by  DR. WESLEY A. SWIFT


(Current events)---The Mohammed Elijah movement is the building of the Negro Revolution.  This came, remember, in the fall of 1964.

The moment the statute of limitations in Germany runs out, the Jews have to extend it one more time or they are in trouble.  The World Court says there is no precedent for trying anyone for war crimes.  But the Jews cry--extend the time.  And they win.

QUESTION:---About a year ago you answered a question on prayer.  You said at that time that a lot of people get on the phone, so to speak,--and call God.  And they say their piece then hang up before they can receive any instructions.  I would like to ask what is the method or the technique, or how do you know you are receiving instructions?   Say--you pray for guidance when you have a big decision coming and you want to make the right decision?

ANSWER:- Well we did say that most people just tell God when really you don't tell God anything. You may not realize it but some people just talk to God, and this is sometimes just an exercise. Prayer is something --that perhaps, sometimes by long repetitions of the use of the same phrases, and it has become kind of a religious exercise.  And of course it follows that there  are passages which say--prayer without ceasing. We sometimes run into people who make quite an issue out of the fact that they spend quite a bit of time in prayer. When asked as to what procedure they used, I find that they just set down and tell god for about two hours what they have on their mind. Having told God all these things then they ask Him for a lot of things, and then indicate that they have just communicated some things to God. This is alright  because they got it off their chest just as they would have when talking to anyone.  But actually nobody ever told God anything. In otherwords being Omniscience is a quality he not only known every thing but the capacity of His intellect to the most minute particles of his Universe is beyond your ability and mine to even conceive. In other words we go through exercises sometimes that are not realistic, but they may be emotionalistic, and tuned to the thinking processes and the rituals.            So when we say people are sometimes found grabbing a telephone and dialing someone, and then tell them something, or ask them something and hang up before they have a chance  to answer----in the first place this comes from an area of knowledge concerning prayer itself. Prayer is a medium of communication and communion to a degree. When we talk about such areas of communion we are talking about the conscious relationship of the individual and the intellect of God. The only people who can successfully pray in the higher spiritual levels is this Adamic race.  This is not understood by some because they run a general concept that everyone has the same capacities when they do not.  We have cited to you in the past that the only people who actually communicate at the divine understanding are the offspring of God.  They have to be spirit of his spirit so that their receptive centers are at the same wavelength, the same existent wave length as that of God himself.

Now, we look up at the Adamic race as a fallen race, in this capacity we refer to the original violation of divine law which lost us areas of divine law, and lost us aura, making death a possibility for this race.  The Adamic  race was originally placed in the earth with immortality, and of course a protective aura, and they lost this in their violation of Divine law.  We have

discussed this in the past, for they were forbidden to cohabit with any other race or people, and we violated this law and lost the aura which gave us immunity and became known as a fallen society.  But at no level did our fall bring us down to the level of the other races who were here, and who had already fallen in the antiquity of the past.  For instance the Asiatic people or the Tungus man who had fallen in the days of Lucifers rebellion when he came to earth and established himself here as deity in his warfare against God, these people were a created specie.  Good in the days when created with the capacity of perception, on given levels of spirit instruction spiritually, but at no time were they actually essence of the spirit of God to the extent that they were his posterity.  Not having been the posterity of God they could never have fallen as far as the posterity of God could fall when they violated divine law.  In this instance we call your attention to the communication level.  That of the Adamic race is higher in its capacities of communication level than that of the Asiatic who was also instructed but had to be instructed by video capacity, and then he had a certain spirit capacity to assimilate that which was illustrated to him, and he had a certain spirit capacity which could find its relationship someday--again from the level from which he fell. there he was serving God by instruction under Archangels who were righteous.  But when Lucifer in his war which violated so much of the Milky Way, and so much of space, had been thoroughly defeated and driven to earth, then he took over the Tungus people.  And unassimilatable offspring who did not keep their first estate, and Negroes who came in on the crafts of Lucifer --these people were of a different race, a different specie of intelligence.  We might say that spiritual capacities to communicate with God relate very highly to the intellectual and spiritual level of their intelligence, their ability of reception.  Probably there has been more talked about and less said about prayer than almost any subject which exists in the general run of publications.  Whole volumes have been written about some things which they never get to any point of, and the differentiation in capacities and communications are never discussed.

The Negro is totally emotionally and soulish, he can only cry out in an emotional area, he has no guilt complex except that which is passed upon him by subordination to various deities. Under this ---the status of this fallen society is almost that of the bestial level. They never made any advances except under an advisory leadership.  At no time did they ever after their all and since coming to earth in the Luciferian rebellion, at no time do we ever find them in their own initiative attaining any area of spirit, but had a soulishness, a brain consciousness as an entity residence but not as a spiritual entity.  No Negro was ever an offspring of God, they were created --good when created--far off in some areas of the Milky Way from whence they came. They had supervisors--Angels over them--they were taught, and they served.  And in Lucifer's rebellion some of them were caught in this revolt, some of them were swept into this condition. They had no communication with God unless a representative of God communicated with them, or became a mediator for them because they were at a different lever. There was no necessity for them to be beyond the area of their existence --from whence they came from --in the purposes and plans, anymore than it was necessary for a Jew, or a giraffe, or an elephant to communicate with God.  This does not mean they had been discriminated against, it just means that they had been created and were good. There is a spirit which is an entity spirit to all the vastness of creation that acts as an overpowering or guiding force. This comes out of the intellect of God, comes out through the areas of nature, and is  found in all levels of living creatures.   Found even to a degree in plants and in flowers, and in every area of animation.  And whether one realizes it or not there is a synchronization level, and with it there are sub conscious guiding forces  who are not a part of the working intellect of the conscious creature, but are the driving force which impels him, from a superior intelligence far greater than his own capacities not being at the higher reasoning levels.  Thus birds migrate south in the winter, ducks fly  away from the cold. They do not have to think and ponder this out, it becomes a natural force to them, it becomes a drive in them, and an affinity to creation as it is. These laws are sometimes said to be the laws of nature and the forces of nature, but this is only  a limited way of designating intent on the part of deity for the balance of the Universe, and for all things created.

So for instance --we look at a Negro and he was higher than the ducks and the geese, and in the areas from whence he came he probably had a much higher civilization, and a certain area of creative ability under direction and guidance, but the moment that his area of the solar system fell, he was cut off from communication with this constructive spirit which moved out of the areas of the Father (of matter), and he thus moved under the influence of the Luciferian areas of error.   He became the battling axmen and the swordsmen, sort of dumb brute battling warriors of the Luciferian kingdom.  Of course mutation being the main design of Lucifer, and the major process of sin then in the mutation of law, of things as they are, any mutation of law is sin. Thus sin is a violation of Divine law.  Sort of a dirty little word, because we think of it as attached to all of the things in disrepute. We think naturally of every little offense which might be against society, socially or ethically, or against property.  All these things are a part of the violation of divine law where as God is perfect for a balanced living under the whole areas of his creation, and of course sin at one level might be different than sin at another level, but all are violation of law.

