was not only bled white, but crucified, sometimes circumcised and crowned with thorns, tortured, beaten, stabbed, and sometimes finished off by wounding the side IN IMITATION OF THE MURDER OF CHRIST. THE BLOOD TAKEN FROM THE {Christian} CHILD WAS MIXED EITHER IN THE POWDERED STATE OR OTHERWISE INTO THE PASSOVER BREAD [Then eaten]." [106]            


At this point it should be remembered that Esau married into this Satanic Seed Line when he took to wife Judith the Hittite and Bashemath the Hittite [107]. The fusion of Esau and his seed through these Canaanite women becomes important in understanding the subsequent development of this Satanic Seed Line throughout history.

In Genesis 36:1‑43 we have an entire chapter devoted to the Seed Line of Esau becoming fused with the Satanic seed of the Canaanite serpent seed line.

You should take particular note of Amalek Esau's grandson. The Amalekites in time became one of the very worst of the Canaanite seed line. Descendants of Esau were called Edomites.

From Esau's marriage into the Canaanite seed line we pick up two new names which are important to subsequent historical developments. These two names are the Edomites and the Amalekites. Exodus 17:8‑16 relates that Israel is to have perpetual warfare against this Amalek branch of the serpent's seed.

Isaiah 34:5 describes a portion of the Esau/Edomite line and calls them Idumea, the people of my curse. The Edom/Esau portion of the serpent seed line is further discussed in Isaiah 63:16, Jeremiah 49:7‑22, Ezekiel 35:1‑15 and Obadiah 1‑21.

This Edomite branch of the serpent seed in time did become and continues to this day to be, the most Satanic vile portion of this evil seed. Herod was an Edomite and he ordered the male children of the seed of promise, of the Woman's Seed destroyed, in an effort to destroy Christ.

The Herodians were Idumeans and the Idumeans were Edomites. The Jewish Encyclopedia, 1925, Vol. 5, page 41, states:

"Edom is in modern Jewry."

This is also corroborated by the Biblica Encyclopedia Vol. 2, Col. 1187. This Edomite branch, this Red, Edomite, Idumean seed line is today the guiding mind of the Serpent seed.

Another Canaanite intrusion into the Seed of the Woman took place when Judah took Canaanite wife [Shuah] from this union three sons were born, Er, Onan, and Shelah. Shelah was the only one who lived to bear progeny but the Shelanite faction of the serpent seed line also caused problems for the Seed of the Woman.

In fact it was descendants through Esau/Edom and Judah‑Shelah that stood before Christ in John 8 declared themselves to be the children of Abraham. They claimed descent from Abraham through this type of race‑mixing. Christ however exposed them for what they really were, not the children of Abraham, John 8:39‑44 but the children of Satan.

Please keep in mind that the proper dividing of God's Word as to the Seed of the Woman and the seed of the serpent of Genesis 3:15 is what Paul had in mind when he spoke of the True seed of Abraham, the children of the promise in Romans 9. When we fail to properly divide the good seed from the evil seed we make the Word of God of None Effect. [108]

It is important to remember that at the time of Joshua and the children of Israel were trying to take the promised land that the Seven Nations of the Canaanite Seed Line of the Serpent [109] were also joined by the Edomite, Amalek, Shelanite, seed line. Thus the serpent seed is rapidly becoming a fusion of the most baneful of the genetic seed line of this earth, and continues to be so Today.


One other aspect we must take into consideration. That being, a small portion of 5 to 10 percent of the Jews today are descendants of the marriage between Judah and a Canaanite woman. Many when told that we, the Anglo‑Saxon, Germanic, Scandinavian and Celtic peoples, are Israel, exclaim: "Impossible, I'm no Jew." Of course you're not a Jew, nor am I. A portion of the Jews are of a mixture of Israel and Canaanite women because of the marriage of Judah and Esau. Part of the Jews are of Israel, but Israelites are not Jews. A small portion of the Jews are a remnant of Judah, who was only one of Jacob/Israel's twelve sons.

Why theologians should call Abraham, Isaac and Jacob "Jews," is difficult to understand, for THERE WERE NO JEWS IN EXISTENCE DURING THEIR LIFETIME! The first reference to any Jews in the Scriptures is found in 2 Kings 16:6. The name was applied to a remnant of Judah's descendants of the Shelah branch. Shelah/Judah were born in Chezib [110] and his descendants centuries later inherited this territory [111]. REMEMBER A STRICT GENEALOGY WAS KEPT OF EACH TRIBE AND BRANCH [112]. Chezib [113], Achzib [114] and Chozeba [115] refer to one and the same place.

