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Searching For Jews who Murder Gentile Babies

The following is an article that I had read briefly about on the Internet. Curiosity struck me as to the article's "entire" actual contents, with the belief that it might be a little more than the tidbit of information given; so I paid to have a Russian outfit retrieve it for me and translate it, which I edited. And my curiosity paid off. Pay particular attention to the last few paragraphs.  The article follows:

Pravda ("Truth") May 5, 1993: The Satanic Tribe: Who Stands Behind the Killer of the Wandering Monks? by Dmitry Gerasimov

"The signing is not heard, at this late time, of wandering monks who prayed for us" ‑ this is from the poem "Mtsyri." Today's reality suddenly stopped the signing of three more men...

Pravda has already informed the UVD (police department) of Kaluga city that on April 18, [1993] at five o'clock in the morning, the message about the killing of the wandering monks of Optina Pustinya has been received. A  group of investigators at noontime went to discover what had occurred. The circumstances of brutal violence have come to light. The circumstances were strange and horrible, but equally horrible was the strange behavior of many of the media's sources: The journalists, unanimously

at this time, passed over in silence this fact; and the messages of informative agencies were distinguished by the terse and indifference, creating articles no larger than were worthy of minor traffic accidents.

Moreover, pertaining to the murder, the fanatic was immediately accused ‑ a former "Afghan" who ran away from a psychiatric hospital. Up till now, there are not other versions; and this, while it is not known why, has a remarkable similarity to the "Malakhov's version" of the case of I. Talkov's murder [?].

Perhaps, the officious journalists did not want to spoil, before the referendum, a picture of the results of "... the government policy that was conducted since 1992." However, this situation ‑ a murder investigation ‑ is much more serious.

This particular murder was extremely brutal and very, if it can be expressed so, specific. The details were told to me by the senior investigator for special and important cases, Militia Major A. Vasiliev: People, belonging to the priesthood, were killed by pricked blows into their chest, back, armpits, and groin. This crime was perpetrated at sundown on Easter Sunday, and that also ‑ let's agree ‑ was unusual. On the knife that was left at the scene of the crime, it was branded with "666." And what concerns the version of the story that was sent to the "Crime‑press" agency, regarding "the crazy killer," is it could be unsolved for several reasons.

First, the knife blows were intentionally executed with extraordinary professionalism, not so deep that the victim could bleed to death for a long time. Second, the blows with the knife were made into places that in Afghan were protected by an armored waistcoat [?]. It should be noted that our storm battalions, practically, were not trained to use such a knife nor to kill in such a manner.  It is easy to see that in order to learn such an "art" ‑ to kill people in this manner ‑ is extremely difficult to understand.  This is ‑ let's believe ‑ not easy science for a sane person; for an insane person, it was, probably, nowhere to be found.

So, it was recognized that this crime was not ordinary at all. In particular, the Christians were killed on the greatest Christian holiday by a sadistic and very "specific," as my interlocutor expressed, method. And the killer ‑ or killers ‑ left after them the "sign of the devil."

The task of understanding this crime should be the matter of demonologists. And that is not a joke. The appearance of the numerous satanic sects in our country, from the point of view of specialists, comes directly from the stream of the Western "preachers" that rushed to Russia ‑ many of whom belong to the different sects ‑ and, also, is related to the numerous cinema‑and video‑ products, which talk about the mysticism and violence in an almost romantic manner.

Now and then, such "physicians of souls" have a highly far relation to the church. American movies, such as "The Kiss," are very significant. (This movie was seen by me one day). The killer‑vampire, with an evident inclination towards blood‑lust, was in pursuit of his next intended victim ‑ a very young girl ‑ who runs to the church. The vampire approaches the pastor, who was stunned and shielded himself with the Bible, and the vampire says: "If you really believed, I would not be able to approach the church closely at all!"

This movie is from the same America on which we aspire and appear to be resembling today. Here, we, in Moscow, as they inform us on the "Moscow news," are already in real danger for the next generation ‑ and for people of a more mature age too ‑ through "Bogoroditsa Center" and "Great White Fraternity." In these sects, drugs, hypnosis, and other means are used to influence the weak minds of youth.

These are, so to speak, already "proclaimed" sects. And how many secret organizations in our country have significantly more wide spectrums of influence and far‑ reaching goals?

The rise of secret religious societies, as told by professor I. Zavorsky, that preach the cult of astrology forces and even of ceremonial killing, goes far back, by its roots, to deep antiquity; and there appears to be a connection with the rise of so‑called Masonic societies.