 So under this, thee problems of the world are always a violation of law.  Mutations and mongrelization of early creations  are a part of  Lucifers design to mutate everything when he was defeated in space and left to pursue his course in earth.  Watcher Angels and those under Michael stood guard around our solar system keeping Lucifer earth bound as he tied himself more definitely to earth by violation of divine law, by the unassimalatable factors he sowed into earth. Of course under these circumstances then the Asiatic race was here before the Luciferian fall, and they did know Lucifer as an Archangel as the anointed Cherub that covereth, as a symbol of Illumination.  And the emblems of Lucifer, which were tied to the Serpent and the Dragon were then known as a symbol of wisdom because this was a wise Archangel filled up with the knowledge and wisdom of God.  In the hour of his revolution and fall, he then became the continued  declaration of deity, as he transplants god with his own declaration.  And now this symbol of this God of the heavens is Dragonis, or Draco of the sky, and Hydra the Serpent, all are still the woven emblems for Lucifer, and now Lucifer  becomes Shaton, or Satan or Devoss according to the twelfth chapter  of Revelation.   And now these people who had once worshiped YAHWEH  under this teaching of this--Archangels administration, and had witnessed the coming and going of the household of the heavens, and who had been visited in the earlier creation and periods of  Celestial beings, our own household--sons and daughters of God--the Celestial children of God, these people had fallen from this but they remembered their greater yesterday, and higher civilization of their forefathers.  But were fully unable to extricate themselves from their problem, but now with Lucifer in their rebellion their communication was with areas of error.  Thus Lucifer taught them the processes of the violation of divine law,  he set the world into the processes of sin.  So the blueprint of God in sending his own Adamic race into earth was to take the Celestially children out of the heavens, take these who were Celestially begotten of the spirit, offspring of the Most High and transplant them into earth by means of embodying a household who were --Issue of His issue --bone of his bone, and flesh of his flesh, and actually spirit of his spirit resident in this posterity.  This is one reason why the cohabitation with any other specie would produce offspring without any of these capacities,  and one who would serve what ever area of mutation he came from, because the spirit of God cannot cohabit with any other spirit, but that which is the issue of LIGHT.

Therefore it is totally impossible when Lucifer seduced Eve for Cain to have any spiritual capacity, he did not have any And any of the offspring of the violation of Divine law--say the Jews for instance, they do not have any capacity for the things which are of YAHWEH.  For they worship a system which is Luciferian. This is why they say in their Talmud that the one the Christians call the devil --is God--and the one we call god is their devil. Well this is obvious because they like the devil, but they attack Christianity for doing good.  At the same time the fact remains that in their areas of communication they pray unto their own, they pray unto the darkness, they have no communications with YAHWEH  as God. they have no capacities to HIM, they have adopted stolen names and terms, they have sought to usurp the position of leadership of the kingdom, this is what the devil did.  Their father did this so this is what his children do.  He set himself up as god so they do this, and they call themselves the children of God but they are not. Therefore our old testament which is an Adamic testament, and thee Patriarchs, and Prophets who produced these volumes are members of this Adamic race, the true issue of God, the "Israel" of God. They have therefore in their make up--spirit, soul, and body because they are in the image of God.  Their make-up is the exact same substance as the spirit

of God.  Here is something you must understand, your Celestial entity is ONE with the substance of the Entity of God's spirit. Your Celestial body is composed of particles of Light, the wave-length of it may not be totally visible to your video plain altho there may be times when the fact of its aura can be seen with the visible eye.  The fact that you are spirit of His spirit makes you therefore --or rather your spirit, and His spirit ONE in the plain of substance.

Therefore in the center of the intellect of the Celestial being the wave length of that intellect in the Celestial body is one in intelligence with God's mind. So the thought God is capable of thinking,  your Celestial consciousness is capable of perceiving. Therefore embodied in a physical body the Celestial household and Celestial seed were embodied in a physical body. To bridge the relationship in conscious relationship --the soul consciousness which was the resident awareness of existence, which was in the Celestial plain would also be conscious in the physical plain. Where as physical factors of discernment come thru the senses, and by the senses record electronically in the brain, the senses and perceptions thereof. The soul consciousness can evaluate as a soul, and therefore evaluate what the senses see, and is super guided by a subconscious wave length of spirit which gives him a knowledge as to whether  a decision is wrong or right.  And this procedure we call the activity of the consciousness. It is also capable of setting waves of perception with the individual in his physical consciousness would have never have reasoned out by himself. Because being spirit of his spirit, he is in the wave length of the Father, and the Father can send undulating waves of ideas and vision upon  his people. He can challenge them, he can crystalize them, He can raise up a Prophet, He can call them all, and choose some for special leadership.  He communicates with them as he breaks through into their consciousness.   Sometimes He operates in their guidance in areas in what  we call intuition, in most instances to an aware son or daughter who seeks spiritual guidance, and intuitive guidance is a  wave length of sense perception in which you feel the courses which are right. You sometimes reason with physical senses that are not matured by the spirit against what is intuitively taught you, and instead of doing what you should have done you follow the course of what is reasonable to the senses, but not to your benefit.  And sometimes you find you made a mistake, and you become aware of that mistake and correct it by following what you intuitively should have done to begin with, this is one area of communication.

Now there are areas of sensitivity, there is also the fact that the soul consciousness finds itself in communication because the more that you know about your origin, the more that you know about God and his kingdom, the more this becomes a secret processing a part of your mind. The newspapers of today, the events that happen, your mind is already cataloguing  them into the things that God declared that he was going to do--through the lips of the Prophets. Or which he brings to your consciousness by the spirit, so by this very process the intricate intelligence, and the higher  development of your race is entirely a result of the  Higher  spiritual origin, an the fact that you are the sons and daughters of God. The fact that you fell from immortality where as the physical body would not be maintained by the aura, and now would know death was paid for in one Consummate atonement when God became a man and dwelt among you, flesh of your flesh, and said:---"I did this to conquer death for all times for my brethren, my kinsmen." Therefore having assumed a body of  flesh he lived without violation of law. Took the total guilt of all transgression--conquered death with the power of His Resurrection, to restore immortality even to the physical bodies of his r ace, through it might be the end of an age before the full comprehension brought that to reality.