It was a town in the lowlands of western Judah and was given to the Shelah branch of Judah for their inheritance [116]. "This then was the lot of the tribe of the CHILDREN of JUDAH BY THEIR FAMILIES..." The word Chezib means "falsified‑deceive" [117] Chozeba means "fallacious‑deceive" [118]

The word Achzib means "deceitful‑falsehood" [119]. The place received its name from a winter spring or brook, which failed in the summer heat ‑‑ Symbolic of the failing of the Shelah branch of Judah under trial.

It is the place where Judah was at the time of the birth of his half‑breed son, Shelah [120]. In 1 Chronicles 4:21‑22 it is called "Chozeba." It is in the valley of Elah and north of Addulum.

Note 2 Kings 16:6: the first reference to this branch of Judah and the first mention of "Jews"; "...the Jews of Elah." This part of the Jews are "the remnant" or "Yehudim" of Judah. This branch of Judah rejected Christ. They are the open witness;

"The shew of their countenance doth witness against them ‑‑ their tongue and their doings are against the Lord ‑‑ they declare their sin as Sodom, they hide it not." [121]


In the days of Christ, Herod, an Edomite/Shelah/Judah Jew, was on the throne in Palestine. HE WAS NOT AN ISRAELITE. The Pharisees and Sadducees were in absolute control of the temple and the Sanhedrin. They were NOT the lawful descendants of the Tribe of Levi. They did not follow the law of Moses, although they claimed to do so. Instead they set up their own Babylonian traditions, Traditions of the Elders, later to become known as the Jewish Talmud.

Following is how the Pharisees came to be in "Moses' Seat" when Christ was born. They had many enemies at the beginning and the Sadducees were the first of these enemies. They were the constant opponents of the Pharisees and their imported Babylonian paganism, misrepresented by the Pharisees as the Tradition of the Pharisees as the Tradition of the Elders, the "Oral Law" ostensibly transmitted privately to Moses and on down, superseding anything written in the Bible.

In the six years of civil war between the Pharisees and Alexander Jannaeus, King and High Priest of Jerusalem, 50,000 were killed on both sides before this Sadducean ruler succumbed, and his widow Salome turned affairs over to the Pharisees in 79 B.C. Her brother, Simon ben Shetah, had been waiting for such an opportunity. The continued civil war resulted in the sons of Alexander Jannaeus, Hyrcanus and Aristobulus, in 63 B.C., going hat in hand to Pompey, Caesar's Roman General in Syria, asking him to invade Palestine and slaughter their respective opponents.

This is how Rome happened to be in power when Christ was born. The full story can be found in the Jewish Encyclopedia under "Pharisees." The Ark of the Covenant and the Shekinah glory had long since disappeared from the Holiest of Holies. There was no supernatural cloud to guide them by day nor a pillar of fire to guide them by night. God's presence had left the temple and Jerusalem in Ezekiel's day.

"Moreover the spirit lifted me up, and brought me unto the east gate of the Lord's house [The Temple in Jerusalem], which looketh eastward: and behold at the door of the gate five and twenty men...Then said he [God] unto me, Son of man, these are the men that devise mischief, and give wicked counsel in this city...Son of man, thy brethren, even thy brethren, the men of thy kindred, and all the house of Israel wholly, are they unto whom the inhabitants of Jerusalem have said, Get you far from the Lord: uunto us is this land given in posses­sion...Then did the cherubims lift up their wings, and the wheels beside them; and THE GLORY OF THE GOD OF ISRAEL WAS OVER THEM ABOVE. AND THE GLORY OF THE LORD WENT UP FROM THE MIDST OF THE CITY, AND STOOD UPON THE MOUNTAIN WHICH IS ON THE EAST SIDE OF THE CITY. Afterwards the spirit took me up, and brought me in a vision by the Spirit of God into Chaldee, to them of the captivity. SO THE VISION THAT I HAD SEEN WENT UP FROM ME. Then I spake unto them of the captivity [The ten tribes which had been taken captive by Assyria ‑‑ By this WE KNOW, GOD WAS NOT TALKING OF THE CHILDREN OF ISRAEL WHEN HE SAID 'THESE ARE THE MEN THAT DEVISE MISCHIEF, AND GIVE WICKED COUNSEL IN THIS CITY!' ‑‑ WE KNOW GOD WAS SPEAKING OF THE JEW!!!] all the things that the Lord had shewed me." [122]

There were seven in succession in that Herodian dynasty. This false and spurious Herodian Kingdom also controlled the Temple and the High Priesthood which had been turned into a political office. As a result, there was a constant political battle for the high priesthood. When Christ came into the world, he did not recognize that false kingdom and would have nothing to do with that spurious priesthood and so‑called "Jews' religion." He did not join the Pharisees, the Scribes, the Sadducees, nor any so‑called Jewish sect or political party. He lived and taught entirely outside the establishment. Herod the Great was determined to kill Christ during the first two years of his life, and all of the kings who succeeded Herod wanted to kill Him also.