The majority of such cultic problems were formerly forbidden in our country. Scientist Grigory Klimov in his work "The Prince of This World" writes persuasively that it was proved there exists secret societies in the territory of the USSR, who are connected with such organizations in the West.

And here is what Ivan Gryanko writes in his article "The secret societies. The mystical traditions and ceremony": "The main ceremonies of initial associations of the West were never neither published, nor even written: the secret tradition passed from generation to generation verbally. However, the majority of initial ceremonies was developed here according to a fixed  scheme, and it had the analogous elements which, therefore, are known" ("Day," No. 14).

I may tire the reader by the abundance of names and quotations ‑ quite not casually. Many of the initial ceremonies, onto which I. Gryanko refers, are known, indeed. Slightly more than one year ago, I described in "Soviet Russia" the attempts of the hooligan sect of Lubavitcher Hasidic Jews to steal Shneerson's manuscripts.  I referred only briefly to the descriptions of ceremonial murders that were in these manuscripts. And immediately, I paid severely for that: I was beaten in the most literal sense.

Since then, I was successful with being able to speak with philological science Dr. B. Goldenberg ‑ at present, a citizen of Israel ‑ who, avoiding the appraisals, and, all the more, the political coloring of the books, told me about the contents of these manuscripts, which told of the ceremonial story about the killing of other monks ‑ "goy" ‑ by Levites (supported by  rabbis) ‑ with sacrifices that followed. I do not want to cause aversion for  readers, describing all of these sadistic horrors.

But one episode ‑ it  seems to me now ‑ is interesting: the sign of national and religious power, asking for God's mercy, was, by Levites, to be attained from the sacrifice of another monk on a religious holiday. The better a man's morality, it was believed by these Levites that the greater would be God's mercy for sacrificing the victim. Therefore, Jews have usually selected children and spiritual persons [monks or fathers] for sacrificing. At the sacrifice, the  knife is typically plunged into the armpit‑area and groin.

However, this is not all, yet. By the evidence of numerous examiners, these ceremonial murders were kept hidden ‑ until now ‑ by Hasidic Jews.

Here, it is not even important by whose hands such mutilators act ‑ by a young man drunk by drugs or by crazy man; it is important that the religious, occult formations in Russia are widened and grow day by day.

According to the top‑secret data of the 13th department of NKVD ‑ and then its analogous department in the KGB ‑ in Russia, annually, 45‑50 people are murdered due to unknown reasons, with signs of ceremonial torments.  The number of sects and Masonic societies is not possible to account.

It is unlikely for some time for it to be known who stood behind the back of this crazy "Afghan" ‑ from an irresponsible man, there must be less demand.  And the court process, on which some light will be shed, has not been completed to allow for this necessary arrangement.

Today, in Russia, Satan feels himself free, therefore, to speak about himself with his full voice.

                                AND MEANWHILE

The sects of Lubavitcher Hasidic Jews recently, repeatedly, celebrated their religious holidays in the Russian religious place ‑ Christians' Kremlin. Informed sources now report that the Jews are preparing to widely celebrate the next holidays of Hanukah and Jewish Easter in Russia. The new year of  1994 will be marked by a wave of propaganda by the Jewish faith and Zionism.


                                   [End of article]

The initial affair to which this article refers occurred to three monks. They were murdered by Nikolai Averin.

In response to this article, the U.S. State Department seemingly sought to censor the Russian Press! A formal letter was sent to both the Russian Embassy in Washington, DC, and to the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Moscow. It told how the U.S. government disapproved of the information uncovered by the Russian reporter, suggesting that the article did not promote "religious tolerance." Russia responded that the newspaper "Pravda," possibly Russia's largest newspaper (at one time, all Russian adults received copies), does not represent the government's point of view.

Rabbi Joseph I. Shneerson was a Lubavitcher Hasidic rabbi and lived from  1880‑1950.  He was not even liked by the Bolsheviks and was, consequently, sentenced to death but was later pardoned at the behest of pressure from abroad.  He left Russia some time during the 1920s for Israel, but was not allowed to take his library of secret Jewish religious books and manuscripts with him, which were confiscated and disappeared shortly thereafter. The  Lubavitcher Hasidic Jewish sect recently found out that their books were being held in the Moscow Lenin Library.  They have been unsuccessfully attempting to get these books since then. (Searching for the Jews who Murder Gentile Babies; From: [email protected])

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