Therefore in this same situation all through the old and new testament we discover that God not only called Patriarchs an set up areas of ministry, and Priesthood, an Levitical houses and so forth, but he thus made it possible for his people to petition their God, and fulfill their needs, this was a conscious exercise only that they might recognize that He was the source of every good and perfect thing. That they were the children of the Kingdom, and He had given them promises and covenants, told them what He would do, and why the violations of law  increased their misery, and obedience made them wealthy, strong and powerful, why they had been chosen before all the people on the face of the earth, because they were a holy seed.  From the declarations of Deuteronomy to the fulfillment of Revelation of the Prophets, this was a higher order.

Now, the pagan world around about us is superstitious and it treats idols, and tries to profit from the demons and the devils of the woods, and strange demonic forces seek to rule their lives. Lucifer sets up these unassimilatable monsters of his own, and pagan gods, and religions and rules the earth with superstition and darkness. The Kingdom of God on the other hand  rules with Light, knowledge and understanding.  The Kingdom of God does not seek to suppress, it seeks to break the bonds of superstition with intelligence and with light.  The more primitive a religion is, as to the intellectual  capacities of the spirit, the more therefore it seeks to obscure knowledge, and the more it seeks to make its religion a simple process.

Some people say:--Give me the old time religion, but to them this is a simple process of knowing absolutely nothing  but a few primitive facts. This they think is the sum total of the process of religion. The more primitive a religion is the more they are actually afraid of God, but men should seek and not fear.  If this God is your father then we are not afraid of God. You say, but we have made a lot of mistakes, and are apt to be punished.  But we know our father, and we know our error so we are not afraid of punishment, we recognize that chastening falls on people, and sometimes chastening takes him away from error.  But as far as the punishment is concerned there is no pattern of Divine punishment which is not corrective.  Never is it just a matter of  punitive revenge that is never ending. Nor is it a process of procedural torture. So the more primitive a religion is the more they are afraid of God, and the less they approach him. The more they yell at him the less they listen.

This is unique to --a person may know that he has a great need, and not be really smart see--therefore  about all primitive religions work to make contact, and of course the pagan religions around us are always working--making contact, or trying to make contact with the devils, and the gods and the demons that they serve.

Now Lucifer always produces some kind of phenomena in these areas, and so there is no doubt that if repetitions of prayers are what is concerned here, then the Buddhist are the most trained people in the world for they go:----"Buddha, Buddha, Buddha, how is your father Buddha, Buddha, Buddha, how is your mother", and they not being sure they are getting in enough Buddha's the more they repeat this ritual the more holy they become.   So they built wheels, and wrote thousands of prayers on slips of paper, and told Buddha and all their pagan gods how great they were, put them on the wheel, and every time they turned the wheel this was all said. This was really smarter than having to repeat it because they said: ---'There she is--take it or leave it.'  See?  And the faster they turned the wheel then automatically their prayers were repeated.  So this prayer was simply  satisfying their gods anger, and the anger of the devil gods.

Now, within our race prayer is simply a communication at the perceptive level.  When I talk to you in audio frequency and you translate this into images and form you don't just have a rumbling noise in your ears.  If you do then you are tired or asleep, and you better go home because you aren't getting anything. I think some people do come to church, and just get a rumbling  in their ears.--See? I think that is all that they get.  I think of Paul who was traveling and some of the rascals were with him, and Christ spoke to Paul out of the heavens. There was lightening and thunder and then Paul heard the voice of god who talked to him.  But these kikes with him just said it thundered.  All they got was a rumble in their ears, they never heard the voice of God when He spoke to Paul.

Now, the fact is that some of these people stray into a meeting, or into a church some where.  If they have spiritual capacities and have been called in then when they get in they will learn some things. You do not expect them to be well acquainted with the facts the first time they hear  truth, but they learn something even thou they don't get it all.  Other people come in, they get a blank look and out they go.  Really it is very fortunate for the rumble may drive them out, but the communication level is a matter of perception.  This is something which is easier to feel than to put into words. There are various capacities which people have.  They may develop a high sense of color perception, for you and I see color, we are used to primary colors and various shades. But a perfectionist of color can actually feel color vibrations. This is a strange thing but there are some who work in this field.  Especially is this true in the matching of gems.  The Zuni Indians used to pick their blending, and they made their jewelry this way.  Of course they may have had a familiar spirit working with them, but they picked color by vibrations.  Today that is almost a lost art with them.  So they have left their fathers and mothers and gone to work in airplane factories and so forth.  And now today it is rare to find a Zuni Indian who can be blindfolded and pick out color by vibration.  He senses this as he touches a piece, but this was an art,  also from the spiritual level, color by vibration was only a sensitivity, a high sensitivity.  So some were especially toned to pick color out by vibration.  Their blending of color made master pieces of art, and many artists paint for the  pleasure of painting, but many never feel the pleasure of blending color by vibration.  But when you get one--then you have a master.

The same thing is true in music, -and we all may pick up the sensitivity of this to some degree, we like the blending of its tones, we find our selves ripped  and torn by the 'Tom Tom' Jungle beat of the non-music that fills our ears today on radio and T.V.  We find ourselves getting so hostile that we are ourselves choking after listening to it for a little while.  But the fact remains that this is not music, there is no sensitivity, no cultural inheritance for us in this. So therefore within this real music we find some whose sensitivities are sometimes extracted from strings, and others from brass, and from some other area of orchestration, but  there comes once in a while those who are masters where in this sensitivity is a perception. There is an adapting to earth which comes from the design and concentration of the intellect of the individual to the thing which he feels as he thinks about it.  For this cause some develop a very high sensitivity to feeling water running through the ground.  This sensitivity can sometimes be referred to as 'water witching'.  Using a willow wand or anything that fills the requirements of their mind, and they douse for water. You say, but it does not work.  But we tell you that it does work, sometimes 99 times out of 100 for those that have developed a sensitivity for this. The same thing is true in another very high pattern of perception. Divining is an area of affinity and was set up to gage the mind.  Our race at one time found--like the Urim and Thummim breast plate of the High Priest, that they could concentrate on a problem after a question of God, and get an answer as the Urim and the Thummim tumbled over and changed its position as they concentrated upon it.  A second procedure used was sometimes the discernment of things by the concentration of the pendulum for the cosmic forces according to whether good or bad drew from the area of their affinity the answers with a pendulum. This was also known but we won't get into that area now. But this was one of the great arts in the Wisdom schools of our race earlier, and still works today.

Now, these were answers of principals and things as concentration put men in focus with ideas. There are those who have an affinity of observation in certain fields. These were developed sensitivities of the intellect, which tie in with the wave length of these feelings. This again--the meteorologist becomes an expert at divining the difference between rocks.  He looks at them and has a sensitivity to them, can go along and pick up specimens that you or I would pass over, but he will get a feeling for rocks, will go along and pick up the good ones and leave the bad ones.  All their lives they have been able to do this and some become experts at it.