With few exceptions, the high priests, the Sanhedrin and council also want to kill Him. One exception was Zacharias the priest who was the father of John the Baptist. He was a true priest and a descendant of Aaron and was murdered also by the Jews. [123]

It would appear there were only a few thousand people in Jerusalem and all of Palestine in the days of Christ who were of the Tribe of Judah along with remnants of the other twelve tribes, but they were outside of the false kingdom and did not belong to the so‑called "Jews' religion." God never gave the true kingdom to the Jews.

He kept His true kingly line in exile, or hidden from them as it were. If the true kingdom, had been, in Palestine at the time of Christ, Joseph the husband of Mary, Jesus' step‑father would have been the king on the throne. It is a pity that most protestant ministers, preachers, evangelists and catholic priests are under,

"...strong delusion, that they should believe a lie." [124]

They believe, falsely, that the so‑called Jews are Hebrews, or Israelites and of the Bible Tribe of Judah, which is a lie and a terrible deception.

Again, because of the false teachings of the past decades about the Jews: We must repeat and repeat that 90 ‑ 95 percent of the people known to the world today as Jews" are descendants of the Khazars of Russia. They are "FALSE JEWS." They are like the false Jews that crucified the Lord Jesus Christ. Following is a brief outline of what the Bible and Christ said to and about


1. "Ye [Jews] are not my sheep." (John 10:26)

2. "Ye [Jews] are of your father the devil." (John 8:44)

3. "Ye [Jews are] serpents, ye [Jews are a] generation of vipers..." (Matthew 23:33)

4. "...the Jews: Who both killed the Lord Jesus..." (1 Thessalonians 2:14‑15)

5. "...they please not God." (1 Thessalonians 2:15)

6. "...are contrary to all men." (1 Thessalonians 2:15)

7. "Are the Synagogue of Satan." (Revelation 2:9; 3:9)

8. "Hypocrites." (Matthew 23:14)

9  "Blind guides." (Matthew 23:16)

10. "Full of extortion and excess." (Matthew 23:16)

11. "White washed sepulchers." (Matthew 23:23)

12. "Full of dead mens' bones." (Matthew 23:27)

13. "Degenerate plant of a strong vine." (Jeremiah 2:21)

14. "Evil figs." (Jeremiah 24:2‑8)

15. "Broken cisterns." (Jeremiah 2:13)

16. "Broken bottle." (Jeremiah 19:10)

17. "Spots in your feast of love." (Jude 12)

18. "Cannot blush." (Jeremiah 6:15; 8:12)

19. "An astonishment and hissing." (Jeremiah 25:9‑18; 51:37)

20. "The show of their countenance doth witness against them." (Isaiah 3:9)

21. "PRAY NOT FOR THIS PEOPLE [The Jews]." (Jeremiah 7:16; 11:14; 14:11)

22. The present day, so‑called and false Jewish State of Israel is a sister of Sodom and      Gomorrah, and called Hittites, Amarites the descendants of Cain." (Ezekiel 16:1‑3;      16:53‑57)

Yet in spite of these and hundreds more Bible revelations America's evangelists, preachers, ministers and priests continue teaching THE BIG LIE; that the Jews are Israel.

While our Government keeps right on giving that false Murderous Jewish‑Zionist State, billions of dollars a year. And of the 530 members of our Congress and Senate, few have the courage to oppose anything the Jews say and vote for anything the Jews want.


Joannes Chrysostomus is generally known as St. Chrysostom: Patriarch of Constantinople one of the most celebrated of the Church Fathers, and the most eminent orator of the early Christian period; born 347 A.D. at Antioch; died Sept. 14, 407, near Comana, in Pontus.

Chrysostom originally devoted himself to the law, but soon felt dissatisfied with this vocation, and at the age of twenty‑three was made a deacon. About fifteen years later (386 A.D.) he advanced to the rank of presbyter, and in 398 A.D. was appointed by the emperor Bishop of Constantinople. Having attacked the empress Eudoxia in his sermons, he was banished in 403 A.D., but was recalled soon after, upon the unanimous demand of his congregation.