Now, this is also the relationship of sensitivity of perception, and it may never get thru, some may never perceive it even when I am talking about it, some may get the idea of words, and never become acquainted with the facets of it, but these are areas of sensitivity.

Now, Communication is the seeking for knowledge from an area of intellect capable of setting a president or setting a fact. Thus as we talk together we set up word images. These

word images convey to you what I am talking about. Your questions convey to me something which is in your mind, and I respond. The vibration didn't stay just a guttural noise, it did not stay just a sound vibration, it became an image of idea, and my communications mean nothing to you until they become an image of idea.

Now, the highest intellect in the world is our Father, not the father of Africa or Asia, but the creator of Africa and Asia, but the father of We His children.  We are therefore His reason and His purpose that the education of they --Africa and Asia come through we the children.   And as we obtain full status--this purpose for which He placed us in the earth we will led the world successfully to its ultimate achievement.  To do this we also have to defeat the enemy--the powers of darkness and their forces of evil.  Therefore because of this we are in conflict.  They design to upset our race, our intelligence and spiritual and mental balances.  They design to frustrate the electronic memory which is chromotin inherited through out all the experiences of our ancestors.  Mongrelization and mutation of race does that.  You never get a clear image again of a clear memory, it is confused chromitin which places the nasion electrons around a new born babes mind.  And when he learns to adapt himself to position and understanding he is never quite capable, if he is a mongrel child of getting an image as he sees and hears things of the reflections of his ancestors.  So his capacities are somewhat limited. They might be if he is of a white mixture far higher than his Negro forbearers, but also lower than the white race.  Thus it is today, we have these patterns of divine law which create catastrophe when ever the race itself, a divine issue, violates this principal of law.

Now, therefore since we have these area of communication we have this wave length of

energy, we have this pulse beat of the mind of god which is pulsing all the time. It has its rhythm in the Universe. It sets up the vibratory undulating waves by which particles of Light  move through space at high velocities.  It sets up the values of the electronic fields, or related wave lengths. It effects the structure of all things. The miliamps of electricity  that are designed by the brain energy of the mentoids which are created when you think or when you work on a problem, are also catalyzed by the wave length of spiritual energy round about. Very little mentoid energy is demonstrated in the lower orders of so called mankind. The Negro has little mentoid, much electronic, but little mentoid energies. The Asiatic has much higher status of Mentoid energies with a certain area of creative genius about him, but never at the level or speed of reaction that you get in the mentoid impulses.  The white man is capable of catalyzing many times more energy in brain activity than is any other people on the face of the earth. Two or three white men can catalyze more given energy on any given subject which can actually penetrate a room, or effect a community.  According to their areas of perception and concentration they are able to spread this out until we as a people in our society are stepping up the speed of this awakening, and it is awakening and it is filtering through into minds that do not know they have been under apathy, and brain washing, and that areas which are in opposition to it capture their minds.  Press, radio and T.V. surround them and drown out the facts of what would be their normal inheritance or the best culture of their race.

Now, the catalyzation of the awakening sons of God, the stimulation which moves through the right wing tends to build up, and these waves tend to break through until they do not know what drives them. They do not know why they begin to think again as they should think.  And this is  a part of communication. But God declares that at any time He can step up this awareness of Right, that He can break through into the soul consciousness and it starts to think about things. It may think it is pondering of its own accord, it may think it makes its decisions by what it saw but God is just breaking through. He said:---who has resisted His will ----'little man who art thou who replieth against God?'  Shall the thing formed say to He who formed it --'Why hath thou formed me thus?'

The fact remains that God said:--'I call my sheep by name, I lead them out'. He also said that He hath predestined you to conform to the image of the son (the embodiment) but to think with the high spiritual capacities of which you are totally capable.  So eventually there is destined to your race a total reestablishment of high perception and spiritual capacity.  Within this same area therefore to take over the apathy of what transpired, and the lost aura and connection of High spiritual capacities which happened at the fall of our race, God would not accept any of the Gestation of Adam and Eve until Seth was born. This allowed for a period of time, for the cleansing of the womb, and for the miracle of restoration when God said none were acceptable until this gestation point.  As Adam then said: --'I have now a man in my own image --thus Adam and Eve had other children, and they had a spiritual capacity but they were not in their physical embodiment capable of carrying out the fullness of what God wanted. But from Seth on the children of Adam and eve were thoroughly acceptable.  And the preservation of this holy seed (spirit)  un-mongrelized is one of the most important areas of existence.  That is why the whole Old Testament follows the discriminatory laws of God, follows the improvement of the race, and the development and the attainment of  it which moves from there on to your own time.  And of course the Luciferian program is to move on this and confuse it.  The thing that is essential is that the farther we advance the more we have restored unto us of the accumulated knowledge in electronic inheritance. The more we have also in electronic experience especially sine the resurrection of the  Christ--we have the right which He bought for us of total restoration---in the earth. There was no guilt complex on us except in the imagination of our mind.  But He had lifted this from us, justified us by His Grace, and said it was finished on Calvary. He restored us by the power of His resurrection, and took every Celestial son out of the Netherworld with his resurrection, and now these factors are complete.

Now, in the area of communication Jesus said that when he would depart he would not leave us because --'I come unto you'.   Agra Pheumus, the spirit that fills the heavens and the earth, the Father spirit that fills the Universe comes to you----'Lo, I am with you always'--the Greek word is Paraclete--Holy spirit.  And when I say Holy spirit it is with the realization that this is actually the holy intellectual Intelligence of God, for this is not a person walking around, this is the Intelligence of God  resident in His spirit being, or resident in his physical body when he resided in earth. Under this situation therefore he was saying :---He was going to send this wave length of His own being which the world could not receive (John 14) but you can receive it, for you are of it and it is with you, it can be fully in you by this outpouring of energy coming directly to you that you shall receive. This again is the day of Pentecost after the ascension of the Christ  when the Disciples  were all of one accord and in one place and there came upon them waves of energy, so massive and dynamic was that energy that it popped and crackled around them like static electricity.  And the aura of energy around them was so great that the flicker of the aura, the radiance of spirit was around them like ---before THE FALL--and it set on them like cloven tongues of fire.

Now, immediately their perception --on anything they applied themselves to was unlimited concerning the divine purpose at that time.  Energy at that time was poured out upon them until Peter the fisherman became an excellent orator, and fully cognizant in his intelligence in the things in the Will and Mind of God. John the fisherman likewise, and Luke the great physician became an eloquent theologian as well. This follows on down through, but it was because this was being brought to their minds, and their remembrance of the things that had been from the beginning. There has been wave after wave of this, and there has been times in the experience of special calls --in the times of the old Testament especially when the Celestial plains was framed into harmony with the video frequency of the senses until Isaiah, or Jeremiah or Ezekiel could behold with their eyes the image of God.   Also the great fleets of space ships which came down (Ezekiel 1 and 2) --when they came down and set on the plains, then Ezekiel talked, he listened, he saw these things, and then they went away,  whether the sensitivity of the eyes

of Ezekiel were stepped up until he could perceive this outer dimension or whether this Celestial plain became synonymous with this plain for this factor is not altogether important. But this is very easy and important, he did hear the great roar of the ships, and it was very probable that it was in true radio frequency.

Jacob remember wrestled with God and his thigh was thrown out of joint, so in this instance the body of God had come into contact with the body of Jacob.  Then when God appeared before Joshua then Joshua saw this mighty warrior shimmering with Light and covered with gold  and authority and beautiful armor and then when he spoke it was as tho with a roar, and behind Him it was a tho an emblem of the Mighty hosts  were there.  Joshua stood there and thought that he was in trouble for here was this mighty warrior, and out there was that city of Ai, and there the army of Israel was outnumbered as they had to advance in this ares, so he did not need any more enemies. So Joshua said:--'Who art thou? are you with me or against me? And this mighty warrior said: ---"I am the captain of the Hosts of YAHWEH THE GOD OF THY FATHERS.   So Joshua walks closer and the eminence and radiation and glory starts to come off this Mighty Warrior and Joshua falls down before HIM, because he knows that this certain captain of the Hosts is none other than God Himself standing there.

Now, Joshua saw HIM, he heard HIM, the armor clanked, so this was in Joshua's own dimension--see.  But the ability of the Celestial plain to break through into the physical plain to communicate with you is at their leisure, and at their will anytime. Your desire for greater knowledge, and greater activity of this knowledge for a victory in the earth, for the kingdom of god depends largely upon your designing, discerning desire. In other words there are many people that are very comfortable, they like its thoughts, they like its process.  They also want to be obedient, they want to apply, they want to accomplish. Oh, they say--more than anything else they would like to be able to talk to God, and they are looking for a process, but it is not so hard a process, but the matter of desiring a communication level in which they get the guidance and are willing to receive it by intuitiveness, willing to receive it by almost a literal spoken voice, to hear a still small voice, or at a level of pictorial and plain. God communicates in these various ways.  Sometimes he will actually step out of dimension or into dimension forward or backwards, that is not important as long as contact is made.  No one has been slighted, no one has necessarily failed to attain because they have not had the sum total of all experiences. But it is significant that I bring out --that there are many people that if it was to take say--20 hours of concentrated time --they would not have time to talk to God until say next month, because they would have to stop everything they were doing.

Now, don't go out and try to concentrate for 20 hours and say I said that is the way to talk to God, but if it would take 20 hours of searching, reaching it would be well worth it.--In otherwords  don't postpone it.  The fact is that there are many people who give lip service to the idea that they want to be guided, that they want total divine leadership, but actually they do not. If it in any way interferes with their schedule in what they want to do they then give lip service to a nice idea but they never want to do it.

Now, in areas of the clergy who live in the thinking of the Kingdom, and whose lives are geared to this process, their meditation sometimes runs for days and days along roads they are being guided to teach, and in this instance 20 hours is not so long. There are lots of things we have been thinking of for 20 years. So in this again we sometimes find ourselves reaching, searching, but the thing which keeps us searching is that we are accumulating line on line, and precept upon precept, and then suddenly its breaks through, and a total picture of  what we were searching for is right there.  Yes.  Sometimes we get impatient but if God isn't in a hurry then don't you get in a hurry, because time is something we have plenty of, we have all eternity to fill.  But at this moment we are watching whole things step up in their pace.  We are in the latter days, in the final days of struggle when prophecy and its measure are coming due.  So we are impatient to have all authority and all power, not realizing we already have it, but we don't perceive it.  Some things we take by faith, and then discover that there was an open book there all the time.  People ask sometimes for processes, but as you become more wrapped up in your faith, then your Faith is more related to earth than you realize. In other words if you are so wrapped up in the kingdom of God, then the kingdom of God is not a silly cloud drifting by, it is men, it is people and nations in earth. It is a process, it is working and living, and you become a part of your faith.  You realize you are the offspring of the MOST HIGH GOD not in a nostalgic sense, but as a literal offspring in plains above and plains of earth. As you become aware of this then no fears remain between you and the border lines of spirit , and you could enter into either one with out a pattern of fear.  But God has built in a job for you, a desire to get the job done so you don't have  a lingering longing for death.  When ever you find someone longing for death they are real sick, or they have not discovered the fact that this can be thrown off as well, but they are miserable and that is why they do not want to stay.  But the more you know the more you want to stay and finish that which you were here for.  Instead of being bored with life there isn't enough time to get everything done you desire to do.  Once upon a time you didn't know what you were going to do, all day long, but the more you get wrapped up in this you find you cannot get everything done you want to do.  But instead of people saying--you slow down when you get older--we find that the more time you want the less you can find.

These are things which are related to awareness, so when I tell you that communicative meditation, the thinking in terms of balanced relationship with the purposes of God--this is just the living, pulsing being of yourself, and is a part of this conscious awareness, this is also---prayer without ceasing. This is the meditative process involved in your thinking, and anything related to it.

Now, you say I have a decision to make--but sometimes we make barriers of decisions, this is a process and this process is right.  We try to gear the decision on to what we might want to do rather than to follow the decision as to what God say to do.  So we made a decision, and it may take two routes to follow, when there is really only, so therefore it is lots more simple when we realize this. The translations have erroneously said that Prayer changes God, but prayer only adjusts us to God--that is all. God never changed His mind, and this is something for us to learn.  And everything God did He knew all about it before He did it. He knows what you need before you know that you need it.  When we ask HIM--remember that he is able to do more for you then you are able to ask or able to think of.

Now, there is an existence of spirit, we find ourselves living in this at intense levels, and it breaks down once in a while, not because of its work ability.  But because of the absolute weight of the physical burdens in a physical world, as we carry on a struggle against physical Satanic forces, and it sometimes breaks down.  Then an energy field builds up in the intellectual center of the spirit and breaks through into the soul consciousness and builds it up.  This we call functioning Faith, absolute trust.  Perfect Faith is --Absolute trust because we know that the Father does all things well.  We know that all things in his kingdom are directed toward us for the things He intends to do.  So we have a real problem--we are in dire circumstances for the Media to carry out the program of the Kingdom, or to do the task we were sent here to do.  Then maybe we grumble, but we are not grumbling in the spirit because we have absorbed this all upon the physical brain.  We are talking it on our bodies, and we are fighting the battle of survival, for against your body is thrown all the viruses, and all the factors which break it down, all the designs of the Luciferian forces to disintegrate it, and it is being sustained all the time by the very potent patterns of life from metabolism to intellectual maintenance, and spiritual capacities to direct energies to areas of need.