He repeated his attacks upon the empress, and was again banished in 404 A.D.; first to Nicaea, then to Cucusus in the desert of the Taurus, and finally to Pityos on the Black Sea; but he died while on the way to the last ‑ named place. The name 'Chrysostomus' ('golden‑mouthed'; = 'gold,' and = 'mouth') is a title of honor conferred on this Church father only. It was first used by Isidore of Seville in 636 A.D., and is significant of the importance of the man, whose sermons, of which one thousand have been preserved, are among the very best products of Christian rhetoric. As a teacher of dogmatics and exegesis Chrysostom is not of so much importance, although much space in his works is devoted to these two branches. Among his sermons, the 'Orationes VIII. Adversus Judaeos' (ed. Migne, i. 843‑944 A.D.) deserve special notice, inasmuch as they mark a turning point in anti‑Jewish polemics.

While up to that time the Church aspired merely to attack the dogmas of Judaism, and did that in a manner intended only for the learned, with Chrysostom there began the endeavor, which eventually brought so much suffering upon the Jews, to prejudice the whole of Christendom against the latter, and to erect hitherto unknown barriers between Jews and Christians. It was the existing friendly intercourse between Jews and Christians which impelled Chrysostom to his furious attacks upon the former.


     "Religious motives were not lacking, for many Christians were in the habit of celebrating the Feast of the Blowing of the Shofar, or New Year, the Day of Atonement, and the Feast of Tabernacles. 'What forgiveness can we expect,' he exclaimed, 'when we run to their synagogues, merely following an impulse or a habit, and call their physicians and conjurers to our houses?'

     In another place Chrysostom says: 'I invoke heaven and earth as witnesses against you if any one of you should go to attend the Feast of the blowing of the Trumpets, or participate in the fasts, or the observance of the Sabbath, or observe an important or unimportant rite of the Jews, and I will be innocent of your blood.' Not only had Chrysostom to combat the pro‑Jewish inclinations of the Antiochians in religious matters, but the Jews were held in so much respect at that time, that Christians preferred to bring their lawsuits before Jewish judges, because the form of the Jewish oath seemed to them more impressive and binding than their own." [125]

In a book entitled "Races in Europe," the author, William Z. Ripley, states under ethology:

"The findings of physical anthropology show that, contrary to popular view, there is no Jewish race...Our conclusion then is final. It is paradoxical yet true, we affirm. THE JEWS ARE NOT A RACE, BUT ONLY A PEOPLE AFTER ALL."

Perhaps it can be understood why The World Book Encyclopedia states:

"The Jews were once a sub‑type of the Mediterranean race, but they have mixed with other peoples until THE NAME JEW HAS LOST ALL RACIAL MEANING."

Many of the proselytes who were Hittites, Canaanites and Edomites; and among these were descendants of Ishmael and Esau who pressed the claim that Abraham was their father and thrust their company upon the returning remnant. When they returned from Babylon, certain ones of the House of Judah and some of the priests intermarried with the inhabitants of the land and these intermarriages were severely condemned by Ezra and Nehemiah [126]. While there were other admixtures in Judah, these forbidden marriages were mainly with Hittites of the former Canaanite empire. In time, this merging of Judahites with Hittites became identified as one of the racial types called "Jews."



     "Kimyarite (Himyarite) see Sabeans [127] Sabeans: The inhabitants of the ancient kingdom of Sheba in south-eastern Arabia, known from the Bible, classical writers, and native inscriptions. The genealogies of Genesis give three pedigrees for Sheba, the eponymous ancestor of the Sabeans, who is variously termed (1) the son of Raamah and the grandson of Cush [128], (2) the son of Joktan and a great‑great‑ grandson of Shem [129], and (3) the son of Jokshan and a grandson of Abraham by Keturah [130]. There seem, therefore, to have been three stocks of Sabeans: one in Africa [131], and the other two in Arabia. Of the latter one is connected with the story of Abraham, and the other with that of the kingdom localized by Genesis 10:30, including the Joktanites generally, and extending 'from Mesha, as thou goest unto Sephar, a mount of the east.' In Job 6:19 the Sabeans are mentioned in close association with the Temeans, an Ishmaelite stock [132] that dwelt in Arabia [133].