Therefore as you think you discover that you throw off many of these factors, but if you are weighted down, and permit the weight of the pressures to hold our vision until your thinking crowds down into the physical brain, then sometimes you get the impact. Physically you get the pressure bearing down and you say:--Oh, the whole world is resting on my shoulders. The something starts to filter through and you think about eternity and the program and you start to step up--to the stature of a mason of God, and you begin to glow all over. The world begins to get brighter and the whole thing starts to fall into place, and the first thing you know everything is well.  Almost everytime a person gets physically pressured you will discover that he is battling against dark forces which are trying to block him at the physical level from accomplishing anything at the spiritual level. This does not bother some people because they are never aware that any forces exist, they are not aware of the Kingdom, not aware of the conflict. So they just get sick and die, or get sick and live, but there is not any particular conflict because there is not any particular area to work on, which has any resistance. ---See? There is one thing sure, the harder you work for the kingdom the harder the resistance comes but the more you take it in stride the more you surmount it.

Now, by these processes let me get this across to you, the exercise of what we call the communicative prayer in which people ask for things, sometimes they move their lips, sometimes think of this but this is an exercise for your benefit.  You did not help God one little bit for He knew all about it, knew what your thoughts were down here.  If he didn't know your thoughts he would never her your voice for it would never reach the Pleaides if you shouted with all your might.  So therefore it is because of the awareness of spirit at communication levels that there isn't a thing that you can think which He does not perceive.  The reason for this is that you being spirit of  His spirit are an entity with Him.

Your soul consciousness  therefore has its conscious connection between the spirit and the soul, but once it gets its inspirations and its impulses which it sometimes thinks is subconscious wisdom it in turn has an open record book which the spirit perceives, and the spirit of God  also knows what you have need of.  This is why the scripture says:---the spirit prays in vibrations that cannot be uttered, for things which ye have need of, and this happens while you sleep.  So the spirit never sleeps, it is the physical body that gets tired, the brain also gets weary some times, and sometimes you get just so busy you don't even know that you are tired.  And the energy which you burn--some people say--Oh that is static energy, this is nerve energy but sometimes it is Kinetic energy out of the sheer energies which are involved in what you are doing. You can run on that for some time although I would rather have a steak once in a while, or an avocado if you don't like stead.  But the general instance of it is that communications therefore must be in the sense of perception.

Now, just as in area, you develop a sensitivity although you have a born gift to this, you are born with communication outlets, and the more it is used the more it grows. And the  more it grows the more simple it becomes as a working instrument.   Just like the dowser becomes stronger in his ability, the painter has a higher sensitivity to color and the Musician, the master, a higher sensitivity to the flow of music. So also you discover it in your communication, that the more you feel it, and perceive it the more easy it becomes, the more simple it becomes. You find automatically that your mouth never says a word, you soul consciousness just finds itself talking with God just like you are talking if He were right along side of you. --This happens, then there are days when you are talking and you can't get through, they are hearing but you can't get thru.  In other words you are just weighed down all around you and you cannot receive. The receptive pattern finally breaks through from the outside and throws the weight off.  This is just some of the casualties of the struggle.  However I can tell you that this becomes less and less.  Sometimes a minister of God --in any great area where he carried an intense weight of contest, or has tremendous opposition, he may carry many, many multiples of the weight of the catalysts of opposition than the individual who might be the  communicant, or the congregation carried, or there may be workers in the congregation who are suddenly carrying tremendous burdens of activity, and they can be buffeted and can feel it much more than the people who aren't carrying any of the load around about them, who have joined things of truth, have gone along and actually helped the catalyst of strength.  Actually if they all hold together on the same thing, with the vision, the energy which they create will go all across the nation. This is why you can stimulate people of One faith, One LORD, and One Baptism.  But you stimulate them into one area of perception and understanding. Even tho God was in a body of a man, and spoke to 5000 people as they pressed around him, they then drew vital energy power out of His physical body.  The spirit was throwing it in and the people were drawing it out.  Like the woman---7 years ill, who reached out and touched HIM, and the energy goes out of His body and into hers.  He turns round and there is this crowd of people all around and he said:--"Who touched me?"  And the people looked at Him in amazement for here was this great crowd of people. But the woman who touched HIM knew and she blurted out the fact that she had touched HIM.  She believe that He was God and if she touched HIM she would be helped. He said:--"Thy faith hath made thee whole". ---Now, He knew who touched Him even tho he made that statement.   But after ministering to the 5000  and the constant crowds day after day Jesus would go up into the mountains to draw strength and power out of the spirit to recharge this physical body. Oh!  He could have recharged it in a minute.  But even this body of God--since He did not envelope Himself with the Aura, so as to separate himself from the ability to feel the weight of this struggle--this body of God could feel all the human body was capable of feeling.  We are told that we did not have a High Priest who was not touched with the feelings of our infirmities, but left this cloud of  Aura off so that He dwelt in a physical body capable of feeling every thing your physical body did, carry all its burdens, and yet by the sheer dynamic of His spirit He sustained  by the will of His being--all these things and could feel pain, could feel the pressures, could feel all of the things, and yet did not let himself to be cast down.  But just drew strength when he needed it.  But the fact remains that He could feel the tiredness of it. We as a people under the tiredness of the strain, we sometimes get a little depressed, and then the spirit breaks through and wakes us up.

The Psalmist was to say:--"Oh! My great YAHWEH WHY AM I CAST DOWN?"---behold my spirit is cast down like in a valley, and they spirit comes along and picks me us, and sets me on the high ground. --Then he said:---'It is like a mountain top to valley experience as I to through life.  And when I am depressed and weighted down it is as though I am in a  valley.  But when thy spirit picks me up it is was though I feel suddenly the sustaining strength, and then I watch you activate people and they come to my side, and give me strength.  Warriors come in on this side. --David said:--'and Priests come in on this side, and the people come to me, and the strength of my brethren come upon me and suddenly I am strong again.'  So the psalmist said:---"OH! LORD lift me up and keep me on high ground."

Now, as time has gone on, and spiritual experiences develop there grows within us the ability not to be cast down.  Even where we are depressed we know we cannot lose.  We know that we should not be depressed, this is a physical factor, then we climb out of the depression.

Now, remember most always people pray--for things.  Oh, they say no we do not, but they pray for power, for conditions of advantage, and if they did not then there would be no point in being disadvantaged. There are supplementary things which they think they need and want, and so they pray.

Now, God is not beyond giving you want whether you need it or not.  But He said:---"Seek you first the Kingdom of God, and His righteousness, and all these things will be added unto you."  But these are instruments to our living, although we must laugh we must have moments of relaxation, moments of fellowship, moments of concentration--each to his won, and each to its own purpose the fact remains that we have a theme, it is our life, it is the Kingdom.

As we seek the Kingdom, this then is when we are seeking what we are here for, and then all things will fall into place, they will come faster for us. And this may include something which some of us are not willing to accept.  There are things that------knowledge breaks  through to you and God answers you--------now I might give you a more direct answer, but I am not going to on this communication level at the moment.  I am going to get something else across first. In this factor there was a time when you did not know who the enemy of God was, you just thought there was good people and bad people.  But people are not just good or bad by decision----what is good and bad is the capacities of perception.  In other words all of Lucifers children have to be bad because you cannot find a good devil.  Understand,---You cannot get a bad child of God but you can have a disobedient one who is not performing right, but badness is not his inner nature, badness is his outward negation.

Now, I will say this.---Only to this point ---I see beings, and the more I know the more I know about dimensions, about people, about these things, the more I tell you, and the more you know, and the more you are filled with it.   So what happens?--Truth just grows ,it isn't just my possession, it is our possession, because we are the children of our Father, and this is the method by which He funnels it.  God does not come with a horn, he brings it through the intellect of his ministers, and pours it out through his children.   And then he brings you into such a feeling of close communication that it pulses with you all the time.

Now, even though you become a moving part of it he still funnels things through to get you started on higher levels, or to get you to thinking.  Still he retains his ministry, still retains his operations.  More than this I know that you are not going out here and convert the Negroes. I know that the Jews are going to use the Negroes with the communist forces to attack our race. At the same time I am not hunting an escape hatch, I am interested in everything that is going on.  And whether it requires physical conflict, although I would not shirk any physical conflict it would not even disturb me.  But at the same time I would not rush out and stand on a hill and say;---'come and get me.'--See?  The LORD did not tell us to be silly like this.  But he said: --10,000 can fall at thy side, and 10,000 at thy right hand, and no harm can come night thee.

Now, I do not think they actually can stop us before our time.---Some one said: --I don't think Christians should have any arms--but Jesus said  if you do not have a sword then sell your coat and buy one.  Buy you say:-'still you can't die before your time has come.'-  True.--But you don't know when your enemies times has come--see.  The kingdom faces the enemy, and when Christ returns He comes with the command flag ship of space, with authority, and with weapons because it says:-that the blood will flow to the horses bits, as you get rid of a lot of people off the earth who do not belong here.

Now, at the same time someone says:--We are in a hurry to get on with the battle. Well I am not in any particular hurry in anything ahead of God's schedule.  If the battle is supposed to reach its pitch 3 years from now that is alright, or next month that is alright to. I am just pointing out that no matter what the development of this is ----I am just pointing out that we move first so that we will battle the enemy today.  We will move in the ares of construction and information, and we will educate the ends of the earth with know how, or we would defeat the ends of the earth if they come to destroy us.  We did not come just to take a chance on whether we can get the earth back, we have come to take this world for Our Father.  For the kingdoms of this world will become the Kingdoms of our LORD and His CHRIST.

Now, in this area we tell you that it is not the setting aside of the prescribed time, it is a time to feel for these ideas.  And as we think and reach out if a problem arises it is in --how-- we react.  Sometimes we think that it is better to reach for short range planning.  This is like --seeing things fall into place stone by stone, nitch on nitch. Then there are areas where God has long range planning.  This is like moving checkers on a checker board where in we set this, in case they come this way or that, in case they come that way.  God knows which way they will move, and maybe they will come this way, but never the less we will function in this area of perceptive disarmament.

Now, the person who said he never moved without being guided by intuition, he is just trying to kid himself  and you because people make mistakes and they say:--I should have gone this way.  But now they know better and they know why and they do not make that mistake again.  So there is a Permissive Will and there is a Perfect Will--it is like balancing the two needles until they come to a perfect coincidence.

When your mind and the Mind of God are in perfect harmony that is in your conscious awareness, this is coincident.   We think of ---for instance --that when something happens that is as tho an accident, then it is coincident.   But coincident is when two things come very timely together.  Therefore there is nothing untimely with God, every thing is timely. Thus I tell you again that prayer is a pulsing awareness between God and you.   A pulsing awareness of guidance, intuitiveness and knowledge, and as you move into the ministry you are filled with the desire to tell people, and if you get the idea across it is because it is pulsing in you all the time.  And you will discover as you start to talk that the ideas are floating past your intelligence just like a movie picture. And they are pulsing through all the gearing of your intelligence, and you are speaking as fast as you are seeing it. This is why sometimes you have to talk fast to keep up with the picture--See?

Now, someone always says:--why don't you slow down?   Well if God would slow down the picture then we would slow down--see.  You say:--but maybe this is to fast for some people, well then maybe some people are not to get it.   But this is it, sometimes you can talk slowly as the picture just rolls by, but I will tell you something.  This is communication, it is transposition, it isn't exactly prayer, but it is being formed across ---it is prayer as communication and this communication may be a whole congregation of people, and maybe more sometimes, or maybe just a few, and sometimes it is communication just for you.  But in this area as the panorama  of  thought rolls by, in image form, and you see and feel them, then everyone does not have this same sense of perception.  If you have it then this is the difference between a speaker of words which are kind of dry and one whose ideas are going through your mind, and you are interested, and before you know it the talk is over, but maybe it lasted one and one-half hours. You say it doesn't seem long but it is all over. --Why?  Because this was coming in by spirit, moving through the vessel, the instrument, at a picture level, and the interest of the speaker was there, and the interest of the speaker was being received, and it was resetting the picture at the  same velocity, so time just flew by.  If it doesn't do this you are just listening to a canned sermon put together.  He probably got it out of someone's sermon from the last 100 years. You can buy them over here in the bible book store, a thousand and one sermons from Spurgon and Moody and it is old fashioned and out of date for this hour.

Now, these were great men for their time, but today people with know how don't want  canned sermons anymore than they want hash for dinner.  Oh, they can put up with a little of it in an emergency if they have to but they don't want hash, and you don't want the kind of stuff that hash is made out of.  This is the reason it says: --"The blind lead the blind and they all fall into the ditch".  When God leads, when God talks, when God unveils then people pulse with wisdom, knowledge, and growth, then you can't stop it.

There is no doubt that we gage decisions based on earthly questions and necessities, Sometimes we say God show us which way--here or there --sometimes that isn't any answer cause either wasn't the way.  But generally you get a feeling, and generally you are permitted to make a selection and if it isn't the best way it doesn't take long to find this out.

Again you say:--How do you talk to God? You have to feel it, and it has to grow, it has to develop and it has to flow through.