     The Psalms and the prophetical books lay special emphasis upon the wealth and commercial activity of the Sabeans. The gifts of the kings of Sheba and of Seba to Solomon are noted in Psalm 62:10, gold being especially mentioned among these presents (ibid. verse 15). In both these passages the Septuagint, followed by the Vulgate, identifies Sheba with Arabia Isa. 60:6 adds incense to the gifts which these countries were to bring [134]. 'Despite the collocation with Dedan in Genesis 10:7, 1 Chronicles 1:9 and Ezekiek 38:13, the merchants of Sheba, whom Ezekiel addressed in the words 'occupied in thy fairs with chief of all spices, and with all precious stones, and gold...' [135], were doubtless Sabeans; but the reference in the following verse to the 'merchants of Sheba,' together with Haran, Canneh, Eden Asshur, and Chilmad, who by implication would be Asiatics, is probably a mere dittography, and is rightly omitted in the Septuagint. The wealth of Sheba is indicated also by the list of the gifts brought by its queen to Solomon, and which were 'a hundred and twenty talents of gold, and of spices very great store, and precious stones: there came no more such abundance of spices as these which the Queen of Sheba gave to King Solomon.' [136] The only mention of the Sabeans in a warlike connection is in Job 1:15, where they are described as attacking and killing the servants of Job to rob them of cattle; but according to Joel 4. (A.V. 3:8), they dealt in slaves, including Jews. In the New Testament there is a reference to the kingdom of Sheba in the allusion to 'the queen of the south' [137]. Sheba must be carefully distinguished from the Cushite or African Seba [138], as is shown by the discrimination between the 'kings of Sheba and Seba.' in Psalm 72:10, and by the collocation of Egypt, Ethiopia, and Seba in Isaiah 43:3, 45:13. Strabo, basing his account for the most part on Eratosthenes, an author of the third century B.C., gives considerable information of value concerning the Sabeans [139]. Their territory was situated between those of the Mineans and Cattabanes; and their capital, Mariaba, stood on the summit of a wooded hill...The references to religion are for the most part names of deities; but the entire lack of description renders a reconstruction of the Semitic pantheon practically impossible. It is clear, however, from the appellations of the gods that the religion of Sheba closely resembled the pre‑Islamic Arabian cult, and showed certain affinities with the Assyro‑ Babylonian system as well.  Among the Sabean gods the most important were Almakah ('the hearing god?'), Athtar (a protective deity and the male for of 'Ashtaroth,' to whom the gazel seems to have been sacred), Haubas (possibly a lunar deity), Dhu Samawi ('lord of heaven'), Hajr, Kainan, Kawim ('the sustaining'), Sin (the principal moon‑god), Shams (the chief solar deity), Yata', Ramman (the Biblical Rimmon), El ('god' in general), Sami' (the hearing'), Shem (corresponding in functions to the general Semitic Ba'al), Hobal (possibly a god of fortune), Homar (perhaps a god of wine), Bashir (bringer of good tidings), Rahman (the merciful), Ta'lab (probably a tree‑god), and Wadd (borrowed from the Mineans). A number of goddesses are mentioned, among them Dhat Hami (lady of Hami), Dhat Ba'dan (lady of Ba'dan), Dhat Gadran (lady of Gadran), and Tanuf (lofty). It becomes clear, even from this scanty information, that the religion was in the main a nature‑cult, like the other Semitic religions; and this is borne out by a statement in the Koran (sura 27:24) that the Sabeans worshiped the sun. Few details of the cult are given, although there are frequent mentions of gifts and sacrifices, as well as of 'self‑presentation,' a rite of doubtful meaning, but one which evidently might be performed more than once. Ritual purity and abstinence of various forms also seem to have formed part of the Sabean religion, and the name of the month Dhu Hijjat or Mahijjat, the only one retained by the Arabs (Dhu'l‑Hijja, the twelfth month), implies a custom of religious pilgrimage to some shrine or shrines. To the account of the government as described by Strabo the Sabean inscriptions add lit­tle. The word for 'nation' is 'khums' (fifth), which apparently implies an earlier division of Arabia or of a portion of it into five parts; and the people were divided into tribes (shi'b), which, in their turn, were composed of 'tenths' or 'thirds.' The kings at first styled themselves 'malik' (king) and, possibly later, 'mukarrib,' a term of uncertain meaning, while they afterward were called 'kings of Saba and Dhu Raidan,' and finally monarchs of Hadramaut and Yamanet as well. There were likewise kings of a number of minor cities. From a late text which mentions a king of Himyar and Raidan and of Saba and Silhin, it has been inferred th

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