Now, don't go out and measure people's holiness  by their attire, some don't know this but they put their collars on backward, or get out a Cummerbund because they think that religion comes by the way you dress.  Some churches decide that they must establish an ecclesiastical uniform like the army.  The Priests have their uniform, the Episcopal rectors have theirs, the Lutheran preachers have their uniform, the Salvation army has theirs and it doesn't make any difference, but this is not a sign of  spirituality. This is not a sign of anything, this is just a part of that idea.

Now, no one is thinking 99 miles per hour all the time, so some might like to fish, or hunt, or go to the seashore, or just climb mountains, and some might like to just read.  But then there are people who think they have to have a good time all the time.   So they think if they force themselves into some type of religious activity all the time then that is good.   So there are people who if they are not preaching or were not engaged in some area of religious service or activity, then they must sit down  and read the Bible, or go get a religious book, and read that, or go and pray about a lot of things.   And they are just trying to keep themselves busy, from the very moment that they awake to the moment that they go to sleep, as being what they think is religious, and this is actually boring to God, it bores me, or you and it even bores them. The reason I tell you this is because I don't want you to become super religious.  You must be filled with the kingdom, but you live here in earth, and you pulse with it, think with it, and move with it.  But then God says:--there is a person after my own heart--that is the fact of it.

Now, you found Jesus at the Seashore, you found Him in the mountains, you found Him fishing, and He had fish on the fire before the disciples came to shore.  If He didn't like fish, He would have been in some little cafe eating hot cakes or something else.  When God was in earth he was a real person. The reason I point this out is that everyone does not like the same things, everyone has different ideas of it.  But to be spiritual is not being super religious--this  being religious as it relates to the operations of the kingdom is fine and vital but the person who so isolates himself is missing something. I think that 40% of the Clergy whether behind the Cloistered walls of  a Monastery or whether an Episcopal Rector, or  a Lutheran--one who walks with sin and such--even in this town---I think they are trying to be good, and trying to get to heaven all the time but you do not have to work at it, for it just comes natural.  Christianity is more than just a closed drawing into a cocoon.  It is an expansive vital fact of living, and it is a way  of life, it is a perception, a realization of being.  It is as contagious as the outdoors,

as everything that is good and wholesome, and this gets so it pulses with you also. You get to a point where the world sets up an image of what it wants or expects. I had a couple of Clergymen come to talk to me one day.  I was in the Pendleton church in a pair of slacks, and they were shocked because I was not in what they thought was ministerial garb.  I guess they wear them all the time, and they were shocked when they came --they supposed to someone to learn, or to be taught, and when they arrived here I was in casual attire. 

Now people have to get the image form of what I call frozen concepts, and get the moving freedom, the pulsing vitality of the Universe which lives and breathes, of God who is vital and alive and who says:---'I am your father--you are My children---Come on John get up off the ground, for I am God, and you are my offspring, and when I walked in a body in earth, you walked with me, you didn't hide your face to the ground. Now that I am here in My Glory--stand up and be friendly.--See?

God never asks for this skimpy religion, he wants the full companionship with you, with everyone who constitutes his household.  People make mistakes, no one is perfect, but they aren't hiding from God--they realize their mistakes and they say:--'Father forgive me, I will try to use more sense after this.'  So throw it out of your mind, don't carry a guilt complex around your shoulders. People run to Evangelistic meetings, and they cry out before altars, or a cross, and then get up and carry all their burdens once more on their backs.  You don't have to hit an altar or a sawdust trail altho they are symbols of ideas, but this is an awareness with you--come on now let us reason together --saith the Father.   So your mistakes , your errors, your transgressions were as scarlet they shall be white as snow.  Though they be red like crimson they shall be as snow, let us reason together-----error comes from thinking wrong --you realize this so now  put it aside---"I paid for it--and now you are free".

A person with a 'fear religion' lives in fear, and one of Sonship lives in the same freedom which you had with your Father, and he has to keep chastising you, and you might be a little afraid of HIM, but  chastisement is just only corrective.  We don't have to be worried whether Our Father is only is aware of His fatherhood, we just have to wake up his sons and daughters to our Sonship, this is the secret.

Now, you will find that Prayer comes naturally.  You do not have to teach a soldier in a foxhole, for when everything gets rough and tough, and shells are coming in, you don't have to teach him to pray.  He may not know he is praying but he was raised this way, this is the custom of his race, his background.  He may not have the understanding of what we are discussing here about prayer, but suddenly he has a need, and he is calling for help--see, and he is getting inner strength.  But he is calling for something He knows is there, something which is bigger, and higher and greater, and he is asking for it.   If he didn't have a faith to believe there was something bigger he wouldn't even call, so there is an automatic thing.

Suddenly there is a person on the highway moving fast  and on your side of the highway, so automatically you are talking to the LORD, and if you get out of this situation you know that he was there.  I have been in these situations and it takes a miracle--about five a week if you   are driving on the highway as much as we do. You may not realize this, and probably the average driver thinks he did it all by himself, but he didn't the law of averages proves this.

QUESTION:--This carrying a  guilt complex.  Did you say that those who are not Children of   God could not carry a guilt complex.?

ANSWER:--I didn't say they couldn't carry a guilt complex, I said they lack spiritual perception, and can't perceive this by themselves.  They can hear the words but can't dream the dreams. They can't get the vision coming through from above because they can't get the wave length.  There exists no spiritual sensitivity on this level inside of a Negro for instance, that is why Jesus   said that you cannot give the Children's bread to the dogs.

Remember this was a Cyrene-Phoenician woman--perhaps a Negro, but anyway a servant woman who was following them, not one of the kingdom. Finally Jesus turned to her and said:---

it is not right to give the children's bread (knowledge) unto the dogs--in other words you would not understand what I am saying, you cannot perceive what I know.  But nevertheless since you are reaching out to me, and perceive in your mind that I am God then I will heal your child. I will answer your prayer at this time, and then he turned to the disciples and told them to ----Go only to the house of the LOST SHEEP of Israel.

Now this was not being unkind on the part of God. But it was just that what was to be done for these people was going to take a catalyst of energy upon the part of all the race of Adam to give them the power for the job. But as to whether these other people could or could not understand--they could not--it was just as simple as that.  This is the reason that when the people talk about the Ethiopian Eunuch who was riding along and reading the scripture , this was no Negro, this was an Israelite on the road to Jerusalem, this was an Israelite out of the court of Solomon's own son, and this man was reading Hebrew, and when Philip came along

and got into the carriage with him, he ask him if he understood what he was reading?

Now remember this man was on the way to the Temple to worship. He was not a Negro for Negroes --no Negro ever came to the Israelite Temple to worship they would not have    have allowed him in.  If a Negro, he would have not understood  what it was all about, and probably could not have read scripture.


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